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  Questions About A Gallbladder Cleanse After Car Accident

Mon, 28 Nov 16 20:45:00 -0800
Posted by Linda (Bellaire, Mi) on 11/28/2016

In Nov 2014 my car hit a slick spot, did a 360 and flipped onto its roof. The friend who was with me was out of his seat belt in short time, but it took until doors opened and someone cut the seatbelt from me. We thankfully weren't injured, but a short time later I was having pain in the upper R area of my abdomen under my rib cage. First time seeing doc wrong dx was done, said I had a fracture..not.

A couple of months went by and a test was done to check my digestion. Was determined that I was having problems w/g.b. M.A. called for doc to ask if I wanted to do my usual alternative treatment choice or if I wanted to schedule an appt. with a surgeon to remove gallbladder. I said I'll do alternative b/c I want to keep my parts and don't want surgery.

Began to research and found that artichoke and bile were good. Besides using those, new doc up N. suggested dandelion, but I also have found Dr. Christopher. Am living with MS and not sure if I'll be able to do a flush or not. Have Bragg's w/mother org. ACV and also have some lemons right now. Right this moment am having discomfort, but often times am able to keep it calm with art. & bile. also aloe vera help with discomfort.

I had another ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and all I heard is that I have one stone, however, after reading some of what someone shared, they also hide in the liver? Not sure but think the ultrasound of the abdomen would have picked those up if they were in the liver??

Not a lot of energy, so do what I can to help myself. I appreciate all the sharing b/c it's good to find out commonality and ideas for helping oneself from others who are dealing with the same or similar problems. Thank you

  Re: MMS Side Effects

Mon, 28 Nov 16 20:35:27 -0800
Posted by Jack (Az) on 11/28/2016

Hmm, I tried two drops of the solution in a drink and took it twice with no bad "side effects" but then again I am pretty healthy with the exception of eosinophilic disorders. It could just be that your body has a lot of toxins/pathogens/whatever sickness is in your body to begin with.

Remedies for Thrush Candida

Mon, 28 Nov 16 20:35:05 -0800
Posted by Don (Michigan, Usa) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Adult white male USA.

I have had Candida and thrush all my life. As a child I lived on sugar, two tablespoons added to sugary cereal. As an adult I switched to booze, beer, flour and antibiotics.

For the past 30 years I have constantly had some form of thrush, from light to white sticky coating with cheek and gum sores. I tried every prescription and holistic swish and systemic I could find.

Recently I read about this simple combination and it worked within 6 days. It worked so fast I got my first real case of herx which turned into fibromyalgia-like symptoms across my shoulders and upper arms and plugged Eustachian tubes.

Here is what worked FOR ME. I will include the brand and amount I used simply because I had it on hand.

One large mug. 14-16oz.

One N*W Brand 500mg capsule Pau D' Arco Inner Bark

One N*W Brand 400mg capsule Echinacea Purpurea Root


1. Open capsules and add to empty mug

2. Sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

3. Add boiling water

4. Sip like you would any tea.Be sure to swirl the bottom grounds and swallow.

One mug every morning on a empty stomach while fixing breakfast of mixed beans.

I continued this for two weeks. I still have it occasionally just because I like the flavor.

To ease the herx I took one 500mg PLNT (Vit Sh*pp*) Olive Leaf twice a day for a week.

Most of the muscle aches have gone away but the plugged right ear is still a challenge.

No more headaches, brain fog or sticky stools.

I do not eat sugar or flour. Very little lean pork tenderloin or salmon. I don't like beef, chicken or eggs.

I eat tons of EVOO, beans, nuts, seeds, avocado, squash, and mixed green salads of every shape and size. Every Sunday we make 10qts of mixed beans then refrigerate in qt. canning jars for the week.

All rice makes me feel "sugary" so I buy cheap bulk sunflower seeds and grind about 1/2 cup and mix with beans at mealtime for complete protein.. The cutter cap on cheap Oster blenders fit on a canning jar so we grind sunflower seeds in a qt. jar then refrigerate with a plastic cap.

I eat small amounts of blueberries, apples and pineapple.

