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Natural Cure for Insomnia

Last Modified on Oct 01, 2014

Oat Straw Tea   1  0   

Posted by 1947hoppy (Star City, Indiana) on 02/27/2013

[YEA]  I am new to the site and I must say that I am impressed. I enjoy reading what real people have to say about treating their ailments, and what they treat them with. It's been educational. There is one thing that I looked for here that I didn't find was OAT STRAW TEA. I've done a lot of reading about it in other places, and even saw a segment about it on a television show. I was impressed enought that I got some to try out. It is said to be good for a number of ailments from high cholesterol to increasing your libido. I have been using it for a short time. When the coffee pot is empty (my only vice) I make up a tea bag and let it steep. I really don't know yet what it might be doing for my cholesterol, but it does seem to be aiding in a good nights sleep.

Oil Pulling With Safflower Oil   2  0   

Posted by Winnie (washington, dc) on 01/08/2008

[YEA]  I stumbled on your site when searching for side effects for coconut oil. I took coconut oil for about 4 weeks and gained about 10 pounds, I was really hoping for the reverse; anyway I found your site and a lot of good information. I started oil pulling the very day I read about it, I have tried with extra virg. olive oil, sunflower, I didn't notice any real change after just one try. then I tried Safflower oil, did it in the morning just after brushing, then I felt sleepy, I decided to lay down on the couch, and slept for 3 hours; I didn't make a connection then until this morning I tried safflower oil again, same reaction. I slept so soundly, good thing I had the day off today. I'll try it again tonite, looking forward to a great night's sleep. I took 1TBSP for 20 mins. So if someone out there has problem sleeping, this might work for you. TED, whoever you are, I wish you radiant health and prosperity. Your kindness and generousity is written all over your words. Thank you.

Replied by Sammygirl
Park Hills, Missouri
[YEA]   I have trouble sleeping, I have been watching Dr. Oz and talking about belly fat blasters so have been taking safflower for that. My husband and I both were taking them in the morning and I was falling back asleep and he was getting super sleepy during his drive to work. We left the safflower out because I had remembered reading somewhere that safflower can be beneficial for insomnia, so we stopped taking in the the morning and were fine. Now I take them at night and works way better than melatonin!

Omega-3   1  1   

Posted by SK (Carmel-by-the-Sea, California) on 09/11/2009

[YEA]  In July I started having a terrible time falling asleep at night. Insomnia, night-time terrors, anxiety, whatever you want to call it, I had it. The minute I lay down, my mind took off on a rampage. I had watch tv until 3 or 4 am, when I finally felt exhausted enough to sleep, albeit erratically, waking up every few minutes. I was drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, but I have been doing that for 20 years now and it has never affected my ability to sleep.

I started researching the net and tried many supplements that people on this site and other sites were recommending like valerian root, sleepy time tea, lobelia, magnesium, b stress. Nothing had any effect. Then I read on this site about Cod liver oil helping someone with insomnia and realized that the only supplement I wasn't taking was an omega 3. I immediately bought cod liver oil at the health food store and took one capsule a day for a week. Unfortunately, I still could not sleep. Luckily my intuition kept telling me to research omega 3 deficiencies further, so I went hunting for more information on the net. I started reading customer reviews of omega 3 on a site and saw that the most popular brand of Omega 3 had much more EPA and DHA than the Cod liver oil I was taking. 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA per fish oil concentrate capsule versus 90 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA for the cod liver oil. I bought the higher dosage omega and started taking 1 capsule 3 times a day before eating. I also stopped drinking my one cup of coffee in the morning. Overnight, I kid you not, my night terrors went away and I was able to get 9 straight hours of deep sleep. It's been over a week now and I am sleeping well. What an amazing relief this is. Not being able to sleep was affecting my work and my marriage. I have such sympathy for those with insomnia issues. You become desperate when you can't get a good night's sleep. It is sheer hell. I read that Michael Jackson also suffered from insomnia and that it tormented him so much that he had to take that drug. Poor man, but I get it now.

Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Sp
Murfreesboro, Tn
[NAY]   Hi SK, I tried the expensive omega which has 380 mg EPA and 510 mg DHA for about a week now, I did not notice any change on my sleeping pattern. I take a total of 3,000 -4,000 mg a day of omega, still I'm not sleeping any better. I will keep taking it for other health benefits.

I have postpartum insomnia for about 4 months now. I have tried just about everything, they work temporarily, and then I had to switch to something else. Still searching.

Onion by the Bedstand   1  0   

Posted by Rich (Las Vegas, NV)

[YEA]  Cut an onion in half and place it by your nightstand. You will sleep like a baby. My mother did this for years.

Potassium Iodine, Magnetic Pillow   1  0   

Posted by Laurin (KC, MO) on 09/18/2007

[YEA]  I am writing to say thanks to Ted who wrote me saying that my problem was probably a calcified pineal gland. I have searched for answers to my insomnia for years spent thousands of dollars for both traditional medical and alternative help and only Ted helped me!!!! I know God allowed me to find this answer through him and I want to say thanks to God, earthclinic and many many blessings to TED! After Ted posted the probable cause, I eliminated ALL fluoride from my life (water, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.). It is shocking how much of this poison has been put into our products as it is present even in health food store brands. I was already applying Potassium Iodine externally (since I developed an iodine allergy, this is only way I have been able to take it.) I also got a magnetic pillow pad which helps sleep but is also said to help the body detox. Now months later I went out into the bright light and did not enter that hyper alert state. Although I also tried the lime juice and ACV drink, I was not faithful but fortunately what I did was enough. To Ted and earthclinic, you are helping many people and offer a great service to mankind. Thanks again and blessings.

Prayer, Ocean Sounds, Phone Ringer Off!   1  0   

Posted by Mo (Rockville, CT) on 12/30/2007

[YEA]  I am a light sleeper and it shows on my face! (dark circles, deep creases, etc). So...In addition to prayer, I started turning my telephone ringer off (I figure God will wake me if something is really wrong). Also, I recently tried sleeping with ocean sounds playing on my clock radio. I love it! I am sleeping better, but am looking for a really deep sleep...any ideas?

Reasons   0  0   

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 09/02/2012

I just received this video and thought I should share it. This is an amazing video of Dr. Christy Weston speaking on why so many people have difficulty sleeping through the night. It's extremely informative and helpful in understanding what is going on.

Here's the link:

She also talks about the importance of earthing. I use earthing pads in my bed and also when I'm in front of my computer.

Here's to health, Lisa

Sam-E   1  0   

Posted by Sharon (Boston, MA) on 02/04/2007

[YEA]  My husband had a habit of waking up at 2:00am in terrible anxiety every night. ' The rest of the night was toss and turn, toss and turn. I started him on SamE and overnight, the pattern ceased. Now he loves it and takes it every night. No more insomnia, no more anxiety, no more depression. Good stuff!

Sea Salt   4  0   

Posted by Sarah (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/18/2011

[YEA]  I had developed insomnia and always felt awake till late in the night. Ltely I came to know about sea salt water cure. I take pinch of sea salt in water and also mix Apple Cider Vinegar in the water to make it tasty and now my sleep pattern has changed. I sleep easily. Yesterday I tried pinch of salt on tongue and later flushed it inside with water and could sleep like a baby. This method has worked for me. All of you can also try.

Replied by Sarah
Melbourne, Victoria
[YEA]   I cannot describe in words how it feels to sleep without any problem. And after taking sea salt for the past one week I never have trouble in sleeping. Salt should be unrefined to be effective. One other thing I have included and that is oil pulling with mustard oil. It stings a little but in ayurveda mustard oil is highly placed for improving dental and gum problems with a pinch of salt and turmeric. But I do not add turmeric to my oil pulling. Every day before sleeping I take a pinch of sea salt and then water. You can also take it by dissolving in water. And it also reduced my cramps and painful joint condition. I have tried many things like acv, omega 3, wheatgrass etc but sea salt made the effect very quickly.

