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  Re: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:25:37 -0700
Posted by Rhody3 (Glendale) on 07/23/2016

I am new at this process (very new). In speaking of the drops & adding 1 per day per glass of water, how do I determine when I have reached my peak & should begin to decrease the drops?

  Re: Probiotics for Leaky Gut

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:23:08 -0700
Posted by Doug (Sedona) on 07/23/2016

Leaky Gut cannot be repaired with probiotics, all that they do is crowd out pathogenic organisms that can infect the bowel and damage bowel lining. Bovine Colostrum is the only clinically proven remedy. One of its primary purposes is to provide the original introduction of beneficial bacteria and to insure their growth and colonization. Then the growth factors in colostrum can prevent and heal GI damage. Both animal and Human clinical peer reviewed studies prove its efficacy.

  Re: Diabetes Type II

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:10:36 -0700
Posted by Ben (Kansas City) on 07/23/2016

The cause of diabetes is too much fat. It may sound crazy but eating a low fat, high carb plant based diet will reverse diabetes quickly.

 Re: DGL Licorice

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:09:28 -0700
Posted by Illyria (Usa ) on 07/23/2016

To: Health Advocate West, Virginia, USA. Regarding your reply to Ted on 10/06/2014 about your symptoms of Glutamate poisoning. As Charity of Faithville mentioned, look up Taurine on Wikipedia.

I am extremely sensitive to MSG, have to use an epinephrine pen if I eat some from an unexpected source. I know the exact symptoms you describe: hell on earth!! Here is what I have found to help when I have a bad reaction.

1). RAW Coconut Water, not heated, not canned, not processed in any way, being in WV it might be hard for you to get. Amazon sells a good brand, but it is costly. I drink about 40oz a day; but I have access to coconuts that I can open and drink. It is the only thing that hydrates me, maybe due to the natural balance of potassium etc., wish I knew of an effective substitute; but I haven't found one as yet.

2). EPSOM SALTS: I dissolve up to 20 pounds, yes TWENTY, in a kiddie pool (as it will clog your drains). And soak, not too hot. The magnesium will help your nerves. Also magnesium oil applied topically can be used in addition to or substitute for bath of Epsom salts.

3). Supplement with Taurine!! Read the regenerative properties of Taurine on Wikipedia and GLUTAMATE EXCITOTOXICITY, which describes the exact symptoms you are experiencing. For those of us sensitive to glutamate, even L-Glutamine is suspect. I recommend reading the chemical compositions and reactions of a substance before supplementing with high doses, Wikipedia is a good starting point. Everyone is different, remember: One man's poison...

Also, I have benefitted greatly from soaking in Sulphur Springs, which I go to when I am up to driving the 200 miles. Sulphur is extremely healing and a miracle detoxifier. I havent tried the GABA that Prioris recommended in their post, but am researching it now. Sounds promising.

I am very grateful for this forum of people and all the helpful information! And to Health Advocate, I do hope you have found some relief and healing. Your post was some time ago so I am praying this reaches you; I am so sorry for your suffering. And to Charity, thank you so much for your post on Taurine, very helpful to me!!

 Re: Clorox Bleach Alternative in Australia

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:08:56 -0700
Posted by Don (Australia) on 07/22/2016

I'm no chemist but I think you can just use bottom shelf bleach from the coles or woolies.

 Re: Supplement Help Needed for Anemia, Colitis, Lyme Disease

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:06:33 -0700
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 07/23/2016

Dear Timh,

I am very sensitive and a bit out of it! So I start slow. For example, is this correct for the lugols: 2% I took 1 drop in 1/4c spring water. I have only tried it a few days because I wasn't sure if thats how to take it. Also I just started a liquid brand of ferrous gluconate, it is a popular brand that starts with an "F", and it has other things in it, and my colitis doesnt like it, but its what I have. So if I am taking this iron supplement 2x/day, then is it ok to also take the 1 drop of lugols 2%? I also have a dropper that I used to take for the past year, it is liquid kelp(800mcg iodine), and it says 1 drop per day, so I was doing that but stopped 2 wks ago. I like your idea of covering the CS with saran wrap, before the metal lid. Thanks. I have taken 2 tablespoons of CS a day in the past but that was only for about a month. So I haven't gotten very good at making it yet. I use distilled water, and a glass jar, and a little kit that you recommended. I plug it in for the day, but it seems to only get to about 9ppm, after I filter it thru a coffee filter and put it in the glass jar. Also I only have made a small amount so far, I should get a larger jar to make more. Also I don't add anything. I think some people add a little salt, and Ted said a few drops of H2O2. But do you add salt or H2O2 to yours? I know you said you added DMSO recently, but I don't know if I have the right kind. So I havent taken any DMSO orally yet until I figure out what kind exactly. I really appreciate that you are helping me and sharing also what is helping you! You are amazing!

