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  Re: Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Tue, 29 Jul 14 12:25:35 -0500

07/29/2014: Rebecca from Ohio: "When detoxing, avoid all sugars, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Replace with honey and Stevia, a natural tree product, if necessary.

Stick to mostly, if not all, organic vegetables, raw and cooked. Vegetable soup is great in the crock pot because you can keep it on low all day, eat as much as you want and even drink the broth.

After a week, you can eat a potato and meat (6-10 ozs) with a meal. In the second week, you can add a fruit daily. I prefer eating fruit in the morning, to help pass my stool, and I feel better for the rest of my day.

Always drink plenty of water. Warm water first thing in the morning helps to hydrate your whole body (including your organs) to help them work at their best. Drinking water before bed helps reduce heart attacks. I drink a glass about 2 hours before bedtime so I can urinate before going to bed."

Re: Medication and Hypnic Jerks
Tue, 29 Jul 14 12:25:14 -0500

07/29/2014: Hayley from Washington State: "I've had severe hypnic jerks at least 6 nights a week for close to 8 or more years that disrupted my sleep to no end. Even when I could sleep, I couldn't because the jerks kept me from falling asleep. I've spend hours researching the underlying cause to no end. Magnesium oil helped to a limited to degree, but that's about it until I read a few comments about Benadryl causing hypnic jerks. After reading this, I researched it, and found it's true so I went off it--I had been taking it on a daily basis for allergies and migraine headaches for years. Since I went off the Benadryl, I've had 3 hypnic jerks in the nine nights I've been off it.

I'm convinced hypnic jerks are a side-effect of a lot of meds, and would urge anyone suffering from them to google everything they take with the word 'myoclonus' to see if it's a side-effect. If it is, and you're able to go off the med, your jerks should settle down as mine did."

Re: Hepatitis B - Help Urgently Requested from Oscar
Tue, 29 Jul 14 10:38:06 -0500

07/29/2014: Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria: "Hello mr oscar, I really want to appreciate what God is using you to do in this forum, may God reward you and your generation to come, am so happy so many people from Nigeria is commenting and explaing their difficulties in purchasing BHT capsule, I remember u directed me to and whole sales nutrition and I even called them but they said they dont shipped to africa, finnally I was able to discuss it to a pharmasist who told me he has someone that purchase goods from the usa, He actually helped me out, but it took like two months if u can remeber my first post with this same name, but the challenges I have now is that before it came I went to LUTH, LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, they gave me livolin forth and ask me to use it for three months, before going for fabroscan and other test prescribed before they should know what next, I actually went to this hospital because the pain was unbearable and I was not too sure they could purchase my BHT capsule, but as God will have it, I have BHT capsule now, lifelink brand and Lauricidin(monolaurin supplement), the issue I have now is that, can I use bht capsule, the lauricidin and livolyn forth together, bcos am afraid to stop the livolyn forth bcos am almost gone before I started it and my health state has improved since am using it, but I know its not antiviral neither does it cure hep b, so am planning using the three of them together but I want your advice before I begin, and also please for God sake becasues I know God will reward you, if there is anyway u can establish a sales point here in Nigeria or if you can talk to lifelink to get a link here bcos my dear brother, most Nigerians are poor and cannnot afford peggassy interferons, so bht is the only hope they have for those that has been able to know about earth clinic, we will appreciate, thanks so very much and hope to get your responds, I placed my email in the directed space, thanks oscar....regards"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Moles
Tue, 29 Jul 14 10:34:29 -0500

[YEA]  07/29/2014: Brandy from Nc: "I tried this once before with the ACV for a few days with no results. Tried again a few days ago and its finally scabbing up like its supposed to. What I did differently: roughed up the skin with an emory board (didn't do that last time), used Bragg's AVC (used the generic stuff last time). My moles are pretty large and raised up so its taking a little longer but it is finally working."

  Re: Sun Gazing
Tue, 29 Jul 14 10:03:17 -0500

07/29/2014: Sam from Hampshire: "Research earthing, the barefoot bit is rather crucial to sun gazing. Peace V"

  Re: Problems Resulting from Surgical Resect of Stomach
Tue, 29 Jul 14 10:01:59 -0500

07/29/2014: Ladymars from Lithia, Fl: "Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your wife's problems. I'm not sure if this will help any, but thought I'd pass it on. Many years ago, my father-in-law had 3/4 of his stomach removed after stomach cancer. He lived for 40-50 years after that although he had a colostomy bag. After suffering with many digestive problems, he learned to drink a small glass of lemon juice before every meal to help his digestion. Straight, no sugar. The lemon juice enabled him to eat and maintain a normal weight and activity level."

