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  Re: Need Tips on Eliminating Brain Fog
Mon, 31 Mar 14 21:45:53 -0500

03/31/2014: Thehandyman1947 from Ohio,u S A : "Tyler, people go gluten free, most times that may not be a problem, wheat is. if you can eat other products with gluten, (example barley) then it's wheat, wheat, to some degree, is a problem for everyone, as it creates inflamation, and dose not digest well. as for the OCD, gut bacteria would be a good start, try home made yogurt with these bacteria in it, bifidobacterium infantis longum, lactobacillus helveticus, lactobacillus rhamnosus, if your gut was out of balance that would account for the mono. also a "FOS" would help to colonize the good bacteria. If you're unable to use milk products then a pro-biotic is a more expensive way to go. also check DHA, and a omega 3. Hope this helps"

  Re: Need Tips on Eliminating Brain Fog
Mon, 31 Mar 14 19:57:14 -0500

03/31/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Tyler,

Re the brain fog and other symptoms;

You ask if the mono could have had anything to do with the condition...Absolutely yes.

Quite coincidentally I just posted to a "David" about his condition and yours is even more clearly associated...that is a very serious infection and then follow up problems.

The "hand tremors" symptom is ominous and demonstrates that likely the infection is thoroughly established in the nervous system.

IF this were me... I'd make sure the doctors were alerted to this possibility and see if they have any meds that could be used to treat nervous system infection. My belief is they will likely not have a solution although there are many anti-virals available.

If me, and the regular MDs did not have a solution, then I'd consider using large doses of high PPM Colloidal Silver. If the condition has in fact gone into the nervous system then I know, given the symptoms and the prior mono, that I might be facing "viral meningitis." Ask your doctors about that possibility. Again, if they have no solution then if this were me, I'd use a protocol that has the capacity of moving an anti-viral into the nervous system.

There is a technique to doing this; quite simple, and I don't mean to overwhelm you but I know with the symptoms you are exhibiting the situation is most serious. If you wish to further discuss, if you will contact Earth Clinic we can converse via Email."

  Re: Mother With Stage 2 Cervical Cancer
Mon, 31 Mar 14 19:53:43 -0500

03/31/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Pebble: For the thyroid she can try desiccated porcine thyroid glandular. Many people have recovered from everything under the twinkling stars going raw paleo. She can eat raw grass fed hamburger, raw pastured eggs, desiccated liver, colostrum, and non denatured whey. Paleo requires low carbs. This can be explained by cellular biologists. For vegetable she can take barley grass juice powder. Supplements she can take are skate liver oil, unrefined sea salt, and CBD oil. Take 1/2ml every 10 days from 1oz bottle cherry flavored 1500mg CBD oil. This company makes theirs from the flowers of organically grown Canadian hemp."

Re: Need Tips on Eliminating Brain Fog
Mon, 31 Mar 14 19:38:15 -0500

03/31/2014: Tyler from Canada: "Hi, I have been suffering with chronic brain fog for the last 8 years of my life. With the brain fog also came hand tremors ocd/depression/joint aches. The brain fog seems to get worse when sick with a cold. The brain fog isn't off and on. It has been 24/7 for the last 8 years and nothing seems to make it better. For the last month I've been trying my best to eat completely gluten free, drink more water, excercise more and just recently added coconut oil to my diet. Could anyone tell if if theres anything else I can do to eliminate brain fog completely? It started around the time I got mono (not sure if that has anything to do with it). I appreciate any feedback."

  Re: Adrenal Fatigue Connection to Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 19:36:48 -0500

03/31/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello David from Corsicana, Tx

Re your heart palpations...

When did the problem begin?...You mention a number of problems that might be associated...dizzy, nervous, sleepy and tired.

I'm always suspecting a virus lurking around causing all kinds of problems. And David, especially, I look for a TIME prior to the onset of the symptoms when one might have fought off a really bad infection like mono or strep etc.

Just checking...think back to the onset; did you have a bad infection prior to symptoms...think back six months to a year or so...a really bad infection like I named above. If so, then we need to discuss how to get rid of the probable causative agent...an infection of some kind. Now just because you can't recall one doesn't necessarily mean that no infection is involved but so often I discover a "smoking gun" in the form of a bad infection. Post again if you suspect a possible lingering infection, and I'd describe what I do to knock out such infections.

Hoping you get better...keep searching because there IS a solution!!!"

Re: Garlic for Abscess
Mon, 31 Mar 14 19:23:01 -0500

03/31/2014: Kt from Usa: "I was sharing your website with someone who had an abscessed tooth and told her to look for an Aug. 2012 post that encouraged me to tolerate the garlic burning when using the remedy for my abscess. Are we going to be able to pull up old posts to print?



EC: Scroll through the entries and you may find the one that you were looking for. The entry in 9/2012 from Don Quixote talks about how the garlic stung for the first few minutes but ultimately cured his abscess.


Re: Where to Buy Lugol's in Alberta, Canada
Mon, 31 Mar 14 19:05:50 -0500

03/31/2014: Val from Innisfail, Ab Canada: "Hello I am looking for Lugol's Iodine in Alberta, do you have a location here where I could purchase it?


