Apple Cider Vinegar for Ringwom in Cats

| Modified on Apr 03, 2024

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Posted by Ol Cat Lady (NJ) on 10/22/2021

Yet another cat lover hit with a possible $2-2.5K bill for bladder stone surgery + putting him on expensive prescription food ($3/can - yikes!!! ) for the rest of his life.

So started searching, found this site and so happy. Thank you everyone for your super helpful tips! I'm going to treat my kitty with ACV as suggested here.

A long time ago, I successfully treated my cat for ringworm using ACV + coconut oil. It took a long time, 3-4 months, 3-4 treatments/daily. When I found out the meds to treat this could likely cause liver issues, I simply rejected that. It took much patience, but in the end, he was rid of the fungus. And it never came back.

Just didn't know I could use this internally, that it can help dissolve crystals and stones. As he's much older now, also didn't want him to undergo the trauma of surgery.

Posted by Fonzie (Bronx, New York) on 08/22/2019

I have been treating one cat with the topical apple cider vinegar to the cats coat as it has developed ringworm and has infected the other cat too. One will allow me to apply the other cat runs from me. So I mix a small dose with chicken broth and mix it with the wet food. It has been helping. Also, I made a separate solution to spray on the carpet area to ride of any parasites or fleas. Since it is not harmful and natural safe for pets.

Posted by Ed (San Antonio, Texas) on 06/17/2011

I started using diluted ACV (1tbs per cup of water) on my 9 week old kitten for his ringworm 3 days ago. I can see it starting to clear up. With a dampened wash cloth and rub the solution into the infected spots and give him a "once over. " Seems to be working. I haven't gotten it yet, but I expect it.