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  Daughter Getting Open Heart Surgery in 3 Weeks, What To Do Ahead of Time?
Wed, 26 Mar 14 14:45:09 -0500

[YEA]  03/26/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "Shandrah: Eat raw organic fruits, super food concentrated powders, and keep fat below 5%/g of carbs."

  Re: Help Requested for Bladder Stone
Wed, 26 Mar 14 14:43:06 -0500

[YEA]  03/26/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "Jr: For the enlarged prostrate eat 4oz. organic sweet potatoes and 1oz. organic tomato paste daily with 1g fat. The carotenes cure enlarged prostrate. 1/2 the carotenes stored in the tissues are lycopene. The carotenes require fat. The cause of the enlarged prostrate is the same as balding, bad testosterone. This leads to prostate cancer. The body is making bad hormones and minerals are calcifying. You need to go on a complete raw organic and grass fed whole food program. Either take produce or the super food concentrated powders. I take both. Keep fat below 5%/g of carbs."

  Re: Horse Chestnut, Elastic Stocking Helped Husband's Varicose Veins
Wed, 26 Mar 14 14:38:47 -0500

03/26/2014: Wortti from India: "So you say that horse chestnut can be discontinued?"

  Re: Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Help Requested
Wed, 26 Mar 14 14:33:26 -0500

03/25/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "MargyG: There is one word that describes the super hero who comes to everybody's rescue during dire circumstances saponins. 70% of the body is water. The best nutrient of all would be the one that makes water better. Saponins make water better. Saponins clean every system, carry more nutrients into the cells, and contain steroidal hormones for the adrenals. A 70 year old Christian who loves God is a master herbalist. He lives with his lovely wife of fifty years on a ranch in Arizona. He takes jiaogulan, a herb that has 100 saponins. Chinese centenarians take jiaogulan. American centenarians eat beans, the food highest in saponins. Red Korean ginseng has thirty four saponins. Yucca liquid is highest in saponins. Eat raw organic and grass fed whole foods and take saponins."

  Re: Daughter Getting Open Heart Surgery in 3 Weeks, What To Do Ahead of Tim
Wed, 26 Mar 14 14:09:07 -0500

03/26/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Shandrah,

The last time I had surgery, I tried a number of natural things to maximize my recovery and healing. I wrote them up but never got around to posting them. I will do so now… For the record, I had laparoscopic abdominal surgery as I had a hydatid cyst of morgagni, which had caused a torsion in the fallopian tube. (Causing a lot of pain.)

First of all, before surgery (I only had two days advanced notice of surgery…two weeks preparation might have been better, but with an emergency you get no prep time at all! ) I ate lightly the day before. Yes, I was allowed to eat up until midnight the night before, but I made sure the whole day was just light eating. Plenty of fresh fruit, juices and a little protein. I didn’t want my digestive system all full and having to deal with digesting when it needed to focus on recovering. I also made sure I had on hand the things I would want in the house when I got home from surgery.

After my surgery, when I was in my room waiting to be discharged (same day surgery) I could taste the chemicals in my mouth. (The anesthesia, I guess.) I have had many surgeries and never noticed this. I think I am just hypersensitive to it now. So, my mouth was confirming that I would be needing to detox from some drugs as soon as possible.

Once at home, my plan was to continue light eating for several days. My son juiced me a pint of organic carrot juice every day for my breakfast. I avoided processed food and processed sugar. I drank apple cider also (to help keep the system moving, especially important since pain medications tend to slow the system down) and herbal tea. Here is my recipe for “Post-Op Herbal Tea”

3 T. peppermint leaf

3 T. comfrey leaf

3 T. plantain leaf

Put (dry) tea leaves in a half gallon jar. Pour boiling water over. Steep 30 minutes. Strain herbs and sweeten with honey or Stevia as desired. (I use Stevia extract.) This makes ? gallon, enough for 2 days. My ideal was to drink 1 quart of this tea per day for a week following surgery. (Longer would be great, too.) Here is the rationale. The peppermint is mostly for flavor, but peppermint is also good for gas. After surgery you can end up with lots of trapped air all throughout your abdomen (often moving to the shoulder and causing terrible pain). I did still have the gas pains, so it didn’t do quite what I hoped, but it still made my tea taste better. The comfrey is for cell regeneration. The plantain is to help with any possible urinary tract infection from having had a catheter during surgery.

I tried to eat lightly and then focus on eating highly nutritious foods that are easy to digest. Fruits, fresh juices, vegetables. I was eating some eggs for protein.

I was really happy that I wasn’t given a prescription for an anti-bitoic, which is often done following surgery. I was thinking I would not get it filled and just use charcoal and colloidal silver, not at the same time. I was hoping to avoid using the narcotic pain medication, but have learned that the body does not heal well when it is in terrible pain. So, I took the pain medication, wishing that herbal narcotics were not illegal, as I think that would be a safer option. I got off of them as soon as I could rest comfortably without them. They seemed to give me a headache.

It is important to get up some, as allowed and able, to keep the gas trapped in the body moving. So I did get up and walk around some. If I had taken an antibiotic, or were dealing with a child after surgery on an antibiotic, I would give them a probiotic daily, or water kefir, or something.

I tried to take 1 charcoal drink a day, not near time of medicine. 1 heaping teaspoon of charcoal in a glass of water. I tried to do this for a month to help my body detox from the medicine and anesthesia. I felt “off” for a couple of weeks, I think due to the anesthesia.