  Re: Help Requested for Inflamed Stomach and Ulcers
Mon, 31 Mar 14 17:38:12 -0500

03/31/2014: Fotophrek from Woodbury, NJ: "The best rule-of-thumb is to be more interested in your health and well being than maintaining friendly relations with a doctor. Remember, you are responsible for your health, and your relationship with your doctor is a business one; if it’s a friendly one all the better, but it’s not a requirement. You are not obligated to meet anyone halfway (if you have doubts) when your health is at stake, that’s just massaging their ego at your expense. We should all seek out medical opinions when we deem it necessary, and take it into account. However, remember, there is a reason medicine is called a practice, and what doctors tell you is their opinion (that’s why people often get more than one)."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda for GERD
Mon, 31 Mar 14 17:32:25 -0500

03/31/2014: Gordon from Syracuse, Ny: "I want to try the ACV/baking soda remedy for GERD but I'm currently taking Prilosec 20mg, which I want to stop taking altogether because of the bad side effects. Is it okay to take ACV/baking soda while taking Prilosec, or should I ween myself of Prilosec first?"

  Re: Adrenal Fatigue Connection to Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 17:30:06 -0500

03/31/2014: David from Corcicana Tx: "How do u know if u have it what are symptoms for this? I get really tired and its not my heart. I checked my head. They have done millions of tests, everything gets back to normal. I get dizzy really nervous and sleepy"

  Bill's Remedies for Left Upper Hip Pain (Muscle/Nerve problem)
Mon, 31 Mar 14 17:05:07 -0500

03/31/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello again Bill,

Thank you for the update on the "hip" issue.

About the enemas .... Dr. Nick Gonzales (MD) in Manhattan, the renowned cancer doctor, has enemas as a major part of his anti cancer protocol. That comes from his mentor under whom he studies; Dr William Kelley (who was a dentist but developed Dr Beard's ideas about the use of the enzyme "pancreatin"...). But his are all coffee enemas so interesting the many variations you are going to use. Looking forward to the outcome.

Your student,


  Re: Mother With Stage 2 Cervical Cancer
Mon, 31 Mar 14 17:04:52 -0500

03/31/2014: Pebble from Atlanta, Ga: "Hi, my mom has been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. Years ago she had her thyroid removed, although being very active and thin until her 50s, after the thyroid issues she couldn't lose weight. She is 69. The doctors recommend radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy. I would very much appreciate if you could suggest supplements. Thanks,"

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 15:52:59 -0500

03/31/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Dear Lars,

You're correct that "propoxyphene" which was branded as Darvoset and Darvon, were found to effect the electrical action of the heart. In fact, you can still seek compensation for damages. Google, "Darvon darvoset lawyers" and you can find firms that will give free case evaluations.

If this were me, I certainly proceed cautiously but read the article on AEP (google: nutrition review calcium AEP...and you'll find an article that discusses how AEP works on the cellular level to HELP the electrical action). Maybe the AEP could help with the palpation damage done by the Darvoset.

Also I have found that without sufficient "magnesium" in the system one is almost certainly going to have heart issues. I take a lot of natural vitamin E (not the synthetic form); potassium and magnesium; calcium AEP and arginine daily. Those just for the cardio system.

I also might try getting magnesium in the system by taking a few Epsom salts baths two or three times weekly for a month. Two cups of Epsom salts dissolved in warm water and then added to a warm bath and soak for twenty minutes. The magnesium sulfate with absorb into the system and is reported widely to help calm and rejuvenate. Especially helpful in "a fib" issues.

Because papaya is such a system calmer, I'd also try a few tablespoons of that daily."

  Re: Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Grapeseed Oil for Inverted Sinus Papil
Mon, 31 Mar 14 15:02:12 -0500

03/31/2014: Fight Back!! from Columbia, PA: "Get a reusable nasal spray bottle and fill with distilled water, add 1 drop tea tree oil, 1 drop eucalyptus oil, and 1 drop of grape seed oil. Use it as you feel you need it."

  Re: Mastic Gum, Digestive Aids
Mon, 31 Mar 14 14:34:33 -0500

03/31/2014: Maria from London, UK: "Hi there, I just saw your message on H Pylori. You say you purchased 3 products but only mentioned 2 of them. Also, in what quantity did you take them? Many thanks."

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Molluscum Contagiosum
Mon, 31 Mar 14 14:04:53 -0500

03/31/2014: Saad from Karachi, PK: "Naveed, I'm going through this pathetic MC, need to know where you got tea tree oil and soap.... need your assistance to get tea tree oil and soap."

Re: Apple Cider Vinagar for Gout
Mon, 31 Mar 14 13:58:26 -0500

[YEA]  03/31/2014: Creamnsugar from Grants Pass, Or: "My son was a little angel sent to me by God to watch. He has Down Syndrome. He doesn't ever complain about anything. All he's wanted, in his life, is to be loved. He is now 43 years old, and he is still the same loving angel. I don't know when he hurts, because he won't complain. When he is in REAL pain, he makes a hurt face when he sees me.

I noticed he was limping in the morning, and after checking him, found out he was having a gout flair up in his left toe. I came on here, to earth clinic, to find out what to do for him. I gave him ibuprofin and 1tbsp ACV with 1tsp baking soda in like 6oz water 4 times a day.

