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 Re: Does Sublingual Oregano Oil Bypass the Gut and Protect Probiotics?

Mon, 17 Oct 16 17:17:46 -0700
Posted by Jane (North Dakota) on 10/17/2016

I don't know the answer to your question, but please do not use straight oregano oil under your tongue. Dilute it with coconut oil or olive oil first.

  Re: Taking Protein With Magnesium Helps Prevent Diarrhea

Mon, 17 Oct 16 17:15:10 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/17/2016

Dear Hwkmno5 and KT,

Regarding the cooking of food - herbalist Susun Weed makes a good point that relates to this topic. She believes that brewing a tea is preferable to taking capsules of an herb. She says you are allowing time and heat to do the work of extracting nutrients for you. It makes sense to me. While we do use some herbal capsule for convenience, I do prefer teas and tinctures for this reason.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Need Help Healing Psoriasis

Mon, 17 Oct 16 17:13:06 -0700
Posted by Sabita Cardoza (Rhode Island) on 10/17/2016

Hello Brad...Please try HCL with Pepsin for digestion problems. I also had psoriasis and was down to skin and bones. I started taking 3 HCL with Pepsin with each meal and after 1 week 2 with each meal and then after another week 1 with each meal. I use it when I feel I need it now. Also, please check under psoriasis ailment to see the details of what I used to get rid of my psoriasis.

 Re: Enzymes for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:30:42 -0700
Posted by Meeda (Abu Dhabi) on 10/17/2016

What kind of enzyme did u take... with food or without?

 Re: Seeking Remedies to Restore Health After Taking Epilepsy Meds

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:30:19 -0700
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 10/16/2016

HI U KARL,,,,,,,,, I too was prescribed dilation from age 30 until age 45, for anxiety attacks. What it did for me was to cause osteoporosis and my hips are totally wasted away. That is the reason a simple fall a few years ago crushed my T 12 vertebrae and has made my life a lot more interesting.

I would say you need to have a test to see if that same side effect got to you. It takes 7 years to replace bone and you need to study how to do this naturally and not take drugs that will just make it worse.

Don't know what other issues this drug has caused, but you are right on the money to take a good probiotic to get your immune system up to speed. Suggest you read Hulda Clark and do all her body cleanses as your first step.

Wish you well. =====ORH=====

Coconut Oil Aided in Weight Loss

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:28:06 -0700
Posted by Tara (Uk) on 10/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I would like to share my experience as I too found this valuable online through online reviews...which changed my weight loss experience woohoo! I have always struggled with being overweight since childhood, and being a yo-yo dieter managed to lose weight but always gained it all back...even though I'd go to the gym sometimes.

I'm in my 20s and decided to begin a healthy lifestyle, been watching meal portions and doing some walking every day...but beyond a few kilos, couldn't seem to lose much weight...i still felt pudgy around my arms and stomach. I though there's nothing more to lose, and things can't get I followed a friend's advice and started having 1 tablespoon COLD PRESSED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL every morning with my coffee, soon after I wake up. Continued 1 hour walks every second day, and watching meal portions (no sugar, less of bread/rice and more of greens, meat, fish). Within a week, my family noticed I was looking slimmer..and I had changed nothing except started taking coconut oil...

I was super enthused with the results and continued the early morning ritual for 2 months now...and I don't feel cravings to eat junk...feel great and energised, motivated to exercise as I can actually see results now. I'm 100% confident the coconut oil has helped boost my metabolism, and it's amazing! I would recommend everyone to try having 1 tbsp coconut oil with their tea/ coffee in the's natural and nutrient-rich. Due to marketing, we usually believe more in artificial, processed protein shakes but are doubtful of natural foods like coconut oil. Try it and believe me, your life will change


  Re: Daughter With Vitiligo

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:27:04 -0700
Posted by Linda (Nashville) on 10/17/2016

Hello there... I use to live in Central Florida and caught what I believe was Vitiligo. I was told that it was a fungus that came from the ground and perhaps related to areas where there is a lot of livestock, such as horses. I used an anti-dandruff shampoo on it and it went away. I scrubbed the area really well and covered it with the anti-dandruff shampoo and let dry. It stung. I can't remember how long I did this for but it seemed to kill and the pigment returned. I hope that helps...

Does Sublingual Oregano Oil Bypass the Gut and Protect Probiotics?

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:26:25 -0700
Posted by Blake (Georgetown Ca) on 10/17/2016

Does sublingual Oregano oil bypass the gut and protect probiotics, can this be used every day forever?

 Re: Magnesium Chloride for Viral Conjunctivitis

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:25:05 -0700
Posted by Cyber Pony (Miami ) on 10/17/2016

Pure coconut oil works well for pink eye or sty. Wash hands and apply two to three drops inside the eye before bedtime.

  Re: Acupressure for Frequent Urination

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:21:51 -0700
Posted by Mary Beth (Pittsburgh) on 10/17/2016

Interestingly enough, Kimberly, this has been a contrary remedy for me. It has worked beautifully for a while, but I have had to be more attuned to my bladder and ready to get to the potty in short order.

I am also having issues with needing to pee frequently at night. I find that when I feel the urge, I must try to get up and pee right away or I will have some minor leakage. I think this may be a symptom of Lyme disease -- but I am seeing it as a sign that some of my "fix-its" are working and jostling my body and getting out the toxins via urine.

I have learned that when I get up in the night, I squeeze my mouth together like I am sucking on a lemon till I get to the potty. That seems to work somehow.

I know this may sound discouraging, but I was so freed up by pressing the acupressure points, that I am very grateful for the freedom I gained in my life. I also wish things were a little less problematic at night. Lyme is a journey: we keep learning things along the way.

