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Earth Clinic Getting Fresh New Look Tonight!

Sun, 18 Sep 16 20:32:02 -0700
Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 09/18/2016

We are pleased to announce that we have just uploaded our new desktop design which has been several months in the making! We hope you will like the new design and be able to find important information quickly.

If you are having issues with how things look on your browser, please try clearing your browser history and cache. If that doesn't help, please let us know what problem you are having. There may be a few glitches here and there this week, so apologies in advance while we tidy things up!

Ted's site and our Q&A site will upgrade to the new design and we hope to have those sites ready soon.

  Gaba for Insomnia

Sun, 18 Sep 16 20:22:59 -0700
Posted by John (Cambridge) on 09/18/2016

You may have taken too high a dosage of GABA. If you try again, try chewable 100mg of GABA. GABA should be taken carefully as needed. I occasionally use low dose GABA with melatonin drops at night and it helps me sleep deeply. However, I don't take GABA every night. In my opinion, the brain only needs a GABA boost once in a while unless you are severely GABA deficient.

 Re: Blackstrap Molasses Vs. Honey for Cancer

Sun, 18 Sep 16 20:03:53 -0700
Posted by Kelly (Mahopac, New York ) on 09/18/2016

Has anyone actually tried this remedy to cure cancer? And did it work? Also with the aloe Vera you take off the thorns. But do you keep the skin on or take the skin off?

Siphoning Technique for Burn Pain

Sun, 18 Sep 16 20:03:05 -0700
Posted by Mary Beth (Pittsburgh) on 09/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

To alieve pain from a burn, a technique called siphoning. Put your left hand (it must be the LEFT hand) -- on, over, or near the site of a burn. In my case, it was three square inches of a burn from boiling liquid. Then I put my RIGHT hand in a position that was below the left hand, on the right side of my body. In less than a minute, the pain from the burn lessened -- and was largely gone in a few more minutes. I learned this in an energy medicine class and from my Eden energy practitioner. I was amazed at how prompt the healing was in this instance.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Nay for a Sore Throat!

Sun, 18 Sep 16 20:01:14 -0700
Posted by Luisa (Florida) on 09/18/2016

You must have had a nasty virus coming full blown near the time you happened to use the ACV. Fear not, there is no correlation between the use of ACV and sudden high fever. The effects of ACV have been well studied and documented by medical researchers in about every country in the world. A little more research would have cleared your doubts.

  Re: Vitamin D Dosage

Sun, 18 Sep 16 19:59:03 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 09/18/2016

Vitamin D is pretty unique to each individual and there is not a one dose fits all application for it. Generally if you carry a lot of body fat it can require significantly more vitamin D to reach a specific 25 OH d serum level than a person who has low body fat even though their weight may be equal. If you are trying to reach a specific 25 OH d level in the optimum range, the only way to do that and be sure is by having a 25 OH d test done. These can be done by mail with a pin prick test directly with a lab. This would be very important if you are trying to treat a specific health issue by getting your 25 OH d level into the upper end of the reference range (reference range: 30 ~ 100 ng/ml).

Some cancer studies suggest that optimal anti-cancer activity may occur around the 80 ng/ml level. Dr. Cannell suggests working your serum level up toward the upper end of the range for autism and even above if improvement continues, and then decrease the dose when no further improvement is seen, but again that would require regular testing by your doctor.

Some people just require more vitamin d than others to reach a specific serum level so it is more important to take whatever dose is needed to reach the desired serum level and test to be sure rather than choose a dose that may or may not achieve the proper 25 OH d serum level for you.


  Food Grade Peroxide for Esophageal Cancer?

Sun, 18 Sep 16 18:21:04 -0700
Posted by Maie (Bullhead City, Az) on 09/18/2016

Does anyone know if food grade hydrogen peroxide can help with esophageal cancer?

  Re: Chronic Yeast Infections and BV

Sun, 18 Sep 16 18:16:58 -0700
Posted by Diana (La Mesa, Nm) on 09/18/2016

Hi I am 40 yrs old and I have been diagnosed with Candida Albicans since Sept. 2003. It has been a hell of a journey going thru this horrible illness. Doctors told me there was no remedy nor cure. It brings relief to know I'm not the only victim suffering from this. I have had 2 pregnancies thru the 11 yrs and the infections vanished through out the pregnancy. After I gave birth they'd come back. I have seen gynecologists, disease and infection specialist. I have changed my diet completly, I have done homeopathic remedies, I had a pic line inserted for strong antibiotics, changed birth control even though I had a tubal. Did borax, acidophilus, honey, garlic, all over the counter meds and never cured them. Symptoms were relived but they always come back right before my period. Once the bleeding began the infections vanished. I'd get them for 2 weeks 1 a month. Finally on 2-14-14 a had a hysterectomy. Removing my cervix and uterus. They vanished completly. Just last week they began again. So for 2 1/2 yrs they went away . I've been treating myself with over there counter and home remedies but I'm afraid it won't go away. This will be 8 th day. By the way if I can avoid doctors I will as I've been told that these infections are not severe enough to consider any medical actions. I feel as if doctors don't care. I was told to take any where from ibuprofen, tylenol, allergy meds. All by these work for pain and for the itching but don't cure. The problem is hormonal. I also get very irritable then very sentimental to the point I feel I'm unless and why should I have to suffer like this. I was once told by a doctor I should be grateful that I can function every day because there are people in worse conditions. I am very grateful to live life. To raise a family, to hold a job. But this is not normal. If left unattended I have had kidney infections, and utis. Can become very painful. If anyone has the experience please reply or suggest. If there is something I have not tried I am willing to do it. Thanks!!