Earlier I was doing oil pulling with sunflower oil. I have also included green smoothies in my diet and also apply urine on my face and my face glows now. I was always weak and my face never glowed but these things have made the difference.

Replied by Janice
Seattle, Wa
What brand of sea salt did you use for insomnia?

Posted by Cal (Calgary, AB) on 05/13/2009

[YEA]  I was having problems falling asleep at one point and I resorted to all kinds of things even drinking alcohol, working out hard in the day so I would be exhausted but still wouldn't fall asleep but somehow (don't know how and why) it stopped and I was able to fall asleep. Then I would fall asleep fine but around 2am I would just awake sometimes for no reason sometimes to pee and I would hardly be able to fall asleep again. This happened for months. My eyes would just open and I would like there for hours trying to fall asleep again and no matter what I did it just won't happen. I even got eyebags due to lack of sleep now I want to get rid of them. I had gone to a health store and bought some sea salt - one without preservatives or additives and just sun and wind dried. Somewhere I had read something about sea salt but didn't quite remember what so I decided to try it. Add some to my drinking water and lo and behold that solved the problem. Another thing is I could only fall asleep on my left side so I started developing pain in my left shoulder and I could only sleep in that position. I couldn't sleep on my back or right side or belly but since drinking the sea salts I sleep on my back or right side like a baby. Sometimes i even sleep all through the night and even if I wake up to pee I will fall asleep again. I am sooooo happy. Hope this helps someone. I still take it daily or almost daily by adding about a little to about 1 liter of water - enough to taste it but not be salty. I think I was missing some minerals which the salts provided

Replied by Kelly
Alexandria, Va
What brand sea salt did you use?
Replied by Jennie
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
[YEA]   I have had great success with this over the past week!

"Sea salt is very important for regulating sleep. It is a natural hypnotic. If you drink a full glass of water then put a few grains of sea salt on your tongue and let it stay there, you will fall into a natural, deep sleep. Don't use salts on your tongue without drinking water for repeated use of salt alone might cause nosebleeds".

Selective Insomnia   0  0   

Posted by Father's Daughter (Chicago ) on 08/31/2013

Please, share any ideas you might have.

My elderly dad stays by me over the weekends and sleeps well. During the week he stays at his home with a caregiver and cannot sleep at night. He wakes up, becomes panicky and rude, tries to get out of bed (unsafe for him due to balance problems, leg surgery, etc) This past week he basically lost on a whole week of sleep. What could be the reason in his room (he has lived there for many years) that it becomes such a huge problem? It has been happening with different caregivers. I replaces new roomdarkening blinds already.

Please, share any insight you may have.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
It sounds like your Father feels very safe with you, and is able to relax and go to sleep when he stays at your house. He can look forward to the safety of seeing you the next morning. You must be very loving that he feels this way around you. When my Mother became somewhat frail and lived alone, I got her a Lifeline necklace, and she liked to talk with the people who checked to make sure it was working and felt secure. When she had to move into an assisted living facility (she lives in FL and would not move up North near any of us), I let her keep it for a few months until she felt safe there, even though she didn't need it anymore. Maybe you could program his phone with your number so he felt he could call you if he panics, but, of course, you need your sleep, too. You are to be admired for the care and concern you have for your Father, and it sounds like you are doing the best that you can under the circumstances.
Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
This seems environmental. Two likely factors. One, evaluate the cleanliness of the indoor air. Consult a professional if possible. If nothing else, upgrade your air filter. Buy an indoor standing air purifier. Second, For people who are aging or ill, electric power lines can cause harm to health. Local lines are not as bad as those large regional lines that carry high voltage. There is info on the net and here on E.C. about electromagnetic radiation and health.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Father's Daughter: sometimes older folks have some similarities to babies. In this case, if he was used to having his wife/children home, he would be subconciously uneasy if they are not home. Just like small children do not take to changes so easily and do not sleep well if they are not surrounded by the people they deem important to them.
Replied by Liz
Boston, Massachusetts
That's an easy one. He sleeps well when he is in your home because he feels safe and content there... 'at home', so to speak.
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Your father is anxious because he KNOWS a stranger is in his home. The fact he can sleep in your prsence and not another even though he is at his own home tells you it is anxiety at the presence of a stranger.