It's day 3 now, and the redness finally went away, but it's still swollen a little. So I will continue giving him the ACV and BS. Thanks Earth Clinic!!"

Re: Pulse Pressure Readings
Mon, 31 Mar 14 13:07:39 -0500

03/31/2014: Baldev from Maharashtra, India: "Hi,

This question is for Ted / Bill if they can throw some light on "Pulse pressure" and in case if it is high or low, how to correct it. Because normal pulse pressure should be 40. Thanks, Baldev"

  Re: Oregano Oil for Herpes
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:54:48 -0500

03/31/2014: Teel from Chicago: "I have been suffering from the outbreaks for the past three years. I noticed stress brings it on and different dosages of vacyclovir gets rid of it faster than others. I was coming down with one when I started the oils back at the end of Feb. (I also applied a mixture of a drop of oil to vaseline on outbreak zone) It never fully came out and no reoccurrence. I try to do three to four drops under my tongue every morning with rubbing the oil in the spine daily. It's been a little over a month and so far so good. The smell and taste is very strong but a small price to beat this. I advise caution with drops as burning can occur. I allow saliva to form before swallowing to digest and avoid burning my throat. Others can try water. I hope to check back in a year and say not one outbreak has happened since starting. Hopefully this works."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:52:56 -0500

03/31/2014: Bee from New York: "Yes I was going to suggest that water cure.. I am trying it myself but I am not comprehending it well. Not sure why? I do use sea salt for palpitations and this morning I used a teaspoon and just put in on my tongue and now am drinking 9 glasses of water.. I have some celtic sea salt.. I keep reading different things. Take the salt on your tongue or put the salt in water.. so not sure.. I looked at the website also.. I am also wondering how long does this take and does it have to be for a long time or is it short term?? Thanks"

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:52:30 -0500

03/31/2014: Mvo from Jhb, Rsa: "Hi Sigistardust, are you drinking enough water? Check Youtube for "Your body's many cries for water" and "water cure" - hope it helps, good luck."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:51:59 -0500

03/31/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "Sigistardust: In the 21st century civilization is evil wicked masterminds coming across as enlightened knowledgeable wise men. We eat toxins that poison us. Meds make us worse. Thank God His goodies rescue us. Take activated barley, barley grass juice powder, raw cocoa powder, desiccated liver, aged garlic, skate liver oil, cayenne, expeller pressed coconut oil, black chia seeds, yucca liquid, and unrefined sea salt."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:51:46 -0500

03/31/2014: Gertal from Al: "Start off by getting a blood pressure monitor at the drugstore. Take it yourself and keep a record of what it is. Then, practice 'calming' techniques--deep breathing, etc, and learn how to get it down that way. Make a list of everything you take and then check each item to see if it can raise your bp. the dgl licorice for my ulcer would raise mine, so even 'natural' things we take can make it go up. Besides that, do some research on this site and see what else you can do. If your bp is normal when you take it yourself, then you can show this to the dr and demonstrate that he causes it to go up."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:51:28 -0500

03/31/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "Sigistardust: In the 21st century civilization is evil wicked masterminds coming across as enlightened knowledgeable wise men. We eat toxins that poison us. Meds make us worse. Thank God His goodies rescue us. Take activated barley, barley grass juice powder, raw cocoa powder, desiccated liver, aged garlic, skate liver oil, cayenne, expeller pressed coconut oil, black chia seeds, yucca liquid, and unrefined sea salt."

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:51:03 -0500

03/31/2014: Mr. Ree from Usa: "Drink a glass of ice water in heavy hard gulps.. It will stop the palpitations immediately...

Or drink a glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt stirred in...Don't worry about the sea salt..It will raise your BP if it's low and lower it if it's high..."

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:50:40 -0500

03/31/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas: "I began to get heart palpitations and found immediate relief by taking magnesium oxide."

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:48:31 -0500

03/31/2014: Bee from New York: "Hi Lars from Idaho;

I understand what you are going through. About 2 years ago doctors bullied and scared me into beta blockers for hbp and because I said I was under stress he assumed I had palpitations.. I had some nervousness but never palpitations.. so stupid me took the medication.. Now I found a doctor who told me how to wean off the medication and I am doing it slowly but I am getting palpitations from that here and there. So what I have found to work for me is acupressure .. check utube for the points to press for stopping palpitations..Also the most unbelievable thing someone told me is that sea salt in a huge glass of water stops palpitations..and it does for me.. It might take a bit but it works.. Now I cant speak for you but its worth a try.. check earthclinic on here to see how sea salt works for that.."

  Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 12:41:54 -0500

03/31/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Sigistardust, read up on the water cure for high blood pressure. You actually DO need some salt, but the good kind."