If you can find a good quality confrey salve to use on the scar, that would be great for helping it to heal. Comfrey taken internally has been known to help heal even old scars. Your daughter can take the post-op tea long term for this. Just look for a good quality source for bulk herbs and it won’t be very expensive to use regularly. My favorite source is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Let us know how it goes for your daughter!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Black Walnut for Remineralization of Teeth
Wed, 26 Mar 14 13:59:30 -0500

03/26/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Alexa,

I am sorry to take so long to respond. I have been out of town for almost two weeks with very little internet access until now.

My family has used black walnut tincture and we have used capsules. We did heal a child's cavity with the tincture (diluted and swished in the mouth before swallowing.)

I believe that I have read that taking it as a tea or in capsules can help, though perhaps the effect is not as strong. I will check the reference when I return home and let you know.

If you are not dealing with a tooth issue that needs immediate attention, perhaps you could use the powder for now and in the summer, make your own black walnut tincture. (If you can find someone with a black walnut tree.) I was able to make a half a gallon of it last summer for the price of the vodka I used to tincture it. I appreciate the cost issue!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Liver Damage Remedies
Wed, 26 Mar 14 13:54:58 -0500

[YEA]  03/26/2014: Roy from Thailand: "Its worth while googling RSO Rick Simpson Oil and cancer. If you are in India then finding the ingredients to make some oil or at least some cannabis butter. many 'terminal patients' who'd been sent home to die by their doctors have had the cancer completely clear up By putting drop of oil under their tongue a few times a day. Amazing results!

I have HCV and my liver has been thru a lot over the years but I've also been fasting and juicing regularly for 3 decades. Which maybe why I'm still alive when many of my old friends aren't. Sadly where I live it's very illegal to use cannabis oil.

I recommend taking some turmeric everyday and selenium, milk thistle, and ALA if u can get some (I mix a drink everyday of turmeric cinnamon cayenne black pepper and flaxseed oil in water or freshly juiced veg which goes down very nicely and can feel it doing good inside) best of luck to you both."

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Wed, 26 Mar 14 13:37:20 -0500

[YEA]  03/26/2014: Civano from Seattle, Wa: "Was having trouble weaning off of Prednisone until I started drinking a glass of water with 1 Tbs of ACV each morning. I have cut the Prednisone from 30mg per day to 5 with no pain so far."

  Acidophilus for a White Tongue
Wed, 26 Mar 14 13:34:15 -0500

03/26/2014: Mike62 from Denver: "Maybloom: Live active bakers yeast has cured many people. The good yeasts replace the bad yeasts. Yeast over growth is caused by eating high fat high carb. Eat either raw organic high carb low fat or raw grass fed high fat low carb."

Re: Angioedema
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:18:37 -0500

03/26/2014: Hasan from Churu: "I m suffering from Angioedema plz tell me treatment"

  Re: 10 Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Diarrhea
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:15:04 -0500

[NAY]  03/26/2014: Emi from Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina: "I am not sure if these work, but it is too complicated for sure.. If you are down with a stomach virus and fever, I doubt that you can be up and grind, rub, squeeze, and cook these ingredients even if you would somehow have them at home - and like someone else said - you just don't.."

Help Requested for Bladder Stone
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:14:36 -0500

03/25/2014: Jr from Shady Spring, Wv: "Hello, I'm new here & looks like a great place for help. I recently had a CT scan and they found that I have an enlarged prostate & a 1 inch x 2 inch stone in my bladder. Is there anything that might dissolve the stone without part of it getting stuck in the uretha tube ? I bought a small bottle of Chanca Piedra but haven't used any yet. Thanks Very Much"

  Acidophilus for a White Tongue
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:13:12 -0500

[SIDE EFFECTS]  03/26/2014: Maybloom from Melbourne,australia: "After reading all the reply about "acidophilus" I bought one and used it like you mention. It's been 4 days since and my coated-white tongue get worse! What do I do?"

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:12:41 -0500

[YEA]  03/26/2014: Deborahmay from Boca Raton, Florida: "I have been using this nebulizer with the peroxide and it's amazing 3-5 times a day. Peroxide is only H202 which is oxygen and where there is enough oxygen no virus or bacteria can grow. I have also a vaporizer that I put the peroxide in and let it run all day and night . This is great for babies and kids thank you for this web site as it is my favorite one.:)"

Daughter Getting Open Heart Surgery in 3 Weeks, What To Do Ahead of Time?
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:11:08 -0500

03/26/2014: Shandrah from Qld: "Our 15yo daughter is scheduled to undergo a pulmonary valve replacement and arrhythmia ablation in 3 weeks. This will be her 3rd surgery where her chest will be cracked, her previous ops occurred when she was 22mths old.

We'd like to start early on her recovery so would like some advice on diet and supplemental nutrition in the lead up to surgery and afterwards if you could please, especially in regards to pain management and scar repair. Her last zipper scar is only just fading so she's a tad annoyed that she has to start all over again, lol.

She has no allergies or reactions to anything that we are aware of. She is currently drinking 150ml of morinda juice (we all do).

Thanks for any and all advice you can think of."