Is he willing to drink "valerian" tea? That is a wonderful relaxing herb and also helps certain psychological conditions. There are all kinds of such sleep aids that you could test if he's willing.

Poor old fella... He just is conscious something is wrong in his own home and his mind won't let him rest because of it. So good herbs could do the trick. And remember too that melatonan diminishes with age. A few tablets of that under the tongue can do wonders for sleep. Your local health food store will have lots of different combos of sleep aids, but if this were my dad and assuming the idea that he is anxious over a visitor in his home is correct, then valerian tea is so nice and gentle. Smells bad when steeping but tastes great.

Skullcap   3  0   

Posted by Penelope (Ojai, California) on 06/14/2014

[YEA]  Skullcap tea for Hyperthyroid, insomnia, nervous tension

Skullcap tea will immediately calm you down, slow down your nervous system. I have to be careful with how much of this tea I drink because of how fast it works and how effective. I want to go to sleep right after I drink it, so be sure to pace yourselves. Works like nothing else for this - a true miracle! A miracle for insomnia, hyperthyroid, and anxiety problems!

Replied by Timh
Skullcap is also strong anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant, which may be contributable to the varied beneficial effects reported.
Replied by Casey
Montebello, Ca
Pleae, Timh, be so kind as to tell us the part of scullcap that is effective for the desired effects. Is it the root, or the arial part (flowers and leaves)? Thank you in advance for the clarification. I think many of our readers are wondering about the same question. I have severe insomnia. Thank you again.
Replied by Timh
Casey: The arial parts seem to be the most beneficial.

Posted by Ava (Seattle, Washington) on 06/12/2014

[YEA]  YES! Skullcap TOTALLY works! I've been drinking the tea form of it and it's just incredible! Like natural Valium! Rooibos is another good relaxing tea but Skullcap is a much stronger sleep aid. I just fall asleep practically immediately after drinking it! It's a must try for insomniacs!

Posted by Barb (Seattle, USA) on 08/09/2007

[YEA]  I have insomnia related to stress and physical pain. Magnesium helps somewhat. Kava has helped. Unfortunately, benadril is what gave the most relief the past few months. But I seem to be able to take less benadril by using a liquid tincture of the herb skullcap. I use one dropperful before a warm tub each night, then go to bed. I have used melatonin but it gave me bad dreams. I will continue to experiment and keep you informed if I touch on anything else worth mentioning.

Sleep Disorder Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Val (Texas) on 08/08/2013

I have had poor quality sleep for some time now. I wake up 2 to 3 times at night. I am constantly tired at work. I've started doing light exercise (walking) right after dinner and that seem to help some by making me tired enough to fall asleep-but I'm still waking up throughout the night. Sometimes I even wake up teary eyed, coughing and gagging so much that I have to get up and blow my nose or drink some water. I read something about dust mites but I've fallen asleep on my sofa a few times & it happened there also. I take ACV on a regular basis for health benefits but it has not helped my sleep. I am a 30 year old 125 pound female; so weight is not a problem & I have no other health issues. Anyone have any ideas?

Replied by Timh
@Val: Looks like you are in need of general body detox and cleansing. Parasites and pathogens accumulate in the body over time until symptoms like you reported flare up. For starters, I would recommend oil of oregano (softgel caps) in the am and oil of garlic (softgel caps) in pm. Vit-C will help, take 500 mg w/ bioflavinoids at least 3 x daily. 250 mg Magnesium before retiring will help for sleeping.

If this doesn't help, do an herbal parasite cleanse as well as a candida cleanse (info here on E.C.).

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