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  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Varicose Veins
Thu, 03 Apr 14 11:14:42 -0500

04/03/2014: Judy from California : "Have you tried Vein Health support , check this out, I have been using this for 3 months. and love it. my pain is so much better.

I found this blog so helpful


  Re: Rash, remedy needed
Thu, 03 Apr 14 11:09:22 -0500

04/03/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "She, have you checked your skin's reaction to your detergent? Body areas that are tightly covered, and/or sweat areas, might be more affected than other places."

  Re: Knee Pain Exercise
Thu, 03 Apr 14 11:06:36 -0500

04/03/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Grannymelva, I've found a little trick that has helped very well for knees: I walk with my toes slightly pointed inwards, which results in my toes pointing straight ahead, since I used to walk with feet splayed out to the sides."

  Re: Treatment for Chickenpox
Thu, 03 Apr 14 09:46:53 -0500

04/03/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Zeeshan,

If it is chicken pox, the spots will begin to blister. They may itch or become painful. Try 1-2 cups of baking soda in a warm bath for 20 minutes at least daily.

Try 1 Tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil three times a day, internally. You can also use coconut oil on the spots if they itch.

Take as much vitamin C as you can. You can take 1, 000 mg every hour or two, or even more. If you begin to get diarrhea, cut back a little bit. If you can get Emergen-C, my children really like to take vitamin C that way.

Try to get some sunshine each day if weather permits. At least 20 minutes on as much skin as weather and decency will allow.

Avoid dairy until you are feeling better, unless you have access to raw milk products, in which case yogurt or kefir may be helpful.

Even if what you have is not chicken pox, the above remedies are quite safe and may help whatever it is that you are dealing with.

I hope you feel better soon!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Rash, remedy needed
Thu, 03 Apr 14 09:39:41 -0500

04/03/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear She,

It is vexing to try remedy after remedy and not get cured!

I would try some things internally. It always surprises me when this works so well for skin issues, but it has for us. Try 1 teaspoon (or 4 capsules) of Turmeric three times a day. (Always use plenty of water to avoid constipation. (Constipation, by the way, can be related to skin rashes.)

I would also try three capsules of Borage Oil once or twice a day. (The kind with at least 1000 mg per capsule.)

You can take baking soda baths, also. 1-2 cups of baking soda in a warm bath 3-6 times a week.

Keep only 100% cotton next to the skin. You might also hand wash clothing that comes in contact with the rash in just baking soda or a natural castille soap, and be sure to rinse them well.

I once had a rash on my arm for a year. I tried countless remedies. Borage oil ended up being my solution. It was shocking to me that just one thing internally was my solution.

I hope you find your solution soon. Please let us know what you find out!

~Mama to Many~"

Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Parasites
Thu, 03 Apr 14 07:08:53 -0500

04/03/2014: Nh Gardener from NH, US: "Re. distilled water possibly carrying the amoeba parasite, please note that taking food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) kills all kinds of parasites. Though gentle and effective in cleansing our intestines, DE is said to have microscopically sharp particles that puncture the shell of parasites -- it would be effective even on the shell of this amoeba cyst. Twice a day, every day, just take a rounded Tbsp. of DE in 8 oz. any liquid. Use non-metal spoon and cup, and drink extra water. Many sites on the internet sell food grade DE. One site in particular has over 100 impressive testimonials, including many for difficult-to-eliminate parasites in humans & pets. Also read the Health Benefits page on that site. DE works well!"

Re: Bone Cancer Treatment
Thu, 03 Apr 14 07:03:17 -0500

04/03/2014: Vanashree from Gauteng, South Africa: "Hi, Please assist me. My nephew was diagnosed with bone cancer, he is 20 years old. We don't want him to go through with surgery, doctor says that the removal of the limb is required (amputation). What can we give him to help him before going through surgery?

thanks. Vanashree"

Re: Where to Buy Borax in Melbourne, Australia
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:53:58 -0500

04/03/2014: Emanuel from Melbourne, AU: "Hi guys, I search to find good quality Borax which is safe to take. I find only Glitz Green by Bunnings Melbourne from Pascoes 100% made in china. I don't trust this Product... Have you a tip where can I find borax in Melbourne. Kind regards emanuel"

Re: Treatment for Chickenpox
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:48:39 -0500

04/03/2014: Zeeshan from Karachi, PK: "H,i I am Zeeshan 22 year old boy, before 2 days I was feeling fever, but last night I saw some red spots on my face, neck and arm. My friend told me that these are the symptoms of chickenpox. I am very worrted about it, please tell me about the treatment. Thanks"

  Re: Bleach and Water for Scabies
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:43:29 -0500

04/03/2014: Tonya from Detroit, MI: "Your method worked out Great.. Angela from Eastpointe, MI. Thanx a lot"

  Re: Activated Charcoal
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:39:12 -0500

04/03/2014: Suseeq from Sydney, Australia: "Tthank you, mama to many, charcoal is a very handy thing to keep on hand. I didn't know it can do so many things. I always keep it but I'll use more from now on, thanks again"

  Re: Where to Buy ACV in Nigeria
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:37:20 -0500

[YEA]  04/03/2014: Bolaji from Lagos, Nigeria: "If you need Bragg apple cider vinegar with the mother here in Nigeria contact 08101147731"

  Re: Passed Kidney Stone Jumping With Massager
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:32:43 -0500

[YEA]  04/03/2014: Chris from Fresno, Ca: "How to promote the passage of a stone. jump and bump method. Don't do web search as the orginal web site has been hijacked now providing no info. on the method. The original jump and bump web site:


  Re: Knee Pain Exercise Update
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:19:54 -0500

04/03/2014: Grannymelva from Mountain Home, Idaho: "I have been doing knee exercises on my bed for at least five years now. I figured if it was good enough to strengthen my knee before knee replacement, it would be good enough to help the other knee so it would not need replaced. I like the leg lift in the air. I like the side leg lift swing. But, knee is acting up now. That is why I am checking out this site. And I am mid-70s."

  Re: Gelatin Powder for Knees
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:16:31 -0500

04/03/2014: Grannymelva from Mountain Home, Idaho: "I've been taking Knox Gelatin to strengthen my finger nails. Never knew it might help my knees. Personally I think it is EXPENSIVE. It's about $8 a box here. That would not even last a week!"