  Re: Buteyko Breathing for Lung Issues
Wed, 26 Mar 14 08:09:00 -0500

[YEA]  03/26/2014: Ralph from Thailand: "I've done Buteyko Breathing and it was really good! A few ailments I'd had just disappeared within a day or two : difficulty swallowing was the big one : I was able to eat easily again: the doctors had decided to throw a pile of antibiotics at me in the hope one of them would help....nutters. I live where it's either hot or really hot most of the time and I had a noticeable increase in my energy levels and ability to cope with the heat while outdoors for extended periods of time..I stopped getting worn out."

  Re: Epsom Salt for Gallstone Flush
Wed, 26 Mar 14 07:54:07 -0500

03/26/2014: Sarah from Az: "Epsom salt has MANY uses. It's good for soaking in a bath, or as a laxative, or even in your garden."

  Honey for Vaginal Itching
Wed, 26 Mar 14 07:53:42 -0500

03/25/2014: May from Ca: "Am using the honey right now... Let's see if it works ;) thank you!"

  Re: Find Your Trigger For Migraines
Wed, 26 Mar 14 04:34:22 -0500

03/26/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "To Adam,

Re: Trigger for Migraines

You're exactly right...migraine triggers can vary and change. That's because, I believe, the issue is NOT a trigger...anything CAN be the "straw that broke the camel's back" but the condition is one of vitamin B complex ... especially B3...depletion. Some people are genetically predisposed to such depletion, brought on usually by the stresses of life in general. The greater the stress the greater the propensity to deplete the B3 that keeps open the capillaries in the brain controlling the area that can cause a migraine.

So... the issue of the trigger is immaterial. The trigger is the "straw" I mentioned....the tipping point... and what is needed is to supply the body, primarily the brain, with the depleted nutrient to provide sufficient dilation of capillaries.

The above "theory" is what I have tested on myself and in giving advice to others with "Classic Migraine"...note other look alike causes for the standard "Classic" are possible. The worst is Viral Meningitis.

The solution to the Classic Migraine is taking supplements of B3. B3 causes a flush and is a preventative. It won't cure the migraine after the migraine has started. For years I successfully used B3 and highly recommend it. Then I read that the herb Feverfew is also a wonderful dilator and sure enough, if I take 2 a day four or five days a week ... no migraines. Then the triggers are meaningless. Why? Because I've gotten rid of the underlying cause.

Always look for the underlying cause and I contend...after studying and dealing with (not only myself but dozens of folks with the same condition)...after working with migraines for 40 years that the genetic type is a predictor to the solution; a genetic type predisposes one to over use of the B vitamin and to compensate, supplementation of B3 or Feverfew will keep the capillaries open.

This method will NOT help all headaches because the cause will be across the board; but for the Classic Migraine, the cause is easily remedied.

Now in my life, I can be under enormous stress and if I'm taking my Feverfew or B3, no migraines....but get off those supplements for three weeks and watch out. Usually I can barely "feel"..."sense" is the better word; I can sense my eyes weakening and I know FROM EXPERIENCE that I am a day or two or even hours away from a migraine attack....Quickly I reboot with B3 and/or Feverfew and in an hour that "sense" of eye weakness has gone. And so does the migraine...which had been knocking at the door."

  Re: Find Your Trigger For Migraines
Wed, 26 Mar 14 02:31:21 -0500

03/26/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa: "Here's a link that might help; good luck.


Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Help Requested
Tue, 25 Mar 14 22:23:30 -0500

03/25/2014: Margyg from Newcastle, Australia: "Hi,

Am trying to find a cure for a Dermoid Ovarian cyst as most of the posts refer to the fluid filled Ovarian Cysts that have symptoms and are painful. I have no symptoms or pain. I have just been diagnosed by ultra sound with a 10x6x4cm cyst that would have been growing for many years.

For the past 20 years (from one week after I stopped breastfeeding my youngest after being continuously pregnant and breastfeeding for 8 years straight) my body has shown signs of hormone imbalance but all the blood tests come back normal or opposite to what they expect. I was very physically fit at the time and always went back to 52Kg after each birth.

Within one week after stopping breastfeeding, I began putting on weight (30Kg in 28 weeks) as well as many other hormonal changes including height growth. Exercise or anything that increased my metabolic rate increased the weight and increased the rate at which my body and its functions deteriorated.

22 years later, the hormonal imbalance result has been detected by the finding of the dermoid ovarian cyst in my left ovary. The recent blood tests still show normal range for hormones and no cancer indicators.

Ovarian cyst cures are mentioned online with a great success rate but are mainly referring to the fluid filled cysts that can come and go.

I would like to find out if the same treatment for the fluid filled ovarian cysts would eradicate the dermoid cyst which usually consists of hard tissue. If not, what would dissolve the dermoid cyst. Trying not to have left ovary surgically removed and researching so that I do not activate the growth of the cyst.

Would then be able to use some of the remedies to put my body into an alkaline state to prevent future cysts occurring and for good health and hormone balance.

Two weeks ago began taking borax (5ml of a borax solution - 6g borax/L) each night. Skin sores that have not healed for months are now healing.

Hoping for some advise and cure.


