Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Diseases in Cats

| Modified on Apr 21, 2024

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Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 09/10/2014

A year ago I adopted two cats from a woman; I was totally shocked at what I read in the it said the cat was injected with the disease of Chlamydia to watch for negative results. I feel so bad for this cat as she is such a sweet loving cat.

I gave her apple cider vinegar with her cat food, it was complicated as she would not eat it because of the strong smell, so I cut the tip of fish oil cap. off and spread the oil on top of cat food and found it was eaten all up. She is getting a wee bit better but because of age not being on her side she struggles on a daily basis to live life as well as she can. I also bought an herbal mucus remover for her and that too works great wonders, this also helps her to keep her food down.

Animals have souls too. God Bless us all.

Replied by Mamk
(Ivy, Va)

What kind of “herbal mucus remover” did you use?