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  Re: Ankylosing Spondylitis
Thu, 24 Jul 14 13:57:14 -0500

07/24/2014: Ismail from Pakistan: "I'm suffering from AS, since last 3 years. Tell me breifly, how can I get rid from this."

  Re: Turmeric for Gynecomastia
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:46:52 -0500

07/24/2014: Rahul from Delhi, India: "Hi friends I am suffering from gynecomastia from age of 21 . Now I am 28 , please tell me, how much turmeric should I take, if I will take turmeric powder. and how long.. And after food or before food.. Dear tj, How much you take capsules in a day. Plz reply dear, I am waiting.."

Re: Positive Experience on the 5:2 Diet
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:43:50 -0500

[YEA]  07/24/2014: Michael from Alton, Il: "5-2 Diet is the only diet that I have lost weight with. It really works!!! It also dropped my blood pressure, I stopped taking my low dose medicine. Watch the movie, it also lowers IGF1 (helps heal the cells in body)."

Re: Success with Bill's Candida Diet Protocol
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:39:02 -0500

[YEA]  07/24/2014: Big C from Varies, Philippines This Month: "Hi Bill,

I have been following your (and Ted's) Candida recommendations for 9 months now starting with Baking Soda/Lime which was a massive health turn around in 3 days for me, then taking Borax which worked well at first for about 3 months, drinking Povidine Iodine (it is all I could get for 6 months) and taking small amounts of Serrapeptase.

Recently I visited the USA where I could get everything I wanted (Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase, high potency Serrapeptase, Lugols in particular) and I must say I got sick and weak rather quickly. At this time I bought your book on Candida and read it through 3 times already.

It took about 4 weeks (360,000IU Serrapeptase a day, 9000FU Nattokinase, 1.4 mill units lumbrokinase + 300mg Lugols Iodine + lots of supporting minerals + 1 tsp borax a day) and I, excuse the language, shat out a putrid lot of black slime when my diet is mainly eggs and greens so that was not something I ate. At first after this I got sicker and slept a lot but now almost 2 weeks later (I added 500ml natural yoghurt a day + 5 yakult drinks) I feel so much better and my brain works again, most important I lost my instant temper and emotionally and very stable after years of instability.

THANKYOU for your book and your work, I just have a few more issues to clear up and I'll be better than when I was 18.

Excellent work, I cannot thankyou enough.

Big C :)"

Re: MSM Helping Fibromyalgia
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:37:23 -0500

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/24/2014: Susca from South Africa: "Hi. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have about ALL the symptoms connected with the disease. Doctors couldn't help me at all and no amount of painkillers could give permanent relieve. I am taking 2 teaspoons in the morning, otherwise I can't sleep. Only thing I should mention to you, if you find your msm is working for you, check and see how much chlorine do you ingest per day from your drinking water? Msm should not be taken with tap water as the chlorine in the water "cancels out" the effectiveness of the msm. Sounds dumb but its true!!!!"

  Re: Arrhythmia Remedies
Thu, 24 Jul 14 11:35:31 -0500

07/24/2014: Kate from Canada: "Hi. I am very interested in the MAG/CAL vitman D3 result. How long before you notice a change? I have been having episodes every day (started two days ago when my heart rate when to 120 for over an hour and back up and down between 90-100-120.) I also get it alot when I eat certain foods. I do have heart conditions but in hindsight I have been doing good. I haven't been on any heart meds since I was an infant. I have had heart problems all my life. How long did you notice the change? I am almost willing to take these beta blockers. I am tired of dealing and being worried I am going to have an episode. I am looking for a natural route to go. I remember the first time I had an eposide it was New Years day of 2013. I ended up in ambulance and they told me I had SVT. My heart Dr says arrhythmia. I do need valve replacements but there is nothing phyiscally saying I need it immediately. I have had this issue for so long without any symptoms. I am hoping that if I do this Cal/Mag it will stop the paliplations. I just can't feel like this anymore."

  Re: Breast Explant Complication
Thu, 24 Jul 14 10:59:57 -0500

07/24/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Howsons,

Does the surgeon say why this is happening?

There are several things you can try.

A cabbage leaf, cold from the fridge, cut to fit around the breast and placed inside the bra is soothing and relieves inflammation. You can change the leaf when it becomes limp.

A large drop of castor oil with a drop of peppermint essential oil massaged into the breast a couple of times a day may help. I have used straight peppermint oil as well.

Charcoal poultices would also be good, but not as easy to work with as the above.

1 teaspoon of turmeric, three times a day, taken internally is good for all sorts of inflammation.

I have used all of the above successfully to treat inflammation of the breast, though I had inflammation from a breast infection while nursing.

I hope all is resolved soon!

~Mama to Many~"

  Re: Whew! We're Finally Back Online
Thu, 24 Jul 14 09:57:32 -0500

07/24/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas: "I started to go into EC withdrawal! Glad to see you're back, love this site."

EC: Thank you, Nanowriter! We were missing you all too!

  Re: Multiple Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:27:47 -0500

07/24/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Heavyhorse,

Congratulations on recent baby!

Concerning your condition, I saw in your post where at the end of your very informative post, you mentioned the possible connection to candida infection and that after the other two births you experienced the same outbreak. Well, if it is an underlying candida problem I'd recommend oral consumption of colloidal silver because the infection is likely system wide. Two tablespoons twice daily for a few months might do the trick.

