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 Re: Son Has Kidney Disease and Congestive Heart Failure

Tue, 28 Oct 14 23:06:49 -0500

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 10/28/2014

To Father from Texas: If your son`s kidney disease is a bacterial infection drinking pure cranberry juice should help a lot. You gave no information as to age, weight, and such. One cup of pure cranberry juice a day should be safe for a child of 5 years old or more. Also drinking lots of distilled water should help.

To get more helpful answers here, you need to provide more information including your son`s age and weight and more detailed information as to the exact nature of his infections. You state he has heart failure. How old is he? Are we dealing with an infant or an middle aged man? ...Oscar

Ginger for the Flu

Tue, 28 Oct 14 23:02:51 -0500

Posted by Susan (Knoxville, Tn) on 10/28/2014

[YEA]  Just using the powdered ginger from the grocery store spice aisle worked for me in one dose in 2009 when the H1N1 flu was going around. My son had gotten it and coughed right in my face when I tucked him in bed (I couldn't get him to take anything like ginger for it - he was too young and spit it out), so about 2 days later, I suddenly had a runny nose and little tickles in my upper chest - felt like tiny bubbles popping in my chest. When I realized that what I was feeling was the flu, the ginger remedy I had seen here popped into my head (thank you, EC - love your site and you are my first go-to for so many things now! ) Going with what I had available, I used 1/2 tsp of the powdered ginger and made a tea with it, heating up a mug of water and then stirring the powdered ginger in with a bit of sugar. It didn't taste too good but I drank it and had to swirl the mug around to get the leftover powder on the bottom of the mug into my mouth. Within an hour, the symptoms were all gone. I was extremely relieved, because I had a really nasty virus about a year earlier, that I had gotten pneumonia from, and it had wreaked havoc on my upper respiratory area where the flu was trying to take hold and I was still suffering from recurring chest congestion every time I got a cold at that time. So I was extremely worried that the flu would land me in the hospital, given my pre-existing chest issues. I was SOOOO relieved that the ginger worked to get rid of it so quickly. I had read that ginger has over 100 antiviral components in it, but dry ginger may have fewer of those than fresh ginger, but I would say definitely don't overlook the dry, powdered version if it's all you have!

 Re: Misdiagnosis Has Damaged Thyroid

Tue, 28 Oct 14 22:33:43 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/28/2014

Hi Justnatural15...The reason they misdiagnosed you was probably because they used the highly inaccurate TSH/T4 test which doesn't actually test for T3 -- the active thyroid hormone you want to know about. You need to really take the Free T3/ Free T4 thyroid test because its a way more accurate than the TSH/T4 test.

So here are the proper lab tests that you should get:

Proper Thyroid Lab Work

Here is a list of Iodine-literate and thyroid-literate doctors in the US:

List of Competent Thyroid Doctors in US

Here is the address of a competent thyroid doctor in your area:

Carole E Benoit DO
Wellness and Nutrition Medicine
909 Summers Ave
Orangeburg, SC 29115
Tel: 803.837.9871

But if I were you I would perhaps go and see Dr Jorge Flechas if you can in North Carolina. He's renowned for his successful research and treatments for Iodine problems including thyroid problems. Here's his address:

Jorge Flechas, MD
Hendersonville, NC
Tel : 828.684.3233

If you want to try using the Iodine Protocol then you can find it here -- make absolutely sure to use all the iodine companion nutrients that are recommended -- at the stated doses with no shortcuts:

The Iodine Protocol

Iodine Companion Nutrients

It's probably better that you go and see a thyroid competent doctor who knows about iodine. With your problem, you will have to be monitored to adjust your current meds when you take the iodine protocol -- and that is best done and overseen by a competent iodine-literate thyroid doc.

 Re: Turpentine, Lugols, Borax Water Time Distance Apart

Tue, 28 Oct 14 21:40:45 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/28/2014

Hi Silversurfer...Much thanks for all your feedback which is always highly appreciated. Thanks also for confirming my "unreachable middle intestines region" theory. I'm pleased about that, it will help people for sure. Really, although I give particular dosages and frequencies for the turps/CO protocol, these are just safe ballpark recommendations and its really up to you as to how you take it because there will always be great variation between different people as to its effects.

So the dosages recommended are not so hard and fast. I work from the principle that we are not clones because we all eat different diets, we have different metabolic rates, we all have different things wrong with us and we all have different lifestyles. You will have to find your own dose for turps/CO that works for you in other words.

And if I had some sort of chronic disease like arthritis or heart disease or cancer -- the first thing I would do is use the turps/CO remedy to eliminate all pathogens hiding in the lower intestines. Both Max Gerson and William Kelly used laxatives and enemas frequently to good effect to clear out the intestines. They not only used this strategy to clear out toxins -- they also used them to clear out pathogens that were always hiding, lurking and breeding in this lower intestinal region.