You had told me about hot baths with epsom salt and Borax. I was wondering if we are supposed to shower right after? I always shower after because I wasn't sure if the epsom salt would be too drying since I have Sjogrens. But then I wonder if I am washing away what I should be leaving on. What do you suggest?

I took a tsp of bee pollen, and 1T of BSM today, and will take another 1T of BSM later, with a little Vit C. I haven't found anyone to order me the Magnasonic yet, so I will as soon as I can for the lypospheric VitC. I did get a bottle of MSM today, I was going to try mixing that with VitC for my severe back injury. Do I have to take that on an empty stomach? If I don't do something to heal it, the doc said to me last week that I have to have spinal surgery, and I really don't want to, and also am still annoyed that a bad doc is the one who broke my back, I only had a chip, and bulging discs, from a previous injury from a crummy ex, but this bad doc completely dislodged the disc and it is unattached and pressing on nerves and wreaking havoc to my circulation, etc. I did say to the doc "please don't touch my back, I only wanted nutrition help for my sjogrens, ' but he used me as a guinea pig and it has made my health so much worse, so I am not very trusting of doctors. Also I took myself off of the steroids last year, they had me on for colitis for 13 years, but if I don't fix the colitis now, they will put me back on the steroids, and I dont want that. Is the lymes what is the pathogens? Or are the pathogens different, like from living with animals all my life? I still have the new bottle of intestinal tract defense which I havent started. I wasn't sure if I am too weak to start, or if it is what will help me with the colitis and lymes. I am in a colitis flare up and the food goes right thru me, so should I start this or wait. ingredients are: black walnut, sweet wormwood, etc..

I know I should try the enema. I bought the enema bag and povidone iodine 10% generic today, but am too tired, confused and chicken to try it yet, and it says use lubricant, is that vaseline? I might end up doing the foot bath instead if I can't do the enema. I am also chicken to try the zapping in the foot bath yet, so for today I will just hold the copper handles, and I did that for 30 min, and will do another 30min before bed. Is it ok to zapp while watching tv? Is it ok to be near a computer or cell phone while zapping?

Having a really hard time since I feel like I am going to black out constantly. Writing this email is hard, but I want to live so much, and really really appreciate your help more than you will ever know! -Steph

 Re: Supplement Help Needed for Anemia, Colitis, Lyme Disease

Sat, 23 Jul 16 17:03:11 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 07/22/2016

Dear Janet,

Wow. Amazing job you have done learning and helping your daughter. She is so blessed to have you as her advocate and mom.

What an encouraging story of healing from a serious illness with natural remedies.

Thanks for sharing.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Treating Basal Cell Carcinomas

Sat, 23 Jul 16 16:59:49 -0700
Posted by Stephanie (Mn) on 07/22/2016

In reply to Debbie in San Diego.

Debbie, my heart goes out to you but I believe there is HOPE...and not just hope. Here is a website with a video showing the daily progress of BCC during the process of using BEC5 cream: It is very helpful to see how the cancer expands and looks terrible for a while and then as it heals, the skin goes totally back to normal. I did see another video, also, where a woman also gave a daily record and after it seemed to heal, the area broke open a bit more and the process continued. Apparently, the cancer can snake around under the skin and you may have to continue longer than expected. In one video, a nose was eaten away and looked very disturbing but after the cancer was entirely gone, the nose grew beautifully back to its original condition. There is a lot of information and many videos and so forth in regard to this BEC5. It has very positive results consistently. I recently had to restart a curing protocol on my 92-year old husband who had BCC under his eye. I spoke to the doctor and told him about the Curaderm BEC5 cream. He immediately took an interest, went to his computer and looked it up. He was happy to see that clinical trials had been done and was very positive about giving me the go - ahead. BCC grows pretty slowly so you can take some time to research this cure. The best of luck to you.

