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 Re: Locating Diatomaceous Earth in Scotland

Mon, 29 Sep 14 20:03:15 +0000

Posted by Ray (Vendome, France) on 09/29/2014

[YEA]  Hi, I bought Diatomaceous Earth on in France but it's from UK, name Diaguard which I think very good quality. You have much more choices in than in France. I had a nagging pain at my lower back for about 3 weeks caused by my horse who did rodeo, the stirrups came off of my feet, then he rared, I pushed his neck down so he started to canter then suddenly stopped. I slid up to his neck and rolled down on the ground. And I had dry eye especially at night while I read a book in bed and sometimes cramps on my legs or feet for about 2 years. As DE was delivered from UK, I took 1 heaped tbls in water immediately. The lower back pain disappeared almost in a few minutes! I thought may be it was placebo. Then in the same day at night, I noticed that I didn't have to wipe my eyes with a tissue while I read in bed anymore, and since I started to take DE, no more cramps on my legs or feet. These benefits started to happen in just 10 days. In a mean while I had to go through healing crisis no too bad as some other people had to go through in this site. First 3 days I had almost too much energy so I stopped taking it at night, but just in mornings as I wake up. then I suddenly I started to have a cold or flu like symptoms, nose started to block, soar throat, chilling feeling. Totally different from the first 3 days of my experience with DE. Then the 4th day, I saw about 7 tiny white worms in my stool! Then next got less, took about a week to clear the tiny white worms that I don't know what kind. As soon as it was cleared my energy came back again and feel great now! My dogs also passed some worms everyday for about a week and now they seem cleared of it. My Newfoundland dog has been having trouble with hormone after she was sterilized. She pees even while she sleeps, and cries for feeling bad. My vet told me to give her the hormonal medication everyday for a week, then cut back to half then just once a week then stop. He was reluctant to use it because he said hormonal treatment is risky. She has been on it twice a year for about 9 years (now she's 12, vet is amazed and happy that she's lived that long for her giant size). But the pills stopped working suddenly for almost 8 months. She pees everywhere, I took away all the small rugs and cover large rugs with table cloth covers. My vet said may be caused by hypothyroid. She was on it for 6 months last year then stopped because the vet said it's not too good to continue too long after her hormonal level became normal. Now after blood test, her thyroid hormone was found extremely low level again. She's on the hormone now for about 2 months. DE was started a month ago. Now her peeing problem is almost stopping, either because she's on thyroid hormone treatment or DE or both. I really can't tell, but she hardly pees in the house anymore, could hold it to the garden. My horses are also taking it, but I can't tell exactly what's happening to them because they stay in a horse place. In any case, I can recommend to anyone this amazing product. At least I and my dogs are having a great result! I'm hoping that DE will help my gilding for his emphysema and my mare's arthritis. I'm giving them natural ACV also for 2 years but it seems not very effective.

Emu Oil For Dry Eyes

Mon, 29 Sep 14 20:02:34 +0000

Posted by Nasreen (Jacksonville, Florida) on 09/29/2014

[YEA]  I suffer from terrible allergies. I purchased emu oil for my hair but decided to try it one day on my itchy eyes. It stops the itching immediately. I am so happy that I have this versatile oil. Sure, my eyes go blurry for a few seconds, but it's worth it for the immediate and lasting relief it brings.

Liver (Folate) for RLS

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:38:33 +0000

Posted by Cate (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/29/2014

Grass-fed Liver for Restless Leg Syndrome.

I was pregnant with my now almost one year old and developed RLS in the fifth or sixth month of gestation. It was HORRIFIC. I went about three weeks without sleep, exhausted beyond words. My mood was foul, I was a mental case. I knew I'd find a cure, so spent night after night searching. Eventually I found a great site, and realised I was lacking folate. Not folic acid which is some budget man-made chemical, but genuine bio-available pure folate from clean animal sources. Being paleo helps too.

I bought some grass-fed calves liver the following morning, ate up about half a cup and slept more deeply and with the greatest relief, you will only know the bliss that accompanied that sleep if you've suffered from this evil modern curse yourself.

Grass-fed liver- beef, ox, lamb, even chicken liver in pate. Get some folate in you.

