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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Cured Arthritis

Sat, 21 May 16 11:28:51 -0500
Posted by Luckyone (Seattle) on 05/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I decided to try Food grade hydrogen Peroxide for arthritis. I got a bottle 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I wear gloves because it does burn your skin . I mix one ounce with 12 ounces of water to make it less than 3%. I did see at the grocers 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I will get that once I run out.

I began taking one drop in a glass of water 2x a day.The first day, the second day I took two drops and the third day I took three drops, so on and so fourth. I worked my way up to 8 drops. All arthritis pain disappeared within a few days. GONE! I took it for short while, just to be sure. There are books out there on the subject like McCabes book, Flood your body with oxygen. But going overboard on anything, even oxygen, is not good either. I do tons of research before I jump in.

  Re: Plantar Fibroma

Sat, 21 May 16 11:26:24 -0500
Posted by Sharon (Florida) on 05/20/2016

My podiatrist asked if I had anyone in my family with trigger finger, as the above post said this runs in families. It is showing up in my little finger and palms of my hands now. It is also in the tendon down the outside of my legs, I wondered for years what those painful bumps were and no doctor could tell me. My doctor has a compounding pharmacy mix verapamil-anyhydrous gel. I used it 2 - 3 times a day for 3 minutes for probably 3 months. It reduced them enough I was pain free from 2011. My feet were bothering me again. I hated to check again and there is one about the size of a grape and and of course a line of smaller ones. They say you have these if you have Viking blood, gives me a chuckle and my imagination can roam while I rub my feet again. I will rub this in my hands also. All of this in 2011 nearly led to a completely torn achilles tendon as I attempted to do the stretch exercises for planter fascistic, the more I hurt the more I tried to do my stretches. I am thankful for a good doctor who frowns on surgery because of the damage and they come back often with a vengence. I have Arnica cream and pills so I will give them a try until I get more verapamil gel. My doctor is Mark Lambert, Pensacola Foot and Ankle, he is the best!

Frankincense Essential Oil for Vaccine-Induced Seizures

Sat, 21 May 16 11:25:16 -0500
Posted by Melanie (Mountain City, Tn) on 05/20/2016
4 out of 5 stars

After struggling with signs of stroke for 2 weeks after 4 vaccinations in one office visit, my 2-year old granddaughter has been left with a seizure disorder. Since her pediatrician refused to help us heal her, we looked for natural cures while searching for another doctor. Frankincense essential oil has been a lifesaver. She is seizure free unless she contracts a cold, but even then only has a few while asleep and not the hundreds each day that she was having initially. We are waiting to be seen by a Functional Medical practitioner for some testing to see if we're dealing with heavy metals poisoning or gut dysbiosis, but being able to mitigate as much brain damage as possible and provide her some quality of life in the interim is priceless. Since she's so small, we dilute the Frankincense - 3 drops per 1 tsp of carrier oil which, for us, is typically fractionated coconut oil.

EC: Dear Melanie, thank you for your feedback on frankincense oil.

Can you please give us more information (in both of your posts) on where you applied the frankincense oil on the body? Also, did you spend time massaging it in? Thank you very much!

Frankincense Essential Oil Lifted Postpartum Depression

Sat, 21 May 16 11:20:07 -0500
Posted by Melanie (Mountain City, Tn) on 05/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was 10 months into a bout of postpartum depression when I accidentally stumbled across Frankincense essential oil. I was testing it out before using on my granddaughter to treat vaccine induced seizures. The first time I applied it (3 drops, neat), I became light-headed and tired and knew something was happening. Within 2 hours of the initial application, I felt so good that I applied more. Within 4 days, the weight of the depression lifted! For about 4 more weeks, I practically bathed in the stuff because it made me feel so good. It is now 7 months later, and I apply 3 drops about 1x/week because it has so many therapeutic properties that I treat it like a supplement. While I can't say it's a cure-all, it's pretty close. By lifting the "weight" of the depression, I was then able to tackle my Vit D deficiency and I now am tackling my iodine deficiency. I never in a million years would have expected a condition so mysterious to be so debilitating, but it is, and recovering requires baby steps.

