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How to Use Colloidal Silver for a Tooth Abscess

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Sylv (UK) on 05/19/2021
4 out of 5 stars

I've had resorption in a front tooth root. It was diagnosed 5 years ago and gave me no trouble, and the tooth looks fine and isn't loose and looks perfect, no sign of holes or decay. Both the dentist and I decided to wait and see with it. 5 years ago, it felt very uncomfortable for a couple of weeks then settled down.

That started again last week. I swished some herbal stuff round it every day and sometimes it was a little better, sometimes not. There was no pain at all, just felt bruised on the gum, and when I pressed my upper lip under my nose. It went on like that until today. No real sign of any infection, just maybe some inflammation going on? So I thought....

Yesterday I bought some colloidal silver and put it on a piece of cotton wool against the gum and under my top lip, and held it there maybe an hour. I did that 4 times in the day. I didn't notice much except a peculiar 'metallic' (?) kind of smell in my nose. Hard to describe that smell. It came and went. I felt fine in myself.

So I went to sleep, woke up 5 hours later. All hell let loose. Gum started really bleeding. Then pus started coming out at the top of the tooth. I felt so shaky, scary, almost panicked (which could have been reaction to my morning coffee?) Head ached, neck ached, heart beat faster....etc.

All day the tooth has been draining. I have been rinsing with all sorts; echinacea tincture, Thyme, salt water, keeping it clean there. Put another piece of cotton wool with colloidal silver on it twice already today. Still draining and I feel a bit better in myself now.

Full time job today...rinse, drain, rinse, c. silver, drink lots of water, teas etc, rinse and repeat! For eight hours.

The gum is not as tender at all at the top under the nose like it was. But all this gunk is coming out from the gum. Yuck. Plus I feel super tired and haven't eaten a thing yet. Headache all day (maybe lack of sleep and food too.)

Wow! I did not expect such a dramatic thing with the colloidal silver. It tastes like water! Monitoring this and working it. Not sure what will happen yet. I never tried CS before. Massive effect from it.

Definitely the CS that caused this. Not decided yet if this is what's called a 'healing crisis'....part herx?....or just par for the course? I have to keep going with this, and hope things settle down.

I only gave it 4 stars because I'm not sure what's going on yet. But something definitely is. Powerful stuff!