Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Poor Health in Cats

| Modified on Apr 21, 2024
Poor Health
Posted by Susan (Livingston Manor, NY) on 10/29/2008

I swear by ACV for heartburn and indigestion, IBD, and pesky urinary tract infections. It never occurred to me it might help one of my cats. My sweet little pumpkin pie, Rusty, is almost 17 and suffered many traumatic injuries as an abused kitten. Five years ago he had a kidney removed, has always suffered from bouts of colitis and upper resp problems, and now is suffering from liver failure. Oh yeah, and fleas and his severe allergy to them. Because of the liver problems, he cannot have topical flea meds. All of these issues, my vet tells me, could be handled by surgery and meds if I had a spare $50,000 and Rusty was 10 years younger. Well, I don't, and he isn't.

I was unable to get Rusty to drink anything with acv in it except tomato juice (don't believe everything you read about tomatoes and cats). So, about 1/4 tsp in a little 'mater juice or hidden in some beef broth or tuna juice and liberally applying it to the back of the neck, base of tail and around his privates were my options.

I started this regimen four weeks ago. Within a couple of days his breathing had improved, his watery-wheezing had diminished, and he was a little more active and social. Within a week, flea activity dropped dramatically, and he is no longer chewing on himself 24/7 (poor baby was so exhausted.) And, this morning, for the first time in almost two years, Rusty walked into the litter box and had a stool (poop) that looked almost normal, and not the fetid, muddy gray slop I had been cleaning off carpets several times a day.

More importantly, he has gained almost 1/2 pound of weight. His liver and colitis problems have made him very anemic (he had progressively lost five pounds in just over two years), and this weight gain is a blessing because it means he is actually absorbing some of the calories and nutrients in his food.

At Rusty's age and with his medical background, I am quite impressed -- and every so thankful -- with what acv has achieved for him.

If you are wondering if your pet might benefit in some way from an acv treatment, all I can say is you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. Sadly, nothing is going to cure Rusty except some God-given miracle, but if his symptoms are eased so he can enjoy the rest of his life, that works for me.

Poor Health
Posted by Faithfullymb (Saginaw, Michigan) on 01/14/2011

I can't stand it! When I hear people feeding their pets Science Diet foods I just cringe. I do pet food analysis' and these "Vet Approved" foods are pure crap! They failed on every level. I am no vet but I will tell you that in many cases, the vet food, on the Most part, did not do any good or made things worse. You are better off buying food with better ingredients. Please see my article I wrote for more information:

ACV is wonderful! I do cat rescue and use it consistantly. I rarely go to the vets with my own cats. It saved the life of my one cat. I got a little misting bottle and mix 1/2 part ACV, 1/2 part distilled water and spray it on a brush and brush away. My cats love it and reaps so many benefits. It truly is the cure that vets don't want pet parents to know about.

Poor Health
Posted by Jennifer (Lodi, Ca) on 11/08/2010

I found a 5 week old kitten about a month ago. She was starved, dehydrated & had all sorts of problems. Alot of which I was going to the vet for. However she had a horrible case of diarrhea that lasted for a month. She also was losing fur around her eyes, & was using the litterbox excessively. She was eating enough but barely was gaining weight. And she had a horrible case of fleas. After 3 visits to the vet, a clear stool sample & 3 things of medication, I was ready to take her to a different vet. I hated to tho, she kept getting things shoved up her rear, getting poked & handled. It wasn't easy for a kitten.

I looked up this website a week ago & started putting about 5-8 drops of Apple Cider Vinegar in her drinking water. The next day, she was springing with energy. Within 2-3 days, her runny nose & eyes stopped. The redness cleared from her eyes. She was able to breathe through her nose clearly. 4-5 days, I notice the litterbox wasn't being used as much & her stool wasn't as runny. Now its been about 7 days... She loooks more healthy (in weight). She hasn't gain a TON of weight. But it appears that she's more 'filled-in'. Her bones don't stick out as much. I believe that the ACV really helped with her digestion system, maybe even through in intestines. I notice that even her anus was very red & tender at first. Now, you can't even tell if there was skin inflammation... Just cleared up. The fleas are dying off. (I also use Dawn dishwashing soap in her bath- its another remedy for fleas. ) But the fur around her eyes are growing back in as well. I've noticed that her whole fur coat is looking more healthy. I know its only been a week. But all around, she's just looking so much better.

My other cats, I had to put in like 4-5 drops because they wouldn't touch the water. I even added a few drops to their wet food. Seeing how its working so well with my kitten, I should pass the remedy on to my other cats. Only because I've been worried about their safe-keeping. And one of them has a VERY sensitive stomach. Anyways... I'll def kept anymore thoughts posted. But I'm very glad I ran into this site. I always use ACV as my own remedy for multiple reasons.... But I never knew you could for animals too.

Poor Health
Posted by Sue (Cypress, Texas) on 11/19/2009

Hello I am glad to say my female cat is mostly normal because of ACV/apple cider vinegar, with the mother in it. Organic style. Three vets couldn't tell me why she couldn't stop throwing up everyday. Sometimes twice a day! Ugh for her and me. This went on for 2 years and got worse.

She was struggling with dehydration, urinary tract crystals, unsociable and a crusted up chin ,that she would scratch to bleeding. Drooling, raspy meows and always hiding.

All the ointments, antibiotics, prescriptions, etc. and some expensive natural herbs I bought online didn't do it, she'd have to get fluid injections. The expense and no results still. (She had accidently licked her flea drops over the counter product) Vet said this wasn't the problem. Even though I believe the ingestion of it damaged her digestive system.

Please note, this was an over the counter product I do not use anymore and hope someday is off the market! I now use prescription flea drops that is safe in case of ingestion. You know how cats will groom each other. The safe product I use begins with an "R".

Anyway,thought about putting her down. She was miserable and I couldn't help her. And was losing any quality of life.

In desperation I decided to "Google" search how to give a cat apple cider vinegar. I had read that race horses and dogs get apple cider vinegar. And I use it for myself, too. Why not my cat?

So, thanks a million for sharing this miracle of information. In our society of information overload, why is this not even known to Veterinarians? Now I can keep my cat and my budget intact.

Poor Health
Posted by Helen M. (Canada) on 04/23/2020

My cat of 11 years old has stopped eating her food, wet or human. I have been pureering her food and giving in syringes. Can I give acv to her in a syringe with chicken broth? She is getting 1/2 tsp of colloidal silver am and pm. Cat milk 2 times a day. I am just trying to keep her alive and get her better.

Poor Health
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 04/25/2020

If she were mine, I would offer her some refined virgin coconut oil because it has a strong effect on the bowls which may be stopped up. A little castor oil may also work. Then offer her a tuna based low carb wet food like Soulistic's orange or purple packets. Catnip or silvervine might inspire her, too. She may like raw egg yolks temporarily, too. Get her off whatever she was eating which may be tainted with pesticide or heavy metals. Don't give her ANY people food after this. Cat foods are specially blended to provide an exact balance of nutrients. Giving people food upsets the balance and can make her ill. Best of luck!

Poor Health
Posted by Tammy (Michigan) on 11/28/2016

Thank you so much for the info I REALLY appreciate it! I have a new cat I rescued he's seen a vet and given a bill of clean health but he hasn't put on weight this seems like a great option I'm going to try!!

Poor Health
Posted by Rj (Baton Rouge, La) on 05/22/2010


Poor Health
Posted by Peggie P. (Az) on 09/09/2017

God Bless you and Rusty, you have a heart of gold.