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Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Last Modified on May 28, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Apple Cider Vinegar for acid reflux is one of the most effective and popular old-timers home remedies. ACV's pH balancing abilities, as well as its vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients make it a fast and effective natural treatment for GERD and acid reflux.

Acid reflux is a common condition that can produce many different symptoms. This condition is also known as GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease and an estimated 60 million Americans suffer symptoms once a month or more. Symptoms of acid reflux may include stomach discomfort (dyspepsia), heartburn and regurgitation. The latter produces the feeling of acid backing up in your mouth or throat. This often produces a bitter or sour taste.

There are many medications that are taken for acid reflux, but one inexpensive natural remedy that over 250 Earth Clinic readers have found effective is apple cider vinegar. Raw apple cider vinegar is a traditional remedy that is used to treat many ailments. The natural acidity of apple cider vinegar actually helps to reduce stomach acidity and also aids in the breaking down of fats. This helps to relieve conditions such as heartburn and acid reflux. The best way to take apple cider vinegar is to use two or three teaspoons in a glass of water prior to meals. Raw and organic apple cider vinegar is preferable.

Continue reading below for the wonderful user reviews on this fast-acting natural remedy for acid reflux from our contributors! Tried this remedy? Please share your feedback!

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User Reviews

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Posted by Justin (New York, US) on 03/22/2015

Hi I was experiencing acid reflux for a long time. I believe it to be caused by years of taking glucosamine, omega 3, vitamin c, bayer 81 low dose, calcium and vitamin every day for years on an empty stomach. I had recently stopped the aspirin but I also drank a lot of coffee and ate late at night. Anyway last Sunday I started getting a burning pain in my stomach on the right side between my navel and my breast bone. By Monday it was still there worsening when I ate. I went to the doctor, he had me do a cat scan and sonogram. Both came back negative. He started me on opremezol and told me I neEd to have an endoscopy to see what's wrOng. I took it for two days and stopped because I did not like the way it made me feel and was reading how bad it is for you.

I tried the vinegar last night and today. I took it when I woke up. I was fine until noon after lunch. I started getting a lot of burning but I am not sure what caused it. I took some vitamin d and had a juice of greens with some ginger. My stomach was burning like crazy but all of a sudden it just stopped and now I feel better than I have in a very long time. Should I continue with the vinegar? Did it burn because it's just starting to work and now it's ok.? I am so afraid to do more harm to my body. But I am liking all I am reading on here and feel so much better right now. Is vitamin d bad when your stomach is like this? I heard vitamin d deficiency causes reflux. I also took the vinegar teaspoon straight last night and my teeth feel sensitive today. Are they damaged? Please help.

Posted by Jacqueline (London, England) on 02/11/2015


I think this site is wonderful, and I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I've had acid reflux/silent reflux/LPR for the last three months, it started with a flu bug but I carried on experiencing a burning sensation in my throat along with heartburn, dry mouth and a bad taste. The doctor thinks it is caused by reflux. The doctor gave me omeprazole which I took for a week which made the problem worse. I believe that I have low stomach acid rather than too much.

I started taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water and honey in the morning and evening which helped tremendously, however it seems to have become less effective, and I'm finding that I have to take more and more to get any relief.

My question is, am I taking it correctly? Should I take it with meals or on an empty stomach? Can too much ACV cause problems? I was so relieved to find some relief, but now I'm worried that I'm back to square one.

Replied by Mama To Many
Dear Jacqueline,

It is discouraging that it seems to be taking more and more vinegar to get the results. I tend to think that you would get to a point of too much of a good thing. I personally would not want to be taking more than 4 T. Ideally, 2 T. per day or less.

When I was using ACV for reflux in pregnancy, I just had some ACV in my water and sipped it all day. I would tend to think it is best taken between meals, but you may need to just try different things and see how you do.

Have you tried other things? Making sure you are well hydrated, limiting things like coffee and soft drinks, eating less processed foods, smaller meals, etc. are all things that could be helpful.

Is it possible that your gall bladder is involved in any way? When I have a gall bladder flare up, I have reflux symptoms. Recently, when I had the flu, I had a terrible flare up that responded to nothing and had me about out of my skin in pain. I used a castor oil pack over my gall bladder area with a heating pad and the pain resolved in 20 minutes. I kept the castor oil pack on for several hours.

Just some thoughts. I hope you be feeling very well soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jamie
I've been having GERD symptoms for 6 months and have been on daily PPI since my diagnosis. I also had a camera inspection 3 months ago that found a hiatus hernia and a tiny (microscopic) instance of Barretts. Fortunately, from the biopsies, the cells appear normal and are not dangerous.

But, taking PPI, trying Lanzoprazole and Omeprazole to ever increasing dosages (now 2x30mg per day), my symptoms are no better.

I am generally fit and healthy, have a good diet and consider myself fortunate that I don't suffer from some of the more extreme symptoms that some here appear to. I can sleep right through at night and have only noticed an acid taste in my mouth recently. My main symptoms are a feeling of congestion in oesophagus, tightness of throat and a cold tongue.

I am strongly considering stopping the PPI medication today and starting the ACV recipe, but before I go against my specialists advice of PPI treatment, I wondered if anyone has had a camera inspection before and after self-medicating with ACV, and whether there had been any change in the cells in the oesophagus? Basically, I don't want to take ACV if it only masks the symptoms, but is still doing harm and turns the tiny amount of Barretts in to something serious.

If anyone can offer any insight, I would be grateful. Thanks.

Replied by Amaryliss
Hi, I had a serious reflux and the helicobacter, ulcers, doctors put me on nexium which ruined my body, this sucks the important acid from your body. I went on a research trail, and came across a fabulous book called 'hard to stomach'. I started on L Glutamine, and took a good mineral supplement before I took these tablets I had a camera the doctor told me the scars would not heal, and even taking antibiotics might not help, then I started on a strict no fat diet and took l glutamine and minerals when I went back to get the camera the doctor said he was amazed the stomach he seen before was not the same the ulcers were gone and my reflux healed. Best of luck
Replied by Jr
Ks, US
What mineral supps are you using?? ie magnesium-zinc??

Posted by Kyle (Vero Beach) on 11/21/2014

[YEA]  I am 26 years old and have suffered with acid reflux for the past 4-5 months. I tried just about every drug available, Zantac 150, Tums, Tagamet, Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, Zegerid, Famotidine, and Carafate. Nothing worked effectviely for more than a week or two. The best medication I found was Zegerid and it began to stop working about 20 days into the treatment. My friend's wife is really into homeopathic remedies and he told me that she got him to used apple cider vinegar when he has heartburn and it worked and I should try it. At the time my Zegerid was working fine, but that upcoming weekend it began not working and I had bad reflux for 3 nights. On Monday morning I went to the store and got some apple cider vinegar because I had taken 4 1000 mg tums, and two acid reducers the night before to no avail and I was desperate. After just 1 tablespoon of ACV I felt dramatically better. I began to take it before and after meals and my symtoms were held at bay. For the next three mornings I woke up with no reflux but still a sour feeling in my stomach, on the fourth morning I woke up with neither and felt great. I still take the ACV before most meals and sometime afterwards and am happy to report that my acid reflux is finally under control!

Replied by Wayne
Harbour Grace, Nl
My friend you are so right , , , it works wonders! but on times when I eat the wrong snack going to bed and I have no ACV I have used the old black fish and chips vinegar and it worked instantly; Sometimes, out of desperation, I have downed the vinegar from bottled Garlic, herring and other preserved products and got instant relief.
Replied by Julie
Hudson, Wi
I just started this today, because my Omeprazole is no longer working for me. Too soon to know if it's helping. I have one question. Should I stop taking the Omeprazole if I continue, or use both.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando
1149 Posts
Hi Julie...ACV is good for many things and it will certainly help with reflux symptoms. Your problems are probably caused by low stomach acidity -- not too much acidity.

But ACV is not the cure for reflux. I define a cure as when you take a substance or nutrient for a while and your symptoms go away. And then, when you stop taking that nutrient, the problem does not come back. If you take ACV then you are just treating the symptoms by just increasing stomach acidity -- but you are not treating the core reason for your reflux problem, which is lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. So that's why when you stop taking the ACV the reflux usually comes back because you still have the low stomach acid problem.

When you supplement ACV or even ordinary vinegar you are simply adding or increasing the acidity of the gastric acid. This certainly helps to increase the acidity of the stomach but doesn't actually heal your problem -- which is due to lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

So do you want to heal your problem completely or do you prefer to take ACV for the rest of your life to accommodate your symptoms ?

If you have low stomach acid then taking Omeprozole -- a gastric acid inhibitor -- will lower your stomach acid levels even more. This is probably the worst thing you could take if you already have low stomach acid problems.

If you want to actually confirm whether you have low stomach acid(causing the reflux problem) then you should ask your doctor for the Heidelberg Test. This test measures the actual strength of your stomach acid.

To cure your stomach acid problem you should follow the protocol shown here on EC.

Posted by Gena (San Fran, California) on 03/28/2014

[YEA]  I have been trying apple cider vinegar for acid reflux the past 2 weeks and I have to give it 2 thumbs up! I take 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water a half hour before eating. Wow, what a difference in my digestion and no more acid reflux! Oh and people are asking if I've lost weight. Guess I look better.

Posted by Gina (Montana, Usa) on 12/11/2013

[YEA]  Just wanted to confirm that apple cider vinegar for acid reflux is amazing! I read about it on Earth Clinic a few weeks ago and have been taking just 1 teaspoon on water before my dinner meal. I have no more acid reflux problems!

Replied by Vanessa
Hi! Do you have to use warm water with ACV for acid reflux? I have been suffering for a month now and the medicines I tried like omeprazole and pantopraloze only made my feeling worse after a temporary relief. I always feel week all day, would like to vomit, I can't wait and I have nausea. I tried 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water upon waking up this morning and it has already improved my condition. I pray that this would be the cure for me. -)
Replied by Gina
Montana, Usa
Hi Vanessa, I have been using both warm and room temperature water with the apple cider vinegar. Now that it's winter, I am craving hot water with ACV! Good luck to you. I truly hope it works for your acid reflux.

Posted by Kay (Jax, Fla, Usa) on 12/08/2013

[YEA]  I have been reading this website for a couple of years now and I read about all the great things ACV does. Well, I tried this and it does work. I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux after an endostomy. I was put on Omoprofhil(not sure of spelling). After taking the medicines for about 4 months, I decided to try the ACV. I put a 1/2 teaspoon in a 1/2 glass of water and drink it in the morning and before bed. I have been doing this now for two months and no longer to I have to sleep on elevated pillows, I have not heartburn or belching. Its been fantastic! Just wanted everyone to know, it does work.

Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 11/07/2013

[YEA]  ACV works! I started taking ACV for my prostate problems (worked for that too) and then noticed the reflux had gone away too! Wow how cool is that, what an amazing little home remedy this is. I'm using about 1 and a half tablespoons in juice once or twice a day.

Replied by Zark
Emerald City, The Land Of Oz
Make sure to start with a smaller amount of ACV and build up. Also be sure to mix with juice or water and not to take it straight, as evidently some folks have trouble with the acidity.

Posted by Christine (Plymouth, Conn) on 03/25/2013

I too thought that ACV seemed an unlikely solution to reflux. I have been on all the meds and they actually seemed to make it worse or I had side effects. So I started to do my own research.

My chiropracter explained that the ACV actually can balance the acid in our stomachs. At this point I am ready to try anything.. Like to warm up the vinegar, honey and water like a tea. Am also trying aloe.

Posted by Kelitababy (Yucaipa, Ca, Usa) on 10/10/2012

[WARNING!]  I had heard how beneficial ACV was for acid reflux and other things, so I bought bottle from a health food store, went out to my car, opened it up and took a big swig. Disaster struck, I couldn't breath, the strong fumes from undiluted ACV force the epiglottis to close and I could not breath, I thought I was going to die right there, but finally recovered. Lesson learned.

Replied by Cali
It's never recommended to take ACV straight. It's highly acidic, which is why you had a bad reaction. Always dilute it with water (e.g. 1 tsp per 8 oz of water).
Replied by Kyle
Vero Beach, FL
[YEA]   Yea, taking a straight gulp of Apple Cider Vinegar is like gulping a glass of lemon juice. I am glad to hear you survived, that was a courageous move!
Replied by Bryan
Texas, US
[YEA]   hahaha! Thats awesome, no worrys I tried the same thing. The minute it hit my tongue I spit and was having difficulty breathing. Try mixing it with water.. but I just found it funny cause I made the same mistake lol

Posted by Eddors12 (Wheat Ridge, Co/usa) on 09/22/2012

I have been using ACV for over a year to successfully control my acid reflux I take 2tbs. morning and evening I was diagnosed with acid reflux and did not want to take any more meds. In my case mine is being caused by prescriptions, which im confident I will be able to go off of eventually. If you are on meds your body does not produce enough acid thereby causing the symptoms, Just for the record I am 65 yrs old and 57 lbs overweight which I am now working to rectify. If anyone has any questions please contact me thru this site and I will reply I am on it regularly.

Replied by Michael
Lexington, Ky
I have acid reflux and take prescription meds which does not seem to do anything. Is apple cider vinegar safe and effective. How much should you take and when? Please help, I am really desperate.

Posted by Tina (Odessa, Texas) on 09/12/2012

Do I continue taking my reflux meds while trying ACV for severe acid reflux.

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa
Tina, Lifelong acid reflux can be cured by eating probiotic rich foods like home-made kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and lacto-fermented veggies. Kefir especially is incredible since it goes into the gut and re-colonizes by adding more good bacteria to your body. Much needed!

See here to make cheaply at home, or buy BUBBIES brand sauerkraut and dill pickles since they are loaded with probiotics.

Take ACV too.

You should feel brand spanking new in no time.


Posted by Nel (Manila, Philippines) on 08/08/2012

Bill from San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines- Is there anyway we could talk? Would want to chat and gain more information from you about this condition I have and which has taken over my life. I stay and live in Manila. It would be much appreciated to hear from you. Have been suffering from really really bad laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux or silent reflux.

Replied by Deo
Quezon City, None
hi po.. Anu po gusto nyo itanong about sa (GERD)?? im from philippines to! ^_^

Posted by Sealbeachluvr (Antelope Valley, Ca) on 07/03/2012

Hello, My name is Mary and I was recently diagnosed with Acid Reflex/GERD. Approximately twelve days ago today, I woke up with severe nausea; to date, I have not thrown up. The desire to throw up is strong and it last quite some time. With this symptom, I am burping often throughout the day. I also feel tightness in my throat; however, I am able to swallow well. Maybe once or twice a day my mouth gets watery like when you are about to throw up. I would like to note that since given medication by my Dr. the burping has stopped and so has the nausea. Because of the nausea I have no desire to eat; however, with the medication which has stopped the nausea, I am eating again. I am eating extremely healthy afraid to get that nausea feeling back so I am loading up on "Juices" from my local health store – the kind where they put my vegetables in the machine and juice it. I also have a feeling in my stomach that I am starving and then a strong burning sensation. All of the symptoms are new to me and with HIGH anxiety that I suffer with everyday, I am scared. I went for a second opinion and the second Dr also told me that he feels I have Acid Reflex and told me to continue to the first medication the first Dr gave me.

For three days I have been on the medication; however, also during these three days I have been on GOOGLE diligently seeking natural alternatives for my diagnosis. I came across many sites on Apple Cider Vinegar (Mother). I have read exceptional testimonies on how it not only treats Acid Reflex but other aliments as well.

Today I woke up with severe nausea again. I was so sad. I was hoping to wake up to a new day but it just didn't happen this way. Instead of grabbing my pill, I woke up, heated water and added two tablespoons of ACV and drank it with a straw. The nausea subsided almost immediately and without any medication in my system, I just drank a smoothie from Jamba Juice and ate Oatmeal successfully. This is my first day drinking ACV. Has anyone here been told they have Acid Reflex and if you have, has anyone on here experienced my same symptoms? Does ACV really work for this problem? I have to be honest and say the nausea diminished almost immediately and I have not taken any prescribed medication today.

