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 Re: Help Requested for Blepharitis

Tue, 28 Oct 14 08:09:41 -0500

Posted by Day (Usa) on 10/27/2014

Hey I have a bump on my eye filled with puss I believe and its on my eyelid and a doctor prescribed me with a medicine for blepharitis so I guess its blepharitis do you think it will work for me? Ifs o can you please like tell me how you applied it on? and how it worked for you? Did you put it in your eye or on the outside skin prt for it to go away!! ??? Help me. Iv'e been depressed so much and I cry myself to sleep wondering if it will ever go away I need a true miracle . LET ME KNOW!!!

Turpentine, Lugols, Borax Water Time Distance Apart

Tue, 28 Oct 14 08:08:18 -0500

Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, Dc) on 10/27/2014

Hello, Bill.

Once again I am here to ask a bit of knowledge! I have just taken the co/turps remedy for the first time. Quite an effect I must say. I have passed a lot of... white material, for lack of better words.

Anyways, I know that taking Lugol's Iodoine, turps and borax water simultaneously can be detrimental. I am wondering the time frame that it is considered safe to take them. So for example, after taking a turps/co remedy, how long should I wait before consuming borax water and/or LI? Likewise, how long should I wait between consuming LI and borax?

Thanks for all the great info!

 Re: Teen With Blepharitis Asking for Help

Tue, 28 Oct 14 08:02:42 -0500

Posted by Day (Usa) on 10/27/2014

My name is day; I am 15 years old it was in the beginning of september I had a bump on my eye. People thought it was pink eye but the I went to the doctors and I had a stye; a little pus came out but then the hole closed. I went to a free clinic and that doctor told me that I have to keep doing warm compress. It doesnt work, it's almost november and it hasn't gone away.

I have been really depressed lately to the point where I cry myself to sleep.

I have been reading a lot of stuff about using the wet ones wipes. Does it really work?? Can you help me please?
I have a bump on my eye lid and people alwasy tell me its not noticeable, but if I take a selfie I can see that my eye has a weird shape and I can feel the bump. It's annoying and I wish it would go away.
Do wet ones really work? Will it work for this bump on my top eyelid?

And also how did you use the wipes like did you put it in your eye or on the outside of the eyelid??

PLZZZZZZ write back I need a miracle!

 Re: Blackstrap Molasses Makes a Difference for Atrial Fibrillation

Tue, 28 Oct 14 07:50:05 -0500

Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 10/27/2014

Hi Pat

Yeah; wow 500 Hawthorn might be too much for me right now but a friend of mine suggested to break the capsule if possible and put a bit on my tongue and wait a few hours and see if any side effects.. I have to keep searching for a lower dose and maybe online.

So glad to hear of your progress..but you are right.. doctors will not believe you as they never believe me.. or if you have a doctor who listens to you then great .. I have not found one yet and don't plan on seeing doctors much if I can help it. I am also taking other natural supplements.

I guess I was looking for something to help me in the weaning process as I am highly overly sensitive to (M) and have taken the weaning very slowly .. It hasn't been much fun..with the side effects and going by how I feel and not the one size fits all the doctors give us.

 Has Hiatal Hernia and Acid Reflux

Tue, 28 Oct 14 00:02:15 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/28/2014

Hi Ricardo...If you want to cure your GERD Reflux and hiatal hernia problems, then just follow the protocol in this link. The reasons are all given in the link:

The GERD Protocol

I'm also a bit worried that you also have sinusitis. Sinusitis is usually caused by fungus/yeast -- and candida is usually involved. You might also have intestinal candida because candida also can be involved when you have hiatal hernia with GERD reflux problems.

For the GERD Reflux problem, you should be able to buy all the necessary nutrients from a good health shop or from internet sellers.

 Starting Candida Protocol and Has Questions

Mon, 27 Oct 14 23:07:36 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/27/2014

Hi Myeysarebrown...I would simply use the four protocols described here in this doc, which are the main pathogen kill remedies that I advise in the anti-candida protocol:

The Main Candida-Kill Protocols

The above article just describes the kill remedies for candida, virus, bacteria, mycoplasma and parasites that should be used. It is not the full protocol that I advise but it is still very useful as a smaller, easier protocol for you to use. The autism group that I've been working with, whose kids all have serious candida and parasite issues, have used all these protocols to good effect.

For your sugar cravings I would simply take Gymnema silvestre tea 3 times a day. This simple tea reduces cravings, reduces sugar in the blood and also prevents the candida morphing into its more dangerous fungal form. And it will also help you to lose weight. Also be aware thatthis tea might causea Herx or candida die-off reaction in your body.

When I started my anti-candida protocol, I was also fat, always bloated and overweight. The two protocols that particularly helped to remove the fat were Lugol's Iodine and Alkalizing. Supplementing virgin coconut oil also helped with my bloating and constipation issues.