I will add that my go-to bean mix is one lb. each of Baby Lima, Great Northern, and Pinto soaked overnight then cooked in same water. When these have cooked about 1 1/2 hr. I add one lb. Lentils unsoaked and cook another 20 minutes. Turn off heat a let set a bit. Then jars.

I am not posting this as fuel for trolls that like to argue diets. It works for me and I hope it helps you.

  Re: Avoiding MSG in Food Helps Prevent Migraines

Mon, 28 Nov 16 17:01:21 -0800
Posted by Giulietta (Gandia, Spain) on 11/28/2016

Msg is not difficult to avoid. Just eat fresh food, like fresh vegetables and fruit and cook your own meals if you like cooked food

Cilantro for Melasma

Mon, 28 Nov 16 17:00:37 -0800
Posted by Newbee (Wisconsin) on 11/28/2016
3 out of 5 stars

I'm a newbee recently joined this website to battle melasma.. I have also tried cilantro as a green smoothie or juice every day .. I did found some improvement but I haven't tried for long.. hope cilantro helps with melasma.. now I have taking vit c, milk thistle, neem, thriphala.. I did not see much improvement. but when I was on cilantro diet I did see some improvement but I didn't continue long ..

Nattokinase for Fibrocystic Breasts

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:56:59 -0800
Posted by Kelly (Memphis, Tn) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've had painful fibrocystic breasts for years. A couple months ago I started taking Nattokinase after reading about it in one of the posts on this site (can't remember which page). I take it daily instead of an aspirin for heart health and circulation. Amazingly, I have no more pain in my breasts. 0%!!!! This is incredible to me because they get so painful the closer I get to my period. Hope this post helps another woman with the same issue.

I take 1 capsule of Nattokinase (2000 fu) with breakfast. The nattokinase I use has the Vitamin K removed (not sure if this makes a difference or not) and is NOT made from soybeans.

  Re: Nettle and Horseradish Tincture for Mold Allergies

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:43:48 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/28/2016

Dear Shelly,

Thanks for sharing! We too love nettle for allergies. I think when it is used long term it is healing. I have never heard of using horseradish with it. I will have to try that!! I appreciate your clear instructions too!

~Mama to Many~

Supplements to Use With Bill's Candida Protocol

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:43:28 -0800
Posted by Michael C. (Westfiel, Ma) on 11/28/2016

Currently following Dr. Shoemaker's protocol for mold detox. I'm on step one using 4 grams of Cholestyramine 3 times a day also using 2 detox supplements for the brain. They are Gutathione and Smilax Glabrae along with Acetly-L-Carnitine all from Nicloe McFadzeans recent work "Lyme Brain."

Starting Bill Tompson's protocol and looking for information on what to drop out.

Thinking the Cholestyramine is a toxic binder in the gut so that it might complement the iodine and borax. Any suggestions would help.

I'm sure the Candida is in the brain.

Turmeric Healed Eczema

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:39:50 -0800
Posted by Ejclarke (Dc) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

TURMERIC! Please try if you have eczema.

I developed a horrible (probably stress related) breakout of eczema all over my body about 2 weeks ago, the skin on my arms literally looked purple and my face was swollen with eczema all over my forehead and under my right eye. This is the first major breakout I have had in a bout 10 years, my brother even asked me if I got punched in the eye because it looked so bad.

I got steroid pills and creams form the doctor and it cleared up my face after a few days (again I haven't used steroids in over ten years, eczema previously disappeared mostly from juicing and striving to maintain a great diet)

Sad part is as soon as I stopped using the steroid cream, my face looked nearly as bad as it did before I used it. I was determined not to keep using steroids on my face so I searched the internet for a solution. I saw turmeric on this site and a few other sites as well as Apple cider vinegar.

I started the following regimen that COMPLETELY cleared my face of eczema

Apple cider vinegar three times a day in warm water (about two teaspoons in 8 ounces)

About 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric and a sprinkle of black pepper in 8 ounces water as soon as I wake up before consuming anything else.

The most integral part of my regimen was turmeric masks which consisted of plain greek yogurt (Chobani) and organic ground turmeric (got from Whole Foods) I put just these two in a bowl and mixed it (not sure of the turmeric measurement but I put enough to make it mustard yellow color) and then I rubbed this all over my face with a double portion on trouble areas. Leave it on for 20 minutes until dried and then washed it with warm water then a light facial cleanser. I did this twice a day for 3 days and on the 3rd day I woke up with 95% of eczema gone on my face. I am going to try this on arms and legs soon but I am almost certain it will clear up anywhere that eczema is evident.

