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Natural Cures for Boils

Last Modified on Mar 29, 2015

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Posted by Peter (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/21/2011

[YEA]  I have had a boil near my anus for a few days, and reading your recommendation I started taking a teaspoon of Turmeric with warm water 3 times a day.

The boil immediately got smaller and after two days is very much reduced and the pain which had commenced went away in the first 6 hours.

I think by tomorrow it will have gone and I will stop the treatment.

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada
Do yourself a favor and don't stop the treatment. Do a maintenance treatment from here on to avoid getting another one. 1 tsp of turmeric in warm milk and a little honey to taste or in the water like you did if you prefer. 5 days on 2 days off for me but at least 3 days a week and you won't likely see another one. Cheers and best wishes
Replied by Becky
Cibolo, Tx
I keep getting huge boils closer to the vaginal area one after the other.. They just won't go away!! :( I've gone to the doctors and they prescribed medicine to take every day that makes me SICK... Taking the turmeric powder with water would really help??
Replied by Bashaw78
Athol, Ma, Usa
This may be a dumb but where do you find Turmeric, and what is it? I have never heard of it. Thank you
Replied by Carriec3
Louisville, Ky
[YEA]   This site and all the information saved my face and mental health. For the first time in my life, I got a boil. It was on my face! I woke up a week ago Saturday with what I thought was the start of a pimple on the left side of my chin. By Mon morning it had grown to a huge swollen lump. I went to work and called the doc. I got in that afternoon. She said I had an abscess and gave me scripts for a pain killer and antibiotic. Told me don't touch it and use warm compresses. The pain killers helped but the boil kept growing.

Luckily, I work for the State from my home so I could rearrange my schedule and hide in the house! By Wed, it was almost like a ping pong ball. I found this site and had my husband pick up Turmeric and tea tree oil. I started using it late Wed night. 3 teaspoons a day and dabbing the tt oil on 3x a day. It was less red by Thursday morning and started shrinking quickly. By Saturday morning it was gone! I could not believe it. Amazing.

I continue to take the antibiotics because you need to finish them but I contribute the rapid healing to the Turmeric and tea tree oil. I have a small dry patch of skin where the boil was. No scar since it never burst. I am using vitamin e oil daily on the dry skin as well as taking capsules now. Amazing!! Thank you all for sharing your experiences and helping others!

Replied by Jennifer
Florida, FL
"I continue to take the antibiotics because you need to finish them" Ummm....that's incorrect.

Posted by Tonina (Whanganui, New Zealand) on 10/14/2011

Hi, I'm on my 3rd day treating a boil break out using the Tumeric spice - AMAZING RESULTS!!! Boils are drying out, they're not as painful and my body has stopped breaking out as a result of the Tumeric working to clean my blood.

I'm at my wits end, these things have been a problem since I had a major op about 2 years ago after having my son where we both contracted MRSA, they've been ongoing causing me to feel depressed, anti social, irritable and just real sad. Maintaining my health has been a real challenge and when it comes to Boils, Staf infections and MRSA - antibiotics are the worst treatment. Going natural is the only option and I'm so grateful to have found this site which informed me about the spice Tumeric.


The next step I intend to take is to buy the book MRSA Secrets Revealed by Microbioligist and Scientist Michelle Moore.

Replied by Nic
Athens, Greece
[YEA]   Hi again dear Earthclinic and its readers.

I have said already in 2009 that turmeric was and still is the best remedy for boils (and not only! ) but I have found a combination that in my case cured the new boils in a day, and healed fast too. The boils didn't become huge this time because I always use turmeric in soups or other food.

My discovery is:

I added danish blue cheese. I searched your site but so far I haven't found any reference.

Danish Blue cheese (Danablue) a popular not too expensive brand, in something I call turmeric soup, with two teaspoons of turmeric, olive oil, 100gr of this cheese, black pepper and boiled onions and garlic and fresh tomato. It is easy to cook fast and it has great taste in my opinion, add the cheese last... but anyway, I recommend blue cheese as a general antibiotic that boosts the benefits of turmeric.