How often should I consume ACV during the week? Also, is it normal for my tummy to feel weak/tender? I don't have pain – it just feels tender. I guess tender best describes the feeling. I understand that eating meat, oils, etc. Bring AR on; however, I am an extremely healthy eater and I have been a vegetarian for years and I do not eat fast food. I think I should add that about a week before this gross sickness broke out, the Superior Market had Cherries on sale for 69 cents a pound and they also had Mangos on sale, 2 for $1.00. In three days, I consumed about 3 pounds of Cherries and 6 Mangos, peel and all. My mom says that this could have brought it on – can fruit lead to Acid Reflex? Would it hurt to take the medication with the ACV or should I just stick with the ACV?

It is just so hard to believe that ACV would work so well. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone going through what I am going through. The anxiety makes me feel like I am sicker than what the Dr tells me. My anxiety began when my husband died 10 years ago in a car accident and I have a fear of death. I would appreciate any feedback on ACV – it just sounds hard to believe. So if you have any experience with ACV I would LOVE to hear back from you. I am going to drink it again at lunch. It isn't the best tasting stuff but I am able to consume it with hot water. (Sorta like a yucky tea) ALSO – CAN STRESS CAUSE ACID REFLUX or is it solely from food intake?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1149 Posts
Hi Sealbeachluvr... The reason ACV has worked to help with your Reflux problem is because ACV is acid. To help you understand this, a short simple description on how digestion works will help.

* When food enters the stomach, the hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach normally works to kill all the bacteria and the protein-digesting stomach enzymes(pepsin) partially digest the food with the muscles around the stomach helping to mash and breakup the food. The purpose of this stage is to fully prepare the food for the next stage -- main stage duodenal digestion in the upper intestines.

* When the stomach acid is at the correct strength -- and only when it is at the right acid strength -- a hormone is released into the blood called secretin which in turn triggers the secretion of the pancreatic enzymes in a solution of bicarbonate(alkaline) into the duodenum for main stage digestion.

* If the stomach acid or food chyme mixture in the stomach is not at the correct acid strength (low acid) then the pancreatic enzymes and juices will not be triggered and released for main stage digestion(alkaline) in the duodenum and the acid food mixture (chyme) will just sit there in the duodenum stagnating, rotting and fast breeding bad pathogens with associated spread of pathogens into the upper intestines leading to further problems later. This also causes reflux.

* Another twist to this problem is if your body also lacks bicarbonates. As already described, your pancreas needs stores of bicarbonates to neutralize the acid food coming into the duodenum from the stomach. So if you are lacking bicarbonate stores, the acid food passing into the duodenum will not be neutralized and, again, acid intestine and reflux will be the result.

Therefore two things become apparent:

* You must ensure that your stomach acid levels are at their correct strength and amounts for proper and complete digestion to occur.

* You must have adequate stores of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices to fully neutralize the acid chyme or food when it passes from the stomach into the duodenum for main stage digestion.

It is also fairly obvious to me that the reason ACV helps against acid reflux is because it is acid -- so this helps to increase your stomach acidity which is what you need to do.

You have already said that your doctor gave you some pills for your reflux. Generally doctors give PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) which actually work to massively inhibit stomach acid because doctors always seem to incorrectly assume that reflux is caused by too much stomach acid, when in fact the direct opposite is true in 90% of reflux problems -- which is usually caused by too little acid in the stomach -- as I have already described above.

To help remedy your problem:

* Take betaine hydrochloride tablets at mealtimes. The way to find the correct dose of betaine(and thereby find the correct stomach acid strength) is to increase the dose slowly by one tablet at mealtimes until there is an acid feeling. Then cut back by one or two tablets. Later you will again get an acid feeling so cut back again. Do this until you no longer have to take the betaine hydrochloride tablets -- your stomach acid is now normal.

* Take pancreatin enzymes to ensure proper digestion in the duodenum.

* Take 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt with water once or twice a day outside mealtimes. The chloride from the Sea Salt helps to generate hydrochloric acid (HCl) which may be lacking in your stomach. Sea Salt also provides your body with other useful minerals.

* Take 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate(Arm & Hammer brand is fine) with water a half an hour after you finish each of your daily meals when all the food has moved out of the stomach into the duodenum. This greatly aids alkaline main stage digestion in the duodenum and also helps to replenish bicarbonate stores in the pancreas. This will also act to reduce the reflux and will also help to reduce the burning acid pain.

* To increase your appetite take B Complex vitamins everyday.

Replied by Windhill Whistler
Rocky Face, Ga
Why have several people said they drink the avc and water with a straw?
Replied by Nat
Woodstock, Va
Warning: Not everyone who has Acid Reflux or GERD suffers from "too little stomach acid, " which is the reason that is usually given for taking ACV. Some people simply DO have TOO MUCH acid production, and ACV will make it worse. I tried ACV and it never did anything but give me heartburn and increased reflux.

The truth is, pouring acid on top of acid is NOT always a good idea, no matter what anyone here says. If your problem is excess stomach acid, your condition will get worse. Just take the omeprazole, fo heaven's sake. :)

Replied by Sherri
Charleston, Illinois
Absolutely! I tried the ACV (the mother kind) and it made my problem much worse. I have to take nexium because of a stomach surgery I had a few years ago. I have plenty of acid believe me... Lol. Acid reflux is absolutely no fun, especially if it happens in the middle of the night and goes up your nostrils or into your brochials. That happened to me two nights ago even with the Nexium that I take.

I am now onto a few things that I am trying for another condition. One of the things I am using is Tumeric and first tried it last night. Last night was the first night without any reflux symptoms at all! I am hoping I stumbled onto something that also works for my stomach.

Replied by Marisa
Hi I read your response to the other person, and I have so many questions for you, I was diagnosed with acid reflux like five weeks ago, and I am taking Omeprazole, I don't feel much better, I have no burning sensation or heartburn but I feel like I have food all day long in my troath, I have cut on diet coke and caffeine and try to eat smaller portions. But I don't feel much better, How do I know if I have low acid or high acid? should I just try the apple cider vinegar and see if it works, another person said that not everyone has low acid, so I am confused, what do you recomend I should do? I am really desperate of course.

Thank you in advance for your help. Marisa

Posted by Reginald (Rowlett, Tx) on 05/17/2012

[YEA]  I really had very bad gerd and having problems swallowing thick food I heard about Apple Cider Vinegar and the first time I took it it burned in my stomach. I seen a change in my acid reflux the very next day and it didnt burn anymore. I noticed a big increase in my energy level lol and I mean I have lots of energy now. I dont feel the burning in my stomach and have stopped taking proliscec. I take ACV in the morning and night before bed. 2tbs in 1cup of water and it smells and taste bad but the results for me are worth it. I'll be taking this stuff for the rest of my life. O yea it has really helped with my constipation also.

Replied by Sharon
Pittsford, Mi
This is in response to Reginald from Texas. Yes, the ACV and water tastes bad, but add some honey to taste and it actually tastes pretty good. Honey is very benificial. I put 1 tablespoon of ACV, the mother kind, to 8 oz. of spring water. I heat about 4 oz. and then add 1 teaspoon of honey. (I save the other 4 oz. for later in the day. ) The honey will then dissolve better. Enjoy! :)

Posted by Nat (Bridgewater, Va) on 05/03/2012

[NAY]  Nay - every time I have tried ACV for my acid reflux, I have experienced no benefit, and often gotten additional heartburn as a result.

I know some people believe that acid reflux is due to a deficiency of stomach acid, but that does not seem to be the case for me. Pouring acid (ACV) on top of acid made little sense to me from the start and did not work in my case.

Omeprazole and the occassional Tums are the only things that control it.

Replied by Isobella
Be very careful of long you take Omeprazole the long term side affects can be very bad.
Replied by Dr. Matt
Gilbert, Arizona
Just a side note from what "sistasuzy" wrote:

It is actually better if you leave the water until after your food is digested, if you drink too much water you will dilute the acidity of the HCl in your stomach and you will not digest properly. The current recommendations with those that have GERD are to eat meals and drink very little during those meals. After the meal has been completely digested, drinking water is helpful with residual reflux, however, the whole idea is to *digest* the food. Also, as I have written before, bicarb is regularly used as a cheap reflux aid, but baking soda (bicarb) lowers the acidity (raises the pH) too quickly and signals the proton pumps to produce more acid. The best remedies for "neutralizing" stomach acid are typically, Calcium Carbonate (tums) and Aluminum and Calcium Hydroxide (mylanta). Matt, Pharm D. MSCIS

Replied by Stan
Fort Walton Beach, Fl, Usa
I actually caused my own problem with acid reflux, here's how. I drank (yes I did) a 16 oz glass of apple cider vinegar by pinching my nose and drinking it down all at once. I got a sore throat that night, and later woke up when acid splashed up into my throat beginning my now constant problem. Got an appointment at the clinic (after ruling out heart attack) proscibed me nexium (wait for about a month and see what happens) Since I'm on atacand HCL and Simvastatin, I checked the interactions when I got home and found there were problems with the mixture so I stopped taking the meds and passed the info to the clinic (who hadn't checked for this in advance). Now I'm looking to find a natural cure for my self induced acid reflux (surmise I did some damage to the asophagus since it now constantly leaks acid into my throat between meals). Any advice?
Replied by Gigi
Did you use apple cider vinegar with the mother? I got mine from whole foods. I took 4 tablespoons twice a day before your lunch and dinner and then a drink water and I had a piece of bread then I sat down had my light meal. I also drank almost a half a gallon for a little bit more water everyday for 3 weeks. I also stayed away from dairy which can cause acid reflux!
Replied by Christine
Stroud, Pa
I was in the same situation as you. Then I learned about super greens. Go to your health food store and buy super greens. After 3 days of super greens my heartburn was gone. It is all about balancing your ph level in your body.

Posted by Tom (Wolverhampton, Uk) on 02/26/2012

[NAY]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux: I have recently come across the Earth Clinic website and was pretty well excited at the prospect of finding a remedy for acid reflux that I have endured for years. I purchased the Apple Cider Vinegar and used the suggested dosage, 2 tablespoons with 1/4 teaspoon of Bicarb Of Soda in a glass of warm water. This was taken 1hr before a meal 3 times a day. After 3 days the acid reflux has become more pronounced both day and night.

I have taken different prescribed medicines in the past and they haven't worked. I had a gastroscope check done and nothing wrong was found. The whole experience has attempted to make me miserable but I have resisted that and endeavoured to find a solution. I was hopeful for this ACV remedy to work but after 3 days of trying it out, the symptoms have become slightly worse. Each night I waken after 2 hours sleep having been disturbed by the acid reflux. Sometimes I experience an associated high temperature and sweat.

Can any one offer me any advice for my situation. I would be most grateful. Thanks, Tom

Replied by Andrea
Bismarck, Nd
Hi there, this is just a brain bubble after reading your comment, but the high temperature caught my attention. Maybe consider ruling out an H. Pylori bacterial infection before you continue. H. Pylori is a strain of bacteria most commonly contributing to or causing stomach ulcersand other lesions. If that's the source of your troubles, that may resolve your reflux with treating the infection.
Replied by Sistasuzy
Phoenix, Az
People often hate it when I suggest that they don't drink enough water. One main cause of acid reflux is not enough water to properly digest your food. If you drink any beverages with caffeine in them you are acutally removing water from your body. Caffeine acts like a diuretic. So for every drink you have with caffeine in it - you would have to drink 2 glasses of water of the same amount just to be even. Try drinking just some water. I drink a whole glass of water about 30 minutes before each meal and I also drink some after the meal. If I have an occaiosional round of heartburn now I drink either the apple cider vinegar alone with some water or the baking soda in some water.
Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
Tom, the presence of stones in the gallbladder causes all sorts of digestive issues including acid reflux; this occurs because the flow of bile (2 liters per day) is disrupted. Bile is essential for digestion and the neutralization of acid. Hope this helps.
Replied by Alex
Honolulu, Hi, United States
Hello Tom, I used to have very bad reflux. I would never get the actual heartburn sensation, but I would get a lot of acid in my throat and pain as a result. Completely ridding my diet of rice, pasta, potatos, wheat, fruit, sugar, and then taking lemon bicarb has the reflux 100% gone. I was made very ill by taking reflux medication (PPIs) which is probably why my diet has to be so extreme. I would hope that most people could make do by just reducing starchy/carby foods and sugar rather than outright eliminating them.

I don't feel comfortable outright giving advice, so I'll just speak in terms of what worked for me:

In my personal experiences with ACV bicarbonate, no amount of the remedy would prevent my reflux if I consumed starchy or sugary foods. I was also surprised to figure out that reflux caused by one meal would carry into the following meals. If I ate a bowl of oatmeal I would get reflux that same meal, but I would also get *some* reflux for the following 3-10 meals. The reflux would graduallly lessen each meal if I stayed away from carbs and sugar. Overall this delayed negative reaction to a variety of meals made it very confusing to figure out which foods were problematic. My reflux was likely caused by an overgrowth of gut fungi/bacteria, likely a classic candida situation. However, you may experience reflux differently, and for different reasons.

I'd also like to note that my first times consuming bicarbonate had no immediate effect. Taking ACV (mildly diluted in water, without baking soda) directly with meals was slightly beneficial. This led me to conclude that my issue was having too little stomach acid (a common problem, though counterintuitive). I took Betaine HCl 650 mg w/ pepsin which is basically a stomach acid supplement and had dramatic positive results. I would definitely recommend researching Betaine HCl -- but be wary because if you do in fact have strong (or overactive) stomach acid then betaine hcl could be painful.

In the overall scheme of things the Betaine HCl was just a temporary solution for me. My own stomach acid did return to normal from Betaine HCl (as it does for many people) but I have a weak immune system and eating starchy foods again reverted me to my refluxy state. There's a hypothesis floating around that if your body is too acidic and unhealthy it will stop making stomach acid because it can barely handle neutralizing it after each meal. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it lead me to try both ACV baking soda and lemon baking soda. After only 2 days of taking the lemon bicarb I had so much stomach acid that I was unable to take betaine hcl without experiencing pain. I've kept the carbs very low and remained reflux free.

Hopefully you can find something that works for you. Good luck!

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Alex, have you tried changing your diet to mostly alkaline by increasing the amount of vegetables, preferably raw?

Don't stop taking HCL betaine just to avoid burning issues since HCL is known to increase white blood cell count and thus reinforce your entire immune system. Take HCL with plenty of yogurt or after eating a lot of alkaline food. There are no negative side effects to taking too much HCL.

HCL won't probably cure your problem permanently because you need to get to the root cause of the problem. As Tim pointed out, gallbladder stones alone can cause problems because this clearly indicates a blocked liver from excess cholesterol deposits that reduces bile flow so vital to digestive health.

In my case I have completely restored my digestive health by naturally dissolving the excess cholesterol which at my age was the cumulative effect of having eaten to many fatty meals in my lifetime.


I learned the hard way that it does and when your liver gets clogged up to a point where there is below minimum bile flow, suddenly you begin to encounter digestive problems.

If left untreated over time would result into all sorts of complications as a result of a complete pathogen invasion of your system. The large quantity of bile in your stomach after every meal is enough to control all pathogens in your digestive system which is the root cause of excessive gas and other digestive abnormalities.

Furthermore, lack of bile can naturally lead to an increase in your body's overall acidity which no matter how much you attempt to alkalize it using Ted's formula for example, could never be a substitute for the real thing.

Just by unclogging your liver with a natural emulsifier such as granulated soy lecithin or pure liquid lecithin would offer a permanent solution to the problem. I am living proof of this since I started following this cholesterol emulsifier program. I now feel so good after eating a meal just like I remember when I was very young and healthy.