Increase Hot Water Heater Temp, Then Use Borax for Hair Loss

Fri, 20 May 16 17:52:47 -0500
Posted by Bluebutter (Florida, Usa) on 05/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've read about the connection between fungal infections and hair loss. I tried Ted's recommendation of washing my hair with borax. It was great. I had so many little sprouts on my scalp. But the sprouts would never really take off. They would have such gusto, then stop. I wash my hair about once ever 5 days. I did some research. And found out that if your hot water heater is not set to super scalding hot, a certain bacteria will start to grow in your hot water heater. If your water is only about 100-120 Fah bacteria will grow in your tank. Therefore when you wash you hair with that water, it's BAD for your hair. Adding borax to this water probably helps it, but still not good enough.

Set your hot water heater to hottest, and you will eliminate the fungal/baceteria from the source of your water. Then wash with borax and hopefully wait for great results. Thanks Ted for all your knowledge that I was able to glean from. I hope this helps people to regain their beautiful hair. :)

Is DMSO Safe if I Have a Hip Replacement?

Fri, 20 May 16 17:50:10 -0500
Posted by Lydia (Vancouver, Bc) on 05/20/2016

I have been using MMS and also just started some DMSO - Made my eyes feel way better - 40% one drop each eye every day and on my body. But I just got to thinking that with the metal and plastic in my Lt hip joint perhaps it is better not to use this. I am sorry about this - I really did not want to have the replacement done but my children encouraged me and it has been a good joint since. But these are the considerations to think of when I am not entirely organic!!! I am an 82 year old grandmother in good health. I have read extensively on DMSO. I have not heard anyone mention this.

Just discovered this site and am so pleased with it. Thanks all.

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Anal Itch

Fri, 20 May 16 17:41:30 -0500
Posted by Consider (Somewhere Out There) on 05/20/2016

If tea tree oil did work, and alcohol is worsening your condition, it's definitely the yeasty beasties. Tea Tree Oil is a godsend for yeast.

  Re: Locating Magnesium Flakes to Make Magnesium Oil

Fri, 20 May 16 17:40:24 -0500
Posted by Kimi B (Florida) on 05/20/2016

Found a great site for pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride:

I am a Disabled Veteran and suffer from chronic pain in my neck. With this comes muscle spasms. I use magnesium oil and it has changed my life. I was searching for a cheaper magnesium chloride and came across this web site. It doesn't have to be so expensive. Because it's a popular now it has skyrocketed. Hope this helps!

  Re: Bowel Cleansing Protocol for Cancer

Fri, 20 May 16 17:37:21 -0500
Posted by Sybille (Upstate New York) on 05/20/2016

Hi Nama,

Of course you can do this bowel program without taking off work for 3 weeks.. You just have to adhere to the "routine" mentioned in the book.

I guess I was not thinking straight when I said one had to take 3 weeks off from work, as for me I needed to do this as my work required a lot of speaking and I had no voice.

Sorry folks, my mouth runs away at times without my brain being in gear.

  Re: Need Help Fine Tuning Diet for Diabetic Husband

Fri, 20 May 16 17:36:47 -0500
Posted by Cjuan (Malaysia) on 05/20/2016

Hi Sandy, for sweeteners - I'd suggest stevia, lokanto, erythritol, xylitol, palm sugar, sea coconut sugar, yacon syrup, lucuma. These can be ordered online, eg Stevia is 300x sweeter than sugar but the body can't absorb stevia's non-sucrose sweetener, so it is safe. The same too with Lokanto, aka lohanguo, lo han sweet. Erythritol and xylitol are ok in small quantities as too much can cause loose motions. Try sweetening with molasses or molasses sugar but there are a few reports that it can mess up one's BG control / management. Test it out and see as not everyone shares similar biochemistry.

