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  Re: Eliminating Sugar For Nasal Polyps

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:53:40 -0500
Posted by Brian (Sth Aus) on 07/26/2015

Marie, both antibiotics and prednisone have no effect on polyps and can actually worsen the condition and cause even more ill health, then surgery is offered for, at best, temporary relief for a few months. The invitation in my post dated 08/25/2012 still stands, it just needs a little deciphering.

  Re: Garlic Packed on 40 Lbs of Muscle

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:49:43 -0500
Posted by Tarshia (Fayetteville Nc) on 07/25/2015

Please explain how garlic puts on lbs.

  Re: Seeking Details for Natural AML Treatment

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:47:50 -0500
Posted by Ronald (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 07/25/2015

My wife was diagnosed of breast cancer on December 2009 and undergone chemotheraphy and mastectomy the following year. She was on remission after the treatment until now. Last year (2014) of May she was diagnosed of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and undergone high dose of chemotherapy for 4months. She was on remission for a few months. May 2015 AML came back, her oncologist has no treatment to offer. Since western medicine has no plan or know how on curing my wife, we decided to get some treatment from alternative medicine, she was given Intravenous Therapy (Vitamin Minerals, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoid Acid/L-Carnitine Therapy), she started to follow a strict diet and lots of organic veggie and fruit juice hoping her blood count will go up and get healed. After series of blood test and 21 days of mentioned Therapy and others, result was still not good. We are trying the annona muricata (sour sop) leaves, moringa leaves, momordica leaves tea hoping will help her in any way. We are interested in the treatment you use in turning in to remission and we are hoping that you can share us this treatment to help my wife's case.

CDP Choline for Glaucoma

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:22:24 -0500
Posted by Blue Eye (Midwest) on 07/25/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Published studies using CDP Choline have shown it to reduce glaucoma eye pressure (and blood pressure). The amount used has been 1000 mg daily. It's not cheap so I've been using 250 mg caps daily. Glaucoma is in one eye and pressure is down to 17-18 but would probably be lower with 500mgs or 1000mgs. CDP Choline is also used as an anti-aging brain supplement. I take it after breakfast. No unwanted side effects. Tests have shown the eye to be in fairly good shape.

Blood Serum Drops Helping Dry Eyes

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:19:39 -0500
Posted by Jt (Tucson, Az) on 07/25/2015

[YEA]  A natural treatment for dry eyes that your doctor can prescribe is blood serum drops. Your blood is drawn, sent to a compounding pharmacy and is specific to you. The recommended dose is 4 times a day, but you can use as often as you like. The prescription is a 6 month supply, which is in a individual syringes and must be kept in the freezer. A syringe can be kept for a week in the refrigerator, using 4 times a day last about 5 days.

I have been using the treatment for 6 weeks. At my check up I had moderate improvement, at only a quarter of the way through the prescription. Our blood serum carries stem cells, so effectively we are healing ourselves.

The blood draw was $40 and the prescription was $265, even though it is spendy, at $50 a month it is certainly worth a try.


  Re: Borax for Yeast Infections

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:14:27 -0500
Posted by Isochroma (Victoria) on 07/24/2015

[YEA]  First a suggestion for this thread to the admins: split it into two. Thread #1 for those that are using Borax externally, thread #2 for those taking it internally. I have had to scroll through 75% of this thread's external-use reports to find the minority that are taking it internally.

Second suggestion and it is for the posters: buy a $20-$25 digital milligram scale online and when it arrives, check it with the included calibration weight.

Quit talking about inaccurate volumetric measures and get responsible with your health. If you aren't reporting doses in milligrams per day then nobody has a clue what the context of your results are including yourself. If you can't afford the one-time cost of $20-$25 to buy a milligram scale then just call it quits.

I am on page 15/17 of this thread and I cannot recall reading a single report that included a single accurate milligram dose of Borax. Perhaps there will be a measure posted in the last two pages. So I have no idea how much anyone has been taking and neither do they. It is beyond annoying and renders the reports only partly useful.

A milligram scale has higher accuracy than needed for Borax dosing but the price is hardly much more than less-accurate 10mg or 100mg scales so you might as well pay $5 more so you can also weigh out the small stuff of which there is plenty. I drop a single KI crystal onto my scale each morning and get an accurate weight. This morning it was 14mg KI so that was my dose today.
Third suggestion: like other minerals, Boron is dosed per day. Dilution is irrelevant. The dose is total milligrams per day. It can be taken all at once and conveniently as dry powder. Borax is not like Potassium salts that can cause local stomach wall erosions due to high local concentration. There is no need to dissolve it in water or dilute it. As soon as it hits the stomach's hydrochloric acid it's all converted to fully-soluble Boric Acid. All of it. Absorption is 90%.

I purchased the 2kg box of 20 Mule Team Borax one week ago today. This is day seven of 300mg per day Borax taken in one dose of dry powder measured on an accurate $25 digital milligram scale. It yields 33mg/day elemental Boron.

