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Acid Reflux
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Cure Acid Reflux with Home Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 27, 2015

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Posted by Angi (Peoria Il) on 01/25/2014

[YEA]  OMG I'VE BEEN UP FOR HOURS CRYING OVER THIS BURNING PAIN IN MY BACK CHEST AND THROAT!!! Nothing was working.... Until I looked up natural remedies! It just so happened my son ate the last pickle today :, ( HOWEVER, my boyfriend likes to eat weird things like honey on grilled cheese and drinks the pickle juice once the pickles are gone! Usually I get mad because he ALWAYS leaves a empty jar of pickle juice in the fridge..... Which I would normally toss out! NOT THIS TIME AND I AM SO THANKFUL for my boyfriend and his weird pickle juice cravings!!!! IT REALLY WORKED AND IN MINUTES!!! I can FINALLY fall asleep now!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AHHHHHHH

Posted by Anon (Scotland, Uk) on 07/01/2013

[YEA]  I think I've inherited Acid Reflux as both my parents took a certain milky-liquid non-prescription treatment for heartburn. I have just recently started getting acid reflux/heartburn on odd occasions when I've eaten late. The last time I had it my first thoughts were to stock up on those fizzy tablets made of citric acid/bicarbonate soda or something similar (don't like the idea of that milky liquid stuff). I looked in my kitchen cupboard and had Apple Cider Vinegar which I took diluted in water (a couple of teaspoons in less than half a glass. It didn't help much so I rooted around some more and found a jar of pickle juice, My mum had sent me a jar of pickled peppers; I'd finished the peppers but the pickle juice was still there. I took a couple of swigs of the juice just by instinct and the sour-fermented taste was an immense relief, not to mention quite tasty!

I came here to look for a less weird remedy but it seems I've already got the top two remedies after all!

Posted by Loretta (Ofallon, Il.) on 07/21/2011


Replied by Shiran
London, England
[NAY]   I read all the positive comments here and went straight out to get some pickles. Unfortunately, soon after eating a pickle with a few spoons of juice my symptoms got quickly and markedly worse. So I'm really glad some of you guys have had such great results from something so simple, but I guess I may have a different problem. Are there some people who actually DO have too much acid that is causing these problems? I've started on plant enzymes and priobiotics.
Replied by Cassandra
Utopia, Canada, Ontario
[YEA]   This really worked for me as well. Usually, I wake up with acid reflux and it continues through my day to the point that I get sick 2-3 times before I sleep. I drink Gavisgon and I chew the tums smoothies and they dont work for me. Eating plain foods like boiled broccolli and chicken breasts help the feeling of my acid reflux and sometimes it helps prevent the pain as well. This morning I woke up with really bad acid pains to the point where eating my food was making me nauseaus. I ate a pickle and drank a couple mouothfuls of pickle juice and it totally took my pain away! I definatly recommend everyone try this, because I suffer from really bad Acid Reflux pains, and this worked like a miracle! Don't spend your money on temporary relief stuff, this works way better!
Replied by Mama T
Sparks, Nv
Pickle juice is an acid. Years ago I was having severe acid reflux and would not try over the counter stuff. I went to our local health store and I learned a wonderful lesson that BIG PHARMICA doesn't want you to know. When you have acid reflux it is caused because you don't have enough acid! They want to sell you the band aids, the prescriptions. The clerk told me that as we age or if we have poor diets (not enough fermented foods) our stomach does not have enough acid when we eat. So the food goes in and the body reacts by producing acid to digest the food, after the food is in the belly, so the acid goes on top of the food, causing a reflux of too much acid, too late. What he told me I needed was to increase my acid before I eat so that the acid is there under the food in the belly. This information was contrary to what we learn on TV or magazines. He was so certain, he opened a bottle and gave me a handful of HCL hydrocloric acid capsules for free to try this out. There was enough for about 8 days. He said if it works, which he assured me it would, I could come back and buy the bottle. He said take one or two before each meal. I did, and I did come back and buy the bottle because it worked! I asked him how I know when it is enough. He said you can tell when you have balanced your acid when it starts to burn after the meal. You'll know. After a couple weeks I stopped taking them for a time until I need to do it again, which was quite a while. So, you see, eating a pickle before is increasing the acid in your belly. I also drink the apple cider vinegar daily when I get up in the morning. I have done this for years. It helps with your overall ph balance.

This year I got acid reflux even though I drink the vinegar. When I took the HCL it didn't work. I was burning up! I realized I had become too acidic! I quit taking the apple cider vinegar for a while, drank some club soda. I had to bear thru this for a couple weeks to balance out. I do have the saliva test strips for testing my spit first thing in the morning. I just thought that the vinegar was good. I guess it can become too much of a good thing. Now I don't drink the vinegar as often. I hope this helps turn your acid reflux upside down!

