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Cure Constipation with Home Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2016

Fermented Food  
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Posted by Jens (Vancouver, Bc, British Columbia Canada) on 11/24/2009

[YEA]  It would seem internal healing of the digestive system/gut, is the key and I've been greatly helped by bringing fermented foods into my diet. I had used coffee in the a.m. for years as my "motivator". Finally caught up with me. It's a horrible crutch that requires always having access to coffee and cream wherever I went. It stopped working and I went through 10 days of being a human sewage lagoon. In my web research I came across this site and the saltwater remedy got me going although I had to gag it down. I realized a new and longterm solution was required. My naturopath suggested introducing fermented foods into my diet as a long term solution.

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Posted by Traveler (Houston, Texas) on 01/12/2013

[YEA]  I am a 29 year old female who's had issues with constipation since I was a teenager. In the past 8 or so years I've gotten into alternative health and have tried a bunch of different things. I found that blackstrap molasses was really great for the constipation right before my period, and also eased my bleeding a bit and my cramps. When I'm desperate, I've happily chugged from the bottle though it tastes very nasty to me.

Lately, I've been dumpster diving a lot. I started for other reasons and only after seeing how much food was wasted, that was wrapped up in plastic and put in boxes not even touching anything I considered "dirty" have I started "rescuing" food. Anyway, because of this, I have two freezers and a fridge full of vegetables and fruit that were ripe enough to have at home but I guess too ripe to keep in the store with fresh stock coming in. Or, vegetables with the mildest blemish on it. I've noticed that because I'm eating so much in the way of vegetables and fruits, that constipation is no longer an issue. Even last year when I was going to the store and relying on foods that had a longer shelf life, like beans or lentils, I found that if I got 25-30 grams of fiber, mostly from "real" foods, it was actually a joy to go to the bathroom. Plus, I find that I get cranky if I'm not going regularly and this effects different parts of my life negatively.

I highly recommend finding delicious ways to get fiber into your diet. Currently my three favorite recipes are mashed cauliflower, mushrooms madera, and each morning I make myself a big bowl of bananas, blueberries, and sometimes grapes (all rescued and delicious) with a tiny bit of fiber cereal (also rescued unopened) and either some milk, or yogurt mixed in.

I'm currently experimenting with trying to hit 60grams of fiber per day to see how (or if) that affects weight loss when not really focusing on calories. In any event, people need 25-35 grams of fiber PER DAY. Don't rely on over the counter fiber supplements-- go to foods even if you have to buy them, that have vitamins, minerals and a high water content so you don't have to have the worry of the fiber supplements working against you and making your constipation worse.

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/26/2011

[YEA]  There are a lot of ways to get rid of constipation. I have never heard of ACV in connection to this problem but eating some fruit before breakfast helps, even bananas, funny enough but if you want a stronger effect try kiwis. Vit. C before breakfast as well as molasses or prunes just be careful and go slowly or else you might get an awful diarrhea. A cup of tea often helps as well or if you can't make one, when you are traveling or so try a cup of hot water!

Fish Oil  
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Posted by Myoho (NYC, NY) on 03/04/2012

[YEA]  3 in am and 3 in pm fish oils high dha combined with 200 mg of mag citrate 3 in the am and 3 in the pm.

this has knock on wood been helping my infinite constipation due to my eating disorder on my GI Doctor's sound advice. I was on amitiza and it did not help, so we switched.

Flax Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dates  
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Posted by Ali (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) on 06/17/2009

[YEA]  I found the following mixture worked well for my constipation problem,hope it will help others. Bring two cups of water to a boil and add two tablespoons of flax seeds, continue to boil for fifteen minutes, then strain off the flax seeds and discard seeds ,allow mixture to cool somewhat, it will be jelly like, add one teaspoon of apple cider vineger and stir. Drink one cup of this on an empty stomach one to two times a day depending on severity of constipation. If very constipated, be sure to also drink three cups of hot water through out the day. I have found a more pleasent remedy for mild constipation or just to stay regular try the following: Boil one cup of water and add six dates, allow to soak, when cool, drink the liquid and eat the dates. Take at bedtime for best results. Good health to all and A HUGE THANK YOU TO EARTH CLINIC.