Re: High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments
Mon, 31 Mar 14 07:56:31 -0500

03/30/2014: Sigistardust from Vancouver, Canada : "I have high blood pressure ( 162 sometimes 45 it changes all the time) now Doctor wants me to take a chemical product called Coversyl. By reading the side effects I refused taken it. he told me that no alternative medicin can reduce high blood pressure, which I don't believe. I don't drink, nor eat meat, and check the salt intake, no cheese, I would like to know what causes my high blood pressure, one think I know when ever I am in his office, my blood pressure is high, he scolds me by not beeing co-operative, so I decide not to see him any more, it just doesn't work with each other, I am just not taking chemicals. Would appreciate hearing from you guys, because he does scare me each time I see him and that increases my blood pressure even more.

Thank you again, Sigistardust"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Winter Tonic
Mon, 31 Mar 14 07:53:50 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Carly from Maryland: "I take 2 tablespoons ACV with 8oz hot water, 2 tablespoons of Organic honey and cinnamon. Its wonderful! Tastes like a hot, spiced apple cider. Or apple flavored tea."

  Re: Heart Palpitations
Mon, 31 Mar 14 07:53:32 -0500

[YEA]  03/31/2014: Lars from Boise, Idaho, Usa: "I'm 65 years old and have had palpitations since I was 16. I heard that the condition was caused by the Darvon or Darvoset pain med that I was given after surgery when I was 16. It has been taken off the market for that very reason. I have recently found that eating a Red Delicious apple gives me immediate palpitations, and would like to know why. I have them a lot when I get tired or exhausted. I have never had a doctor believe me when I complain about palpitations. They just treat me like I'm crazy or a hypochondriac. My doc now has me on Bisoprolol-HCTZ (a beta blocker) that sometimes relieves the palps but now when I miss a dose the palps go wild. I haven't found any natural remedy that has worked but am willing to try the recipes that you all have advised."

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice Helped Gallbladder Attack
Mon, 31 Mar 14 07:52:25 -0500

[YEA]  03/31/2014: Katt from Austin, Tx: "I am waiting on having my gallbladder removed. Had some discomfort tonight after eating a little excessively. Went out and bought some 100% apple juice and ACV. I used 1 TBS to 8 oz of juice. It is 40 minutes later and the pain and pressure are going away. Glad I found this. Will Be a drink I'll mix in the morning and take to work in case of pain."

  Re: Skim Millk and Slippery Elm Drink for Ulcers
Mon, 31 Mar 14 07:50:55 -0500

03/30/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa: "You know what's even better from step #1 in this drink? Replace the skim milk with pure raw milk. Can be reduced fat or whole raw milk. Raw milk has TONS of enzymes and great for any digestive problems. Best to also choose raw milk from grass-fed cows only. Thanks & God Bless!"

  Bill's Remedies for Left Upper Hip Pain (Muscle/Nerve problem)
Mon, 31 Mar 14 06:50:58 -0500

03/31/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Dave...I always appreciate comments and new ideas -- thanks for your input.

Well, my strange hip problem appears to be rapidly receding. I seems to be clear of the shooting pains now although the compression feeling in the left hip region is still there(but fading too). I doubled my dose of Organic Brewer's Yeast a couple of days ago to two tablespoons and this seems to have greatly helped. Brewer's Yeast contains all sorts of other heavyweight nutrient goodies besides the B vitamins including Selenium, Coenzyme Q10 and beta glucan. And Brewer's Yeast is cheap as well as natural.

I also sometimes get the leg cramps that you mention -- at night mostly -- and I know that this problem for me is mainly due to a lack of potassium/magnesium. I usually get the leg cramps after taking turpentine or Makabuhay(Tinospora cordifolia) because these two protocols have diuretic action -- they remove water and minerals from the body and I always forget to add minerals into these protocols.

I always read your comments on using Colloidal Silver. This is a most useful protocol for any blood infections like you have said. I haven't been able to find any CS in the Philippines yet but I will probably be buying some again off the internet soon. For now, I just rely on nutrients like Lugol's Iodine, Methylene Blue, Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Turpentine, DMSO etc against the various different types of blood born infections.

I am also looking to start taking enemas regularly for the first time and have been studying them recently. The reason for this new interest is that I have seen the amazing benefits and results -- first hand -- on the autism site that I'm involved with at the moment. The kids are taking enemas on a daily basis and their health is undoubtedly improving rapidly. The coffee enema is a must to clear out all the poisons from my liver and body. Then there is the soda enema, the milk and salt enema(gets rid of excess mucus from the intestines), the MMS enema(parasites), the Iodine enema, the turpentine enema(with soap) etc -- I expect to be having hours of fun experimenting with my new enema kit and Lord only knows what sort of "rust" is going to come tumbling out of my old back pipe...!!"

Cayenne for Itchy Skin
Sun, 30 Mar 14 20:55:39 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: David from Thailand: "I would be happy to write a post in appreciation for all the help others have given me!! I have suffered from regular itching on my body for many years (arms, shoulder, upper body) on what appears to be perfectly healthy skin. Nothing - absolutely NOTHING - helped or eased the problem... Until I rubbed on a good dose of chilli pepper with a damp cloth. After the heat, NO further itching!! Incredible! Now... It WILL get very hot (obviously!! ) so avoid sensitive areas... But it works!! It really does!! I had the itching problem for years... But no longer. It can sometimes come back after a few months, if so just reapply the chilli powder. Then... Gone!! I live in Thailand so we have the good, pure stuff here. But I reckon you should easily find some wherever you are. And it's cheap!"

