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Natural Cures for Insomnia

Last Modified on Mar 07, 2016

Ear Plugs  
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Posted by Becky (Louisville, KY)

[YEA]  I have suffered with chronic insomnia and am a strong believer in using earplugs (plus my husband has a breathing machine for his sleep apnea) but make sure they are a high enough level. I got my sister in law to try sleeping with them but she didn't give it enough time. It can be bothersome at first and you need to know that earplugs won't block out all sound. You can hear the clock radio, you can hear your child cry from their bedroom, you can hear your partner speak to you but you'll probably want to take the earplugs out for a conversation!

Elderberry Extract  
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Posted by Samuel (Seattle, Wa) on 09/22/2009

[YEA]  I have discovered that elderberry extract is great for insomnia-2 tablespoons. Plus it really does get rid of flu or cold fast.

Electrical Devices  

Posted by Ann (Brevard, N.c.) on 06/03/2014

Insomniacs need to try moving the head of their bed 1-2 ft. from the wall since electrical wiring in the walls emanate electrical fields that affect our brains/body. google: Electromagnetic Sensitivity for increasingly more info. The increase of cell phones, cell towers, computers, cordless phones, smart meters, etc. etc. is making our world population sick and sicker with time and most people aren't aware of the cause. a great site: ElectricSense (Lloyd Burrell in France) is loaded with knowledgeable blogs. This is nothing to ignore as I almost died from it 3 years ago before becoming aware. Let me know any questions out there. (Sweden so far is the only country that's determined ES (electric sensitivity) a disability , but all other countries are being controlled by the high tech and utility company big boys - it's all about money.)

Eliminate EMFs  
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Posted by Michele (Los Angeles, California) on 07/15/2013

[YEA]  I read recently about the dangers of WIFI and we put a timer to turn it off automatically at night. In one night, I went from extremely poor sleep to very good sleep.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi Michele: What type of timer did you use and exactly how did you connect it?


Posted by Juliana (Albuquerque, NM) on 01/15/2009

[YEA]  I have suffered from insomnia since childhood (I am now in my 30s), and it has been crippling to my life, to say the least. About a month ago, my husband and I decided to try turning off all breakers in our house at night, except for the one attached to the refrigerator. Since doing so, I have slept very well, even experiencing deep REM sleep. I have vivid dreams every night. My husband has experienced the same thing -- deep sleep, many dreams. It's worth a try if you have trouble sleeping. As I understand it, the EMFs interfere with hormones in the body. Some people are very sensitive to EMFs. I believe somebody else on this site suggested not using the computer or cell phone before bed, but my suggestion takes the idea a bit further.

Replied by Kaz
Boston, Ma
I had same issue.. Really troubled sleep, trouble getting to sleep, waking up and trouble getting back to sleep, waking before dawn and just giving up. I actually bought myself an EMF reader like the ones the ghost hunters use in order to find EMF free place in bedroom. The ONLY high EMFs were from my clock radio that I had for years. I first moved it the length of the cord away from the head of my bed and for the first time in years slept all through the night. I got rid of it and bought battery alarm clock and have in past two months only had two bad nights sleep.. Both I believe from drinking sugary and chocolately martinis!

Eliminating Wheat  
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Posted by Carrie (Livonia, Mi) on 12/31/2014

[YEA]  Since giving up wheat my insomnia has completely subsided. I'm not fully gluten free, just giving up wheat has made an incredible difference in my quality of sleep and life!

Flax Seeds  
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Posted by Lily (Los Angeles) on 08/06/2015

[YEA]  Whenever I can't sleep, I take about 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds at night in rice or almond milk or cottage cheese and I instantly feel calm and can have the best night's sleep!

Herb Tea  

Posted by Nicholas (Edison, Nj Usa) on 09/01/2011

I've not been getting good sleep for a couple of weeks. I had no problem falling asleep, but slept only a couple hour, on and off. Very dissatisfying... left me weary.

I checked this fabulous website and saw it recommended different teas to help sleep. I found I had two ... Yoga brand "Bedtime" tea and Sunrider brand Calli "night" tea. I boiled both of them separately... 3 cups of water each pot. I slowly sipped a full cup of the Yoga tea after my evening meal, and then slowly sipped a full cup of the Sunrider during the hour before sleep.

I had a good night's sleep, had great dreams and awoke in a positive mood. Tonight I will drink only one of them to see if it's sufficient to the task.

Replied by Jc
Boston, Ma
I have and still use the Yogi Bed Time tea from time to time. I helps a little bit for me but not a significant difference. If you drink too much after 8pm it may wake you to urinate. This effect needs to be balanced with many herbal bed time teas.

