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Oil Pulling: Safe, Simple and Effective!

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Posted by Anonymous (San Diego, USA) on 12/29/2007

[YEA]  I've been reading your comments and suggestions on health issues and oil pulling. Thank you for publishing all your Q&A's. I recently had an impacted wisdom tooth pulled that had a cyst around it about the size of a thumb. The oral surgeon said that the molar next to it might have been damaged at the roots so he said that it might or might need to come out as well and he'll decide while he is doing surgery. I was under general anesthesia and when I woke up he said that one of the roots of the last molar was damaged from the cyst and he had to pull it out. Mind you, I have very nice white and straight teeth and only 2 ceramic fillings and never had braces. That was on Nov 20th. I went in for a follow up check up and everything was healing well and the stitches had desolved and I was off of the antibiotic, cephalexin. On Dec. 15th I decided to start oil pulling (EV coconut oil and and EV olive oil) once a day in the morning. On the third day of oil pulling the surgery site had become inflamed and my lymph nodes were swollen. I called the oral surgeon, I told him it was swollen and green pus was coming out. I didn't tell him that I was oil pulling. He put me on cephalexin (7 day course) again and I just saw him this morning and he wants me to continue the antibiotic for 3 weeks more to ensure I've killed off any infection as the there is no hole and the site is closed now. I've been taking the antibiotic for almost a week now and have stopped the oil pulling. My question is can I just stop the antibiotic after this 7 day course and start oil pulling. I'm concerned that I'm going to have reoccurring infections on this area. I have no way of knowing if food/bacteria is under my gum and I'll have problems in that area all the time now. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Many thanks.

Replied by Anonymous
more info to add about my previous message. I just had a baby Sept 24th and I am exclusively breastfeeding her. Now that I am reading more of your posts, I'm wondering if I had a herx effect? I'm so worried about any damage I might have cause my baby girl by me being on the antibiotic. And I've had extremely itching skin since the first round of antibiotic...fungus? I have decided not to continue with the antibiotic for 3 more weeks. I believe I really didn't need to loose my back molar tooth, the surgeon said the cyst in my jaw around the impacted wisdom tooth "might" be touching the root of my molar and it "might" be dead and he pulled it out. Because of this my top molar doesn't have a chewing partner. I'm so upset by this. I have such healthy and straight teeth. The hole in my jaw from the cyst that was removed was so large that he had to put cadaver bone in my jaw to help rebuild the bone.

Posted by Lavette (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 11/15/2007

[YEA]  I have been oil pulling for about a month using a variety of oils, like flax seed oil extra virgin olive oil , coconut oil ,sunflower and now finally walnut oil. and for the first time since I was twelve my periods are shorter no cramps no cravings no pms.thankyou earth clinic

Posted by Jarrod (Fillmore, California) on 10/16/2007

[YEA]  I've been oil pulling for about a month now. I use Sunflower and Sesame Oil. I like the Sesame (Not toasted) better, but i'm all out so Sunflower it is! My teeth are whiter, my energy is up and my head seems more clear than usual. If you haven't tried this, do.

Posted by Sorenna (Fort Bragg, North Carolina) on 10/10/2007

[YEA]  I had immediate relief from a tooth injury from a bad dentist. I can't really explain how it works, but I also sleep better, too. I used extra virgin olive oil first and then sesame seed oil. When I first did it, the tooth pain stopped. I had a terrible taste of metal in my mouth which is one of the reasons I really knew this was pulling toxins out. I also fell very weak and run down for the first two days and then very energetic! I believe it is very helpful and don't know why I did not hear of this sooner as I am very much into the alternative health. Thank you for posting about this!

Replied by Antoleza
Calgary, Alberta
This is a first for me, I just happened to browse the net and noticed the words "oil pulling". My dentist wants to extract 11 of my teeth and I'm finding that rather drastic. I definitely have gum disease, he's going to do a cleaning next Monday and then start extracting on Wednesday. I'm not so sure about that as of yet. I just did my first 20 minute session of oil pulling with EV Olive Oil and I must say, my mouth feels refreshed and the only sore spot in it is where the hygenist placed a metal plate yesterday and it actually scratched the inside of my lip, so that, hmmm well, it feels much better now. I believe in alternative treatment due to a wonderful skin specialist, who cured me of a horrendous skin infection years ago with the use of plain water out of the tap. My problem never came back, so I'll give this oil pulling a try and I'll be back with feedback.....