 Re: Acoustic Neuroma

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:37:27 +0000

Posted by Connie (Tallahassee ) on 09/29/2014

I have AN 1.5 x 0.5. Scheduled for Stereotactic Radio surgery. Am having second thoughts . Need some input or answers. Doctors have so little info. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

3 Prong Treatment for Shingles

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:36:44 +0000

Posted by Michelle (Los Angeles, California) on 09/29/2014

My 3 prong approach to treatment of shingles:

I have never had shingles before but I had chicken pox when I was 2 years of age and I am now 51 years old in good health. On Sunday night I felt my upper back was itching so I scatched it as well as my upper chest. That morning I woke up to red blisters and scratch marks on my back, shoulder, and chest. I went to the dermatologist and she diagnosed with contact dermatitis and gave me steroids by mouth and a topical steroid ointment. I used that and my lesions spread and got worse. So I went to another doctor 2 days later and he diagnosed me with shingles.

Although I was now 96 hours out of first lesions he prescribed me Valtrex and Keflex for the lesions also looked like they had a superinfection of bacteria in addition to the shingles. I also was told to take benadryl for the itching which I took for a day then stopped after I started my 3 prong approach.

I went home and researched shingles and decided to create my own treatment plan that combined western medicine and homeopathic remedies for my lesions were red, irritated, itchy, and spreading.

I have been using this 3 prong plan for my shingles the past 48 hours and I no longer have pain or itching. Also the newer lesions are gone and the older lesions particularly the ones I initially scratched are healing. My plan is definitely improving the shingles.

1. TREAT INTERNALLY: I am taking the Valtrex as prescibed as well as finishing my course of antibiotics. In addition I am drinking Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tablespoons per 8 ounces of water three times a day. I am taking 1000 mg Lysine three times a day.

2. TREAT EXTERNALLY: I soak a gauze pad with full strength Apple Cider Vinegar and place it directly on my lesions for 30 minutes three times a day. The Apple Cider Vinegar dries the lesions up and has gotten rid of the itching and pain. At night I place Virgin Organic Coconut Oil on the lesions and leave them exposed to air. Coconut oil totally soothes my skin and is helping with healing. It has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. LEAVE LESIONS ALONE: I keep clothing off of the lesions as much as possible (my lesions are on my neck, upper back, shoulder, and upper chest) so I wear a tube top to cover my breasts at home and when at work a lose top. I stopped the steroids all together for I felt the steroids by mouth were feeding the virus and the topical steroids were totally irritating my skin making it more red and burned.

With this treatment plan I feel energized with minimal pain and itching and my lesions are healing quickly.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Constipation

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:33:51 +0000

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/29/2014

Hilda, you can try changing your diet (soft foods and/or raw foods), or simply chewing your food much more than you do. Results will not show up in one day, you probably need to "retrain" your intestines.

 Re: Hair Loss

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:33:15 +0000

Posted by Lotus (Washington) on 09/29/2014

Hi, I know this is an old comment, but I hope you see this reply - where do you get this edible dichotomos clay? I know of clay you can use as a facial mask, but not the kind you eat. I am very curious to try this. I am 53 and for the past two years I have had slightly thinner hair on top and in the back of my hair, not terrible, but enough that I have to wear a barrette to cover the back bald spot and am self conscious about it. My hair looks pretty good when it is freshly washed, but the next day after it is a little oily, the thinness is more visible. I attribute this mostly to hormonal shifts (I am not yet in full menopause, still menstruating) and also to stress, since my life has been more stressful in this time as well.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Constipation

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:32:29 +0000

Posted by Sam (Texas) on 09/29/2014

I've had constipation problems my entire life and my son inherited it as well. We keep magnesium around ALWAYS. We have different types of magnesium, but prefer Calm because it is easy for my son to take(he can't swallow pills). In order to keep our systems regular, we have to take probiotics, eat lots of fiber(sprouted whole grains, flax seed, fiber supplements) eat fruit & veggies everyday and lots of water. If we eat too much garbage food we pay for it and have to take magnesium to break the plug. Also I can't take iron or calcium supplements and pain killers of any kind bind me up immediately. Sounds like you messed up your system with a laxative addiction. That might be hard to overcome because your body has to be retrained, but diet & lifestyle changes are key. Figure out what causes or triggers bouts of constipation and avoid them. Figure out what you can eat that helps. I eat a lot of salads now...I have learned to like them because it makes life easier. You may need digestive enzymes or you may have low stomach acid or food allergies. Everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you. Keep trying and maybe see a ND for testing.

 Re: Health is Voltage - Alkalizing and the Body Electric

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:31:50 +0000

Posted by Rebel (Usa) on 09/29/2014

Very interesting stuff, here Bill. I have known now for a while that what ever I am dealing with, always responds well with adding baking soda. He never mentioned the dreaded Morgellons, but boy this sure sounds a lot like it. Fats turned into plastics in the bodies cells. Most people who believe they have Morgellons test high for silicone in the body I have read this somewhere. I guess silicone could be a type of plastic.