Thank you,

and thanks EarthClinic,


ps: someone told me that pineapple is also a great natural antibiotic.

Posted by Philippa (Surrey, Bc) on 09/17/2011

[YEA]  I am fighting my way through my first boil. This one is on my back; and, so was quite large by the time I noticed it. I left it for a few days to monitor it and decided I had to do something. I decided that if drinking turmeric in water was good for a boil; then, a paste would be even better. I mixed some turmeric in distilled water to make a paste which I then applied liberally to the boil and surrounding area. Everything came to a head within hours and the boil is draining nicely. Turmeric is a wonder herb.

Replied by Fred
[YEA]   I have had boils for many years. I started using turmeric, one teaspoon in half a glass of water twice a day, they are all gone! I have used also Curry (turmeric with pepper and other spices), it worked also, but it seems that turmeric alone is better. Thanks for this wonderful remedies!

Posted by Msrose (Newport News, Virginia, United States) on 08/09/2011

[YEA]  Just about to pass out from pain that has lasted for over 48 hours, I decided to search for anything I can do from home for a painful boil looking spot under my left breast. In one article I read I can make a poltice of turmeric and honey and apply it to affected area. Lucky for me, I had some in my well stocked spice rack. I applied it and covered with bandage right before bed and kid you not, by morning (7 hrs later), I could barely feel any pain in the area.! I am getting ready to do it for the second time and I can only pray it will be totally gone. Thank God for internet, if I would have gone to my Dr, I would have been on antibiotics right now..yikes!!!

Posted by Kristy (Jacksonville, Florida) on 07/13/2011

[YEA]  OK I had my first boil in my bikini area. i did not want to go to the doctor i tried the warm compresses nothing was helping and it wasnt coming to a head. so i couldnt take the pain anymore i was close to going to e. r and getting it over with. so i went into the bathroom and steralized a needle and put a hole in it painful but it worked and instant releif as it drained out. well the next day i got a new one in another bad place. my butcrack. lol. the pain was worse i didnt want the doc to look there either. i was desperate i started tryin remedies. i tried the bananna peel. did not work, hot compresses, alchol, i tried ichthammol. a lot of people said that it worked good. nothing. by day 5 i was in terrible pain could hardly walk and could not sit. i did not want to pop it i was scared of infection and i tried and it hurt real bad and nothing. so i went to the grocery store and bought turmeric my last resort before i was going to need to go to e.r. i mixed one teaspoon in water and drank i also mixed some with a couple drips of water and put it directly on. i went to bed and woke up in the night and felt something a little wet. in the morning i got into the shower and it had started to drain!!!! i didnt thin k ever would! finally it was. i feel much better no pain swelling had gone down and still draining. i feel great!!!! this stuff is a miracle. take it 3 times a day. i paid $5 and it was the best $5 ive spent! so if you are suffering like i was please go out and get this. now ive been mixing it with orange juice still nasty but if you are in pain it doesnt matter!

Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 06/27/2011

hi everyone.... I started taking turmeric 2x a day, about 1 tsp, for a boil. I've read up a bit on it, and it seems to have a lot of benefits. Can I take it everyday, for an extended time?

Replied by Grasshopper
Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
Hi everyone,

I hope someone will be able to respond to this question. I was bitten by something about a week ago --- not sure what, I thought it was a mosquito bite. Anyway, the bump was reddish (like normal for a mosquito bite) but didn't subside much following almost a week. It was itchy, I scratched too much probably, and didn't use any anti-itch stuff or anything (stupid). Anyway, now the bump itself is down, but a larger area surrounding it (this is on the back of my ankle) seems to be infected! I have been applying benedryl ointment, and neosporin. It seemed to help a little bit, but the infection is brewing I believe. Will the turmeric help with this situation? Please, I hope someone will respond. Thanks!