The lugols helped because iodine increases the metabolic efficiency for proper handling of proteins and fats. Therefore using iodine will help you to excrete more fat more efficiently from your body and you will lose weight.

Alkalizing just provides the right cell pH for maintenance of correct concentration gradients in the cells -- this means alkalizing will help the management and excretion of fats at the cellular level. Both Lugol's Iodine and Alkalizing protocols are described fully the above doc link.

You should also avoid grains, dairy, sugar and reduce carbohydrates in the diet to a minimum. Also try and avoid processed foods.

I also had eczma, psoriasis, jock itch and bad athletes foot(for over 20 years). So I had candida skin symptoms similar to you. I never bothered to treat any of these local expressions of candida with any topical remedy. All I did was kill the candida inside me. And I knew my candida had completely been defeated when all these skin problems and other candida symptoms eventually disappeared and I could once again eat normal amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, dairy etc without problems or allergies etc. That's when you know that you are really cured.

 Re: Kefir for Alopecia

Mon, 27 Oct 14 22:39:41 -0500

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/27/2014

Dear Tim in NY,

My understanding is that water kefir does not have as many probiotics as milk kefir. But it would surely be worth a try!

Also, it is possible that your body would tolerate the milk kefir as the kefir grains live on the sugar in the milk. So there is less milk sugar in the kefir. My system doesn't tolerate dairy the best but it does tolerate kefir quite well.

Let us know what you try!

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Menstrual Cycle and Apple Cider Vinegar

Mon, 27 Oct 14 22:32:13 -0500

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/27/2014

Dear Carol,

It would be a shame to have to stop something that is helping with the arthritis and weigh loss. My inclination would be to continue for another cycle or two with the vinegar and see how it goes. Perhaps it will level out. Even with the longer cycle, a lighter flow is desirable. If it happens again, you could always try some cayenne or shepherd's purse to see if it will stop the bleeding in a more timely fashion.

I have never noticed ACV affecting my cycle for good or bad and I have taken it for 6 years. But everyone is different. 100 people will share 100 stories on the topic!

Just my 2 cents. Let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Blackstrap Molasses Makes a Difference for Atrial Fibrillation

Mon, 27 Oct 14 22:26:17 -0500

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/27/2014

Dear Bee,

Another option for the Hawthorne is to make your own capsules. Then you could control exactly what is in each capsule. I did this for my husband. I made him a mix of 2 parts Hawthorne and 1 part ginger and one part cayenne. I bought a little capsule maker and empty capsules. It is a bit of an investment at the beginning but a big savings in the long run, plus you have control over the amounts. My husband took these for his heart irregularities and they worked! I get the Hawthorne powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. They sell the empty gel caps, too. I think I got the pill maker on Amazon.

Thanks for sharing your journey here. I am enjoying following your progress.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Addressing 'Nother Health Problem

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:57:34 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/27/2014

Hi Kt...Interesting that you mention garlic. There was an Indian lady in the autism group that I'm trying to help whose child had ASD. She used Kerri Rivera's protocols. But alot of people still get stuck and make no further progress to a cure while on this protocol.

But there was one other small protocol that she used. It was a strong spice/herb protocol that contained cinnamon, garlic, cloves, neem oil and tumeric. These herbs were all mixed in with ghee(clarified butter) and given to her son with or without food. The important thing to remember here is that most of these spices are mainly oil soluble -- not so soluble in water I.e. ghee draws out their active ingredients better than water. I also believe that this was one of the major reasons why her son successfully regressed back to normal with and ATEC score below 10. For the simple reason that this small remedy was a remarkably powerful anti-fugal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Most people would just take these spices with water. Not very effective. She took these spices with with ghee -- and it worked well because she used the correct delivery medium.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:53:30 -0500

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/27/2014

Hey there Cornelia,

About Acid Reflux and how the ACV is not working...well, ACV will work in mild Reflux cases, but you have to do your part as far as making sure the food you eat is within Reflux Control Bounds.

For instance, it is well known that coffee and ice cream, all milk in fact and red meats, chilies, and even too much sugar products at night can all contribute to the problem of reflux. The diet has to be moderated and made as alkaline as possible. If you do that you'll find the ACV will carry you the rest of the way to getting the reflux greatly under control.

This has been my experience at least. Reflux control is dual; right diet and right digestion.