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Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford, Bc) on 03/10/2010

[YEA]  When travelling, my daughter had problems with constipation, as many do. I had a lot of ground flaxseed along, so she ate a dessert bowlful for her cereal that morning, and voila! Problem solved. It IS important to drink lots of water with it, though.

Posted by Corinna (London, England) on 02/05/2010

[YEA]  I've had so much benefit from this website that it is now time to contribute myself. I was severely constipated as a teenager. I went to the toilet once or twice a week at the most. As an adult I changed my diet to include more fibre and the problem corrected itself. However, after the age of 40 it crept back despite being on a rigorous healthy diet. I tried many things but the thing that helps reliably is 2 tablespoons of golden flaxseed a day. I simply mix the flaxseed into my food at night.

Posted by Christine (Doncaster, Yorkshire) on 08/30/2009

[YEA]  I have suffered constipation for years, not anymore. I take flax seeds every night so does my friend since I recommended them to her, about 3tbls swollowed down with plenty of water.

Posted by Deirdre (LA)

[YEA]  Flax seed oil capsules soon after waking with a glass of water works wonders. You may have to experiment with the brand to find the best one for your body

Replied by H
Like the original poster said, you have to boil the flax seeds in water till it gets gelatinous. Strain the seeds, keep the gel. Let it cool, then add 1 tbsp. apple cider to a cup of warm water, along with some of the flax gel poured in. That's what gives it the benefit. The flax seed alone, in it's hard shell won't work. The shells have to be broken down.

Flaxseed and Prune Juice  
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Posted by Keith (Richmond, Virginia) on 09/15/2010

[YEA]  I've been taking Antibiotics for the last month and its been killing the bad bacteria and good bacteria in my stomach. This has made for bad constipation. I finally out about found whole Golden Flaxseed. Its works quite well and is cheap to buy. My local health store sells GOLDEN WHOLE Flaxseed for $1.99-$2.49 LB. At 4 TSBP's day = 11 days servings per LB. I take 2 TBSP in morning with juice, 2 at night.

Also, Prune Juice - Not from Concentrate - with Pulp, has worked for well me. I found it just before Flaxseed. Its not as complete a bowel movement as Flaxseed but its worked very well and quickly where other supplements did not. I had 4-6 BM's first day just from the PJ.

Curezone dot com posts:
1) "The very best way I know to induce regular bowel movements - at least two every day - is by eating 4 TBSP's of fresh-ground, organic flaxseed. You must grind it yourself, and then add it to juice or food. Flaxseed oil does not work nearly as well. I've recommended this solution to dozens of constipated friends. And so far, ALL of them became VERY regular within 36 hours. "

2) "You want golden, organic flaxseed, NOT the dark-colored seeds that some stores sell. Don't buy it already ground. Flaxseed loses much of its nutritive power if it has been sitting around for awhile. "

3) "As of 3 weeks ago, I began using ground flax seed and the change from the prune juice is mind boggling. I'm having regular movements, several times a day (avg 5 or so) and for the first time in nearly a year, I'm feeling "clean", like I don't have waste within me. I don't have the urgent feeling that prune juice would induce and I just feel "normal" again. It's great. It only took half a day for the flax seed to take effect for me.

Taking Owen's advice, I've purchased golden organic flax seed and a coffee grinder. Every day, I take two ground tablespoons in the morning with some cranberry juice for a mini breakfast and then three more tablespoons at night, a bit before bed. I also drink a lot of water throughout the day (10 glasses at the very least) as that is essential to regular bowel movements as well as good health in general. I've found that ground flax seed with just water is bad tasting but when mixed with a fruit juice, it takes on a nutty flavour, which I like very much.

