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Cure Constipation with Home Remedies

Last Modified on May 26, 2016


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Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, New York) on 11/07/2007
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Thank you for a good work. We have been trying some of the suggestions on your site and have found them helpful in many areas.

Your site showed that magnesium citrate (600 Mg) was very helpful for overcoming constipation. It is very good especially when implemented together with some other things. Here is how it seemed to work best. In the morning, one takes three magnesium citrate tablets (one hundred mg in each) with a glass of tap water mixed with a few drops of Ume Plum vinegar (which has salt in it) available from Eden foods. Maybe any vinegar mixed with salt might also work well. The mixture should not be overly salty, just pleasantly salty. Vitamin C 300 to 1000 - can also be taken together with the magnesium citrate. A short while after that one takes a glass or two of plain cold water from the tap. Let it run for short while. Then a little after that (or even right after that), one takes boiled hot water mixed with one or two tablespoons toasted bran (Kretchmers sells toasted bran), (regular raw bran might also work well), and about the same amount, or a little bit less, toasted wheat germ, adding some more plum vinegar (or maybe any vinegar with salt) to the mixture to make it pleasantly salty. Stir and sip or drink this mixture. One may need a spoon to eat the bran and wheat germ that has settled to the bottom. (At times, a papain tablet and a betaine hydrochloride tablet can be taken with the magnesium citrate, though it may not be necessary. Vitamin C is helpful. It also helps improve the quality of one's sleep and may help a person fall back asleep when awakening in middle of the night.)

After all this, one can eat some fruit, such as papaya, which is excellent for overcoming constipation, or stewed figs, raisins or prunes, stewed or soaked in water and olive oil, and eaten when still hot or at least warm. One can also eat any other fruit or even a regular breakfast.

In general, raw fruits, vegetables and vegetable salads should be an important part of one's daily food. Lettuce (romaine in particular) and escarole are especially helpful. Hot drinks and hot soups are also helpful.

In the late afternoon one takes another three magnesium citrate tablets together with a glass of water mixed with a few more drops of the salty plum vinegar and if one feels the need, another tablespoon or two of bran and wheat germ.

One should also avoid drinking a lot of milk and any hard cheeses or fried foods or other such foods and eat clean simple foods.

There should, with help from Above, be significant improvement.
The suggestion for using bran and wheat germ in a hot drink came from the letters from readers section of a health magazine* from many years ago. It was later written up in a book on natural healing **The person, who suggested it in her letter, said to use it in hot coffee twice a day.

The book also mentions bran, papaya, sunflower seeds, garlic and escarole. (Garlic is recommended in the name of Hippocrates and also in the name of a leading expert in garlic therapy who recommends mixing garlic with (milk?) or yogurt. Garlic is also recommended for relieve of diarrhea.) Escarole is recommended by someone who found miraculous help from the suggestion to cook escarole in water and to drink this escarole water and by another person who ate the escarole raw.
Thank you for letting me share this.

*Prevention Magazine
**(Miracle Medicine Foods by Rex Adams, published by Warner Books. This book is probably out of print.)

Posted by Karan (Calgary, Canada) on 10/14/2007
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I was skeptical when I read on this website that magnesium could 'cure' chronic constipation....I am no longer skeptical! It works! I had been struggling for months, tried it last week, and I am happy to report that all is well is my world! I have been taking 750 mg of magnesium at bed time, but I am going to reduce that amount because it is a bit too effective. I am so overjoyed that when I get up in the morning now, I can go! With ease! I also sleep better with use of the magnesium! A lot of bang for your buck!

Posted by Joan (Elkton, VA) on 01/23/2007
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After viewing reader comments on your web site, I tried magnesium oxide to relieve IBS with constipation. My doctor had prescribed Zelnorm twice a day, and I had used it for three years. It worked quite well, but I was having to live my life around scheduling my medication and meals so the Zelnorm would be effective. If I didn't allow one hour after taking it before I ate a meal, the constipation along with bloating and nausea would return. I just couldn't see living the rest of my life like that. Not to mention the expense of taking a one-of-a-kind drug. Then while researching IBS with constipation, I noticed your web site. I began taking 250 mg magnesium oxide on an empty stomach first thing when I awaken each morning. By the time I'm ready for breakfast, it has had its desired effect. Thanks so much! I am so appreciative of the help I found.

Posted by Anonymous on 08/18/2006
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Magnesium citrate powder, mixed with hot water. Adjust the dosage as necessary, starting with 1 teaspoon, taken in the morning and the evening. It works fantastically well!

Posted by Donna (Aspen CO) on 01/24/2006
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WOW!!! Magnesium puts an end to constipation. I take 650 mg every evening and wake up to a normal system. Adjust your intake, maybe you need less or more.

Posted by Tracy (Chalfont, PA)
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I have found that magnesium capsules work best for me. I have suffered for years with constipation and nothing works more gently. Of course dosage varies from person to person depending on your body's need. In fact, it may vary daily depending on your diet. I find that 600 mg daily works best. Just adjust your dosage by your results. If you're having diarrhea, you're taking too much. If you're not going, you're not taking enough! It's as simple as that.