I find the Nighty Night tea by Traditional Medicinals to be a biy more effective. But again, nothing dramatic, sublte and no urge to urinate at 4 AM.

Can anyone recomend any Chinese Herbs for sleep?

Honey and Cinnamon  
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Posted by Bonnie (Long Beach, US) on 12/13/2007

[YEA]  I was looking on your site a couple days ago and saw a remedy with honey to help lose weight. I tried it and found that i had more energy during the day, had less of an appetite, and fell asleep faster at night!! i love it! the remedy i found was every morning, a half hour before breakfast, as well as right before bed at night, drink a tablespoon of honey in one cup of boiling water with a teaspoon of cinnamon. It has only been four days, but man, what a difference!!!

Replied by T.Srikantharajah
Wimbledon, England
[YEA]   Daily in the morning, 1/2 hour before breakfast on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup water. If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also drinking of this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.
Replied by Kimmi
Park City, Ks
[NAY]   i tried this last night for my insomnia.... And nothing... How disappointing... Sigh... But I may still try it for weight loss.. ;-)

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Posted by Beth (London, UK) on 06/01/2009

[YEA]  My mum is 65 years old and has been experiencing lack of sleep at night for about 3-4 years. She would drop off to sleep but never have any sound sleep as she would hear everything happening at night and had difficulty falling asleep after getting up at night. She now takes a drink of Horlicks every night and sleeps quite soundly that I have to wake her up in the morning. She gets up in the early hours of the morning to go to the toilet then drops back to sleep quite soundly that she can't hear my radio playing music in the morning. She started with 4 teaspoons of horlicks in a cup of milk as the label states but now sleeps even with taking one teaspoon. She also uses the light, medium and strong types and they all work the same. On the nights she doesn't take horlicks, she doesn't sleep. What I can't understand is that she used to take vitamin B complex tablets, which horlicks is mainly made of, every night but never slept. Does anybody know of any side effects for long term usage of horlicks?

EC: Horlicks is a malted milk hot drink:

Replied by Lorayne
Sun City, Az
I wouldn't use Horlicks, since it contains milk which means it probably contains rBGH (genetically modified bovine growth hormone). Go to to read up on the dangers of GMOs. They are in dairy, soy, corn, canola, zucchini, yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya, cottonseed and alfalfa at present. Organic food cannot be GMO. So if you want to eat these things, choose organic. The Environmental Working Group has a petition of it's website to force labeling of products that contain these poisonous GMOs. Go to to sign the petition.

Hot Water Bottle  
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Posted by Rural Girl (Central Texas) on 07/02/2015

[YEA]  I used to take a long time to go to sleep or wake up shortly after falling asleep. I had read on Dr. Mercola's site that the lowering of body temperature acts to put us to sleep, so my hypothyroid, too-low temperature didn't allow more lowering. I guess I was wide awake to preserve life when my temp was 95.9 - 97.2F. (In cold survival situations people who fall asleep die.)

I have had some 1,2 and even 3 hot bath nights to get back to sleep. I used to monitor my temperature frequently at night. Now I just take a hot water bottle to bed. I go right to sleep and sleep all night long. Electric heating pads are not recommended. They put off harmful EMF, ElectroMagnetic Fields, plus I got a fatty tumor where I fell asleep on one set on low. Sweet dreams!

Hypnic Jerks  
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Posted by Hayley (Washington State) on 07/29/2014

I've had severe hypnic jerks at least 6 nights a week for close to 8 or more years that disrupted my sleep to no end. Even when I could sleep, I couldn't because the jerks kept me from falling asleep. I've spend hours researching the underlying cause to no end. Magnesium oil helped to a limited to degree, but that's about it until I read a few comments about Benadryl causing hypnic jerks. After reading this, I researched it, and found it's true so I went off it--I had been taking it on a daily basis for allergies and migraine headaches for years. Since I went off the Benadryl, I've had 3 hypnic jerks in the nine nights I've been off it.

I'm convinced hypnic jerks are a side-effect of a lot of meds, and would urge anyone suffering from them to google everything they take with the word 'myoclonus' to see if it's a side-effect. If it is, and you're able to go off the med, your jerks should settle down as mine did.

Posted by Maria D (London, Uk) on 01/19/2012

Hi, would you please be able to begin a topic on HYPNIC JERKS? It's a life wrecking condition for so many people as it totally prevents one from falling asleep. The person will be able to fall asleep but will wake up *the second* he/she starts to drift by this jolt/jerk that. So the cycle goes for hours and hours. I really think this should be a topic on its own and not under insomnia as the person is able to actually fall asleep but keeps waking up from these jerks.