Replied by Keith
Richmond, Virginia
[YEA]   I wanted to add to my review of the Ground Flaxseed & Prune Juice remedy. First, I had SEVERE constipation because of the antibiotics I was taking 2x day. I found the Flaxseed/Prune Juice only worked 1/3 to 1/2 the time and just a small 1-2 bowel movements from it. At first, it worked great, but after 2-3 times not. What I did find that worked was a suggestion from my Grandma that the Hospital gave her. This has worked *every* time for me and usually within 4-5 hours (sometimes 2 hours). 2 ounces Apple juice, 2 ounces Prune Juice, 2 ounces Milk of Magnesia (I used a generic brand at a well known chain store - much cheaper). Mix together and drink and the taste is OK.

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Posted by Rick (Victoria, Australia) on 11/24/2006

[YEA]  Cut garlic clove into small pieces. Swallow them in one go with just a little water. This cures Bloating, stomach cramps and constipation.

General Feedback  
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Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 09/16/2011

My 10 yr old daughter has been constipated since she was 4 months old (when she started formula). We have been told by every single doctor, naturopath, Gastroenterologist and on and on. Fiber Fiber Fiber blah blah blah. It has always made her life way worse. She eats so many fruits and veggie's that most mom's would be amazed. She is amazing at eating raisins, prunes, dates but they do nothing for her. Before we took away gluten she ate only whole wheat pasta and bread which made her constipated for 3 weeks whenever she ate it.

Now that she does not eat gluten she goes only about 7 to 9 days without a bm. Stop with the fiber already. You can find info on how some people (especially children) cannot handle fiber and it can actually make constipation worse. I just started her on stomach enzymes and they seem to be working pretty well. She has had bm's about every two to three days. I am not getting my hopes up because she usually does well on everything we try for about a month and then she reverts back to 1 to 2 weeks between bm's. We are praying this is the final answer. The other thing I actually just started is iodine. She is taking kelp 2 times a day so far at about 250 mcg each. So I will post updates in a couple weeks to let you know if things are still going good.

Replied by Millie
New York
Hi, sorry to read about ur daughter constipation. I'm 35 yrs old , and ever since I remember I have severe constipation as well. My advice, a warm glass of water when opening her eyes, my granma forced me to drinked every morning before breakfast. It didn't cure me but has helped along my diet: a fresh papaya as breakfast, or warm oatmeal. Keep on trying everything. Goodluck and God bless u all.
Replied by Sujaan
Maybe you could also try magnesium, parasite cleanses, black strap molasses, or enemas/colonics.

Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny, Usa) on 05/12/2010

[YEA]  Vegetable glycerin with gum powders, water and morning bread for intestinal motility and constipation

Previously, I had written about drinking five glasses of water in the morning, but it seems to be too much for many people, even when taken over a period of an hour or more. It also fills up the stomach so that it is often difficult to eat "morning bread" or "dawn bread" (a light breakfast in the earlier morning hours) which the Talmud recommends as important for healing many illnesses connected with the liver. (An example of morning bread given in the Talmud is bread, salt and a jug of water. It may be assumed that the water taken together or right after the bread should be sipped, for one should not drink large amounts of water together with or right after eating.)

Here are several alternatives to drinking five cups of water right in the morning:

A friend mentioned that he drinks one (or one and a half) glasses of water on arising. After getting dressed, he drinks another one to one and a half glasses of water followed by a large apple. This has been very helpful for his problem with long term constipation.

Another alternative is taking one Magnesium Citrate (200 mg) and one or two Potassium Magnesium Aspartate vegi-capsules together with one (or one and a half) glasses of water upon arising in the morning. (Potassium Magnesium Aspartate seems even more helpful that Magnesium Citrate. It is also supposed to help for the heart, blood pressure, chronic fatigue, weight loss etc.)

The Water, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Magnesium Aspartate combination - can also be taken together with a pinch of baking soda and three or four pinches of Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid Powder)

(Three parts of Vitamin C powder to one part baking soda make Sodium Ascorbate which is recommended by Linus Pauling as the best way for taking larger amounts of Vitamin C.) The Vitamin C and baking soda create bubbles which keep the seeds afloat. (I think that you're supposed to wait till most of the bubbling stops in order to have Sodium Ascorbate.)

