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 Re: What Could be Causing Edema in My Legs?

Sat, 01 Aug 15 08:21:49 -0500
Posted by Bindy (The Woodlands, Tx) on 07/31/2015

Thank you both for your comments. I used Real Sea salt and get copious amounts of sunlight. Working in garden center was wonderful, but swelling still there, it was just more manageable. I do work in an office again. I joined the YMCA and went to classes religiously, yoga, pilates, walking, tennis, swimming. Compression stockings, diuretics, herbs, manual lymphatic drainage, ta chai yoga therapy, deep tissue massages, chiropractor. I do turmeric and ginger, daily, take vits B & C, dandelion tea almost every day. I have used a rebounder, swim (this helps the best), but the edema just redistributes and never goes away

I lost 23 lbs, changed up/got off and got back on my bio identical hormones, stopped eating sugar, and still cannot figure out what is causing this blockage.

I had several mri's, cat scans that noted subcutaneous edema noted in feet (when swelling was in ankles), ultras sounds for blood clots. Normal. On the mri and cat scanss, they found benign adrenaloma and hepatic lesions on liver, but nothing to be concerned about according to docs

I don't feel bad, but it affects my social life greatly. I was dating a really nice guy a while back and its so embarrassing to not be able to plan an activity because I need to put my legs up over a pilates ball so the edema will go away..

The upside is that I have discovered coconut and hemp seed oils that I ingest and use daily on my skin. You'd never know I was 50.

 Re: What Can I Do for an Infected Spleen?

Sat, 01 Aug 15 08:21:29 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 07/31/2015

Dear Michele,

I would try Vitamin C in high doses. If you have an infection, your body will use a lot of vitamin C. Once it has had enough, you will begin to get diarrhea. So start with 500-1000 mg a few times a day and continue to increase until you begin to get diarrhea then cut back a bit. Getting a powdered form of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate would be the cheapest way to take a lot and you would avoid the additives that are often in the supplements.

I would also try Castor Oil Packs over the spleen area for a couple of hours each evening or overnight for a week or two.

Castor Oil Packs

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Poppy Seeds for RLS

Fri, 31 Jul 15 22:42:27 -0500
Posted by Donna (Qld) on 07/31/2015

[YEA]  I drink half a cup of poppyseed tea early in the evening. Have done for years. Health benefits for me to numerous to mention here. Staying on the subject, restless legs is a distant memory, and I have peaceful childlike sleep every night. I am in my late fifties and would like to suggest anyone over 50 try it. Quality of life improved immensely. I shall be having my evening tipple till the day I take my last breath.

  Re: Oregano Oil Cure for Sinus Infection

Fri, 31 Jul 15 22:38:14 -0500
Posted by Ann (Southeast, United States) on 07/31/2015

[YEA]  I too have had good fortune with Oil of Oregano. I've had many sinus infections over the last three years. I would get them very easily...especially when around children. I probably got one every three months. I now take two O of O tablets a day when I'm around children, flying or if I have even the tiniest symptom. And, so far, so good. I've also observed it like a miracle stop a cold in it's tracks with friends and relatives. I believe it is a blessing.

  Re: Candida and Sinus Polyps

Fri, 31 Jul 15 22:37:07 -0500
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 07/31/2015

I wonder if Nattokinase or Serrapeptase would help rid you of your polyp?

Wishing you well!

  Re: Frankincense Oil is Working for Chalazion

Fri, 31 Jul 15 19:33:58 -0500
Posted by Dee (Mechanicsburg, Pa) on 07/30/2015

Just out of curiosity, what brand of frankincense did you use?

What Can I Do for an Infected Spleen?

Fri, 31 Jul 15 19:01:09 -0500
Posted by Michele (London) on 07/31/2015

I have anti-bodies in my blood that causes anaemia. A couple of years ago I had helicobacter which I felt was never treated properly. Recently a scan showed I had an enlarged spleen and told it is infected. I was hoping that you might know how I could cure this problem. Many thanks, Michele -London

  Re: Chicken Cartilage for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Fri, 31 Jul 15 18:55:11 -0500
Posted by Phyllis (Vero Beach, Fl) on 07/31/2015

Google Borax for arthritis. It has helped a lot of people.

Need Advice for Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Lung Issues

Fri, 31 Jul 15 18:54:20 -0500
Posted by Josie (Texas) on 07/31/2015

Hi, I have a lung problem and I have been doing my hydrogen peroxide 3% ( brown bottle ) for a week with my nebulizer. I do it once in the morning and before bed time. I still feel some tightness in my lungs and I cough a lot. I put 3 drops of hp and 35 drops of distilled water. If I add more drops of ph it will make me cough more so I do 3 drops and it is better.

I still have shortness of breathing, but the cough makes it worst. Some times I have to do my albuterol inhaler to stop my cough and it works, but I want to get off my albuterol. It is not going to cure my lungs and I know that the ph will. My problem is how long does it take for me to feel better. I don't want to stop doing my ph. Do, I need to do it more then 2 times to make it work? I'm thinking of doing it the way Bill did it with the spray bottle, or do both. Help.

