Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Feline Worms

| Modified on Apr 21, 2024

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Posted by Bandit (Corona, Ca) on 01/13/2015

My 8 month cat is not filled out like his brothers and sister. He is skinny and does not eat very much. He has a loss of appetite and does not play like he used to. I think he might have worms. Can I give him Apple Cider Vinegar? How much in his water and food. Catherine

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Bandit!

You certainly could give your kitty ACV, however what you describe does not sound like worms.

In a severe infestation of worms you would see worms in the stool, blood in the stool, and a big belly on a skinny cat. The lack of appetite and weight loss sound something else - diabetes or a renal condition.

Some cats are just skinny cats, some are just genetically formatted to be fat cats - so take that into consideration. But a skinny cat with no appetite that is lethargic, that sleeps a lot that goes off by himself to be alone... if that were my cat I would see the vet.

Replied by Anna

My cat had worms and I never knew until he threw one up. Medication wouldn't make him better and he was still sick-I didn't know what was wrong because he had a wormer at the vet more than a month earlier-sure enough he had worms, they were so bad the stongid didnt touch them. He was eating ok and he didnt have a bloated stomach etc.

Replied by Texas Cat Woman
(Nevada, Currently)

We were rescuing a small colony - one Momma cat, 3 litters and 1 litter from one of her babies of the 3rd litter. We had one kitty that was not gaining weight as he should have been. When he turned 5 months old we took him in for vaccinations. Neutering was the following month. Anyway, he was very very very upset. It really caused him quite a bit of trauma. When we got home and he was out of the carrier, the first thing he began doing was wheezing, and as I was coming to him, he tossed up the most giant hairball I have ever seen in my 60 years of caring for cats. So......maybe.....some butter in his mouth? Maybe massage his tummy? and I believe it was Dr. Becker that shared that kitties throats are not vertical! They are horizontal! Good to know when it comes to helping coax something up.

Posted by Ruth (Holyoke, Mass) on 08/01/2012

My cat Snuggly poom had tapeworms last year and the vet gave him medicine and they dissappeared. But now he is sick again but this time I see no worms coming out of his rectum, his coat is dull looking, not eating moist can foods, peeing in different places around the apartment, looks very skinny, walks very slow does not play like he loves too. Can I try ACV for Snuggly?Do you think it's Hookworms?

Replied by Maria
(Sour Lake, Tx)

that sounds like uti or kidney problem if your cat is old better than canned food feed it raw meat which is a species appropriate diet hope this helps along w the ACV

Replied by Arden
(Hudson, Nh)

Hi Ruth- trying something like ACV is a good idea, but with the symptoms you described you need to get him to a vet for a diagnosis. Anorexia in a cat is particularly troubling as this can kick off liver problems. By rejecting food and changing his bahavior he is telling you that something is really wrong. In addition, whatever is going on with your little guy is severe and long-term enough to have affected his coat. Best wishes to you and to Snuggly poom.