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Treatment Information for Scabies

Tue, 16 Sep 14 11:29:26 +0000

Posted by Johnmac (Castlemaine, Australia) on 09/16/2014

I've read through hundreds of posts here on scabies, and wonder why there is such confusion and angst.

If you read the scientific literature on scabies, it is generally cured with one dose of Ascabiol or benzyl benzoate.

E.g.: Landegren, J. et al. Treatment of scabies with disulfiram and benzyl benzoateemulsion: a controlled study.

In a double-blind study, 38 adults with scabies were treated with the scabicide Tenutex (a proprietary aqueous emulsion containing 0.5% DDT, 2% disulfiramand 22.5% benzyl benzoate) and 42 patients were treated with a similar emulsion lacking DDT. The treatment consisted of a single whole-body (except for the head) application which was washed off after 24 hours. When examined 3 weeks later, both groups were completely cured. Thereafter, a further 35 patients took part in an open trial with the DDT-free Tenutex emulsion and allpatients were cured, irrespective of whether the treatments were administeredby skilled personnel or by themselves at home. It is concluded that for the treatment of scabies in Sweden, the most commonly used preparation, Tenutex, can be replaced, without risk of loss of efficacy, by an emulsion containing 2% disulfiram and 22.5% benzyl benzoate, I.e. Tenutex without DDT.

Personally, I'm using clove bud oil. After 3 days most of my itching has gone, and many mites have died and surfaced through my skin. Clove kills the mites, but apparently not (all) the eggs, so I'll keep applying it for 6-8 weeks till the breeding cycle is over. As for fanatically laundering and hot-drying your clothing and bedding daily, spraying your entire house daily (including the ceilings! ), etc: Why? The literature is clear that scabies mites survive 24-36 hours only off the human body: "Human and canine scabies mites are capable of surviving for 24–36 hours at room temperature and retain the ability to re-establish infestation. Canine mites dislodged from a host respond to host odour and thermal stimuli by actively seeking their source. Despite the detection, survival and penetrative abilities of S scabiei when kept at room temperature, the role of contaminated bedding as a reservoir for infestation appears to be overemphasised. For example, in experiments where volunteers climbed into warm beds just vacated by heavily infected patients, only four new cases resulted from 272 attempts." (Google it.) Yes, you do need to treat scabies. Yes, you do need to wash your clothes and bedding - or abandon them for a few days to let the mites die.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Constipation

Tue, 16 Sep 14 11:08:13 +0000

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 09/16/2014

I have found a great solution for constipation; in my case I was born with a mold virus. I use Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup or container with fresh chopped garlic and chopped onion, let it set for an hour or two, then take an enema and for me it works right away. Also once in awhile I add aloe vera to my mixture as it's a great healer. Good Luck

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey for Ulcers

Tue, 16 Sep 14 11:02:22 +0000

Posted by Suz (Santa Barbara, CA) on 09/16/2014

PLEASE, if you use vinegar for your ulcer, it MUST BE RAW UNCOOKED vinegar. Otherwise it will just make your ulcer worse. You can put a bunch of good water in a blender and for each cup put in at least one teaspoon of the raw vinegar and also the same amount of raw honey for each cup of water. Blend it. It comes out nice and frothy. Drink it all day long. I put the left overs in the fridge so it gets nice and cold. It is a miracle drink for ulcers. It may feel like it is burning but that is to be expected. Ulcers are usually like an open wound. At least that is what it feels like to me. I get this ulcerated problem on and off but am always able to heal it on my own. My issue is stress. I also have a tendency to eat too much salsa and other hot foods and sometimes coffee. If I am stressed and have these things, oh boy watch out.

I also find that just spoons of raw honey give me a lot of relief. I may have 3 or 4 a day. The other thing is aloe vera juice. I buy it in liquid form at a place like whole Foods. It is usually uncooked. It really gives me a lot of relief. Tonight I took a clove of garlic and a chunk of fresh ginger, chopped it up, put in a peppermint tea bag, then poured hot water over that in a cup. After it cooled a bit, I put a spoon of raw honey. I then ate some of the garlic and ginger chunks. It really helped. I am afraid to try cabbage juice because I am an A blood type and if this is really scientific (eat right for your blood type) I feel that it may make me worse. The book says vinegar is not for A blood types either but since it is raw, I figure it is ok. Especially since I get such relief from it especially when mixed with raw honey. Happy healing to us all. I hope.