  Re: Castor Oil for Pain
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:11:36 -0500

04/03/2014: Grannymelva from Mountain Home, Idaho: "I have used Castor Oil for a number of years. It really does relieve the pain."

  Re: Ovarian Cysts
Thu, 03 Apr 14 06:00:11 -0500

04/02/2014: Rahoz from Bc, Canada: "Cynthia & Joe and anyone else who found their cyst size increased after taking blackstrap molasses (BSM) & ACV, would you kindly share if by any chance you have a concurrent thyroid problem such as low or high thyroid. Also if you are taking any meds and eating too many cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage etc?
I am asking this b'coz female with ovarian cysts often have thyroid problems too. That is the basic reason behind molasses working for ovarian cysts. Beside iron and many minerals, BSM is rich in naturally occurring iodine. Many studies today has proven that ovarian epithelium has receptors for thyroid hormone and ovarian stroma is richest organ in iodine second only to thyroid. That is why in case of iodine deficiency not just thyroid but ovaries are also effected resulting in multiple cysts.
Here are few facts about relationship between thyroid, ovaries & iodine:

Iodine is concentrated at high levels in the ovaries via the NIS symporter.

Iodine deficiency is strongly correlated with ovarian cysts and may also be related to ovarian

  • Flechas states that the greater the iodine deficiency, the more ovarian cysts a woman produces, resulting in the extreme form known as polycystic ovarian disease.
  • Howenstine asserts that Iodine therapy can reduce or eliminate ovarian cysts.
  • Slebodzinski states that iodine concentration in the ovary is higher than in every other organs except the thyroid. The ovarian iodide uptake varies with sexual activities, is enhanced by estrogens and a hypothyroid state and blocked by goitrogens.
  • Escobar investigated the effect of various levels of iodine intake on thyroid hormones in different tissues in the rat. They discovered that, under conditions of iodine deficiency, the concentration of T3 in the ovary was much higher than in the blood or most other tissues.

For someone with medical background or just a curious mind who wants to know more, plz explore these few links:

and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3355884/

I am a researcher myself and would like to know from any of you ladies if you have been diagnosed or have symptoms of any thyroid problems (hypo or hyperthyroidism etc)."

Re: Rash, remedy needed
Thu, 03 Apr 14 05:52:58 -0500

04/02/2014: She from Virginia, US: "I have a really bad rash all along my bra line and under my arms. I have tried everything and nothing is working! I finally went to a Dr to get help. She prescribed an anti-fungal cream and that has done nothing. I tried coconut oil....nothing. Then I mixed coconut oil with tea tree oil....nothing. Then I tried oregano oil...nothing. ACV......nothing. I don't know what else to do but go to a dermatologist. Which I really don't know want to do. I've even tried going gluten free and dairy free to see if that would help........nothing!!! Anybody got any more ideas? I love reading about all the home remedies and the people that they helped."

Re: Weaning off meds for HBP
Thu, 03 Apr 14 05:48:17 -0500

04/02/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Hello, If one is weening off bp medication but has added alternative products to see what will work best ..There of course are spikes in bp so does one wait it out??

thank you"

  Re: Activated Charcoal
Wed, 02 Apr 14 22:34:47 -0500

04/02/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Suseeq,

I have used charcoal in poultices externally on me and my children and most recently on my father...here are some things on which I have used charcoal...

-insect stings (spider bites, tick bites, bee stings) to draw out the poison and reduce pain and swelling.

-skin infections or wounds that look like they might become infected.

-infected finger (at the nail area. I have seen the poultices draw pus out over several overnight applications.)

-staph infection on the skin (in conjunction with other remedies internally.)

-over a surgical site that I was concerned could become infected.

-over the ovary area for cyst pain.

-mixed in water and strained out to use in the eye for pinkeye or in the ear for an ear infection.

-packed into the hoof a a goat with a hoof infection.

-poison ivy.


Charcoal draws out infection and reduces inflammation. It has been effective for our family in so many ways that I never hesitate to use it.

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Activated Charcoal
Wed, 02 Apr 14 21:23:14 -0500

04/02/2014: Suseeq from Sydney Australia: "To mama to many -- just curious what have you used charcoal on externally. Thanks"

  Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya
Wed, 02 Apr 14 21:20:24 -0500

04/02/2014: Ed2010 from Canada: "The enzyme of papaya is papain not pepsin. Papain is a protein digesting enzyme. And papaya incerases digestion by stimulating the pancreas, Rich in Vitamin A. Dry papaya chunks are used as meat tenderizer by chefs.

Papaya is a Heat Producing fruit. Traditional varieties are more sweet than the hybrid varieties. Hybrids and GMO's have changed the medicinal properties of many foods.

Good Health"

Re: How Do I Know if Someone Answered my Request for Shingles Remedies?
Wed, 02 Apr 14 20:31:12 -0500

04/02/2014: Kilee from Ontario, Canada: "How do I find responses, if any to my request for feedback or help with my shingles problem.It was posted earlier today , Thankyou"

EC: Hi Kilee,

Any responses will appear on your thread here: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/shingles9.html#RN. If you have an account with Earth Clinic, you can login and get notified when someone responds to your post.

Re: Dave's Experiment with Papaya (new page created!)
Wed, 02 Apr 14 20:17:12 -0500

[YEA]  04/01/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "I'm conducting some experiments using Papaya...the whole fruit and not just the pepsin enzyme pills. I'm hoping some folks read this who might also experiment with Papaya and see if they find what has impressed me.

First, I've noticed that eating Papaya (about five level teaspoons per serving) helps me sleep. I'd often wake up at 2 or 3 am, not with reflux but just "awake" and then had a hard time going back to sleep. After taking a "serving" of papaya late in the evening I noticed that my sleep patterns had changed and I usually sleep all or most all night. Also my dreams are a bit more vivid. I had not read about such an effect in reading about Papaya. (Attributable to better digestion?)

