How to Apply Apple Cider Vinegar Topically in Cats

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Posted by Christina (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/26/2015

Apple Cider Vinegar for cats

I read you use apple cider vinegar for cats. Use part water, use part apple cider vinegar. My cats never have a bath and I use this method to wipe them down. Do you have to wipe or rinse off the apple cider vinegar?

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

No, you do not need to wipe down the cat after applying the Apple Cider Vinegar/water solution. Just let the cat air-dry.

Topical Application of ACV
Posted by Marlene (Australia) on 04/02/2014

I would like to give my 13 yr. old cat apple cider vinegar. Could you please advise the dose she is generally unwell, still eating and drinking.also has skin problems. What is the dilution ratio to bathe her coat.

Kind regards, Marlene

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Marlene!

For oral dosing, you can add three teaspoons of raw, unfiltered, 'with the mother' type ACV to a tall glass of pure water; if she won't drink it willingly, you could use a syringe to get it down her; tip her head back and insert the plastic tip of the syringe into the corner of her mouth and gently drip it into her mouth. If that is not an option, you could stick her leg into the glass of prepared ACV solution and get the fur soaked down to the skin; the act of licking herself dry will cause her to ingest the ACV solution.

For bathing, although you do not indicate what sort of skin issues your girl is experiencing, you can take 1 part ACV and 10 parts water and use this as a rinse after first thoroughly rinsing any shampoo off of her. Since you want the ACV to remain on wet on her skin for as long as possible, towel her off but don't towel her dry - and then place her in a warm room until she is thoroughly dry and cannot take a chill.

Good luck with your senior girl!

Replied by Robin Astby

I would not be giving any small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar to Cats as it is Alkaline forming. Other Vinegars are Acid forming. Any small excess into Alkaline PH you are messing with trouble & cats will not be able to 'Pee'. It is a Vet. emergency to be able to get cat to pee again usually with antibiotics & other meds. Any Vet will tell you this. Needing an Acid diet of meat.

Replied by Gracious
(Blue Mts. Nsw Australia)

Re using Apple Cidar Vinegar for cats and the fact it is alkaline. The ideal, from my experience, is to give it to them 2 wks on, 1-2 wks off, then repeat. Watching how your cat responds and modify the dosage and frequency accordingly.

Both humans and animals respond best when treatments are given to assist the body to 'heal itself' - continuously giving ANY treatment does not enable the body to do so. For those with open minds [and for us who question Medical intervention AND cost] this statement can make sense.

It is vital that all cat devotees stop feeding their feline buddies all the 'stuff' that most vet's are saying they have to have. [the industry is polluted by manufacturer's giving large incentives to promote their products] AND we need to research/think about what Cat's would naturally eat before they were domesticated. e.g. eggs [yolks only] - ANY meat they could get hold of and particular poultry [many red meats are way too RICH for them or if they found even dead they would only eat a little of] and yes even SOME herbs!

NO felines need DRY FOOD! They are loaded with chemicals AND sodium which is ONE of the reasons cats are now getting Kidney issues younger and younger.

Yearly vaccinations are also NOT necessary -they bombard the body with chemicals and ONE only dose of most of them are effective for the life of a cat. AND... yes I realize this is another issue.

When we stop and use our own good common sense about WHAT a Cat needs to be healthy and do lots of research about Natural Treatments and Remedies, our cats will all be a lot healthier and we can be Happier as we know we are giving our Buddies the healthiest life we can.

THANK YOU for this wonderful site where Animal Lovers can share their experiences of what works. :-)

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Gracious from Blue Mtn, Austr.---- thanks for your post. I heartily agree. I once asked a vet if he had ever heard of cats attacking cow/bull for food. He had never thought of it. The fact is: watch nature. Cats eat small fry and that is the food for them. Large animal's meat could be toxic for them.

Much is a lucrative business through public ignorance. Save your money and think, not THIMK.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Gracious!

I LOVE this: "Both humans and animals respond best when treatments are given to assist the body to 'heal itself' - continuously giving ANY treatment does not enable the body to do so..."

This is so true! Thanks for the reminder!

Topical Application of ACV
Posted by Cat Woman (Wellston, Ohio) on 09/19/2011

Is Apple Cider Vinegar safe to spray on cats? thanks

Replied by Ashley
(Texas, US)

Cat woman- it's probably better to dab a cotton ball soaked in 50/50 mix of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and water on them, between their shoulders and on top of their front paws, just because I imagine the cat would not enjoy being sprayed and might even see it as punishment. (Many people try to punish their cat this way, by spraying them with a water bottle, but of course cats do not understand punishment; it only makes them aggressive and exasperates behavior issues.)