I would love to hear Ted's opinion on these hypnic jerks.

I have struggled with these for several years and they truly ruin my sleep completely. I know that alkalizing the body helps a lot. The things is, it always gets much much worse after I work out. The harder I work out the worse they get. It makes me wonder if the body cannot clear lactic acid, or wheter it's some kind of electrolyte imbalance.

I usually can keep these jerks under control by massive doses of Natural Calm magnesium. However, it gets really expensive and I usually must take doses so high that I get a loose stool the following day.

I am just about to try Ted's alkalizing baking soda/apple cider vinegar formula although I am not sure exactly what the best ratio would be for this.

I used to have perfect sleep and insomnia like once per year. A doctor once gave me a few pills of Xanax for minor anxiety attacks daytime (if I had known then about this poison... ) and after about 5 pills this nightmare began and has stayed with me for 8 years now....

Please, if possible, create this as a new topic as I know it will help many many people around the world.

Many thanks,

Replied by P
Middle, Fl
You can move to California and get a prescription for them organic cigarettes that seem to be illegal in the rest of the united states (wink, wink)


you can check out; "Cat Nip Tea"

I read that it is an alternative to marijuana in the sense that it gives the same tranquil effects, they sell it as tea, but I've also read that young kids smoke it as well. but of course I'm suggesting the drink version!

Also check out 5htp and melatonin!

Good luck! I get that too and it is very irritating! I haven't tried the above because magnesium works well for me at least 500mg and chamomile tea with passion extract as well.

I don't live in california, but wish I did! ; )

Replied by Hattonhall
Woodridge, Queensland, Australia
Magnesium is rapidly absorbed through the skin, maybe a MagSolution is available which could save you over the high cost of those li'l ol' pills ??
Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
Hi Maria, Have you tried a Magnesium Chloride or Epsom Salts bath before bedtime?

Or you might be able to get away with soaking your feet the way I do, as follows-

What I do when in a hurry to get to bed is put about 1/4 cup into a plastic dishpan, then stand in it as I shower, or if I'm already out of the shower I add a small amount of water (inch or so) to the pan with the Magnesium and stand in it as I brush my teeth before bed; I do not have hypnic jerk but I think it might be worth a try for you. Magnesium is the Great Relaxer..

OTOH something very like what you describe used to happen with me years ago, and it was actually a Bladder spasm. It was happening because I was "holding" urine too long and my body was desperately trying to clue me in. I hadn't even realized I was doing it... Just too much to do, and no time to stop.

I hope this helps,


Replied by P
Middle, Fl
Hello Again! I forgot to tell you that Castor Oil on your eyes and lid might work also; minutes after putting it on, my eyes start to curl with sleep! I read that it cools you off indicating to your body that it's time for sleep!
Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland
Maria, I had the very same symptoms after I had to wear a brace during the night because I had had my teeth straightened! I had no idea more people had the same problem or that it had a name? It was awful and usually I would also have a big snore, would jerk and wake up over, and over and over again. After a while it got better but when the orthodontist changed the stand of the brace it started all over again! Somehow this stopped when I went to the nose doctor and he gave me two sprays and anti-histaminic pills. I think that if people have never had this they have no idea how it feels like and how miserable it makes one feel! It is like our body is working against us, like some sick joke where one is waken up every time one falls asleep, or some kind of torture. The orthodontist told me he had never heard of it but I can hardly imagine he hadn't as he was at the end of a long career but well, this way he didn't have to deal with my problem! Jerk!
Replied by Maria D
London, Uk
Hi Linda, thanks, I have tried magnesium chloride by Natural Calm. It truly helps but in order for it to help I need to take about 4-5 times the RDA. It's way to much for my stomach to tolerate too, although I prefer good sleep. I am just wondering if there is anybody who has found a permanent cure to these jerks/jolts.
Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland
Maria, I did... I left you a post a while ago! But I didn't have them longterm like you! As far as the magnesium chloride goes you can try to do it transdermally! Dissolve the crystals in water and apply to the skin. As I said I had the hypnic jerks on two different occasions (many days at a time) because of my orthodontic braces but with the nose sprays the doctor prescribed they disappears instantly! Now I don't wear braces anymore I don't have a problem! No idea other people had the same problem or that it had a name! The orthodontist told me that he had never heard of it but then... He was a jerk, took my money and never finished aligning my teeth!
Replied by Maria D
London, Uk
Hi Francisca, sorry, I did read your post, thanks. I'm totally bewildered about your orthodontic experience. You wouldn't happen to remember what kind of nose spray the doctor gave you?

