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Posted by Emily (Huntsville, Al) on 04/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

After having an abcess surgically drained about 8 months ago, a new boil started to surface recently. I had taken so many antibiotics during my first go around with this sort of thing that I had to find a different way to treat it. The antibiotics made me feel terrible, to say the least. I found your site and thought I would give turmeric a try. I went to the grocery store, bought some in the spice section and took my first dose in a bottle of water on my way home! I mixed a teaspoon with water 2 times that day and 1 time the next morning and after just 3 times I had absolutely no pain in the boil!!! It took about a total of 4 days for the boil to completely disappear. I was so amazed!! Glory to God for giving us nature to heal our bodies...if only the media and government would recognize it. Thank you for your site!

Replied by Rlf
(Gresham, Or)

YES Glory to God! So happy this remedy worked for you, about to try it now! =) Thanks for the post!

Posted by Swanner (Cumbria, Uk) on 03/02/2010

Hi, This isn't a Yea or Nay for Turmeric, more a question. Many people say they have seen great results when taking Turmeric, but did it make the problem worse before making it better?

I ask because I am taking two 800mg capsules per day, I can't stomach the turmeric powder, I have tried various ways and it makes me sick, so I have to use the capsules. But it seems to be bringing out more boils, I have two on my inner thigh, a huge on under my arm and one on my stomach.

I have been taking Turmeric for 3 weeks maybe a little longer. I also take one garlic capsule a day. My hub says maybe it works by bringing them all out first, but I haven't read that mentioned on here anywhere. Please can anyone give me some advise :)

Thanks, S

Replied by Samantha
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

I recommend buying Turmeric in the spice section in bulk and then buying empty capsules (they have vegan ones really cheap) then PUTTING ON GLOVES BECAUSE TURMERIC STAINS and making capsules that way. I do that with Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper and take them with food or else you get a weird taste in your mouth. Those supplements could have ANYTHING in them. They aren't regulated and most of the review sites are just "pretending" to be reviews and actually promoting their supplement.

Posted by Robin (London, Oh) on 02/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

TUMERIC for BOILS! I've been getting boils (usually on my face)for the last ten years whenever I get stressed. They do not grow much bigger than 2 cm or contain puss that I can drain, but they are tender and unsightly for weeks. I turned to Earth Clinic and discovered that tumeric is the answer. I added 1/2 t. tumeric powder to 4 oz. of hot water and drank it three times a day for two days. By the third morning I decided the boil was well on its way to dissappearing so I ended my "treatment" at that.

Posted by Angel (Birmingham, Uk) on 02/12/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I don't think I have got MRSA, well when I went to the doctor about my recurrent boils he didn't mention MRSA. But I tried turmeric for about 5 weeks, the dose I took was 1tsp twice daily in 1 glass of water. Some days I took only 1tsp and some lazy days I didn't take any turmeric. Nevertheless, I didn't get any large boils on my chest and back like I used to and I didn't get any on my face. I did stop the turmeric and the boils are coming back, but I will restart the turmeric, probably for a longer period. Im a 20 year old female and have been getting recurrent boils since I was 14!! I just wanted to ask one thing, will I have to take turmeric everyday for the rest of my life to prevent boils? Would 1tsp twice daily be too much? what doses would you recommend? thanks.

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

I take 1 tsp of turmeric in half a glass of warm milk with a little honey to taste. (Golden milk). I enjoy it and it is beneficial in many ways beyond boils so why not take it every day. This is enough for me.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

Does taking the tumeric in liquid stain your teeth in the same way it can stain your skin?

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

I use a straw, held further back in my mouth. the only stain is a patch on the back of my tongue, and that is usually gone in a couple of hours. even if i drink it warm to hot i use a straw.

