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  Re: Polycythemia Vera

Sun, 23 Aug 15 19:17:43 -0500
Posted by Alicia (San Diego, Ca) on 08/23/2015

[NAY]  Hi, I was diagnosed with PV 4 years ago and am seriously allergic to hydroxyurea. I am a Registered Nurse and understand the progression of PV but have no knowledge of holistic foods/ medicine to relieve burning/itching skin that keeps me awake at night. Please share any experience/knowledge others have experienced regarding reducing high RBCs, Platelets and WBCs headaches and burning/itching skin. I was diagnosed at age 51. Thank you, Alicia

  Re: Interstitial Cystitis

Sun, 23 Aug 15 19:08:21 -0500
Posted by Tracy B (Richmond) on 08/23/2015

It's interesting to read about The IUD then the bacterial infection followed by numerous yeast infections. Same thing happened for me in that order. I wonder if the IUD is the cause? Bummer cause I was probably the healthiest person in the world prior to developing IC.

Some information tho or hope for others going through this. I went to a Naturopath 2 months ago who found I had massive amounts of solvents (I work in automotive) in my body along with too much yeast. I started taking solvent removers and Unda 38/8 and after 1 week I quit having the symptoms of IC and have not had any in 2 months. I sleep through the night without having to go to the washroom and don't have the sudden OMG urges I used to.

IC is caused by something and once that "something" is removed, the bladder starts to heal. It's worth a shot!

  Re: Panic Attacks, Alzheimer's Disease and Lyme

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:52:26 -0500
Posted by Kayjay (Carmel, Ny) on 08/23/2015

I had terrible panic attacks and it was LYME! And I know of many more with this symptom from LYME!

  Re: Polycythemia Vera

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:48:06 -0500
Posted by Cayenne (Florida) on 08/23/2015

Hello, everyone. Bonnie is my mom, for her diet we researched what foods are high and low in vitamin k and iron. She eats foods that are lowest in each of these. Lots of raw garlic and cayenne pepper. Lots of pomegranate juice. Food high in salicylates but also check they are not ones high in iron or vit k. Lots of water. Omega-3 righ foods. You have to follow a very strict diet.

 Re: Infected with Bacteria Causing Cellulitis At Hospital

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:43:18 -0500
Posted by Agnes (Warsaw) on 08/23/2015

Thank you both for your replies.

Dear Mama, could you tell me more about DMSO - I'm not sure whether or not it is available in Poland where I live. Is it a type of sulfur? What form does it have? When it comes to alkalizing formula - only diet does will not help? I eat a lot of radishes, sauerkraut, gherkins and try to avoid sugar and sweets. I'm on antibiotic - Polish generic of Proxacin - Cipropol but I expected more visible effects - maybe the type of bacteria is not corelated with this medicament, I don't know.What makes me unhappy the most is the fact that I can't normally sleep through the night because of painful swelling and my hand becomes weak very fast after different house activities. Several doctors recommended sodium bicarbonate compresses but they dry my skin out and I wonder if activated charcoal won't deepen this problem. I put activated charcoal poultice when I noticed first symptoms of cellulitis but I had an impression that a layer of plastic makes my hand hotter. Did you ever try this poultice without plastic? How your son feel this routine with charcoal? I've read here that he is a redhead and I have very sensitive skin too.Dear Mama, do you know whether activated charcoal is good for lymphanginitis which is one of symptoms of cellulitis? Do you have any experience with using fenugreek cause I'm constantly in two minds about all of the methods able to cure me.

I don't have much experience with applying essential oils, I'm wondering what type of dilution to make in order not to burn skin. Can it be mixed with some cream instead of oil? Thank you for your care.

 Re: I Still Have Breathing Problems from Drug Interaction

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:43:02 -0500
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 08/23/2015

J: Oftentimes drug interaction damages all the way into the cells mitochondria and sometimes never recover to near normal levels. Two nutrients available in supplement form that help repair the mitochondria are PQQ and Quercetin. Along with the top two recommended are a whole host of other antioxidants. So, generally, increase your antioxidant status.

  Re: Borax Dosages

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:37:04 -0500
Posted by Sharon S. (London) on 08/23/2015

I'm with Rouven...I'm trying the 1/8th in a quart....but I want to know why aren't any current medics/biochemists looking into this? They can't all be scared off by the big pharmaceutical companies. It would be good to read a report by a current scientist. It doesn't make sense. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know. If something does cure it should be in the public domain rather than hidden here in a dark cupboard. Everyone should be allowed to benefit...

  Re: Food Grade Peroxide - Questions for Brendan

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:36:30 -0500
Posted by Brendan (Ireland) on 08/23/2015

Hi Wendy,

I don't know much about tattoos as I don't have any. What I can tell you though is that I was suffering from depression before starting H2o2 therapy and the depression has vanished over the past few months since I've begun the therapy.

If there are heavy metals in his tattoos then it would not be a good idea to mix an oxygen based product with the metals as this can cause a reaction, like rusting.

I wish you good health!

  Re: How Should Coconut Oil be Used to Treat Cellulitis?