As for dates and figs, their GI are sky high, so avoid as much as possible - replace with berries as these are low carb. Guava is relatively safe - it's been found to lower BG. Honey too has been found to lower BG but you'll need to make sure that it is raw, unprocessed wild honey. Heat-sensitive enzymes in the honey are easily killed thru' heat processing. Malaysia's famous "Tualang honey" has been found to lower BG. You can get info aplenty from this article on honey:

  Re: Kefir Cure for Diabetes Type II

Fri, 20 May 16 17:31:56 -0500
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 05/20/2016


Diabetes Type II is caused by the probiotic deficiency of L. Casei in the digestive system. It can be cured by Kefir, Probiotic Yogurt containing L.Casei, Mung Bean soaked fermented water, etc. If one became Diabetes II because of an antibiotic treatment, it is possible that the antibiotic treatment might have eliminated not only L. Casei but also some other probiotic strains. There are a number of diseases associated with probiotic deficiencies. Probiotic deficiencies can be identified by counting the number of each probiotic strain per unit volume of stool and comparing them with those of healthy adults. There is an advantage to treat Diabetes II with Kefir over other methods.

If one goes through available research papers on probiotics in the net, some of the diseases associated with probiotic deficiencies are as follows:

1) High Blood Pressure - There are some types of probiotic bacteria that can generate nitric oxide from the foods we eat. These nitric oxide generating bacteria can be classified as follows:

Tier I (Critical) = L. Plantarum.

Tier II (Useful) = L. Rhamnosus and

L. Fermentum.

Nitric oxide generated by these bacteria will join blood stream and will dilate all stiff blood vessels. If one is deficient of these bacteria, high blood pressure problem may develope. Kefir contains all these bacteria to cure high blood pressure. I knew two people who were Diabetes II with high blood pressure problem took kefir routine. They are not diabetes anymore and their blood pressures are normal.

2) Vitamin D3 and B12 Deficiencies - The probiotic strain called ' L. Reuteri ' assist in the conversion of Vitamin D to Vitamin D3 and also helps in the synthesis of Vitamin B12. If a person has probiotic deficiency of L. Reuteri, the person may get Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies. These deficiencies may create many health problems like Asthma, Wheezing, Allergy, Muscle pain, Vitiligo, etc. Kefir contains L. Reuteri. Four in my took blood tests about a year ago. Blood tests indicate three out of four in my family(75 %) had Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies. One person who escaped from Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies never took any antibiotics. I took Kefir to correct this problem and my recent blood tests indicate that I am not Vitamin D3 and B12 deficient. It appears that many popular antibiotics eliminate L. Reuteri in the digestive system causing Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies.

3) Heart Disease - The levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), good cholesterol (HDL) and Triglycerides (TG) in our blood are mostly determined by the probiotics and enzymes in our digestive systems. The probiotic strain associated with heart disease are:

Tier I (Critical) = B. Longum

Tier II (Useful) = L. Plantarum, L. casei

and L. Fermentum.

Tier III (Good)

= L. Reuteri and L. Achidophilus.

If these probiotics are deficient, one may get heart disease. These probiotics are in Kefir. These probiotics will try to bring the LDl, HDL and TG to the normal level.

Best Wishes. P. Raghavan.

  Re: Cold Showers Reduce High Blood Sugar

Fri, 20 May 16 17:28:57 -0500
Posted by Cjuan (Malaysia) on 05/20/2016

The reason for the Blood Sugar drop could be due to an increase in brown fat resulting from the conversion of white fat. Brown fat increases insulin sensitivity whereas white fat decreases it. Researchers have found that the increase in brown fat is precisely stimulated when the environmental temperature drops, so it helps to sleep in a cold room, have cold baths, etc.

Calcium and Coconut Oil Helping Pain From Suspected RA

Fri, 20 May 16 17:26:50 -0500
Posted by Bill (Boston, Ma) on 05/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Amazingly Coconut oil!

I have had pain all over for 7 months. Started with knees, feet, spread to hips arms and shoulders and really all over. My left arm at the elbow very painful. I just turned 60 in great health never smoked drank really took care of myself all my life eating very healthy with occasional indulgences.

I believe what I have it Rheumatoid Arthritis which really comes and goes but now has been with me constant for 2 months and painful.

