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  Re: Remedies Needed for Shortness of Breath
Thu, 17 Jul 14 15:26:17 -0500

07/17/2014: Chris from Missouri, US: "Mary thank you for answering me, Yes I am a smoker and I know that is probably the root of my problem, I do not cough or hack just shortness of breath. I have it this shortness of breath for 6-7 yrs but has naturally gotten worse, I also was diagnosed with producing too much cortisol from my adrenal glands, so that makes my stress level really high. I feel good except for the shortness of breath. Any thing you could suggest would be helpful (except to quit smoking as I already know this) thanks again."

  Re: Remedies Needed for Shortness of Breath
Thu, 17 Jul 14 14:51:52 -0500

07/17/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Hi, Do you know why you have shortness of breath? two years ago I had SOB and was then diagnosed with high blood pressure. I could barely walk up the stairs and was very fatigued along with the sob.....

After that I started searching for natural cures and also take meds which I am weaning off of.. and still learning and experimenting as I the way I am 60 and female.."

  Re: Mites on Scalp?
Thu, 17 Jul 14 14:49:44 -0500

07/17/2014: Marie from Clover. Sc: "Thank God I found this site. I've been to 5 Drs and they said no infestation but little black things fall out of my hair. What can I do?"

Re: Multiple Remedies for Hair Loss
Thu, 17 Jul 14 14:43:50 -0500

07/17/2014: Debc from California, US: "I recently had an experience with hair loss and wanted to share my story with Earth Clinic users. I had a very serious illness and took heavy doses of steroids, and other drugs. About two months later I began experiencing very serious hair thinning. I was brushing out huge amounts of hair every day and was completely terrified. I immediately mounted a "save my hair" regimen. I took 10 of biotic every day along with a hair specific supplement. I drank "black" water or water that has been enriched with volcanic ash. I began using a 100% natural shampoo and conditioner that was specifically for hair loss. Every two days I put a pack of amla and water on my head, left it for an hour and rinsed off. Amla is an ayurvedic herb known to stop hair fall. I bought it online and also at a local India store. It is powdered Indian gooseberry. Every few days I put coconut oil on my hair and left it for a few days or overnight. Every second wash I did a rinse with ACV. Once a week I used a serum that I sometimes left on for several days. But the thing that I think helped the most was getting acupuncture twice a week. I went to a local acu school, its $25 a session. I had a great supervisor overseeing the students and every week he would stick a bunch of needles into my head (and elsewhere), twice a week. I'd say it took about 6 weeks of this regimen and then one day the hair fall just stopped. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!!! I pray that my hair grows back to what it was. To others going through this painful condition, have faith."

  Re: Oil of Oregano for Vitiligo
Thu, 17 Jul 14 14:04:10 -0500

07/17/2014: Timh from KY: "Kay: Naturopathic Physicians (ND's) routinely prescribe Oregano as well as many other herbs and natural remedies for their patients, on-the-other-hand, Medical Doctors (MD's) prescribe synthetic antibiotics.

Your discovery of this natural remedy is a result of you taking personal responsibility for your health."

  Re: Remedies Needed for Shortness of Breath
Thu, 17 Jul 14 13:50:15 -0500

07/17/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Chris,

Likely the list is so varied because there really is a variety of causes of shortness of breath. Some things may deal with many causes, but knowing the cause will perhaps make it easier to figure out the best solution for you.

If heart problems or low blood pressure could be the root problem, the cayenne/garlic may be the best...and I would add hawthorne.

If anemia is the root, Blackstrap Molasses would likely be helpful.

If you have lung disease, hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer, or Bill Munroe's h2o2 inhalation method would be good.

If you have or have recently had infection in the lungs, colloidal silver in a nebulizer would be my first choice.

I am wondering how long you have had this problem. And have you had lung problems in the past? History or smoking or other lung irritants? Asthma?

Just some thoughts. Hoping that I or others here will be able to help you narrow down the choices to one that will help you!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Colloidal Silver: Need to Replenish Internal Flora
Thu, 17 Jul 14 11:50:03 -0500

07/17/2014: April from Philadelphia, US: "Thank you for lauding one of my favorite remedies! Renewal colloidal Silver from West Chester, PA is my preferred brand.

However! I found one aspect of this article to be extremely omissive and irresponsible. Silver destroys bacteria, harmful and beneficial alike. This means courses of silver destroy gut flora like any antibiotic would. Plentiful bacteria are absolutely one of the most crucial players in the health of our core immune systems, and mental state. I'm telling you people with compromised gut flora are connected with autism, schizophrenia, depression, inflammation, and all of the ills associated with that, including life-threatening disease. Flora is our internal ecosystem.. We cannot live without it. Please, please, please, if you are using silver at all, replenish with a variety of fermented foods and a broad-spectrum probiotic. Acidophilus alone is not enough.

Thank you for hearing my PSA."

  Re: Eliminating Yeast and Caffeine for Tourette's Syndrome
Thu, 17 Jul 14 11:48:21 -0500

07/17/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Pooja, have you read up on magnesium?"

Re: Remedies Needed for Shortness of Breath
Thu, 17 Jul 14 11:47:46 -0500

07/17/2014: Chris from Mo, US: "I love this site and need advice on what is best for shortness of breath. I am otherwise a healthy 61 yr old female but have shortness of breath, even just walking upstairs or short distance I get very winded. I searched this site but there are so many different things to try, I don't know which to try, there is garlic/cayenne, coconut oil, iodine, hydro peroxide, raw honey, jacks tea, colloidal silver, the list goes on and on. I need some good advice on what to use. The only other herbs I am on are cats claw and cortisol support. Thank you and please answer asap."