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:35:21 -0500
Posted by Agnes (Warsaw) on 08/23/2015

Dear Mama,

I just had such intuition that you live in a close contact with nature wandering through forests and fields and picking up plants in order to make some preparations from them. My intuition turned to be correct. Some time ago I had a possibility of buying very interesting book about herbs but unfortunately I thought that those prescriptions can be found by me in other books which turned to be untrue and now I have difficulties in finding this book again. I think that your knowledge about herbalism is built in in your genes I would say because your upbringing was rural as I guess? We, people from big cities are toomuch restrained by fear that herbs will tend to be inefffective or too weak so we are more prone to intoxicate ourselves with bigpharma products. Have you ever used antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals or just some natural products? What is your opinion about vaccinations especially for children? I'm also wondering whether you produce your own cosmetics? Your complexion and hair are very healthy. Do you have your own canal on YT? And last question: are you an Amish? (I hope this question is not too personal). Best regards, Agnes.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Bacterial Vaginosis

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:34:58 -0500
Posted by Quinn (Orange County, Ca) on 08/23/2015

[NAY]  I have had severe bv for over a year now, I have tried this plenty of times and it never worked for me, I just wanted to put that out there.

  Re: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Herpes

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:34:36 -0500
Posted by Violet (Us) on 08/23/2015

Dear KAY Colorado,

I actually have some Food Grade H202. I wanted to ask you did you also change your diet while on the food grade h202?

What brand of food grade h202 did you use?

What type of test did you take? ( I know there are like 2 different hsv2 tests)

Did you combine drinking the food grade h202 with anything else? ( such as pills, Oil of Oregeno on back etc?)

Thank you! Your results excite me, they are very close to the .90 negative range.

  Re: Locating Blackstrap Molasses in Melbourne

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:33:51 -0500
Posted by Nicole C. (Gold Coast) on 08/23/2015

I bought mine recently both at Woolworths & local Health Food shop (15/08/2015). Woolworths has the Capilano Brand Pure & Natural, on the same shelf as Treacle next to the baking items.

Health food store you can buy The Melrose Brand (Organic) in jar or store brand in 1kg tub.

It is very popular may be that's why you have trouble finding it, when you do buy a few jars It keeps very well in the pantry.

I drink 2/3 tablespoon a day in either tea, coffee or just water (hot water in winter, iced water in summer).

I grew up on the stuff and never new the health benefit of it until 2 months ago while watching a gardening show on TV.

As a child I can not remember seeing a doctor. I hate medicine of any sort, I am now 70 years the only medicine I take is cardiprin to thin the blood. Thanks to good old fashion remedies, thanks mum.

  Dave's Supplements for Treating MS

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:31:52 -0500
Posted by Orrianne (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/23/2015


I hope this message finds you well. I am contacting you regarding a youtube video in which Dave Thomas spoke about curing his wife of MS. He provided some amazing information about numerous supplements. However, the dosages of the Calcium AEP and Porcine Sphingolin weren't mentioned. Are those to be taken as directed on the bottle? Thank you so much for your help!

  Re: Using Tea Tree Oil for Blepharitis

Sun, 23 Aug 15 18:30:53 -0500
Posted by Toni (New Jersey ) on 08/23/2015

I'm struggling, did the entire doxycline maxitrol thing. How do I put the tea tree oil on? Not to get in my eyes. I did that one time. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  Re: Rosacea and SIBO

Sun, 23 Aug 15 11:03:17 -0500
Posted by Patricia (Melbourne) on 08/22/2015

I am now on the 10th day of Rifaximin and not better with my Rosacea. How soon do you see the effect of this drug? Is happy for you as you gave me courage that this may work. I have Rosacea badly for over one year and have tried every thing. Courage, please let me know.


  Re: Any Ideas on Why Vitamin D Deficiency is Common?

Sun, 23 Aug 15 10:58:34 -0500
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 08/22/2015

I would guess not getting enough sunlight. I read that you only need fifteen minutes a day, several days a week to get what you need. Too many are inside in front of a computer.

Vitamin D supplements are reported to be the most toxic of all vitamin supplements and should be used with caution. (Nutrition Almanac)

  Re: Iodine for Thyroid Issues

Sun, 23 Aug 15 10:47:06 -0500
Posted by Wenona (Benton, Ar) on 08/23/2015

Iodine will still help, other organs/systems of the body use/need iodine even without your thyroid. A former coworker of mine had her thyroid removed and I told her about coconut oil, which she tried (she said one tablespoon a day). She was on synthroid and after taking the coconut oil, her dose of "medicine" had to be reduced. Just her experience, but other people could have the same or different.

Herbs Brought Hep B Viral Loads Down, But Will BHT Cure It?

Sun, 23 Aug 15 10:45:44 -0500
Posted by Benson (Cleveland, Ohio) on 08/23/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hello Oscar, thank you for the good job you are doing by helping people with hepatitis.

I was recently diagnosed with hep b with a viral load of 7065 in May 2015. I took Neem, dandelion root and leaf, golden seal, and turmeric. In July 2016, approximately 6 weeks and some days after being diagnosed I tested again, my viral load went down to 4011.

My question is will the BHT totally cure my hepatitis as I am trying to clear it from my system entirely. I read a lot of people says BHT is helping them reduce their viral load but not bring cured totally from it. I read you have been cured from it. Please advice. My ALT is normal. I'm looking forward to take another blood test this week to see if my viral load is gone.

  Re: Castor Oil for a Chalazion

Sun, 23 Aug 15 10:43:13 -0500
Posted by Anshul (Amritsar, Punjab, India) on 08/23/2015

Do I also need to do warm compresses? Plsz share ur experience.