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  Re: DMSO Interaction with Titanium and Platinum Implants

Sat, 25 Jun 16 15:08:11 -0500
Posted by John Keller (Central Virginia) on 06/25/2016

As to DMSO leaching metals from implants, I would say unlikely. I don't say this lightly!

I have a 4-link stent in my LAD heart artery.

It is a "25 year drug eluting" stent.

I use a half to a full tablespoon ORAL DMSO (50%-50% dmso/water) every few days or weeks "as needed" for health reasons. So does my fiancee for her many medical problems that had no success with anything else.

What you MUST DO is use alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg., at least twice a day, during AND AFTER using oral/topical high dose/injected DMSO for, I would suggest, a week minimum.

That is to help detox your blood from the use of DMSO and Lugol's iodine and all the bacteria/virises/fungus/pathogens that DMSO and Lugol's has destroyed. If you don't, you will feel like you got hit by a truck!

Alpha Lipoic acid "takes out the trash" of all these dead nasty creatures etc..

Do it like that and you will feel great.

All evidence based suggestions.

Oh, yes, the Lugol's iodine mix will kill all those pathogens that can cause you back pain and damage. I just told you how to fix it too late unless you had mechanical injuries.

No matter what the reason you had the work done, you have iodine deficiency and a compromised immune system unless you are dosing with Lugol's solution.


Look it up!

You've surgery and almost everybody has "low-grade infections" that are a HUGE, but unknown problem for the general population.

High dose vitamin D, at least a thousand iu of D3 PER 25 lbs. of body weight - MINIMUM and 10mg. (4 drops) Lugol's iodine 2% solution a day, works for most everyone I know to feel more mentally alert, focused, CALM, and inflammation SUPPRESSED/immune system modulated and ARMED.

The research is impressive.

After Taste of Borax Bitter

Sat, 25 Jun 16 15:06:46 -0500
Posted by Guin (Baytown, Texas) on 06/25/2016

I wanted to try the Borax, because of yeast infection and living where there is a lot of fluoride in the water. I measured a little more than 1/8 tsp in 2pints of distilled water. Just started so no kind of reaction yet or "if", but does anyone else have a kind of a bitter taste in your mouth after you drink some? Seems to last.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for a Sinus Infection

Sat, 25 Jun 16 15:03:41 -0500
Posted by Lynn (Victoria ) on 06/25/2016

Could it be you are having migraines?

Topical Application Oil of Oregano and Coconut Oil Prevents Insect Bites!

Sat, 25 Jun 16 14:19:44 -0500
Posted by Myway (Usa) on 06/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

In an effort to ward off biting insects while gardening, I mixed 1 drop of oil of oregano and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, spread over arms, neck and legs. Not one bite while pulling weeds for a couple hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on 8 Year Old Hemorrhoid, Please Help!

Sat, 25 Jun 16 14:17:39 -0500
Posted by Chheanglay (Phnom Penh) on 06/24/2016
0 out of 5 stars

Hi Earth Clinic, I am Chheanglay from Phnom Penh (Cambodia). I am writing to seek your advice in term of Hemorrhoids. I have had this Hemorrhoids for around 7 to 8 years already and it never makes me difficult when sitting but a bit hard in the toilet. So currently, I tried to test or cure it with Korean Apple Vinegar bought from a supper market, currently I have applied it three times already by putting the cotton with Apple Vinegar putting into the anus (internal Hemorrhoids) and it's painful and now the left side of my anal is swelling, so my question is that should I continue to use it or not? anyway, I am afraid it will causes serious effect. Anyway, I haven't gone and see the doctor yet cos. I want to try in a traditional way. So to treat it to original status (to cure it), could you help advise on this? Thank you in advance for your help support!! Chheanglay

  Re: Eggplant Patties Recipe for Liz

Sat, 25 Jun 16 14:15:07 -0500
Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 06/25/2016

Aww! Thank you SO much ORH and Mrs. ORH!

I am going to give these a whirl over the weekend. I'm practically salivating with anticipation--they sound soooo yummy!

Thank you, again!