  Re: Cured Blepharitis with Sea Salt and Coconut Oil
Tue, 29 Jul 14 09:44:47 -0500

07/29/2014: Lilac from Northern Usa: "Beautiful. Thank you for posting this. The salt water makes sense, since blepharitis is caused by bacteria, and salt kills bacteria. I think WARM salt water would be best, since the heat helps the circulation, and that helps get rid of infections too, and warmth is known to help blepharitis. I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to rinse off the salt water with plain distilled water after the treatment. I don't know...I'll try both ways. I'll use Celtic salt, which is really high quality. Regarding your long lashes, it may be from controlling the bacteria. My eye doctor told me my eye lashes have fallen out as a result of my blepharitis. You used your creativity. Bravo. I'm going to try it."

  Re: Uses for Moringa
Tue, 29 Jul 14 09:43:23 -0500

07/29/2014: Ed2010 from Canada: "Hi Jeanette, Moringa grows widely in South India. It is a garden Tree which grows up to 30 ft high. The fruit is called DRUM STICK.

We used to cook moringa leaves and have it along with fish curry, sambar, rasam. The fruit Drum Stick is cooked in sambar makes the sambar very flavourful. Even the flower is edible.

Moringa is very nutritious, contains Iron, Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Amino Acids, Vitamin B complex so it can be a natural immune booster. You can equate Moringa with Materna. Moringa gives complete nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Moringa is very very common tree in south India, moringa grows in every house hold garden (before 2000, not anymore in metro cities). We don't buy moringa (or at least I did not buy when I was in india). You can just walk into the garden and pluck the leaves from the tree. Wash it and use it for cooking. In fact, if you need moringa leaves your neighbor will love to share it with you from his/her garden.

The leaves, flowers, fruit are edible and used for cooking. If you make a small cut on the bark, the tree secretes a resin that can be used as glue.

During my childhood I used to collect this resin boil in water and make my own glue ( heavenly those days)

It is surprising that what we got free and what we shared for free is sold for $25 - for 60 capsules approx Indian Rupees Rs 1300.

Know this important information about Moringa.

Moringa Flowers - works for Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility (similar to horny goat weed).

There are moringa flowers cooking recipes, search in google.

Leaves - mostly used for cooking. Also, you can grind the raw leaves and make a paste apply as a face mask and cleanse with water. Natural facial.

Leaves - used in cooking as dish with curry.

Drum Stick - used in cooking in variety of recipes.

To get the nutritional benefits from Moringa Leaves you have to take atlteast 2 tsp of powder. Good health"

Re: BV Answers That Help
Tue, 29 Jul 14 09:40:52 -0500

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/29/2014: Pvianna18 from Ftl, Fl: "I'm writing this to share the info I've found. I'm 28, with one child, and I've suffered with BV on and off for years now. Let me tell what helps aside from metro gel which is costly, requires a script, and docs visit each time.

  • drink water with tons of lemon in it-- it makes your body more alkaline which helps you get back to normal
  • drink cranberry juice
  • drink Kefir I buy strawberry flavor from Publix
  • drink danactive probiotic EVERY DAY; they are yummy so no biggy
  • take acidophillus pills
  • take a daily vitamin
  • take vitamin C
  • EAT HEALTHY, STAY AWAY FROM SODA, SUGARS ECT., eat veggies, try to cut carbs
  • I also clean my vagina out with hydrogen peroxide which gets rid of smell and infection temporarily. Really hydrogen peroxide gets rid of ALL bacteria, but we still need the good bacteria in there so the trick, is to clean yourself out and then start eating and drinking right to get the good bacteria back in there. BV is basically a side effect of a weak immunity. If you don't take care of your body properly, it doesn't stand a chance against infections. BV is no fun, and staying healthy isnt always easy. If you are looking for an immediate cure, you're just not going to find one. Hydrogen peroxide is the closest thing to that but it's temporary. For me, I try to get my body in order the healthy way first, if it doesn't work, last case scenario I'll go to the doc for metro gel.