2 weeks ago I started on Calcium 1 teaspoon a day and also 7 days ago I started on coconut oil extra virgin natural.

I eat 3-4 tablespoons a day 2 in morning 2 in evening. I heat up the oil (because it is paste) and then drink it but take water immediately after because of the taste is a little hard to swallow.

Well it's been 7 days and the coconut oil and my pain has reduced significantly, maybe 75%.

I don't really know what has caused the pain to reduce so much but it had to be one of those 2 things Coconut and/or the Calcium.

I take Calcium Carbonate (NOW) and Coconut oil (Natures way).

Something is working and I am very happy about it. I also have a good diet you must do both or one bad will cancel one good.

I also juice. Spinich, carrots, ginger and maybe an apple.

But I have to give the credit to Calcium and Coconut oil. I also took a bath in the oil this morning, felt good because what you put on your skin goes in your body.

I also oil pull. Using Coconut oil with water and a little Baking soda for 5-10 minutes cleaning my mouth esp before bed. The mouth can hide and breed many diseases.

That's my story.


  Re: Dr. Hulda Clark's Formula for Pinworms

Fri, 20 May 16 17:22:51 -0500
Posted by Rnzme (Raleigh) on 05/20/2016

I have the Hulda Clark Zapper. I also followed the HC parasite protocol, but it was too strong for me and I had to decrease the amount of pills I was taking. Here's what I know about the zapper. I had radiation for cancer eight years ago. My stomach was so bloated after that, and my doctor said I had yeast. She gave me Diflucan one tab every week for seven years. It helped a little but I kept getting more and more bloated. I found that Not only did I have yeast but I had all kinds of parasites . When I went in search of a cure I found Hulda Clark among others. If you zap daily as in her book your bloating will go away after three or four days. That was all the proof I needed. If I feel better that's good enough for me. I am on a 4 drop per hour MMS protocol for COPD. The MMS doesn't kill the parasites. Only a few types. The HC routine with Walnut Hull, Wormwood and Clove works and is the ingredients in most other brand parasite cleanses. I guess you have all forgotten that we use electric shock therapy on psychiatric patients that are depressed in this country. Google it and you will see yet. Using the zapper is no more than sticking your tongue to a 9 V battery as we all did as children. It is safe. Blessings to all in our joint crusade for health!!

 Re: Need to Complete Draining of Abscessed Tooth

Fri, 20 May 16 17:16:30 -0500
Posted by Alexandra (Cheshire, Uk) on 05/20/2016

Take lots of vitamin C (as much as you can comfortably stomach).

Eat raw garlic, put it in mayonnaise, salad dressings etc, and eat a clove straight if you can stand it!

Oil pulling with organic sunflower oil, sesame oil, coconut oil.

Sea salt rinses after cleaning teeth and after eating anything (a good tea-spoon of sea salt in a cup of warm water). Bicarbonate of soda in warm water is also good.

No sugar or refined carbs.

For me the above where all important. You could also try adding clove oil, or another essential oil to your oil pulling oil.

Good diet is important for any health problems.

Hope your problem resolves soon and that you will not need to use the dentist.

 Re: Ulcerative Colitis Preventing Me From Gaining Weight, Please Help!

Fri, 20 May 16 17:15:33 -0500
Posted by Janet (In) on 05/20/2016

Haley. I lost my lower intestine to a mystery. I never received a real diagnosis. But the most recent research is pointing to vitamin d3 at 10,000 iu a day minimum. We all have been blocking the sun to our detriment. Dr. Michael Hollick has great info on you tube to understand how this is an underutilized therapy for many issues. I began taking it myself it has been life changing. Important note take in am with some full fat I take organic butter off a spoon. Take the brand that has the safest ingredients NOW brand or Solaray bio d3 with coconut oil are bioavailable and contain no unwanted safflower oil.

To increase appetite and weight low b vitamins are often the culprit. B50. Really helps taken every day for a few days then when appetite returns just 2 or 3 times a week. Thiamine mononitrate is the b1 you want to check for in the b50 Jarrow sells one as does Swanson. That form of thiamine does not upset the stomach which is the problem of multi bs. as other forms of thiamine have a strong smell and can upset your tummy.