I did a turmeric mask in the morning then I would mix half and half ACV and water and use a cotton ball to wipe my face and let it dry out on my face. I would do this about 2 or three times during the day and then I would do another turmeric mask at night.

Lastly, I totally changed my diet, meaning I stopped eating meat (I was eating all organic meat prior but I think it was causing digestive issues) most of my meal consists of vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and kale, steamed. And I eat brown rice. I eat fish most days and the occasional lentil soup. I also eat a lot of oatmeal with almond milk and the only real fruit I consume is bananas and the occasional apple or mango in green juices. I eat no sugar, dairy, eggs, etc. Taking about 2 probiotic pills a day and one fish oil tablet daily. I have been on this diet for about 2 weeks now.

I also exercise at least 4 times a week, exercise makes things itchy BUT as soon as I got off the treadmill I would go and put apple cider vinegar on my face and let it dry.

Hope this helps someone! Prayer and Turmeric and a little faith gave a great ending to a horrifying experience.

P.S. Even if you have a skin condition other than eczema I would recommend you try turmeric masks and ingesting it(less then a teaspoon a day)! It actually tastes great with a bit of warm almond milk

Bad Reaction Using Mastic Gum

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:36:49 -0800
Posted by Gaiamuse (Massachusetts) on 11/28/2016
1 out of 5 stars

I took a low dose of mastic gum (38 mg) and had a bad reaction. It felt like it was not passing through --while it immediately relieved some of the pain of the ulcer (I'm hypersensitive so a low dose works like a charm for me ifit works) but it also felt like it was sticking like 'glue' to other organs (when I looked up what it was that might make is a resin and is the basis for some varnishes)-- I woke up the next morning with what felt like inflammation of the pancreas (pain in the back) and gallbladder (lower right). Feverish.

Three days later I'm still dealing with it though it does seem to be getting better slowly. From everything I had seen there are no side effects to mastic gum (and I research pretty carefully when I take something, finding only one person reporting that they had an adverse reaction in everything I'd looked at.) I suspect I am an exception since most people report nothing or beneficial effects. But just for the record...

Nettle and Horseradish Tincture for Mold Allergies

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:20:19 -0800
Posted by Shelley (Sun Valley, Nevada) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I use a tincture that I make of Stinging Nettle Tea from traditional medicinal. I use all 16 of the bags in a 32 Canning jars. I then add about an 8th of a cup of horseradish powder. I pour Brandy, I don't use Vodka since it gags me. I fill the jar to the bottom of the Rings. I stick this in my dark cupboard after I have shaken it so that it is all mixed together. I shake it daily for 2 weeks.

I take a tsp in a 16 Oz glass of water and ice and as soon as I first sip my sinus clear, my mold caused frog voice is gone. I use it for seasonal allergies, as well as our mobile home had serious mold issues that we have removed, and I used it to help with my severe mold allergy.

I original bought Simpliers Nettle and Radish tincture for many years since it was readily available in Sonoma County CA where they are based and where I grew up. After moving to Northern NV last year, I could not find it anywhere and was upset since I never paid more then $5.99 for an Oz. The only tincture I could locate was at Whole Foods at $15.99 an Oz. Not the same brand. I began making my own this past Springs after coming home from a month in a hospital and having been hit by a car as a pedestrian. My hospital room had moldy ceiling tiles, I was given meds I'm allergic to, was given a bi-polar med when I'm not nor have ever been bipolar.

It's very simple and very effective. I don't use a dropper since it isn't big enough in the beginning of treating my allergies. I do it every few hours as I develop symptoms. I finally after a week I become able to go much longer in between doses. With seasonal allergies, 2-3 weeks usually did me until the following year.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stone Pain

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:18:44 -0800
Posted by Mirna (Maryland ) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My pain went away about one minute after I took two tablespoons of olive oil (only had regular) mixed with the juice of half a lemon. Decided to try this mixture out of desperation and knowing the same is use to dissolve gallstones. The the pain had begun to spread to my arms and upper back. Thank God is gone.