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Sounds more like a spider bite.. Cider vinegar should clear it up.
Replied by Dalwhinniegirl
Manchester, Nh
Hey this sounds like it could also be a tick bite. You may want to get that checked a large circle can mean Lyme's Disease

Posted by Mayzeeo (Tampa, Fl) on 05/13/2011

[YEA]  Thank you Earthclinic contributors for the remedy for boils. I had recurrent boils lasting for about 10 days in my peri area, they came one at a time but were coming every month for three months. I tried the remedy of 1 tsp of dry turmeric powder mixed with 1/2 cup of applesauce once a day. After the third day the boil was flattened out and drying up with no liquid remaining in the center. I did this remedy for 4 days two months in a row and after that I have not had any other boils in the past 3 months. I believe I am cured!

Of note, the turmeric does have a blood thinning side effect and I could definitely notice it when I shaved my legs and the knicks did not stop bleeding for at least 20 minutes. The side effect dissapeared in about 2 weeks each time.

Replied by Laura
Gainesville, Va
Just curious if you have had any other boils come back? How long did you take the turmeric/applesauce? Thanks!

Posted by Dani (Richmond, Virginia) on 05/08/2011

[YEA]  Wow.. That's the only word that comes to me right now. I have been suffering from these on and off for years. Usually if any pop up they are smaller but stay for weeks at a time till they drain and heal. (yea.. Gross) Two nights ago I noticed one. I hadn't noticed it previously but it was huge. Largest one I've had. I'm gonna say a lil less than a golf ball. Anyway, I started freaking out. A - it looked horrible. B - it hurt like hell. And C - in a week I'm going out of town with the boyfriend and didn't really want to have to worry about this all weekend.

So I frantically start serching the internet. I've tried things before that never worked. But I got to thinkin that this was an infection. And what kills infections? Antibiotics. But after my last run of anti-biotics I swore I never wanted to take those things again. So I started researching natural antibiotics and garlic, and that's what brought me to this site and the whole turmeric thing. After reading all this info I decided it was cheap enough to be woth a shot. So last night as soon as I got off work I rushed to the store. Bought a cheap thing of the spice and one bulb of garlic. At less than $3, I figured Id try em both out. Ate 1 clove of garlic when I got home and mixed 1 tsp of the tumeric with 1 cup of milk and some honey like recommended. Yea it did not taste that great, but I could stand it. I don't think the whole clove of garlic agreed with me cause I woke up with a stomachache, and rather disapointed that I still hurt from the boil and didn't have one of the overnight miracles I'd read about.

However I kept on and made another cup of the milk around noon and drank it. (leaving the garlic for right before bed.. I think I'll try less this time) But a few hours later I checked on the spot and it just started draining! Two days after I noticed it And less than 24 hours after taking this wonder-spice! It is rather large so it still hurts some but not nearly as bad. Usually larger ones would take weeks and I'd be in so much pain. But holy crap! I may be permanently adding Turmeric to my daily routine. It's just simply amazing!! Total life saver. Thank you Earth Clinic!

Posted by Tina (Sylvania, Ohio, USA) on 04/19/2011

[NAY]  Turmeric did not help my boil, not by external nor internal application. It popped open and was oozing and got impetigo. I tried turmeric, salt, baking soda, baking soda and sage powder, diluted oil of oregano, castor oil, and epsom salt applications. The dry stuff only soaked up the ooz but didn't kill the infection, which was slowly spreading. I found the suggestion on milk of magnesia, as well as charcoal and fresh-ground flaxseed poultices at night. I desided to try those, along with some silvadene cream I had on hand. I applied them multiple times a day and the poultices over night, thoroughly washing the area before, and washing off the milk of magnesia after 20 min. Because of its' drying affect. The infection was totally gone in 3 day. I extended the treatments for a few days more just to be safe. I am boil and impetigo FREE! Hope this help others. Thanks

Replied by Lizzy
Hi the charcoal, did you eat it internally or crush it and apply on wounds? I'm having impetigo and suffering. Fresh ground flaxseed, did you eat it internally as well? What effect does the flaxseed have on the staph? Thank you.

