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 Re: Seeking Natural Remedies for Teenager with Temporo-Parietal Lobe Lesion

Sun, 30 Aug 15 12:52:51 -0500
Posted by Namita (New Delhi) on 08/30/2015

Thank you Baldev,

We can surely try this. However, I have read at a couple of places that dairy products are an absolute no no in reversing tumours.

Don't know how far this view is correct.

 Re: Need Help for Chronic Severe Nasal Congestion

Sun, 30 Aug 15 12:51:38 -0500
Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 08/29/2015

Glad you overcame your chronic nasal congestion.

Do you still take the black seed oil to maintain the improvement? Tx, Larry

 Re: Have Constant Diarrhea, Nothing Helps for Long

Sun, 30 Aug 15 12:51:14 -0500
Posted by Mrs A. (London Uk) on 08/30/2015

Try TURMERIC for diarrhoea. For many people, the downside of this wonderful spice is that it causes constipation. Others report that it is the ONLY thing with the power to stop diarrhoea in its tracks.

 Re: Have Constant Diarrhea, Nothing Helps for Long (2)

Sun, 30 Aug 15 12:50:57 -0500
Posted by Ellie (Boston) on 08/29/2015

That mystery diagnose episode I have mentioned about was about a woman having diarrhea all the time. In the end some sort of flap in her digestive system was surgically repaired to stop continuous bile flow into her intestines. Something like that.

And look into crohn's disease as well. The front page illustration of the book I have mentioned tells it all.

 Re: Have Constant Diarrhea, Nothing Helps for Long

Sun, 30 Aug 15 12:50:40 -0500
Posted by Ellie (Boston) on 08/29/2015

There was an episode on mystery diagnosis about a woman who had diarrhea all the time. Look it up. Secondly, people with crohn's disease have diarrhea all the time (patient heals thyself book)

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum Contagiosum

Sat, 29 Aug 15 22:45:01 -0500
Posted by Sabrina (Detroit, Mi) on 08/29/2015

Ok my son has had these bumps on his skin for over 6 months. I looked it up and also took him to his pediatrician right away when I noticed them .. His doctor said it was Mollusum and that it would just go away it's self .. Well it's spreading now so I will try anything .. I was thinking the bath , because like you said kids move a lot not to mention my son is autistic.. Ok so just a couple questions .. How many baths .. Every night or like a couple a day ? And I was just wondering if I Bathe him every night could I give him a bath in the morning not using it.. Just so he don't smell bad? It's totally fine if I can't I will try anything to get these off him. Thank you so much.

 Re: What Should I Do with Blister from Brown Recluse Bite?

Sat, 29 Aug 15 22:41:33 -0500
Posted by Dave Donate
(Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/29/2015


Brown Recluse bite...

I just posted to someone in the Philippines on a spider bite...

My go to on spider bites is the Herb Echinacea. Apply three or four drops topically and repeatedly...Let three or four applications build up without washing off. Repeat for a week or two applying five or six times daily. AND if me, I'd also put five drops in glass of water and drink...three times daily for two weeks.

 Re: Have Constant Diarrhea, Nothing Helps for Long

Sat, 29 Aug 15 22:40:57 -0500
Posted by Dave Donate
(Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/29/2015


The diarrhea problem...

Likely the internal flora...the beneficial bacteria... is gone due to an infection. Onset was when you were in High School, so a definite time and prior to onset likely an infection, viral or bacterial.

The virus/bacteria/fungus may still be there making the condition worsening as you said. Certainly the beneficial bacteria is compromised.

If me, I'd take a lot of Colloidal Silver orally to see if the infection (assuming that is the culprit)...can be killed. The electrical charge of the silver will draw the opposite charge of the bacteria. I'd also take a LOT of probiotics to get the beneficial bacteria back to work. The Beneficial bacteria has the same charge as the CS so it is not harmed by the CS.

Lots of other helps. Yes to the ACV you mentioned. Yes to the diatomaceous earth. Anything to help the flora....BUT know that if the infection is not killed then recovery is unlikely. Hence, I'd be on the CS for at least 3 months...three tablespoons daily for the 3 months.

 Re: Helped Needed for Tropical Spider Bite

Sat, 29 Aug 15 22:40:28 -0500
Posted by Dave Donate
(Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/29/2015


Re your spider bite;

I've had experience with this issue.

My favorite is Echinacea. You may be able to get it is an herb... in liquid form applied topically and repeatedly. Plus I drop five drops in glass of water and consume orally three times daily. All for two weeks.

 Re: What Should I Do with Blister from Brown Recluse Bite?

Sat, 29 Aug 15 22:39:57 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/29/2015

Susi, I just wrote to someone else: try clay.

 Re: Helped Needed for Tropical Spider Bite

Sat, 29 Aug 15 22:39:27 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/29/2015

Jason, try clay if you can find it there.

  Re: Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:53:04 -0500
Posted by Nini (Logansport, In) on 08/29/2015

Yes, I experienced the same pain. I passed a stone and then my second put me in the hospital for nine days with NO insurance. I have since then passed three at home and am working on another as I write this. This is my first time drinking this and I hope it works.