Oil Pulling for Sinus Infections

Tue, 16 Sep 14 10:56:28 +0000

Posted by Amarya (Okotoks, Canada) on 09/16/2014

I have actually cured pneumonia in myself with unrefined, pure (quality matters) oil pulling. It took one solid day of this technique to detoxify my body, I could barely get off the couch - so sick.

This is especially beneficial if you have mercury fillings in your teeth (I had 11). Also ice cream has many chemicals added under "natural flavours" like 30 or more, which contribute heavily to sinus infections.

How to Make Ginger Ale Kefir

Tue, 16 Sep 14 10:47:29 +0000

Posted by Larry (Abbotsford, BC) on 09/15/2014

I found a recipe to make ginger ale kefir with milk grains used in water, mmmmgood.

Kefir grains, 2 quarts water, 2 large tablespoons honey, 1/2 teaspoon tumeric, 1/4 lemon, 1/4 lime, 5 thin slices of ginger.

Let sit in dark spot 1 to 3 days.

Every one likes it even though they don't like the milk kefir.

 Re: Causes of Early Puberty

Tue, 16 Sep 14 10:43:35 +0000

Posted by Melissa (Portland, OR) on 09/15/2014


Growing up I had similar symptoms. I started getting armpit hair probably around 7-8ish and a started my period almost spot on with my 11th birthday.

I read somewhere that this is becoming common with young girls who have divorced parents and when they are around multiple men. I don't remember the specifics, but it has something to do with hormones and kind of speeding up/ forcing puberty to emerge earlier. That is how I grew up, too, though. My parents divorced when I was around 2 and my mother had a new boyfriend all the time, and she has custody of me. So I was around many different men all the time.The longest relationship was probably a year or so when I was young. I did not have an issue with weight, I was normal other than getting body hair a bit younger than normal. I also think I got my first pimples around that time, but not many.

I am not implying that is what's happening with your daughter, but for anyone else reading it is a possibility. I grew up fine, and had no lasting complications. Like your doctor said, just watch her, if she develops breasts or has a period very early, I wouldn't worry too much.

Colloidal Silver for Norovirus

Tue, 16 Sep 14 10:41:32 +0000

Posted by James (Charleston,sc) on 09/15/2014

Colloidal silver will kill nearly all virus. Has any one tried that for a cure? It works on the norovirus.

Multiple Remedies for Sarcoidosis

Tue, 16 Sep 14 10:34:31 +0000

Posted by Silvanus (El Dorado Hills, CA) on 09/15/2014

A family member had Sarcoidosis in the lung and I helped him eliminate it using the following suggestions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information and opinions are not a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any of the following suggestions.

1. Consider Eliminating the following from your diet: All Sugars e.g., Honey, Fruit, Stevia, etc.), Wheat, Soy, Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s), Milk products, Red Meat, Pork, Shell Fish, bottom feeding fish e.g., catfish, etc., Potatoes, Pasta.

2. Consider avoiding the use of the following: Microwaves, Fluoride toothpaste, Non-Stick cookware, Aluminum foil, cans, etc. cloths made with manmade fibers (wear organic cotton, wool or silk clothing preferably Organic.

3. Consider Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water and no bottled water as it contains estrogen mimickers, etc. What’s more most tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, etc. 4. Consider taking ‘OxyLift’ from the following website:

5. Consider mixing/drinking 4 drops of Organic Mediterranean Oregano Oil, 20-40 drops of Organic Olive Leaf extract and 20-40 drops of Milk Thistle extract with a small amount of reverse osmosis water first thing in the morning. 6. Take a high quality pro-biotic 10-15min after taking the above mixture in the morning with 16oz of water followed by 3-4 boiled eggs only eat the whites. For both lunch and dinner eat the following soup for one month straight: Large pot of reverse osmosis water, 24qty Organic crushed garlic cloves, 12qty Organic large carrots, 1Tbsp of iodized ‘Real Salt’, 2Tbsp fresh Organic Thyme, 2 Tbsp fresh Organic Oregano, 2 Tbsp of Organic Basil, 1Tbsp Cayenne Pepper, 2 bunches of broccoli, 16oz of fresh Organic green beans, 4-6 Organic Chicken Breasts. Boil this for at least 60minutes.

God bless!

 Moxibustion, Cupping and Acupuncture for Achilles Tendonitis

Tue, 16 Sep 14 05:31:49 +0000

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/16/2014

Hello Jess R H,

Re your Achilles Tendon issue;

Interesting three part combo. I've not been helped much by acupuncture but I know it works by how it helps others. Cupping is something I'd like to try and never have.

But if those don't finally do the trick you might consider DMSO. (google DMSO, Dr Jacobs, 60 minutes ... for a three part series on topical application of that miracle substance.