  Re: 7 Month Old with Severe Runny Nose and Horrible Cough
Sun, 30 Mar 14 18:50:37 -0500

03/30/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Ashli,

I am sorry to hear about your baby's severe respiratory symptoms! Did this begin with a change in diet, a new pet, an illness? If breastfeeding, have you tried dietary changes? If formula feeding, have you changed formulas?

Perhaps you already are, but I would avoid all dairy products for your child until this issue is resolved. (and for you, if you are still breastfeeding.)

Does your child have any other health problems?

There are a few things I would consider trying if this were my child.

Nettle tea - steep the tea bag or leaves for 15 minutes (off heat) and sweeten (not with honey.) If he could take in a couple of Tablespoons two or three times a day, that may help with this if it is allergy related. Make a new batch every other day.

My new favorite thing for a cough in my family is to use colloidal silver in a nebulizer a few times a day. I have never done it with one that young, but my two year old has done it. You can also put a couple of drops of colloidal silver in the nose a few times a day, though this may sting. I have used 10ppm in the nebulizer and the nose. For good measure, I would put a couple of drops in each ear a couple of times a day, too.

Heritage Essential Oils has a great oil blend called, "Lung Healing." I have used an essential oil nebulizer in a child's room at night for cough and congestion.

I hope you find your solution soon. Please do keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~ "

Re: 7 Month Old with Severe Runny Nose and Horrible Cough
Sun, 30 Mar 14 17:49:30 -0500

03/30/2014: Ashli from Hampstead, NC: "My son since 3 months of age has had a horrible cough and runny nose non-stop. They have referred us to a pulmonary specialist and no one can give us an answer as to what is causing it. Do u have an ideas or suggestions? Thank you."

  Re: Diverticulitis Remedies
Sun, 30 Mar 14 17:47:48 -0500

03/30/2014: Trishaann from Paulding, Ohio: "How often a day, and what are the amounts of each ingredient to make the drink? Would love to start this for relief!!"

  Re: Diverticulitis Remedies
Sun, 30 Mar 14 17:47:48 -0500

03/30/2014: Trishaann from Paulding, Ohio: "How often a day, and what are the amounts of each ingredient to make the drink? Would love to start this for relief!!"

Peppermint and Neem Oils Helped Husband with Chilblains
Sun, 30 Mar 14 17:47:26 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Mary from Utica, Ny: "Chilblains Treatment: My husband has suffered with red, raw toes for years. This occurs only in the winter time. While researching this site there was no doubt he has Chilblains. We started trying different suggestions. Peppermint oil, helped. Went to health food store they suggested neem oil. We mixed the two oils together, applied twice each day. Unbelievably, redness is gone and so is the pain. He will keep applying till cold weather is over."

Cayenne Pepper for Sinus Infection
Sun, 30 Mar 14 17:46:15 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Stephen from Ny, Ny: "I tried snorting cayenne after reading about it here for my sinus infection. Like the other readers say, it hurts like nobody's business for a few minutes, but definitely helped ease the sinus pressure and pain. Thumbs up but I am going to keep looking for a less intense fix."

  Re: Skim Millk and Slippery Elm Drink for Ulcers
Sun, 30 Mar 14 17:11:57 -0500

03/30/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Folashade,

Slippery Elm powder is a powder made from the bark of a Slippery Elm tree. It is very nutritious and healing to the digestive tract. It is native to North America, so I am not sure how you would get it in Nigeria. I am afraid the milk and banana without the slippery elm powder would not be effective. Slippery Elm Bark powder is a little expensive but a little goes a long way. I have found it to be wonderful for issues in the digestive system.

~Mama to Many~"

Re: Tart Cherry Juice for Insomnia
Sun, 30 Mar 14 15:57:45 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Deidre from Fairfield County, Ct: "I have struggled with Insomnia most of my life, and prefer natural alternatives versus prescription or over the counter drugs. Have recently started taking Tart Cherry Juice at night, about an hour before bed - and it makes an amazing difference. It doesn't make you "groggy" but rather just takes the edge off and relaxes you to induce good sleep. I usually take eight teaspoons with water (fill up to eight ounces), again around an hour before bed - and it really helps. Just wanted to share, as I know many people suffer from degrading insomnia!"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin D for Gallstones
Sun, 30 Mar 14 15:04:43 -0500

03/30/2014: Bee from New York, US: "Wow. You drank a quart of ACV over three days? Seems like a lot, but I have to try this. I either have gallstones or something. I use ACV but not that much."

  Re: Vitamin A for Bunions
Sun, 30 Mar 14 14:13:58 -0500

03/30/2014: Happy from Up The Creek In WVa, US: "Juliana & Bill; I have no experience treating foot calluses, [= bunions ?] but I found this nifty, simple, cure on earthclinic.com at Vitamin A cure for bunions by Joyce from Tennessee. She quotes Dr. Jonathin Wright's research."

  Re: Beans and IBS
Sun, 30 Mar 14 13:55:12 -0500

03/30/2014: Whisperingsage from Northeastern California: "Another help for the beans is to soak them 2-3 days. Rinse and refill water each day. All seeds and beans have phytic acid, and antienzyme chemicals that prevent sprouting except for ideal circumstances- this is why we can eliminate some of these antinutrients by soaking."