I feel pretty sure this boils down to some kind of electrolyte imbalance, in my case. I don't know why my body can't keep the electrolyes in balance anymore. I used to run miles and miles without such a problem. But now I can barely powerwalk without things worsening. As soon as I work out hard they get a thousand times worse.

I have tried massive amounts of magnesium oil all over my body. It helps as well but not completely. I need to combine this with too high of a dose oral magnesium in order to sleep. And then I get (I hate the word) diarrhea from such a high dose of magnesium and feel exhausted from that instead...

Please Ted, if you read this, help!!!

I am going to try potassium citrate to see if that helps.

I'm waiting to buy a new juicer (mine broke). Looking back, it seemed as if juicing dark greens, especially cellery, every day put an end to this torture. It literally destroys my life.

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland
Sorry Maria, I am not living at home right now so I can't see what the spray was called. I went to the doctor twice and I think that he prescribed the same stuff both times. He also prescribed a spray with sea water (that one I have here with me) and an antihistaminic. The mixture worked both times and now I don't use the braces anymore the jerking has stopped completely! I have no explanation.... But it was awful so I know what you are going through. And I only had it for a short while.... I got very afraid to go to bed! The orthodontist didn't want anything to do with it and I felt very alone! I still get the chills when I think about it! Torture, is the right description! All the best to you and when I go home at the end of February I hope to think about it and look for the spray. But any anti-congestion spray together with the sea water spray (to clean the nose to start with) and an antihistaminic might do the trick! Worth talking to a doctor about it..... It worked right away, amazing! The doctor had me sleep with a machine to record my sleep but it didn't work because I woke myself up all night! I suppose you googled that problem? I never did but luckily I got relief right away and the second time I just went back to the same doctor. I don't think that he knew the problem either!
Replied by Megan
Arlington Hts, Il
I am going through the SAME EXACT thing right now. I am 19 weeks prego and thought my electrlytes were off, just got them tested about two weeks ago and then seem normal. My mag seemed a little low. I've been supplementing calcium/mag for about two weeks. It has helped some. I also take arestless legs at night and that helped but something was truly OFF last night as I was up till 2 am with the all over body jerks. I even ate a banana at 1am thinking it was my potassium? I just read on another forum that l-glutamine could cause nurological issues and i've been taking 4,500 mgs of l-glut for about a month. OP are you taking L-glutaamine too? I'm going to lay off the l-glut for a bit and see if the problem gets better although to be honest I thought the problem had gotten better, last night migth have just been a WEIRD glitch??? I also consumed gluten last night , just two crackers and some brie cheese , a very small amount and the day before pizza. I have been OFF gluten since november because of my hashimotos. I wonder if the gluten is doing something??? I'm going to try the epsom bath salt. I'm desperate.
Replied by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
You could be having some adrenal fatigue which releases high levels of cortisol at night. This will often give you the jerking/twitching at night just as your about to fall asleep. It is often caused by high stress levels over a long period of time. Consider taking adaptogenic herbs, ashwaganda, rhodiola, or astragulus, they lower cortisol levels, check with your health care provider on this. Consider an even less invasive approach like EFT emotional freedom techniques or other energy healing modalites which reduces stress levels.
Replied by Tina
Manila, Philippines
Hi Maria. I too have this hypnik jerks for several mos. Now. I read from a diff web site that someone just like you was prescribed of the same medicine and since then experienced jerks. He recommended mixing 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to a half glass of water and take it minutes before going to sleep. I tried it just tonight but it didnt work for me. I just thought that bec you too had the same cause for your jerks, it might work for you too. As for me, I'll try Steve's suggestion. I have hypothyroidism and they said that it can cause high cortisol. I'll try to take some adaptogens. Hope thiz works.
Replied by Tina
Manila, Philippines
Hi Maria. I did what Steve suggested and after 1wk I was able t o sleep without experiencing any jerks. I chose to take ashwagandha. It was not an instant cure. But on my first few days of taking it I still wake up of the jerks but able to go back to sleep. I would also suggest that you have your thyroid checked. I have hypothyroidism and as a result of many yrs of not treating it I had magnesium deficiency, low ferritin and adrenal fatigue. Bec of this I started taking ferrous sulfate and lots of magnesium. The last I tried was an adaptogen called ashwagandha. I dont know if its a coincidence but this is also the first day that I change my thyro med from levothyroxine to natural thyroid called thyroid-s. Hope this helps you. Thanks also Steve. You dont know how much you have helped. May God bless you.
Replied by Amanda
Nsw, Australia
How many people still suffering from hypnic jerks use benadryl or other diphenhydramine? This acts as sodium channel blocker which can interupt proper muscle function. If you have tried earthclinic remedies and still suffer these horrible twitches, please try stopping intake diphenhydramine, then try the remedies.