Second; of course Papaya contains the enzyme "pepsin" and that helps with digestion. I had also noticed that I could eat items that previously were taboo, such as milk products in any significant quantity, which caused me reflux. Same with coffee. I noticed that the negative effect from too much coffee is much diminished if I have two servings of Papaya daily. (A serving I'm calling five teaspoons.)

Next and third I notice I am "calmer" all the time. I rarely "feel" angst ... tensions that previously might trigger a sense of frustration. After years of fighting internal outbursts, as I've aged I have been pleased that those tensions have lessened in intensity but after being on regular servings of Papaya (perhaps 10 servings a week) unless I'm fooling myself, it seems I really am more relaxed. Even more than I have been which I attributed to just getting older.

I've experimented by eating various foods that were sure to cause reflux and when I do I eat a night cap of a serving of Papaya, no reflux.

Now to confuse things a bit, I have also been consuming WITH the fruit of the Papaya, the little black Papaya seeds. The seeds are peppery and provide an interesting "taste offset" to the mild soothing fruit. I have read in a number of places that the seeds provide an anti-pathogen effect (especially anti parasitic). I consume about 20 percent of the seeds with the fruit.

We are told in the Book of Genesis that God gave us the seeds for food also, and so when I eat fruit, if the seeds are edible I'll eat them too. So, in keeping with that admonition, I don't leave out the seeds of the Papaya. I first got used to the seeds by eating with a spoonful of the fruit, just a few seeds. "Wow, " I thought; "Those seeds will get your attention." But some folks may not be able to tolerate the seeds because they are "strong" tasting. I'd also like feedback from those who only eat the fruit.

Finally, as I've been regularly eating Papaya, it seems the foods that are gas producing, are less problematic.

Now, I know that the enzyme pepsin is acting as a digestive aid, but what is of great interest to me is that many other issues seem to be at work.

I'd certainly appreciate anyone else using Papaya and reporting back to the EC community to confirm or correct any of my impressions AND any other observations of Papaya usage.

I love Papaya mixed with Mango in a smoothie, by the way. And when I splurge, I'll mash up four tablespoons of Papaya in a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The mild Papaya does not overpower the flavor of the ice cream. Whereas, other fruits are rather strong and tend to "take over" the accompanying taste. There is such a wonderful refreshing mildness to Papaya.

By the way, again; I use either the small Papaya or the large ones. Both are effective."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Wed, 02 Apr 14 19:44:17 -0500

04/02/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Bee: Dieting increases the disease state. Energy and nutrients are required to detox, nourish, strengthen, and repair the tissues. Cells do not burn vitamins and minerals as fuel. There are 2 food programs people can follow. I follow the 80/10/10 program begun by the nutritionist to Martina Navratilova. Carbs are for fuel. Fats and proteins are for structure. Mitochondrial proteins unfold when fat is below 5%/g of carbs so that insulin can attach to the receptor sites. Medium fat medium carb folds the mitochondrial proteins so carbs, insulin, and nutrients, accumulate in the plasma, causing degenerative diseases. The cell can burn small amounts of carbs when fat is high. The best way to do the high fat low carb plan is to take expeller pressed coconut oil for fuel. Eat like an athlete, feel like an athlete, my motto."

  Re: Molasses
Wed, 02 Apr 14 19:27:51 -0500

04/02/2014: Rahoz from Bc, Canada: "What Julie from Wharton NJ is experiencing is because of iron and Magnesium (Mg) content of blackstrap molasses. Every individual has different dose that would work for them & whenever in little excess, it will cause gargling sounds and lose bowel movements with or without mild cramps. This is because Mg increases gut motility and that's why its used as a treatment for constipation (Milk of Magnesia).
Just cutting down on dose a little will solve this issue as rightfully advised by someone here before."

  Re: Pharmacy Drugs vs. Natural for HBP
Wed, 02 Apr 14 18:24:54 -0500

04/02/2014: Rsw from Uniontown, OH: "Hi Timh,

You are so correct in your assessment of statin drugs. There is a Yahoo Group called "Stopped Our Statins" where these adverse reactions are recounted daily by members who were very healthy until they took even low doses of statins for only six months. I believe I have an autoimmune disease from statin use, as documented by U of Duquesne School of Pharmacy. An interesting response by one member to a prominent doctor declaring the safety of statins lists the renumeration he has received in the past few years by many Big Pharma statin producers. There is also a CD called " Statin Nation" that is enlightening, made by a statin damaged person and involves interviews with doctors who are opposed to the belief that statin use is safe for most and why. Adverse reactions are rarely reported by the prescribing doctors, so the number of people affected is not known. If you get a chance, please take a look at this group and you will see the extent of the damage done to previously healthy people. It is shocking."

  Re: Allergic to Dairy?
Wed, 02 Apr 14 18:22:56 -0500

04/02/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Kezza,

Yes you can get age related allergies. Your doctor is just wrong on that one. But the allergy might be more related to the lessening of enzyme activity due to the aging process. However you want to see it the effect is the same. So you could take enzymes to make up for the lessening production by the body. Or just cut back on what has become problematic.

I have found eating papaya works wonders on digestive issues."

  Re: Zapper Feedback
Wed, 02 Apr 14 18:12:29 -0500

04/02/2014: Tony from Tn, US: "So glad to see your response back to me Tim. I thought with this thread not being able to be in the recent posts, I was wondering if you even know I posted in this topic anymore.

Like you, It's been a painstakenly slow process. I even thought many times in the past 2+ years that I was leaving this earth. God had other plans for me. I have thought about giving up but God has allowed me to continue the fight. It's certainly a challenge to my faith. I still have prayed daily even on days that I couldn't get out of bed.

I know what Jesus has done for me in this life. He's what has kept me pushing on towards the goal of having my life back. He promises me that in Jer 30:17. He says that he will "restore" my health and heal me of my wounds. I'm standing on that promise!

Now, onto the biofilms chat. I too have been reading up on this. I already take Natto and turpentine for the biofilms but seem to make slow progress. Have you read about "raw milk" and its benefits for removing biofilms? Yes, raw milk in higher quantities remove the biofilms associated with disease. Google "raw milk cures" and you will find out. You need to drink 3-5 quarts daily though not only for removing biofilms but also for treating many diseases.