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Posted by Marisa Bell (Detroit, Mi) on 02/01/2014
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I was on a low carb, high protein diet for a while, about a year. During the course of that year, I developed really bad gas. IT always happend at night and I had NO IDEA why it was happening. Come to find out, my stools had hardened and I was having chronic constipation! It was horrible! I first used magnesium as a supplement, but that gave me terrible gas! Then I started trying to do more grains and oats and that made the constipation worse! I tried prune juice which worked, however, gave me really bad gas. So finally I did some research for high fiber fruits and came across mangoes! They have been a life savor. I now eat half a mango twice a day and have been regular finally! It has really helped me with no side effects of bad gas or loose stool. AS with anything youre using to fight constipation, you have to play around to see how much your body needs to be regular. But try it!

Milk of Magnesia  

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Posted by Redclary (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 06/28/2011
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I would like to know more about pressure points. I like the results so far. I had a 9 lb breach baby 38 years ago. All turned out well but for awhile I had constipation problems like you would not believe. An older doctor that I went to told me to take 5T of Milk of Magnesia with a full glass of warm water then drink two more warm waters later in the day. Do this for week one. Next week lower it to 4T and continue for five weeks until you are down to 1T. Of course I was staying home. Everything the regular doctor and the hospital gave me did not help. This worked wonderfully and I never had any more problems with constipation after that.

Mineral Oil  

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Posted by Doris (Santa Ana, CA) on 10/12/2008
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Take mineral oil. Cure constipation, encopresis, impacted stools, etc. When worst few times of constipation or encopresis are finished, change to cod liver oil or olive oil for continued feeding and healing of intestines, sphyncter, rectum, and stomach.

Ailment: Laxatives force stool expulsion by irritating the bowels. If stools are hard, impacted, if rectal fissures exist internally, at rectal opening, hemmorhoids, etc. - pain and possible damage occurs from laxatives forcing stools out with no regard to existing damage. Our child's bowels became impacted due to prior medical issues. Doctor prescribed pediatric enemas and laxatives. All caused horrific pain, fissures, even hemmoroids, etc. We stopped them immediately when pharmacist told us laxatives were causing worsening conditions. Doctor then referred us to psychologists who diagnosed either "stubborn-child behavior" and prescribed spanking (imagine child's bottom that is withholding 2 1/2 weeks already!), or put child through "colostomy surgery for everyone's convenience", and even putting our child on "a schedule of 5 anti-psychotic drugs to cure stress". We ignored them all, searched online holistic cures, found ailment-related mineral oil cure info. Doctor did NOT want to prescribe mineral oil or cod liver oil - gave no reason.

Cure: Mineral oil is tasteless, odorless, colorless. Regularly available without rx at drug store and at grocery store. It softens stools, lubricates bowel walls for smooth passing, NOT pain at all. Oil helps heal internal fissures or external hemmorhoids. Take as is, or stirred into porridge, or mixed in blender 40 seconds with favorite beverage (smooth like a milkshake). Drink a tablespoonful of mineral oil after food (a meal), or take it with a few crackers, wash it down with a beverage. Being odorless, colorless and tasteless mixes in food easy (cod liver or olive oil have hard-to-swallow strong flavors; cod liver oil is available in cherry flavor now). Works especially well where artificial sweetener's breakdown into methanol/fermaldehyde have ruined your intestinal wall's filli, or for those needing acidopholus milk. Coats insides, helps protect and heal. Distended (stretched) intestines or colon will regain elasticity and normal size quicker.

Dose: Normal daily dose is 1 tablespoonful 8 hours before anticipated bathroom use. Lubricates bowels to pass stools softened - NO discomfort, NO diahhrea. Extreme impacted, constipated, weak bowels, use 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds of adult body weight (3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon). Children dose 1 tablespoon (not teaspoon) per 10 pounds body weight. Then stay close to home - have bathroom, change of clothes ready just in case - anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Stools will be very softened, passing through very lubricated intestines (oil calms sphyncter and rectum also). Since there's NO diahhrea-style rush or nausea, pre-prepare your bathroom in case you don't "feel" your body's need to BM- it might be sudden.

After, drink water or a mild beverage to relax any emptiness feelings after releasing constipation blockage.

Doctor later said mineral oil cure was fastest, healthiest, emotionally safest cure she'd seen.

100% cured!

Replied by Windy
Somewhere, BC, Canada
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Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product. If you are looking to go "natural" this is not it. Mineral oil is, unfortunately, the base of baby oil. When applied to the skin it blocks the pores and does not allow the skin to breathe properly = poor babies who have no choice! Taken internally... well, you decide if you want to injest a petroleum product. I don't!

Replied by Vickie
Northfork, Wv
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I used mineral oil some years ago for constipation, only occasionally. If used on a daily basis, it coats the bowels and prevents vitamins and minerals from being absorbed. It will cause malnourishment if taken daily. Only use it occasionally.

Replied by Layisblessed
Phoenix, Az, Usa
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Warning: Mineral oil may cause leaking.