Reversing Gray Hair
Tue, 25 Mar 14 18:12:31 -0500

03/25/2014: Wruku from Irving ,texas: "I would like to ask Ted about recipe for reversing grey hair with BSM, wheat grass, vitc and some asorbic acid."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar
Tue, 25 Mar 14 17:23:09 -0500

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  03/25/2014: Carolina from Chicago: "From what I know "acidity of undiluted apple cider vinegar may destroy tooth enamel when sipped orally" and this is exactly what happened to me. Maybe for someone it works, but not for everybody. People like me that have thin teeth do not have a very big tooth enamel cover and it affects it very fast."

Re: Oregano Oil for Allergies
Tue, 25 Mar 14 17:22:01 -0500

[NAY]  03/25/2014: Tina from Ohio: "Unfortunately oregano oil doesn't do anything for my allergies. Nose/sinuses still bad, eyes still irritated and hurting."

  Re: Find Your Trigger For Migraines
Tue, 25 Mar 14 16:38:55 -0500

03/25/2014: Adam from Seattle, Washington: "I still haven't pinpointed my trigger because they have a way of changing. I think the most recent one for me was weather. High pressure for a few days followed by low pressure. Lately though, there hasn't been a build up, it just hits like a ton of bricks."

  Re: DHEA for Vaginal Atrophy
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:54:41 -0500

03/25/2014: Sheila from Birmingham Uk: "I am 55. I have Vaginal Atrophy severe. I have been taking Climagest 2mg and Vagifem suppositories for five years now. It changed my life. to be honest I was worried about the risk but my condition was so bad. I felt I had no choice. Due to be taken off them and I am in a state of panic worrying how I'm going to be, so bad I get emotional. However I have found this site and I feel it has been a blessing to me. New ideas to try. I am already trying out the Carlson Vitamin E suppositories and the DHEA are on order to be ready waiting yo use when my medication stops. Keep sharing the information it Helps to read good information. Will give you an update of how I get on."

  Re: Garlic Tea Cure for Liver Damage
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:49:18 -0500

03/25/2014: Kamal from New Jersey: "Request you to please give more details on how exactly this needs to be taken. Are the garlic, Apple cider vinegar and tea to be mixed together and taken before bed. Just black tea or tea with milk. Would really appreciate. Thanks"

  Re: Mudras for Insomnia
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:48:33 -0500

03/25/2014: Bee from New York: "Mike from Denver..thank you but I was also wondering if the Mudra has worked for anyone or has anyone tried it and has seen any difference in their health.."

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Douche for Bacterial Vaginosis
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:34:36 -0500

03/25/2014: Lady M from Lanham, Md: "I think I'm going to give this a try.. I have been dealing with this for a while and I'm tired of doing these antibiotics that only help briefly.. And they are killing our systems.. My dr had told me I'm fine and that the discharge could flare up from time to time.. And it could come from working out or what we eat or soaps we use and so many other things.. I'm just trying to be free so I can feel comfortable as a woman again.. So thank u"

Re: Oregano Oil for Sore Throat
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:23:30 -0500

[YEA]  03/25/2014: Mimmings from Alpharetta, Ga: "My mom has always sworn by oil of oregano, but just recently did she convince me to try it. I have taken it the past 4 times I have had the hint of a sore throat, and it completely eliminated it!

I had a sore throat yesterday, and put 3 drops in a small amount of water... I would say within an hour, my sore throat was gone and today I feel 100%!

I am not sure how well it would work on a sore throat after a few days, as I have always knocked them out at the first sign.

This stuff is amazing! It has a strong taste, but not awful, and it may burn a bit going down. You can chase it with a glass of cool water."

  Re: Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:14:02 -0500

03/25/2014: Liz from Boston, Massachusetts: "It's supposed to be solid, so the answer to your question is yes. It will liquefy once it is in your 98.6 degree mouth. :) The entire jar will become liquid when the weather is warmer."

  Re: Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:11:35 -0500

03/25/2014: Mitzie from Fl: "Hi Bill,

Thanks. And I will do a followup."

  Re: Plagued With Health Issues
Tue, 25 Mar 14 12:04:58 -0500

03/25/2014: Ana from Miami: "You may be highly dehydrated."

  Re: Insomnia Following Surgery
Tue, 25 Mar 14 11:59:30 -0500

03/25/2014: Mary from Boston, Usa: "I think it is related to the anesthesia used for your procedure. Are you taking magnesium? If not, try that. I would also try to workouts that make you sweat or an infrared sauna to eliminate the toxins. Distilled water might help too for a few days."

  Re: Insomnia Following Surgery
Tue, 25 Mar 14 11:57:33 -0500

03/25/2014: Mary from Boston, Usa: "I think it is related to the anesthesia used for your procedure. Are you taking magnesium? If not, try that. I would also try to workouts that make you sweat or an infrared sauna to eliminate the toxins. Distilled water might help too for a few days."

  Re: Trigger Finger - 2 Year Update
Tue, 25 Mar 14 09:02:07 -0500

03/25/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hi Lisa,

Re the finger pain,

Have you tried DMSO? I've had two episodes with cyst formation in joint area at base of hand and finger and I diluted DMSO fifty-fifty with purified water (May have used colloidal silver)...and wrapped with white paper towel. Left as a poultice for thirty minutes. Cyst (or whatever it was disappeared). Also have used DMSO (capful) many times over twenty years if hands begin to get "tight" and a bit hard to grip. Works every time. I do this capful on fingers and joints once every three or four months now just as precaution."