Many people don't realize the significant importance of correct levels of bile flow in your system.

When there is maximum bile flow in your digestive system you can feel the positive effect in your stomach as it this tends to stimulate your whole digestive system to function properly. The results, no stomach pain whatsoever, no more insomnia, no more excessive gas, normal stool appearance and especially always full of energy during the day.

A serious bile problem usually begins to show up as frequent diarrhea which in my case was the leading indicator of a clogged liver. As hard as it is for me to believe this (which by the way has been confirmed by searching over the internet) chronic diarrhea can be treated very effectively by simply taking granulated soy or pure liquid lecithin. The results in some cases can be very dramatic as what I experienced for myself. A baffling 2 year off and on chronic diarrhea problem completely resolved overnight!!!!!!!

Low bile flow problem does cause chronic diarrhea according to many who have had their gallbladder removed especially after eating a fatty meal unless they take certain medication for it (extracted bile from other animals I believe).

Let me conclude with the following recommendation for restoring a malfunctioning digestive system by replenishing it with the basic natural ingredients that mother nature has provided us at birth.

Afterward you can then reduce the amount of supplements according to whether or not there is overall improvement.

(1). HCL Betaine for sufficient levels of stomach acids.

(2). Digestive enzymes to reduce wear and tear on pancreas.

(3). 1 tablespoon of granulated soy lecithin after every meal for optimum bile flow.

(4). Plenty of vegetables for alkalizing your stomach which will protect it from the damaging effect of excessive acidity caused by processed food.

(5) Occasionally consume DGL tablets to build a protective barrier inside your stomach lining to counter any damage caused by pathogens especially from the pylori bacteria that would eventually lead to ulcers.

(6) And of course don't go back to eating processed food, instead consume only the good fat.

The results of following this program will no doubt allow you to pinpoint specifically as to the cause of your digestive problems. This would tend to artificially compensate what is lacking in your whole digestive system temporarily until your digestive system can function properly on its own.

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa
Please, please try this and you will be amazed how quicly the acid reflux is gone! Get some store bought kombucha in ginger flavor and sip 1-2 bottles daily. You will notice a complete turnaround in 48 hours. I was stunned and amazed how good I feel without acid reflux.
Replied by Alex
Honolulu, Hi, United States
Hi Mike, I've got a post in the alkalizing section about my own conditions (diagnosed mercury toxicity and related issues).

I was wondering if there is a way to figure out if bile is/was a problem for me.

I'm about 6 foot, and 145 lbs (thin). I was 175 lbs when I was fit before I had mercury problems.

My diet is only vegetable (50% raw), some nuts, olive oil, organic meat and supplements (probiotics, b-complex, most vitamins, most trace minerals). I'd like to eat fruit, or whole grains, but if I eat either I get plunged into fogginess and fatigue. I'm not sure why I'm not alkaline without Ted's lemon/bicarb remedy, as my diet is hugely vegetable. I attribute everything to immune system problems and negative gut flora overgrowth (as is often associated with mercury) but I don't really know. Overall things have been steadily improving since I started this restrictive diet. In the past I had weak stomach acid, but this no longer seems to be a problem.

What do you think? Bile/lecithin problems? I really can't afford to lose any weight. In fact I'd love a way to gain weight.

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec
Hello Alex, Do you often have diarrhea?

Is the color of your stool very pale and sometimes yellowish?

Do you experience a lot of gas?

Do you have any pain on your upper abdomen between rib cage?

Is your tongue white?

Most important of all do you always feel bloated especially after a big meal?

These are the normal signs of bile problem.

Other than that since HCL Betaine seems to work for you then why not increase the dosage and see what happens as long as you take plenty of water with it or consume a lot yogurt. I have once consumed 12 capsules of it (6 grams) and never had a sore stomach afterwards because I took plenty of yogurt afterwards.

You will find that taking HCL Betaine is very effective against the feeling of being bloated as this is often a sign that the pathogens are being destroyed inside your stomach.

Also, the Yogurt by itself will help by replenishing the good bacterias.

You can start taking lecithin soy and see if that can improve your condition as well as this insure maximum bile flow to control the pathogens in your stomach.

Replied by Teh_colt
Dubai, Uae
Hey, im 14 years old, and I live in a boarding school. im leaving tommorow really early morning so I would appriciate it if I can get a reply within the deadline. on to my problem, one evening during dinner, I had some soup. The following night before I went to sleep I felt very sick and felt as if I was going to hurl. I was awake for what seemed to be 2 hours and the only cure that I had(we aren't allowed to keep medicines in the dorms) was to drink water. Until I felt like I could sleep, well I slept. I woke up next morning feeling a little fresh. But then on that evening I felt the same as the last night. I managed to ask the nurse for some medicine, and she game me something and I felt a little better, and was able to sleep. I managed to find a cure for it. 30 miniutes of walking or jogging. The school doctor had a look at me and perscribed:rabedom 30 mins before breakfast and lunch, a syrup that had alpha amylase and pepsin after lunch and dinner, and a tablet for worms(which I had to take within two weeks of his perscription, but I forgot it in the dorms :( ). When I got back home for christmas break we went to a pharmacist and she perscribed me with motilium before lunch and dinner. It has been working so far until last night when I was really feeling sick. I eat a very unhealthy diet containg quite acidic foods and last night I had kfc chicken strips, a burger and coke. I think I brought this upon myself. Today I bought some apple cider vinegar, put 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of it in water and drank it (EWW IT TASTES HORRIBLE). I drank it just this night at 10pm. Its 1:25 as I write and I only feel no better. I didn't take my motilium or my syrup.

Did I cause this?

if not whats my cure?

Posted by Tom (St Johns, Nl) on 02/23/2012

[YEA]  I take Apple Cider Vinegar for reflux and I feel much better in time.

If we had a headache when we were growing up, our mothers used to warm the regular vinegar and soak a piece of brown paper in and when the person go to bed they would lay it on their on forehead and it really worked because I know as I never had headache since I was five or six years old.

Replied by Satya
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
[YEA]   Plain ACV is working well for me. Almost a week I got continuous heartburn, Doctor put me on PPI. I was googling to find out more about the rememdies.

I have started with very less amount HALF table spoon. Mix in water and drink before big meal OR whenever feel little discomfort. ACV is also keeping my digestion well. Thanks to EarthClinic..

- Satya

Replied by Teresa
St. Louis, Mo
Is anyone have a lot of gas after taking the AVC n baking soda drink? I had been taking it for three weeks and I have gas all the time.

Posted by Piyush (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) on 02/12/2012

I was suffering from acid reflux since february 2011 then I saw so many doctors they gave me lots of medicine but when I take medicine then its ok but when I discontinue medicine the problem starts again then in the month of september2011 I do endoscopy then it found reflux esophagitis with ulceration erosive gastritis. The doctor advice me to take razo-d before breakfast and sleeping time after two months I again done endoscopy then the endoscopy reports shows normal but after one month the same problem starts and in this problem when starts my breathing problem also started. So please advice me that will apple cider vineager will work for me about my problem if yes then please tell me how to take Apple Cider Vinegar and where to get I live in india my age is 30years. I will be waiting for your early reply

EC: To locate Apple Cider Vinegar in your area, please check out all the posts in our India section here:

Replied by A.barrett
Cambridge, Shelford, England
my friend, bicarbonate soda and molasses syrup, which brings the acid down in your body.

And cures cancer and alot more. But you have to look at your diet mate also, or colloidal silver, which will build your immune system up. And also kill off many major diseases too.

Good luck god bless

Posted by Becky (Berryville, Ar/ Usa) on 01/26/2012

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been taking ACV 1 shot twice a day with a tsp of natural honey, for 1 wk. The overall results have been amazing. I had been taking zantac 150 mg 1-2 times a day for yrs and have totally been cured of my acid reflux. My concern is the past 3 days I have been having intense pain in my back, the kidney area. It feels like spasms. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this. I also started OP with sunflower oil the same day I started ACV.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
Becky, the ACV speeds metabolism and releases built-up toxins, and as the O. P. Sequesters toxins, it also allows some to enter bloodstream. Begin 1 grm Vit-C 3 daily and 1 hot bath w/ 1/4 cup Epsom Salt 1/4 cup Baking Soda 3 per week.

Marshmallow and Slippery Elm would help the kidneys. Add more purified water during this episode.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Posted by John R (Cudahy, Wi) on 01/02/2012

[YEA]  I was certainly tired of acid reflux, and approaching 3 of those pepcid completes in a day's time. I went to see doctor google and ran across the statements in favor of ACV. I have a tblspn of ACV (with the mother!! ) with 12oz of purified spring water and a touch of pure flavoring in the AM with my fibery breakfast. Now it's more like 3 pepcid completes in one week if I have lots of spicy food. I'm going to have to give ACV (with the mother) two thumbs up. Been on it 2 months or so.

Posted by Joanie (Basking Ridge, Nj, Usa) on 12/31/2011

Hi, I am so happy to have found this site. I'd like to ask Ted a question. I have been diagnosed with LPR. Almost 3 months of ppi's and no improvement. I have changed my diet completely and am doing everything right. I am reading a lot about apple cider vinegar and have just begun to try it. I am also in menopause now as a 47 yo woman. I'm wondering if hormones could be playing with my LES. Thank you for any advice. I cannot stand living with this lump in my throat anymore. My gi is now saying that maybe it is just anxiety. I don't think that is it but I suppose it could be. I also have post nasal drip and when I go to bed at night, I can feel the reflux coming up into my throat. I have had 2 doses of ACV already and I see my throat feels better already.

Replied by Mel
Katy, Texas
I just saw your post and wanted to let you know my doctor thought the lump in my throat was anxiety and it was. He put me on 20mg of celexa for anxiety and I feel a whole lot better. I also use apple cider vinegar along with my ppi and it has helped so much.
Replied by Kapohosue
Pahoa, Hi
What are you talking about when you mention ppi? I do not know what this acronym is.

I plan to give the ACV a try today. Acid reflux has just started and I really hate the idea of getting onto prescription drugs to solve this.

Love this site.

Replied by Liz
Boston, Massachusetts
PPI = Proton Pump Inhibitor. Prilosec, Prevacid, etc. are all PPI's.
Replied by Pat
Minneapolis, Mn
ppi is "proton pump inhibitor" It is a class of drugs often used to reduce the amount of acid your stomach produces. Nexium is just one of several brand names that comes immediately to mind.

Posted by Dad (New York ) on 10/04/2011


I had severe acid reflux and the ACV made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Now I am 95% to 99% better with very little reflux and I have only been using for three days. But I am having now symptoms of UC -- ulcerative colitis -- spasms, some pain, etc. Is this due to not using baking soda with the ACV or should I add Humic Acid to my diet as a supplement?

Thanks to EVERYONE who has posted to this site because it has saved my life!!!!

Replied by Flyman32
Walla Walla, Wa, Usa
[YEA]   I'm 60 years old and have had severe acid reflux for years resulting in a condition called Barrett's Esophagus. I was taking a prescription drug and it was literally killing me. Couldn't work, could barely function. Not only that but it wasn't stopping the acid reflux any more. I got off that stuff and I started with ACV 2 months ago. I wanted to write here because it's working wonderfully for me. But.. I had to play around a little. I tried with just water, tasted bad and although I have NEVER had acid reflux again since I started, I got some pretty bad heartburn.

As far as the taste was concerned I read someone's post about putting it in V8 juice and I have been doing that for a while. It tastes like a bloody mary and is pretty good. But it still gave me heartburn. Finally I switched to Ted's remedy and now what I do is drink it with the V8 in morning and with baking soda at night, right before bed. I'm acid reflux AND about 98% heartburn free. Still gotta watch out for some things that make it reoccur. Also, I increased the dose to 4-5 teaspoons ACV. I mix 4oz of V8 with 4oz of water in the morning and at night I add 1 tablespoon baking soda. I will visiting my doctor so he can stick a tube down my throat if he wants I guess. Barrett's is a pre-cancerous condition and not to be allowed to progress. THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has posted here. The info here has changed my life.

Ole T,

Walla Walla, Wa

Replied by Lisa
Hackettstown, Nj
[YEA]   OMG, unbelievable relief within a couple of hours! I was reading this site yesterday, ran to the store got the vinegar pills and in addition, took 2 tbls in 8 oz of water. In about 2-3 hours, GONE! So happy because that lump in throat accompanied by the phlegm, choking, horrible, and food coming up my throat all day was insane! So happy I found this site. It's also so good for other things, like hot flashes, bloating, etc. Whoa... Yay me!
Replied by Kristy
St. Louis, Mo, Usa
Hi! Thanks for posting your results. I'm new to this site and I'm trying to find out Ted's exact remedy for acid reflux. What are the doses and how many times a day does he recommend the ACV and should I be doing baking soda too? I'm desperate for relief. Any info you can offer would be helpful! Thanks!
Replied by Henri
Miami, Florida, U.s.a
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   The mixture stopped the heartburn but, me too I get spasms in the colon and constipation when I drink AC bs as side effects so far.

Posted by Djt (Medford, Or ) on 09/26/2011

I wake up with a horrible taste in my mouth in the morning and my throat is sore or if I nap in th recliner I have a sore throat and bad taste when I wake up. Sometimes in the night I guess I burp and up comes a horrible taste (bile?); so bad I can't get it out of my mouth. Do you think ACV would help with this?

Replied by Mike
Stuart, Fl
Try sleeping on your left side.
Replied by Duffy
San Francisco, Ca
A recommendation at is to eat 3-4 hours before bed. He also has information about how stomach contents migrate up when one stops breathing during the night.

Posted by Rg (Singapore) on 09/25/2011

Hi, Past 6 years I am going through the hurdle of Gastrics & Bloating stomach and subsequently passing the gas with strong odor. I was diagonosed by Gastric Ulcer and undergone the surgery. However my bloating and gastric issues not fixed.

I came across the Apple cider vinegar and Mastic Gum. Can anyone advise me whether I can try this? Just want to make sure not makes the situation worst.


Replied by Wendy
Clearwater, Fl
Sounds like you may have SIBO. Check out the work of MD Mark Pimentel for more insight. Rifaximin is the antibiotic of choice for this, but that is just a part of the story. It is a complicated disease.
Replied by Joselyn
Manchester, Ct, Usa
[YEA]   I have just started taking acv. My mother has been using it for over a year and it has seemed to control her acid reflux. I am not sure how, but this seems to do the trick. I cannot STAND the taste of it, so I started off with half a bottle of water, a teaspoon of avc, a teaspoon of honey, and a powdered flavor I can mix in the water. I love it. ACV also cures different types of infections, helps menopause systems, etc etc! It's the magic trick! It won't do you any harm, I encourage you to try this.
Replied by Sgoyette87
Deltona, Florida
Just tried it 2tbs in a glass of water seems to be working thank god cause antacids are not.

Posted by Charles (Claremont, Ca) on 09/23/2011

[YEA]  Apple cidar vinegar works well for me too. It stopped the acid reflux in its tracks.

My DO told me that there is something in coffee, (not caffine) which relaxes the esophageal sphincter muscle, allowing bile to come back up. So I gave up coffee and substituted green tea, but it didn't clear up the problem right away.

What causes the sphincter to close is when it detects acid. So there is probably not enough bile being generated to trigger the closure. May be a function of age. A good supplement is Betaine HCL which is what the body produces for digestion, so it's a natural supplement. But it's kind of expensive. ACV is a lot cheaper.

My idea on apple cider vinegar is that it is an acid, like all vinegars, and when it hits the sphincter, it triggers the closure. That's the end of the acid relux episode. Works for me every time, although it has been some time since I have had any indigestion. I haven't tried ACV on a daily basis as a supplement, I only swallow a teaspoon full if I feel any indigestion or acid reflux coming on.