Re: Feedback Needed on Saw Palmetto for Regrowing Hair
Tue, 29 Jul 14 09:34:42 -0500

07/28/2014: Hpylori from India: "I wish to learn from the experts or users of saw palmetto and the benefits, the dosage and duration of its use for hair regrowth"

Re: Problems Resulting from Surgical Resect of Stomach
Tue, 29 Jul 14 09:32:15 -0500

07/28/2014: Brother Cain from San Antonio, Tx Usa: "Wife had endoscopy indicating stricture at stomach drain. Wife had a stomach resection in 2013 for removal of gastric tumor, a Bill Roth II resection. As a result, 25% of stomach removed and remainder of stomach attached to jejunum. As such a new stomach drain created surgically which now has scarring causing stricture and inability to intake sufficient nutrition."

  Re: MSM and Multiple Remedies for Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Tue, 29 Jul 14 09:01:25 -0500

07/29/2014: Loleese from Denver, US: "Hi Cheryl, I am doing well with the MSM and some neck stretching exercises recommended by my chiropractor and my osteopath. Yoga is wonderful! The castor oil packs felt good but they are hard to keep up with. I hope you are doing well and can avoid surgery. I'll say a prayer for you today. Let me know how you do."

Re: Cured Blepharitis with Sea Salt and Coconut Oil
Tue, 29 Jul 14 08:52:53 -0500

[YEA]  07/29/2014: Rosalind from Manila, Philippines: "I have suffered from blepharitis on and off since 2007 and it has been such a pain. Red, teary eyes, itchin' like a b*tch. This last bout has been the worst.

I'd been thinking about real, natural salt without additives being a great cure-all, and I wanted to try this on my condition. At this point, I was willing to try anything.

I dissolved a teaspoon of Sea Salt in a cup of lukewarm distilled water, and used this as an eye bath. At first, I did it 3 times a day. After about 5 days, I reduced that to twice a day, and then after several more days I noticed I'd forgotten to do the eye bath in the morning. My eyes were 90% itch-, redness-, and tear-free! The eye bath burns a little, but not bad. It's just like swimming in the ocean. ;)

This morning I did the eye bath again 'cause I felt some itching, and it quickly made it go away. By the way, this is important: after the salt water eye bath, I let my eyes dry for a few minutes and then apply VIRGIN COCONUT OIL to my upper and lower inner eyelids. I simply dip a Q-tip in the coconut oil, let the excess drip, and swab my lids gently. I only use 1 Q-tip for both eyes (one end per eye). It makes your vision blurred for about 15 minutes, and then you see clearly again.

As a side effect, I also found that my eyelashes had become freakishly long! I believe it's the coconut oil that's responsible for this.

At present, I would say my blepharitis is under control with the salt water eye bath and coconut oil method. Try it--it might work for you!"

Re: Colloidal Silver for Facial Palsy
Tue, 29 Jul 14 08:46:17 -0500

07/29/2014: Wen from Chicago, Il: "Hi, I developed a facial palsy about 5 years ago. I only recovered about 50-60%. I don't have any drooping on my face, but my smile is still very lopsided. Also, when I smile, the eye on the affected side tries to close, and my chin is still dimpled. Last, every time I catch a cold or any kind of upper respiratory infection, I get pain behind my ear in the exact same spot as when the palsy first started. Do you think I could benefit from using the colloidal silver at this point so much later? Thanks for any advice you may have."

  Re: Magnesium for Muscle Cramps Causing Hives
Tue, 29 Jul 14 06:05:17 -0500

07/29/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Greetings Ruth,

About your Hep C and hives and calf cramping...

My guess is that the hives goes back to the Hep C as the cause and not the use of magnesium. I've used Mag for decades with no hives issue. Never heard of one.

I suggest that the neuropathy that you also mention is related to the cramping. Peripheral Neuropathy is being caused by some underlying condition; often sugar issues or myelin sheath damage (MS styled problems). For that, I like to take 2Amino Ethyl Phosphoric Acid (AEP), also called "membrane integrity factor".

It comes in different forms but the most common is Calcium AEP: Read about it "nutrition review calcium AEP"...this is super in dealing with the leg pain issue related to neuropathy.

So: Again my thinking is that the Hep C is causing the hives; that the Peripheral Neuropathy is caused by another underlying problem (could be liver) and the cramping might be helped by AEP.

By the way, have you checked out on this EC site all the posts of "Oscar" on Hep B and C? He uses BHT. You might want to go to EC's "ailments" and scroll to Hep B and Hep C; or to the "remedies" section and see the BHT section. "

  Re: Turpentine Question for Bill
Tue, 29 Jul 14 03:46:24 -0500

07/29/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Mary...In my own continued use of turpentine, in all the research and articles I've seen and read, in the autism group that are also using the turpentine protocol, I have never come across those symptoms that you describe when supplementing turpentine.

