Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Skin Allergies in Cats

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Posted by Elizabeth (Moorpark, Ca) on 11/22/2010

One of my cats suffers from such skin allergies that I had to give her predinsone injections every two months for her to have any quality of life. The serious downside to that is it will make a cat diabetic within a few years. I read that many itchy skin conditions are often caused by an overgrowth of yeast, and yeast cannot live in an acidic environment. Last week I started dabbing ACV diluted with equal parts water on her affected areas. I do this once a day. The results have been dramatic; she has not had an episode of itching since.

Replied by Sorrokine
(Vs, Ny, Usa)

I have a female cat, five years old, Egyptian Mau. Since we brought in a kitten about 14 months ago, she's started licking to the point her fur disappeared from now her belly, her front paws, a spot on her rear feet and base of tail. I read up on many articles stating stress, however, I also feel that she might have been suffering from the amoxicillan she had taken when the kitten gave her a cold.

I suffer from mold poisoning and know the dangers of anti-biotics. I personally have remedied my late stage two mycotoxicosis and body candida yeast infection(created from extensive mold poisoning from contaminated building two years ago, and brought myself back from death's doorstep. ) with natural supplements. These were my only option since doctors aren't trained in mold sickness. Yeah, gotto love that one folks. Besides that, I am aware of the dangers of the yeasts in our gut that will take over the body from a low immune system. Steroids, Anti-biotics and immune suppressing drugs will destroy the natural flora in your gut and let the bad yeasts and bacteria take over, so I imagine this too applies for animals.

I noticed my cat sometimes for the last eight months or so, has had a terrible odor, despite being bathed with natural allergy shampoo once a month, sometimes leaving nasty smelling marks behind from where she sits. This tells me she has a UTI or yeast infection. So I cured myself with Oregano, Chlorophyll, grape seed extract, grapefruit seed extract and other beneficial herbs for liver function like milk thistle, burdock and dandelion. My Body yeast infection has drastically been lowered, my skin marks and abrasion are almost gone, and I have a website for any one who suffers from this as well. Very informative as it is my journey curing myself.

My question is if this is the case, as I have already seen a vet twice on this issue (they just say its stress... Ugh) I imagine if I try ACV in her water, food and some dropper treatments might help her situation. Was just curious if anyone here would have some advice since she's the most wonderful, loving cat I have ever had the honor of befriending. She's just my shining light so I wish to make her better. Thank you very much for any assistance I might receive.

Replied by Gina
(Iuka, Ms)

Sorrokine, try organic coconut oil get it at the health food store or amazon. I dont know about cats but it sure cleared up my yorkie. I give him (9lbs) 1 teaspoon in his food once a day and rub it on his skin. Believe me I tried everything, this worked.

Replied by Ruksar

plz advice me. i pickup one cat on street he is a male and he have a skin problam . he cant get releifed wit the medicine. since no one given good medicine . wat to do very long tme I take care to this cat but no result till now. last 3 days I wash his leg with Apple Cider Vinegar wit lukhwarm water plz help me thank reply


That chlorophyll liquid has helped my cats--along with raw egg yolk worked miracles especially because they like both in their food.

Skin Allergies
Posted by Debra (Salem, NY) on 03/02/2008

Apple cider vinegar is helping myold cat with her scratching and digging - she was just raw from all this - I was at my wits end - had tried everything, including the steriod and antibiotic treatments to no avail.... she is healing! I am also putting some in the dogs water :) They are drinking it too - Red (the cat) also gets it dabbed on her raw spots - within two treatments I began to see a difference. She licked and chewed so much, she constantly threw up most of her food - she is now happier and so are we! Thanks

Skin Allergies
Posted by Arif Jinha (Carleton Place, Canada) on 01/29/2008

Our cat was suffering from raw patches of skin and loss of fur, and one spot that likely started from scratches from the other two cats that she had licked raw to the point that it was a scarlet red wound, slightly crusted with a lot of hair loss. We used a few drops in the water, and sponged the affected areas with ACV. In less than two days, we are happy to say her skin is healing, her coat is healthier-looking and the bad scratch has begun to heal, no more brigh red. miraculous! I tried to find any journal articles from peer-reviewed veterinary medicine journals but could not! We were even advised by a pharmacist that using ACV was a silly idea. This has convinced me that we really have a problem in the way traditional science evaluates these remedies. So many anecdotes of success, but researchers ignore it! thanks!

Skin Allergies
Posted by Carrie (Pittsburgh, PA) on 12/06/2007

Every winter (once we turn on the furnace) my cat suffers from constant scratching. It has gotten to the point that he scratches all his hair off his neck and he has scabs all over the area. He does not have fleas. I have tried every pet spray, wipes, drops there is. I did not want to take him to the vets, only because to him, it is tramatic and I can't stand to see this cat act like he does at the vets, and I did not want him to be on any steroid treatment. So looking on the web one night hoping to find a "miracle" for this cats condition, I stumbled across something about apple cider vinegar. I decided I would try it, what could it hurt? I decided to put a few drops in his water and mark his water bowl to see if he drank any. I was never so excited when I came home from work and found out that not only did he drink some of his water, but the scratching and CONSTANT licking has stopped!!! I came home to a very playful, happy cat. I am thankful I read about apple cider vinegar. Don't be afraid to try really works and its very safe to use on animals!!!!