Flax Seed Oil for IC Bout

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:16:41 -0800
Posted by Sandyd (Vancouver ) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For a recent painful IC bout that I feel was brought on by stress, a naturopath recommended Flax oil capsules. Flax is an anti-inflammatory and capsules are the strongest, 1000mg, look for organic. The suggestion was for 5 per day ( taken all at once ) for 5 days and then 2 per day for a month after.

I also add energy medicine support with meridian tapping ( EFT ) for the pain, as well as acupressure bladder points. You can search on-line for these. Hope this might help!

Serrapeptase, Nattokinase for Ankylosing Spondylitis Reducing Fatigue

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:15:24 -0800
Posted by Robert (Ct) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been told by the doctor I have AS. I have also been very tired, no energy. I started taking Serrapeptase and Nattokinase both are enzymes. I can not tolerate the naproxen he gave me! You take these on a empty stomach. I have been taking the supplements for the anti inflammatory benefits and they are very good at reducing pain and inflammation but I can't believe how much they have reduced my fatigue!

Black Tea Bag for Pink Eye

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:04:33 -0800
Posted by Believer In Natural Cures (Illinois, Usa) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hot Tea Bag for Pink Eye

Howdy all, I have been using Earthclinic cures for 8 years, maybe more. I started with the teabags for pink eye. My children were youngsters then and had frequent pink eye bouts. It seems that its the heat from the tea bag compresses that kills the virus in the eyes. It needs to be hot but you want to be careful about burning the sensitive skin. I use the compresses 5-8x daily and use a new tea bag each time. We havnt had to get a prescription since finding this cure.

Blessings. I have pink eye right now lol and yup hot tea bags are my cure.

  Re: Atrial Fib

Mon, 28 Nov 16 14:02:32 -0800
Posted by Dave Jones (South Wales) on 11/28/2016

Hi to you all

I too hate taking prescribed drugs only because I know they will never be an answer for afib and in the end will come with their own problems, but while big pharma is in control believe me cures are not their business, so all research done is for more toxic drugs to contain this awful condition for more profit, I believe my afib is a symptom of some imbalance in the nervous system which feeds every organ of the body. I work with pumps all day long and it is no different to the heart if there is any blockages or air trap along network of pipes then it will show in the pump which can go erratic (common sense). So it is no good to keep messing with a perfectly good pump when the problem is elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we have a medical system of experts who know nothing about the human body other than their own area of so call expertise it is so frightening we have been going down the wrong road of health care for far too long, just listen to people like Dr John Bergman total common sense stuff which you would think all doctor would know, but they dont, health care now is base on fear and offer no solutions, afib is certainly based on fear, but as long as no-one is looking at the whole picture then there cannot be a permanent answer, drugs only do two things the either block or kill that's it folks!!!, our bodies are miracles and have been doing a great job keeping us healthy all our lifes, so our job is to fine out why this problem is now occurring and eliminate it, not poison it with more toxins.

To start with it is no good eating raw food diet or more greens if they are full of pesticides(toxic) it as to be organic. Get yourself a good water filter to clean the water you drink, take a good omega 3, but if you can get your nervous system checked out by a good chiropractor, If you live in the usa I recommend John Bergman, I live in the uk and I am having trouble finding a chiropractor who does a nervous system check? but always believe you can cure this don't fall into the black hole of despair, try yoga, meditation, and prayer. Don't bottle up your fears like I did for years. It will only make you ill.

Good luck,


  Re: Serrapeptase - Possible Therapy for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Mon, 28 Nov 16 13:59:57 -0800
Posted by Joan (Boston) on 11/28/2016

where can I get serrapeptase.... In a regulated form?

  Re: Encopresis Remedies for Children

Mon, 28 Nov 16 13:59:10 -0800
Posted by Rika (Dallas) on 11/27/2016

Does apple cider vinegar help Encopresis?

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Shrinking Nasal Polyps

Mon, 28 Nov 16 13:57:59 -0800
Posted by Sam (Bethesda, Maryland) on 11/28/2016

Just curious, but for how long do you recommend applying the Q-tip in each nostril?