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin D for Gallstones
Sun, 30 Mar 14 13:52:21 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Whisperingsage from Northeastern California: "ACV blasts gallstones! I was doing a cholesterol cleanse with the Atkins protocol, and cleared out the smaller ones, but the bigger ones were very painful- so I took 1 quart of ACV over 3 days and they were gone, confiremd wiht ultrasound, the tech just knew he would find stones because "everyone " has stones. but they were gone!

However, I found I had to keep them away with high dose vitamin D. For me that is 25,000 IU a day."

  Re: Aloe Vera Juice, Papaya
Sun, 30 Mar 14 13:26:02 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Momto2 from Mn: "I was diagnosed in 2010 with diverticulitis. In 2011 I had a flare up and was told (by a separate doctor that had diagnosed me) that flare ups should not be happening, and if I had another it meant surgery. Well, that scared the life out of me so in 2013 when I had another flare up I saw yet another doctor. She also mentioned surgery. All 3 times I had the Cipro/Flagyl combo and hated the way they made me feel and the metallic taste. I had my 4th flare start last week and was adamant not to see a doctor nor hear the word "surgery". I started to research to see what my alternatives were and came upon this site. After reading about Aloe and Papaya I decided I would try that and if it didn't work I would (reluctantly) make an appointment to go in.

I bought Aloe Vera caps and Papaya with Mint; within one day I was already seeing improvement and now I am on my third day and although I know I am not 100% feeling better, I am 100% certain I will not be going to see a doctor to get antibiotics. I am thrilled beyond belief and so thankful to have found the feedback I found on this site.

I am going to stay on a daily regimen of Aloe Vera to see if I can remain free of attacks, but glad to know I have alternatives to antibiotics."

  Re: Seeking Ted's Remedies
Sun, 30 Mar 14 10:13:16 -0500

03/30/2014: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "Low temperature may be low thyroid functions. There are 3 supplements which increases metabolism, logol's iodine, 2 mg dose of lithium, and 400 mcg of selenium yeast. Lysine doesn't increase potency of other drugs since most people are deficient anyway. But low immune system for most people besides lysine are zinc and threonine. The thinking as why lysine increases potency had a lot to do with helping the immune system more then potency. The lithium is ideally taken at night as it makes a person sleepy as same as lugol's iodine. The infected tooth oregano is too irritating I would try clove oil as it is traditionally used it tooth problems is better. Check saliva pH it maybe below 6.5 which make tooth easily infected. To alkalize saliva, would try potassium citrate.

For kidney pain, a simple remedy is lime or lemon juice as citrates remove calcium deposits that causes cyst which causes pain. Another cause is uric acid from alcohol and fructose in fruits and honey and wine.


Seeking Ted's Remedies
Sun, 30 Mar 14 10:10:51 -0500

03/30/2014: Mary from San Francisco, CA: "Hi Ted,

You have helped me before with a dog and mites and I was deeply grateful and made a contribution to your work.

Now I have an infected tooth and am afraid that I have sepsis. I went through your treatment with aspirin 4x , just 1 lysine (1000mg), some hydrogen peroxide and I used oregano oil on my tooth and internally and I bounced back and also saw an acupuncturist. That treatment was 4 days ago and my temperature was around 97.4.

I was continuing to use oregano oil internally but then felt that it was irritating some of my internal tissues so I stopped for about 2 days and then earlier yesterday I started to crash again. I felt cold, and started to get progressively weaker and feel I might pass out so I began the aspirin again and used 4 doses over 4 hours, then lysine over 4 hours. Oregano oil only in the tooth and on soles of feet. Also ginger boiled in water for drinking, some raw garlic, and some spicy Indian food. I felt much better but now my temp is 96.4 and I don't know if I should go into a hospital. I've read that lysine increases the strength of any drug that might be given.

Should I be concerned about this low temperature even though I feel ok ? I plan to have the tooth pulled, not sure if I should wait for temp to come up before extraction.

Is there something else I should be doing or something I should avoid if I go to the hospital?

Update: I just started drinking some more warm ginger water with a bit of sea salt and my temperature started going up, to 96.8.

And I forgot to mention that I have mild left kidney pain off and on, which has been diminishing, and some positional vertigo which is also diminishing that the acupuncturist said is related to imbalance in the kidneys.

Thank you sincerely."

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Food Poisoning
Sun, 30 Mar 14 10:05:24 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: J London from Mt: "Note to things that can mimic food poisoning (from personal experience ) ... appendicitis .. & ... food allergy ... alfafa leaves in "Super food blends" ... or cheap "clorophyl" .. which may be just crushed alfafa in a gel cap ... can cause internal intestinal / stomach rash. Neither ACV or charcoal will help. If you have "Hay Fever" .. consider this possibility .. just time for recovery & avoidance ..."

