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Acid Reflux
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Cure Acid Reflux with Home Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 24, 2015

Banana   3  4   

Posted by Mike (Raleigh, NC) on 05/12/2008

[YEA]  For Acid Reflux: Bananas, folks. Eat them for breakfast and before bedtime. Works better than anything else I've tried and they're good for you, too.

Posted by Frank (Dublin Ireland, Southern Ireland) on 04/30/2007

[YEA]  having had reflux for five years, i started taking a banana a day. after about two weeks, i tried to do without my NEXIUM TABELT. which previously would only last for three nights. this time however, i have not had a NEXIUM TABLET after 15 days. frank

Replied by Laura
Monroeville , PA
[NAY]   Acid Reflux Remedies: No on the bananas -- it actually makes it worse for me or creates it. Anything sugar based turns on the reflux for me. Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon with a cup of water when I eat badly. Nothing when I eliminate coffee and sugar.
Replied by Patient
Union, Nj
i've been taking nexium for 7 years. First signs of burning 12 years ago, first reflux 8-9 yrs ago. 7 years ago diagnosed with hiatal hernia. Nexium helped from day one. First several times a week, then every other day, then every day 40mg. A few years ago started reading about danger of proton pump inhibitors and antacids. Switched to 40-20mg alternating every other day. Now stopped nexium completely a few days ago and i'm on fire non-stop. Headaches, nausea, constant feeling of hunger, chest and throat pain. Eating any kind of food helps relieve burning for a while. Tried organic 1 table spoon ACV 1 tbl spoon honey mixed in warm water 6-8oz cup. It helps for about 30 minutes. Tried 1/2 tea spoon of baking soda mixed with 6oz cup water and could not drink it because of bad taste. Added 1 tea spoon of ACV (for tolerable taste) and it helped for 1 hour.

Apples help just like any non-acidic food for about 10-20 minutes. Bananas - for me 100x worse, almost immediate burning. 1 spoon of honey may be "soothing" the esophagus but it doesn't do anything for me.

Still searching for alternatives to dangerous pills and irreversible surgery.

Replied by Sean
Seattle, Wa
How much water do/have you been drinking? The one thing that I have noticed about people with acid reflux...Not enough water and not enough fibrous foods. Cut out bleached white flower products and bleached white sugar/corn syrup products. They can easily account for 1/2 of your caloric intake if you don't wage a war on them. I feel that we are in the midst of a nutritional holocaust. Stick to natural foods. I know a lot of people that don't like water! They even go YEARS without getting enough. -Just a thought
Replied by Selena
Chula, Ga
My husband had the same problem before we married. I put him on a yeast free diet and within a month he was 90% better (the remaining 10% is diet and bad habit related that could be fixed by eliminating things from his diet but so much better he can put up with it not to have to give up those things.) Google yeast free diet. I had a book but can't remember the name or author. Basically you have to eliminate all refined sugars, white flour products, refined vinegar products (mustard, mayo. ketchup.) all fungus foods (mushrooms, alcohol), and dairy. He stuck to this diet Mon-Fri and splurged on the weekends and still had great results. He now treats his heartburn with baking soda and water when it occurs. It works wonders for him and does the job. Good luck and congratulations on deciding to take your health into your own hands and fix the problem instead of cover it up.

Basil Seeds   1  0   

Posted by Soneeta (Santa Cruz, California) on 02/10/2013

[YEA]  Acid Reflux: Mix 1 teaspoon Basil seeds (Tutmalanga) in a glass of water, let sit for 5 minutes (the seeds will look like it has fuzz on it) than drink it.

Bentonite Clay   1  0   

Posted by GT (Vero Beach, Florida) on 08/24/2007

[YEA]  Used Medicinal grade Bentonite clay for acid reflux,works within a few sips. Get a small bottle of water put in a teaspoon of bentonite clay (PH is 9.1) shake hard so it disolves in the water and take some sips. You will notice within the second sip the acid starts to calm down. A note; People with bad acid reflux have trouble sleeping, magnesium gets depleted when acid is on overload, a few sips of bentonite clay before bed you sleep like a baby. Magnesium has a 'calming' effect for the mind and the physical muscles. There is magnesium in bentonite clay.

Betaine Hydrochloride   5  0   

Posted by Norman (Anza, California) on 12/14/2009

Acid Reflux Can IMO be caused by too little hydrocloric acid as well as two much. Years ago I had very bad acid reflux a friend told me to take HCl capsules, I thought he was nuts telling me to take acid on what I thought was already too much acid in my stomach. But I worked, Years later it came back again I tried tums, milk, water etc, it was like pouring gasolene on fire. Then I remembered the HCl and it went right away. So in my opinion it is difficult to tell if your to acid or too alkaline, Same symptoms.