Posted by Courtney (Rockford, Il) on 12/26/2010

[YEA]  I am a 19 year old female and just found out I have acid reflux. I went to the hospital one night because I just couldnt take the pain anymore. Nothing was working. I was put on medication and it worked. Then my perscription ran out. Now my pain has come back. I just tried pickle juice and it helped a lot. I can lay in bed the way I want to. I can walk and do the normal every day things. Thank so much Eirth clinic!!!!!!

Replied by Kim
Columbus, Oh
[YEA]   I woke up at 3 am with awful heartburn. I never suffer from Acid Reflux so I was a bit alarmed. Tried to go back to sleep but it would not go away. At 4 am I got online and saw something about eating bananas... Tried it... It helped a bit so I could sleep... But I woke up at 7am with the reflux again... Took zantac, tums... Nothing seemed to help... Found this site about pickles and had to give it a try as I was about to call Dr. Opened a jar of Claussen dill pickles and poured a 1/2 cup... And took a pickle to nibble as I was not sure I could handle the juice. It really wasn't that bad... And it helped almost immediately... So much so that I decided I could have a second round of juice and another pickle.. I have no idea how or why this works... But hey... Whatever works! :)

Posted by Pye (Spokane, Washington Usa) on 12/01/2010

[YEA]  I can't believe how FAST and well this worked!!!! I've been on Prilosec OTC and it seems to have stopped working the last month or so. After I woke up gasping for breath after having aspirated regurgitated stomach acid while I slept (absolutely NOTHING scarier) I turned to the NET and found this site. I had no ACV and was snowed in at the time so couldn't go get any, but I DID have a couple of jars of pickles in the pantry. Incredible but true - after downing about 1 oz of the pickle juice from the jar of sweet pickles (gherkins, in about a half hour I wasn't feeling the acid coming up anymore. Last night I did the same again before bed and actually had the first restful sleep I've had in ages, with NO acid coming up into my throat. Thank you, thank you.

Posted by Toni2201 (Detroit, Mi) on 12/08/2009

[YEA]  For the past three nights i have woken up at around 2am on the dot, with a burning sensation in my throat, i know something was up, so i stumbled upon this website, and the pickle juice remedy.

I love pickles and the juice that is left after they are gone, so i easily downed about half a cup, and almost immediately i felt relieved, i feel nothing in my throat right now, and i can go back to sleep now...thanks for the wonderful remedy, now im gonna go give my wife a nice big pickle juice breath remedy kiss..i hope she enjoys...

Posted by Josh (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/23/2009

[YEA]  I have had Acid Reflux for years. One quick fix that works for me is pickle juice. I just buy a jar of pickles from the store and when I have a bad acid attack I drink the juice from the jar. About 1/2 cup should work depending on how bad your have it at the time. It's a quick temporary fix but it works very fast. Do not get the "Zesty" pickles or any that have peppers. I made that mistake by not reading that label or looking at the bottom of the jar before I bought them. The peppers make things worse. There seems to be a common trend here with vinegar based products. Remember it's the juice, not the pickles.

Replied by Chieko
Albuquerque, Nm
First I try vinegar. If that doesn't work, then the pickle juice. I feel the salinity of the pickle juice contributes to its effectiveness. Also works for me is pickled hot pepper juice (capsaicin is a natural anti-inflammatory), and the juice from pickled ginger (another anti-inflammatory long known for its gastrointestinal benefits). If the reflux is bad, I may have to do all of the above to get relief.

Posted by Enjoyeroflifenstuff (Martinsville, In, USA) on 10/10/2009

[YEA]  Hi, im 22 and have had acid reflux most of my life and have ALWAYS had to watch what i eat. But, after it clears up for a while ill slip and eat something to set it off again. So, tonight, it's 3:30 in the morning and im extremely pissed at myself for having chocolate cake and coffee earlier, first time for both in a few months. haha, now im dealing with what feels like chemical burns at the base of my throat. I've never done anything about it except sip on water while standing for a few hours, yes it's honestly terrible. but ive learned to accept it as a part of life, until now, this defining and sure to be remembered moment in my life.... pickle juice. i read it about fifteen minutes ago, paced around the house for about five, and then with a trembling hand downed 1/2 a cup of vlassic's finest. and now after my stomachs settled (somewhat), i can honestly say i do believe it worked. or at least eased it considerably. finally, something. thank you.

Replied by Asdf
Tucson, Az
[YEA]   I completly understand what you mean by the whole "pacing for a couple of hours just drinking water" as im actually doing right now as my reflux is literally burning my throat up in flames. I took a little sip of pickle juice and it settled a little so im just gonna take my happy butt to the refrigerator and drink some more.

Posted by Athena (Santa Fe, Nm) on 08/22/2009

[YEA]  My husband asked me to write to your great website to let others know what works for him. He was prescribed two Omeprazole caps per day for his long-standing acid reflux, but since he started eating one or two whole kosher dill pickles in the evening, he hasn't had to take any Omeprazole caps! I know that others have had success with pickle juice. Thanks for this extremely helpful site!

