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How to Use Colloidal Silver for a Tooth Abscess

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Linda (high desert) on 08/25/2022
3 out of 5 stars

Not sure, so I have this real bad tooth now for 2 years, as the dentists here don't want to deal with it. I live in an area where you have to resort to natural healing because the medical system here is bad. I've been to a dentist and he said I had a cavity and that was it and walked away. Never fixed it, that's the extent of the service here. So I got some colloidal silver recently and it's not helping. Maybe I got a bad brand, it would be nice to know what brand to go buy since there are so many out there.

Anyway I swish this in my mouth for awhile, I internally take it, as my pain is not going away. I apply it directly to the tooth and let it sit there for awhile and the pain stays. It doesn't even put a dent in it. Today I got some sovereign silver because I heard it was the best. It takes months here to get a dental appt we're talking 5, the population here is 321 don't ask me. I lucked out and got one in 3 days because someone cancelled. So I'm going to go back to the original guy and see what he says. I can't get in anywhere for an extraction as they just say they are backed up months. This current silver I'm using is supposed to be 500 but its not all that cracked up to be. I don't believe it's authentic. I'll see what happens with the Sovereign I have faith that it will work. I have an infection in my face and it's not fun, anyway that's my experience so far.