EC: Note: IMO is slang for "In My Opinion"

Replied by David
Pensacola, Fl
This works great... And so does eating fresh Grapefruits. Grapefruit juice helps, but is not as fresh.... it is not as strong then. The best was D-Limonene... A Citrus Peel Extract.

Posted by FreeBrrd (San Francisco, CA USA) on 05/04/2009

[YEA]  Acid reflux symptoms are same for too much acid & too little acid. Most treatments are for too much. Most treatments will take care of the symptoms either way. Test for too little acid is if vinegar helps as it is acid. From my research, I don't think vinegar will cure too little acid, just the symptoms. Taking betaine HCL is supposed to cure it by teaching your system to produce more acid.

Too little acid causes nutrients to not be absorbed. You may become anemic, etc. I think this is why they say that older folks do not absorb nutrients as well ei. calcium.

So while the stuff you get at the drugstore will cure the symptoms, if you have too little acid, it will actually make the problem worse.

If you search online for Betaine HCL and acid reflux, it will tell you how to do it. Basically take the HCL with meals that include protein. Take enough to make you feel better. After a while you should be able to reduce amount of HCL taken, stopping completely at some point. If you use acid blockers, etc. it reverses the good results.

Get Betaine HCL at health food stores. Pharmacists go into shock if you tell them that you want to take Hydrochloric acid.

Posted by Woody (Frankston, Australia) on 09/08/2008

[YEA]  I have suffered Gastric Reflux for about 6 years, tried eveything including Tagamet, Zoton and all the beta blockers and Proton pump inhibitors but nothing worked. One day I tried Betaine, one tablet at breakfast and 6 years of grief have been replaced with zero reflux. This has been good for 3 months now with no problems at all. What causes Acid reflux is slow digestion, the added Acid from Betaine speeds up digestion. And the food goes down.

Posted by Dee (Middlesbrough, England) on 07/04/2008

[YEA]  Hi again everyone, I have had gastric reflux for six years for two of those years I lived on salmon and cous cous, that was all I could eat. Recently though my life has turned around, I realised through this website that I had low acid. The ACV worked but not enough to make a huge difference. I have also had accupuncture which I think has helped.
But one day I had indigestion as usual and I tried a clementine, within a few minutes I started to feel better. I started to eat them after main meals which prevented any symptoms from coming on. I would also take them to work and have one if any symptoms came on. Then I tried Betaine Hydrochloride which has made such a difference to what I can eat. You can only use Betaine Hydrochloride if you know for definate that its low acid and you shouldn't try if you think you may have an ulcer. If fruits like oranges or lemon alleviate your symptoms then it might help you.
I hope so. Dee

Posted by Jonathan (Van Buren, Arkansas) on 06/15/2006

[YEA]  I took Betaine Hydrochloride which is basically stomach acid ingredients in pill form to add acid back to my stomach (which I was lacking apparently). I had been on Prilosec, Prevacid, etc. for a VERY long time. I was starting to suffer from the side effects; when I stumbled onto this site. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar at first and it worked great (which told me I lacked acid in my stomach). I hated the taste of it though and wanted something I wouldn't have to force myself to take. So; I read remedy #5 and decided to try it. I went to the health food store and described what I wanted and they went and got it right away. I've been trying it for the past two days now and my stomach has been great!!!! I give a big YEA to the Betaine Hydrochloride.. it works!

Posted by John

[YEA]  If apple cider vinegar cures acid reflux then you do not have enough acid. An acid supplement like Betaine Hydrochloride can work wonders. It did for me. I lived on acid reducers until I figured it out. Quick test take a teaspoon of baking soda on empty stomach. A good belch with normal stomach acid should occur in 2-3 minutes. Mine took 15-16 minutes. Goodbye to Nexium/Prevacid etc.

Replied by Rob
Prince George, Va
Hey John, with very little acidity in your stomach, would this possibly produce hard stools???
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
To Rob from Prince John,

08/25/2008: Rob from Prince George, Va replies: "Hey John, with very little acidity in your stomach, would this possibly produce hard stools???"

I'm not John you asked the question of, but I can tell you that too little fiber and too little water will definitely cause hard stools.

Blackstrap Molasses   1  0   

Posted by Kat (Arlington, Tx) on 01/09/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  This is my first post on Earth Clinic. I just started using BSM this past week for the first time ever. I had never even tasted it before. I'm trying the Organic Unsulphered Wholesome brand. (I wanted to use the Plantation Organic brand because it's packaged in glass instead of plastic, but I couldn't find any. :() So far I'm only using 1 tsp in my coffee once a day. One day I also tried it in tea, and it tastes ok, but I like it better in coffee. Anyway, I only started for the health benefits of getting extra vitamins and minerals, and also as a possible hope of maybe helping my endometriosis. I found it on Earth Clinic while trying to help my mom find a cure for her very large Uterine Fibroid so that she won't have to have a hysterectomy. So I figured, if people say it can help that then maybe it could help me also.