Posted by Hampton (Tampa, FL) on 07/29/2009

[YEA]  Just to let everyone know... I didn't think it would help but after suffering for almost 3 hours, I went to the deli in my work complex and they poured me about 4oz of pickle juice and it worked like a charm. I'm definitely going to buy a jar today!

Posted by Brittnchristina (Fredericksburg, VA) on 05/28/2009

[YEA]  I was miserable with acid reflux especially more so now then ever before since I am pregnant. It seems everything no matter what it is causes the acid to come and scares me half to death just to eat anything at all. So, I came across this site and read all the comments from all the other people. I was seriously skeptical and scared to try the pickle juice idea because pickles have been causing me acid indigestion too. However, I poured a little in a cup and just drank it down. I'd say within a minute I didn't have the acid backing up into my throat and within about ten to fifteen minutes I was acid free. I still had tenderness in my stomach from the acid being there but was able to go to sleep finally and was no longer miserable. Thank you very much for this site.

Replied by Tanya
Chicago, Il
I am now pregnant and wondered how well the pickle juice worked for you throughout your pregnancy. Did you continue to take it? Did reflux come back?

Posted by ROB (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 12/23/2008

[YEA]  Well today was a bad day for me, I don't usually suffer from any type of acid reflux, however today it started around 1pm. After taking 6 antacids and drinking hot water, and then eating bread, I still had this awful burning sensation in my throat. I decided to give the internet a try and typed in acid reflux natural remedies. This is how I came to find your site. I looked through and found you had a pickle juice remedy. Being a pickle lover I found this humerous as i have never thought to drink the juice. after four and a half hours of suffering I decided to go up to the fridge (I am at work, and yes I even keep my own pickle jar at work) and pour myself a glass of pickle juice. It took me about 3 minutes to muster the courage to drink it but i did (6 oz), and AWESOME it worked so well, I even grabbed 2 pickles about 5 minutes later to eat. Thank you for having this posted.

Posted by Nikki (Racine, Wisconsin) on 11/30/2008

[YEA]  Acid reflex and pickle juice.

It was the oddest thing - I have had acid reflex from hypothyroidism for years. As most of the readers here I tried everything OTC and Rx to help and most of the time it did nothing - or at times created more symptoms I chose not do have.

Oddly - in the last few months - I stummbled across in my reading that sea salt and ACV help adrenal fatigue. Knowing I had this I realized I was craving salt to no end and pickle juice seemed to be what I wanted more than anything. I recall way back my father drinking straight out of the pickle jar and as a kid I was horrified of the thought of him doing that.

Not only are my adrenals being repaired - but the horrible acid reflex will dissappear almost immediately when I get a bout of it. I love Valasic garlic pickles and that is what I mostly have in the house.

This morning - and it sounds gross - but I had acid so bad that I convinced myself to slam a couple of gulps down and again at 5am - GONE again.

Thanks earth clinic for helping me overcome this horrible acid and reminding that Daddy knows best!

Replied by Marilyn
Warner Robins, Ga
I have hypothyroidism and acid reflux too. Do you think the 2 are related? I thought I inherited GERD from my grandfather but I'm not sure. I want to try the pickle juice cure. Which type of pickle works the best? I love bread and butter pickles but I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Posted by Barbara (Shelton, Connecticut) on 11/30/2008

[YEA]  Thank you so much for this remedy. My husband is always suffering from acid reflux and the OTC stuff doesn't seem to be working anymore. I just thought there had to be a natural way to cure it so I typed it in and I found your site. The pickle juice remedy did the trick and made him really happy because he loves pickle juice. I am not so happy about the smell but it makes me happy that he feels better.

He took about two swallows of the juice and within 3 minutes the acid reflux was gone.

Thank you so much!


Posted by Christina (Columbus, Ohio) on 09/29/2008

[YEA]  OMG, I had an acid reflex attack about an hour and a half ago and thought I was seriously gonna die. Im 26 and have only had this happen to me once befort; when I was pregant with my oldest child. I noticed it after taking my daily dose of zoloft. I hurried and got a drink of water and that never worked so I tried a glass of milk and still no relieve. I ran to the store and grabbed a bottle of Malox and it just made me burp and vomit; it was horrible. After having enuff and not wanting to go to the ER I looked online and came across this. Down the hatch and im still eating the pickles. It is really working,so far so good; I just hope it stays gone. Thank you! I just hope it stays gone; we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Replied by Martrob111
Hawthorne, CA
The pickle juice contains hydrochloric acid. You can buy hydrochloric acid pills at health food stores. I beleive it's called HCL. I ALWAYS HAVE SOME HANDY. I have used it for hangovers too.

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