I was suffering from regular sleep-maintenance insomnia, and after a few days of using benadryl as a result I started getting these jerks, sometimes when falling asleep for the first time, sometimes all night long leaving no sleep at all. I stopped taking benadryl for a week to take it easy on my liver and I noticed the twitches were lessened. Then the other night I woke up with a bad runny nose and used benadryl to clear it up, well, I started having the twitches again really bad 20 minutes after taking it, I assume it had not been fully detoxed from my system yet.

If you try this please give it some time to work. I found I was still getting twitches after a week but their severity had lessened significantly (to the point where I could actually fall asleep). I still suffer from sleep maintenance insomnia but the twitches are getting less and less with absense of diphenhydramine.

Replied by Little Wing
Marshfield, Ma
I find benadryl makes my restless legs MUCH worse, as does anything like this or any of the PM medicines (Excedrin PM, Advil PM, etc.).
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
I have found this to be true, also. NyQuil always was a problem and kept my up all night, but as I have gotten older, Benedryl and other such OTC drugs that you mention, now cause me to be drowsy but completely unable to sleep with increased RLS symptoms.
Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
Not eating MSG stopped my leg jerks. When I eat MSG, the twitching starts again. I have been avoiding it for several weeks now and my legs have been quiet.
Replied by Jb
Everytown, Usa
Potassium. Get it from coconut water, bananas, spuds (all varieties), some tomato juices, and most vegetables. Do not waste your time or money on potassium supplements, they are typically a very, very low dose, not to mention unnatural and potentially dangerous. Also your high dose of magnesium supplementation is hard on the digestive pipes and unbalances (or displaces) some other minerals. It's always best to supplement with food whenever possible (not talking about disgusting "energy" drinks). Ya gotta eat anyway, right? Discover which REAL foods are high in minerals (mostly fresh produce and carnivorous fare) and eat well. Sweet dreams.
Replied by Amanda
Tweed Heads, Nsw
Thank you so much for that post Citygirl, I think my problem may be related to MSG too. It's definitely worse on nights when I've had Chinese or take out food that day. Unfortunately it's in just about everything and my friends and family already think I'm a hypochondriac, I wish they would understand what it's like to have your whole body jerk awake and to be told it's all in your head.
Replied by Ab
Chicago, Il
I find that holding my breath for as long I can, continuously, helps me to fall asleep when suffering from hypnic jerks. It can be uncomfortable doing this, but I usually knock out after 15 or 20 minutes. Another thing that helps me get past hypnic jerks is sex.
Replied by Tlac
Sleepless Not In Seattle.
I'm reading this thread and sending out the best of luck to everyone. I've had this problem for 13 years, without resolution. I have literally tried everything I can think to help. I've been to several doctors and sleep clinics and prescribed loads of medications. The only med that helps is Klonopin, but I would rather find the source of this issue. I agree that it has something to do with electrolytes, in my case. It's much worse after working out, or sweating. I'm at a point where I'm just not going to be able to work. It's pure torture.

Hang in there, everyone. Let's find out something to do about this. If anyone has any ideas, please post them. I'm pretty desperate, at this point.

Replied by Alex
[YEA]   I find drinking cayenne pepper tea (a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in hot water) helps to relieve hypnic jerks. Info on Cayenne pepper and all its benefits is just a google search away but it helps regulate blood pressure and is awesome for heart health. I had hypnic jerks last night for the first time in months and tried cayenne pepper tea (which you can also have with green tea and a dash of cinnamon or lemon etc - see many online recipes) - and I was DELIGHTED to see it eased my hypnic jerking when drifting off to sleep almost immediately after getting back to bed and tying to fall asleep!


Posted by Julia (Toronto, On) on 05/10/2011

The major cause of insomnia is the hypoglycemic syndrome. Going on a Hypoglycemic Diet will often resolve the problem.

Sleep Maintenance Insomnia and Sleep Onset Insomnia

Ignatia Amara (Homeopathic Remedy)  
1 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Sean (Ca, Usa) on 10/18/2013

[YEA]  Hello, I've been taking Ignatia Amara when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep (racing thoughts and anxiety).... It seems to work but is it Ok to take it every night long term??? Thank you for your feedback!