Posted by Happycamper (Cheyenne, Wy) on 01/29/2011

[YEA]  What a gift this website is; and what an amazing group of people you are!! I have suffered with boils for years. I had one coming on right where the leg of my underwear lays. I could hardly sit down! I knew it would be a good week to two weeks before it drained. I saw this website, went straight to the store, and took 2tsp of Turmeric at 8:00 at night. By 10:00 the pain had subsided. By 7:00 the next morning, it was draining. Made a believer out of me! I will never again suffer with that debilitating pain. I think my eyes are going to fall out, because I'll I've done is read over this website!! What a blessing... Thank you!

Replied by Ardenwoods
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   I would not believe it, had it not worked so quickly. Truth! I have tried everything--yesterday I felt a nasal staph infection beginning and started scouring the net AGAIN, hoping that something would pop up that would ease the pain. I had not heard of tumeric before this--which is odd, I have been looking at homeopathic treatments for over a year now after round after round of antibiotics and creams which turn this thing into a 10-15 day nightmare.

I went and got some manuka honey and tumeric. I mixed into a paste and smeared a thin layer on the infected area and then the rest of the nose. I am not joking within MINUTES the pain (my heartbeat was thumping in my nose) was GONE!! Absolutely gone. I applied a new layer this morning and voila. No Pain. It also is not swollen or painful or puffy. (Usually day two is the one of the worst days) So I can not thank this site enough for finally releasing me from the pain of this twice a year nightmare!!

Replied by Alexis
Spartanburg, Sc
How are you guys able to stomach the taste of turmeric, I tried last night but 2 gulps in I had to stop. I have alot of boils from a staph infection on my face so I was hoping I would be able to do this. Any advice?
Replied by Ti
Houston, Tx
Try organic turmeric in capsules. Great and easy to swallow. I like the New Chapter ones.
Replied by Hu Re
Ashland, Oregon, Usa
I like putting a 1/2 tsp or so of turmeric into the rice as it cooks... It comes out bright yellow and fragrant! Madhur Jaffrey is a reliable source for traditional Indian recipes and many of her dishes include turmeric balanced with many other helpful spices such as onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, cumin, cayenne... Just last night I made one that was cauliflower with onion, garlic, turmeric, coriander, cumin, salt, oil... So yummy! I agree the taste of turmeric can be unpleasant when raw or alone, but when combined with skill it really is delicious!
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Very easy, put it in your food! It makes everything nice and yellow. Instead of saffron in the rice, for example, use turmeric but you can use it in any other dish. The food becomes yellow but other than that you don't really get a different taste (maybe if you use huge amounts). I also put a bit into a drink I make with molasses, water, cayenne pepper and a bit of lemon juice or ACV.
Replied by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Hi Alexis, You can try the TURMERIC TEA FOR JOINT PAIN recipe listed in the Turmeric Cures section. It is located about half way down the page. It tastes good. I use almond milk instead of regular milk. Here is the link
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Alexis, have you tried tea tree oil for the boils and staph infection - it can be used undiluted. Also any sign of a boil or cyst coming up and you can apply the tea tree oil and it will penetrate through the skin and stop it in its tracks.
Replied by Vivere
Sjc, Ca
I agree Tumeric capsules are the easiest way to get it down if you don't like the taste but Tumeric spice is so much cheaper. You can buy empty capsules and make your own to save lots of money or try this.