  Re: Coconut Oil for HIV
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:28:17 -0500

[YEA]  03/29/2014: Ruackel Easton from Guyana: "I have had a patient of mine that is HIV positive using coconut oil as part of the natural therapy, they drink it, cook with it, and use on skin and the cd4 went from 370 to 672 in one week, well I guess it has to be also due in part to the lifestyle change they had to take, viral load is also low, venous blood pH is 7.5 ( normal is 7.35) it's not just using some remedy if you continue to consume average western diet your immunity wouldnt be able to protect you. read up Dr Clark Hulda cure for HIV it works or contact me at ruackeleaston(at)yahoo(dot)com"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Elixer
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:26:24 -0500

03/30/2014: Barb from Pittsburgh Pa: "I love the reader who wrote drink while holding a rabbits foot... sounds like something out of the X-Files. I can see Mulder's face right now."

  Re: Skim Millk and Slippery Elm Drink for Ulcers
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:21:32 -0500

03/30/2014: Folashade from Nigeria: "I have read about the ulcer remedy and am much interested in Skim milk banana mix. Pls what is the Slippery Elm powder? Thank u"

  Re: Herbal Teas for Sinusitis and Sinus Infections
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:20:43 -0500

03/30/2014: Samantha from New York, Ny: "I wanted to add that Peppermint tea works also in totally clearing my sinuses! I think that the Peppermint and Raspberry Teas are the most effective for sinus clearing."

Dried Sage for Canker Sores
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:20:18 -0500

[YEA]  03/30/2014: Tim from Georgia (Republic of): "Hi, from Georgia (Rep. of).

Here is the best and only remedy for canker sores in your mouth - dry Sage leaves. Chew just a few of them each time and all day long if you like and all year long if you like with no side effects. Don't use a dried stem of Sage to avoid scratches that can worsen situation and prolonged healing. You WILL get rid of canker sores from a few hours to several days in severe cases. Repeat treatment if any. Good luck!"

  Re: Honey for Eczema
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:15:39 -0500

03/30/2014: Yogo from Alabama: "What honey did u use, any kind or one specifically?"

  Re: Acidophilus for UTI
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:15:07 -0500

03/30/2014: Deb from British Columbia, Canada: "I have had UTI's after sex since menopause and I ALWAYS pee after sex so it isn't that which has caused it. I drink lots of water, have tried cranberry juice, and always end up having to get antibiotics. I also am obviously not on contraception so that does not cause it. My Mom mentioned a friend of hers who had terrible UTI's constantly and acidophilus cleared it up within days. So I will be trying this soon and see if it works for me."

  Re: Trying Castor Oil For Pterygium
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:14:05 -0500

[NAY]  03/30/2014: Natty from England, Uk: "Hi Elle,

Castor Oil or ACV didn't work.

My Pterygium is growing, I had mine almost a year now. I am sure I am developing another one in my left eye. :(

Surgery is the only way to remove this ugly Pterygium, my ophthalmologist said he will remove it and seeing him soon to discuss surgery. I am worry about reoccurrence, it could come back."

  Re: Eczema and Telomeres
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:11:52 -0500

03/29/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "Larry: One of the best longevity experts took an exclusive telomere lengthening supplement made from astagalus for two years. After doing further research he concluded that this was actually harmful. Nutrients work together in concert like a symphony. Raw organic produce and raw grass fed whole foods have the most active nutrients with the highest energy levels."

  Re: Fresh Aloe Vera for HIV
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:11:25 -0500

[NAY]  03/29/2014: Ruackel Easton from Guyana: "Avoid aloe vera, onions, garlic and carrots while you are HIV positive. Research for yourself the origin and negative effect on your health."

  Re: Avoiding Soy For Thyroid Issues
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:10:18 -0500

03/29/2014: Juliana from Canada: "Here is some info I received today concerning the soy and low thyroid issues and root cause of it.info from holistic Doctor Brownstein..Blessings to all. http://w3.newsmax.com/LP/Health/DRB/Thyroid-Disorder-Video"

  Re: Gluten Free for Anal Itch
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:07:35 -0500

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  03/29/2014: Jw from Sacramento, Ca, : "I'm not saying it might not be the answer for some, but I didn't get "The Itch" until after I'd given up gluten for several months!

Reading all the good advice, thank you everyone who is posting on this embarrassing business!

I'm now wondering if a new probiotic might be the issue, or just general candida (as many have said) although I have don't have some of the symptoms of that (no coated tongue, no thready morning saliva in a water glass) I do see white, mucus-y clumps in the water with my stools."

  Re: Son with Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:07:09 -0500

03/29/2014: Bill from San Fenando, Philippines: "Hi Elena...I think that your son has candida and possibly other pathogenic infections in his intestinal tract. Esophigitis, stomach problems and allergy symptoms are well known to be associated with candida as the cause. If your son has a white tongue(instead of a healthy pink tongue) this is another positive indication for candida.

To check your son for candida you can also do this simple questionnaire:

Online Candida Questionnaire

Unfortunately, doctor's tests are not very accurate at diagnosing candida imbalance or dominance from just stool or urine tests.

There is an effective child's protocol for candida that Walter Last recommends for getting rid of parasites as well as candida -- here is the link to the protocol:

Walter Last's Child Candida Protocol

Also, I would avoid giving your son any antibiotics whatsoever. Antibiotics will make the candida condition much more virulent and your son's condition will just get worse and spread. See this link.