We were told to give our daughter mineral oil when her bowels became impacted and we were warned about the possibility of leaking. Sure enough we had to have her wear pads because she leaked oil (and fecal matter)...she was 5!


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Posted by Amira (Portland, Oregon) on 05/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

If anyone here is like me and read everyone else's posts and thought, "These folks don't have problems like I got problems. I better double the dose," then you will likely experience the same toilet-bound week as I did. This molasses cure works incredibly well (for me, anyways). I initially did 2 Tablespoons in a mug of unsweetened almond milk, added a little honey and heated it to very warm. I did this twice a day for a week and went through a major cleanse. I have had chronic constipation my whole life (I am 26), sometimes going 4 days without a movement, being bloated, unable to think properly (the digestive system being the "2nd brain" and all), and cranky. I did this 2 Tablespoons molasses twice per day treatment for about 2 weeks, and added in a probiotic before bed each night (I have heard probiotics will help with digestion for years, and for some reason just got around to using them-- probably because they cause such bloating and gas if one is not clearing out the digestive system, but in tandem with molasses it was great), as well as drank about 1 Tablespoon chia seeds in water or watermelon juice each day for fiber and cleansing (chia is supposed to absorb and pull toxins from the body). I have not gone more than 1 day without a movement since I began this treatment about a month ago.

Eventually, the 2T of molasses twice per day stopped giving me the runs, I went down to 1 T for a week, and the molasses seemed to be a lot less intense so I just kept up with the probiotic each night, the chia seed drinks in the day, and all was pretty great. After about a week of not drinking it, I thought I would start up again this morning with 1 Tablespoon molasses in warm almond milk, and OH MY, it is now my go-to laxative in the case that I ever just want to 'lighten the load', because within 15 minutes, I was clearing out rapidly. I have researched and I am not quite sure what causes this reaction, though I have heard that it is high in magnesium which will relax the muscles. Beyond that, I don't know what works so well, but I am delighted to have discovered this remedy, and thanks again to EarthClinic for being a wonderful resource!

Posted by Candy (San Francisco, Ca) on 04/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have found that taking molasses regularly really helps with constipation. It also gives me increased energy, and my hair gray is darkening. I take it in almond milk smoothies. Basically, I mix almond milk, some raw almonds, and molasses in the blender, and perhaps add a date or a prune to the mix. its' just delicious.Thanks!

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 05/01/2011
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As a suggestion if you take a teaspoonfull of blackstrap molasass a day, you will find your problems will end.. Plus the eradication of any hemorrhoids over a few days. Put it in your mouth and wash it down with fruit juice.

Posted by Rosemaryandsage (Ashland, Wi) on 04/11/2010
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Blackstrap Molasses for constipation definitely did not work for me. If you are sensitive to sugar, this may not be best. I took a tablespoon of molasses in the morning, and the rest of the day was ruined by extreme bloating and gas, rumbling sensation and pain.I should have known this would happen because even one tablespoon of honey and too much fruit results in the same for me. I love molasses (in food, mixed), but this is too intense for me, and it did not result in a bm.

Posted by Nisel (Crestline, CA) on 11/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I waited two months before sending my feedback on Blackstrap Molasses because I wanted to be sure it was working for me. I have had severe constipation since I was a young girl and am now 57. I have suffered much with this condition and have tried endless remedies without permanent relief. After reading the reviews, I decided to try Blackstrap Molasses; taking one table spoon in the morning and one table spoon in the evening (I also take one one teaspoon Cayenne Pepper in the morning and one in the evening). After two months I can honestly say that I am having one, and sometimes two bowel movements a day. To add to my joy, I also have more energy. I work full time and by the afternoons I am really tired, but have noticed lately that most days I feel fine during afternoon/eveing hours. I am amazed and very grateful to God and to your website for providing a miracle cure!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Posted by Cathy (Cambridge, Oh) on 08/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Blackstap Molasses cured my constipation problem! I am an avid reader of your site and have received a lot of good info from all who post to it.

I have had bowel problems my entire life. I have been to numerous doctors and have been told that I have the longest colon they have ever seen and it has many twists and turns. After fighting with the doctors about my elimination problem they operated just to see what they could see. Low and behold, they found a large section of my colon that was folded over......leading to another operation to remove 18 inches of my colon. I thought that would solve my problem, but due to years of taking ovc laxitives just to survive and for all the meds the doctors thought would cure me, I developed a lazy colon. Well, to make a long story short....I saw and read the articles on Blackstrap Molasses and purchased some four days ago. I took a tablespoon in the morning and again at night. This has been the best thing that could ever have happened to me. After two days...I am having regular, soft, bowel movements. I am thankful and amazed. I will pass this on to all my friends who also have that problem. I will continue to read as much as possible on your site because I found the answer to a lifetime problem through it that even doctors couldn't help. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Replied by Mike
Sheboygan, WI
about the molasses, do you take it daily, and for how long? did you stop taking it eventually and stay regular? im going to buy some, would be most appreciated to know your experience now from then? if anyone else has an input, that would be great!