I recently started using raw milk from a local farmer that's strictly grass-fed cows. Also using their raw milk butter and cheeses. When you compare conventional milk/cheese/beef to raw milk/cheese/beef there's just no comparison. Raw milk products and grass-fed beef taste soooooooo much better than conventional store bought types. Plus, you get the amazing health benefits from them as well.

I don't drink 3-5 quarts daily but I do consume 2 cups of raw milk daily as well as a couple of servings of raw milk cheese. Add to that about 2 servings weekly of grass-fed beef.

It seems now that I'm taking just as many supplements as I was when on the full anti-candida protocol provided by Bill. I don't mind it now though when I'm feeling better. I still have my rough days though but many more good days now. That's what I've been praying for and believing for too. Still a long way to go but I will get there because I have work to do here on this earth for my Jesus!

BTW, I've also been doing tons of research on colloidal silver. I don't know what brand of silver you use but the type and brand is key. If using topically, the ionic(clear-colored) form of liquid is the right type to use. If using internally, you need the "yellow" colored type. The yellow colored silver works better in the digestive tract bypassing acid. The ionic clear colored type doesn't provide this so it's basically useless taking internally. I use both topically and orally mixing each dose with DMSO as a carrier. Thanks again Tim and God Bless!"

  Re: Allergic to Dairy?
Wed, 02 Apr 14 18:07:41 -0500

04/02/2014: Rsw from Uniontown, OH: "Hi Keeza,

My Father was very healthy most of his life, but when he was in his fifties, he developed all kinds of allergies to many different foods and pollen. This led to adult onset asthma. So I can tell you that your doctor is incorrect and you can develop allergies at any point in your lifetime. The allergy shots my Father had for years, seemed to be of little help for him. If you can figure out what is causing the allergy, as you have with the milk, then avoidance may be the best plan. Best wishes."

  Re: Remedies Needed for Shingles
Wed, 02 Apr 14 17:33:41 -0500

04/02/2014: Tj from Milwaukee, Wi: "For some one suffering with shingles. The key question is are you restless? There is no need to figure out why, but if you are restless, consider the homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox. I have known four people to clear their shingles symptoms very quickly by just taking the remedy. In one case, the doctor who diagnosed the shingles thought he might have been mistaken because the shingles cleared so quickly."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Hot Flashes
Wed, 02 Apr 14 14:41:20 -0500

[YEA]  04/02/2014: Laura from Connecticut, US: "Hi Everyone,

I stumbled across this website while searching a natural cure for hot flashes. I am 64 and have been on HRT (Activella) for 15 years. I wanted to try to get off so last September I started "weaning" myself down a little at a time. I got down to every other day and began having hot flashes all day and night. I then stumbled across this web site. I can't stand the taste of vinegar so I bought some ACV pills. The pills are 250 mg and equivalent to 1 1/2 tsp. of vinegar. I took 2 pills the first night and they didn't help much. I came back to check what amount others were taking and noticed a lot of women taking 2 Tablespoons of vinegar day and night so I started taking 4 pills in the morning and 4 again at night. This is the equivalent to 2 T. liquid vinegar. I have been taking the ACV pills for a couple of weeks and have no hot flashes and can sleep at night. Ironically the day after I take my HRT pill ( I am down to one every third day) I do get some mild hot flashes. the other two days that I do not take the HRT pill I am HF free!! I am tempted to just stop the HRT pills altogether and take the ACV pills only but don't want to throw my body back into severe hot flashes again. Is anyone else out there trying to wean off of HRT and taking the ACV pills at the same time and how are you doing?


  Re: Hypothyroidism and Activated Charcoal
Wed, 02 Apr 14 12:54:24 -0500

04/02/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Lauren,

I have used charcoal (internally and externally) for years. I also am hypothyroid, though currently symptom free. I just am careful not to take charcoal within two hours of supplements that I take for my thyroid, or any supplements. I have never had a problem with it.

I love charcoal...it is inexpensive, easily accessible, safe and effective.

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Remedies Needed for Shingles
Wed, 02 Apr 14 12:39:35 -0500

04/02/2014: Mr. Ree from Usa: "Get a bottle of licorice extract and put the liquid all over the area 2 or 3 times a day...It will be gone in three days..If you get it again reapply it the same day and it will go away in an hour...A doctor told me I'd have it for months or maybe years and there was nothing they could do except give me percoset...They are all puppets with the drug companies pulling their collective strings."

Re: Hypothyroidism and Activated Charcoal
Wed, 02 Apr 14 12:30:38 -0500

04/02/2014: Lauren from Queens: "Hi Ec....Does anyone know if its safe to use Charcoal for internal cleansing if you are hypothyroid? Please advise....Thanks"

Re: Allergic to Dairy?
Wed, 02 Apr 14 11:29:01 -0500

04/02/2014: Kezza from Gloucester: "Hi, I was wondering what I can do for allergies as I have sinusitis and always getting viral infections, I have been being sick a lot lately with inflammation of my chest. I stopped drinking milk and haven't been sick since. I feel a bit sickly lately as I ate cheese for 2 days, but the dr. said I can't have an allergy at my age, which is 32. I'm just wondering if all my illness is due to allergies. Thank you."

Re: Remedies Needed for Shingles
Wed, 02 Apr 14 11:13:40 -0500

04/02/2014: Kilee from Ontario, Canada: "Hi All, I have been suffering through a very severe bout of shingles. It is over four months now and there is still tremendous pain and swelling on the right side of my abdomen, all the way around to my spine. I did not have the shots they recommend in the first 72 hours and I am a senior so it hit me really bad. The pain is unbelievable, the Dr.has me on Lyrica. I hate to take it, as it works by way of the brain and has some nasty side effects.The function of my kidneys has changed and it makes me dizzy, but it does help somewhat with the pain. I hate to take pharmaceuticals and refused to, for four months, but I couldn, t stand the pain and finally broke down and started the Lyrica. If anyone has suffered from this horror and found something natural that helps, or if anyone has suggestions, please post them for me. I use icy gel and cold compresses and some advil when I just can't stand the pain. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar early on and it did not seem to help. Thanks to all the posters and the staff that make this site possible. Kind Regards to all."

