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Cure Constipation with Home Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 07, 2015

Green Tea
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Posted by Loie (Naples, Fl) on 09/30/2014

[YEA]  I have tried many different remedies from an early age.....over the counter and natural.....for my lifelong battle with constipation and nothing last more than a few months. I started drinking organic green iced tea in place of water all day long, knowing that I will get the water that my body needs while enjoying the taste of the iced tea.(I hate plain water). After about 2-3 weeks I noticed that I was having a BM every morning and sometimes in the afternoon! Every straining.

I have had this problem since I was a little girl. I am now 71 years old and wish I had found this organic green iced tea solution a long time ago.

Not sure this would work for everyone, but it sure works for me.

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Posted by Gail (Powell, Wyoming) on 11/15/2005

[YEA]  I struggled with severe constipation for years, and it was getting worse. I tried many natural products and had always tried to stay away from harsh laxatives. I had a colonoscopy several months ago just to see if there was anything wrong. I did have 2 pre-cancerous polyps but no blockage. I had resorted to taking Golytely twice a day per my physician's recommendations, with poor results. (Golytely is used as a bowel prep!) My chiropractor said I should try honey, 2 teaspoons, three times a day. I thought, yeah, right! It works! (Do not give honey to babies, it can cause botulism in infants).

Replied by Asaylor
Harlan, Kentucky, Usa
When people state what they take for any ailment, why don`t they tell how they take it.

Honey and Lemon
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Posted by Atisha (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 07/12/2007

[YEA]  Hi all, I have been drinking honey & lemon concoction in water warm on an empty stomach for the past 6 days. This is my 6th day & i had noticed my bowel movement has been regular since the duration of consuming the concoction. It's amazing. Try it!

Honey With Olive Oil, Oranges
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Posted by Cheryl (Bakersfield, California ) on 12/01/2009

[YEA]  I just want to tell people that if they are severely constipated, that three or four tablespoons of honey can get your bowels moving, but they will move easier if you add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or any good oil, such as sunflower or safflower oil to the honey as well. And something else that usually will do the trick is two or three oranges ate one after the other. I used the honey method on a relative who had not had a bowel movement in over a week. After the dosage his bowels moved that evening!

Replied by Leo
Atlanta, Ga.
[YEA]   I tried this tonight. I took 1 tablespoon olive oil and mixed with 1 tablespoon RAW honey. Then put the mixture in a water bottle with about 8-9oz water. Less than 15 mins later, I was in the bathroom! Thank you!

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Posted by V (Oak Run, Ca, United States) on 02/04/2012

For constipation, I suggest juicing. For constipation, try carrot apple and beet juice. Beet juice is very powerful and should be used sparingly at first. Go on to the internet to some juicing sites and you will find some great recipes. Poop might be red. Not to worry, it's the beet juice. Good luck!

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Posted by Adrienne (Gold Coast) on 06/15/2015

[YEA]  I have suffered from constipation for years and have used many products including the best digestive enzymes and acidophillus available - I am also a nutritionist so I eat well and take heaps of the best supplements. I've also had colonics and massage to help.

The thing that has worked wonders for me without question is kiwi fruit. first thing on an empty stomach I eat 3 kiwi or blend them with another fruit and some chia seeds, and I have absolute success every time.

I think kiwi have the right ph for your gut health, are full of enzymes and also are slippery.

Try this and share!

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.
HI U ADRIENNE, , , , , , , , , called my tractor driver over to read what you say because she has been down all your trails and still has bowel problems. Think you got her attention. She has done everything to address her problem.

Her Colonoscopy doctor told her that her colon was like the Road to Nantahala which is the road in NC that all the world's bikers ride because it is so curvy.

You deal with what the Lord gave you.


Laxative Abuse
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Posted by Pam (, Sacramento,california,) on 05/22/2014

What is Miralax. A polyethylene glycol. This can't be good even tho effective results. Right?

Replied by John
New Windsor, Maryland
[WARNING!]   Miralax is essentially made from anti-freeze.

Polyethylene glycol is made by stringing together molecules of ethylene glycol into a large polymer chain, hence the prefix poly-, Greek for many. On its own, ethylene glycol is used in automotive antifreeze and brake fluid. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, it is an extremely toxic substance:

“Ethylene glycol is chemically broken down in the body into toxic compounds. It and its toxic byproducts first affect the central nervous system (CNS), then the heart, and finally the kidneys. Ingestion of sufficient amounts [as little as 30 ml — KM] can be fatal.”