Tumeric needs a bit of fat to be more effective so try using a bottled health drink such as green machine. Use about 4 ozs. Of green machine - add a dash of half and half for fat and about two heaping teaspoons of Tumeric. Mix well and drink quickly. It's only a few ounces of liquid and it doesn't taste that bad. BUT ALWAYS brush your teeth well afterwards because the Tumeric can stain them yellow. The capsules of course avoid that problem.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Come on, I add Turmeric to a lot of dishes and never noticed a difference other that my sauces, rice or soups become nice and yellow, no taste at all! No need to buy any capsules.....
Replied by Brooke
Sacramento, Ca
"Come on" yourself. ;-) I'm not the original poster but I agree with them. The taste of Turmeric is nasty when taken straight-up and/or mixed with a liquid. Yuck!

If you're using it in recipes, I'm guessing it's a very small amount since you said it doesn't change the flavor at all. Believe me, if you put a half tsp. Of Turmeric in your recipe, it *will* change the flavor. And putting a sprinkle or two of Turmeric in a recipe won't yield the type results many of us are looking for, so the capsules make more sense. You get a good-sized dose without the gnarly taste.

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I have to say that the only taste I have ever noticed with turmeric is a powdery maybe cardboard like taste. You could mix it with anything and it would taste like the other product. Lily.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
I often use 1 tspoon in a quantity of rice for two people and to be honest, other than the yellow color the rice taste exactly the same. Maybe our turmeric is different from yours? I add it to my molasses drink as well, no problem and often to all kinds of stews and curries. The only thing I notice is that it absorbs quite a bit of water so I need to add more water to the rice or else it will be too dry as I let it cook till it is dry.
Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa
I stir 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and grind in about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of organic black pepper to my large glass of V-8 or tomato juice every day.

You have to stir it a LOT, and I use a straw to drink it (as I know turmeric will stain anything, and don't want it sitting on my teeth).

I do this following, or with some food that has fat in it - as fat carries the turmeric into the system, and makes it more bio available.

My point here was that it was for SURE an aquired taste! It wasn't bad at first, just not "Oh YUM"! Lol. BUT - Now, if I have a V-8 or tomato juice without it.... It just tastes wrong. I really, really love it now!

If you don't like the taste of turmeric, maybe you just need to find the right food or drink to disguise it in... maybe starting out with tiny amounts, and building it up as you adjust or aquire a taste for it.

It also tastes good in egg or potato salad, with pickles. Makes the eggs really YELLOW and pretty. lol.

Turmeric is amazing and SO worthwhile to take. Read about it on the web, and you will see. :-) Best!

Replied by Dianew
Fresno, Ca, United States
[YEA]   I have had trouble with the taste of turmeric also. I have tried a number of ways to prepare it. I just finished a turmeric smoothie. I cut up an apple and threw it into my vita-mix with some almond milk and then added about 2 tps of turmeric and a good dash of curry powder (I like curry). I also added about a tsp of organic coconut oil for absorption purposes and blended it all up. It was actually pretty good and I never thought I'd say that about turmeric. I am going to try some other combinations such as cinnamon in place of the curry powder. We'll see how that goes. I found that the vita-mix is such a strong blender that it thoroughly mixes everything and I don't have to keep stirring as I drink because nothing settled to the bottom of the glass. Is there a page dedicated to recipes somewhere on this website?

EC: Here's where you'll find juicing remedy recipes:

Replied by Christine
Orange, Ca/usa
I am 26 years old and had my first MRSA boil over a year ago and since I have had at least 5 others. All of them are on my nose or chin and it's made my life miserable. I never go out to socialize with people anymore if I can't hide the redness of swelling. I find myself hoping that the next one I get won't be on my face but without fail they all are =(. I now have dry skin and dents in my face where the boils used to be (I don't know what to do aout this yet- Bio-Oil does not work for me). I went to the Dr. and received antibiotics for staph but that has not stopped the boils from coming.

I just bought organic turmeric today and garlic tablets. I broke open the capsules to make a paste on my nose and mixed 4 of the other capsules with water. I've been pouring over everyone's turmeric success stories here so I'm praying this actually works!!!