 Re: Burning Mouth Syndrome and Vitamin B Deficiency

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:12:15 -0500

Posted by Vicki (Fort Worth, Texas) on 10/27/2014

I have had Burning Mouth Syndrome for a few years now. Docs don't know. Have had a few say this or that or one gave me some concoction that had to be made in the pharmacy. No help. Here's where I think it gets interesting for me. It had gone away and I didn't even realize it. Until, the other day it came back. Have it going on right now. What has changed for me is that I just quit taking some supplements and a multi vitamin. I quit taking them due to a separate side effect. So, now browsing the internet, I see the possible link with vitamin B deficiency. I think I will go back on the multi-vitamin and see what happens.

 Re: Hawthorn and Blackstrap Molasses for Atrial Fibrillation

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:10:29 -0500

Posted by Pat (Pa, US) on 10/27/2014

Yes, Bee I believe the lowest dose I found of Hawthorne is 500mg but I only take 1 in a.m.and 1at night The directions on bottle say 2tablets 3x a day! Didn't want to take that much with the beta blocker.But I am really feeling like I don't need the toprol much at all anymore. Also tried the BS molasses.My palpitations seem to have completely disappeared.Amazing! Think it is a combo of the H. and the BS molasses! Would have never gotten this much better listening to what those M.D's wanted me to take! I want to go back and tell them, too! But they won't listen or believe! I am taking 12.5 mg beta blocker every other day, now. Afraid to stop it completely! Don't want to get the afib back! I will continue and report back how it goes. Try it out! May help!

Garlic for Sinus Infections

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:07:41 -0500

Posted by Anon (New Jersey, US) on 10/27/2014

[YEA]  I have had sinus infections every fall and winter for the past 20 years. They are rarely bad enough to disrupt my life significantly, but always unpleasant and draining. I used to take antibiotics and sudafed or mucinex almost immediately after the onset of symptoms (green phlegm, sore throat, congestion). Now I just rely on garlic, apple cider vinegar and keeping my nasal passages (and body) hydrated. Of these, garlic is the most effective by far. Apple cider vinegar seems to reduce the production of phlegm, but so does avoiding certain foods, like milk. Just a few days ago I was on the 3rd day of a sinus infection I was hoping would go away on its own and when I went out for dinner, I was lucky enough to be served a side of garlic bread with heaps of nearly raw garlic. That did the trick!

 Re: Three Blocked Coronary Arteries

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:06:24 -0500

Posted by Heinz (Tampa, Florida) on 10/27/2014

Hi Farhaan,

What I have done and believe works is lecithin: 1 tablespoon granulated lecithin, 3 times a day. Twenty years ago I watched a TV program about a book extolling lecithin's virtues as a chelator. I thought it would be good preventive medicine so I bought a pound and used it. I was working as a handyman and did everything. When I would squat, my legs would rapidly begin to ache and it was hard to stand up and my knees sounded like popcorn. After the lecithin, the ache was gone and I could stay down as long as I wanted. When I went to stand, it was as though I was on springs ? no effort required! Total silence ? the popcorn was gone. It was a nice surprise. I hope this works for you. Heinz

 Re: Localized Itching with No Rash

Mon, 27 Oct 14 19:03:34 -0500

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 10/27/2014

Helen, I had something like that. I traced it to something I was eating that the body didn't like. So maybe you can play detective and find out if it comes after eating or drinking a certain item.

 Re: Alfalfa for Tendonitis

Mon, 27 Oct 14 14:27:42 -0500

Posted by Danamarie (Vista, Ca) on 10/27/2014

[YEA]  The alfalfa has worked for me too. I have tendonitis in my knee (goosehead) and read on here about the use of alfalfa to reduce inflamation. I'm taking 24 caps a day divided into four doses for the last three days and today the pain is reduced. I will continue with this dose for another week and then taper down. I am also taking apple cider vinegar and doing stretching exercises I learned at physical therapy.

 Re: Localized Itching with No Rash

Mon, 27 Oct 14 14:20:48 -0500

Posted by Timh (KY) on 10/27/2014

Helen: Do a closer examination of the area w/ a strong magnifying glass as this could be what's now called Morgellons disease. Check out Morgellons on YouTube to help further identify.

Has Hiatal Hernia and Acid Reflux

Mon, 27 Oct 14 13:00:44 -0500

Posted by Ricardo (Cabanas, PT) on 10/27/2014

Hello I wish someone can help me. I've been suffering from GERD, have walked very badly with massive stomach cramps and yellow stools and everything we ate was a very large heartburn that burned my throat.

Nowadays I do not take anything for it, but I notice that I have improved. I still notice when I have a slight heartburn I also have frequent sore throat that begat as sinusitis. As always when something is dripping in the throat it makes me cough. I was having exams and they found a small hiatus hernia ... Currently I try not to fill the stomach too much and today I decided to buy and start taking multivitamin.

I am working in a factory car and shift work which means sometimes there are certain hours to eat.

I wonder how can I treat hiatus hernia and cure reflux. Will cure be shortage of vitamins or allergy to gluten?





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