Posted by Michelle (Winfield, Kansas, USA) on 09/23/2007

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I began using acv a few weeks ago at a small dose of 1 tsp. per day. After two weeks I noticed I was sleeping better and that my dreams were better. Rather than dark and heavy, my dreams were becoming more and more light-hearted. I actually woke myself up laughing the night before. I don't know if I can attribute this to acv, but I suppose it's possible.

Yesterday morning I discovered your website and tried oil pulling for the first time. While swishing I could feel some gritty bits in my mouth, like the feeling you get after the dentist has scraped off your plaque but it's still in your mouth. Afterwards I looked in the mirror and could see some tartar between my front teeth even after brushing. I haven't been to the dentist for a cleaning in a year so I had gotten some dark plaque build up in between my front bottom teeth and on the backs. I decided to floss and when I got to the bottom teeth there was a scraping sensation then the plaque came off! I was really stunned and just couldn't believe the oil had dissolved the plaque. My teeth also looked whiter. I thought I must be making it up, but then I came back to this site and read about other people's results and they confirmed mine. I oil pulled again this morning, using walnut and sesame seed oil which I have on hand, also I have a small mouth so only used 1 1/2 tsp. I didn't see as much of a difference, but the oil was definitely very whitish-yellow which I read means toxins are being removed. I have accessed other information on the site and am hoping your reccomendations will help me overcome pcos, estrogen dominance, low immune system and adrenal burnout, problems I have dealt with most of my life. If Ted has any information on building the immune system and healing adrenal burnout and glands in general I would love to hear more. I really like your site and I am also hoping the suggestions here will rid me of the need of spending $100s a month on other supplements. Thanks for sharing your secrets!

Posted by Francine (Playa Del Rey, CA) on 09/14/2007

[YEA]  I started oil pulling almost 4 weeks ago, I started seeing results of hair softening, teeth and gum health improving, but I after 2 days of the pulling my lungs started filling with mucus and turned into full blown bronchitus, this has gone on for 3 1/2 weeks now and finally I stopped the pulling, the mucus seems less. I started with coconut oil, switched to sesame and then to sunflower (which seemed to be the worst) as far as mucus escalation. The mucus never turned green but it continued to get worse and I was so lethargic I had to stop the pulling. Any advise? I liked the other benefits and my husband is having success.

Posted by Madhu (Bombay, India) on 07/02/2007

[YEA]  My sister read about oil pulling and I tried it. Now this is the first thing I do when I wake up. The first day I felt great otherwise I usually feel tired even though i have just got up. First few days I tried with sunflower oil. I have slight sinus problem and it came up and grew severe.Also I got mouth ulcers. I was spitting the entire day. I realised this is the way it works and detox our body. Now it's nearly three weeks the sinus has gone completeley and also ulcers. I have better skin,feel good and yeah I glow.Oil pulling is great and this is a must do for me even when I travel. Now I use olive oil and feel this is much better.

Posted by Catalina (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) on 05/05/2007

[YEA]  I thought I was too young for arthritis, but my shoulders, hips, knees, feet and neck were getting achey in the joints. After two months of oil pulling, all aches are gone and have not returned six months later. Also, my keratosis pilaris is cleared up, skin is softer, facial wrinkles have markedly decreased. My teeth are whiter, tongue cleaner and pinker, gums pink, dark circles under eyes have lessened, less gray hairs. Yes, it's true. Both my husband and I have noticed a 50% decrease in gray hair, with brown hair returning. I'm sleeping more soundly, have more energy, and generally feel better all around. I know this all sounds too good to be true, but after 9 months of oil pulling, I don't see how this can by attributed to a placebo affect. Something is working, either by pulling toxins out and/or allowing oil nutrients in. Whatever is happening, I will never stop oil pulling. I alternate coconut oil with olive and avocado oil, changing about once a month, pulling for 20 minutes at at time once a day. I urge everyone to try this. Give it 30 days and you will see results.

Replied by Paige
New York, United States
Hello, to Catalina from puerto vallarta, mexico:

I have read your oil pulling success story, congrats! anyway I was wondering, you mentioned a few types of oils but which oil had the affect in decreasing your gray hairs and did it decreased your gray hairs completely?

And which one cleared your keretosis pilaris?