 Ozone Therapy - New Remedies Page Created, Thank You!

Tue, 16 Sep 14 03:39:14 +0000

Posted by Timh (KY) on 09/16/2014

This recalls an experience I once had trekking the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska; all that "blue ice" is captured Ozone and you can definitely smell it during the summer melting months. Check Cancer demographics in North America, and Alaska is very much the least per capita despite limited food supply and many indoor hrs spent thru the cold, dark winters.

The trick is getting the right amounts of ozone in the body.

Thanks so much for this info as I am suffering from bone & joint infections. My elbows and right knee have been the worst but the entire spine seems to be problematic (but not painful) as Fungal Spores and Mycoplasma infections are released to travel all over the body. Regular Zapping directly over the spine keeps the worst away but more will be needed. Yesterday I used the FIR Belt directly over the spine during footspa w/ good results as I got dizzy afterwards from die-off. My elbows, after almost 2 yrs problematic and using Magnets, Zapping, and Vaporub, seems no better until I recently dipped them daily in the mineral footbath w/ added Oxygen (Sodium Percarbonate) and Colloidal Silver. Now I need that same results to my knee & spine. Unable to receive the professional help I need, would you think maybe wrapping the Knee in a warm wet cloth w/ added Hydrogen Peroxide and Colloidal Silver, then rap that w/ Teflon, puncture a small hole for the insertion of the Ozone tubing would prove effective??

 Questions on Using Borax

Tue, 16 Sep 14 03:12:22 +0000

Posted by Timh (KY) on 09/16/2014

Erik: As a replacement for the oral route, I instead use 1/4 cup Borax in a whole body hot bath w/ also 1/4 cup Epsom Salt and 1/4 cup Baking Soda. This is a good bit of Sodium so one would be wise to also take a Potassium supplement or drink up on the Apple Juice.

 Re: Accidental Diatomaceous Earth Inhalation

Tue, 16 Sep 14 03:02:42 +0000

Posted by Timh (KY) on 09/16/2014

Sandee: I suppose you will use something like "Vicks" mentholyptus in the vaporizer and if so the same principle applies --start low and go slow; gradually increase the mentholyptus or eucalyptus. I forgot to mention these herbs but they are helpful. Back in the day, the steamrooms at the fitness centers I attended had the Eucalyptus available or allowable to mix w/ the steam and oh my what a cleansing & invigorating experience. Unfortunately nowadays most places have too many complainers of the "bad odor" and so goes the Eucalyptus. The advantage of the steamroom experience would be rapid cleansing as well as removal as per the sweating.

The only bad side effects I can imagine in your case would maybe be some heart pain or digestive discomfort as the lungs are clearing the toxins back into the bloodstream. Headache or dizziness would indicate a good deal of bad stuff, so it all comes down to what kinda levels of free radicals you have in your lungs. The marshmallow and Slippery Elm will help lubricate & protect the Kidneys as well as lungs so that would greatly reduce the stress loads on the Kidneys, although if there is any sign of infection some Cranberry will take care of it.

Am very glad to help and only hope to hear some good news from you soon.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Solar Keratosis

Mon, 15 Sep 14 23:08:07 +0000

Posted by Tashimoto (Vancouver) on 09/15/2014

Did you also drink ACV to work on the issue from the inside out? If you put duct tape next to vinegar, the vinegar might be leeching chemicals from the duct tape, thus creating a less than ideal mixture for your skin.

Mint Oil for Migraines

Mon, 15 Sep 14 23:06:12 +0000

Posted by Melissa (Phoenix, Az, US) on 09/15/2014

[YEA]  Where has mint oil been all my life?! ?

I have suffered from migraines since I was about 5 years old, though after puberty they had become frequent and often unbearable.

After going to a neurologist who confirmed that I have migraines and not just headaches he prescribed Imitrex, it works amazingly, though I just don't like taking medicines (especially expensive ones! ) if I don't have to.

I have tried every remedy on the earth (at least it feels so! ) for migraines and everything I tried either never worked or worked once, maybe, and never again.

Then enter mint essential oil. I use either spearmint or peppermint and rub it on where it hurts, and voila, no more pain. It can take a few applications, but so far it knocks out most headaches/ migraines for me. It's amazing, I have cut back on my Imitrex use by at least half. I have been using it undiluted, however I have read this can cause adverse effects and can make it so my skin develops a sever sensitivity to it. I will from now on try diluting it with almond or jojoba oil and hope it still works as well. Because if I had to stop using mint oil because of my bad judgement I would be kicking myself for the rest of my life. Either way, I am in love with Mint oil, it works amazingly well for me. I have also had success drinking a mint tea for headaches, but not for migraines, I think it's too weak for that.