But more likely the dose would have to continue for six months. Also I apply CS topically at any skin outbreak, first assuming the outbreak is likely virus/fungus or bacteria.

This is what I'd do if experiencing the skin condition you discuss.

Finally, Bill Thompson has written extensively on Candida infection on this site...Earth Clinic...look under "Ailments" and "Candida"...and he has a book "Killing so Sweetly" you will want to consider.

Best to you and the babies...


Re: Breast Explant Complication
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:17:57 -0500

07/24/2014: Howsons from cork: "I had breast implants removed without new implants two weeks ago. My right breast is perfect, soft and in good shape. However, my left breast is as big as it was with implant. It is rock hard and looks like an immovable ant-hill. There is a little tenderness to the touch but I know there is no infection. What can I do to breakdown the hardness? I feel there must be some natural remedy to cure this. Please help. I want small breasts again."

  Re: Update Requested on Test
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:16:17 -0500

07/24/2014: Amrita from India: "Hello Rock from Singapore,

I think by now you would have definitely done your test. So your test result was negative or not?"

  Re: Coleus Forskohlii for Tachycardia
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:15:00 -0500

07/24/2014: Laura from Seattle, WA: "And if you hadn't taken the Coleus Forskohlii capsule what would BP have been an hour later?"

  Re: Cayenne
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:13:22 -0500

07/24/2014: Somegirlontheinternet from Sacramento, CA: "It has been proven. Dr. Christopher used cayenne for not only stopping heart attacks but stopping hemorrhaging (including those from gunshot wounds). There is science to it. You should check it out."

  Re: OTC Natural Lithium for Depression
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:12:36 -0500

07/24/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Lilac,

Depression issues ...

You're a wealth of information. I've experienced a recent family death and have taken it worse than the loss of mother and father five years ago (one lost five years ago and the other 6 and a half).

I found "colloidal gold" seemed to even me out a lot. It is a calmer and kept the feelings of "desolation" from being too extreme. And I more easily emerged from those moments of "melt down" faster. I also found simple reading from Scripture is helpful...from the Book of John in the NT and the Psalms.

I wonder if you have read about Colloidal Gold's effect. Also have you tried valerian?

Based on your post I'll try to get off computer at night...ha...I'll try anyway...


  Re: Chemical Sensitivity
Thu, 24 Jul 14 02:31:53 -0500

07/24/2014: Timh from KY: "Bess: It has long been suspect that no matter how much great advice, love, encouragement etc. that people have showered on Robyn here on E.C. she remains seeming chained to an undying pessimism. It seems like a hopeless case.

It's a sad state in much of the world. There are un-rehabilitate rescued pets, adopted children far to damaged to ever repair. Often, the caregiver takes a loss. My few yrs as a Nurse Assistant had several cases of being hit, bit, slapped, clawed, etc and there is nothing to be done as the patient has all the rights and the workers have no defense. The world is literally full of people that have pain as their closest friend. Alcoholism and substance abuse is overcrowded w/ this category.

Back in the mid 20th century there was a psychologist that explored the basis of such insistence on pleasure/sex & pain & death; his findings (can't think of his name right now) expanded some of Freud's theories of Id-Ego w/ the fundamental pleasure/pain principle. Very simple, we are all conceived in pleasure and born in pain. Most world religions aim at transcending or mortifying these basic carnal imprints, compulsions, and behaviors.

Well, what a rant. At least there is some knowledge on this subject that can lead to the possibility of cure, otherwise it's a lost condition."

  Re: Drinking H2O2 - Day 12 and Struggling!
Thu, 24 Jul 14 02:00:59 -0500

07/24/2014: Timh from KY: "Mymindisnotme: To keep the blood clean, one needs to take kidney urinary cleanse periodically, as well as colon cleans, gallbladder cleans, and a parasite cleanse --each of these is suggested once yearly to prevent disease. Optimizing antioxidant nutrition is also very important in staying healthy. All this keeps the immune system in top shape.

Turmeric, Quercetin, Pinnapple, and Cold Water Fish like Salmon, Mackeral, and Sardines (Oil) are all very good anti-inflammatory. Bee Pollen starting in very small amounts then working up to 1 or 2 spoons daily is a very beneficial "superfood".

Glad to help, and hope to hear good news from you soon."

Whew! We're Finally Back Online
Wed, 23 Jul 14 22:07:12 -0500

07/23/2014: Earth Clinic from Atlanta, Ga: "Hi everyone!

We experienced an issue with our server earlier this afternoon and Earth Clinic suddenly went offline, much to our dismay. 7 hours later, we're happily back online and the site is running smoothly again. Very sorry for the inconvenience!"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Psoriasis
Wed, 23 Jul 14 21:57:40 -0500

07/23/2014: Robin from Lakewood, Wa: "I have also had it for decades and have done well only by one thing and that is swimming in the ocean for several hours several days(I am from New England and NH is the cleanest ocean water in the country) the combo of the saltwater and the sun heals my skin within a week."

  Re: Oil of Oregano for MRSA
Wed, 23 Jul 14 21:57:06 -0500

07/23/2014: Kelly from Washington, Dc: "Hi. I have similar problems with Staph and have been taking oil of oregano for years instead of using antibiotics. I wanted to add that turmeric also helps with the inflammation but you also need to take black pepper with it. The turmeric is much more potent when you add the pepper."




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