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 Re: Magnesium for Leg Cramps

Mon, 25 May 15 17:37:26 -0500
Posted by Arthur Hall (West Terre Haute Indiana) on 05/24/2015

I mix Epsom salts (potassium sulfate) cup for cup with water. Put it in a spray bottle. It absorbs through skin without the effects of taking it orally.

You will relax immediately; so will muscle cramps. Will put you to sleep easily. Spray some on and rub it in daily. Saves on using large amounts in bath or foot soaks

Candida Detection - Questions for Bill

Mon, 25 May 15 17:36:43 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 05/24/2015

HI U BILL, , , , , , , , everyone has Candida , it's just the quantity. I have been doing my Rife Machine religiously for several weeks and now my Ozone ear insufflation no longer acts as if I have a fungus. My ear skin no longer peals, nor itches. I am also doing FIR saunas before I shower. I am also attempting to do 3 ozone saunas a week as Dr. Shallenberger says is the cat's meow for all ails.

My GB 4000 Rife Machine is reputed to replicate the original machine. I just read. Anyways, it supposedly kills all pathogens including candida after a period of time.

I go Wednesday to have my DNA checked for the status of my blood cancer. What gives me the ass is that our modern medicine cannot detect cancer until it is in the 3 or 4 stage unless it's skin cancer. For instance, a mammogram for breast cancer. If a woman does not have breast cancer then she will after many years of this radiation test. My Tractor Driver and I both studied this and she now has a Themography film made to see her inflammation. She is good. A mammogram only tells you when you are in stage 3 or 4 with a tumor and that's too late.

I have done both DNA and Ocublot test that can detect a blood protein that tells you that you have cancer. The DNA test cost $80 and the Ocublot test costs is $800. I'm not going to an Oncologist, period. My old friend , Kenny, was not at church today because he was too sick. Not from his prostate cancer, but from the chemo treatment by his Oncologist.

Cancer may be consuming me but I'm still doing our garden thing and worshiping my Lord.

After this long spiel, my question to you is, "are my ears telling me that my candida are on the run".

I ask because if I have these critters on the run, then I am converting my cancer cells back to healthy cells. The Rife Machine is the only cancer treatment that does that because it kills the critter inside the cell.

Bill, as all know on this site, I's SJS, but also long winded.

Many months ago I ask all to follow my progress and learn what to do or what not to do. So far, I can still tell a wild and strange story........ so stay tuned. Maybe things will turn out well.


 Re: Ted's Remedies for Gerd

Mon, 25 May 15 17:33:00 -0500
Posted by Teresa (Iowa) on 05/25/2015

[YEA]  I too suffer from gerd and have for almost 50 years. Also am on medical leave from work with gouty arthritis resulting in basal joint replacement. I have been adjusting my diet to avoid taking meds and found using ACV and Baking Soda works. But now wondering if the stress from work was a big factor for my Gerd as I have had no episodes since being off! Since I can retire now I may choose to do so but check your stressors. Bigger factor than you know!

 Re: Remedy for Chiggers

Sun, 24 May 15 15:47:25 -0500
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 05/24/2015

Someone mentioned chiggers. Try a bath in baking soda (maybe some epsom salts too?). An old home remedy of my mom's.

Coconut Oil as Natural Hair Conditioner

Sun, 24 May 15 15:46:56 -0500
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 05/24/2015

[YEA]  Put lots of coconut oil in your hair on a day or evening when you don't have to be somewhere the next day, as it is difficult to rinse out and may appear greasy. Cover your head with a dollar store shower cap (throw away). You will have very bouncy hair the 2nd time your wash it! I have even left it in all night and put a towel on my pillow (just in case). It's AWESOME!

 Re: Urine Therapy for Childhood Asthma

Sun, 24 May 15 12:16:48 -0500
Posted by John (Kitchener) on 05/24/2015

Keep him away from anything that has been in a #1 PET/PETE plastic like tetrapaks, typical water, juice and ketchup bottles. The stuff contains antimony (Google it) and is a main cause of asthma due to it causing extreme liver inflammation and an increase in leukotrienes (which is the root of asthma). It's a pain in the butt to do but is so worth it.

 Re: Seeking Information on Turpentine and Autism

Sun, 24 May 15 12:15:51 -0500
Posted by Elaine (Oklahoma) on 05/24/2015

Are we talking about the same turpentine you use to dissolve paint?

 Re: Rhodiola Not Helping Adrenal Fatigue

Sun, 24 May 15 12:15:31 -0500
Posted by John (Kitchener) on 05/24/2015

If your adrenals are burnt then why not try raw adrenal gland (for your general health). It is a common product and is effective. I know of nothing else that will compensate for burnt adrenals.

 Re: Seeking Ted's Help For Gerd

Sun, 24 May 15 12:14:47 -0500
Posted by Green Augustine (North Wales, Great Britain) on 05/24/2015

Hi Ted, I've just spent some time reading most of your remedies for Gerd and Hiatal Hernia together with Bill's protcool for Gerd. I notice quite a few of your very interesting posts are from 2007/8 etc and wondered if you still endorse all of those or whether you have come up with different remedies in more recent years?? I've just ordered the book you and Bill wrote so maybe the answer to my question is in that? I have Hiatal hernia and Gerd with scarring on my stomach lining and a leaky gut and am taking Bicarb with lemon juice, plus your turmeric/ ginger mix 3 times a day as you suggest. I am going to try Betaine and colostrum too, to see if I can cure the problems. Any feedback would be most welcome on this. We are so lucky to have sites like this and dedicated people like you who are happy to share their considerable knowledge and experience. So thank you. And many blessings on you.