I was using organic toasted sesame oil unrefined and I've stopped having lower back pain, I was suffering from a chronic muscle spasm that has stopped and I dont recall ever having headaches since I started oil pulling or having trouble with my vision, when I would read I see the words do this weird thing, I dont know how to explain but when I concentrate the words seem to do this 3d'ish thing its weird its like the words pop out of the background and it would happen more when im tired out but no more. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank You So Much For Your Time. Paige

Posted by Susan (Belleville, Michigan) on 04/27/2007

[YEA]  I started oil-pulling the beginning of March; so it's almost 2 months now.

I am 58 years old and have had health problems, such as throat congestion, constant coughing, menopause problems (for at least a decade), sudden weight problems, some kind of growth in my throat (due probably to ingesting splenda which causes thyroid cancer).

In the last five or more years, I have refused to go to a M.D. for any of those problems. I felt that they are merely controlled by Big Pharma and therefore they would prescribe things that would not work or would treat the symptoms and cause greater distress in the future. I would attempt to try different remedies on my own. I knew that spirit would eventually bring me solutions.

Immediately the congestion and coughing almost disappeared and is now totally gone. The growth in my throat is non-existant now.

Let me explain about the menopause. This was a huge problem for me. I could not get dressed up and go anywhere without having an embarrassing bout with perspiration.

I keep a room temperature thermometer at my desk at all times. When I would feel overheated, I would check it. Before oil-pulling it would read somewhere between 68 and 71 degrees. I noticed that after oil-pulling, I might get warm, but the room temperature became got higher and higher during the course of these two months. Recently I would get hot, look at the room temperature; it was 76 or more degrees. I can say now, I can go anywhere and do anything without a problem.

I have learned through these years, that despite the propaganda about menopause symptoms being merely a natural occurrence, in reality they are your body telling you that it has reached a dis-eased condition and to do something about it (other than taking hormones).

I feel and have the energy of a teenager again and my libido is same.

I am currently checking out whether I can loose weight with OP. This will take considerably longer to give you the results. To follow directions as suggested, and taking full advantage to the promised raise in metabolism, I try never to eat anything without first doing OP. I'll come back in a year to give you the results. But so far it seems to be working. I think that it works by lessening the glycemic effects of carbs, possibly lowering the amount of insulin in your body, based upon my experience with not getting so drowsy after a meal. I can actually stay awake after a meal now!

I initially used organic olive oil, because that was all I had on hand. It would never turn white, and gags you, btw. I can clearly see why they recommend sunflower or sesame oil.

I start the OP proceedure by brushing and then flossing my teeth. Then I set the timer for 20 minutes and op with 1 tablespoon until I feel a bit of mucus released from my throat at about 8 minutes. I spit that out and do another TBs. of oil. I ususally only make it to 18 mins. and then I brush my teeth, gums, and tongue. I flush several mouthfuls of water, and drink down at least 8 oz of water. I do this always before meals. To increase the anti-microbial effect between meals, I drink tea sweetened with xylitol (which starves the little bastards!). Now I hope there is nothing toxic about xylitol, but you never know with these corrupt corporate criminals that control our government today. As a result of the xylitol tea, my mouth feels cleaner and cleaner all through the day. I hope I have helped some of you. Love and light, Susan

Posted by Salome (NYC, USA) on 04/02/2007

[YEA]  This site IS a powerhouse of obviously TRIED and TRUE remedies. came across this oil pulling activity totally by accident as i was looking for something along the lines of home in extractions. You see,my teeth are now limited to only those directly in front(upper and lower) no more molars etc and these poor soldiers are now without roots,drifting around along with the receding gum problem---hanging there by the grace of God. i simply am NOT in the mood for all the expense involved here in nyc for basic extractions of what amounts to rootless baby teeth---so teeth and pulling came up on a search yielding oil pulling for teeth and THIS site. i am fascinated and had to give it a try but i have only canola oil and peppermint oil but had a go anyway. i will continue with the mentioned oils and see what happens. and NO i ain't crazy--i have suffered for years with dental problems leading to all those extractions and spent thousands on restorations and partials. last dentist visited removed the last molar and explained why periodontal disease was the cause of it and all the bone loss as well BUT wanted quite a lotta money to do the gum flap surgery and upper teeth extractions etc etc etc. i do believe that this oil pulling therapy will keep any infections at bay and prayerfully and hopefully restore the gum line.

Replied by Dannie
Toronto, On, Canada
I have mildly precautious gums, meaning I haven't been to the dentist in some time, and they do bleed when I brush my teeth, however I did find one thing that does clean your gums from the inside out by accident. First clean your feet with Witch Hazel using gauze, and at the corner of the gauze, put on 1 or a few drops of oregano oil, and within 15 seconds noticeable the first time, you will instantly notice the back of your gums being cleaned from the inside out - I've also heard that this cleans your blood system within 20 seconds, I definately felt circulation moving, and in the next day or two had some bruises, which is a definate sign of parasites being killed in your blood!