Posted by Judy (Redding, California) on 09/21/2011

I've just begun taking ACV along with Baking soda. According to Ted from Thailand, you're supposed to take on empty stomach which I assume is before each meal. Now I'm seeing comments about taking the ACV/BC after each meal. Now I'm confused. I assumed the idea was to prevent acid reflex and as with Prilosec, you have to take before meals, it doesn't work if you take it after a meal. Did I miss something somewhere?

Posted by Melissa (Florence, Arizona) on 08/17/2011

[YEA]  I am 40 years old and have had acid reflux so bad that it got into my lungs and I was misdiagnosed with COPD! I was taking 2-4 prilosec per day and still having problems. Then I saw that medicines like prilosec can cause low iron, calcium and b12 which I have had problems with for years. I wanted to find a better way.

The first day I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar for acid reflux I put about a teaspoon in 8 oz of water and drank it with dinner, which my husband accidentally made spicy! It was burning with every bite and then it stopped and I never got heartburn! Amazing love it!!

I am on day four and still no heartburn. Fantastic! I hope it continues!!

Replied by Countrygrl
Hodgenville, Kentucky, Usa
I am new here and I would like to get some advice on the ACV and Baking Soda theory. I am now taking 2 meds for acid reflux(Gerd) prilosec 20mg and zantac 150mg and I am wanting to get off the both of them.. I have tried the organic ACV at one time but it seemed like to me it burned my stomach and made me worse but maybe it was because I was doing things all wrong.. I would love to get off of these meds that I am taking for this but I dont want to be in misery doing it.. Any Replys would be great.. Thanks everyone and God bless you. Sherry
Replied by T
Houston, Usa

ACV 2 tablespoons in 8oz of lukewarm water 2-3 times daily (empty stomach or between meals) helped me with acid reflux.

Aloe vera juice has also been very useful, when at times I felt the ACV was too harsh and felt like it was burning my stomach.

Reduce/eliminate sugar, meats, flour and fried foods from your diet for a few weeks as you do this and your system will re-balance itself out.

I do AVC for 4-5 days and am cured for months on end. The acid reflux will pop its head out again if I am not careful with diet and I have learned to in the long run eat what my body needs hence elminating this issue altogether.

Good luck, T

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Countrygrl, lemon juice will also stop acid reflux if you don't like ACV. Lemon juice has many nutritional benefits as well.

Those reflux meds you are on are very dangerous for you (research it). I would stop those cold turkey if I were you.

Posted by Marius (Centurion, South Africa) on 08/15/2011

I'm definitely trying this ACV. I've also heard from good sources that pineapple just one ring or a sip of juice after eating will help. Lemon half an hour before.

Posted by Kay (East Northport, Ny) on 07/18/2011

[YEA]  Hi my name is Kay from Long Island NY. For anyone unable to tolerate the ACV taste in water, I have been sweetening the liquid with Stevia and it tastes much better. I have not used a prescription or any antacid in three years. I have been able to sleep lying down instead of propped up..

You can also use the ACV on your salad as well.

Posted by Lori (Reedsville, Wi) on 06/03/2011

Can regular store bought ACV be used for this?

Posted by Wenonahsue (Greenville, Sc) on 06/02/2011

I have acid reflux and have been taking prilosec for years. It has not been working so well lately, so I thought I would try the ACV. I also like to drink fresh lemonade to prevent kidney stones. Can I combine the lemon juice with the ACV? Also, I saw a comment about the ACV not being good if you have a problem with yeast (candida). Does anyone know if this is a problem?

Replied by Melissa
Portland, Oregon
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I am amazed. Apple Cider Vinegar (plus other remedies/ changes) actually works!

I have had GERD since I was 16, now 24, I have used medication for the last 8 years. Wow, 8 years!

I started with Ranitadine, and "graduated" to Omeprazole a couple years ago when Ranitadine 150mg twice a day pretty much stopped working. I started on 20mg Omeprazole once a day and a few months ago was put on 40mg twice a day. Rediculous, it got so bad that even THAT wasn't completely stopping my symptoms, I felt like my stomach was retaliating as soon as it could create acid again. And on top of it, ever since I was diagnosed with GERD if I ate any "trigger" foods (Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, spicey, acidic), I would get such an immense pain in my chest like something was trying to claw it's way out of me. No doctor can figure that one out, I got an endoscopy all is fine, so I was told to just avoid those foods. Fine, I can do that, except that after I was taking my Omeprazole 40mg THAT was tiggering the pain! You can imagine the doctors where clueless to that as well.

Now I think I finally know why the medicine stopped working and even hurt me, the medication was just funking up my body. My stomach had no idea what to do, and was sensitive to EVERYTHING. I wanted off medication, but was scared to do so. I had tried about a year ago and had bad results. My GERD causes acid to go into my throat, usually while sleeping but sometimes during the day too. And when I tried a natural remedy before, yep, acid in the throat. Not a pleasent way to wake up I must say. But I felt, after finding this site and reading up elsewhere, that I was ready to try again. I have now been off of it for about 9 days, and am doing well.

I made a plan for myself, as I felt that simply taking ACV like a medication would actually work. It was part of the "Plan". My routine starts in the morning with a tablet of DGL Licorice, have it before anything else and wait a few minutes. The DGL (Hopefully) helps your stomach create more of the protective mucus lining that helps prevent and treat ulcers. Since I am drinking acid and know that with GERD I am at risk for Barret's esophagus I think this extra step of caution is a good one to take. Then I take around 2-3oz aloe vera gel (it's just a thickened juice, you can get regular juice I just think this feels better going down). I get this organic one in a glass jar at Whole Foods, primarily because they don't use Citric Acid, but instead lemon juice and it is in a glass jar- no BPA! :) I cannot remember the name, but I think it's the only organic one in a glass jar there. I had the Aloe Vera Juice from Trader Joes and it was like drinking pure acid, it hurt so much to drink and tasted horrible. Not worth saving like $10 a month just so you scorch your throat in my opinion. Okay, so after I take DGL and Aloe I have breakfast, small meals are very key to controlling GERD/Acid Reflux in my experience. Do NOT drink water with your meal, you should chew, chew, chew to let your saliva moisten the food, this way the enzymes that naturally neutralize stomach acid help you in your quest to be drug free! Then drink, drink, drink! You need a ton of water to help your stomach digest, and to dilute acid the rest of the day. If I am doing good, I will pee about every 60 minutes, maybe sooner. Lol. But it is worth it. I Don't seem to wake up at night though, so that's good. In the afternoon, if I can, I juice, vegetables really help neutralize stomach acid and are healthy for you anyways! Though I don't think you have to do this, I have had much success with out a lot of juicing. I try to make my lunch the largest meal of the day, that way I can work hard and digest for a long time afterwords. Then comes possibly the most important part for me personally, the night routine. I have dinner NO LESS than 3 hours before laying down, I SIT UP or STAND for the whole three hours before bed. This way gravity is on your side while digesting your relatively small dinner. After I eat I will wait about 20 minutes typically then I drink only like 1 teaspoon ACV (Organic, unfiltered) in a couple oz of water, then I chase it down with just water to try to get the ACV off of the throat. (Sometimes after lunch I will do a ACV and Baking soda mix, you can probably do this for dinner as well if you like. Sounds counter intuative, but your body actually neutralizes the ACV anyways, but it still stays acidic enough to help aid your stomach with digestion. When you mix these two it takes the burn away when you drink it, find the Ted's recipe, he explains it more. ) Then right before bed I will drink about 4 oz water with a slightly heaping teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize whatever's left in my stomach and I am ready to sleep on my slanted bed. Slanting your bed is SO important, again gravity is on your side by keeing acid away from your throat.

So my lifestyle and diet changes summarized:

-Avoid foods that can cause issues (Esp. Chocolate and Coffee! These contain methylxanthine witch relaxes the LES allowing food and acid into the throat. Eat Carob as a chocolate substitute. :)

  • -Take DGL and Aloe in the morning
  • -If needed take ACV in afternoon
  • -If time Juice vegetables in afternoon (especially cabbage! )
  • -Take ACV mixture After Dinner
  • -Wait 3 hours after last meal... NO Snacks! If you snack you have to wait another 3 hours before bed. This allows your stomach time to stop producing acid, the second a food hits it ir produces a lot of acid, so one cookie, even one bite of a cookie, will send it into overdrive!
  • - Drink Baking Soda water mixture right before bed
  • - Have a slanted bed, or a wedge (though I always slid off those things, that is why my bed is slanted)
  • -Smaller meals, have like 4 a day instead of 3.
  • -Lose weight if needed, I weigh like 112lb after losing 7lb, and still need to lose like 10lb, every pound you have just goes to pressing your stomach making it harder to keep food and acid in!
  • -Drink WATER! Drink, drink, drink!!! Ideally almost the only thing you will drink is water. Sugars cause your stomach to create more acid. Milk is certainly no longer my friend, heartburn every time I drink it, at first it feels good, then heartburn like crazy around 30 minutes later.

Anyways, I really hope this helps people like I does me. I will say I am not 100% symptom free, I get heartburn, but not as bad as if I did nothing, and I have yet to get acid in my throat. I am happy with the results and feel everyday my stomach is getting back to the way it was before I wrecked it with caffeine, stress, and ibuprofen, naturally. :)

Replied by Sherrod
Chicago, Illinois
Simple answer. Granny smith green apple. Only that kind will work. If u don't eat apples, 1st time will feel like you're gonna hurl. U won't. Eat what u want, late as u want. Also, chck food labels for high fructose corn syrup, or sometimes called "corn syrup". In everything from bread to "natural" tea. Its fake sugar made cheap and benefits corporate america. So big name folk all have it. Bbq sauces, katsup, even salad dressing. Since 80s with "new coke". "Old coke" returned but with fake sugar. Causes belly fat, acid reflux, etc. Once u could eat what u can't now all the sudden since about 90s? Thats when kid obesity shot up. it also doesn't fill u up, so u eat more. Mcdonalds leads the way. Increased lines from its addictive nature. Hfcs is the new cigarette.

Posted by Lilli Garib (Calgary, Canada) on 05/03/2011

Hi, I have extremely bad acid reflux. I have been taking 2 Nexium 40 mg twice a day. It is not helping me at all. I have chest pain, soar throat and burping all the time. I have this symptoms after I eat breakfast until I go to bed. Since 5 days ago because of this site I take ACV twice a day with honey and two digestive enzyme plus one Nexium in the morning after breakfast. I am skinny and I don't eat very much because of my acid reflux. My question is how long the Acv takes to heal acid reflux? How long I have to drink it before I see any sign? I am still suffering very badly.

Replied by Sarah
Gillette, Wyoming
Lilli, Maybe you have some other digestive disorders that you are unaware of, such as food allergies, eosinophilic esophigitis, or gallbladder issues. You might consider going to see a gastroenterologist or allergist for testing.

Posted by Joe (Owatonna, Mn, Usa) on 04/15/2011

[YEA]  ACV works great! Felt better within minutes; stopping for about 2 weeks recinds the symptoms (makes them return) - starting again kicks them to the curb again! No symptoms for me - & the main reason I am writing, is I JUST literally this hour found a BETTER TASTING drink that is believe-it-or-not EVEN HEALTHIER: V8 drink & ACV! (My Mom thought of this =) credit goes to my Mom, Brenda =D) WOW - Vinegar & Vegetables, just like a salad (Zesty Italian dressing, I think) WITHOUT the sugar of lemonade or pineapple juice (my new backups)!

Tastes Great, HEALTHY, no sugar.. It's great =) Enjoy!

Replied by Ianday7
Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
[YEA]   Yea I have acid reflux disease which leadss to frequent heartburn. I find drinking apple cider vinegar after meals is a great way get relief. For more about reflux diets Click here to learn about Heartburn Diets. This great site has many articles written by a UK doctor and excellent advice about diets for heartburn. Ian

Posted by Gary (London, England) on 04/11/2011

Dear All,

How on earth can apple cider (acidic!!!!! ) be a cure for acid reflux? Surely the cure must be to alkalise our diets! And that as a quick alleviation for acid reflux, we may take a quarter teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water? Huh? To mix Apple Cider Vinegar with bicarbonate of soda seems completely daft to me. One ph value fighting the other don't you think? Where did this idea that ingesting ACV come from. Given the typical western diet which is acidic, why we want to add more acid to our stomachs? Let's alalise our bodies through our diets and not expect to eat whatever we like then expect to take an all curing drink or tablet from the chemist I would suggest. Not an original idea of mine of course!

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa Usa
Dear Gary,

Please read more on the subject. Do some research and then see what you think. I have seen this similar comment, and responses on E.C. before. The info is already out there, just waiting for you to discover it. Good luck, and happy days!

Replied by Selena
Chula, Ga, Usa
Actually, most people suffer from too little acid in the stomach. So it is very easily understood that those people would benefit greatly from apple cider vinegar or other types of digestion aids I. E. Enzymes. Just adding this to the diet can contribute to the proper digestion of food, which in turn gives the body access to the nutrients it needs, which is why so many illnesses seem to improve by the "magic" apple cider vinegar. It's not really that miraculous, just a little common sense.
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Gary, re acid reflux and acv:

"One underlying theory here is that the acetic acid in vinegar lowers stomach acidity (increases its pH) since acetic acid is a weaker acid than hydrochloric acid. It is also believed that vinegar (acetic acid along with its acetate salt) may help buffer and maintain stomach acid at a pH level of about 3. 0. In this milder acidic environment, the stomach can still efficiently digest food but it causes less problems with the esophagus and thus less heartburn.

Another theory contends that the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is apH sensitive valve.
When there is food in the stomach with insufficient acid present, the LES valve can periodically flop open, causing acid reflux.
Too little acid in the stomach may be caused by different factors, but one of the most common one is that, as we grow older, our body does not produce as much stomach acid.
As a result the LES valve, sensing less acid, periodically flops open causing acid reflux.
Drinking apple cider vinegar supplies the LES valve with the acidity it needs to function properly.


Improved digestion and mineral absorption from regular intake of the apple cider vinegar tonic may also play a role in reducing acid reflux.

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec
Gary let me clarify your confusion about stomach acidity and health. First of all, processed food does create a lot of acidity in your stomach BUT ITS NOT THE ACID THAT IS THE PROBLEM BUT RATHER THE RESULT OF AN OVERGROWTH OF BACTERIAS THAT CAUSE GERD. The type of acidity plays a significant role in your digestive system. The natural acid produced by your stomach called hydrocloric acid because it contains chlorine is what is capable of limiting an overgrowth of stomach bacterias and fungi that causes many digestives issues. Most other acids produced by other foods tends to only lower your stomach PH but not kill off problematic bacterias and fungis. I am making these claims purely from my own personal experience of combatting major hearthburn problems. I decided one day to risk taking Hydrocloric acid (HCL) supplements and to my greatest suprized, my stomach pains went away in less than 5 minites after taking 6 500mgs capsule with plenty of water. Since then because HCL is known to allow better absorbtion of many important elements in your body such as iron, calcium and zinc to name a few, I take the supplement on a regular basis and feel so much better without having experienced a single hearthburn in the last 18 months. Of course I also had to change my eating habits to include more vegetables so as to balance my stomach PH.

ACV is probably the closest thing to HCL supplement because it tends to stimulate your stomach to produce an abondance of acid to kill off many types of bacterias and fungi. The problem with ACV is that it is a strong vinegar that is not to friendly towards your liver. That is why I prefer Betaine HCL supplements WITH NO KNOWN SIDE EFECTS if you take it on a full stomach with plenty of water.

Replied by Ray
Saginaw, Mi
[YEA]   Additional to taking ACV, try the RED DELICIOUS APPLES on empty stomach and even after the meal, this kind of apple heals the lower esophageal sphincter and makes it stronger. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!!!
Replied by Ianday7
Brighton, East Sussex (united Kingdom), United Kin
I have gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) which causes severe frequent heartburn. I find drinking apple cider vinegar after meals is very effective at reducing my heartburn. For more about diets for acid reflux disease please visit GERD Diet . This website has many article written by a UK doctor and excellent advice about diets for GERD. Best wishes Ian

Posted by Dottie (Lakeville, Ma.) on 02/24/2011

[NAY]  I just started consuming raw apple cider vinegar for reflux and wondered what the difference is from using regular acv. It has been three weeks and I don't see any change. I take it 2 times a day.