  Re: Diverticulitis Remedies
Wed, 02 Apr 14 11:07:13 -0500

04/02/2014: Sam from Houston, Tx: "Amounts of ingredient. How often."

  Re: DMSO Side Effects
Wed, 02 Apr 14 11:01:11 -0500

04/02/2014: Man from Sojouring, America: "I have been looking for that one death that has been harped upon concerning DMSO and I think I have found it. Doctors kill in the neighbourhood of one hundred thousand people a year in the hospitals and with pharmaceuticals and man made toxins they call medicines and one (1) woman dies with DMSO in her blood and the DMSO is maligned? What a crock of baloney.

Onion Juice for Hair Loss and Alopecia
Wed, 02 Apr 14 08:46:05 -0500

[YEA]  04/02/2014: Jane from Mass: "Onion juice will regrow hair. The Allicin in the onion juice stimulates follicle growth and draws blood supply up to the root. Blend one medium onion in a blender, you can add 2 tbs honey and tbs olive oil. Put into a squirt bottle. Massage onto your scalp before bed and wear shower cap, wash off in morning. There was a study in Journal of Dermatology, 80% of subjects showed hair growth within one week. You can use nightly until you get the amount of growth desired and then use once a month for maintenance."

Granny Smith Apple for Vomiting or Nausea
Wed, 02 Apr 14 08:44:49 -0500

[YEA]  04/02/2014: Jane from Mass: "I'm Sicilian as is my friend who recommended this natural cure for vomiting/nausea. Both our great grandmothers were natural healers. If you are vomiting or Nauseous eat a green apple/Granny Smith. You must consume the peel, as the remedy is believed to be in the peel. I've used this and it worked within 20 minutes. I think it may be a lot easier to keep down than charcoal or onion juice, although I use onion juice for a lot of other things."

  Re: Oscar's BHT Treatment for Viral Hepatitis
Wed, 02 Apr 14 08:41:54 -0500

04/01/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York: "Dear Yureg from US, I wish to begin by thanking you for this informative posting. As a reminder, do NOT use vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment. The metabolites of BHT can and will combine with B12 by way of peptide bonds. Vitamin B12 in effect acts as a BHT scavenger degrading the BHT treatment severely. Thank you for your informative posting Yureg. I only wish more people would use the updated treatment and post their results. These hepatitis infections are dangerous. The BHT treatment does work for most people if used properly. Keep it simple. The BHT treatment is BHT and NOTHING else. Also just keep taking the BHT as you have been even after NO VIRUS DETECTED is achieved. That means the treatment is working. It does NOT mean you are cured. That takes at least 2 years for most people if not more than 2 years. This is because even though no virus is detected in your blood, a very many liver cells are still infected with whatever viral hepatitis you are treating with BHT.

A true cure is when you test NEGATIVE repeatedly with the ANTIBODIES test. Very happy to hear this good news Yureg, ...Oscar"

  Re: Candy Sugar and Tulsi
Wed, 02 Apr 14 08:38:41 -0500

04/02/2014: Tina from Princeton, New Jersey: "In India, candy sugar is small white crystallized lumps of sugar. It is sometimes called misri or also rock candy. Any Indian grocery store will carry it. One common way to eat it is to mix misri with aniseed and serve it after a meal, to aid digestion and as a mouth fresher."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Wed, 02 Apr 14 08:35:24 -0500

04/02/2014: Sigistardust from Vancouver B.c. Canada: "Hello Bill and others who offered me help in regards to b.p on this issue. I bought some lugol’s iodine from Australia, just wonder does the product has to be refridged after opening the bottle? Something I didnt do! But I will take lugol again. Niacin seems to be also a healer, I once took niacin, but broke out in hives, which scared me I will try it again. Will start with a smaller doses, don’t mind the flush, vit b-3

Again many many thank you all of you with sound advise.!!! I will let you know my progress after 2 weeks it should show some.

Warm regards, Sigistardust"

  Re: Pharmacy Drugs vs. Natural for HBP
Wed, 02 Apr 14 03:14:49 -0500

04/02/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Prioris: Thanks for your bold voice concerning the (sad) truth about our current social order.

If I might add, it seems much of the pharma drugs is an issue of "dose dependence". M.D.'s are coerced into prescribing drugs and the high dose pills are what profits big pharma most; so it seems many people are taking way too may mg and experience much bad side effects, and many die from all-sorts of errors associated w/ the powerful chems.

As for searching, I do not depend on one single engine. I rarely use Google and mostly use Yahoo. MSM/Bing and Ask are other choices.

Back to meds, I have found that the insert for prescription meds is the common info according to the majority. If you are not in the majority that was studied, you may very well experience major side effects not listed in the insert or PillBook. Case-in-point, the generic Lipitor that MD rammed me w/. Of course I was cautious and split the pill in half and took not every day. I did an internet search and found that in rare cases substantial neuropathy or pulmonary fibrosis could and have occurred. Well, here I am w/ both these conditions already so this mandates an entire new level of caution."

  Re: Zapper Feedback
Wed, 02 Apr 14 02:43:10 -0500

04/02/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Tony: I have been waiting & wondering how your doing, so it's very good to hear you are much better and still improving.

As for me, I am, after three long yrs in the trench, seeing some big improvements. I have made major improvements w/ the parasites, & pathogens w/ a combo of remedies; now my two major concerns are bone infection in mostly my shoulders & arms/elbows, and heavy metals.

I guess I am like yourself in that there will be a need for rehab or reassessment back toward a normal life. I have spent most of the last 3 yrs in the bed and have been in need of some personal assistance.

As for particulars, in hard cases like yours or mine, I think the presence of Biofilms is a major implication. Bill is making much research progress on this problem; and as you might guess, modern medical practice is not on this. After watching a YouTube video on biofilms, the researcher spoke of bone infection as common in biofilms. Two noticeable remedies I have found effective are Nattokinase and Turpentine. With the removal of the films, the zapping, Colloidal Silver, and MMS are finally proving as powerful as they're taunted to be.