I watched another video of his, after I viewed the one you posted and he talks about the sleeping bugs inside of our bodies and the damage they cause when they are given the right environment to thrive and use their digestive enzymes to attack us.

I am going to go back a watch this again and make some notes.

Thank you so much for posting this video. I have been doing a lot of research into Morgellons and this seems to make the most logical explanation to me. Like I said he never mentioned Morgellons in the video, but I picked up a lot that to me it sounded as if he was explaining this disease, just not calling it by that name.

Baby Shampoo for Sinus Infections

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:31:06 +0000

Posted by Sam (Texas) on 09/29/2014

[YEA]  I have had really bad sinus pressure & pain for a couple days & knew it was a sinus infection. I have been reading all the sinus remedies & thought the baby shampoo sounded crazy, but I tried it anyway & it worked immediately! Since I'd been reading a lot ... I made my own concoction of 3 oz saline, 2 drops baby shampoo, a pinch of baking soda & 2 drops raw honey...shook it up & inhaled it. Within minutes the sinus pressure & pain started to give way & cleared out. I could function again. I just used it a 2nd time before bed to make sure I can breathe clear thru the night. No burning or negative affects. I thought I was going to the doctor for antibiotics & now I know that I am not. Thank you for this odd but effective bit of wisdom. I love earthclinic and all the kindred spirits here who take the time to share what works for them... and what doesn't.

 Re: Successful Natural Remedies for Sjogren Symptoms

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:30:17 +0000

Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 09/29/2014

You missed one of the most important oils for dryness problems. Look into Palmatoleic Acid or Omega 7. Primeval has 50% in their brand.

 Re: Gluten-Free Diet Helped Plantar Fasciitis

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:20:38 +0000

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/29/2014

I've read that Plantar Fasciitis, Dupuytren's Contracture or Carpal Tunnel ... are signs of iodine deficiency.

 Re: Banana Peel for Warts Application Tips

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:18:55 +0000

Posted by Cat (Norway) on 09/29/2014

[YEA]  After reading the comments, I can see that for those that had any effect, I think they used a "homegrown" banana. So if you buy an ecological one, then it might help better. I just tried it myself and I could see the effect after just a couple minutes. it turned brighter in color and I felt a tingling sensation in the wart. but I did hold the banana peel on the wart for at least 2 minutes. This is safe to try at home.  :)

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Constipation

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:15:52 +0000

Posted by Nano Writer (Hotspot, Texas) on 09/29/2014

Hilda, get some vitamin C powder and/or magnesium citrate. Start taking it 500 mg C or 200 mg magnesium every couple of hours until you get the desired result.

 Re: Nutmeg for Diarrhea

Mon, 29 Sep 14 13:14:11 +0000

Posted by Pbird (Everett, Wa) on 09/29/2014

In my experience that much nutmeg is um, intoxicating. I would be careful with this one.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Constipation

Mon, 29 Sep 14 01:04:16 +0000

Posted by Hilda (New York, US) on 09/29/2014

Hi everyone, I have had constipation since childhood....I'm a chronic laxative user (senna teas, for almost 30 years). Since I went into menapause a few years ago, nothing helped anymore. I take senna, ACV and probiotics every single day...they did not help anymore....i was in so much agony and a doctor put me on Linzess. I'm better but feel like I really don't want to get hooked on prescription medication...i"m afraid even linzess wouldn't work on me in the future. Please let me know if any of you has had a similar experience and can offer a natural cure instead of linzess!! Thanks a bunch and g-d bless.

 Re: Choosing a 2014-2015 Flu Vaccine

Mon, 29 Sep 14 01:02:34 +0000

Posted by Ole Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 09/29/2014

HI U APV, , , , , , , YEP , you from Calif. and you are preaching to the wrong group. Most on this site don't trust Allopathics. It's a greed thing.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY========

 Re: Milk of Magnesia for Thrush

Mon, 29 Sep 14 00:58:42 +0000

Posted by Sophie (Hawley, Pa) on 09/28/2014

I tried milk of Magnesia and my mouth became so tart that I had a hard time breathing. Did you have any reaction to milk?

 Re: Rough, Rigid Skin

Sun, 28 Sep 14 23:18:32 +0000

Posted by Noprescriptiondrugsforme (US) on 09/28/2014

[YEA]  From No prescription drugs for me:

I lost my codes and passwords and everything when this laptop hard drive quit.

I am amazed at what that bee sting therapy did for my pain in the back. The pain is gone. This is better than DMSO, Better than cayenne extract.

So far since I did that bee sting therapy, I have had no need for any other options as of today.

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