  Re: Oil of Oregano for Vitiligo
Thu, 17 Jul 14 11:44:40 -0500

07/17/2014: Kay from Georgia, US: "Nothing, and I mean nothing, not even the e-coli bacteria will grow in oregano. I open the capsules and put about 13 in a pint or two of water. I spray it on the rain rot (fungus) that my horses get. It is absolutely fungus free the next day. I take it as a vitamin supplement too. I have vitiligo also and will be trying all of this. A copy of this article is going to my doctor"

  Re: Ted's Suggestions for a Fatty Liver
Thu, 17 Jul 14 11:42:58 -0500

07/17/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Hi, thanks for the feed back... well the Taurine is actually helping lower my blood pressure .. Maybe I just don't take the lecithin enough.. was only doing one tablespoon at breakfast or a bit more and that was it..

Also drinking lemons and I don't usually have high fructose corn syrup or anything like that .. Been very careful in reading labels although I do cheat every so often.. I do eat fruit though but mostly watermelon and not about to give that up ..

well I am almost out of Lecithin and still no weight loss.............but I have other issues going on.. It could be the medication I take for hbp which I am weaning off of that has contributed to not being able to lose weight..but then again people say its all in my head and not true.. I don't know..

Thank You"

  Re: Eliminating Yeast and Caffeine for Tourette's Syndrome
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:46:00 -0500

07/17/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Pooja,

You are being a great detective for your son, figuring out how to help him do his best!

Regarding chewing gum, we have used Spry gum with Xylitol (supposed to be a natural sweetener.) in the past once in a while. It tends to lose its flavor quickly though and gets hard rather quickly. I am not really sure how natural it is. However, here in the US, in most grocery stores, most gums contain aspartame and artificial color, which would not be good for anyone, especially a child with adhd and tics.

I am not sure what the chewing gum does - one poster here said they thought it was a distraction which stopped the tics. If that is the case, I wonder if a piece of honeycomb would work as well? It would be natural and not hard on the jaw. When I was a girl, my uncle raised bees and would give us honey in the comb. I would take a little piece of the comb and chew it like gum. Eventually it would be gone and the flavor didn't last very long, but it wasn't hard on the jaw and would be very natural.

Perhaps others will know of a good natural chewing gum. I love gum, but it is hard on my TMJ so I don't chew it. :)

Please keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Bulging Eyes
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:21:28 -0500

07/17/2014: Sarah from Amsterdam, Holland: "Hi! I have bulging eyes for a year know and it has made me so depressed and insecure. I would love to see your before and after pics!"

  Re: Eliminating Yeast and Caffeine for Tourette's Syndrome
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:04:09 -0500

07/17/2014: Pooja C from Mumbai, India : "Hi, it's very educating to read real experiences about TS. My son has been living with the tics+adhd for a few yrs now. I keep looking up for new material on the Web to help him cope. I've found that cutting down yeast to almost nil and adding sesame to his diet helps. Caffeine he happened to consume accidentally one day and that was the worst day with regards the tics. Also for him, the cold weather makes his tics worse so that could be individualistic symptom... I've also just begun with the chewing gum routine. Really hope it helps him!! I'm looking for low sugar gum that would be suitable for kids... Would love some suggestions.."

  Re: Where to Buy ACV in Nigeria
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:01:59 -0500

07/17/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Oji, until you get it, you can try using regular vinegar for what you need."

  Re: Neck Pain
Thu, 17 Jul 14 08:01:11 -0500

07/17/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Lileetha, can you try clay poultices on your neck?"

  Re: Acid Reflux, Back Pain and Heart Palpitations
Thu, 17 Jul 14 07:58:04 -0500

07/17/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Lisa, a safe and gentle way to start might be to upgrade her diet to a more alkaline one."

  Re: What is Best Type of Castor Oil?
Thu, 17 Jul 14 07:57:27 -0500

07/17/2014: Jennifer from Texas, US: "Would you mind sharing what type of castor oil you used? I would like to know what works best. Seems likes there's so many options when I researched it. Thank you in advance!"

  Re: Death Would be Better Than This
Thu, 17 Jul 14 07:56:03 -0500

07/17/2014: Robyn from Melbourne: "Hi, I've been visiting planetthrive for many years now. Although I don't suffer seizures all day long I do, I can't breathe most of the time, I am in pain ALL the time to the point I have to take morphine, then I have the reactions you would know of when I smell toxic things. I didn't meet anyone on there that has had this without knowing what's going on for 21 years, totally on their own and living in a car. They don't discuss much more than brain retraining now. I did nlp enthusiastically 15 yrs ago. But not knowing I was still breathing in, ingesting more poisons, allergic foods ruining my gut even further so now I have addisons & thyroid disease. From tests I apparently don't metabolise much. Doing new age stuff, tapping, nlp any of that stuff while being ignorant of what's really going on is bad! Whilst you don't want to make it worse by being stressed out of it in your mind I believe you can't ignore the biochemical. And no, I don't give a rats about diagnosis. Like fibromyalgia so they can give me a barrage of drugs, all that hurt me. The other diagnosis are real. I don't have the hormones that keep you alive. If you ignore a diagnosis of addisons you will be dead very soon. Thanks for making contact."




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