Replied by Diane152342

Don't worry about turmeric staining your teeth! I actually read somewhere where someone said they loved the clean feeling of turmeric-brushed teeth, so I tried it! It did NOT stain my teeth, and they felt amazingly clean. I think it's somewhat abrasive, which makes them feel very polished. Turmeric DOES stain my fingernails, but within a few days, that disappears. But, it does NOT do that to teeth!!!!!

Posted by Swanner (Cumbria, Uk) on 02/11/2010


After reading through your extremely informative site I decided it was time to post my first question.

I have been suffering from constant recurring boils for over 4 years now, mostly on my inner thighs but the odd one under my breast and I currently have one on my stomach. I am lucky if I am free from them for even a week.

After reading through your site I decided to purchase some Turmeric capsules from the health food shop. I have been taking them for only 5 days but have yet to see any results apart from a couple of the boils have burst. My question is for those of you that have used Turmeric for this purpose how long before you seen the boils stop recurring?

Many Thanks


Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl, Usa)

Hi Swan! When I had my boils (from August last year) I tried everything I read on EC; turmeric, aloe, baking soda, etc. I wanted to let you know what really worked for me was the garlic. I think I started with garlic in December since the boils would always come back. I would break a garlic capsule and applied the oil on my boils(the smell is not so great)and also would take them internally. I also bought Hibiclens wash. When I started doing this is when I noticed a big difference. Today I only have the scars but I am boil free. I hope this helps you on your quest. Good health to you!!!

Replied by Swanner
(Cumbria, Uk)

Hi Lita209

Thank you for sharing your story. I never thought of garlic, I will purchase soon asap and give it a try, I really hope it works as it is really getting me down. I have 4 large ones on my inner thigh at present. I don't know how the Turmeric is supposed to work, I thought maybe it is mean't to bring them all out initially, but I'm not at all sure. But it does appear to be making them worse :(I have been tested for MRSA and it's not that.

Best of health to you too


Replied by Francisco
(Dallas, Texas)

Swan, hello, I hope that my input helps you some. I had a severe case of these boils and the way I cured it was as follows: I took for about 3 months, 4 to 8 capsules of turmeric, once in the morning, and once at nigh before bed. Also, I drank a large glass of organic-apple cider vinegar and water mix for about the same time, I sipped this glass of water with about three spoons of vinegar throughout the entire day. It has been almost three years since then, and I had one or two very small-pimple-like boils a few weeks ago, which went away rather easily. I learned this remedy in this wonderful site and I still so very grateful. I hope this helps you ... good luck!

Replied by Relieved
(Pueblo, Colorado)
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, and I have to say I have suffered from Boils for the last four years... I do believe from stress. I have been to the doctor and have tests ran for MRSA and they are negative. I was given a prescription to take then and another to start taking when another one started. It was a few months and one started. I took the prescription and it worked like a DREAM!! I called my doctor to get another prescription for the next one and was told I couldn't get another one unless I came in again. Are you kidding me.... So I researched Boils. I learned of Turmeric, bought a bottle of capsules.... There is a brand out there that doesn't have all the "other ingredients" that shouldn't be there just keep looking. I took it twice a day with food and the boil, instead of lasting over a week lasted a few days. I started to get another one a week ago and took the Turmeric immediately. Only about one hour of pain, never really got big, they used to be HUGE, never came to a head and now.... Almost completely gone. For me, beginning to end taking Turmeric, about three days.

Posted by Brian B. (Grand Rapids, Mi.) on 01/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I started to get the boils on my butt area last fall. After one would eventually get better another one would appear in a different spot. The doctor I went to suggested soaking twice a day in hot water to help soften it. Without a satisfactory solution I came across this website late one night about a week ago. I immediately went to a local grocery store and I was in luck, they carried turmeric. I have been taking it religiously 3x a day with yogurt and the results have been fantastic. At the time I had one boil at maturity and another close to it. Both have dissipated without much drainage and it looks like they're going to heal much better than the previous ones I had.

I've never used natural products to solve a medical condition before, but I have to say this one has definitely worked extremely well. I'm glad I found your website.