  Re: Insomnia Following Surgery
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:48:36 -0500

03/25/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Nativender;

Re; sleep disorder after surgery

Just a suggestion after seeing some issues that enzymes helped me with lately...

I am an advocate of papaya. Even the seeds are edible. The enzymes and other nutrients of papaya are just remarkable. It was called by the Islanders "Food of the Angles" because of its many benefits.

The papaya I even mix with real Greek yogurt and the two seem to give me increased digestive ability...even overcoming lactic problems which would normally stop me from eating too much yogurt.

The papaya will act as a cleanse to your system if you eat first thing in the morning. You can get them year round...two types; the very large are good and the ones the size of a large pear. I eat some of the seeds with the fruit considering the two together as a whole food. The seeds are peppery so most folks can only tolerate a few; I have become accustomed to the taste and can take two or three spoonful's at a time WITH the fruit.

The combo could help cleanse the system and allow you to reboot so to speak. Worth trying four or five of them over a period of a week to see the effect. Papaya is a calmer, a cleanser, a digestive aid and on and on. Just google "Papaya benefits" and read about this most fantastic food.

I sleep better when taking some papaya daily."

  Re: History of Garlic
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:38:28 -0500

[YEA]  03/25/2014: Kislany from Europe: "Just to comment on the garlic taste. I love raw garlic, however due to hubby's job, he can't eat garlic at all as he can be called at work any time. So I avoided as much as possible eating garlic as I know how bad it can be for someone who doesn't eat garlic to be near someone who does.

Today I had an idea to add a clove of garlic to my regular juice, which usually contains carrots, celery, ginger and parsley leaves among others. Much to my surprise, there was no garlic taste, no garlic breath or smell at all. Hubby didn't feel it (and I even kissed him 'for test' purposes). Finally now I can consume garlic every day. It's wonderful for so many things, I never want to be away from at least one clove..or two or three of garlic a day."

  Re: Mudras for Insomnia
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:37:52 -0500

03/25/2014: Mikr62 from Denver: "Bee: Hops extract has many favorable reviews on amazon for sleep. Xanthohumol, a close cousin of resveratrol, is an aromatization inhibitor that prevents good hormones from becoming bad hormones, a possible cause of insomnia."

  Re: Chinese Herbs for Inguinal Hernia
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:37:31 -0500

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  03/25/2014: Rob from Los Angeles, California: "Hi there, just wondered how are your hernias nowadays. 2 months ago I started to do yoga hernia postures + taking Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan - so far no visible progress. I was told by my doctor that I need to warm up my body (insides) because that is causing the hernia - so need to get at least 3 warm dishes/day."

  Re: Trigger Finger - 2 Year Update
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:34:43 -0500

03/24/2014: Lisa from New York Ny: "Well here we go again. I found my 2012 post about trigger of the thumb I did finally go for the cortisone shot and it worked like a dream no new problems except now it is in the third finger from too much mouse and tool gripping (floral design) lots of pain more afraid of a shot there..trying the tape method.. dehydration probably causes all of these problems.. I am trying B-6, taping with blue tape splint at night, more water. I am grateful for all the posts here because each one is helpful thank you Earth Clinic anything to avoid surgery and shots but the cortisone shot at the base of the thumb really did the trick.. this is so common and painful my diet is even better than ever but something caused this..wonder if it's too much calcium? By the way the very best magnesium imo is Derma-Mag a topical liquid form that is absorbed thru the skin Highly recommended..These fish oils have vitamin E (soybean oil) as a preservative and very very allergic and dont want hormone disrupters which soy is"

  Re: Arrhythmia
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:33:17 -0500

03/25/2014: Ellen from Nh Usa: "Have you been checked for Lyme disease? That was the culprit for mine. Find a good LD doc and things will get better. Ellen"

Re: Insomnia Following Surgery
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:30:57 -0500

03/24/2014: Nativender from North Dakota: "I had a invasive surgery on my abdomen two weeks ago. Starting day 5 post op I have not been able to fall asleep naturally or with medications. I have used melatonin in the past with no success. I have never had this problem before. Any suggestions?"

Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum Contagiosum
Tue, 25 Mar 14 08:27:47 -0500

[WARNING!]  03/24/2014: Nikorah from San Antonio, Tx: "Hi,

ACV does work for Molloscum Contagiosum, but its best if you can treat one lesion at a time otherwise it can hurt or burn your healthy skin, which becomes dry and irritated, then you scratch and cause them to spread. It will make your healthy skin look like road rash.

I have also read that you can put Vaseline on the areas that you don't want effected, not sure if this would cause all your band aids to come off Though, so it may not be practical.

Burning/freezing them off is not a good idea on a child because kids can't help but scratch and rub the blisters, this causes major spreading. Also if you still decide to try the Beatle juice, wash it off two hours after application, don't rub. I have taken my daughter several time to have this done and such bad blistering seemed unnecessary so I took her to another Dr. and he told me the shower trick. I tried it and it worked! The lesions died and she didn't have major blistering, just red where applied. My other Dr. Said to not wash it off for 24 hrs! What a difference it made.

Soak a small piece of cotton in the apple cider vinegar (just the kind you buy at grocery store)put directly over the lesion and cover with a bandaid. (Stock up on band aids cuz you will use a ton) Do this twice a day if possible. Best time to do this is right after a warm shower because the ACV will be able to penetrate easieR because the warts will be swollen.

Good luck!"