  Re: ORH Summer Garden

Sat, 25 Jun 16 14:14:40 -0500
Posted by Deb (Florida ) on 06/25/2016

ORH, we love you & your Beautiful Tractor Driver!

  Re: Body Odor After Surgery

Sat, 25 Jun 16 14:13:30 -0500
Posted by Autumn (New York) on 06/25/2016

I know this is a bit late but maybe it can help someone. If you are on narcotic pain medications it can cause more body oder too.

Start by taking a chlorophyll supplement orally. Gillette Odor Shield soap soap does wonders. It says Mens, but I'm a female, works great for me! Then I have a trick.

I buy the less expensive witch hazel at Wal-Mart, but it doesn't matter which bottle of witch hazel you use. I get the size bottle of a standard size bottle, I think it's 16oz, but not positive on size.

Take 1 bottle of witch hazel and separate it in half. (Put half in a different bottle) In one bottle add 2 or 3 drops of peppermint oil, 2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil, & two or 3 drops of lemongrass oil. Shake that up and use that when you move your bowels and wipe. It also will help you avoid or clear up hemorrhoids if you get them.

In the 2nd bottle add about 4 or 5 drops of peppermint oil, 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil, 5 or 6 drops of lemon grass oil, and 4 or 5 drops of grapefruit oil. Then add 2 or 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, I like to use the green kind with the minty smell. You can also add lemon juice (2 or 3 tablespoons if you need it a little stronger). After you shower (or if you need a quick freshen up with out bathing) make sure your body is completely dried off. Put some of the tincture mixture on a towel or wash cloth. Blot arm bits and other problem areas that sweat too much. (I wouldn't recommend that on privates, too strong, use 1st mixture on that area if you need.) Then blot dry any left over moisture from the product. Use your antiperspirant/deodorant after application. If you need to make deodorant mix same amounts, except 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol, 2 teaspoons of witch hazel with 4 or 5 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Put a plastic sandwich bag in a toilet paper roll. Poor mix into your toilet paper roll and put in freezer or fridge to harden. Store in a cool area. It works great for a natural antiperspirant and a deodorant.

1 more option for a quick hair cleanup is make above mix for the armpit towel blotting, but omit the rubbing alcohol. You can dump it on your scalp and brush it through your hair. It will help with itchy scalp and give your hair a quick temporary clean feel...

I hope this information comes in handy for someone! I live by it! ☺

Give a Chalazion Time to Heal Itself

Sat, 25 Jun 16 14:03:21 -0500
Posted by Porpoisepal (Columbus, Oh) on 06/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Finally My Chalazion Cured Itself!!

Another very important cure to mention is time, about 9 months to 12 months. I felt hopeless for so long, I visited this site multiple times and tried all the remedies with minimal results, sometimes making the problem worse.

After months of self-treatment, friends and family were pressuring me to see a doctor. I wanted several opinions so I saw multiple doctors, and every one of them told me hot compress, antibiotics and surgery. Hot compress made it swell up and turn very red. Antibiotics just made me sick with no effect. Oral Amoxicillin, then Doxycycline, creams with Erythromycin and several eye drops including Azasite, some $300 eye drops they really try to sell you on. It got so red and inflamed I agreed to have it drained. Again my eye turned purple and swelled for a few days only to return to the red and puffy chalazion from before.

Then these doctors told me I absolutely needed surgery again and that going away on it's own would be a 1 in a million chance! BS! They were just salesmen in white coats, I can't trust em!

I believe our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves if we provide it the right food and exercise.

I can't say how much it sped up recovery time but I've also been vegan for the last 7 months and feel incredible! It's pretty cool stuff I highly recommend looking into it!

Age 22
6'3” 175lbs

Cure: Time, 9 months not visible, 12 months completely gone

  Re: Infection in the Nails

Sat, 25 Jun 16 13:59:08 -0500
Posted by Elle (Crete, Greece) on 06/25/2016

I also have overcome many infections just by drinking ACV (apple cider vinegar). Make sure you buy from the healthfood store and on the bottle labeling itsays "with mother". The mother in it is live organisms that kill the virus, bacteria and yeast. It also alkalizes your ph as soon as you drink it. Drink through a straw and after rinse your mouth with water. It is to preserve your tooth enamel. For more info look up "benefits of apple cider vinegar". Amazing stuff.