  Re: Bitter Melon for Cancer and Diabetes

Sat, 23 Jul 16 16:58:53 -0700
Posted by Geralyn_d (Atlanta Ga ) on 07/22/2016

It certainly is an acquired taste and I would love to try your kraut! I find that gently browned slices combined with caramelized onions, a few herbs with an Indian flare, make a very tasty topping for a bed of rice pasta. There is a bitter canceling effect (as is found in kale and moringa etc) any starch makes the strong flavors disappear or just more palatable. I then have played with a ginger bug ferment of bitter melon and it makes a very adult pickle for those who have broadened their taste palates. :) A pint jar of momordica finger slices in fresh water then add 1/4 - 1/2 cup ginger bug ferment and let it have at its work for a few days. All slices should be under the liquid and when it stops bubbling it should be done. Cloudiness is natural and will clear up. Taste and refrigerate. Goes with rich meats and gravies or as a bright contrast to risotto or stirfry.

 Re: How Effective is Neural Imprinting for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Sat, 23 Jul 16 14:54:57 -0700
Posted by D.m.linn (Usa) on 07/23/2016

Hope this will help, not sure if this relates to your problem, but it might........about ten years ago I was using a lubricated eye drop for my dry eyes, that contained cellulose. For months I was expierencing sharp pains in my head, the pain came out of the blue, and lasted seconds, it was like lightning strikes. I, of course thought I could have a brain tumor. I discovered without the help of my doctor, that it was from the eyes drops. Since then I have been using lubricant eye drops that are preservative free. I now stay away from anything that contains cellulose and also pectin, that includes many vitamin and supplements. And I'm very careful not to eat any processed foods that contain preservatives. Good luck.

  Re: Remedies That Cured Mother With Alzheimer's

Sat, 23 Jul 16 14:32:11 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 07/23/2016

A computerised tomography (CT) scan is not fullproof for detecting Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Having an older base scan to compare with a recent scan can be helpful. The CT scan is helpful to rule out other causes such as tumors.

Many conditions and prescription meds can cause dementia like symptoms and some are reversible. A review of your mother's meds for possible negative side effects or dementia like side effects seems like a reasonable first step to rule out medication adverse event as a possibility.

Sometimes a vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause similar symptomology as dementia, especially in the elderly, but that can be tested for or simply ask the doctor to give a B-12 injection to rule that possibility out. If there is noticeable improvement in mental function or clarity shortly after the injection, a deficiency may be the cause or a contributing factor and should be corrected to improve quality of life before further testing.


  Re: Black Peppercorns for Hemorrhoids

Sat, 23 Jul 16 14:31:30 -0700
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 07/23/2016

Dear EC,

I do not have painful, external hemorrhoids. I suspect I have may have internal ones/blood clots because after vigorous massaging of my abdomen I will expel blood. I have been taking cayenne for that. Cayenne is also reported to restore peristaltic action to "dead zones". I feel I have killed some nerve cells. From holding my bowels so long over the years I also feel I have stretched my gastrointestinal tract so much it seems to be full of lesions and stool is accumulating between the tract walls. I read that the inner lining is only one cell thick and in my mind, it could stretch and tear easily. One CT revealed "free fluid" several years ago. Where there was a complete separation of the lining, stool collects as if in a "pocket" in the lower section just before the anus and causes rectal prolapse. Sometimes tampon use will help prevent that but if not, I have to push that prolapse back in so stool can be expelled.

I know I have adhesions due to multiple surgeries and have resumed taking Serrapeptase...being only available in a capsule now, this could contribute to another problem. My question is, if taking peppercorns morning and evening with shrink hemorrhoids, would it be harmful to take peppercorns three times a day? I think the "fleshy" lining has become similar to someone losing a lot of weight and having excess skin. I took two yesterday before lunch as a trial, making attempts to help reduce the excess overlapping, fleshy lining that seems to hinder evacuation.

I would appreciate any feedback concerning this situation.