You are also using the protocols correctly(without shortcuts). The turps/CO protocol will get rid of all the candida(yeast and fungal from) and other bad stuff from the intestines. But you still need to take the Borax, Iodine, Alkalizing etc to kill the candida(fungal form) and other associated pathogens in the blood and that will take a wee bit longer.

I will be trying out my new turpentine/CO/Boswellia(mixed together) protocol soon. Boswellia is also extremely good at killing fungus.

Taking Quercetin for Bronchitis

Tue, 28 Oct 14 21:04:21 -0500

Posted by Susan (Knoxville, Tn) on 10/28/2014

[YEA]  Quercetin is a compound found in onions and some other fruits and veggies and it is anti-inflammatory and great for helping clear out mucous that is starting to accumulate in the chest. My son and I are both prone to getting bronchitis out of a cold, and he has issues with mucous gradually traveling down toward his chest during allergy season too because he sniffles a lot and everything drains down his throat and eventually finds its way into his bronchial tubes. Take a quercetin capsule 2 to 3 times a day. They are usually ~ 250 mg and you should notice an improvement in your symptoms the same day you start taking them, but it may take a few days or even a couple weeks of this regimen to eliminate the problem, depending on how bad it was when you started. You can find it at just about any health food store and online. The powder in the capsules is yellow, and quercetin is often packaged as a complex with bromelain, a compound in pineapples, with similar anti-inflammatory properties, and also with vitamin C.

 Re: Help Requested for Blepharitis

Tue, 28 Oct 14 21:00:21 -0500

Posted by Craig (Victoria, Australia) on 10/28/2014

Hi Day (Usa)

I had the same problem 2 months ago and used diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (10 parts water-1 part ACV. I placed 2 drops in each eye, one in the morning and one at night, the next day it was gone.

I have recently had 2 bouts of mild conjunctivitis and sprayed Colloidal Silver on to them both times. They were also gone the next day. Either one will fix your problem. Good luck with it.


Misdiagnosis Has Damaged Thyroid

Tue, 28 Oct 14 20:58:29 -0500

Posted by Justnatural15 (Greenville,sc) on 10/28/2014

Hello all! This is a great site, recommended to me by a friend. I hope this is okay to post, but I need some guidance. Seven years ago I was misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism (this misdiagnosis has been confirmed by another physician). I have taken the thyroid supplement Synthroid for so long that now my thyroid cannot function properly on its own (this was also confirmed by my new doctor). I want to rid myself of this medication safely and try a hollistic approach, but I don't know where to begin. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

 Re: ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon for Blocked Veins

Tue, 28 Oct 14 20:54:27 -0500

Posted by Avna (Pa, US) on 10/28/2014

Barbara in San Antonio: did it help? My husband has heart problems (valve calcifications)- he is drinking IT once a day--his appointment with cardiologist is 1/20/15! So until that time he agreed to try IT. by IT I describe the stuff that we do. He was afraid of ACV because of his acid reflux so for first batch we used 3 lemons, 3 huge apples, big chunk of ginger and 5 bulbs of garlic. Juiced it all, boiled and simmered for 30 min (turned greenish) and added 3 tbsp. of honey (not more because of his diabetes. His stomach was ok with it so for the second batch we doubled ginger, garlic, lemons, used 3 apples again and half cup of ACV. This time it did not change color but this time I didn't boil it before simmering. I think this is better. He drinks it now, his stomach is fine, but he still gets breathless sometimes... too often... For the third batch I want to use 1 full cup of ACV and no apples. PLEASE advise me how many lemons, bulbs of garlic, how big a piece of ginger to make 1 cup of juice from each???

I have to blend it first before my juicer takes it so I really need to know quantities.

 Re: Kerosene and Turpentine Therapy

Tue, 28 Oct 14 20:52:01 -0500

Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 10/28/2014

Cheryl (Vancouver, BC) ---

The Recochem product you mention landed me in hospital. It is not 100%. Then I ordered from Georgia, USA, the Forest product which is awesome. Expensive postage but well worth it.

Just to make sure, no one ingests the Recochem product, not even externally. I only used it externally and was overcome with the fumes and the effect on my skin which started to vibrate all over the body.

Namaste, Om

 Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help Asthma/Bronchitis

Tue, 28 Oct 14 20:49:42 -0500

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/28/2014

Dear Missy,

You are making some great positive steps in helping your asthma. Apple Cider Vinegar is a great thing to try! Is that THE THING that will solve it for you? I don't know. We were able to heal my son of asthma on the first try (nettles and quercetin.) With my daughter it took a lot more trial and error, but she is doing great now!

So, start with the ACV. And keep reading and studying.

I know you don't like using the nebulizer with albuterol. But you may find nebulizing very diluted hydrogen peroxide (or something else natural) to be very helpful to your healing. We use a nebulizer at our house a lot (with natural stuff in it) and I LOVE it. It is a great way to deliver a natural medicine right to the place it is needed the most.

You might also look into Bill Munroe's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy on this site. It has helped so many people.

Keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Comments on Milk/Sinusitis Connection

Tue, 28 Oct 14 18:26:10 -0500

Posted by Em (Fl, US) on 10/28/2014

I am so happy to have been directed to your site. So much information. The ice cream/sinusitis connection is especially interesting, since I have several friends/family members that suffer terribly with sinus trouble.

I don't have any cures but I wanted to share some information that a nurse (7th Day Adventist) told me, during a discussion about nutrition. One of her statements was so simple as to render it mind-boggling. She said:

Everyone forgets that God made MILK for baby cows!

And we wonder why, even in raw form, we can't tolerate it??

Be calm and be healthy...

Dosage Question for BV Treatment

Tue, 28 Oct 14 18:14:15 -0500

Posted by Sofie (Quincy, Massachussets) on 10/28/2014


I just got diagnosed with BV for the first time, and I was prescribed Metrogel to use once daily at night time. I'm currently on the 4th day and so far so good; the smell cleared up after the very first day and I've had no side effects other than a little clumpy discharge.

Now I'm trying to do all I can to keep this from happening ever again; I went out today and bought femdophilus, folic acid and hydrogen peroxide. My question is, when I'm completely done with the metrogel treatment, can I use the diluted peroxide solution to rinse my vagina out of leftover discharge? I ask this because I know people use this method in lieu of antibiotics, so I don't know if doing this would be overwhelming my vaginal cells.

Also, what dosage of femdophilus/folic acid would you recommend?

Thank you so much! Sofie

 Re: Blackstrap Molasses Makes a Difference for Atrial Fibrillation

Tue, 28 Oct 14 18:10:36 -0500

Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 10/28/2014


You say that the beta blocker is equal to aspirin. I have not found that the case as I wean off of it. Its been a small nightmare.. so many side effects but I did read that some people are highly allergic to this drug.. I am happy though that I got from 100 mgs. down to 25 and did it slowly but I still had side effects. This stuff has messed up some of my life. I now have nightmares, panic attacks and other things in which I never had before and no its not all in my

Now I feel I am addicted to it but I want to stop taking it.....I am on another chat board where people have had much worse things happen when they tried to get off of it.. Maybe because it was Metropolol.. who knows??

thanks for the feedback

 Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy for Hemachromatosis

Tue, 28 Oct 14 18:08:45 -0500

Posted by Bob (Arkansas, US) on 10/28/2014

Dear Elena: It looks like you posted a question back in 2012 regarding H2o2 therapy for people with hemochromatosis. I can't find that post. My girlfriend has Hemochromatosis. I was hoping you may have gotten some feedback on this. I can't find info anywhere. Thank You Bob.


 Re: Kerosene and Turpentine Therapy

Tue, 28 Oct 14 17:56:13 -0500

Posted by Cheryl (Vancouver, Bc) on 10/28/2014

@Tom Qld That turpentine wouldn't be good. It has a boiling point of 145-260. In this link it says the ones with higher boiling points aren't effective for purifying the blood but may clean the large intestine. The Recochem manufacturer provides a few turpentines and the one that is the best is the Pure Turpentine Bio Option one. It has a boiling point of 150-180C. This is the one most used. If you live in Canada you can get it at Canadian Tire.

Recommends L-Lysine for Herpes

Tue, 28 Oct 14 17:51:20 -0500

Posted by L J (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/28/2014

[YEA]  Hi girls, if you want to rid yourself of Herpes, take L - Lysine...the amino acid, it cures facial cold sores and also down below..although don't take it with L Arginine. They cancel each other out, , xoxo

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Tue, 28 Oct 14 17:47:37 -0500

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 10/28/2014

HI U OLE BIRDS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , ,

As Rodney King said a few years ago.... "can't we all just get along". I marvel at the harmony of people on this site and how they want to help one another. Where- as the real world is in constant turmoil. Dog eat dog. I think most on this site are in deep stuff and appreciate the kindness and support of their fellow man. I know I do.

Folks here are world wide and yet there is a bond to each other. How can this kindness be projected and the world live in tranquility?

Excuse my diatribe, ==ORH===

 Re: Remedies Needed for Atrial Fibrillation

Tue, 28 Oct 14 15:21:10 -0500

Posted by Bee (New York) on 10/28/2014

Thank you EC and everyone on the replies on Hawthorne.. I will def. try and find a low dose to start.. As far as the BSM do you drink it during the day? It has sugar so not sure about that.... I would think its the potassium and magnesium in it that helps..I do put some in my herbal teas ..

 Re: Grapefruit Seed Extract for Impetigo

Tue, 28 Oct 14 15:20:40 -0500

Posted by Susan B. (Pasadena, California) on 10/28/2014

Hi Valleygirl. Has a doctor diagnosed impetigo or have you self-diagnosed? Sounds like either staph (MRSA) or shingles infection to me. Can you describe the blisters? Painful, hot, itchy, etc. If it's a staph infection, turmeric taken twice daily will help immediately.

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