Posted by Tumericfan (Anaheim, California) on 01/27/2011

[YEA]  I can't believe how well tumeric works! I had an extremely painful boil near my bikini line and I've been trying everything to relieve the pain. I searched the internet for home remedies and came across this page, skeptical I bought some tumeric from a local Asian Grocery store and started to drink a tablespoon's worth 2 to 3 times a day with a glass of water. Two days later the boil drained and started to heal! Usually, I just clean it and put neosporin and it takes 10 days or more for any positive results. I wish I new about the benefits of tumeric sooner!

Posted by Rendrag (London, Uk) on 01/24/2011

[YEA]  For about 4 years I suffered from Recurring Boils/pimples on my bottom and upper thighs. Although not painful except to touch they were unsightly. Many visits Doctors included anti-biotics and a special bath additive, none ever worked. One day a Doctor told me it was an Inflammation Response and gave me an anti-inflammatory. This worked, but after I finished the course they came back again.

Not wanting to use these drugs all the time I found earthclinic and tried Turmeric Capsules. It's been almost 2 years now and they haven't ever returned. I use Turmeric every day, not only for the boils but also for the other Benefits (anti-cancer and heart desease Properties). Fantastic!!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
And why not just include Turmeric in your diet.... You can add it to a lot of dishes without hardly noticing it is there except for a bit of yellow color. And I suppose it is less expensive bought as powder than in pills.
Replied by Donna
Drexel Hill, Pa
[YEA]   I make a wonderful tea with turmeric. I use one teaspoon turmeric, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon raw honey and a little half and half. I pour hot water over it and stir for a delicious, healthy tea each day. Really yummy and good for you too!
Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - USA
Hi Donna! I read somewhere that tumeric is absorbed better when taken with a fat, so I will add my daily tablespoon (or two!) of organic VCO (virgin coconut oil) to your recipe. Sounds great, I will try it, Thanks!
Replied by Maskeen
Dubai, Uae
Turmeric is better absorbed taken with a small amount of finely ground black pepper.
Replied by Kimmi
Wichita, Ks
1 package chicken flavoured ramen noodles

1/2 tsp. (to 1 tsp, depending on your preference) turmeric

black pepper
garlic powder
pinch cayenne
virgin cco, 1/2 to 1 T.

add as much liquid as you want, but you need SOME liquid in this.

mix all into ramen noodles. It is sooo very good!! :)

Posted by Bonko (Vienna, Austria) on 09/09/2010

[YEA]  OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!!!! I can't express my feeling in words. Plus my English is not so good. I am a lab researcher who graduated medical university. Basically I don't believe home remedies. I always use more "scientific" treatment and stuff which is not very helpful with my boils. Like, antibiotic, incision, ointment with AB... But this Turmeric thing really changed my whole mind. I usually get boils 1-3 times a year from my high school age. Now I'm 25. When it develops furuncle, that's a bad ass pain. I always lose my mood, ability to work, sleep, my normal life style, sometimes can't walk, sit or lie down. I use antibiotic, ointment, everything, except turmeric. It all ends up with go to boil incision to make drainage and one week packing with packing strip. It sooooo suckkkkkkkk. I hate that.

Last saturday, I got my recurrent boils, small one on my abdominal area (not again). Even though, I'm so depressed and got anxious, because I know it will develop painful nasty, hurtful big boil. Then started to take of it from outside, like ointment with triple antibiotic, washing, banding, vitamins, minerals, stuff like that. But it grows bigger and bigger, more and more painful, and got pink, red, then purple. I really didn't want to go operation room. Then I found your site and read amazing TURMERIC stories. First I didn't believe. But I tried. It workeddddddddddddddd!!!