Well, I would have never guessed that it would help my GERD/Acid Reflux! I had no idea it could be used for that. I've mainly heard about ACV. I know it's got to be the BSM that's helping. I have had GERD for the past 2-3 years, and it is flairing really badly right now. I have been in extreme pain and discomfort this last week from reflux (dry cough throughout the day, acid belly--which I normally only get during my cycle, burping up food and acid 1-2 hrs after I eat, congestion in the morning). Somehow these symptoms have become considerably less since starting the BSM, and it hasn't even been a full 7 days. Amazing.

Last night I even ate tacos and didn't have any reflux issues. That's a huge breakthrough. I will try using up to the recommended 1 TBSP on the bottle to see if that cures it completely.

Posted by Kita (Detroit, Michigan) on 08/19/2007

[YEA]  I had acid reflux bad for the past two years. Oneday my aunt went to a health food store. Her and a lady got to talking about blackstrap. The lady had tried everything for her acid reflux so the doctor finally told her about blackstrap molasses. My aunt brought some for me and within days the acid reflux started to go down. Now I have been taking it for4 months now. It is just about cured! It is the best thing for acid reflux. I took two teapsoons of it everyday in april and now I take less because it doesnt bother me. One or two teaspoons will help get you through the whole day.

Blended Raw Potato   2  0   

Posted by Mia (Chicago, IL) on 11/08/2006

[YEA]  I was suffering from a very, very bad sore throat. I was told to suck on ice in order to keep my throat muscles and glands from swelling, making it hard to breathe. Someone suggested I take ibuprofen (Advil (100 mg of Ibuprofen) to prevent my glands from swelling, I did. I took two every 6 hours, for a day and developed that "acidity/belching/sour, bitter" is horrible. I firmly believe that ibuprofen brought it on. My Mom had the same problem. Our remedy is, RED POTATO and ONE CUP MILK. Chop up RED potato, throw in blender, add cup of milk, blend until liquefied. Strain the mix and drink. Two times a day, for about 5 to 6 days will do the trick. NO DRUGS NECESSARY!

Posted by Maylin (Miami, FL) on 01/24/2006

[YEA]  Hi, I've found a good amount of (acid) relief by drinking a raw potato in the morning. I peel one raw potato (although people recommend to ingest the peel), dice it, put it in the blender with some water, strain it and drink it. Best way to drink it is by covering your nose and drinking it fast without tasting. It relieves reflux with its base-like qualities.

Blood Type Diet   0  0   

Posted by Janise (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/23/2009

I read of a test. After a meal when you are experiencing reflux to sip apple cider vinegar. If you feel better you have low acid stomach if you feel worse you have high acid stomach.

Also I take papaya enzymes chewable after eating carbohydrates and Bromelain digestive after I eat proteins.

Also if you have type A Blood you tend to have low stomach acid production and pineapple enzymes are best and papaya is not as good. Reading the ___ ___ __ ___ __book will help you discover which foods you can digest better than others. I found this book most helpful for my digestion as well as other bodily symptoms. I use to get cold sores on my lips all the time, headaches and hemmeroids and when I ate the diet for Type A Blood all of the symptoms have gone away and not come back for 4 years now!!! This book is really right on for my friends too with different blood types.

Hope you feel better! Good luck.

Replied by Janise
Los Angeles, Ca
One more comment on Apple Cider Vinegar, my doctor said it does help people but doesn't correct the problem. The problem is to diagnose which enzymes you need to get your digestion back on track.

Also Pro-Biotics are helpful. The best kind to get is "Enteric Coated" capsules. ___ has a good one and also ___ ___ has a good enteric coated Pro-biotic. All others digest in the stomach before they can get to the lower intestines where they do their work. Enteric coated capsules don't open until they hit the lower digestive track. I once had an enteric coated capsule in my pants pocket and did a load of laundry and when I took them out of the wash the capsule was still intact which proves it ability to not open in the stomach. Pro-biotics may make you bloat the first few days if you have not taken them before. The Enteric Coated capsules are powerful. If you have taken non-enteric coated forms of pro-biotics before and then take the enteric ones you will notice a huge beneficial difference and realize you were wasting your money on other forms of pro-biotics. Forget eating yogurt for pro-biotics the dairy is not so good for your stomach and the pro-boitics digest before they can get to the lower digestive track.

Think healthy and positive is always a plus in any healing treatment.

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