  Re: 3-Day Apple Fast for Eczema

Sat, 23 Jul 16 14:28:28 -0700
Posted by Nadiya (Uk) on 07/23/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Did you remain eczema free? ive had a flare up which sounds very similar to yours- all over the body, its been nearly 3 months. Im on day 2 of apple fast, much less itchy but still red and inflamed

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Lugol's for 92 Year Old Father With Chest Pain

Sat, 23 Jul 16 14:27:28 -0700
Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, California) on 07/22/2016

OK, 4 days later: The 7/18 remedy I posted gave my dad a couple of days pain-free, but the pain came back again. Now I have him supplied with the 2 T ACV in 8 oz of water every 2 hours around the clock (at least while he is naturally awake, or gets up to pee or something like that). I added potassium chloride back into his diet (he had stopped using it as a salt substitute over a year ago because it has a diuretic effect for him and he dislikes that, but it is essential in order to keep the heart muscles from being destroyed, according to Adelle Davis in “Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit” (get yrself copies of all her books: used, they are cheap - mostly filled with good stuff except for her old-fashioned ideas about vegetable oils, which you should disregard). So I THINK the regular potassium chloride use will now resolve things. In the meantime, the lineup of remedies to try goes like this: Be taking the ACV in water, as above, and using potassium chloride (I don't know, at least 1/8 to 1/4 tsp per day) regularly. If you have a pain crisis: Take 4 vitamin E capsules (400 IU d-alpha-tocopherol) and chew them up to get the contents right away (you can spit out the gel-capsules). If that does not do it, the next thing is the hawthorn — note that you should be taking dried extract capsules, 500 mg twice a day on a regular basis for heart and circulatory health, so if you are having a pain crisis get out up to 6 capsules and open them and put the contents into a cup, mix in some warm water a little at a time (abt 1/3 cup) and pour in some tincture of hawthorn — about 1/3 of a 4-oz bottle should do it, and stir up the contents. Drink it over about 10 minutes. This often took care of the pain for my dad. If that does not do it, I would add taking a few drops of Lugol's iodine in 3-5 T of water, swigged down. Still any pain left? Take a pinch of potassium chloride (or 1/8 tsp if you have not yet started adding it regularly into your diet, which you should do). OK, hoping for the best for everyone...

 Re: Supplement Help Needed for Anemia, Colitis, Lyme Disease

Sat, 23 Jul 16 10:55:40 -0700
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 07/23/2016

S: I see no danger in the metal lids, unless you were storing H2O2 or Chlorine Bleach, but to ease your mind you can cover that lid w/ plastic wrapping paper like for kitchen use. Drink 1 cup of C.S. fallowing the zapp. Lately I have been adding couple droppers of DMSO to C.S. and drink 2 cups daily. Yes that is the basic zapper and best results will be by submerging the copper handles into warm foot bath water (one for each foot or two containers), holding them in place between your toes (I do this almost daily and also attach leads and handles for upper body). Also get a string or belt and wrap around your torso and place the copper handles on each side of your liver and zapp daily, same with any other local area like the fibroids. Zapp lower neck area to kill the pathogens in the Thyroid & Thymus Glands.

I use warm tap water for my footbaths and filtered for enemas. Coffee plus the Povidone Iodine would be best for detoxing except the lipids from the Coffee stick to the bag & tube and builds up fungus and clogs them up so one must be very diligent in cleaning for this method, otherwise the P.I. enema will kill the pathogens and your colon will begin healing. Generic brand otc 10% P.I. is what you need at a decent price. 5-10 drops for oral, footbath, or enemas is what I use. I filter & ozonate my water which is as pure as distilled. Try to find a durable reusable Enema Douche Delivery bag with hose.

In cases of Hemolytic Anemia Iron or Red Blood Transfusions will help only minimally as the pathogens just continue robbing nearly all the nutrition from the blood and thus destroying them. My first two transfusions increased hemoglobin little over 1 point, so the nurse was alarmed and immediately called the Dr for consultations as most people see significant increases after the transfusions, so at that point it looked like I was a goner for sure and how I am still here is a miracle. A total of 21 units of blood and refusing a bone marrow transplant and yet miraculously recovered, so don't loose hope as you still have a fighting chance.

Once you start mass pathogen killing you will recover much strength. Zapping directly over the liver will help much.

Bee Pollen and the BSM is the superfoods you need most, along with cooked or raw Liver & Bone Marrow.