  Re: Bee Propolis for Cellulitis

Fri, 31 Jul 15 18:49:03 -0500
Posted by Martine (Phoenix, Az) on 07/31/2015

For cellulitis, it didn't mention how many mg's to take per day for treatment.

  Re: Ground Flaxseed for Diarrhea

Fri, 31 Jul 15 17:12:57 -0500
Posted by Rose (Dallas, Texas) on 07/31/2015

Was wondering if you are still taking the ground flaxseed for loose stools? My 82 year old mother is having severe issues in this area and am going to start her on this.

  Re: Need Recipe for Charcoal Eye Drops

Fri, 31 Jul 15 17:02:50 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 07/31/2015

Dear Jessica,

Here is how we make them:

1 cup distilled (preferred) or boiled and cooled water

1 teaspoon activated charcoal powder

Mix together. Strain through a coffee filter. The resulting "gray water" is what we use for eye drops. The larger charcoal particles are filtered out, but the finer ones will remain in the water for your eye drops.

~Mama to Many~

Cayenne for Cuts

Fri, 31 Jul 15 17:01:00 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 07/31/2015

[YEA]  I was at a friend's house and was cutting some tomatoes with a sharp knife. I accidentally nicked my finger. You know how those types of cuts hurt! I find they sometimes hurt for days while they are healing. I keep a bandaid on them during the healing process because it does help the cut to stay together and not hurt.

I asked my friend for some cayenne pepper. I sprinkled a bit onto the cut. I expected a bit of a brief sting, but there was no pain at all. I covered the cut with a bandaid so I could finish cutting tomatoes (since fresh tomatoes are the very best thing about summer, in my opinion! )

That night I removed the bandaid. The cut looked healed up already. It never gave me any trouble and I never needed a second bandaid.

I think this would work well for paper cuts, too.

I love when a simple plant can remove little irritations in life!

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Hydration Cubes for Vaginal Atrophy

Fri, 31 Jul 15 17:00:12 -0500
Posted by Asmith (Fort Worth, Tx) on 07/31/2015

Kat, I would contact the company and see what they say about what you are experiencing. Good luck!

 Re: What Could be Causing Edema in My Legs?

Fri, 31 Jul 15 16:41:53 -0500
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 07/31/2015

Also worth mentioning in the food dept, the excessive consumption of Nightshade veggies like Potato, Tomato, Pepper, and Eggplant can cause pain & inflammation.

More info here

 Re: What Could be Causing Edema in My Legs?

Fri, 31 Jul 15 16:41:43 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 07/31/2015

Dear Bindy,

Regarding your edema - your statement about it being more under control when you were working outdoors in a garden center and not sitting or standing behind a desk jumps out at me. Perhaps one key is activity and sunlight. (Kt also mentions sunlight! ) If sounds like now you are behind a desk sitting/standing? A mini-trampoline/rebounder may help. Five minutes a couple of times a day is helpful to get the lymph really moving.

Kt has great dietary and supplement suggestions. I also use realsalt (or celtic sea salt.) Many processed foods and fast foods have a lot of sodium which is not the same as a natural salt. These can make you retain the fluids. We have a farmer friend that is generally very healthy and eats what he grows. But he went out of town and was eating fast foods and had edema for the first time in his life.

It is important to drink plenty, though this seems counter-intuitive. It will help you to flush out the excess. Adding a pinch (1/8 teaspoon or less) of salt (realsalt or celtic salt) to each glass of water may be helpful, too.

Dandelion Tea would be another good thing to drink.

Let us know how it goes. I am very hopeful that natural remedies will help you get past this condition!

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Need Recipe for Charcoal Eye Drops

Fri, 31 Jul 15 16:01:42 -0500
Posted by Jessica (Seattle, Wa) on 07/31/2015

Hello, I've been searching for the activated charcoal eye drop recipe & can't seem to find it. If anyone has one or knows where to find it, I would great appreciate it. Thanks Jessica

  Re: Homeopathic Remedy for Calcium Deposits

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:17:57 -0500
Posted by Matt (Scottsville, Ny) on 07/30/2015

Rhus tox is poison ivy. You're ingesting poison ivy.

  Re: Candida and Sinus Polyps

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:16:42 -0500
Posted by Radha (Uk) on 07/31/2015

[NAY]  I lived in the uk for 40 years with a very clear sinus.I moved to live in a tropical island-so call paradise and lived there for 3 years.Well you know living on a tropical island is no fun.The humidity is very high and built up of mould everywhere in the house.There was mould everywhere on the furniture and even on my purse. If there is a rain and wind, then everything in the house get mouldy. You have to take everything from the wardrope and wash them, dry them. At the end of the 3 years, I notice a swelling on my left nostril. I did not know what they were.When I got back to UK at the end of 3 years, I was breathless when I had my flu. Everything was blocked up.I had no sense of smell and I was breathing through my mouth. My dr told me that swelling on my nostril was the beginning of polyps. Drs will tell you they do not know the causes of polyps. Here is a typical scenario of mould and polyps. Drs do not believe in all that. They only believe in surgery. So we sufferers of polyps must stand together and try to fight this evil nasal polyps.Thanks to the internet we might be able to find a cure for the nasal polyps.

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