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Natural Cures for Boils

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2014

Raisins   2  1   

Posted by Manuel (Weslaco, TX) on 01/29/2007

[YEA]  take a small handful of raisins for a week then a handful once every week or two to stay boil free.

Posted by Tina
Sylvania, Ohio,usa
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[NAY]   I was eating raisins when boils started to appear, so raisins do not prevent boils.

Raw Potato   2  0   

Posted by cynthia (fayetteville, AR) on 03/24/2009

[YEA]  I was just browsing through this site, I spend a lot of time doing that, and read the remedy posted about boils. As a child I frequently had boils. While at a family gathering an uncle took me into the kitchen to "fix me up" with a home remedy. He got a raw potato and a potato scraper. (as if to make hashbrowns) He then washed and scraped the entire potato into a clean, sterile bandage and taped it to my arm. I wore it all that day and through the night. Bt the next morning the boil had come to a head, and my mother drained and cleaned it. I had been plagued with boils many times prior to that and they were always painful and lasted several days before coming to a head. This one was over quickly and what a blessing! After that we used a raw potato any time one came up. I no longer have this problem. I seem to have grown out of it. I have given this remedy to friends and family members since then and it has been a success with them also. Hope it helps!

Posted by Ryan
Palm Springs, CA
[YEA]   POTATO!!! After getting a tattoo on my chest, I developed a rather painful pimple about 3 inches above my left nipple (probably from razor burn from shaving, ingrown hair, etc). I attempted to 'pop' it which was a bad idea. Over a few days...this horrid wretch grew into a furious monster of an infection...

I used antibiotic ointment and bandaids for a few days which did nothing, and the pimple seemed to grow in size and pain. I then tried toothpaste and a bandaid, which got solid and hurt bad taking off...revealing some gnarly green pasty pus. I squeezed some pus out of it and again that evening and also drenched it with peroxide every chance I got. I then read about the baking soda/peroxide mix which I applied several times over the next day and drained it every now and then (painful stuff). I also took baking soda baths.

After seeming to get nowhere, I read about the potato method. I purchased a single potato, cut off a slice, cleaned the infected area with peroxide and taped the potato slice to it for the night. Upon removing the potato in the morning, I noticed a big chunk of pus on it and the wound (almost the size of a dime) kept draining itself. Having to work, I cleaned it and put a bandaid on for the day.

Upon getting home and removing the bandaid, the 'head' of this abomination was right at the top and came out with some effort and Qtips and peroxide....what relief! Instead of a white hole, it is now a bloody red hole and its draining itself! Will update in a few days on healing.... THANK YOU!

Recurring Boils   0  0   

Posted by Ingrid (Brussels, Belgium, Europe) on 03/18/2010

Recurent boils has a name!

Hi everyone, i just had to share this with you, because it took me years to put a name on these inner thigh boils i kept having. It is called hidradenitis suppurativa! It is a rare disease. Actually, it is not so rare, it just goes undiagnosed because of the places it's in and ignorance of doctors. Please look it up and see if this is what you have. Unfortunately i could not find any cure, but the simple thing that helped me was not to touch it: no epilation, no underware (the friction brings them on). Also hot baked onion used locally makes the puss collect. Good luck

EC: Remedies for hidradenitis suppurativa page here:

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Vennett (Bronx) on 08/26/2013

Please help me couple days ago I noticed that my face was getting little boils on them & now they just keep spreading more & more its like I have over a thousand on my face an they really itch they are also mostly on my nose!! I've started to use calamine lotion since yesterday whereas it burns for a while when I apply it but it relieves the itching... Please I really need these boils out my face can you recommend something for me please ;(

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
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Dear Vennett, Turmeric is excellent for this type of thing. You can take 1/2 to 1 teaspoons in milk or water twice a day. (Or 2-4 capsules twice a day.) I would also add GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) which is a great natural antibiotic. You can get the tablets and take 2 per day.

Topically, I would make a strong chamomile tea and put it on a cloth and hold it on as long as 20 minutes twice a day. We have seen this help my children very much when they have had this sort of thing.

Is it possible that you are having an allergic reaction to something? New make-up or face cream or anything?

Let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Melissa (Jackson, Mississippi) on 10/01/2012

Hi, I have had a very painful medium sized boil right on my bikini line for about 3 days. I have tried the egg skin remedy, sliced potato remedy and have been taking antibiotics with no results. Today I soaked in a hot epsom salt bath and immediately I was able to see a small head form. About 30 minutes later I rubbed over the boil with a soft tissue and it opened and pour pus with an odor and dark brownish color for about 15 minutes then only drained blood. I have it covered with a gauze. Is the drainage I mentioned above normal? How would you suggest I get relief from the pain? and Would you suggest I see a doctor? This is my first time on this site and would appreciate any feedback I can get at this point. I have had about 2 boils lance and I am really trying not to have to take that route this time. Thanks

Posted by Cwash84 (Lilburn, Ga) on 07/02/2012

I have had recurrent boils since I had my surgery. I have never had a boil in my life. I dont know if I caught something at the hospital or just have a weak immune system but I can not get rid of them. They will go away and keep coming back on another part of my body. It stared in the lip lining of the vagina than to the buttock. I have soak in epsom salt, tea tree oil and tried Iodine. It works for that time but it keeps coming back. I just want it gone and never come back. Any suggestions...

Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
340 Posts
Definitely get some Cream of Tartar, throw a teaspoon into a glass of warm water and down everyday untill the boils have gone and then just take a pinch under the tongue every few days. It cleans the blood.
Posted by Mesem
Riez, France
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and red wine is a great source of tartaric acid so down a couple of glasses regularly!

Posted by Mantics (Westchester, United States) on 10/13/2011

I have a boil on my nether regions... Sucks I know! Since garlic really helped with the ones in my armpit, it was my first choice... Bad choice! It burned the skin off the top of it and I've been trying to get it to heal for at least 3 days now and its not getting any better. I think that might be because the boil is still there so the skin wont heal. I've been putting turmeric mixed with baking soda, vitamin e oil, honey into a paste and putting a bandaid over it. Every morning it's just slimy like new skin isn't forming.

So, it's slimy and sore on top and a hard boil under it. I've also been doing the hot compress to try and bring it out but not working either. Should I concentrate on draining the boil first and then healing the skin? Or the other way around? And how?! Thanks for your time.

Posted by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
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It sounds like you should definately let it breath a little. Slimy is not a good thing when it comes to bacterial infections. I am not sure where or how you can let it breath. But I would leave it uncovered for at least a few hours to an entire day. While you are letting it air out you should try drinking a "turmeric tea" with a teaspoon or two in hot water and drink with honey if you prefer. Then starting tomorrow put a paste of just a little castor oil and turmeric. I think less is more when it comes to such a sensitive area. You could also try a poultice instead of a paste which will keep it dry. Take a paper towel or cotton medical pad and put a few pinches of turmeric (if you have activated charcoal you can add a capsule or two to the poltice) and a little water or aloe in it to make the turmeric damp but not runny. Fold the towel into a little packet and tape it over the boil under your clothing. If you have a heating pad or heated rice bag place it on top of your clothing to heat up the area. This should draw the toxins out and also infuse the boil with turmeric.
Posted by Goldtopsam
Arlington, Texas
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Although your intentions for natural healing are well meant, it sounds as though you are making it infected by applying herbs to damaged skin. Sounds like medical intervention is needed in your case. You really don't want to mess with an infection down there. Now, when you say nether regions, I don't know if it is on the head, the shaft, the scrotum or on the inside of one of the thighs, but at any rate if it is on any part of the genitals you want a doctor looking at that or you could cause a severe infection and damage and scarring to very sensitive tissue, possibly causing a recurring infection. Pack the goods up in some loose fitting boxers get on some loose fitting pants or shorts and get yourself over to an M. D. asap.
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Mantics, iodine (lugols) on the boil will enter through the skin and kill the bacteria. If it burns add some vitamin E oil as well). Iodine will kill most bacteria on contact.

Posted by Mantics (Westchester, United States) on 07/20/2011

I have a huge quarter sized lump in my armpit. It is extremely painful. I can barely lift my arm up. I can't tell if this is a boil or a swollen lymph node. I read that boils have pus in them but this has no pus that I can see. Maybe it's deep in the skin. It started off as an small pus filled bump which I popped and then this lump started to appear with the bump on the edge of the lump. I don't know what it is. I've tried warm compresses but they really dont relieve the pain. The constant throbbing is getting annoying. Any advice??

Posted by Fan B
Pasadena, California
Try putting hot water in a bowl with some epsom salt and dissolving it. Take a wash cloth and get it saturated with the mixture, wring out just so its not dripping all over, and put the wash cloth under your arm where the pain is. Have the water as hot as you can, without burning yourself. Do this throughout the day as often as you can. It should draw out the infection pretty quickly. Use a cup or more of the eposum salt to a quart of water. Good luck!
Posted by Aj
I did the warm epsom salt compress, then put some coconut oil on it, covered with a loose bandage and it drained just a few hours later, providing immediate pain relief!
Posted by Mantics
Westchester, United States
5 Posts
Thanks for the advice I will definitely continue to do so. Another question is it odd that I don't see any pus yet. It has gotten slightly bigger and my skin just seems to be getting red from the pressure. Could this be because its is under my armpit and the skin there is a little thicker??
Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
340 Posts
It might be a lymph node and not a boil. If it turns black it will be an enlarged node. Most of the time they return to normal after a few days.
Posted by Mantics
Westchester, United States
5 Posts
Im pretty sure its not a lymph node. I mean its been about a week and hasnt gotten black and when I touch it, its soft at the top like pus is in there. I used some garlic yesterday and all it did was remove the top layer of skin. Hurt a lot but not unbearable. Then today I did baking soda mixed with sea salt for a few hours. I dont really see it doing much. It hurts a lot less but I dont know if thats baking soda or the benzocaine I used for the pain.