Crushed Fresh Garlic for Tooth Pain

Sat, 23 Jul 16 09:04:22 -0700
Posted by Rachael (Las Vegas, Nv) on 07/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a wisdom tooth that got infected to the point I was nauseous and couldn't sleep or eat. I crushed up some fresh garlic cloves with a very small amount of water, maybe a teaspoon, continued to crush until the garlic was invisible. I used only a teaspoon of the garlic juice to swish in my mouth of the effected area for 1 minute and rinsed out with warm water, with minutes maybe seconds the pain was going down to where I could sleep. I continued to rinse with the same batch the next morning and it continues to heal. I reapeated the process every 20 minutes. I hopes that helps someone.

  Re: Diabetes Type II

Sat, 23 Jul 16 08:56:36 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 07/22/2016

Some people think that "agent orange" may be a contributing factor to diabetes type 2 for people who were exposed to that pesticide while serving in Vietnam. Likely there are multiple causes though. Cetainly anything that upsets the microbial balance of the human gut may also be a contributing factor and that could be a lengthy list from bad eating habits to courses of antibiotics.

Many people spontaneously loose their type 2 diabetes after having a gastric by-pass without any other intervention. The human body is an extremely complicated life form which nobody on earth completely understands so there are many questions about the best way to maintain good health.

Some people who eat very healthy, maintain a good healthy weight, exercise, avoid all junk foods, sugars and alcohol, still get diabetes.

I think I remember Ted saying that he suspected bad oils and fats in the diet may be a cause once they oxidize in the body.


 Re: Supplement Help Needed for Anemia, Colitis, Lyme Disease

Sat, 23 Jul 16 08:51:52 -0700
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 07/23/2016

Dear Timh,

Thank you, I will ask the doc about LDN. I havent tried enemas yet. With my broken back I dont move well, but I will look into how to do that and what I need from the pharmacy and see if I can. I have such bad colits that what I eat goes immediately into the toilet. And I haven't made the colloidal silver lately because I realized that my jar has a metal lid, and I think I need to find a jar with a plastic lid, like the old kind of mayo jars, but now the jars are plastic. So I have to find one, and then I can start making that again. Everything is a huge effort, and so I find it hard to take care of me and do what I need to do to get well. For the Povidone Iodine, is there a certain brand or grade, or is it what you get at the pharmacy to scrub a wound? I just started ferrous gluconate liquid supplement. My colitis doesn't like it. But if I dont stop my internal bleeding and up my iron and blood production by Tuesday, then they will infuse iron, or blood transfusion. Also you use filtered water in the enema. Is this the same as the 1 gal. bottle of distilled water from the store? If I use the PI for a foot bath instead, how much PI and how much water? And is the water hot? and is the water distilled or spring or from the tap(i have a well, bacteria included unfortunately). I am still scared about getting an iron infusion, I would rather heal the colitis, liver, lymes, and produce my own blood. Ted had mentioned that the iron infusion is bad for the liver and kidneys. And mine are not in great shape. My liver is toxic the doc said. My urine is soy sauce for the last 5 years, and my uterus fell, and I have huge uterine fibroids, and lumps all over my body under my skin everywhere. So I have avoided the pap smear and Mammographys lately because I wouldn't do chemo anyway, and am just searching for a natural cure that I can do myself. I am sure that I am repeating myself, its just that I am scared and need your help. You and earth clinic, have been so kind to me its amazing. The docs and my family have not been supportive, or helpful. I have just started using the mini zapper and was hesitant to use it over 3 minutes. You said 30-60 min, 1 or 2x/day. So I want to make sure I have the right kind: It says mini zapper. it has an on off switch. it sayd 30,000Hz Square wave, Positive offset, 50% duty cycle. its a small 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" black box, with 2 black cords coming out, with an alligator clip at end of each cord, one clip has black plastic on it, and one clip has red plastic on it, and then each one is clipped to a copper rod that is about " long, and has a black plastic cover on the end. is that the right kind?

I will try to make it to pharmacy today to look into the PI and enemas.

Thank you so much for helping and caring. it means the world to me. Really! -Steph

  Re: Remedies That Cured Mother With Alzheimer's

Sat, 23 Jul 16 08:50:04 -0700
Posted by Alicia (Hollister, Ca ) on 07/22/2016

What brand do you recommend.of supplements? And can a 51 year old take this to prevent it? I'm very forgetful and it scares me, But I also work with a 101 year old who has all the symptoms of Alzheimer's but she had a CT Scan and they didn't find anything. She remembers the past but can't remember the present. In 5 minutes forgets and repeats her self. Please I love her and want to help her. Please answer me. Thank you.

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