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Sore Throat
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Sore Throat Cures

Last Modified on May 11, 2015

Iodine Painting   14  1   

Posted by Chris (Battle Creek, MI) on 01/31/2008

[YEA]  For almost 3 days my daughter was complained of her throat feeling like she was swallowing knives. Nothing would take it away. After having tried the egg whites for her fever and it working I came back to this site and sure enough - a remedy for a sore throat...IODINE! I put some on her wrists and on the sides of her throat. It took a little bit - like hours, but her sore throat went away and has not returned since! It has been almost a week now! Thanks again for the wonderful remedies!!

Posted by John (Panama City, FL) on 01/20/2008

[YEA]  Iodine for Sore Throats/Ear Aches. I'm trying this for the very first time. Let me add this word of caution: KEEP TOWELS HANDY! Wherever you normally sit - say, a couch or favorite easy chair - place towels where your wrists and hands would normally rest. This is especially important if, like me, you sweat profusely even when still. I also suggest wearing clothing that you won't mind possibly getting stained, as the iodine WILL get all over.

Posted by Igor (Toronto, Canada) on 04/28/2007

[YEA]  WOOOW, Iodine actually works, what I did was put Iodine all over my neck and then put a teaspoon of honey into my mouth, after an hour of doing this my throat sore was GONE. I am truly amazed for the people that have put up, to use Iodine, it really helped me THANK YOU!

Posted by Renee (Houston, TX) on 05/14/2006

[YEA]  Iodine cured my swollen saliva/throat glands. After 2 horrible nights of restless sleep. i found this website in searching for a cure (non-prescription) Iodine was suggested. So about noon today, painted the wrists and throat areas. I found Iodine at a local drug store. It was under $2. I took a one hour nap and already felt better. The prior two days, it hurt to swallow, it was horrible to eat or drink, burning sensation during both. I ate watermelon and when i would drink i would drink as fast as possible. by 2 pm i was at a soup and salads (buffet restaurant) enjoying soup, more fruit, drinking. it pretty much took care of my sore throat and swollen glands. i read here that it takes care of skin tags. i placed iodine on the 3 i have and hopefully they will be gone. i will report back as to whether or not it works, but as far as the initial success and how great i feel, i have a positive outlook.

Posted by Hannah (Morgantown) on 03/14/2006

[YEA]  I tried it and in like 10 mins i already felt a difference this stuff is amazing!

Posted by Quita (Atlanta, GA) on 02/07/2006

[YEA]  I had a severe sore throat recently (I could not even swallow) and my good friend suggested painting the inside of my wrist with iodine. I thought she was crazy. But it worked! The pain was completely gone the next morning. Shortly thereafter my son became sick with a bad cold. Although she recommended the iodine for a sore throat, I used it on my 3-year old and the next day he was 100% better. I googled iodine cures and discovered this site. I am convinced!

Posted by Seymore (Portland Oregon) on 02/06/2006

[YEA]  the Iodine cure worked the best, at first i thought it was weird trying to cure something that was affecting your body at the throat and cure it by painting iodine at the wrists. i also tried it because i had iodine at the time. overall it was the best cure.

Posted by Hallie (The Woodlands, TX) on 11/19/2005

[YEA]  Putting Iodine on my wrists and throat did a wonder. I'm picky when it comes to tasting juice or vinegar, so the iodine was perfect!

Posted by Greg (Atlanta, GA)

[YEA]  Painting Iodine on my wrist gets rid of my sore throat every time!

Replied by Diane
San Miguel Allende, GTO
i read about the remedy suggested to cure sore throat by painting iodine on the skin of the throat and wrists. i have mixed a capful of iodine w/ a glass of water and gargled. has anyone else done this. i was concerned about any toxic effects?
Replied by Joseph
Maywood, New Jersey, Usa
For younger children, try a spoonful of any kind of thick syrup. I remember when I was younger it worked every time in relieveing a sore throat, but doesn't work now. If you have kids with a sore throat, this might not be the best way to cure it, but it is the one your kids will probably like the most.

Posted by Nita (St Pete, FL)

[YEA]  Iodine definitely works for me, however, I find it best to use the clear "decolorized" iodine, available at most drugstores. I paint it on the inside of the wrists (where the veins are closest to the skin) and on the sides of the throat.

Posted by Loni (Tallahassee, Fla)

[YEA]  Iodine is my drug of choice. I use it for EVERYTHING. I raise my kids and now my grandkids on iodine. My son was due to have his tonsils removed and I decided to paint his tonsils and he has never been had any more problems with his throat. I took a spray bottle and poured some iodine into the bottle and sprayed his tonsils. As you may know iodine dries quickly, so he didn't really swallow any. It worked within 24 hours after spraying the throat. I have done it for my sore throat and it clears it right up.

Lemon   15  3   

Posted by Valentyna (Perth) on 07/02/2014

[YEA]  Having my tonsils taken out as a little girl I was always having sore throats. But then in Australia someone suggested nibbling on a slice of lemon (with the peel on) helps - and yes it does.

Posted by James (Sydney, Nsw) on 02/24/2012

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I have had a sore throat overnight and was getting rather annoying, so I went on this website and saw this lemon juice and honey cure, I tried it out and it worked! ... Well sort of, it worked for awhile but then it stopped. So I made some more and drank that and it worked again, so I'm just going to take it every time my sore thoat comes back and hopefully it wil get the "message" and go away. Hopefully.

Posted by Nathalie (Farrockaway, Ny) on 06/21/2011

[YEA]  okay I tried the lemon juice just a little bit and put like half a cup of hot water the lemon juice was bottled in the fridge so it came out warm with the hot water from the sink. I gargled it a few times but im not a a very good gargler idk I dont do it as much but then I tried gargling it deeper and when I did that mucus or w. E it may be started spittin back up im guessin thats either the thing that was causing strep throat or idk it was cleaning it out and I feel as if it worked.... But I only did it for a little and though my throat is cleared I still feel the soreness im sure if I did it for a while longer it wouldve been gone , I just dont have the time so im making me a tea... to clear off the rest im hoping and pretty sure itll be better after the tea if not ill go back to deep gargling the lemon juice with hot water ....

Posted by Julie (Charleston, SC) on 09/25/2008

[YEA]  Sore Throat: Lemon and Salt work for a sore throat because they dry up infection. Most sore throats are caused by infection in the glands in your throat and lemon, salt, ginger kill infection.

Replied by Joshe
Madison, Wi
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Bad sore throat yesterday. Gargled with some straight lemon juice at about 4 am this morning (I couldn't seem to fall back asleep due to throat). This morning, my throat feels not completely normal, but it doesn't hurt at all. This website is going on my bookmark list.

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