Replied by E.j.
Brevard, N.c., Usa
Do you have hidradenitis suppurativa? Turmeric is great for us with HS. Also hot bath in (2 cups)epsom salts, help draw it out, to drain. EJ

Posted by Renee (Chico, Ca) on 08/14/2010

I am 45 yr old female who has had recurrent staph infections... Boils for about 7 yrs now. It started after surgery to strip a large varicose vein in my leg. I have been breaking out a couple times a year since but this year there has been a large amount of stress in my life due to my mother recently being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer among other things. This year I have had 5 boils one after the other all on my face. All of them went away with traditional western medicine treatment.. Then I got an extra large boil on my cheek very close to my upper lip it got about as big as a large grape and made my lip and cheek swell up pretty bad. It looked like someone punched me in the mouth. I work with the public and around food so I missed a few days of work. I was feeling pretty bad head achy and tired plus my whole face hurt.

A friend of mine recommended this site and I read many testimonials about turmeric. I decided I didn't have anything to lose so before I went to bed I mixed turmeric with antibiotic ointment and put it over the boil and put bandages on it before I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night because my face felt tingly. I got up changed the bandages and was shocked to see a big mess of pus and gross smelling green and yellow stuff on the bandage. I repeated this process several times over the next 2 days on on the 4th day there is only a small area of soreness and a scab over the hole that previously had the pus in it. No more swelling. I couldn't be happier. It felt like a miracle. I love your site and will continue to refer to it for any other ailments that pop up in my family. Thank You Thank You Thank You

Posted by Mellycat (Dallas, Tx, Usa) on 08/06/2010

[YEA]  I can hardly believe the difference I feel from now and just 20 minutes ago. But let me back up. I woke up Tuesday morning with a small lump on my labia. I knew instantly it was a boil. I've gotten them before. Usually pretty small, but always unsightly and annoying. At the time, the boil was about the size of a small pea and not visible yet, but I could feel it below the skin. As the day progressed, so did the size of the boil and my labia began to swell around it. "NOT NOW!!! " I thought--I'm going on a romantic rendezvous next week and this is the LAST thing I want or need to dampen my experience. Usually, in the past, the boils I've had have lasted a couple days before I've (I know, I know, this is bad) popped them. But I could tell this boil was... Different. It was still not really visible and was growing larger and larger. By the end of the day Tuesday, it was quite uncomfortable and underwear and pants were chafing on it, so I knew I had to do something about it. I did a little online "research" and found some information that actually RECOMMENDED using a needle to pop it after it came to a head. So I went out, bought a heating pad and a hot water bottle and used those methods to eventually (after 2 days) bring it to a head, sterilized a needle and popped it. While I drained a relatively good amount of liquid out of it, it remained hard, large and inflamed around the area. I needed relief from the pain, and I knew there was more fluid inside, but didn't want to squeeze it out for fear of pushing the infectious liquid inside my body. I eventually came across this website and spent a good 2 hours reading all I could about turmeric and other natural methods of treating boils, before I said, "that's that, I'm gonna go for it! "

I had a bottle of (god knows how old) turmeric in the spice pantry and made a glass of 1 tsp turmeric and warm water, drank the whole thing--it honestly wasn't THAT bad... Probably because I knew it meant the possibility of relief. And while I did feel some minor relief from the pain, I knew the turmeric was ancient and I really needed some "fresh" turmeric if I wanted real results. So, I decided to head to Whole Foods and pick some up. When I got home, I mixed about a teaspoon worth in with a cup of yoghurt and ate all of it--couldn't taste the turmeric at all, really. I felt a little more pain relief. Then I made a paste of sweet almond oil, turmeric and 3 drops of tea tree oil and applied it to the boil and the surrounding area and covered it with gauze and taped it in place. Within, I kid you not, 10 minutes, the swelling and hardness had gone down from about the size of a walnut to maybe a dime. I was in shock. I am still in shock. This is amazing. 10 minutes. 10 minutes!!!! I am going to continue to take care of the area and take turmeric while it heals and afterward. Hopefully I'll be able to go on my trip next week, we'll see... But either way, I'm happy to have found a natural, easy method to ease the pain and aggravation of boils. Thanks, everyone, for pouring your hearts out and sharing your experiences!

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