As for my Christian Faith, I can say that I have lost much of it, but continue on the right path as is necessary for spiritual survival. Over the last several yrs reading and watching NDE experience testimonials has very much helped fill the loss associated w/ disability. Socially I must live in a state of constant self-defense as I am so vulnerable. My bitterness has reduced as I no longer have any ambition in this world. Just try and remain positive and live in the moment."

  Re: MSM and Molybdenum
Wed, 02 Apr 14 02:14:25 -0500

04/02/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Shelleyjr: I also had very high Calcium levels as per hair analysis. Bill from Philippines says it's probably due to leaky gut or malabsorption. I feel like I have made improvements in that category but will need to repeat test for sure.

Sunbathing for Vit-D should help absorb the calcium in the event that your gut isn't doing well. An herbal parasite cleanse might be of big value as parasites are very common in folks, particularly those w/ pets or livestock. Oil of Oregano will kill any pathogens in the gut.

As for the MolyB and excessive copper, it appears warranted to add at least 50mg Zinc daily as Zinc will combine w/ Copper to form Zinc/Copper Superoxide Dismutase, a major antioxidant enzyme in the body. Ionic Major & Minor Mineral supplement will help bring about a balance of minerals. Taurine will help mineral function. A complete B vitamin will combine w/ minerals to form coenzymes involved in many metabolic processes. Vit-E and Selenium will combine w/ the CoQ10 for a major antioxidant boost.

Pineapple, Turmeric, and Omega 3 fats are the major ant anti-inflammatory naturals. Magnet therapy is a powerful anti-inflammatory."

  Re: Bone Spur Remedies
Tue, 01 Apr 14 23:05:04 -0500

04/01/2014: Digibook from Missouri: "I added some nutmeg and cinnamon and some honey for my allergies and it taste like apple cider. Wonderful drink! I hope it helps my hip spurs."

  Re: Zapper Feedback
Tue, 01 Apr 14 23:04:14 -0500

04/01/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa: "I just wanted to post back to Tim and let him know of my continued progress. I continue to get better each and every day Tim. Since my previous post back close to 1 month ago, I have added DMSO, B17, and Colloidal Silver to my treatment regime. Using both the DMSO and CS topically and orally as well. I have lots more energy since adding these 3 products. Still doing the zapping sessions daily.

Just glad to finally be feeling better now. I have kept my faith and continue to trust in The Lord. Healing is taking place for sure! Just a slow process and I accept whatever Jesus has planned for me. Of course, I wished this would have taken place a long time ago but God is in control. I just thank him daily for the healing. Keeping an upbeat and positive attitude goes a long way.

It's been really hard though with all the pain and suffering that me and my family have been through. I'm just allowing Jesus to use me however he wants in this life. I here to be his servant and can't wait til he decides that time is fully here. Thanks again Tim and I hope and pray your getting better as well!"

  Re: DMSO for Back Pain
Tue, 01 Apr 14 23:02:52 -0500

[YEA]  04/01/2014: Man from Sojouring America: "I had very sore muscles in my back recently from labour and I applied the DMSO gel by hand to my lower and upper back, then I put on by a roller cayenne extract after about 5 minutes. The results: The best heat pad in on the earth. It felt wonderful all day long. It was like an electric heat pad that I could walk around with all day.

DMSO comes from trees."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Tue, 01 Apr 14 21:42:24 -0500

04/01/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Sigistardust...Coversyl contains a drug called perindopril whose main dangerous side-effect is to cause renal failure due to the combination of high drug acidity and high blood pressure which always tends to destroy the delicate filtration network in the kidneys. So you were very right to refuse this drug.

To help you with your BP problem:

* Take 500 mgs Niacin(Vitamin B3) twice a day at meals. To avoid the niacin flush effect, take an aspirin 20 mins before you take the niacin. Or you can take the slow release form of niacin -- inositol hexanicotinate, which will not give the flush. Do not use the niacinamide form of B3 as this has no beneficial effect on blood pressure. See this article by Abram Hoffer. See this article on how to take niacin.

* Also take a tablespoon of Brewer's Yeast once every day in a drink -- B Vitamins always work better when supplemented naturally as a group because all the B vits are dependent on each other and tend to work together in concert. Niacin particularly acts to change the blood. Blood which is too thick or which has too much clumping will be more viscous with increased BP and increased strain on the heart. Niacin safely thins the blood, lowering BP to normal levels thus removing the strain on the heart.

*Supplement a source of Iodine. I find Lugol's Iodine the best (I been taking 8 drops or 50 mgs 5% LI a day for the last 8 years). You can also use other iodine forms like Iodoral if you wish. Iodoral is simply Lugol's Iodine in a pill. I regard iodine as an essential mineral element that everyone lacks in their diets today and most people are low thyroid as a result. Iodine also helps to solublize fats and proteins(including cholesterol) in the blood for better utilization and removal by the liver. Coronary heart disease, high BP etc can be caused by blockages or build up of fat proteins (called lipoproteins) in the blood. So supplementing lugols iodine acts to normalize these lipoprotein to more healthier levels. See these guidelines on how to supplement lugol's iodine. Iodine also increases energy, kills a wide variety of pathogens, prevents menstrual problems by normalizing hormones, increases bone density, reduces cysts formation, removes mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, fluorine and bromine from the body as well as being the main ammunition needed for the immune system to help fight pathogens in all the mucus sites of the body.

* Reduce all diary in the diet to reduce your calcium intake. Lipoproteins are normally bound to calcium which can cause constriction and blockages in the blood vessels. Take 250 mgs of Magnesium Citrate twice a day with meals to help regulate excess calcium in the blood which may be causing contributing to your problems.

* Take Vitamin C -- 1, 000 mgs three times a day.

* Nattokinase. This is a protease enzyme that digests fibrin or dead organic matter in the blood vessels that can cause blockages and high BP. I would first try all the nutrients shown above on their own for a while first. If that doesn't help then use the nattokinse (which is expensive).

And being a vegetarian I should also add Vitamin B12(not in Brewer's Yeast) and some form of extra sulfur to your diet -- -like MSM(Methyl-sulfonyl-methane), ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) or N-Acetyl-Cysteine. See this research on essential sulfur for the body for more ideas. Vegetarians generally always lack adequate sulfur nutrients in there diets. Sulfur can also be found in small amounts in foods like eggs, garlic and onions."