Im wondering if at this point I should poke it since its much thinner than before. Im buying ACV later and will be trying that. But I have an important trip next week not to mention my job requires full movement of my arms at all times. I feel like I cant live! Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Rubbing Alcohol   1  0   

Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 07/16/2013

[YEA]  As soon as you feel a boil developing, it helps to swab the area with rubbing alcohol. Once it is already basically formed, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and tape it to the boil using a bandaid. Do this until the boil is dried out. Also make sure to change the cotton ball at least twice a day. This has helped me several times. Good luck!

Salt   3  0   

Posted by Carol (Dora, MS) on 01/11/2007

[YEA]  Husband got what looked like a pimple on his neck. By the next night it had gotten worrisome big. Went to your web site and found the sea salt cure. We dampened a wash cloth, poured some sea salt on it, and he held it on the boil for twenty minutes. It went down in just twenty minutes! We taped a cotton ball soaked in castor oil and dipped in the salt for three nights, and the thing is gone. Thank you so much Carol Ann

Posted by Tammy (Wellston, OK) on 11/09/2006

[YEA]  Last year I had a spider bite on my inner thigh. At first it was just a small red bump, but then it grew into what looked like a ring worm. A week later it was the size of a tennis ball and the center of it was a infectious white and itchyyyy as poison ivy. I showed it to my family in India via web cam, she knew immediately what to do. Said just wet it, pour table salt on it and let it sit for at least 20 min. After about one minute it began to burn some, nothing unbearable, although i only let it stand for about 5 min as I'm a big baby. It WORKED!! Dried it up in a matter of days. Since then, I have done this remedy for a number different insect bites, even have done on poison ivy and same result. A few days of doing this once at night cleared it. You can literally feel the salt drawing out the poisons.

Posted by Carla
Greenville, Nc
[YEA]   I feel like you saved my life! I had tried everything to treat the abscess in my pubic area, and as soon as I read your post I tried the salt, and I still can't believe how it worked. THANK YOU and your family.
Posted by Irene
Los Angeles, Ca
RE: Carla from Greenville, Nc : What type of abscess did you have in your pubic area? And how exactly did you use the salt? I have been trying everything to rid myself of an abscess in the same area. I am so afraid to have this surgically removed.

Salt Pork   2  0   

Posted by Kathleen (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , Usa) on 02/07/2010

[YEA]  For boils/staph, & I'm pretty sure it should work on spider bites, ect. PORK SALT!! Or bacon,which I have used personally on mild staph boils. Sliced & put against skin (boil)with bandage over it. Change out 3-4 times a day,& you should see an incredible improvement within 36 to 48hrs. The fat (or oils) sure seem to be the DRAWING ticket.The bandage thing was much easier for on the job working conditions, & on the kids, it's almost a must.

Posted by Kelli (Greenville, SC) on 12/05/2006

[YEA]  Salt Pork will cure a Pilonidal Cyst (really bad boil). Place small piece of salt pork directly on boil, it will sting, however it will "dry" up the boil in a matter of days.

Posted by Katerina
Athens, Greece
Hello, by salt pork you mean a piece of row pork meat full of salt?
Posted by Jon
Selma, Alabama
wow, wish I would have known about the pionadal cyct, I had it surgicaly removed and it was a long thing growing around my spine it would inflame and cause great great deal of pain. I had one for several years. Since alot of travel flared up often the pain was so intense. , now I have mrsa. And the boils form under the skin deep. A small pimple like head pops up. And once you pop it. The real deal starts to fill and it hurts. I take a anti biotic every dayfor it. But the one now is breaking me down. I know how bad it will get. So many heartcaths in same area. I got it after a cath procedure. Even comes up on my arm sometimes. Ugly scars. I want to pop this thing now but thats when it relly gets going. I didnt know so many others had them too, I wish you all well.

Salt, Baking Soda, White Vinegar Paste   1  0   

Posted by Shannon (Medina, Ohio) on 04/11/2008

[YEA]  I read on your site about table salt so i wet my boil which was the size of a lemon and applied a generous amount of table salt on it I sat for 20 min. with it on it was painful but I did it,then I mixed baking soda,white vinegar and table salt made a paste and applied it waited 20 min. and took it off,I then layed down and within 3 hours my boil broke these work because before this I used boil eaze,hot compresses and hemroid cream nothing worked on it until the table salt.baking soda and vinegar! For the first time in a week I have relief!!!

Schuessler Tissue Salts, Fresh Onion   1  0   

Posted by Jo (Sydney, Australia) on 09/03/2008

[YEA]  Hi there, I have been plagued (!) by chronic furunculosis for a number of years now and was searching for cures when I came across your site. I am rushing out now to buy some tumeric. I also find Scheussler tissue salts help - I take all the blood cleanser ones as well as the hayfever since that addresses allergies generally. Rubbing a fresh cut onion as often as you like on the boils also helps enormously, and use antiseptic cream and phisohex wash. Hope this helps others.

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