Posted by Bob (Northridge, CA) on 02/07/2007

[YEA]  I was close to twenty years allergic to alcohol. I've been using Olive oil Sunflower oil and Sesame oil for about a month and a half to get rid of psoriasis it did not help at all-what it did was cure my allergy to alcohol-that's for now.

Replied by Lese
Mclean, Va
You say that oil pulling took away your allergy to alcohol? I have an allergy either to the alcohol, sulfites, the fermenation process or something for over 20 years. I would like to hear more about how you believe oil pulling solved that issue? Please help. Thanks!

Posted by Nancy (Winnsboro, TX) on 01/04/2007

[YEA]  oil pulling- began about 1st week of October. My sleep better, skin is getting softer, less mood swings, lots of laughter, better outlook on life, lost weight. I used sesame oil, some days with sunflower, now have been using coconut oil and seem to have less problems with swallowing this oil than the others. My husband has been doing this as well and is seeing lots of areas of improvment- he's a disabled combat veteran, full of agent orange-we both plan on continuing to OP and keep a record of improvements while we keep up our nutrient dense eating choices as well.

Replied by Ane
Colorado Springs, Co
I thought the article said: Don't swallow the oil, swish and spit it out after the alloted time...brush again.
Replied by Su Chi
I started O.P. a week ago. Benefits already observed sound sleep, good BM and lost 2.2 pounds.

Posted by Jane (London) on 01/04/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I been oil pulling for a month. I feel good, skin looks better, sleep better more engery. the one down side I have been getting a swollen gland causing a bit of discomfort. My ear has been blocked for months cause this be a herx. I have recently added peppermint to the oil which is either olive or sunflower oil. Thanks for your feedback.

Replied by Renee
Bronx, New York
[YEA]   I have read from many references that it is best to use cold pressed sesame oil or sunflower oil. Though we haven't tried sunflower oil (possibly due to most in my family are genetically not comfortable with the smell) we have also tried virgin coconut oil and they both do the job - without side effects. Hope this helps!

Posted by Diane (Philadelphia, PA) on 01/02/2007

[YEA]  I have been oil pulling two times a day for about a month now and notice a vast improvement in my gums. I have had 2 root canals and at my last dental visit, they wanted to do a 3rd root canal to correct the previous two. Needless to say, I had severe gum pain and an abscess that caused me excrutiating pain. My jaw would swell up to the size of chipmuck's. I was in constant pain. I started oil pulling with sunflower oil and notice that my pain had decreased in intensity by day 3. Within 7 days, I had no pain and my abscess was completely gone. I ran out of sunflower oil and am now using extra virgin coconut oil. My gums are a healthy pink--they are no longer receding. I had a loosened tooth that really needed to be pulled but the gums have tightened around the tooth and it is no longer loose. My skin feels softer and I'm no longer plagued with earaches. I tried oil pulling with Olive Oil but could not stand the taste. Once I finish up my coconut oil, I will go back to sunflower (it is a better tasting oil).

Posted by Sue (New Jersey, NJ) on 12/22/2006

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've been oil pulling for almost two weeks. It's not as bad as some readers let on. I first tried with VCO and a drop of peppermint oil since I didn't have sesame or sunflower oil on hand. It tasted like a peppermint patty. I've also tried with cold pressed virgin olive oil.. not bad, but not tasty either. So far I can only report that my teeth look whiter and brighter and I THINK it cooled my PMS rage as well as lightened my flow. Sorry TMI. Today I bought sesame oil and tasted it wondering if it's supposed to taste like toasted sesame seeds? Did I get the wrong type of oil? The store where I picked it up had so MANY brands and types of sesame oil... black sesame oil, pure sesame oil, flavored sesame oils. I picked up a bottle that says 100% pure since I didn't think I wanted the toasted stuff. If this oil is toasted, will it still be effective for oil pulling?

Another thing I was wondering... what healing crisis have others experienced with oil pulling? I got a really bad throat infection/cold and I rarely sick or feel ill for more than a day. Could this be the healing crisis for me? I was going to skip pulling this morning since I'm still sick, then decided to do it anyway... a word of caution... be careful when pulling with a cold. I made a mess when I had a sudden sneeze RIGHT before I was about to spit the oil out. DISGUSTING.

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