The dry powder is slightly sweet with a hint of saltiness due to the Sodium content.

Borax is 50% less toxic than table salt (NaCl). Its LD50 - the dose which kills half of test animals - is 4,500mg/kg - 6,000mg/kg for rats. Table salt's LD50 in rats is 3,000mg/kg. Animals are much more sensitive to Boron toxicity than humans, particularly their reproductive organs.

My severe arthritic pain and cracking in the lower last few back discs is now gone. Neck joint cracking and pain are down 50%.

I have noticed an increase in cognitive rate and clarity. I have also noticed a daily increase in physical energy. I have also noticed a daily increase in erectile performance.

Finally, sleep quality has improved. Before beginning Borax supplementation sleep onset latency was 1-2h. Now it is twenty minutes. I now awake highly refreshed each morning and crave physical activity. I mean major exercise. And I am a horrible case of severe chronic fatigue, dysregulated hormones, etc.

Well, I was that - 7 days ago. Seems things are changing quickly now.

 Re: Seeking Help to Stop 4 Years of Tinnitus Cycles

Sun, 26 Jul 15 09:11:25 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 07/25/2015

HI U GREG, , , , , , , , , , , , suggest you get an appointment with Dr. Holiday in Athens, Tn. You will not be disappointed. He has taken care of us for the last 10 years with his DNA TESTS, IV's and EDTA chelation. He is a thoracic surgeon who goes the alternative route.


  Re: Dead Sea Salt Bath Improves Sleep and Reduces Tension

Sat, 25 Jul 15 22:57:19 -0500
Posted by Terri (Fl, USA) on 07/25/2015

Thanks so much Dave! Ive had insomnia for a couple years now. Seems to be a problem due to getting "older". I used to sleep with no problems. You didn't mention where you buy the dead sea salt. I will try Whole Foods tomorrow.....hoping they have it.

  Re: Question on Hernia Treatment

Sat, 25 Jul 15 13:44:55 -0500
Posted by Trucker Ray (Ohio, Us) on 07/25/2015

Best method to treat/cure an inguinal hernia is with a poultice of comfrey. This is applied to the skin, it is not a pill, nor is it a salve or cream.

  Re: Barretts Esophagus

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:53:40 -0500
Posted by Phyllis (Tyler, Texas) on 07/25/2015

Great remedies. Did you have halitosis during anytime of your diagnosis or treatments? I have ALL the symptoms of Barretts but not diagnosed yet. It's starting to worry me.

  Re: BHT Treatment for Viral Hepatitis

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:52:52 -0500
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 07/25/2015

Dear Femi [ Lagos, Nigeria ], Let me start by saying: Fully one of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. The good news is: Most of those people will never suffer serious health issues because of this infection. But some will.

Of course you wish to NOT be infected with hepatitis B. There is the BHT treatment that seems to work for some people infected with hepatitis B. You asked about " liv 52 ". I can NOT find a link that gives anything other than a very vague or unclear description of what " liv 52 " is. For that reason I have NO opinion on how well it works or if it will work well with the BHT treatment.

Also, because I have NO idea what liv 52 is: I do suggest NOT taking it when or if you ever start the BHT treatment.

The BHT treatment is NO more than 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach as a starting dosage. It could be less. You have to try it and find out if you can tolerate the BHT or not. If you weigh less than 125 pounds it very well could be a smaller dosage of BHT. This dosage issue is something only you can determine. I can not do it for you. I can only provide the rough guidelines I have. For people who weigh between 150 pounds and 200 pounds the two doses of 250mg of BHT with water on an empty stomach is what seems to work best = 500mg of BHT per day as a treatment for hepatitis B and C. If any adverse effects occur ALWAYS lower the dosage used or stop using BHT.

I do NOT know of a totally safe treatment for hepatitis B. If you are not suffering any sign of liver failure you might be better off just living with it. There is also the " monolaurin treatment" that is reported to be effective against many viruses. Monolaurin is a component of human mother milk and for that reason might be safer.

In conclusion: The BHT works well for some people. Seems to actually cure the infection with some people if used with care....Oscar

  Re: Multiple Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:52:27 -0500
Posted by Maura (Chevy Chase, Md) on 07/24/2015

Has anyone tried Vitamin K2 for leg cramps of RLS? I am going to try K2 and curcumin/tumeric as soon as I receive them in mail.

  Re: Son With Severe Acne

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:50:34 -0500
Posted by Marie (Morrison) on 07/25/2015

Try cutting out dairy. That is likely the problem if its cystic acne (painful acne that is large and takes a long time to go away). After a decade of battling it, I finally tried no dairy for a week. Problem solved. I make kefir and have ice cream made with that. I can eat butter and hard cheese with no issues.