  Re: Healing Lichen Sclerosis

Sun, 18 Sep 16 18:04:52 -0700
Posted by Lynn (Dallas, Texas) on 09/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Baking soda and castor oil and water. My God it works!

  Re: Facial Tics

Sun, 18 Sep 16 17:57:20 -0700
Posted by Dallas (Amesbury, Ma) on 09/18/2016

Tics and tourettes have sometimes been caused by medicine given by the doctor for ADD or ADHD.

  Re: Perioral Dermatitis in Mother and Son

Sun, 18 Sep 16 17:56:55 -0700
Posted by Monika (Lithuania, Europe) on 09/18/2016

Me and my 12 month son have this PD for quite some time now (doctor says it is not contagious(?)). We have got the rash in the end of summer and I believe it occured because of the temperature change. Still can't find the root trigger, because we live in a clean environment (rural area), drink clean water (they do not put fluorid or other chemicals to our water), eat home grown veggies and other real food, I use only organic or diy make up, no stress (I'm stayed at home mom), my boy happily drinks green smothies and other healthy stuff, but we both have PD. I started ACV, but not sure if it's good for a kiddo. So, there is no logics or health plan to fight PD. Hopefully, some day soon smart guys will find the reason and a way to fight PD

  Re: Ox Bile for MRSA

Sun, 18 Sep 16 17:56:18 -0700
Posted by Grace (Vancouver) on 09/18/2016

We are vegetarian but the doctor talked my husband who never gets sick, to take ox bile and he was throwing up for hours. Everyone is different I steer clear because if Lyme can infect deer meat, than why not all meat. I'm a vegetarian

  Re: Vitamin D Dosage

Sun, 18 Sep 16 17:14:03 -0700
Posted by Anna (Oh) on 09/18/2016

Yeah, generally: one should take between 13 I.U and 34 I.U of vitamin D3 per pound of body weight. I'm pretty sure I notice that the 'dry' form of D3 is more potent than the lanolin kind, too. Joseph Mercola once wrote that some organization or something thought: we can take up to 35 I.U per pound of body weight. I've done some of my 'homework' though, and found out: that's too high.

  Re: Gluten-Free Diet Helping Granuloma Annulare

Sun, 18 Sep 16 11:13:05 -0700
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 09/18/2016

A naturopath I consulted in April advised me that GA was an autoimmune disease due to leaky gut and to avoid dairy, sugar, potato and all gluten, e.g. wheat, barley, rye, all grains. I thought it would be ok to have buckwheat, amaranth, but no. Next stage to avoid legumes.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Breast Calcifications

Sun, 18 Sep 16 11:00:12 -0700
Posted by Kimmy (Dayton, Ohio) on 09/18/2016

Hey! How much apple cider vinegar and how often is it recommended to be taken?

Gaba for Insomnia

Sun, 18 Sep 16 10:58:55 -0700
Posted by Lora (D.c) on 09/18/2016
1 out of 5 stars

I was so hopeful especially reading the mood cure book and how Gaba is a miracle otc aid for insomnia. Within 30 minutes my heart was racing and I was very alert. It's morning and I feel like crap, I'm tired and am now looking for something else to help with my sleep.

  Re: Vaginal Atrophy

Sun, 18 Sep 16 10:57:45 -0700
Posted by Lucy (Usa) on 09/18/2016


You might give the herbal infusion of oat straw a try and see if it helps restore your hormonal balance, as per herbalist Susun Weed. You can buy a pound of oat straw herb on amazon. Measure out one ounce of the herb and place in a quart jar. Boil water and fill the jar. Allow to steep for at least 4 hours or overnight. Strain out the herb and drink from 2 to 4 cups of the infusion daily. Refrigerate remainder for up to 36 hours. Easy enough. It is recommended that you purchase the loose herb and not tea bags or capsules, to obtain the best effect.

There is a liquid probiotic product called Flora PM rich in humic minerals that may also restore your balance. It is made in the USA so it may be costly to ship to Canada.

I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor who was helped in this department by the Flora PM and I think it works in the same way as the oat straw infusion, by providing nutrients to the body.

  Re: Vaginal Atrophy

Sun, 18 Sep 16 10:57:16 -0700
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 09/18/2016

Recently on an essential oil summit on the internet, one of the lady presenters said that the best oil for vaginal atrophy is pomegranate. I found a source in the UK via eBay.

Re: Candida and Fungus

Sun, 18 Sep 16 10:56:42 -0700
Posted by Skyrider (Houston, Tx) on 09/18/2016

May I ask you where can I read more of human treatment concerning skin fungus and Candida. Thanks Skyrider