 Re: Help for Loose Neck From Weight Loss

Sun, 24 May 15 12:13:43 -0500
Posted by Hematite99 (Ireland) on 05/24/2015

Has anyone had success with loose skin on neck from weightloss? Have tried exercises, which seem to have given me more lines, thanks in advance

 Re: Water Cure for Chicken Neck

Sun, 24 May 15 12:12:22 -0500
Posted by Hematite99 (Ireland) on 05/24/2015

H Cindy, thanks for posting, having lost weight and especially off my neck, it's now just loose wrinkly skin, how much water should I be drinking and will it reverse it and how much sea salt, thanks

 Re: Cayenne and Aloe Vera Use

Sun, 24 May 15 12:11:51 -0500
Posted by B (Usa) on 05/24/2015

You mentioned Aloe Vera Juice?? I take 1/2 tsp cayenne mixed with 2 tbs lemon, 2 tbs APV with 8 oz of water first thing in the AM, I wanted to include my Aloe but I wasn't sure if I should so I started putting 12 oz of Aloe Juice in my 150oz water jug for the day and drink my daily Aloe like that. Is that a good idea, or am I diluting it too much with the water?

 Re: Aloe Vera for Interstitial Cystitis

Sun, 24 May 15 12:11:14 -0500
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/24/2015

Hello Nonib,

I saw all the things you found you could not tolerate for IC...but that Apple Cider Vinegar did help. That tells me...whatever else may cause IC, yours may be virus related. So you may want to try colloidal silver to see if that might help. I've had four or five UTIs and each time the CS stopped it. SO IF yours is virus related maybe experimenting with CS could help. I Google searched "IC virus cause" (spelling out IC) and found one site that listed fifty or so studies that showed possible causes of IC (many), but one stood out...a study that showed how IC was 8 times greater with people who had lower tract surgeries, leading to the possible explanation of infection as one of the likely suspects.

Monolaurin Cured Lichen Planus

Sun, 24 May 15 05:18:13 -0500
Posted by Anita P. (Stockton Ca.) on 05/24/2015

[YEA]  Saw you had posts for lichen plantus. I had this rash until I started taking monolaurin pills. Two pills twice a day. Rash was gone after two weeks. Now just small scars im treating with store bought lightening creams. Thought you would like to post for your readers.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoids

Sun, 24 May 15 05:16:23 -0500
Posted by Ms. T (California Usa) on 05/24/2015

Thk you for hope "TM" and your personal experiences. I've a rectal tumor. And now a hemorrhoid 3mos old. size of 1/2 med mushroom. Numb, attached to 1/3 of anal lip.Took a picture with my cell...well curious one...wanted a close up look :) It's doubled in 3 mos.....1- 3/4 "? ?????? My question how far has your lil buddy (((( shrunk ))))???? How much more to go? Again thks much to you and all of us and for honestly speaking. Ms.T~ Lil ones sound easy to rid . But biggy ones??? I wonder about

 Re: Probiotics Stopped Bloating

Sun, 24 May 15 05:14:28 -0500
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/24/2015

C: Although you did not detail much of your digestive condition, it appears obvious that it's more than a deficiency of healthy bacteria.

Would like to hear more on your case so that others may make better choices in gut healing.

 Re: Relief From Gout Remedies

Sun, 24 May 15 05:14:10 -0500
Posted by Nafisah Ahmad (Serendah) on 05/24/2015

Before maintenance, how many alfalfa, garlic, cranberry n milk thistle was taken?

 Re: Alopecia in Children

Sun, 24 May 15 05:13:12 -0500
Posted by Megan Bowles (Arizona, Phoenix) on 05/24/2015

My son has no alopecia. My concern is that his hair is thin and very slow to grow. It's been 10 months now since he had a haircut but his hair has not reach the tops of his ears yet. It's a little rough but shiny. We had him shaved twice already since his 1st birthday. He is already 3 years old by the way. He still drinks his milk and vitamin supplements regularly. Can I use any of the remedies for alopecia to improve the condition of his hair?

Apple Cider Vinegar for High Blood Pressure

Sun, 24 May 15 05:09:59 -0500
Posted by Yolanda (Bklyn, Ny ) on 05/23/2015

[YEA]  Well I have to say ACV is the way to go to lower your HBP...It's the best thing ever! I got diagnose with Bp it was up setting for me. I had went for my annual check up tho my blood results were excellent my Dr. didn't understand how I got Hbp my reading was 165/100 now its 110/73 by just drinking Acv it's AMAZING it really works.. I'm not on any medication I go natural it's the best way to go tho you have to get use to the taste. You have to be consistent with it this is my secret. I drink it every morning b4 anything with 2Tablespoon of Acv, half a lemon w/ a 8oz warm water. I don't eat or drink anything after drinking it, So it can hit the bloodstream after an half an hour I do... Listen this really works and it's the best thing...You have to be consistent with it in order to see results..Trust me it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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