Oh, and they types of migraines I get are typically hormonal, non-aura. Occasionally they are allergy triggered, and rarely offensive smells (like strong B.O. or perfumes) . I do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

This is just to maybe help those who know what triggers their migraines, maybe if it works for me, it will work for you if you have similar triggers.

 Re: Pierced Ears Problem

Mon, 15 Sep 14 23:04:46 +0000

Posted by Henrietta (Houston) on 09/15/2014

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar cured every bad issue I ever had with my problem pierced ears. Sore, red, itchy, sometimes weepy, crusty and a big sore knotts in the holes were common. Gold or hypoallergenic backs and posts helped a little but not totally. This lasted 25 years. Then one day I rubbed them front and back with several drops of ACV, It stung a little but felt so good and was so much better the next morning. I did this twice a day until I knew they were healed. Now I only do it occasionally. Everyone I have told this to says they didnt have to go to the doctor when theirs got really bad.

Moxibustion, Cupping and Acupuncture for Achilles Tendonitis

Mon, 15 Sep 14 19:12:12 +0000

Posted by Jess R H (San Diego, Ca) on 09/15/2014

[YEA]  I ran a marathon on a Sunday. Not until the following Monday evening, but without a doubt, I had some serious inflammation in my achilles. Ouch. I went to the doc, who told me to get a small brace from cvs and lay off it for a while. And take some ibuprofen.

I received moxibustion at a previous Acupunture visit. As well as a stick to do it myself. I combo'd the heat, then cupping on the calf, the tendon and the bottom of the foot. the swelling reduced drastically!! And the pain was only minimal. After two treatments and some stretching.

I later went to the Acupunture clinic (PCOM) and received about 10 mini needles in my ankle and a few others to fill the path. I am going to lay off it for another week for safety sake, but I feel cured.

2nd Kind Appreciation Testimony of the Day

Mon, 15 Sep 14 19:07:54 +0000

Posted by Jess R H (San Diego, Ca) on 09/15/2014

I just wanted to thank you for creating this website. I reference a ton of people and use it as a reference to guide friends. I am no specialist, but hope to be some day. I will always use this website. It introduced me to numerous of my daily routines. Thank you.

EC: Thank you so much, Jess!

Ozone Therapy - New Remedies Page Created, Thank You!

Mon, 15 Sep 14 19:05:13 +0000

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 09/15/2014

[YEA]  HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , the topic is ozone but we have to go half-way round the watermelon to get there. This story began 7 years ago when my right knee started giving me pain and I went up our home stairs like an infant. First, went to an Ortho and he gave me a shot of cortisone, which lasted two weeks. I then learned of Prolotheraphy , where the MD gives you numerous shots of Dextrose in your ligaments and in your bones. You just think you have known pain. I had 5 treatments to no avail. A few years later, I read about Prolozone and went to an Ortho who is supposed to be the best in Tenn. He said my knee was good, just arthritic, and the only thing he could do was another cortisone shot. He could not do an ozone shot least he lose his Tenn medical license.

I then went to Atlanta and got one shot of Ozone and that game was over. I have been back for shots in my knee for two years not because I needed relief, but because I did not want that pain again.

I stopped today to get another knee shot on the way back from the beach to the Tenn hills . I made an appointment to get them to start on my back in two weeks. In Feb. I fell while moving firewood and crushed my T 12 Vertebrae. It healed, but I still have pain and have been treating it with a liniment and DMSO. It makes the pain tolerable, but why suffer if Ozone can solve the problem.

I write this because there are only 16 states that allow Ozone to be used as a medical treatment. It is too cheap and too effective for the Allopathic doctors to allow.

ATS..... an ATS is a story that is 96.4% true because 3.6% is reserved for embellishment. Ya'll behave for a change.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY======

 Fels Naptha Soap and Chemical Sensitivities

Mon, 15 Sep 14 18:45:50 +0000

Posted by Sammy (Florida) on 09/15/2014

FELS NAPTHA SOAP, Was reading posts here, A year ago someone said this was a good soap to use for homemade laundry soap. DO NOT USE THIS SOAP, THIS is what caused my MCS. My wife made this soap, which is all over the internet about how cheap it is to make, after wearing the clothes for 3 months had a rash break out, This is when my MCS started, now all chemicals mess me up, Been 2 1/2 years, have to avoid all chemicals now. PLEASE DO NOT USE FELS NAPTHA SOAP




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