Re: Mudras for Insomnia
Mon, 24 Mar 14 22:20:52 -0500

03/24/2014: Bee from New York: "Hello, Oh; I just found this modality called Mudra.. I have been practicing it .. You use meditation and hand positions for curing disease or manifesting things.. Well I am not sure its working.. I tried it for sleep and didn't sleep.....anyone know how long it takes to work? I have been doing it on and off days and nights for a week now? Thank You"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for a Keloid Scar
Mon, 24 Mar 14 22:19:50 -0500

03/24/2014: Nina from England: "Hi, I understand exactly where you are coming from - I am also tired of keloids! I learned to get on with it though! I really hope I am not too late, but having my keloid shaved was the worst decision of my life. It grew back bigger and more aggressive (I currently have a bag of ice cubes on my chest to prevent the itchiness when it gets warm) I wish id left it alone! With research you'll get to understand your keloid and I think diet is the best option in helping it heal from the inside out, sounds ridiculous I know but I have noticed when my hormones change (increase in estrogen) and when I'm not eating particularly well, it tends to feel more sore look more red and feel uncomfortable and itch and when it itches I know it's growing! Cool compress seems to help me ease the pain and keeping my skin hydrated! I hope this has helped x"

  Re: Bitter Melon for Stomach Ulcers
Mon, 24 Mar 14 22:19:25 -0500

03/24/2014: Khan from Phoenix, Arizona: "Sir did you eat bitter melon raw or cooked?"

  Re: Killing the AIDS Virus
Mon, 24 Mar 14 22:19:07 -0500

03/24/2014: Missy from Chicago, Il: "Viruses cannot live in an alkaline environment and they thrive in an acidic environment. When you raise your ph level to a certain alkaline state, it will kill the virus. You have to research it though because if you get your body too alkaline, it can be dangerous.

You can alkalize the body by using baking soda and molasses, or something called Cesium (which I haven't tried or researched). The baking soda and molasses, remedy, however is something I am familiar with. You should start by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and equal part molasses (or honey) in a cup of water (heated or not, just make sure the baking soda is dissolved completely, stir well). Drink this 3 times a day. Drink it no sooner than one hour before or after eating. You will gradually increase, after a couple days to 1/2 teaspoon, then to 3/4 and finally to 1 teaspoon of molasses and baking soda in a cup of water. Continue to drink it 3 times a day.

Use ph tests to keep track of what your ph level is.

Viruses (and cancer) feed off sugar (molasses and honey). The molasses works as a carrier for the baking soda (sort of a trojan horse effect, sneaking the baking soda in). When the virus goes to feed off the sugary carrier it is also, unknowingly, feeding off the baking soda, which oxygenates as well as alkalizes. Read about this method and protocol at phkillscancer.com"

  Re: Apricot Seeds for Cancer
Mon, 24 Mar 14 22:18:12 -0500

03/24/2014: Tony from Tn, Usa: "Hello Bee from New York:

You're probably referring to the cyanide content when ingesting the wrong or too much B17 content.

You need to get the bitter/raw apricot kernels. I personally use the Apricot Power brand myself. I'm only using them as maintenance & NOT as a cancer treatment.

The general rule is 1 apricot kernel per 10 pounds of body weight. For instance, I weigh 160 pounds so I take 16 kernels per day. If treating cancer, the dosage is much higher. As much as 30-35+ kernels daily for cancer sufferers.

You can also mix/add taking apricot kernel extract in capsule/tablet form as well. Doing it this way would of course decrease the amount of kernels needed daily. Some say the apricot kernels taken alone cures cancer. Others say it takes a more aggressive approach with other support nutrients/supplements like Vit C and B15(Pangamic Acid), AHCC(mushroom extract), etc. The Apricot Power brand kernels I take are very bitter. They're supposed to be that way though. This shows the laetrile content is there.

I compare the taste to Novacane used for numbing in the dental industry. I always chew mine up really well and hold under the tongue for a minute or two before swallowing. Here's a link with further details: http://www.worldwithoutcancer.org.uk/therapy-compontents/"

  Re: Dietary Changes Helped Fibroids
Mon, 24 Mar 14 22:17:35 -0500

03/24/2014: Metwins from Nigeria: "Thanks so much, for this info, will try and see if I could get the Acv and molasses here in Nigeria, was diagnoise few days ago with multiple fibroids, enlarged uterus, and fluid in the pod, dc said the fibroid is nothing to worry about since I already ve 3 girls n gave me zithromacin for the fluid. But I ve been worry sick cos me stomach looks 5months pregnant, I just need hp urgently cos ve been exercising after giving birth in Dec 2013 for my. Stomach to flat only to be diagnose of fibroid, though, no symptoms at all, just hate my body shape. Really wish this works"

  Re: Daughter with Multiple Food Allergies
Mon, 24 Mar 14 16:32:20 -0500

03/24/2014: Thealth from Los Angeles, Ca: "Hi Bill,

Thanks for your wonderful reply.

My daugther is 7 years old.

Should I give the below things you mentioned

Chanca Piedra -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes.
Milk Thistle -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
Alpha Lipoic Acid -- 300 mgs twice a day at mealtimes
Selenium -- 100 micrograms twice a day at mealtimes.
Vitamin C -- As Ascorbate, 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes.