  Re: Pharmacy Drugs vs. Natural for HBP
Tue, 01 Apr 14 20:34:29 -0500

04/01/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Bee: High energy water makes everybody as happy as a hippie eating honey in heaven. Very active nutrients and enzymes make high energy water. A very convenient way to get high energy water is with activated barley. You can buy 2lbs at amazon for $36. Activated barley has at least 4 times the energy of any carb. Adding 5g to 1 cup water gives enough energy for an hour. Japanese agriculturists discovered barley has the most nutrients of any land plant. The gladiators ate barley sprout gruel. The hunza drink barley sprout tea with ghee and a herb that prevents plaque. You can add 1g barley grass juice powder. This has the same dna repair enzyme as raw pastured eggs and is very high in sulfur"

Re: How to make apple cider vinegar from storebought
Tue, 01 Apr 14 20:27:33 -0500

04/01/2014: Shadel from Nebraska: "Does anyone have the recipe to make store-bought vinegar into ACV with the 'mother'? Thank you for any replies."

  Re: Betaine Hcl Led to Sleep Apnea Issue Being Resolved
Tue, 01 Apr 14 20:11:09 -0500

04/01/2014: Eileen from White Haven, PA: "I too have sleep apnea and HATE that mask. It keeps me awake all night. I also know how awesome supplements are. No, you have to adjust the dose to your own body. Can you give me an estimate of the Mg. of Betaine. Thank. you."

  Re: Candy Sugar and Tulsi
Tue, 01 Apr 14 19:52:09 -0500

04/01/2014: Zark from Emerald City, The Land Of Oz: ">> Can you please tell me what is candy sugar

Candy Sugar - it's just sucrose (sugar) of that much I am sure. I'm guessing use 10-15 teaspoons of sugar would be fine.

Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) - I had to look it up, the common name for this is Holy Basil."

Where to Submit A Post?
Tue, 01 Apr 14 19:27:11 -0500

04/01/2014: Rebel from Somewhere, Usa: "How do you post on Earthclinic now. I only see where you can reply. Am I overlooking it?"

EC: Hi Rebel, sorry you are having trouble finding it. We keep trying to make it more obvious, but apparently it's not working. We'll keep working on it!

You can either use the "Submit Post" button at the very top of the site or the "Contact Us" button that sits near the navigation tabs with the social media icons

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Tue, 01 Apr 14 19:25:44 -0500

04/01/2014: Rebel from Somewhere Usa: "Hello! You may want to check into the benefits of cayenne pepper. Read up on this just Google, Bing or Ixquick. By the way my favorite is Ixquick.com they never record your IP Address."

Inversion Board Helps Back Pain
Tue, 01 Apr 14 19:22:09 -0500

[YEA]  04/01/2014: Shauna from Los Angeles, Ca: "I have used an inversion board for back pain for about 4 years. It is really amazing!! I have neck issues from sitting at the computer all day at work and it eases the compression and straightens up my shoulders, which start creeping up towards my ears. ha ha... not kidding! I think everyone should be using inversion therapy as they age. It is so great for the spine!!!"

Inversion Board Helps Back Pain
Tue, 01 Apr 14 19:22:05 -0500

[YEA]  04/01/2014: Shauna from Los Angeles, Ca: "I have used an inversion board for back pain for about 4 years. It is really amazing!! I have neck issues from sitting at the computer all day at work and it eases the compression and straightens up my shoulders, which start creeping up towards my ears. ha ha... not kidding! I think everyone should be using inversion therapy as they age. It is so great for the spine!!!"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Swollen Lymph Nodes
Tue, 01 Apr 14 18:19:21 -0500

04/01/2014: Wendy from Coon Rapids, Mn : "Well my brother still has the lymph node, it is still the same size but he's the type that expects over night results ugh and is stubborn. I thought I had saw a reply on here about massaging the lymph downward and that would help it shrink? as a reminder it is about an inch wide and oh I'd say about from bottom of jaw down maybe, MAYBE two inches. We went to a CVS minute clinic in August just to see what they said about anything homeopathic or whatnot and all they said is go to the doctor etc etc. Neither have insurance and his weight when this started was I think 173 on July 3rd and he's at 190 as of right now. Wendy"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Heart Palpitations
Tue, 01 Apr 14 18:17:45 -0500

04/01/2014: Sandy from Slc, Utah: "So, now I am confused. I am 55 in menopause and have had heart palpitations on and off for 3 yrs. I started magnesium at night which has helped greatly. I was going to start ACV for menopause symptoms, hot flashes, but will this increase palpitations? Also to help cholesterol which has increased due to menopause."

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux
Tue, 01 Apr 14 18:14:28 -0500

[YEA]  03/28/2014: Gena from San Fran, California: "I have been trying apple cider vinegar for acid reflux the past 2 weeks and I have to give it 2 thumbs up! I take 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water a half hour before eating. Wow, what a difference in my digestion and no more acid reflux! Oh and people are asking if I've lost weight. Guess I look better."

Re: MSM and Molybdenum
Tue, 01 Apr 14 16:48:41 -0500

04/01/2014: Shelleyjr from Albuquerque, NM: "I started MSM 5 days ago for Osteoarthritis pain and have had terrible headaches and bloating/gas. I got molybdenum yesterday and while it cured the headache, I still have tummy issues. (Arthritis is already better! )

I am taking 4 Doctor's Best MSM 1000 mg/1 gm capsules split between am and late afternoon. I took 450 mcg of molybdenum this morning with 2 gms of MSM and did the same this afternoon. Again no headache but my stomach feels bloated/gassy.

Health History;

I had hair analysis done a while back and each time it showed very high amounts of calcium and copper. (I had a copper toxicity using a skin care product on my clients. I absorbed a lot of copper through the palm of my hands doing facials.) Since then I have been doing a lot of detox's over the years.


I take Iodoral iodine, K2 and D3, CoQ10, boron/borax, tart cherry capsules for the OA and gout, and topical magnesium.