  Re: Sinus Polyps

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:20:38 -0700
Posted by Chelsea (Maryland Usa) on 10/17/2016

Pedro- What is the actual term for that "disease that comes on in your 30's"....the exact thing happened to me and NO ONE (not one doctor in 8 years now) has been able to connect the dots. I woke up one spring and started having allergies, sinus infections, then asthma and I think aspirin allergy and now I have had two surgeries to get rid of nasal polyps and they always come back.

BHT for Hepatitis B

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:18:59 -0700
Posted by Sarah (Israel) on 10/17/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, I believe it is important that people share their experience using BHT supplement.

As I reported here for about 2.5 years, I consume BHT to treat my chronic Hepatitis B disease.

I consumed 750 Mg per day and my viral load remained very low, but unfortunately I have not achieved complete healing yet.

My last blood test showed a result of 548 HBV QUANTITATIVE PCR (One year ago it was 860 which is also not very high)

I wonder how I can improve my results, despite I am taking relatively a large amount of BHT every day (750 mg)?

All the best, Sarah

  Re: What is Your Opinion on Flu Shots?

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:10:29 -0700
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 10/17/2016

While I have nothing data-driven or scientific to report regarding flu shots, I can tell you that I never get them anymore.

I've only had a flu shot twice in my life (I'm 58) and both times, I was sick all winter! The first time, I chalked it up to being a fluke, but after I'd skipped a couple of years, then decided to get another one, I was sick all winter that year, too.

I've always had a strong immune system (knock wood). I go years without so much as a head cold. My last cold was 5 years ago. Everyone around me can be hacking and sneezing, and somehow, I manage to escape the cooties. ;-)

When I was sick off/on all winter the two times I got the flu shot, I put two and two together and stopped getting the shots.

When my doctor suggests the shot every year and I decline, explaining what I did here, he says; "It's a fallacy that flu shots can make you sick." Fallacy/schmallacy; if it ain't broke, don't fix it! ;-)

  Re: Taking Protein With Magnesium Helps Prevent Diarrhea

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:09:50 -0700
Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 10/17/2016

KT, great point. Absorption is always the key along with increasing MGs bio availability. That's why I usually turn my wife's salad away and request it to be cooked, receiving a stern look.

The debate about raw vs. cooked foods will probably never be completely settled. But the fact is that some nutrients, magnesium included, are released from the food matrix through the process of cooking (particularly quick, gentle cooking such as sautéing or steaming). Another benefit of cooking is that it lessens the amount of oxalic acid in foods like spinach. Oxalic acid can hinder magnesium absorption, and research shows that cooked spinach has a higher magnesium absorption rate than raw.

  Re: Mung Bean Soaked Fermented Water for Diabetes Type II

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:09:19 -0700
Posted by Stacy (Ghana) on 10/17/2016

Sir, I was surprised to see this remedy, after following your instructions, I have added this to my daily routine, I'm on day 2! But I did not know whether after the fermented mung drink in the morning must you wait to eat food and can I carry on my other morning rituals such as lugols drops upon rising and 1.5 hour later 2tbl apple cider vinegar with 1/4 tsp baking soda. Please kindly let me know how I can continue with the lugols & apple cider vinegar.

Low Oxalate Diet Helping RLS

Mon, 17 Oct 16 10:09:03 -0700
Posted by Karen (India) on 10/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had chronic RLS for 5 years. 5 years without sleep! I have tried everything, I thought, without success. Then, 3 weeks ago, I read a posting on a ME site, (I have ME as well) by someone that had been on a low oxalate diet for a year. He had not had RLS since starting the diet. I had just finished a whole 30 diet which made me feel terrible. I couldn't understand this as I was eating lots of spinach, carrots, nuts and beetroot.

I read the post about the Low oxalate diet, and he had listed the food that I had been eating, and ate a lot of before the diet. I straight away went to the low oxalate info page and read everything. Straight away stopped eating high oxalate food, but so not to start my body 'dumping', ate medium to low oxalate food. I have experienced only slight twitching, more annoying than anything, with three nights of just an awareness feeling in my legs. With pretty much three full nights of sleep. For me this is miraculous! I have by the side of my bed oils, magnesium, homeopathic remedies and creams. The only thing I have used since starting the diet is an essential oil for nerves, and I have only used it a few times.

I highly recommend this diet. Read all that you can, start slowly and persevere! There are many conditions that a low oxalate diet helps.

  Re: Zapper for Chikungunya Virus

Mon, 17 Oct 16 09:48:24 -0700
Posted by Mavis (Brampton, Ontario) on 10/16/2016

Please describe exactly what is a zapper and where it is available for purchase. I'v had a stroke 15 years ago next month and contracted the Chick-V virus in 2014; both hips and my left knee are falling apart and this make it difficult to get up from a sitting position and even to turn in bed. Walking is somewhat difficult and I tend to bend forward in a looking-down position and I'm not ready to go that route. Thank you for any help/information that you can pass on to me. Mavis

  Re: ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon for Heart Disease

Mon, 17 Oct 16 09:48:09 -0700
Posted by Sathya (Ca) on 10/16/2016

Hi Madhan, Did this recipie work for your 98% blockage in your arteries? If so what was the reduction and how long did it take? My father has been diagnosed with 90% and would like to see if there are any alternatives. Thanks, Sathya

  Re: Avoid SLS Toothpaste for Mouth Sores

Mon, 17 Oct 16 09:47:44 -0700
Posted by Jhawaii (Hawaii) on 10/16/2016

What toothpaste did you switch to? I'm looking for a good toothpaste, and if it can help us stop having canker sores, that would be great!