Posted by Denfarias (Katy, Texas, USA) on 12/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Tumeric - Boil

I had found this site by researching natural flea remedies for my new puppy about 2 months ago. And have since used it to help my family and I many times.

What I thought was an ingrown hair on the top hair line in the pubic area quickly developed into a boil in one day. I saw it on Friday morning Dec 19 and applied antibiotic salve,by that night it was so painful I could barely walk. I read the many tumeric remedies and went to buy some. I started taking it that night, 1 tsp mixed into hot chocolate. YUK! I didn't notice any relief but continued the drink twice a day. In the mean time I also tried the mixing tumeric with tea tree oil and applying topically. Nothing. I also ground up garlic and applied that on a bandage, OUCH!! Nothing. The pain had diminished a small amount, but no drainage. FINALLY on day 5 it burst open and I have some relief. It is still draining and very ugly, the pain has gone down drastically. I will continue to take the tumeric twice a day until it is gone!

It is so much better to take it either mixed in my coffee or in hot chocolate. It tastes terrible and the smell makes me nauseous but I don't stop. IT WORKS!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Posted by Marie (Orlando, Fl) on 11/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've always gotten boils (mostly on my thighs or near my bikini line) though they've never been painful and tend to go away on their own. However, last week I got a large and tender one underneath my armpit. I've always shaved my underarms without any sort of irritation, and have been using anti-perspirant for years. However, when it appeared, I was unable to shave OR use deoderant, which was uncomfortable. I used a hot compress approximately 5-7 times a day, soaked in an epsom salt bath, tried tea tree oil, used natural deoderant, and even stopped exercising for fear of sweat production making it worse. Then I came upon this site and saw that turmeric could be helpful. Interesting is what I thought. I use turmeric a lot as I enjoy curry and Indian foods. I decided to try a paste and applied it over the boil as I slept. I mixed about 1 tsp of turmeric powder with olive oil and honey to form a paste, spread it over the area, and layered with gauze. When I woke up, it shrunk approximately 50% in size and was no longer painful. While the boil is still there and it's still red and slightly tender, it was in no way as bad as it was yesterday. I'm definitely remembering this treatment and will continue to use it!

Posted by David (Central Fl, Florida) on 11/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Holy crap! I have been sitting here for the past 4 days barely able to walk due to a giant boil that looks like a frickin volcano poking out of my waistline, and I just took 1 tsp of turmeric powder, warm water, and a little honey and INSTANTLY i feel better, it's unreal! I've been using oil of oregano on previous boils and it seemed to work ok, it did not cure the pain but it seemed to help them pop faster. But this, wow, all my pain has been reduced by a huge amount in a tiny amount of time.

To give some background, I am a 22 year old male and have been dealing with boils on my right arm for the past couple months, but this one on my waist just appeared, and will hopefully soon disappear thanks to the wonders of turmeric! Thank you for the wonderful site and information!

Posted by Fabat50 (Sb, Ca) on 11/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

YES! it works 1/4 to 1/2 tsp tumeric buried in a tablespoon of yougurt 2-3 times a day, slides right down,no taste,just gulp,chase with water, My boil drained within hours, gone the next day, Im going to take for a week,to make sure. THANKYOU for the web-sight I tell everyone, My Mom lost 35 lbs now with acv and lowered BP