Replied by Springtx
Spring, Tx
Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar has always worked for all of my stomach aches and heartburn (any stomach issues I've had). However, after reading many of these testimonies, it seems that I consume ACV a bit more liberally than the average person. I place the bottle to my lips and take about 8 - 10 swallows. Then, I might rinse & swallow a couple sips of water. Call me crazy, but I like to knock out the problem in a hurry.

Posted by Gail (Las Vegas, Nv) on 02/18/2011

Yup, Good old AVC does it again. One large gulp right from the bottle immediately stopped the acid reflux.

What a miracle drink!

Posted by Sara (Baltimore, Md) on 02/04/2011

My son was recently diagnosed with Acid Reflux. A coworker recommended he consume one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar each day for a period of 30 days. I did not see this specific dose in your literature. Is this in fact the recommended dose?

Replied by Susie
Kihei, Hawaii
Hi about acid reflux, I had the same problem, then took baking powder 1/4 tsp on 8 ounce water and drank it. It took all the gas and acidity in your stomach.

Posted by Thomas (Celje, Slovenia) on 01/30/2011

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  Hi. First sorry for my English. :)

I first started to get the acid reflux symptoms, that all of you described, 4 month ago. I had really bad panic attack not knowing what is wrong. Went to heart and lung specialist, done ultrasound, everything. No problems there. Doctor suggested that may be acid reflux. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, my only sin is lots of Chocolate.

I got some pills that didn't help at all. Come across this really good site, so I started ACV 1 month ago, plus putting myself on a diet. Since than, I lost 5 kg, but the symptoms are still there. Maybe for 10 days I went without any symptoms, but suddenly this week they are back. So I started with ACV again.

Averell the condition is much better than 4 month ago, sadly not good enough. Only difference is, that I have no problems at night. I sleep OK, raised my bad like suggested. One thing I dont understande is, why withine 5 minutes I wake up, I started to feel my throat again ? I have some more question, if somebody can answer them, I would appreciated:

Can I eat probiotic yogurt once a day?

Can apples and bananas trigger acid reflux? (I have had some bad reaction mixing those two fruits)

Can I drink 1 cup of 0.5% skim milk for breakfast and dinner ?

Can I take ACV before breakfast-lunch and before dinner Aloe Vera? Can I mix those two treatments ?

Last quaestion. I am serious recreational cycliste. I do around 13.000 km per year, so I use to drink a lot of special sports drink and proteins. Now I don't even want to think about drinking that stuff. Can someone suggest what to drink on a 3-5 training ?

Just water won't cut it. Can I put into the water 1 tablespoon of diet fructose sugar? Also, I am afraid to use those energy bars and similar product, which are essential for that kind of physical stress. When I started riding this year, I am feeling almost 100% on the bike, Acid reflux wise. But with no energy, probably because of the diet.

Thanks for any advice,

Regards Thomas.

Replied by Cyclopath
Northern, Nj
[YEA]   Thomas,
I make my own 'sports drink' by adding honey or organic blue agave syrup to water for the carbs. Depending on my needs for the day, for the ride and for the weather, I'll also add a dash of salt to replace minerals, a splash of lemon juice for cleansing or a scoop of protein powder for rides over 4 hours. Diet fructose will do nothing but put a ton of chemicals in your body and prepackaged sports drinks do nothing to address your needs. As with everything else you do on the bike, you have to personalize it for what works for you.

As for acid reflux, if I keep my diet in check, keep my refined carb intake low and don't take omega3, CLA, vitamin D and other oily supplements before bed, I don't have a problem.

Good luck.

Replied by Hiram
Charleston, Sc
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I've had reflux for a few years now and I've been taking 40 mg Protonix mostly to control it, and it did for the most part, but the burning always woke me up in the mornings and my sleep/rest time suffered. I discovered recently that drinking a few ounces of milk before go to sleep helps a great deal, eliminating about 95% of that burning sensation. Now I can sleep in more often than I have for years. I hope this helps you.

I'm thinking about trying to get off the meds altogether by taking the ACV.

Posted by Noahthree (Panama City, Fl) on 01/04/2011

Folks, I won't speak to what I do not know, but this I do know: NO real apple cider vinegar is alkaline, even if mixed with honey. Honey and water and even baking soda may well either dilute/weaken its acidity (honey and water), or even neutralize it (baking soda). However, chemically, VINEGAR IS AN ACID. That doesn't mean it's bad, nor does it mean it won't cause your body to decrease (or increase) its own acid production. But vinegar is definitely an acid.

As for me, I've had GERD since I was about 7 years old (I'm 52 now), although my diagnosis only happened about 11 years ago. I'm a singer and speaker, and seem to have some permanent vocal damage due to my GERD. I also have asthma, which again may be at least partially due to GERD. I've been taking prevacid for these 1 years, and I'm much better than I used to be. However, I'm curious as to whether I might be well served by ACV, especially after reading the posts here. I'm going to get some today and try it for myself. I'll report my results as time goes by. Acid to treat acid: it doesn't make complete sense to me, but I don't claim to know how or why many things work. I hope this does!

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Let me clarify the following for you: "ACID TO TREAT AN ACID CONDITION". To begin with, imagine a valve that separates your stomach acid from your esophagus. Now suppose I were to tell you that mother nature designed your body in a such a way THAT THE OPENING AND CLOSING OF THIS VALVE IS CONTROLLED BY THE PH LEVEL OF YOUR STOMACH. That is, when you are hungry and about to eat, your stomach secretes a lot of HCL acid in order to digest your food. This valve actually stays shut if the PH level of your stomach is very acidic thus preventing acid from damaging the upper portion of your body. If you do not secrete enough stomach acid (some people are born with this condition) then the acidity level in your stomach is not sufficient to keep this valve properly shut. The results is GERD.

SOLUTION: Take the stomach acid test to determine if you secrete enough HCL acid. If it is always to low then that is the cause of your GERD and you should consider taking HCL Betaine supplements. Believe me I use to have GERD although not as severe as you and when I consumed HCL betaine capsules, I immediately felt that suddenly there is no large amount of mucous being constantly secreted inside my throat. Also I notice that my tongue always stays red instead of always being coated with this white mucous stuff. That is how I know that ACID can treat an ACID condition. Hope that helps you! Mike

Replied by Trh
Goshen, In
[YEA]   When someone suffers from an acid reflux type condition it seems that it is nearly always assumed that they have too much acid in their stomach, but this is not always the case. I suffered from digestive problmes for 2 1/2 years (I am only 22), and yes, that acidic feeling in my stomach, and acid coming up my esophagus. I saw two different doctors and both gave me acid inhibiting medication- exact opposite of what I needed! I researched on my own and found that the symptoms of too much acid are very similar to those of not enough stomach acid production (Hypochloridia).

I immediately stopped taking acid reducers, and modified my diet, I started eating small meals, trying to chew food very well (to ease digestion), and reduced foods that were hard to digest (especially nuts), and those which promote bad bacteria growth- I. E. Sugar. These along with a few other changes majorly improved my digestive health, normalized my appetite and helped me to feel better in general. You should get some kind of a test to find out conclusively what is the problem, and if it is low acid production the things I mentioned along with digestive enzymes, etc. Should help out a lot. -More acid may be exactly what you need!

Replied by Erica
Slc, Ut, Usa

I am also a singer. I use my talents often, especially at school, churches and benefit concerts. I was also diagnosed with GERD. Mine was diagnosed as to from too much eating, caffeine cunsuption, etc. They also discovered that the lower esophageal sphincter to my stomach is erroded, so it won't close. That is what is causing my GERD. In the exam, the DRs giving me the exam, said that they had NEVER seen GERD react as fast as mine - the moment it hit my stomach, up went the acid. I did Prilosec, Zantac, etc. I was still having GERD while on those meds. I then did research on ACV. It's harsh but I don't have any issues with GERD when I take it. So much cheaper and it's better for you.

Also, I ruptured my vocal chords when I wasn't diagnosed with pneumonia for 12 weeks and from all the coughing caused the rupture. I thought that I would have problems with ACV and my voice but that hasn't happened. I just feel better taking ACV. This stuff is amazing. I know that this sounds ridiculous and made up but it isn't. I really hope that this helps with your questions and concerns...

Replied by Van
Sunnyvale, Ca, Usa
I just did a test with apple cider vinegar (ACV). One tall glass with 2T of ACV. When I drank the first have my PH read 6.75. Then I down the last half and put the PH strip under my tounge where my saliva comes out so I am testing the saliva and not the liquid that remained on my tongue. The result was 7.25.

When I first was experimenting with an Alkaline diet with PH drops, I had acid reflux. My PH pointed to alkaline, but I couldn't hold my food down. I was in England at the time and I thought it was the over priced British cuisine (ie hot dog stand) turns out you guys are right, it is due to too much alkalinity not acidity.

A lot of professionals say a lot of weird things or just don't know. Sometimes I have to google the answers for my doctor so they would stop arguing with me. Proof is in the PH strip not always in our common logic.

Replied by Van
Sunnyvale, Ca, Usa
Seems like I must have ate something bad because I can't get my saliva PH to go up. Neither apple cider vinegar (ACV) or baking soda could get it to go up.
Replied by Myrna
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Mike from Montreal, Try half a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (the one sold at health food stores) in a glass of water half hour before you eat. I read this in the book Take Control of your health and Escape the Sickness Industry by Elaine Hollingsworth, her website is My husband had the same problem and the first time he took it the cure was immediate.

Posted by Steener (Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada) on 11/19/2010

Yes, it works!!! I discovered a "tweak" I am adding at the end of my little blurb. My reflux problem was fairly severe and had plagued me for about 15 years. The ACV keeps it in check and I consider myself lucky to have found this site. I started taking it about 6 months ago after reading the information on this site. I followed Ted's protocol of 5 days on; 2 days off. It took about 2 weeks to really make a difference and when I stopped taking it again, foolish thinking I was cured, it started gradually coming back. I took it regularly for several months and then tended to forget to take the regular dose. What I found works well for me is to simply take it when I remember to without serious regard to the protcol. Sometimes it is 3 times in a day, sometimes once or twice in a day - sometimes it is every day, other times there are a few days between my doses. I went on a 2 week road trip in this summer and was not able to take any for those 2 weeks. Apparently as long as I take it reasonably regularly, it works despite my not following the protocol religiously.

I would highly recommend starting Ted's protocol, then adjusting it to your body's needs. I suspect there will be variations in how it works for each individual according to age, gender, weight, metabolism and so on. Mixing the ACV 1 glass at a time is a bit of a pain, so I got myself a 1 litre jug and marked off the 75 ml (or 1/3 cup) then put 1 tsp ACV in a filled with 750 ml (3 cups) water. This way I don't have to mix so often. I found I prefer it slightly acidic as opposed to tasting the baking soda.

Now for my "tweak": I found if I pour the water in with the ACV, then add the baking soda last and slap a tight-fitting cap on before the baking soda starts to foam up. What happens is you have now created a carbonized beverage that almost (emphasis on almost) tastes good. Hope this helps you as much as it did me. My sincere Thanks to Ted. Steener from QB, Canada

Replied by Rob
Valentine, Nsw/australia
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I used ACV to stop symptoms but when a specialist investigated my oesophagus with a gastroscopy I was found to have a badly ulcerated oesophagus. So the ACV masked the symptoms but did not actually prevent damage to this area in my case. Just be careful.

Posted by Steven (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico) on 10/17/2010

[YEA]  I suffer from heartburn from time to time, but its been a while since I had it but it came back with a vengence. I read the remedies and decided to take a tbsp. of apple cider vinegar and made me throw up what was making the heartburn, I have to say I feel better, now im going to try to go to sleep.

Posted by Lap1026 (So. Hadley, Ma, Usa) on 10/17/2010

I had acid reflux for well over a year and didn't know what it was. I came across info about apple cider vinegar online and tried it. I used it for 5 days and my acid reflux was gone!!! Since then, if I feel like the acid reflux may be starting, I just drink about 4 oz of vinegar water and I'm fine. This is a miracle cure. I never would have believed it could work so well if I hadn't tried it myself.

Posted by Tasha (East Coast, Usa) on 09/23/2010

[YEA]  My fiance has bad acid reflux. He would literally keep me up all night with hacking deep coughs, "Hua! ""Hua! ""Hua! " til I was ready to hurt him! Ok you get the point. He refused to eat in the evenings, and even though thats probably a good idea, it was limiting. I mixed my cocktail of 1 tbs organic ACV in blueberry/pomegranate juice just to see if it made him feel as good as it does I. I never thought it would help with any ailment specifically and certainly not right away. He had NO reflux from the very first use. Now even when he eats, he has no more acid reflux. I do indeed love this stuff. It works. And I highly recommend the cocktail above(through a straw of course) as it complimets the ACV very well. Like a juice with a zing.

Replied by Faaiza
Gauteng, South Africa
Please tell me what cocktail did you make I can not take the pain of acid reflux any more

EC: Hi Faaiza, Tasha's "cocktail" is the recipe she posted: 1 tablespoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of blueberry/pomegranate juice.

Replied by Lella
Norfolk, Va
Do you take the ACV before dinner, after or during. Thanks.

Posted by Jean (Birmingham, Alabama) on 09/16/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Ted, You seem to be so right about your feedback to all who contact you and that is why I am writing you. My question is for reflux and gatroparesis what do you recommend? It maybe genetic or due to the fact that I had major chemo and internal radiation ten years ago but ever since I had my stem cell transplant I have had chronic acid in my throat. I have even had a gastric bollis (sp?). When I take ACV it burns my stomach for at least an hour. I an taking prevasid so I realize I may not have enough acid but wanted to get your feedback on what I should do thanks so much!

Replied by Lillian
Stoney Creek, Ontario
I was on Prevacid for a very long time and getting worse. I did some research on Prevacid and found that I should not have been on it for the length of time that I was. I started taking 1 tablespoon of ACV in a small glass of apple juice plus eating an apple every evening(golden delicious) and have been fine ever since. Prevacid eliminated too much acid and this is what made me worse.

Posted by Lakanush (North Brunswick, Nj, Usa) on 09/15/2010

I am new to this forum. I have acid reflux on and off and went two times for endoscopy and they could not find any evidence of damage to the oesophagus but mild inflammation in the stomach in 2008. They are dismissing it as IBS.

2 weeks back it started with severe bloating, gas and heartburn. It made me feel something stuck in my throat and could not breath properly and it feels like gas bubble stuck in somewhere and burps with food. I am trying with diet and decided to try this Apple Cider Vinegar for the past two days. Actually it is fine after taking for 1 1/2 hr and then burning in the stomach comes and also gets bloated with ACV and also sore throat in the morning. Could someone tell me whether it will create side effects like this or it is not suiting me or will not work for stomach burning and gastritis. It would be very helpful.

Replied by Sam
San Jose, Ca
I have bad heartburn for past 7yrs and I just started to take Apple Cider Vinegar, you need to mix it will water, do not take it straight up. I mix mine with gatorade and taste and works good for me. Hope it works for you .

I put 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar for every 8oz of gatorade or 2tsp, 1 tsp raw honey , and 8oz water. Buy the organic Apple cider vinegar. Only $3.89 at Lucky's or Safeway.