  Re: Bloodroot Paste for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Sat, 25 Jun 16 13:58:02 -0500
Posted by Jim (Frostburg) on 06/25/2016

Hi Debbie.

Reading your initial note, the BCC is located on the bridge of your nose, where the skin-covering is very thin. Cutting out a BCC from the bridge would result in an actual hole revealing your nasal cavity. This is the likely reason your dermatologist mentioned plastic surgery. (Skin from the side of the nose would be stretched and tugged over the hole then stitched.) As Patricia writes, bloodroot pastes are certainly effective at destroying BCC, SCC and other cancerous growths on or near the surface of the body; but in your particular situation, using such means on the nose-bridge would likely create a hole showing the nasal cavity beneath.

I would recommend you instead use a tiny drop of the sap from a plant called Petty Spurge, native to Australia (though now growing in many countries, including the US). You will likely need to obtain the seeds to grow it yourself (Ebay). Wait a week until the scab falls off, then determine if you wish more skin removed. Google has become a political tool so I'll recommend you 'Bing' this little plant and read all you can.

Reiterating, the nose is a thin sheath of skin covering your nasal cavity. Go slow when attempting to remove BCC's and SCC's from thereon.

 Re: Light Headedness and Dizzy Feeling After Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Sat, 25 Jun 16 13:47:33 -0500
Posted by Melanie (Usa ) on 06/24/2016

You all need to look into histaminosis. I have it and it causes a lot of these symptoms, especially all the ones Deirdre mentioned (I have almost the exact story!! ) vinegar is high in histamine and I just recently noticed that with in seconds of injesting it, I feel dizzy. So, no more for me.

Tea Bags for Pain and Swelling of Tooth Abscess

Sat, 25 Jun 16 09:04:38 -0500
Posted by Julie (Champlin, Minn) on 06/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Had a abscess in pain for 3 days, I was taking penicillin and Tylenol + ibuprofen . Would only last 2 hours, in pain the rest of the time. Client told me try tea bag. Could not believe the difference!! Had no pain last night but woke up this morning with pain used the tea bags again, amazingly it worked again . Still swollen but slowly going down.

  Re: Turmeric for Perioral Dermatitis

Sat, 25 Jun 16 09:01:36 -0500
Posted by Beverly (Florida) on 06/25/2016

Can you post the recipe for the mask. Any kind of honey and yogurt?

  Re: Castor Oil and Baking Soda for Mole

Sat, 25 Jun 16 08:57:20 -0500
Posted by Sina (Pakistan) on 06/25/2016

Thanks for your reply.

  Re: Supplements Helping Afib

Sat, 25 Jun 16 08:56:37 -0500
Posted by S (Washington) on 06/25/2016

Hyssop is adrenal support.

  Re: Magnesium L-Threonate for Essential Tremors

Sat, 25 Jun 16 08:51:50 -0500
Posted by John Schiltz (Suffolk, England) on 06/25/2016

Of course, what's the alternative offered by the orthodoxy? Beta blockers.

Green Onions for Sore Throats

Sat, 25 Jun 16 08:51:01 -0500
Posted by Lorica (New Albany, Ind.) on 06/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was having a problem with a sore, red and painful throat. I tried cayenne, a strong colloidal silver spray and salt. I used these separately and jointly. I used them through gargling and with a neti pot. They helped for a part of a day, then I would feel that pain again. This is what worked for me: 2 bunches of green onions tossed into a blender with just enough water to get a pudding consistency. I would "gargle" with this 3 times a day. That means I would kind of pour it in the back of my throat, make some gargling sounds and then spit it out. It worked when all else failed. Onions are known for being antibacterial and green onions seem to be the most potent.

  Re: ORH Summer Garden

Fri, 24 Jun 16 22:55:38 -0500
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 06/24/2016

So true. I believe you got help yourself, take charge of your own health. Like my dear departed Dad used to say, "Doctors bury their mistakes."

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