Posted by Martha (Neodesha, Kansas) on 11/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been battling a string of boils for about six weeks now and thanks to this website I found something that really works! I tried the tumeric and found it to be amazing, if only I had found it when the first boil reared its ugly head I most likely would have been over this much sooner. I am taking 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric mixed in 1/2 cup soy milk internally 3 times a day as well as using tumeric mixed with diaper rash cream containing (zinc and magnesium sulfate) which are both supposed to have healing properties. Something I found really helps relieve pain or itching is getting into the shower and spraying hot water (not so hot it burns the skin but as hot as I can stand)directly on the boils then alternating with cool water. If I have a boil that is draining I cover it first with a waterproof bandaid so as not to spread the infection. I am allergic to tape and bandaids so I remove it as soon as I get out of the shower and dress the boils using cotton rounds and clean white cloth such as cotton feed sack towels or diapers that can be purchased at dept. stores, laundered then cut to size. Something else one might consider since tumeric stains, if you wear dentures you might take them out while drinking the tumeric. I take mine out then drink the tumeric with a straw. If you do get tumeric on clothing it can usually be removed by soaking in a cleaner that contains oxygen. I had 8-10 boils on my backside and now none are open or oozing but I do have reddish purplish scars and varying sizes of lumps under the skin where the boils were. The lumps seem to be getting smaller though and hopefully will disappear in time. I am so thankful I found this website. My husband had a boil with numerous openings and ended up having surgery on it leaving him with a hole the size of a baseball in his backside. Too bad I didn't know about tumeric before it got so bad. I might add our boils do contain staph but not the resistant kind.

Replied by Martha
(Neodesha, Kansas)

This is an update to the turmeric notation made 11/07/09 - As of 11/30/09 I have continued to take tumeric and all lumps from previous boil episode have completely disappeared and scars have lightened with no further outbreaks! My husband developed a second dime sized boil which seemed to appear overnight and in a very unfavorable location. He began taking tumeric at once and I applied a paste of tumeric and triple antibiotic ointment covering it with a dressing which was most difficult to keep in place, a jock support was very helpful! It drained then sealed within 3-4 days at which time I switched to turmeric and diaper rash cream. Within 10 days I couldn't even see where it had been! Much better than the baseball size hole he ended up with from surgery on the previous boil! He says he will take the tumeric over surgery any ole day!

Posted by Kim (Raleigh, Nc) on 10/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

You guys!!! OMG!!! I've had the most painful boil on my lower back for the last few days. At first I thought it was a spider bite, but it just kept getting more sore and more uncomfortable and BIGGER! I've come to this website for other issues so I decided to see if there was anything about boils...and of course there was! Thank you sooooooo much! I've had the boil for at least one week, but it started getting more irritating within the last few days. I took a hot, hot bath Sunday evening thinking that the heat and moisture would loosen the puss and eventually begin to drain. It helped, but not much. Only a tiny bit of puss came out and after a few hours it was painful again. I tried the 1 tsp of turmeric in a half glass of warm water last night around 10pm. I woke up to go to the restroom around 4:45am and my gown was wet in the spot where the boil was. It was disgusting, but it was AWESOME all at the same time! Remember, I've had it for at least one week and it was getting bigger so all the puss didn't come out at once but it is so less painful!!! I'm at work and I've been feeling it oozing for the last 30 minutes or so. I'm also on my second glass of the mixture. THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH! HOW DO I SPELL RELIEF? TURMURIC!! :)

Posted by Wilson (Vancouver, Bc) on 10/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I felt a boil under the skin, and immedeately started taking turmeric, 1 tsp in a glas of warm water a couple of times a day. By the morning, the there was almost no pain from the affected area and within 24 hours the boil was gone. Thank you turmeric!

Posted by Valerie (Western Ny, Us) on 10/06/2009

I just found this site after a trip to the doctor for a very painful staph infection on my thigh. I am taking oral antibiotic (mainly because i'm afraid not to) and started taking turmeric last night. My question is whether taking the antibiotic and turmeric together has any impact on the effectiveness of either?

Posted by Dantoinette (Austin, Texas) on 09/23/2009

Boil Treatment: I have been plaqued by these things all my life and at 42 it is nice finally find something that might help. I have been told countless times by Doctors there is nothing you can do, yur just one of those 1000 that are stuck gettting them. I'm going to try the tuneric tonnight becuse I have three of them that wont go away. I will let you know how it works.