Miralax is also on the the FDA's Adverse Events Reporting list warning of “neuropsychiatric events”.

If anyone is planing on taking Miralax, I would urge them to read this article before doing so:

Posted by Sagemarie (Reston, Va) on 12/06/2012

[WARNING!]  I made the unwise decision of drinking some pretty strong laxative tea last week when it wasnt needed... Since then ive been constipated unless I use another laxative tea. I dont want to have to take laxative tea everynight! Help!!

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa
Sagemarie from Reston, Va You could try -

1) Adding good quality probiotics to your diet or probiotic-rich foods like kefir (milk or water), kombucha, sauerkraut (Bubbies brand) and fermented veggies are effective at resolving constipation.

2) Drinking nettle leaf infusion which is full of trace minerals and vitamins that aid in maintaining healthy & smooth bowl movements. I buy my nettles from and you could try other places too, organic is best.

3) Good quality magnesium before sleeping allows the body to fall asleep and helps in bowel movements the next day. I successfully use Natural Calm found on Amazon. You mix 2 teaspoons in 1/2 cup warm water and drink before bed, and it does your body good.

This should help yor body come back to balance and you will be fine in no time.

Good luck


Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Sagemarie, When I was much younger this happened to me a couple of times and one can see why people become reliant on them. On the other hand, constipation is upsetting too. First, your body is trying to balance itself back out, so in a sense it holds on after such a "violent" means of evacuating. Now, what you can do is on a regular, daily basis start taking chia seeds. I use them in a fermented drink and it is absolutely amazing. Besides keeping you very regular, the benefits are innumerable. Just google and find out about what a superfood they are! Hope this helps. Lisa

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
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Posted by Tandy (Orange County, CA) on 05/17/2008

[YEA]  Constipation remedy (lemon juice and olive oil) -- thank you for posting this remedy. i have had bowl movement problems since i was in highschool and i've gone to the doctors taken medication and many laxatives and even gone to the emergancy because it got so bad with stomach pains. But this actually worked for me. i just tried it worked. thankyou so much. i'm going to keep this in mind.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
To Tandy with bowel problems since high school - Change to more healthy eating habits to increase fiber in the diet. My first suggestion is to switch to whole grain breads and cereals and especially increasing the green leafy vegetables, as well as fresh fruits (apples & pears especially help regulate bowels also.
Replied by Puffer
Melbourne, Australia
hi thankyou for yr ideas... I hope that these work as I have not been for 12 days.
Replied by Fitnessgal
Fort Worth, Tx
[YEA]   So very thankful to have found this solution as I am 8 months pregnant and there are not a lot of things I can try for constipation. It had been over a week since I've been able to go with no avail. I took 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp lemon juice, & a pinch of salt. It took 5 hours and finally had a small movement. Then in another hour had another small movement. The next day I was able to go again. I'm so much more comfortable now! Will skip a day and then take the solution again at bedtime as another user suggested. Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!
Replied by Grace
London, Uk
[YEA]   Thank you for posting this! This remedy works well. I just took 1 tsp fresh lemon juice and 1 tsp olive oil on an empty stomach and had some immediate relief! I shall persist with this. I had tried a fiber plus probiotics and prebiotics supplement, senna tea and aloe vera, all of which probably did no harm but I saw no results. Lemon and olive oil works a treat!

Posted by Colleen (Vancouver) on 07/19/2006

[YEA]  My six year old son was constipated, and instead of using over the counter medication/remedies I tried the lemon and olive oil. He only took it 2 times (mid morning & after lunch), and he had a regular bowel movement before the night. The sour from the lemon was a bit too much for him, so i put a pinch of salt in the mix, which was suggested in someone's feedback.

Posted by Kat on 07/16/2006

[YEA]  it is one of the best & natural ways that i was able to stop my constipation. I had everything I needed at home. The lemon and oil didn't mix completely, but i would put a pinch of salt in the lemon juice to take away the sourness.