  Re: Food Grade Peroxide

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:52:24 -0500
Posted by John (Philippines) on 08/29/2015

Thanks Brendan,

Just like you were, right now and for a very long time I'm also eating varied processed food(as little as I can) and whole/raw fruits and vegetables. Well... I actually know fully well what you are saying about unhealthy foods. They are very bad for my health and makes me sick - all those junk food, dairy, salt, sugar, McDonalds, we know the long list. Pretty much anything that are not vegan. My problem is I'm addicted/dependent... I always felt physically better and healthier whenever I don't eat any unhealthy foods, but my withdrawal symptoms is too painful to deal with whenever I try to quit.

I just started H2O2 therapy, but I will continue to use it for several months. Hopefully, it will help me reduce my withdrawal symptoms/cravings so I could reduce the unhealthy foods that I eat and eat more healthy/raw fruits and vegetables.

You mentioned before as well "I no longer suffer from depression, fatigue, constipation or any addictions such as sugar or smoking, my breathing remains crystal clear..." I hope I get the same results in months as well because I've been breathing for only one nose for more than a decade. My other nose is usually congested.

  Re: Baking Soda for Prostate Cancer

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:51:13 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 08/29/2015

HI U MICHAEL, , , , , , , , , , , , from what I've read, the baking soda is to get your urine pH over 8 and keep it there for a period of time. Also, molasses is then used as a Trojan Horse for the cancer once you get your ph in that range. There are a number of videos and articles concerning this on the web.

I would not give up on this protocol until you are better informed.


BHT for HPV - Seeking Help From Oscar

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:50:15 -0500
Posted by Elle (Chicago, Illinois) on 08/29/2015

Hi Oscar,

I've recently been diagnosed with a strain of HPV that causes genital warts. I've received TCA treatments for both external and vaginal warts: three for external (around the vagina), one for vaginal (opening/internal).

So far, the external warts have fallen off, healed, and so far, none have reappeared. As for the vaginal warts, some came out, but deeper in the vagina, others did not. After about 24-48 hours, I noticed they reappeared again in the spots they'd come out at, only in the vagina.

I'm making sure to document my progress, or lack there of, and will make another post in about a month.

So far, I am in DAY THREE of my BHT treatment and am taking one dose of 250mg in the morning on an empty stomach with water. I am 5'1" and approx. 118lbs.

I started the BHT treatment the day after I received my last TCA treatment, and thus far, the vaginal warts have returned, but the external vaginal warts have not (pray for me, fingers crossed! )

I've also ordered a higher grade of BHT (because my "wholesale" BHT is giving me a bit of dry mouth) that should be here tomorrow. That will be a bottle of 500 capsules with 350mg/capsule.

It saddens me that the vaginal warts have reappeared since starting the BHT treatment and it makes me scared that this treatment may not work for me, but I also recognize that it is only Day No. 3 and I should probably up the dose and start taking a higher grade...

I'd love to get a bit of feedback from you, as I am scared out of my mind!

Thank you, Elle

 Re: Ted's Aloe Vera Oil Remedy

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:12:50 -0500
Posted by Art (California) on 08/28/2015

It is available on Amazon.


 Re: Have Constant Diarrhea, Nothing Helps for Long

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:10:34 -0500
Posted by Myway (Wilmington, De) on 08/29/2015

Here is my remedy for diarrhea: Food grade diatomaceous earth.

Start with 1 tsp. in the morning in a glass of water. Stir - then guzzle it down. Work your way up to 1 tablespoon a day.

Again, only use food grade. When I travel overseas and get the "runs", I have this handy.

I think you will be surprised how well it works. For people with normal bm's, they have to drink plenty of water because DE has a constipating effect.

Keep taking it for a long while - I take one tablespoon 3x a week. It keeps me running fine!

Good luck!

MyWay :D

 Re: Need Help for Chronic Severe Nasal Congestion

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:10:15 -0500
Posted by Myway (Usa) on 08/27/2015

Dearest Pianoasis - I feel your dilemma because my allergy induced asthma was made worst by chronic nasal congestion - and here is how I got rid of my problem.

Blackseed Oil (nigella saliva). I take one tsp in am and one tsp in pm with water. It's pretty potent stuff but I'm so use to it - plus, I've never breathed easier in my life.

when I started taking Blackseed oil, any and all mucous came out of my body the first two days - so be prepared. Start on a weekend. Also, if you have a sensitive stomach, eat something first.

Anyway, now my eyes don't water, I breath wonderfully - it's amazing how well I feel.

All the best - you can lick this problem!

MyWay :D

  Re: Seeking Measurements of Cayenne Recipe For Throat Problems

Sat, 29 Aug 15 17:09:39 -0500
Posted by Joyce (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 08/28/2015

What is the ratio u used of each? I have thick flem and can't clear it because of my battle I have been having with oral thrush. I boiled about 3/4 cup of water with a good amount of ginger and added 1/4 cup or raw Apple cider vinegar and a dash of cayenne pepper and took a sip. Wow, potent, but it's not doing anything.

Also I usually wake up very dry so I don't want to be even more dry, just want to breath well and clear the throat. So what ratio do u use of each? Thanks Joyce

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