2 tablespoons of lecithin a day day will clean your liver of toxins and excess fats to optimize your gut health and will further promote your gut healing can be off the spoon or in food it does not taste good, Ted says do not use capsule form. These 3 things will get your gut working and eliminate toxins to optimize healing you should see positive results in 3 days. So you can judge if this is your path. The initial investment from online purchase should be about $30 to $35.

Now if you have a little extra $ I would invest in extra b6 as p5p as that taken with each meal optimizes digestion and heals the gut 1 taken at the beginning of each meal. Bromelain (affordable at Swanson) the same, the enzyme that is from pineapple. These two really work hard within the digestive tract. The enzymes I would suggest should contain the full protein digesting spectrum which includes hcl oxbile as you will then begin to gain nutrients from your food. Take 1/4 tsp of baking soda in water 2x a day 1/2 hour after 2 meals to get gallbladder help by providing the bicarbonate it needs to further eliminate toxins and improve digestion and circulation. The no no list of foods you must stop eating are gluten better yet all grains if you can, all vegetable oils, eat only full fats, butter and coconut oil for cooking. No fried foods, no Aspertame, GMOS,, no table salt ever, sea salt only. Sodium chloride Table salt affects blood pressure and digestion negatively. You should buy magnesium and use it magnesium citrate 250 to 500mg 2x a day as it is needed in all digestion. If you have a more runny stool then buy magnesium malate. Other considerations are Bill Thompson's iodine supplementation, selenium yeast. I also learned about parasites, the weight loss points to it. Then wormwood is great if you can add black walnut even better. Wormwood really soothes my gut and is anti cancer. On low days I take 2 and feel so much better. Another great thrapy that makes me feel better I use Bills turpentine methods and I blend a ball jar of raw honey and turpentine according to on you tube, but that is for when you begin to feel better. Ted's recommendations for standard supplementation vitamin c as sodium ascorbate in powder form. A gram or 2 a day. 1/4tsp of sea salt in a bottle of water provides much needed minerals to entire body and is a quick fix for feeling dumpy to offsetting a cold or virus. 3 to 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a bottle of water is the same. I buy store brand that only have purified water as the only other ingredient, I pour a little in a clear glass look at it in sunlight if there are colored streaks it is not safe if clear it is safe, until you can buy food grade 3% h202.

The other therapy that is proven to help depending on your circumstances is cannabis oil as it really heals most modern day illnesses and improves most health issues.

I know too much info, take it with small bites and everything I have written about is mostly on ted.earthclinic or in Bill Thompson's info here on earth clinics main pages. Janet

P.S. look up fat bombs on pinterest or Facebook as the really help everything along. Bulletproof coffee is great too, the collagen is amazing.

 Re: Ulcerative Colitis Preventing Me From Gaining Weight, Please Help!

Fri, 20 May 16 17:11:36 -0500
Posted by Carly (Pnw, Usa) on 05/20/2016

Hi Haley,

Try EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil). I buy mine online cheapest (Natures Way brand). Kroger also carries it for a few dollars more. It has a lot of "good for you" calories that give you energy. To read of all of the benefits, do a search of it here on E.C. and on Google.

I'm on a low fiber diet also, and share your pain. It sucks. I have been drinking a lot of low fiber juices. A favorite is carrot juice from Bolthouse Farms. Soooooo delicious, and nutritious! I am buying a juicer so I can juice my own and hopefully save a few bucks.

Keep on reading, and hang in there....good luck to you.

  Re: Recluse Spider Bite

Fri, 20 May 16 11:59:15 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 05/20/2016


  Re: Recluse Spider Bite

Fri, 20 May 16 11:58:55 -0500
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 05/20/2016

A warm Footbath w/ added one spoon of Epsom Salt will help. A Bentonite Clay poultice will help.

Ask your Dr about using an otc Triple Antibiotic Cream as you cannot tolerate the whole body antibiotics.

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