Magnesium -- 250 mgs twice a day taken as magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate. Taken outside mealtimes


  Re: Question About Trichomoniasis Diagnosis
Mon, 24 Mar 14 15:34:16 -0500

03/24/2014: Unknown from Canada: "Wow I am experiencing the exactly same thing same story same scenario except they had told me I had Bacterial Vaginosis and chlamydia the first time I got tested again all the other std's are gone and now they said its trich and they wanna prescribe the same thing they already prescribed me for the bv like wtf! They just gave me that don't they understand it doesn't work!"

  Re: Arrhythmia
Mon, 24 Mar 14 15:33:47 -0500

[YEA]  03/24/2014: Amy from Illinois: "Hello fellow arrhythmia sufferers!

So happy to have found this website. I have read all the posts of natural remedies and cannot wait to try. I have pac's or ectopic beats everyday and night now. Have been to EP doctor and have had 2 ablations. 1st one did cure the tacchycardia but irregular beats persist. I will try acv with soda, mag, cayenne, molasses, and even giving up the yogurt and oats. I refuse heart meds and truly believe in the gi connection and a vitamin deficiency. God bless all of us to find the cure! Amy"

  Re: Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Mon, 24 Mar 14 15:28:34 -0500

03/24/2014: Carol from Braintree, Ma: "The oil I bought was in a jar and is solid, will that work as well?"

  Re: Rosemary Oil
Mon, 24 Mar 14 15:25:08 -0500

[YEA]  03/24/2014: Ruth from New Hampshire, Usa: "Hi- I have been using Rosemary Essential Oil in my mascara and it has helped lengthen my eyelashes as well as keeping the mascara free of germs! I also have added it to shampoo and found that I am losing less hair than I had been-

Also, slightly unrelated-I fill a spray-bottle with mostly water and a few drops of Rosemary EO and use that to spray down my luggage when in hotels- just in case- because I read that it repels bed bugs!"

Re: Apricot Seeds for Cancer
Mon, 24 Mar 14 15:24:27 -0500

03/24/2014: Bee from New York: "Hello, I have been reading conflicting reports and watching utube videos on Apricot seeds.. some info says its poispn and others are taking them to cure their problems.. So what is it??"

  Re: Floating Stools
Mon, 24 Mar 14 10:52:28 -0500

03/24/2014: Baldev from Mumbai, India: "Hi Kim,

Please read the article, it will give a good information about different kind of stools.

The Bristol Poop Chart Which of the 7 Types of Bowel Movements Are You?

When doctors in the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital in Bristol, England found that patients were reluctant to talk about the shape and nature of their stools, they devised a handy chart called the Bristol Stool Form Scale. This self- diagnostic chart, which helps patients discuss their bowel habits without becoming embarrassed, is now being used all over the world as a measuring tool to bowel and digestive health.


Good Luck


  Re: Fennel Seeds Reduced Glaucoma Pressure
Mon, 24 Mar 14 10:51:05 -0500

03/24/2014: Blesyn from Lagos, Nigeria: "Hi, I just need to know, how much of fennel seeds should I take to help fight the glaucoma? I usually put it in a cup of hot water, drink the water after a while and chew the seeds. Are there specific ways/times to take these for maximum effect?


Re: Yoga Exercises Helping Prolapsed Bladder
Mon, 24 Mar 14 09:08:09 -0500

[YEA]  03/23/2014: Claudia from Winter Park, Co: "I was diagnosed with cystocele about 2 years ago & immediately started searching for alternative healing methods. The first thing I found was a woman who did a special massage technique to help pull up/tone organs & also who recommended lots of Kegels. I've also explored herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, & energy healing--all of these things take time & can be costly, & I tend to be more of an herb person, so I do raspberry tea, & take vitex (chasteberry) & black cohosh for their "women benefits" (I am post-menopausal- hence the onset of my prolapse). Not seeing much of an improvement after several months of doing all of the above, I started searching the internet again & found an amazing book that is written by a women about pelvic organ prolapse. She goes into exhaustive detail about a women's anatomy (compared to a man's), how & why things happen & a non-surgical alternative--her own story is horrendous (she also explains all of the surgeries)--but she found, through much trial & error, a simple solution, basically a "posture" that you have to rethink, retrain yourself to do & a very simple exercise--not Kegels! Apparently Kegels are pretty useless because they only develop the muscles/tissues that help us eliminate, not hold things in! A more effective exercise is similar to a "cat-cow" yoga move while standing. Also, speaking of yoga, which was invented by a man for men, any posture which requires you to bend past 90 degrees (an oblique angle) makes you "push out", which is counter-productive. Do only yoga moves where you are bending 90 degrees or less ("pulling in"); inversions are good, like headstands & shoulder stands-- downward dog is especially do-able for most women--even sitting. I think also, properly nourishing yourself only makes sense, since you hopefully create an environment conducive to tissue improvement & healing (like strengthening capillaries & facia). I began to see improvement once I got serious & into a regular routine of the exercise & always trying to remember to do "the posture", plus doing a small yoga routine of headstand, child's pose & downward dog. I definitely think you have to give your body some type of gravity break! In time I am expecting to not only stop the progression, but to get some reversal as well.

Also, I found the comments about witch hazel very interesting & plan to try that as well! I say, try everything that doesn't sound too wacky! Good luck & lovely healing energy to all of you, my "sistahs"."

