Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Cat Not Eating or Drinki

| Modified on Jun 13, 2024

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Posted by Sean (Tampa, Fl) on 12/16/2010

This websight is really great. I was looking for a home remedy to save my cat from basically dying. She wasn't eating drinking or moving for 5 days and the so-called vet wanted a small fortune of course to just find out the problem. The vet for some reason gave me a bad feeling and his price was ridiculous so I took her home, found this site and tried giving my cat ACV that night. More good advice on this site was not to worry since my cat threw it up instantly, I calmly gave her another dose with a syringe and she kept it down the second time. I gave her about 6 teaspoons worth over two days dilluted in coconut water.

Two days later she was fine like nothing happened. I didn't do anything else but give her ACV. Two weeks later she had an unrelated horrible eye problem which I again thought of this website and again ACV came up and some suggestions said to put some on the back of their necks which sounded weird since the problem was her eye but again it worked in only half a day her eye went from looking like it was going to fall out to being completly fine.

Maybe for some pets the vet is necessary and other home remedies might work (there seems to be hundreds) but im posting this to say ACV worked for me these two times and maybe this will help someone else. Not only am I shocked and happy with the results it only cost me pennies compared to standard outrageous vet prices. Thank you Earthclinic and to the other posters here sharing their expeiriences.