I have no idea what turpentine dose you are taking so here are some reminders and caveats:

* You should only ever take Turpentine at a maximum frequency of twice a week. The adult dose is 1 teaspoon. Work up to the one teaspoon dose slowly.

* You should also take castor oil with the turps dose. The castor oil dose can vary from 1 tablespoon(mild laxative) to 4 tablespoons(strong laxative). You can mix in a little honey or BSM for taste.

* Under no circumstances should you be taking turpentine continually on a daily basis for extended periods. For serious problems, the maximum number of consecutive days allowed for supplementing turps is 7 days only.

Dr Jennifer Daniels does report that in one case she had a woman who initially ignored her advice and who took too high a dose of turpentine to start with and she had black areas on her skin andface as a result due to excessive detox through the skin. These black areas all disappeared when she reduced her dose. Dr Daniels article is here."

  Re: Info on Candida
Tue, 29 Jul 14 03:08:51 -0500

07/29/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Sgarsena...You should try and achieve a pH of between 6.4 and 6.8 for both urine and saliva. A pH of 7 is also acceptable for both your urine and saliva.

Currently I've been working with an autism group and we have recently discovered some important information. All children with ASD problems seem to suffer from both serious candida and parasite problems which are hard to cure. So this information also applies to people with serious candida issues and other gut diseases as well.

Recently there was a parent of an autistic child who gave the normal child's turpentine dose together with a much stronger dose of castor oil and his results were quite remarkable. His child also excreted a much larger discharge of parasites and candida biofilms than normal and, strangely, no Herx or detox side-effects occurred. His child behaved normally throughout this protocol.

Normally, after taking the turps or MMS protocols (or any candida-kill or parasite-kill protocol) to kill the pathogens and parasites, the ASD child always behaves strangely -- aggressive, drunken or OCD behaviours are always usually apparent due to the presence of excess toxic poisons and heavy metals being released in the gut which enter the blood and affect the brain. But this didn't happen with his child. So this was a breakthrough.

To understand why the castor oil worked with the turps so well and to save alot of space -- please read this document and this article as to the reasons for this particular protocol working so well.

You have mentioned that you aren't making much progress with the candida protocol that you are using. The above explains the possible reasons why you are not making progress and also shows you a solution -- use the turpentine/higher dose castor oil protocol in your regimen together with Bentonite and Chlorella. Just add these simple protocols to your own protocol.

Just to also mention that I've had a bout of serious food poisoning over these last few days. I had lots of gas, shooting pains, gurgling, watery diarrhea and hot stools.

So this was an ideal time to experiment. So I took the normal dose of turps(1 tspn) with only a mild castor oil dose -- just one tablespoon. This didn't cure the food poisoning problem but it did seem to move all the food poisoning issues and symptoms into just the lower intestinal area. I therefore took this as confirmation that this turps/mild CO combination was unable to act throughout the whole of the intestines.

Next(yesterday) I again took just the normal amount of turps(1 tspn) but increased the dose of castor oil to 3 tablespoons with an added tablespoon of VCO. Yes, this had quite dramatic effects throughout the day.

But this morning I did not feel ill, had more energy, had no apparent intestinal issues and had a normal stool(small amount). My conclusions here was that due to the effects of the greater castor oil dose, the turps was able to work more efficiently throughout the whole of the intestines to kill and eradicate the food poisoning infection successfully. "

  Re: Vitiligo
Mon, 28 Jul 14 22:00:48 -0500

07/28/2014: Jenni from Wisconsin: "Hello. I just came across ur blog and found it very interesting and informative. I was just diagnosed myself with vitiligo and very much believe in the all natural remidies and was wondering how ur daughter was doing currently. Thank u so much for ur story as it gave me hope that their is hope. I am a 33 year married woman with 3 kids so any help or reply would be so much appreciated!"

  Re: Using Permethrin for Scabies
Mon, 28 Jul 14 20:32:27 -0500

07/28/2014: Brainbuster from Indianapolis, US: ""I tried the PERM & no results after a couple of days..."

Sounds like you didn't listen to your doctor, on he/she didn't tell you anything about what to expect.

Permethrin does NOT make you good as new after 2 days. You have to apply it, usually wait 7 days, then apply again. Then it takes weeks for the rash and itching to go away."

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