Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Diarrhea in Cats

| Modified on Jun 13, 2024
Posted by Sylvia (Vista, CA) on 02/11/2019

My cat was having a terrible time with runny stool and had lost about 3 lbs. After several weeks of on again off again diarrhea, trips to the vet, blood work, antibiotics and probiotics- he was given a dx of IBD. I read about 1/4 tsp of ACV in 8 oz of water and started him on 2 syringe fulls a day- within 24 hrs the diarrhea had stopped and he is now on one syringe a day and is doing great!

Posted by Nickie (Ruislip, Middlesex England) on 11/01/2012

Re; Servane's comments. My very fussy cat was running me ragged with her finicky eating as I had to continually try new brands to tempt her palate. Then I read the blurb on the tin, put out by one of the 'top' brands, and saw it only contained 4% protein. Figured I was paying 52 or $75 per pound for ground up fish heads or chicken guts so started a tough love assault. She still won't eat raw but now enjoys real chicken, especially the broth. She is probably about 16 and in spite of her junk food addiction is still healthy and has all her teeth. Now she has fleas which seem much worse after our wet Summer so thanks for all the remedies and tips on administering ACV.

Posted by Servane (Manchester, England) on 08/02/2012

I read your story with interest as I've also been looking at the benefits of using ACV, in particular instead of the commercial pet treatments which I'm reasoning can't be good for them. One thing that I firmly believe about cats is their diet, cat food as you mentioned contains many things that cats can't digest. They are designed to eat raw meat and bones. I slowly changed our cats diet last year and with that came shiny coats, more energy, good teeth and NO smelly poos. So much information on the internet on how to do this. I urge all pet owners to look into it.

Posted by Kg6170 (Roanoke, Va) on 04/27/2012

I know this was posted a while back, but for those whose cats have occasional runny diarrhea, in addition to pumpkin puree, acidophilis can fix up your cat's tummy fast. My persian seems to have bouts of diarrhea with every change of the season, I add some acidophilis powder to his food and his stools go back to normal within a day or two. They make a special powder to mix in with your cats food, I think it's more palattable to them then made-for-people kind, my cats love it.

Posted by Kate (Chicago, Il) on 03/01/2012

Have you tried pumpkin puree for your cat? One of my cats got stress-related diarrhea and the pumpkin cleared it up immediately. You can mix it in their food or give it to them alone (some will eat it, some won't). All it takes is about 1 tsp twice a day for a few days. Works for dogs, too. :-)

Posted by Sharon (New Orleans, La, Us) on 02/28/2012

Hi Jenn, Yes I do add it to his food now for oral ingestion but I still dilute when I add as Leo has been through so much. He will not drink his water if I add a few drops to it at all. So I do add it to his food. I am still doing the topical as well. He is doing much better and is eating like a little piggy. Although his bowel movements are still very runny they are down to 2 to max 3 a day. He has definitely gained weight over the past 5 days and I have realized he did not require the B12 as he is definitely absorbing the nutrients. The grain free diet is a huge improvement. Once he has stabilized further and gained at least another half pound I will be switching him to a specialized enzyme and probiotic formula developed especially for cats who are eating a non raw food diet.

Posted by Jenn (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) on 02/27/2012

What about adding it to your cat's food? Since they eat & drink it mixes together anyway, right? I'm adding the water/vinegar mixture in his canned food to make it a little runnier, since he doesn't want to eat much, I find I can get him to eat more if I do this... He likes the canned food with the 'gravy' like consistency... And if giving him the ACV will help in anyway & also just to help keep him hydrated, this is what I started doing. Along, with also using the vinegar/water mixture for his drinking water.

Posted by Sharon (New Orleans, La, Us) on 02/26/2012

My 13 year old grey tabby Prince Leo of Prytania Street came down with chronic diarrhea when we moved. The move was very stressful. Initially the vet and I thought that it was stress related from moving since his annual physical and blood tests revealed that he was in excellent health organ wise. He had also lost a pound since moving and he has always been a lean muscular indoor/outdoor kitty.

You name it, I had every blood screening test done for liver, heart, diabetes, thyroid and whatever else was available including urinalysis. This is a somewhat "boutique" veterinary practice that is solely dedicated to cats so it is pricey, we're talking annual physicals w/shots at over $450. Urinalysis and fecal testing was extra as well as the various blood testing panels which put the bill a little over $900. The vet thought that it could be the possibility of aging or some kind of bacteria issue. She was convinced that since nothing else was wrong with him that this could be controlled since everything else had been ruled out. He had never been sick before and has never had to be medicated for anything.

I wasn't crazy about antibiotics but agreed that my poor guy was so miserable that we should go ahead and get rid of whatever evil bacteria was causing the problem as parasites had already been ruled out and follow up with a course of probiotics. The vet also was insistent on a ZD prescription diet to the tune of $35/4lb bag as well as an anti-inflammatory and vitamin B12 subcutaneous injections since it appeared that he was not absorbing nutrients from his food.

Within three days of the antibiotics the frequency of Leo's bowel movements dropped from 6/7 to 3/4 a day but still diarrhea. After 8 days of tricking leo into eating the two pills with the greenie pill pocket we were ready to start the probiotic phase that included capsules and a stool firming paste. We were to start the Prednisolone and B12 injections after 10 days of administering the probiotics, at which time I was to come pick up the prescription and report Leo's reactions. After the 10 days Leo was still having the diarrhea but the frequency of bowel movements did not increase.

Because we were administering so many different medications I decided to hold off on the B12 injections and tricked Prince Leo into eating the first Prednisolone with a greenie pill pocket on Wednesday the 22nd. It was administered at 6:30 PM that evening. By 9:30 PM Leo was vomiting profusely and having extreme diarrhea, he would not eat or drink any fluids. I immedidately got online researching diarrhea in cats and found Earth Clinic.

I always have Raw Organic Unfiltered ACV with "the mothers" since I am a vegetarian and make my own salad dressings. I also researched food. I was up all night administering the 1/4 teaspoon to 8oz filtered water with a water syringe (the kind you get from the vet to wash down medication) in three hour intervals. It was very difficult to get him to ingest the vinegar solution so I made sure that I applied some liberally to his paws since cats always lick themselves clean. I also did the 50/50 solution to the back of his neck massaging into the skin. I continued to coax Leo into drinking water and letting him rest.

Cats are not designed to eat grains which is a common ingredient in all cat foods. Notice those prescription diets never say GRAIN FREE!! I researched grain free cat foods and knew that one of my local grocery stores carried a human food grade grain free cat food by Wellness. The store opened at 7:00 AM and I can assure you I was the FIRST customer!! I avoided any of the fish flavors and stuck with the chicken, turkey & beef/chicken combo.

Whenever Leo hears a can opening he runs to the kitchen, although he was very weak, he sashayed his way in. I put a little of the oral solution I had mixed up in with two tablespoons of the cat food and some water. He gobbled it down immediately. Then went to lie down. He kept it down too!! I let him eat as much as he wants whenever he paws at me for food. He is now beginning to "fill out" in the spine area and his coat is glossy and silky. His stools are still soft but are beginning to form like mini logs and he is urinating just fine.

Who'd have thought a $6 bottle of organic ACV with "mothers" would be such a miracle cure. I will be continuing with this treatment until his stools are firm and then will cut back to 3 to 5 drops in his food for the future. This website is now my #1 bookmark for myself and Leo's health!!

Note: It is very important not to use ACV full strength from the bottle. Follow the dilutions and you will see improvement within 24 hours. Be prepared for the bowel movements to be very odorous!! To me that must be the bad bacteria being pushed out.