Today I have taken 900 mcg of molybdenum and feel it is working somewhat but not to the extent that Dr. Ben Lynch says on his podcast. Which he states molybdenum will eliminate bloating/gas associated with MSM. Also, in Dr. Lynch's podcast he list all the symptoms of a molybdenum deficiency which I answered "yes" to all. Since I am not worried about depleting my copper levels should I take more? And has anyone taken molybdenum in high doses over 950 mcg?

Thank you for any insight on high dose molybdenum."

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Tue, 01 Apr 14 16:36:30 -0500

04/01/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Thanks Kt for all your info! For now, I peel all fruits and veggies possible. Maybe here in Europe it's safer, who knows? I try to stay away from especially shiny fruits and veggies."

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Tue, 01 Apr 14 16:03:30 -0500

04/01/2014: Kt from Usa: "Hi Mmsg--I'm the one you wanted to keep posting "piecemeal" but haven't been on here much. I get discouraged when I know what I have learned but it is not always received well. I see so many remedies for "cures" instead of making attempts to just eliminate the cause.

ABOUT THE APPLES: When you pick up the apple the wax transfers to your fingers and as you peel, the knife transfers the wax along with your fingers to the apple. Then you ingest it. The same goes for oranges and grapefruits. You cannot wash the wax off. However, I saw a post on here, I think, that gave a ratio of vinegar and water that would remove the wax after soaking for a short time.

It's not worth the trouble for me to do that. One time I had gotten some good ol' Ivory Liquid that was reported to be digestible (original formula) and scrubbed the grapefruit skin but I just don't want to do that. I learned about the wax from Jack Samuels. I sometimes get apples and scrub them but I also cook them before I eat them. Eating the skin is still important.

Because our fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified in one way or another, raw is no longer safe. I get the canned water/juice packed apricots and peaches for my fruit. They have been blanched and are easier to digest. Sometimes if they seem too firm I cook them a little more. I don't think I can give the brand name of applesauce I purchase but it is the only one in a glass jar and has "Natural Plus" on the label. I get the concentrated "country style" orange juice because it has the pulp. I cook all vegetables until tender.

Mmsg, I hope I didn't unload too much on ya!"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attacks
Tue, 01 Apr 14 15:28:26 -0500

[YEA]  04/01/2014: Macy from San Juan City, Philippines: "I am now having terrible gallstone attack and its been days. I took several Buscopan Plus capsules but the pain did not go way. I did not bother tell anyone about since I am afraid to end up again in an ER. Last night I tried taking 2tbs of ACV mother but to no avail. After reading some tips here I increased it to around 6 ounces with apple juice. It was very unpleasant to the point that I'm going to vomit. Now after 15 minutes, the sharp stabbing pain that goes through my back subsides to almost gone but the burning sensation is still there which is much more tolerable. I am so afraid to have any kind of operation - just the thought of visiting a hospital makes me so nervous. Good thing I have ACV by Braggs in hand and I swear it is working even in the most excruciating pain that I just experienced for two days in a row."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Tue, 01 Apr 14 15:22:11 -0500

04/01/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Hi Kelly.. I think you posted something before if that is the same you LOL

anyway; thanks for the info.. so far I am doing ACV, olive leaf, magnesium oil, beet root, COq10, Taurine and I drink eggplant water ..Just trying different things.. some things work and some don't but its frustrating.. actually I did try lemon water and that might have worked the best..not sure yet...also looking in the water cure..

I will def. look into what you posted.

Oh; I don't eat a lot of carbs nor sugar and don't do a lot of bread. If I do its very low carb and I am gluten free . If I eliminate anymore food I will not be eating anything...I might start jucing tomorrow..."

  Help Requested for Swollen Right Hand
Tue, 01 Apr 14 14:24:24 -0500

04/01/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Hi Prioris,

The things I would first try would be dandelion root (capsules or tea) and drinking plenty of water (maybe with some apple cider vinegar in it.) Also, some light exercise if possible, or at least moving the hand around some.

I swelled up after one of my babies and the nurse said it was toxins and that I needed to drink a lot to flush it out. That seemed to work. (Oddly, I had an unmedicated birth, so I don't know what toxins she was referring to, unless she meant ones already in my system?)

Let us know what you find out!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Tue, 01 Apr 14 14:01:35 -0500

[YEA]  04/01/2014: Kelly from Cambridge, Ma: "I have found that being more cognizant of my blood sugar has helped my blood pressure, when other natural methods didn't.

Blood sugar isn't something I've ever had to worry about, but during my endless research into natural alternatives to BP med's, I stumbled across some interesting information that prompted me to pay more attention to blood sugar when it comes to BP.

I see many here with BP issues write that they "eat well", no junk food, etc. However, there are foods that don't fall under the junk category that can wreak havoc with blood sugar and BP.

Whole wheat bread is a good example. Two slices of whole wheat bread (or whole wheat cereal) spike your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar. Who'da thunk it?! :)

Glycemic Index of whole wheat bread = 72. GI of a Snickers bar = 41!

After much trial and error with many natural methods to get my BP under control, what's worked best are the following:

-Keeping my blood sugar steady, (i.e. eating before I hit the "I'm starving! " mark and want to eat my own arm...haha :)

-100mg's of CoQ10 twice a day

-One capsule of Acetyl-L-Carnitine 800/Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 combo twice a day. I found the combo capsule for dirt-cheap via Spring Valley (Walmart's brand).

-Sipping potassium-rich water throughout the day. I alternate between coconut water, which is potassium-rich, and potassium broth, which is made from boiled potato peels.

-Before bed, I spray my legs and feet with magnesium chloride spray that I make myself from the quick-dissolve capsules and water.

If, as with me, other natural remedies have failed, give this one a try. So far, so good!"

  Re: Aloe Vera Oil for Pulmonary Fibrosis
Tue, 01 Apr 14 13:58:30 -0500

04/01/2014: Amarjeet Sharma from Pune, India: "Hi Ted,

I have read about your treatment suggestions of using Aloe Vera Oil for curing Pulmonary fibrosis.

My father in law is 78 yrs and is in a critical stage at present with a extreme damaged lungs as per doctors. We would like to start Aloe Vera Oil.I would like to know how much quantity of ALoe Vera Oil should be given to him in this stage.

Many Thanks"





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