Posted by Carolina (New York City, New York, Usa) on 07/18/2010


Hello earthclinic! I have been under intensive ACV treatment for the past 20 days and I can happily say I am almost entirely cured. It all happened slowly: my first week was indeed a living hell, I was bloated and oscillated between constipation and diahrrea, I had abdominal pain and cramps but noticeable less nausea. The second week was a lot better, I had less and less nausea so I was able to sleep 7 hours without feeling I was about to die in the middle of the night. Now, I feel so much better! I still experience slight discomfort and abdominal pain, but not at all as much as before. My problem is that I do get sick after having the vinegar for about 10 minutes. I experience a really strong abdominal cramp. I am taking 3 TBS, 3 times a day in 8oz of water. I just want to know when will it be safe enough to start taking just 2 TSP in 16oz of water without reverting to the awful pain of the past.

The awesome things I have noticed with ACV are: healthier skin, better sleep quality, less hunger. The bad things: I developed a fungal infection which is totally weird to me since I thought the ACV will strenghten my immune system. I do not feel the energy boost either and feel quite lethargic. Thanks in advance for any feedback :)

I read someone saying that her husband has the pilori bacteria and was wondering if ACV will kill it.

Replied by Chris
Lakewood, Co
If you have H. Pylori, ACV will NOT kill it. It's a bacteria that over half the world's population has in their stomachs. Many people have no problem. However, if you have symptoms, it can drill ( H. Pylori is corkscrew shaped) through the thick mucus lining in the stomach and cause an ulcer. A 2 week treatment with 2 antibiotics and bismith (the ingredient in Pepto) usually eliminates the problem. You would need to balance the severity of your symptoms with the treatment for this since the antibiotics can cause problems of their own.

A simple blood test will determine if you have this bacteria in a sufficient quantity to warrant treatment. A discussion with your PCP would be in order to make the best individual decision on the proper treatment.

Hope this helps!

Posted by Susan (Ontario, Canada) on 07/02/2010

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar cured my acid reflux. I had suffered from severe acid reflux for many years, and stumbled on your site while trying to find an alternative to ranitidine and PPSIs. My acid reflux was so severe that the pain was similar to having a heart attack, and I could not sleep unless I was sitting up. I started using apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp in one glass of water) 20 minutes before my evening meal,and within two weeks, had no more symptoms. I have now been taking ACV for about a year, and have had NO recurrences of acid reflux whatsoever, and no side effects - unless you count a 10 lb weight loss as a side affect! Thank you to Earth Clinic for offering an alternative to pharmaceuticals! And BTW,the ACV has also cured my toenail fungus. This stuff is absolutely amazing!!

Replied by Kary
Phoenix, Az
I have the same problem as you and I was wondering if you drank just the Apple Cider Vinegar alone? I want to try it but I'm on prilosec can you take them together?
Replied by Joey
Makati , Philippines
I've had acid reflux since 2006. I've tried ACV last year it gave relief but I was losing weight so I stopped. Lately I've been on it again 2 tbs ACV and glass of water(300ml)after very meal. About 4 days ago I stumbled into your site. I'm on my 3rd day now on 2tbs of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 2x a day on an empty stomach. Can I still take ACV after very meal or will it be too much ACV for 1 day already? Hope to get a reply. Thanks
Replied by Joey
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Hi Ted It's me again. I'm on my 4th day of ACV and BS. Last nite I began to experience heartburn chest pains and throat irritation that I had difficulty to eat and couldn't burp. Before that I drank a glass of berry and apple juice. An hour later heartburn began. Not sure if the juice was the cause. After a little dinner at 7pm I drank 2 tbs of ACV to gain relief at 11pm I had difficulty sleeping as I couldn't burp like something is stuck in my throat I can taste the acid in my mouth. Anyway after just 4 hrs of sleep today 4th day I drank 2tbs of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of BS. It gave relief but still couldn't burp. 1 hr later I ate a light breakfast of chicken rice soup then drank 2tbs of ACV. I'm little bit ok though tired probably for lack of sleep. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I'm really tired. Hope to hear from you. Thanks
Replied by Jimmy C.
Lincoln Park, Michigan
You need to burp after drinking baking soda water? Simply dilute it in VERY warm water. Let the burping begin! :-)

Posted by Erin (Glen Ellyn, Il, 60137) on 06/28/2010

[YEA]  I am 34 years old and have had acid reflux for a couple of years, and possibly longer. I ignored the symptoms until 3 months ago when I experienced throat tightening. I am a teacher, and suddenly I would get extremely congested and my vocal cords would cramp up every day after breakfast and lunch. I would try to drink glass after glass of water just to make it through the day, but at one point I wasn't able to finish reading a story to my students. At the same time, the symptoms started piling on: heartburn, coughing, sneezing, and acid in the back of my throat after eating. I would also wake up with a sore throat every morning.

Since then, I've gotten an upper endoscopy and stopped caffeine, alcohol, chewing mint gum, and limited dairy products. Also, I don't eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime and sleep on a bed that is elevated 7 inches. Due to this, all of my symptoms stopped except for the throat tightening. At that point, I was desperate, because I didn't know how I was going to be able to teach. I tried two medications, one of which I'm on currently, but neither has helped.

So three weeks ago, at the beginning of my summer school session, I discovered this website and I started drinking ACV. What a relief! When I drink it, my throat and vocal cords immediately relax. For three weeks straight, I have sipped ACV water throughout the day and I have been able to teach and read books out loud. I mix 1 tablespoon ACV with 20 ounces of water and sip it through a straw so as not to have it touch my teeth. I drink this three times a day after every meal. Every day I try to make it without drinking the ACV to see if the medication is going to kick in, but my vocal cord cramping becomes so extreme that I quickly start drinking the ACV just to be able to talk to my students. I'm thinking of going off the medicine since I only needed it for this one symptom and it's not even helping.

Thanks to this website, my tears of frustration have stopped. I will keep drinking ACV for as long as I need to because it works! It saved my summer session and probably my next year of teaching as well!

Replied by Feelinghopeless
Simi Valley, Ca
Hi Yea. . . . You seriously feel better with the ACV treatment? I am experiencing your symptoms. I have throat tightness with constant hoarseness, feel like something is stuck in there. . . Belching after meals, mucus in throat, constant throat clearing and chest pain. I just had a scope down my throat and the ENT said I am totally inflamed. He put me on prevacid in the AM and zantac at night. Only 2 days now and I don't feel anything different. My naturopath is concerned about me being on these and we are going to try natural remedies starting next week. I am scared to try the ACV as to make things worse. So, I really wanted to know if they truly helped you and how long it took before you felt better? Anyone with advice would be greatly appreciated.
Replied by Philippa
Manila, Philippines
Hello to Eryn of IL (6/28/2010). After scrolling through the posts, stumbling upon yours gave me a ray of hope and a lead. Also make my living with my voice (broadcasting). About nine months ago began experiencing hoarseness and the symptoms you described. As I have bad asthma, I at first thought this was related to it. Did go to see a laryngologist who said it might be acid reflux but didn't do much explaining and sent me on my way with an Rx for two weeks of antacids. Didn't help. My pulmonologist dismissed the hoarseness and the reflux diagnosis and said it was post nasal drip doing that to me. This bit of advice derailed me and kept me suffering for another five months. Eventually found a great allergologist who was interested in what I had to say about the hoarseness. Said it wasn't asthma doing that anymore. Suggested reflux and requested that I get a barium swallow. He also said the reflux is most likely aggravating the asthma. I got online to do some extra research and found your post. Plan to see another laryngologist to evaluate damage to larynx but will also try the ACV to see how it will help me begin speaking properly again. I don't expect the results to be immediate as I don't yet know the extent of the damage to my larynx, if any, but hope to get better. Will also lay off the coffee and spicy foods first (sob! ). I hope this post will help others out there with my symptoms who are unsure what to make of them. Look up laryngopharyngeal reflux and asthma.

Posted by Lynda (San Diego, Ca) on 06/22/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had acid reflux for over four years. My valve isn't working properly. The doctor recommended the purple pill and a bland diet. I tried the pill but it is almost as bad as the reflux, so I stopped. For the last four years I have chewed gum and if necessary used an over the counter liquid. It has worked okay until I ate too much one night and burnt my esophagus. Bad move. The doctor placed me on another type of pill. I took it for 14 days (he recommended twice the dose for thirty days, I only took one for 14) not feeling a lot better. I saw your site and decided, the day I finished my first suggested doses of medicine, to start ACV. I used one tablespoon in 16ozs of drinking water, morning and evening. Immediately helped. I eat an apple before my lunch, and a lot more water than normal. I have been doing much better, especially for sleeping at night. I am going to try the bicarbonate soda too to see if it works better. I'm still waiting to see a specialist just to ask some questions and get his opinion. I have totally changed my diet but it needs some tweeking. When I'm stressed I have a little more of a problem. The apples help that. I have noticed more benifits to this situation. My sinisus have cleared up, my teeth are whiter and I have lost five pounds. I wish I had known this a lot sooner. Not perfect but I am grateful for the help. Thank you, Lynda

P.S. I'll let you know how the addition of the bicarbonate soda works.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Maybe this helps you..... doing some research on health books on Amazon I came across two books on acid reflux.... maybe worth reading.... I haven't read them so I have no idea of what they suggest!

Posted by Lisa (Detroit, Mi) on 05/17/2010

[YEA]  ACV and baking soda- I was taking medication for acid reflux which made me feel lethargic. I stopped the medication and tried the ACV and baking soda for 2 days. On day 3, I feel 100% better than I did before. I also stopped drinking coffee as well. It is hard, but tea will have to do until I get this acid reflux under control. Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences on this site. It was very helpful. I will post again to update my progress.

Replied by Liz
Atlanta, Ga
In cutting out caffeine, does that include tea? Everybody keeps saying 'coffee' - I'm a tea drinker. Is that okay with acid reflux?
Replied by Mimi
San Jose, Ca, Usa
Hi - I tried using the low-acid coffee and it seems to work. Maybe it will work for you too. I'm a coffeeholic so I'm pleased to be able to continue to enjoy.
Replied by Amy
Dallas, Tx
Coffee can have a high acidity. I have found some coffees that note they have mild or low acidity and I am able to drink them with no aggravation to my stomach acid problem.
Replied by Anita
Golden, Bc Canada
[YEA]   Hello all you coffee lovers. I thought I'd add what I found as an alternative to my beloved coffee. It's called Teeccino, and if you're like me, you'll like the Maya Cafe, dark roast. However, if you like a milder blend, try the Meditteranean blend. You brew it just like coffee and it's fabulous! And PLUS! It's good for you. :)
Replied by Deb
Victoria, Bc/canada
[YEA]   I have been able to have coffee without it aggravating my acid reflux by not putting milk in it anymore. I make a mix of raw almond, coconut, chia seed and hemp seed, with raw cacao blend it and then strain it and mix it with my coffee. The mix keep for 3 days in the fridge. I am so happy to be able to have coffee again.
Replied by Amd
Redmond, Wa
As an ex coffee roaster, Sumatra coffee has the least amount of acid. Robusta coffee ie Folgers and other cheapish brands are usually very acidic and have 2 to 3 times more caffeine than high grown coffees.
Replied by Blackened Dove
Arlington, Tx
Hi Deb from Victoria, Bc/canada!

I'm very interested in your mix of Almonds, coconut, chia and hemp. You said that you blend it and strain it? Could you give a little bit more info on how you do this exactly? Do you use a food processor? And when you strain it, does a liquid come out? How much of each do you use? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance!!

~Blackened Dove

Posted by Cajun (Opelousas, La) on 05/17/2010

[YEA]  For most of my young adolescent life, I lived virtually every day of my life with acid reflux; baking soda when convenient, antacid tablets during other times. Once computers came into the Engineering profession, I daily combined about 3-4 oz of ACV with ice and water as my [32oz] drink. I've been without acid reflux for so long now (~35 years) that I have forgotten how long it took to relieve/cure my acid reflux. I'll be 70yo in 4 months and I never have any relapses....YES, ACV does 'cure' acid reflux.

Posted by Hugh (Greater London, Uk) on 04/23/2010

[YEA]  I am a definite yea for ACV for reflux.

When I have reflux, or a touch of biliousness from a meal (stomach locks off the food from the small intestine), I take 1 tablespoon of ACV (organic) with some lime juice and a dash of water- down in one (rinsing with water immediately after, a squash will do) and within 5 minutes the problem starts to resolve itself, if not resolved. Much quicker than zantac and natural. I swear by it, as do some others I know, for the same type of problem. My daughter, an anaesthetist is puzzled, acid on acid was her comment, BUT HEY for me it works.

Replied by Judy Mackinnon
Victoria, Bc, Canada
It is not excess acid in the stomach that gives you acid reflux necessarily. It is the imbalance of acid/alkaline For me it ALL started after being treated for H pylori. Those dreadful antibiotics ruined the balance in my stomach. ACV seems to have really help me so far. I pray it is a cure and not just a treatment. I will stay on a diet of very small meals and the ACV for a month then.... Wait and see. Fingers crossed.

Posted by D (Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa) on 03/15/2010

[YEA]  I took the purple pill for years and years until it stopped working. I went to the doc for coughing fits, and hoarseness not realizing it was connected to acid reflux. He doubled my prescription of the purple pill to 2 a day, nothing got better in fact I got worse. I started searching for natural remedy, found this website and tried the apple cider vinegar plus honey and water. It started working immediately to fix the acid reflux. I went off the purple pill immediately and stayed on the ACV plus honey. It took 2-3 months but my hoarseness went away and eventually the cough. While taking the p pill, I had all the tests- barium xrays, endoscope, cat scans for the stomach and hoarseness and the ACV plus honey is what helped me. Now after 5 months, I am fine but I also changed my diet for a couple of months(stopped tomatoes, onions, coffee, menthol, mint)and stopped eating 3-4 hours before bed. I elevated the head of my bed 3-4 inches too. Now I only have problems if I over eat and go to bed too many days in a row. I am eating tomatoes, and onions again with no problem. I still don't eat menthol or mint or cafeine, to protect my esauphagous. The doctor told me it may take months or years to heal if ever. The purple pill does something to cause motility problems I guess, you can read side effects on the p pills websites. I spread the word about your website and the apple cider vinegar with MOTHER (buy in health stores or online) and honey to everyone I meet. You saved me. Thank you so much!!!!!

Replied by Grammie
Lawton, Oklahoma
I am trying to get off Prevacid again. I tried last year and when I had horrible pain (which never happened BEFORE the Prevacid), I juiced cabbages and drank that. It was like balm the first time. But later I got another stricture and the endoscopy showed HEALED ulcers all over the esophagus and I was told I must stay on the Prevacid. I worry about the dangers of staying on it over eight years so now I am trying the ACV and Aloe Vera juice. I wondered if drinking cabbage juice might help you to heal. It doesn't taste as bad as you might think if you drink it right down. However you have to thoroughly clean up the juicer and even then your house will smell!
Replied by Karla
Miami, Usa
I cured my acid reflux with 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in 4 fingers of cold water. I will do this at the 1st sign of acid reflux and I repeat every 1/2 hour till I have no reflux. Usually once is all I need. The key for me is cold water and for it to be bubbly like a soda if it's not bubbly I add more of each till it looks like carbonated like a soda. Drink it fast but don't chug and repeat as needed in the beginning I could do this 6 times a day, now every other day 1time. I use to take nexium 40 mg 2 times a day went down on the dose little by little know it's been months sense I have had a nexium! Good luck

Posted by Angie (Minot, North Dakota, Usa) on 03/05/2010

[YEA]  I have been having a problem with reflux for several years now. I had been on prescription meds, but after seeing side effects others had listed online, I never stayed on them very long. I was also having severe anxiety problems where I felt like I couldn't breathe, felt nauseated, hot and all at very random times. I had tried ACV once before with terrible results. Earlier this week, I had the worst reflux burning I'd ever had and was about to succumb to the "purple pill" once again. I got on this site and read all the testimonials on ACV and decided that with how bad I was feeling, I might as well give it a try once again. I didn't have the organic kind with "the mother", so I just tried the regular. In about an hour, I realized that I didn't have ANY burning, pain or the sensation of anything coming back up. I slept like a baby and without keeping a cough drop in my cheek for the first time in...waaaay too long...years, probably. I have been using it for three days now and I cannot believe what a difference it has made! I didn't realize how disruptive my reflux was! I have not had any of those old anxiety feelings whatsoever since ACV! I believe it was all connected to the reflux. I have been more relaxed and don't have to feel panicky when I am out, having that nauseated, can't-breathe feeling. I have been enjoying life more and time with my little boy doesn't feel rushed, with me trying to "keep it all together". What a miracle! I will continue the ACV and spread the word! Thanks to this site and to all who have put their testimonials on here...I never would have tried it if it weren't for you!