Replied by Elaine
Chicago, Il
[YEA]   I have suffered with constipation for years... I mean two digit number of years. I have tried every remedy around. I did not want to try the olive oil and lemon; it just sounded awful (to drink oil). I finally was fed up and gave it a try. I mixed 1 tsp EV olive oil with 1 tsp lemon juice and added a sprinkle of salt (some recommended that for taste) and drank it down. Well, 15 minutes later I had relief, like I have never had before!! I give this remedy 10 thumbs up! When constipation is relieved, so are so many other issues in your body! Someone said they take it at night and wake with an easy BM. I am so glad I found this remedy. BTW, people tend to like to suggest fiber to those who are constipated and fiber may cause people who suffer from constipation to feel much worse. I was one of them, it made me so bloated and gassy. I looked it up on the Internet and it IS NOT for everyone.
Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
I am going to have to agree with the fiber only being good for some people. My 10 yr old daughter has been constipated since she was 4 months old (when she started formula). We have been told by every single doctor, naturopath, Gastroenterologist and on and on. Fiber Fiber Fiber blah blah blah. It has always made her life way worse. She eats so many fruits and veggie's that most mom's would be amazed. She is amazing at eating raisins, prunes, dates but they do nothing for her. Before we took away gluten she ate only whole wheat pasta and bread which made her constipated for 3 weeks whenever she ate it.

Now that she does not eat gluten she goes only about 7 to 9 days without a bm. Stop with the fiber already. You can find info on how some people (especially children) cannot handle fiber and it can actually make constipation worse. I just started her on stomach enzymes and they seem to be working pretty well. She has had bm's about every two to three days. I am not getting my hopes up because she usually does well on everything we try for about a month and then she reverts back to 1 to 2 weeks between bm's. We are praying this is the final answer. The other thing I actually just started is iodine. She is taking kelp 2 times a day so far at about 250 mcg each. So I will post updates in a couple weeks to let you know if things are still going good.

Posted by Enza (Hamilton, ON CANADA) on 07/06/2006

[YEA]  1 TBSP FRESH SQUEEZED LEMON MIXED WITH 1 TBSP OF EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Take mixture 2-3 times a day until it relieves constipation. Stop taking the mixture once you have a normal bowel movement. It works great.

Replied by Kalia
DC, United States
[YEA]   Constipation Remedies: wow! This worked within 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I highly recommend the orange/lemon juice and olive oil treatment for anyone suffering the agony of immobile bowel.
Replied by Linda
Erlanger, Ky
Hello, so you only drink the 1 TBSP of the lemon juice and olive oil, you do not mix it with water, just those 2 things, 1 TBSP of each, is that correct? Thank you :)
Replied by Linda
Erlanger, Ky
[YEA]   Wow, I tried this concoction and yes indeed it works. Just a TBSP of each in a small glass, gulp it down, late in the PM and low and behold the next AM we have a BM! haha Thanks for the great advice!

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Posted by Angie (Astoria, NY) on 01/17/2009

[YEA]  I was having problems having bowel movements. A friend recommended 2 tbsps of lemon juice in hot water on an empty stomach. It helped so much. I do this everyday and don't have problems anymore. I tried fiber supplements and became bloated with pain.

Replied by Lis11
Richmond, Va
[YEA]   This works for me and I do it everyday.

Hot water, squeeze lemon/lime water into it, add about 1tb molasses or less, olive oil, 3-4 prunes. Mix and let it stand for 5 mins so the prunes can absorb some water. This works like a charm every single time. Sometimes I run out of lemons or I forget to add olive oil.. It's okay if you do. Exact measurements are not important. It still works!! I will also occasionally add other things to my tonic.. Like a small pinch of turmeric/ cinnamon etc.. you can experiment with what works for you.

Additional note: mind over matter.. Be kind to yourself. Take time to breath and relax. It really helps to be aware of your internal dialogue to see how you talk to yourself.

Peace, L

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Posted by Empressvee (Philadelphia, PA) on 08/23/2014

[YEA]  Amazed and thrilled at how quickly magnesium cured my chronic constipation! Started with 1000 mgs at night, found that was a bit much, dropped to 500, taken every night, have easy bm at least once a day, usually twice.

Posted by Carriec (Southern Utah, Usa) on 03/17/2013

[YEA]  I am one that has had constipation problems since I was a child. A couple years ago I found Magnesium did wonders, and since the product 'C--m' came out in the powdered form I just purchased the magnesium as Magnesium Citrate POWDER. It's less than $10 bucks and you can easily stir the amount you need in water. I drink it before bedtime. I sleep like a baby thru the nite, and, like clockwork, have a bowel movement in the morning. For someone who has struggled with this condition since age 4 (which means 4 decades now) I feel like I have found the miracle cure and I'm finally "normal". For those that don't like the sour taste of citrate, I mix some Stevia in it. I sure wish my mother would have known of the simplicity of Magnesium Citrate Powder when I was a child. It's so simple and easy for a child to take. You could easily mix it with orange juice or the like. I just hope this information helps you mothers out there. Like many other posts have stated, we seem to be a magnesium deficient people right now.