For more explanations concerning Walter Last's approach on how to get rid of candida/parasites -- see this link.

I have been working with a private autism group of parents and they have been using Walter Last's Protocol(including turpentine) on their children with serious ASD disorders with some remarkable physical and mental improvements. Children with autism are always usually heavily infected with parasites, candida and other associated bacteria. It is the waste toxins from these pathogens -- particularly from candida -- that cause these mental and physical problems."

  Re: Detoxing with a Rife Machine
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:06:31 -0500

03/29/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile , Tn: "HI U ATHONY , , , , , , , , , , At my age, I'm just taking one terrible trouble at a time. Right now I 've got a crushed T 12 vertebrae that is consuming all my attention. I bought a Rife machine after I had defeated lymphoma and figured cancer would be back for a visit. A broke back came first.

Don't know all your health problems and am not an expert. Seems to me that you should probably look at cleaning up your innards before you take on a Rife machine. Yep, it's expensive as all get out. My suggestion is to buy Dr Hulda Clark's book and clean up your body in the order she suggests.

My latest project is building Crappie Condo's from bamboo cane soes we can fill our freezers with fish. Hell to be poor, living off the land, and jus barely getting by. If you are living on store bought stuff then that is the reason you have health problems. First thing to do is bake your own bread. Bread is no longer bread, it is a chemical compound that has weight and takes up space. It was once called matter. Now it is called bread.

I have researched why I have bone problems and it is due to taking a Big Pharma drug for 15 years. Will know better in the next life.

=====OLE ROBERT HENRY========"

Green Tea for Fibroids
Sun, 30 Mar 14 09:04:49 -0500

03/29/2014: Katie from Northport, Ny: "Has anyone looked into green tea for fibroids? Attached is an article detailing a recent study done in Egypt using green tea to shrink fibroids and an article pulled off of Pubmed regarding the same study (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)


  Bill's Remedies for Left Upper Hip Pain (Muscle/Nerve problem)
Sat, 29 Mar 14 21:42:47 -0500

03/29/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Bill,

I have a similar hip issue; mine is related to pelvis shift problem. I have some scoliosis and the lower back is turned a bit and also the pelvis. So my problem is skeletal basically. My right leg, back side of leg above knee, if I've been driving in my car for a while starts aching, something like a cramp but not a cramping; just aching...like it needs stretching. Well, that's what helps. I do a lot of "karate" styled stretching. The more I do, the less the problem manifests itself.

Don't mean to say this is your problem; I'm just playing off your issue for anyone out there who might have similar issues...to add to the index of possibilities.

By the way, I love how you list the nutritional items in your post and then describe what that nutrient does. Your posts are always so informative."

  Re: Son with Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Sat, 29 Mar 14 20:57:31 -0500

03/29/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Elena,

I am sorry your little one is suffering this way!

The first thing that comes to my mind is slippery elm bark. It is nutritious and healing to the digestive tract. If he can swallow capsules, you can give it to him that way. I mix a teaspoon with some water or mix it in oatmeal and sweeten it. My children think this is awful, though. (But they will admit that it helps. :) )

Activated charcoal is also helpful to the digestive tract. It is anti-inflammatory and will draw out toxins, bacteria, etc. He could try tablets (swallow or chew) or put 1/4 teaspoon in some water and drink it. Do not take within 2 hours of medication. One tablet or 1/4 teaspoon once a day. It will make the stool dark.

Kefir would also be good for healing in his gut.

Some kind of detoxifying bath would be good. You could do epsom salt or baking soda bath a few times a week. (1 cup of either in a warm bath for 20 minutes.)

If he would drink some fresh lemon juice in his water, that may be helpful. (You could add a bit of natural sweetener, also, to make it more palatable.) This would be helpful for the ph of the body. You might even check his ph with ph test strips and see if he is acidic. There is a lot of information on this site about that.

Avacados are nutritious and pretty gentle. Also, extra virgin coconut oil would be good in his diet. Some find bananas helpful. (If he doesn't like bananas, you could put them in a kefir smoothie.)

Is gut flora imbalance a possibility? (from antibiotic use.) Are parasites a possibility?

Please keep us posted.

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Son with Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Sat, 29 Mar 14 20:41:51 -0500

03/29/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Elena,

Re son with digestive problems:

Test Papaya. Just a quarter teaspoon on end of spoon to start with. Papaya is magic for digestive problems."

  Re: Stopped Pain Meds Cold Turkey
Sat, 29 Mar 14 20:33:15 -0500

03/29/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Susan,

The first two things that come to my mind would be epsom salt baths and turmeric.

You can put 1 -2 cups epsom salt in a bath. Your body will absorb the magnesium.

Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and therefore is often helpful for pain. You can take 4 capsules a few times a day or even more often. I once took 4 capsules every two hours for a still neck and it did help the pain. Take it with plenty of water and know that it can be constipating. (Epsom salt baths, on the other hand, can have a laxative effect.)

Drink plenty of water. Pain is worse when you are dehydrated. Adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to each glass of water may be helpful for your pain.

Chamomile tea also can have a soothing effect.

Please keep us posted. I hope you will be able to manage your pain with these or other methods!

~Mama to Many~"





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