Replied by Daniel
Balanga City, Bataan. Phillippines
I've been having a problem with reflux for several years. Until now I have this sickness. Can you help for that. What can I do? and what medicine do I take? I'm waiting to your answer. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Echo (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 03/04/2010

[YEA]  I'm not usually someone that writes my experiences on websites however, this is an exception. My Dr. diagnosed me with Acid Reflux back in Jun/09 and hence gave me a prescription which I was told to take for 2 weeks. I literally felt worse. I was then given a different prescription and had absolutely no positive results. By chance I came upon this website and my world has changed. I started drinking 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with 8 ozs of water after every meal and a glass before bedtime and within the very 1st day I felt some relief. I continued for 3 weeks and I now feel "human" again. If I eat something like pizza I still may make a glass to drink. For the most part my symptoms are so manageable and I feel the best since I was diagonosed.. I just want to say thanks to the people that created this website. I also want to say shame on the Doctors for not letting acid reflux sufferers in on such a huge secret.

Replied by Montanagal
Boulder, Mt
Apple Cider Vinager is great for many ailments and a good online search will show that it has been used for a very long time. It does not harm the body, it helps heal.
Replied by Eng
Flagstaff, Az, Usa
Can you please elaborate on what you have learned about the root causes of Acid reflux. I know that diet has alot to do with it (including for me, eliminating gluten), however I have struggled w/severe reflux for years and still cannot completely eliminate the symptoms! Thanks

Posted by Ernie (St Petersburg, Florida) on 02/28/2010

[YEA]  I'm a 69 year old male in good physical condition. I was diagnosed recently with Acid Reflux. My doctor prescribed Prevacid. I asked him how long I would have to take it. He said "the rest of my life". That's when I went to the internet and found this web-site. I started taking the ACV recipe (2) 1/2 teaspoons in 8 oz's of water either before or with meals. I've been on this for about 6 weeks now and I can say, it has worked for me! I have not had any heart burn at all! The only thing I'm wondering about is, is it just "masking the heartburn" as does Tums, etc. Because if that is the case you can still get cancer of the esophagus! Not good! I have grown to actually like the taste of the ACV.

Posted by Archie (West Covina, California) on 02/13/2010

[YEA]  Just to clarify the fact: I never included "baking soda" in my remedy for acid relief. Yes Apple Cider Vinegar does work along with other things.

Replied by Marie
Santa Monica, Ca
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Has anyone felt bad after they have taken ACV? I have GERD and have tried 1 tsp of ACV 1 tsp of honey in a glass of water 3 times a day for the past 2 and 1/2 days and I feel bloated and some slight burning in my tummy. I have mild gastritis so this may be the cause of it. It's hard to tell if my reflux is better because I have a cold and my chest is congested. I hope the cough and congestion is not being caused by the Apple Cider Vinegar!!! Has anyone felt bad at first, then felt better after sticking to the ACV? I'm hoping that as I continue with this "remedy," I will feel better. Please help!!
Replied by Wendi
West Chester, Pa
My 13 year old son has Chrons Disease. He is currently experiencing a tightening of his esophogus and can not swallow. He thinks it is Acid Reflux. Have given him Prevacid but it is not doing a very good job. Is it safe to have him try the Apple Cider Vinegar? I don't want to cause him more pain if in fact he has intestinal ulcers? Any thoughts?
Replied by Kathy
Las Vegas, Nv
My neice has been requesting the vinegar drink since i introduced it to her at the age of 6. All I do is fill up a coffee mug with hot water add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, 1/8 tsp of baking soda and honey to taste and sometimes a teabag and let it sit for a few minutes then she drinks it. It's good for digestion issues as well as the stomach flu. Anytime anyone in my family has stomach issues we take vinegar tea. I even take it on vacation with me!
Replied by Rick
Los Angeles, California
I was wondering if you take a PPI and the ACV remedy are they canceling each other out? I'm afraid to go off my PPI and I've been using Ted's Remedy before a meal I know will give me GERD or when I have a GERD attack, but I don't know if I'm doing myself more damage by using both techniques. Thanks!
Replied by Stagefright
Tamworth, Uk
[YEA]   I googled this problem having sufferd from it for 2/3 years, i found this site and tried the remedy, wow, 2 minutes after taking the drink i felt much better, best night's sleep for a long time.
Replied by Glenda
Glendale, Ca
I wonder if any of the people who replied to Archie From West Covina with questions got them answered.

Marie from Santa Monica: Did you keep up the ACV and honey? Did you feel better or worse?
Wendi from West Chester: Did you give your son the ACV? Did he get better?
Rick from Los Angeles: Did you continue taking the PPI and ACV together? Did it work?
Stagefright from Tamworth: Did you continue taking ACV? Did you continue to feel better?

Replied by Archie
Covina, Ca
I never said that Apple cider Vinegar and baking soda was a remedy for Acid reflux.. Raw Almonds would have been my choice.
Replied by Nurse Comments
Blair, Ne
It makes no sense to combine baking soda with vinegar, as one is acid, the other a base, so they neutralize each other, effectively eliminating any benefit that one of them may have provided.
Replied by Ko
Altamont, Ny
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I have been drinking the ACV; about a tablespoon in a large glass of water, with about 4 ozs of apple juice mixed in so it's not too sour. I actually enjoy drinking it. I started doing this to reduce my blood pressure. Although I do think it has been helping my blood pressure, I am having a terrible flare-up of my acid reflux. I decided this morning that it might be the vinegar, but according to some folks on this site, the ACV is helpful for the reflux too. I'm stopping it for a few days to see if it goes away. I take a proton pump inhibitor and have doubled up on that. Toss in some Tums as well. AND, take Metamucil, which my stomach doctor advised (pushes food out of the stomach quicker into the lower intestine). In any event, I do think it's the vinegar. :-(
Replied by Lois
Alice, Texas Usa
In respond to Ko from Altamont, Ny -- it is possible that the apple juice and not the ACV is what is causing your problem. I can and do drink ACV in water, either straight or with honey, sometimes several glasses over the course of an evening (have developed a taste for it) and never have a problem; but when I drink bottled apple juice it almost always results in reflux. The natural hygiene people say cooking fruit makes acidic instead of alkaline, so maybe that's why as almost all bottled juice seems to be pasteurized.

Posted by Kp (Lawrenceville, Georgia) on 02/03/2010


I started ACV 2 weeks ago. 1tbsp, acv with 1tbsp honey and a pinch of baking soda in 8 oz of warm spring water. By the way the acv is unpasturized and "the mother" and local pure honey. It has relieved my acid reflux pain but now I have a canker sore starting. I am drinking this tonic in the morning and in the evening. Am I getting too much acid now causing the canker sore?

Replied by Donna West
San Antonio , Texas
I have had the pain of all the above for many years, so bad I thought I was going to die. I started the Apple Cider Vinegar cure three times a day and after about a week I was cured. Sometimes if you eat fruit with meats and grains you can have a small recurance. Drink fruit juice and fruit alone, at least 45 min before any other foods. This plus the Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times a day should make you feel better... All the meds on the market have terrible side effects. Oh, for recurance take a little baking soda with water alone later not with the Apple Cider Vinegar cure. Love it!

Posted by Heloris (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 01/24/2010

[YEA]  apple cider vinegar has helped, my acid reflux pain is gone. i feel like a new person. my face has a glow. i've only been on this for a week. i add this to my tea are anything i'm drinking

Posted by Merlin (Modesto, Ca) on 01/22/2010

My Doctor put me on 40mg of nexium for about three wks, I stopped after some research and found out that acv works for acid reflux and to my amazement it does work. Before taking acv I had a horrible cough, the cough is almost gone and the acid reflex is much better, but I do fill bloated most of the time. My doseage that I'am taking of acv is 1tsp to a glass of water 3 time a day. Thank you for web site and your help. Merlin

Replied by Nannapower07
Lexington, Sc
[NAY]   I am having some severe symptoms and Lung Dr says it is reflux. However I took Protonix and my tongue was a bit swollen so he put me on Nexium and I had the same thing happen. So I cannot take prescription medicines. I am having severe shortness of breath when I talk or move around at all. I have to lay back down for an hour or so to calm it back down. Burning in my chest as well. Feels like someone is tightening my chest like suffocating. I tried ACV and it burned worse than ever. I am going to try Aloe Vera Juice now. Something has got to calm this down I have never had something this bad before. Any other advice? I have had no tests for H. Pilori or anything like that. He tested my Lungs and the ER tested my heart and it was both perfect.

Posted by Tom (Atlanta, Ga, USA) on 01/05/2010

[YEA]  I have suffered with acid reflux since 1985. I remember my mother telling me, "...just take some vinegar in the morning." I ignored her suggestion and started going to doctors. Nothing worked. I changed my diet and took everything the doctors prescribed. It got so bad that I would wake up in a start because I began vomiting while sleeping.

I came across this website about 3 days ago and saw that people were recommending ACV and it reminded me of the home remedy my Mom had recommended years ago. I immediately went downstairs and took a teaspoon of ACV and followed it with a cup of water. Nasty stuff... but I noticed I didn't have any problems that night. I repeated the dosage yesterday morning and last night, I slept for 10 hours without interruption. I haven't slept more than 4 hours at a stretch for more than 20 years. I know its a little early to tell if the ACV is really doing the trick but so far I am a believer.

Replied by Ed157
Los Angeles, Ca, Us
[YEA]   I used to take prilosec otc but hated having to take a chemical pill, so I reluctantly tried Apple Cider Vinegar and it works I havent taken a pill in 5 days, I just put 2 capfuls of organic Apple Cider Vinegar into water twice a day and I cant believe the damn thing works. This is my first testominial ever.

Posted by Mjnancy (Grayslake, Il) on 01/01/2010

We are trying the ACV recipe for acid reflux. How important is it to use organic vs regular ACV?

Replied by Nrgpill
Atlanta, Ga
Use organic ACV w/ the mother. Commercial ACV's don't contain the health values of organic, raw ACV with the mother.
Replied by Cj
Phenix City, Al
What is "the mother" that keeps being mentioned in these postings? What exactly is the combination that should be used? How much water, soda, honey or acv?

EC: "the mother" refers to the unfiltered apple cider vinegar that is a brownish to yellow color and cloudy. It is what is attributed to the health benefits of acv.

Posted by Riverway (Europe, Eu ) on 12/11/2009


My Mum is taking the medication Warfarin, a blood thinning med. Can you tell me if she is able to take ACV while on this med as she suffers from Acid Reflux? Thanks alot.

Replied by Goofygirlz
Lewiston, Maine
[NAY]   ACV does not work at all for me. in fact in burned the whole way down. Then i got fizzy bubbles up my throat. an hour later i was sick and throwing up. continuously until all the fizz in my stomach was gone.
Replied by Spunkerspat
Greensboro, Nc
Someone explained to me that there are actually 2 types of reflux problems. Some people produce to much acid and some people don't produce enough. For those who don't produce enough, when you eat your stomach goes crazy trying to digest food and produces to much acid. Taking acv can help this. For those who have to much acid taking acv will make it worse. Unfortunately the only way to find out is to try it for about 2 weeks. I have suffered with it for over ten years and acv actually helped me get off of all the stomach meds and improved my asthma which is related to stomach irritation.

Posted by Bud (Benton, Arkansas) on 12/01/2009

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar and honey has definitely helped my acid reflux problem. I took a 2 liter(2 qt) plastic bottle, which is 8- 8oz servings and added 8oz ACV and 4oz of honey and filled with H2O. I started 6 days ago and drink 2 8oz glasses a day, one before breakfast and one before dinner. It has worked wonders! No more coughing and regurgating at night and the lump in my throat is about gone. On day 4, I decided to skip the one before dinner, just to see if it made a difference and I was coughing and food was coming up in the night. I went to the kitchen and drank a glass and slept the rest of the night without a problem. Before I started this, I would spray my throat several times a night to try and keep from coughing. I haven't sprayed my throat one time since I started doing this. I would recommend trying it to anyone. It may not work for everyone, but, so far it has worked great for me with no side effects!

Replied by Natalie
Centereach, Ny
i just want to know if this burns going down the throat, i havent tried this yet. cause sometimes i have a lot of mucus in my throat and diffulculty swallowing. i havent found out what i have yet. they think its gerd. but it also can be an ulcer. in any case for people who have mucus in the throat eat a bite of ginger and spit it out. it leaves a cool feeling and some of my mucus went away last night. so try this it worked for me by accident.
Replied by Tricia
ireland, ireland, Ireland
I have what I call tonsil mucus so I'll be giving the ginger a try. Anyway - to answer your question, acv will burn if you use it neat but not if is watered down. 8 ozs water to a tablespoon or two will ensure no burning sensation.

Posted by Fajar (Beppu, Oita, Japan) on 11/01/2009

apple cider vinegar for acid reflux side effect

I've drank ACV with the mother 1tblspoon in 8oz of water 3x a day for 3 days. My urine is turning very clear, not the usual yellowish. anybody experience that? is that normal?

thank you.

Replied by Mysteriouscase
Celje, Slovenia
I'm so glad I've found this website. I have a couple of questions though.

I've recently been diagnosed with it, though my doc said it's going on for about 2 years, but my previous doctor didn't look into it, so it got worse now. I'm not able to eat any solid food, not even bread, cause it doesn't matter how much I chew the food, even tiniest pieces will stay on the right side of my throat and then heartburn will start and anxiosity when I try to flush it down, but it doesn't go down and it stays there for 2-3 days too. it's very annoying, cause I feel like I'm gonna choke and it's not a pleasant feeling. I just wanna be able to normally eat again :(

I'm taking esomeprazol for 13 days now, but it didn't get any better, I still feel like there's a huge lump in my throat all the time. Mostly I feel there's a huge clod of saliva in there and if I'll try to eat bread or crackers or anything like that it will all get stuck there.

I tried this combo of acv honey now for 3 days, but this feeling of lump in my throat is still there, so I still am afraid to eat anything else than puddings and joghurt drinks, cause for those I know nothing can get stuck.
Losing weight like that is not really good specially when you're already thin enough.

also I'd like to know if this disease is fully curable? I asked my doc and she said it's questionable :(

everyone who tried to cure it with pills and apple cider vinegar honey combination, please share how long it took you to normally eat again and how did you start noticing results and also after how many days? also when you started taking acv honey how long should you take it? is it ok if I take it with pills esomeprazol?

I asked my doc about this cure and she said she never heard about it, so I said I'll give it a try. I'm on 3rd day now and noticing just mild results, but there's still this saliva lump or something feeling in my throat that prevents me to even dare to try eat any food like bread, cause last time I tried toast bread it got stuck :(

I hope I get your answers soon and spot good results so I can come back and report and be soon able to eat normally again without fear of getting choked.

Replied by Anne
Jacksonville, Ar
The lump in your throat is called globus. I had the same thing with acid reflux. I am convinced my reflux and globus issues were due to poor diet. It has now been one year since I've taken any reflux medication and consider myself cured. My PH level was out of balance, I control my PH (acid) by daily juicing fresh vegetables and fruits and consuming first thing in the am on an empty stomach. I wait 15-30 minutes before having breakfast and have almost stopped eating any fried foods, especially meats. I wish the best for you and as far as that annoying, worrisome globus issue, try relaxation techniques if you have nothing to take for stress or nerves. I feel that within 2 weeks of juicing that will be almost completely gone. Good luck
Replied by Gaynor
Northants, Uk
Hi, I just thought I'd let you know that I first got the feeling of a lump in my throat when I was pregnant 9 years ago. At that point I wasnt sure what it was and the doctor didnt have a clue what I was talking about. After I had my baby the lump in my throat and a very irritating cough disapeared...until the next pregnancy!