Seeking Help to Stop 4 Years of Tinnitus Cycles

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:49:44 -0500
Posted by Greginknoxville (Tn) on 07/24/2015

I have been suffering with intermittent/recurrent tinnitus for approx 4 years. I take BP meds (20 mg benicar) and sertraline 50 mg daily; and 25mg of xanax when the tinnitus spikes a bit... Have a slight of hearing loss (my age is 55). Good health . work out 5 to 6 days per week. The tinnitus I have cycles like this... it will start in morning when I get up and be hardly noticeable, by mid morning I notice it , after lunch it is annoying (4 on scale of 10) until bed time... next day it starts the same but is about half as bad as the previous day.... next day and some time two straight days it doesnt bother me at all... then the cycle starts again..... I have cut out some foods peanut butter, crystal light... no medicine except above, no alcohol or smoking.. any suggestions appreciated.

Chia Seeds Cured Hot Flashes

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:48:03 -0500
Posted by Yoya (Washington) on 07/24/2015

[YEA]  I started with hot flashes really bad. I had told myself I'm not going to take hormone therapy. What happen I try multy prenatal vitamins. It helped, hot flashes were gone. In about one year later they came back with full force, I had never been one to drip sweat. Well, this was so bad that I could feel the sweating water running. It was awful specially at night. I give up and went to see a doctor put me on hormone meds. Started the meds and gained 20 pounds during this time. It did help but did not completely so I finished taking the med and stop no more. Then mom told me she was watching the tv show it was about hot flashes they said to take chia seed 1-2 tablespoon full a day. I was all for it. The first day I took it, I only had a few hot flashes. The 2 day none, completely gone. Oh I'm in heaven.

And ever since I've been taking it worked for me and 3 off my friends.

Remedies for Upper GI Distress

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:43:16 -0500
Posted by Healthy248 (Nova Scotia, Canada) on 07/24/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My prayers go out to Ted I wish and hope he makes a full recovery, in my mind he is a great man, and we need him in this world, get well Ted please, I have had upper GI distress for sometime now, it comes with intense bloating feeling like I am going to explode after eating, and needed to burp but could not..One of the remedies I have tried with some success is Sauerkraut I make my own with red cabbage and 1 or 2 tablespoons of Himalayan Salt so I know what it contains. I use Ginger ale to get me to burp, this works to relieve the symptoms. Sometimes I have to use Pepcid I hate to use it but it works for me. But what I would really like to know is what the underlying cause is and can it be cured. Anyone have any thoughts on this.

  Re: Taking Borax in Capsules

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:41:47 -0500
Posted by Audra (Oregon, Us) on 07/24/2015

I was also wanting to try this. Does anyone know if capsules will dissolve in the proper area or time for the Borax to be effective or is it much better to have it diluted and taken throughout the day for some reason?

Thanks to Ted and everyone for all the great info!

 Re: Ted's Throat Cancer Treatment

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:41:25 -0500
Posted by Julie (New Zealand) on 07/25/2015

Hi Ted, I was just reading the suggested treatment protocol for this person's throat cancer. Is this the recommended for all throat cancers or does the type change your suggestions for each person? Also, are these recommendations for healing or for controlling the cancer ?

I have been told I have a throat cancer but as yet have had not the results, as it has been a couple of weeks since biopsy I have already started treating it as such and I am staying away from meats sugars wheat etc. Just basically green smoothies using Barley grass powder and at moment Chlorella as I have started having my amalgam fillings removed. (It is hard getting organic greens where I live ) I have been taking lots of vitamin c but going by the above have decided to change the type I am using. Just drinking filtered water and herbal teas, I am also taking herbal tinctures for cancer and was wondering about the alcohol content in the tinctures, is this not a good idea.?

I have also noticed that when I have carrot juice (have only had one glass and decided not to try it again) the tumor in my throat swells (it is also in back of nasal passage area) I am trying to narrow down what else may be causing it to swell then seemingly shrink back again. Would almond meal do this? I use whole small limes in my smoothies and also when no limes I use half a lemon, including the skins. I use cinnamon as I read about how this can control blood sugar levels ?? I am going to purchase a glucose monitor as well. I have been so grateful to find your page as It has been a great help to me to learn some more information and also the fact that it has clarified a couple of things that I had already thought about. Thankyou again, and may we all continue to blessed with your Knowledge x

EC: Hi Julie,

Unfortunately, our Bangkok contributor Ted is recovering from a stroke and unable to reply to your questions. Hopefully one or more of our other amazing and wonderful contributors on this site can offer some suggestions.

 Re: Is It Painful to Pass Gallstones?

Sat, 25 Jul 15 10:36:13 -0500
Posted by Bee (New York) on 07/25/2015

Hi Melissa.

I am glad to report that I got rid of a lot of gallstones with chanca piedra tea.. First though I drank apple cidar vinegar with apple juice and lemons which seemed to loosen the stones and then I drank a few cups of the tea.. Well I was expelling stones and no pain at all.. The pain was having the stones.. I still have more to go but my gallbladder pain has been so much less and less. I am really shocked myself. the chanca piedra breaks up the stones and makes them easier to pass. No pain.. I didn't go the whole flush method so this has been two months but I am very happy with the results. I am so grateful.

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