  Re: Examining the Fingernails
Mon, 24 Mar 14 09:05:52 -0500

[YEA]  03/24/2014: Man from Sojouring America: "My objective here is to gather some sites that I have found on the issue of finger nail problems.



I found that in the last paragraph it states that Acetic acid soaks (white vinegar?) were helpful."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Chalazion
Mon, 24 Mar 14 08:59:02 -0500

[SIDE EFFECTS]  03/24/2014: John from New York: "Hi all, after reading so many stories with positive results of having used the apple cider vinegar, I decided to give it a try myself. Perhaps I'm exaggerating with the quantity of ACV I put on the cotton ball, but I notice the skin of my eyelid having a darker color, almost as if it's being "burned" or irritated by the vinegar. Was this normal for some of you as well? Also, would you recommend putting the ACV directly on the chalazion (i.e. on the underside of the eyelid where the chalazion actually is)? Thanks for any help you can offer, I love this forum!"

  Re: Grapefruit Seed Extract and D-Mannose for Bladder Infection (2)
Mon, 24 Mar 14 08:58:39 -0500

03/24/2014: Bighypno from Md, Dc, Va: "Just wanted to add before I went to the doctor I did heavy doses of Apple Cider Vinegar. I then did Centex. I also did 3 diff types of Cranberry extracts. Vitamin C high doses and GSE tablets. None of them did much if anything to slow the infection."

Re: Hyaluronic Acid Side Effects
Mon, 24 Mar 14 08:58:16 -0500

[SIDE EFFECTS]  03/24/2014: Mary from Arcadia, California: "I used the Hyaluronic Acid but broke out in large cysts on my face and itching. I had trouble with cystic acne most of my life. That may be why.

Is there such a thing as "organic H.A." since I buy cage free and no hormones or antibiotics in my chickens to eat. If there is, can someone help me find this supplement. I have the worst osteoarthritis. Thank you in advance.


  Re: Skin Infection Near Ankle
Mon, 24 Mar 14 08:52:58 -0500

03/24/2014: Kathleen from San Antonio, Texas: "First thing I would do is get off the Cipro. It can cause some very nasty side effects. Some of them permanent. I know two people, one partially disabled from it, who had severe reactions. I would only take it if I had something that wouldn't respond to any other antibiotic. I personally would use clay and colloidal silver topically You can use the silver for all or part of your liquid to hydrate the clay. I would also take traumeel (homeopathic, either drops or tablets) to promote faster healing, especially if you tend to heal slowly."

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for COPD
Mon, 24 Mar 14 08:52:34 -0500

03/23/2014: Freda from British Columbia, Canada: "Did you use dilute the peroxide to 3 % hydrogen peroxide? How long did you take the peroxide for before noticing the results? Did you have severe COPD?"

  Re: Help Requested for Depression and Diabetes (2)
Sun, 23 Mar 14 22:31:55 -0500

03/23/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Kathy from Scotland,

Re Diabetes...by the way, in addition to my previous post.... I just suggested for another poster a wonderful nutrient for their condition and that SAME nutrient, called by some "Cell Integrity Factor" is fantastic for diabetes. Do a google search for "Nutrition Review Calcium AEP" a true miracle nutrient.

You can get it on line. That article discusses a dozen conditions that AEP can turn around and diabetes is one of them.

If me, I'd take four AM and four PM."

  Re: Help Requested for Depression and Diabetes
Sun, 23 Mar 14 22:06:55 -0500

03/23/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Kathy from Scotland;

About the depression issue...

You mention the depression has overtaken you in the past year and that you take Metformin for diabetes.

Side effects for Metformin list depression as one side effect.

Go back to you doctor and get a change in prescription.

Better, look at Earth Clinic's "Ailments" under diabetes and get an alternative cure to your diabetes...one that has no side effects.

Your problem is CHEMICALLY induced. Have hope...there really is a solution."

Help Requested for Depression and Diabetes
Sun, 23 Mar 14 21:43:59 -0500

03/23/2014: Kathy from Dumfries, Scotland: "I am an elderly lady in her early eighties with type 2 diabetes on metformin and gliclazide. For the last year or so I have suffered from the most debilitating depression and am not quite sure what to do - its almost turned me into a zombie. I really do not want to go on anti depressants. Any advice, please, please. Many thanks."

  Re: Yara's Treatment Plan for Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Sun, 23 Mar 14 21:22:24 -0500

03/23/2014: Mt from Ottawa, Ontario: "Look for GAPS diet on you tube (Natasha Campbell). Your friend needs to improve his immune system. He needs a liver detox -look into Dandelion root tea. Apply either smashed garlic, Manuka honey, charcoal or Propolis on the boils."

  Re: Help Requested for Neuropathy
Sun, 23 Mar 14 20:47:17 -0500

03/23/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Larry T Jackson,

Re the neuropathy problem...

I've been a big advocate for the "nutrient" and vitamin like substance called AEP... known as Calcium AEP, but do not be confused....this AEP is not another form of calcium. The nutrient is the AEP.

Just fantastic for neuropathy. I'd take four in the morning and four at night.

There is a good web site...google "nutrition review calcium AEP" and you will see how many problems AEP can help with. LOTS of history to AEP.

Just this morning I'd overdone the sugary pastry (Sunday addiction) and my feet started hurting. Four AEP later... aching gone."





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