I coughed and had the lump in my throat through the pregnancy all over again. I have been left with a cough and am going back to the acv again now but only get the lump in my troat when I havent eaten well, as in skipped a meal or two.

My 9 year old was poorly the other week and didnt eat very well for a few days and then she started to complain of the lump in her throat.

Anyway what Im trying to say is I that I think the lump or Globas as Anne calls it is through an imbalance of acid caused by not eating properly (either too much or too little) Hope this helps and puts your mind at rest a little.

Posted by Jim (Chilliwack, B.C. Canada) on 10/23/2009

[YEA]  ACV and Honey- Vs Acid Reflux

Apple Cider Vinegar, mixed with an equal amount of Honey - 1 tsp.of each in a glass of warm water is considered an Alkalizing drink - good for the stomach, and excellent when fasting.

Posted by Calsunshine (La Mesa, Ca) on 09/23/2009

I have just discovered this website and the postings about apple cider vinegar and honey helping with acid reflux. I have had a little "tickle" cough for several years. It has become worse in the last couple. Two doctors have told me it is due to acid reflux which I had a HARD time believing since I rarely feel it and I rarely have heart burn. So I have been taking Nexium either in the a.m. on an empty stomach or at bedtime on an empty stomach. I'm still coughing. On the advice of another doctor I have now been taking it both morning and night for about a month and a helf. I am still coughing.

Today I picked up a bottle of organic unfiltered acv and had my first dose: 2 tsp. acv with 1 tsp honey and 8 oz water. We'll see what happens. Is it best to take it before dinner or at bedtime?

Replied by Calsunshine
La Mesa, California
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Well, its been four weeks I've been taking the ACV and honey. My cough is better! not gone, but better! This may be the answer.;-)

Posted by Carrie (Pleasanton, California) on 09/19/2009

[YEA]  I have acid reflux and gastritis (mild to moderate). I am having pain in my tummy area and am not sure what it's from. I've been using the ACV for about 4 days now and all my acid reflux is gone but I'm worried as to how the vinegar is effecting my gastritis. Is there anyone with information for me on this?

Replied by Carolyn
Hobbs, Nm Usa
This message is for Carrie from Pleasanton. The ACV and honey should be just fine for your gastritis. I had acid reflux and gastritis and inflammation in my stomach and digestive system. I burned all the time. I was at my wits end and with much prayer I found this site. I started the ACV (2 t. spoons) and honey(1 t. spoon) mixed together with lots of water and I drink that 3 times a day. I'm not cured yet but I am so much better that I just cant believe it. I've been on it for 2 months and I'm hoping and believing that in time it will cure me. Praise God for this wonderful web site. I just know it has helped millions of people and I really believe it has saved my live.

God Bless,

Replied by Galina
Chicago, Il
hi there, i have ben struggling with moderate gastritis and esophgitis for years, using prevacid and nexium does not work, i read about one spoon apple cide vinegar 20 min before meals but i am scared to further damage the lining...can you provide any feedback how has it worked for you? thanks galina
Replied by Carolyn
Hobbsn, Nm Usa
Response to Galina from Chicago. Galina I had your same problem and I can tell you that I really believe ACV and Honey has saved my life. I drink 2 t. Apple Cider Vinegar (with the MOther in it) and 1 t. honey 30 minutes before each meal. That's 3 times each day. It will put your body in a more alkaline state and you won't produce as much acid. I could hardly eat anything before I started this. Now I am eating all kinds of things except really spicy foods or fried foods. For me this has been a miracle. You will see a little improvement right away but after 3 months you will see a huge difference. I take only Zantac now, the small dosage ones, and I was on Nexium, Prevacid, etc. Like you I was afraid to drink vinegar but believe it or not it is alkaline, not acidic once it gets in your stomach. Try it, what have you got to loose. Good luck, Carolyn
Replied by Flower
Bend, Or
[YEA]   Carolyn from NM, I am in a similar situation with mild gastritis. I am enjoying much relief from the ACV 3X a day. I was wondering what time of day you take your Zantac?

Posted by James Kilrain (Mchenry, Illinois) on 08/25/2009

[YEA]  ____ organic apple cider vinegar seemed to help my acid reflux a great deal.

Posted by Marie (Kingsland, Ga) on 08/18/2009

[YEA]  I am a lap-band patient for 3 yrs. The last year has been a nightmare with the acid reflux waking me in the middle of the night and feeling like I was choking to death. Sleeping on 5-6 pillows didn't help, nor did the many over the counter and prescription medicines. One night about 6 weeks ago, I googled "acid reflux" and read about the many believers in ACV. I take 1-2 TBS of organic AVC with about 1/2-3/4 cup organic apple juice every evening 30 minutes before bedtime. It works for me and I'm finally not afraid of going to sleep on 1 pillow.

Replied by Randy
Starkville, Ms
I am considering trying Apple Cider Vinegar to treat my ongoing battle with Acid Reflux. The lump in my throat, and the burning in my chest at night is only getting worse, even after my Doctor perscribed Prilosec to treat it. Like so many others, I don't want to take the meds any longer than absolutely necessary. I'm so hopeful, the ACV treatment will work for me. Which ACV product is the correct choice to use, (the distilled ACV, or undistilled)? Also, is it appropriate to start off with a small dosage and then increase to a more moderate dose if necessary?
Replied by Ivy
San Fernando, Trinidad
I am 27yrs old and I've been reading all of the positive feedback from all of you. I have had two tonsillectomies and recently started experiencing a lot of throat and ear infections. I went to the doctor and he put me on an antihistamine, a ppi and an antibiotic. He suspects the acid from my stomach is coming up into my throat. Since i started using the antibiotic and antihistamine it has helped with my throat pain during the day. But at night or even if i fall asleep during the day i wake up with a burning ,stinging pain in my throat. I woke up and had this bitter taste in my mouth so i believe it is an acid problem. I have not taken the ppi (proton pump inhibitor) because I was scared after reading the possible side effects. Since I live in Trinidad I can't get the Apple cider vinegar down here. What else can you all suggest. Will normal vinegar work? Please help my throat is kind of raw so what can i do to prevent drowning in my acid. I'm scared to sleep or even lie down.

EC: Many, many more acid reflux remedies in the main section:

Replied by Debbie
Okanogan, Wa
Hey Ivy, don't use reg distilled vinegar very bad for you, do you drink coffee? if so, that is very acidic, eat more alkaline food, you can type in alkaline foods and you'll get a list, also drink lots of water, organic acv can be ordered on line, thats the best, it has the mother in it, good luck, hope you find the remedy to your problem, debbie

Posted by Nick (New York City, NY) on 07/10/2009

[YEA]  I am a 29 year old healthy adult who has been suffering from acid reflux for as long as I can remember. I have a healthy and active lifestyle and my diet is realtively good (no read meat and only moderate chicken). I have been taking Aciphex for about a year now and have been symptom free. However, I am fully aware of the negative side effects PPIs have on the body and was direly searching for an alternative, preferably a natural one. The other day I came across this website and decided to give apple cider vinegar a try. I didn't have too much hope as I have tried many natural home remedies in the past...all without much success. I started with 2 teaspoons of ACV in 8 oz of water with a spoonful of organic honey twice a day (once in the morning on an empty stomach, and once before bed). I was surprised at how potable the mixture was. I began the ACV and stopped taking the Aciphex on Monday morning. I am overjoyed that it is now Friday and I have zero symptoms of the reflux. Prior to this, if I ran out of my medicine, I would be in excrutiating pain within 48 hours. I wouldn't call myself sured yet (I am still nervous it is going to come back), but I am amazed and excited about the results thus far. Thank you everyone for the excellent (and hopefully life changing) recommendation!!!

Posted by Steve (Memphis, TN) on 07/09/2009

[YEA]  I'm not big on natural cures, but my acid reflux was so painful for about 3 years I was willing to try anything. I was in the habit of taking Pepsid Complete every night before bed and the drug worked fine. I had no problems if I took the pill. But I decided to see if there was another alternative ... so I decided two weeks ago to give ACV a shot.

This was a difficult step for me, because I have never gone to bed without the pepsid complete for the past 3 years. To my amazement the ACV works wonders. I have only had a couple of minor issues with acid reflux this past two weeks, and amazingly I have not had in trouble at night going to bed when the reflux would really attack. I take two teaspoons per 8 ounces of water 3 times a day ... and the acid reflux is getting even better. I haven't had any issues the past two days.

Thanks to all for the suggestions ... I can tell you it worked for me. I will now browse through this site and see what else I have been missing out on.


Posted by William (Seattle, WA) on 07/03/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar works for me. For a year I had been going to a doctor for my stomach problems, first acid reflux, and later, stomach pain, bloating, throwing up, not sleeping, and finally constipation. As some of you might guess, it was the PPI (little purple pill) that the doctor was prescribing. (to bad you were not my doctor!) We did all kinds of tests to try to figure out what was wrong with me but I was always told to keep taking my little purple friend. And true, I did not have acid reflux anymore, I was just miserable. My last exam, a lower GI let the doctor give me the good news, "I don't have cancer." He sent me home with saying, "We still don't know what the problem is." After another few weeks of throwing up my dinner and having trouble sleeping I started search the internet for others with similar problems. (I'm a little slow) Yes, it was the purple pill and those wonderful side effects the doctor doesn't mention. So I went off the pill and tried the apple cider vinegar. IT WORKS, YES IT DOES, IT WORKS. I take a teaspoon with 8 ounces of water and a little honey, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I have been taking it for two weeks and found it works great. I am amazed. I never take these kind of home remedies or organic solutions, but, it works and that's all I care. What have I learned? My doctor sells expensive tests and doesn't listen and I need to take control of my health care. Bill

Replied by Wendy
Sunburg, Mn
My question is this, I would like to discontinue my nexium and start on the ACV but would like to know if I should just stop the nexium and go ahead? I take the nexium once in the morning before meals so it is not like I can just cut back. Thank you so much for your time... I really want to be done with the purple pill!
Replied by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
Hi Wendy, Nexium is very bad for your digestion and for your first line defense which is the stomach acid. The stomach acid is crucial for proper digestion and immune system function. There is an article that talks about the link between Candida and the use of PPI. Your acid reflux could be due to a lot of things like:

1-Hiatal hernia. For that I will recommend you to avoid surgery because they have a high rate failure. Some people get the hernia back right after the surgery.

2- You might also have H. Pylori infection. Some mastic gum with monolaurin and broccoli will do the job.

3- low acid: Yes, the low acid causes heartburn even if it seems strange. The food will be undigested and comes back to the cardia sphincter and that make you feel the burning. If I will have time, I will share with you the article about the link between candida and the use of PPI. Wish you good health.

Posted by Coral (Shoalhaven, Australia) on 06/18/2009

[YEA]  thank you for this wonderful site i have been diognosed today with cronic reflux its been burning my throat which is red raw i have been taking pariet tablets for ages its getting worse so i have tried the acv after dinner it seems to have had instant results my throat has stopped burning i also ate an apple i will take more tomorrow

has anyone also suffered with cronic ulcers due to reflux?

thank you i will keep you posted

Replied by Coral
Indianapolis, IN
Just found out I have acid reflux causing my throat feel like there is something stuck in it all the time.I will be sure to try the acv tonight and tomorrow as soon as I get home from work to see if it helps. I am ready to try anything before I break down and go to the doctor. I am glad to see another Coral recommends this!!
Replied by Linda
Wyckoff, Nj
I have ulcers due to reflux. I was wondering if I could try the ACV or if it's not a good idea with an ulcer. I would appreciate any advice.
Replied by Lemarque
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi Linda, You could use ACV with gastric ulcers and you should not find that it causes you any problems. However to be sure, I would recommend adding 2 t-spoons of ACV and 2 T-Spoons of Honey to a glass of water morning and night. I note that you dont mention why you are taking the ACV whether for health maintenance or to treat a specific problem you may have, but this simply remedy is fine and the honey will also help your gastric mucosa. You may wish to consider taking slippery elm bark in water each day (1-2 times per day) which is a well-proven treatment for gastric ulcers and will help any reflux you may or may not be suffering from. Hope that helps.

Posted by Tallie (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 06/03/2009

I have been reading the posts here but still feel confused about using ACV for Acid Reflux. I have been on Prevacid for a month, and the doc says he thinks I have a hiatal hernia as well. I didn't feel much better on Prevacid and wanted something that I could afford and would be natural. I have tried the ACV: 1 to 2 tbsp in either 4 or 8 oz water, with 1/4 tsp baking soda. The first time I tried just 1 tsp ACV with 1 tsp honey in 8 oz warm water. That seemed to ease my stomach, so I thought I'd try the standard recipe listed on this site. At first it seemed to make me feel better, but right now I feel a fullness in my stomach. How long does this treatment take before one feels better? Should I take it and then wait a while before I eat? I am also concerned about the baking soda with regards to elevating one's blood pressure. Should I switch to a sodium free baking soda? I've seen there is another option using lemon juice, and wonder if that would be better. I am miserable with this acid reflux and desperately want a natural way to cure it. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Angie
South Pasadena, California
Dear Tallie: I would skip the baking soda altogether. Most people on this site have had success with acv alone. The baking soda is high in sodium and will elevate your blood pressure. It will also cause people sensitive to sodium to become bloated, especially in the abdomen. I didn't need two tablespoons of acv, I only used one and a half teaspoons diluted with about six to eight ounces of water. It is important to use enough water so that the acv doesn't burn your throat. If you use this ratio you won't even need honey which is terrible for your teeth and gums, and the plaque it causes is sticky therefore promotes more tooth decay than sugar. One last thing, it must be an organic unfiltered acv. These have important enzymes and vitamins and minerals that filtered acv has been stripped of. I would still be using this method but the acv makes me hypersalivat. So sadly, I can't use it even though it works beautifully otherwise. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Angie
Replied by Tallie
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Thanks for the feedback Angie. I've tried with and without baking soda. I still don't really feel all that better. I feel a fullness in my stomach most of the time. Maybe it's just that I haven't found the right combination. How long does this take to work? Today I used just 1 tsp vinegar in 8 oz water, with half a tsp honey to make it palatable. I know I need to lose more weight but it's not going to happen overnight. Am I being too impatient?
Replied by Angie
South Pasadena, California
Dear Tallie: I'm sorry the teaspoon didn't work for you. A teaspoon didn't work for me either though. I needed a teaspoon and a half. I would urge you to try without honey though. The honey might be contributing to the feeling of fullness. Also, in case you are bloated you could use just five ounces of water to one and a half teaspoons acv, that is what I did and it tasted fine. Very cleansing taste actually. BTW: It would be good if you tried watching your sodium intake for a day or so to see if you are feeling full with food or just bloated. Also, for constipation magnesium works really well for me. It's good to take it with calcium for your bones. I also take B-6 for bloating along with limiting my sodium and exercising. You could also check out the bloating and constipation sections of the earth clinic website if these remedies don't help. I should say that if you have a hiatial hernia your acid reflux might be harder to treat than others but I think I might have read people on this board with hiatial hernias say that the acv helped even them. Best of luck, Angie
Replied by Pam
Thunder Bay, Ontario
I am grateful to know i'm not alone. 2 docs said my mucous in my throat is allergies.. i did my own research and discovered gerd. my response to stomach bloating though is get checked for h pylori.. the bacteria that causes ulcers. i had that 9 years ago... took 2 years to diagnose.. docs were starting to think it was in my head.. anyway you may have it. i believe that that may be the source of my problems now. as for acv..i used it for3 years at one point for general health and it workrd wonders. i think i will get some today.

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