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Effective Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Posted by Ruthann (Bellmawr, Nj) on 09/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a hard time calming my mind and body my whole life. Anxiety has been with me for as long as I can remember and I just had tried to live with it. It is an awful feeling when one just can not rest. It would be like my mind running around a million miles a second and me unable to focus ect. My most recent foray into educating myself with natural methods has turned me to the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer and Niacinamide. I bought this and all I can say is WOW! It has definitely worked on my anxious feelings and inability to focus. I currently take 1000mg three times a day and feel so wonderful.....better than when I was on benzodiazepines, as they left me feeling wiped out and dependant on them.....I also take a high quality whole food bound vitamin B complex and zinc.

Occassionally I will take some ground flax and mix it with cottage cheese or into a smoothie.....I tend to think that a solution lies in a nice balance of things, not just one thing. I also believe that I have food allergies that exacerbate these anxiety states.....however getting off of bread has been quite a challenge for me. But I am a work in progress! I hope this information helps someone else!!!!

Posted by Cordell (Minto, New Brunswick, Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to share a remedy I successfully used to cure schizophrenic thoughts. I was always shy as a kid, and little bit "paranoid" I guess you could say. But when I turned 24 I gradually began to have more paranoia, coupled with anxiety, and sometimes felt I was hearing voices. No, not the audible kind that people usually hear, but more or less I felt there were more thoughts in my head than my own; too many to deal with at once. Some very hateful thoughts had emerged and I sometimes became obsessed over certain angry thoughts, feeling like I couldn't relax and eventually would have a panic attack and feel out of control, possibly cry from too much stimulation etc. I soon found myself trying to figure my thoughts out, but they often made no sense, and I would play psycho-analytical games with other people thinking I really knew what they were thinking about me. I was always suspicious, and eventhough I didn't want to feel this way that's what happened.

Anyway, I know there are others out there that share a similiar story: how they once felt normal than started having some sort of mental illness, be it brain fog (which I also had from the obsessive paranoia), or adhd or whatever it may be. Niacinamide could be the answer to your problems. On the advice of Ted, a famous contributor to this site, I began taking 2000mg - 3000mg of Niacinamide (niacin can be used, but the flushing may become too annoying at such doses for some people). I noticed within a couple days my excessive paranoid thoughts dimnished almost completely, but I continue to take 500mg tablets everytime I feel them coming back.

I also continue to take at least one B 50 tablet a day to prevent deficiencies. It works~! I realize not every form of schizophrenic thoughts may be cured this way, but its worth a try for anyone seeking help like I did. High doses of niacinamide have cured my excessive anxiety, paranoia, and schizophrenic thoughts and even helped to solve stomach ailments I have had for years along with keeping myself more alkaline.

The alkaline remedy I used with most success in over-acidity was 1/4 sodium bicarbonate, and 1/4 potassium citrate (a 99mg tablet) in a glass of water 3x a day. This also helps to keep me much more stable. When I added sodium carbonate to this mixture sometimes it also helped with over-anxious thought patterns, and to calm the brain down. I hope this helps someone like it did for me.

Peace and love. Cordell