One can also take some kelp vegi-capsules and a B Complex vegi-capsules along with the Magnesium Citrate, the Potasium Magneseium Aspartate and Vitamin C water mixture. A spoonful of honey or molasses can also be added. (Taking a spoonful of honey when awaking in middle of the night and especially when awaking after dawn, even if one goes back to bed, is also helpful for intestinal motility and constipation relief). One can also add a tsp of sesame seeds, flax seed, and bran.

Here is an additional and very helpful thing. Having read about the eight sugars that heal, I had bought some Gum Arabic, some Karaya Gum (while looking for gum tragacanth) and Guar Gum as a source of some of these sugars. Both Gum Arabic and Karaya Gum do not dissolve in water properly.

Someone mentioned that glycerin is an emulsifier and so this information was followed with an experiment - mixing a tsp or a half teaspoon of vegetable glycerin or occasionally somewhat more (Glycerin is overly sweet and high in calories and a little goes a long way.) with about a half tsp each of Karaya Gum (Gum Tex), Gum Arabic, Guar Gum, and a bit of Vitamin C powder and stirring all this together. (Wilton Cake cake decorating supplies sells Karaya Gum as Gum Tex. Maybe other baking or confectionery suppliers sell these gums as well.) Then adding a glass of water while again stirring the mixture. A half tsp sesame seeds and a half teaspoon flax seeds may be added as well.

One should drink this mixture in the morning and maybe again in the afternoon. It significantly helps relieve constipation.

One can experiment by using some water or water combinations on some days of the week and others on other days of the week as well as eating every every morning a light early morning breakfast with a hot drink.

Replied by Nat
Brooklyn, Ny
In the mixture of gums and vitamin C powder a pinch or a few pinches of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) must also be added. One can try using more whether it is beneficial.

Also for some reason some companies' Magnesium Citrate work better than others. The one that works better (Solgar's - we have no connection with the company) has also Microcrystalline Cellulose, Celulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide and Vegetable Glycerin among its ingredients.

The Potasium Magneseium Aspartate is not necessary.

Magnesium Malate is even more recommended than Magnesium Citrate. Maybe taking both is also a suggestion.

Posted by Daniel (Blackwood, NJ) on 04/22/2009

[YEA]  I have a theory on why Apple cider vinegar seems to help with constipation and IBS for some people and not for others. I'm actually surprised this ailment isn't on the site, its called SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) and its been linked to many (but not all) cases of IBS. Since the vinegar is antibacterial when one takes this it tends to lower the bacterial load of the small intestines allowing someone with IBS or SIBO to find relief because the overgrowth of the bacteria is stopped, much like a prescription of antibiotics that does the same thing without the fairly large price tag. I think the problem a lot of people are running into is when they take too much of it and it kills too many of the bacteria that help you digest your food. There is, Personally when I take a shot of the stuff after a few days it causes me constipation because its not diluted enough and it most likely gets dumped into my intestines as soon as I drink it due to the irritation of the pyloric valve much like a shot of vodka or equally irritating substance. But when I take only a teaspoon or two in 12 or more oz of water my bowel movements are great. So if any of you are having a problem with constipation please give ACV another chance just use much less (a tsp or two at most )and dilute it in water or your liquid of choice you will probably have a much better time with it. Also if your worried about the enamel on your teeth please use a straw.

Ginger, Coconut Oil, Baking Soda  
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Posted by Anna (Vienna, Va) on 10/23/2015

[YEA]  Thank you all for your posts.

I read from Bill somewhere this web site about fat + baking soda = soap. I had this stomach pain very early in the morning together with my recent problem of constipation. So with empty stomach, I got up making 1/2 glass of ginger tea warm plus 1tbs of coconut oil, then immediate half glass of water with 1/4 tsp of baking soda (I feel all my nutrients were washed out of my body from baking soda).

Amazingly, the pain is gone. I have been taking these two glasses for about a week now. I plan to stop at 7th or 10th day. I also learned from the same section to take 1 tsp of blackstrap molasses which also seemed to help with my constipation.

I am thankful for the posts and this web site. God bless.