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Menstrual Issues

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[YEA]  05/16/2007: Becky from Queen Creek, AZ: "I tried the blackstrap molasses remedy last month for menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. I started taking it right about when my period started. It helped a little bit, but I did still have some cramping. But I have been taking it every day for the past month and a half, and when I had my period this month, I had ABSOLUTELY NO CRAMPING! How wonderful! I think the bleeding was a normal level as well. Thanks for much for the info! I take 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses every morning in a glass of water along with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar."

[YEA]  04/23/2007: Zenith from Asheville, NC: "Thank you so much for your efforts in helping people like me take their health in their own hands! I have searched for years for the reasons I was feeling so sluggish and drained all the time, especially that one week (or more) a month....well I am here to tell you that there is certainly something to the Blackstrap WORKS!!!! For the first time since my youngest was born nearly 6 years ago I have suffered with nightmare periods, to the point where I wouldn't leave the house for nearly 10 days....after 5 weeks of taking BSM I am happy to say that my period was NORMAL and I am back to my old self again. I went from 10 days of misery to 5 days that I actually spent in my yard and garden. SMILE I take it as needed, if I started feeling crampy I would just eat it off the spoon and less than 30 minutes later...RELIEF! I recommend all women eat a little every day, you won't regret it! Good health to you all."

[YEA]  04/09/2007: Steel from Virginia, USA: "I was reading your notes regarding Black strap molasses, I used it for the past 2 months, I noticed that my period is less (5 days) compare to the 10 days, lighter and no pain at all. I will let you know if it shrinks my Uturus Fibroyd.The best way for me to eat it is with a glass of milk, or mix it with plain yougurt."

[YEA]  04/09/2007: Amanda from Sherman Oaks, CA: "I Love It's my go-to website for everything health related. I know if there's a solution out there, I'll find it here.

I was looking for a solution to my miserable menstrual cramps. I have been taking Advil for as long as I can remember because the pain has always been so bad.

I have tied other natural supplements and nothing worked. I saw the info on here about BSM and had to try it right away. I took a TBS the first day and my cramps were gone for almost a full 10 hours. I took it before bed and slept perfectly through the night. The next day I took 1 TBS in the morning (I drink mine hot with unsweetened vanilla almond milk) and by lunch I still had some dull aches so I took 1 more TBS and that did the trick no more cramps for the rest of the day. AMAZING!!!

I felt great during my cycle and had plenty of energy. It also relieved my constipation.

My cycle ended yesterday and today I took one teaspoon of BSM and I had lots of energy on the treadmill and no constipation.

Thank you for the wonderful remedy. I was soooooo skeptical but it really works."

[YEA]  03/26/2007: Vickie from Toronto, Canada: "I had been having heavy periods for about 2 years. About 5 weeks ago I discovered this site by accident and began using blackstrap molasses; 1 tbsp in a glass of warm water twice a day mostly on an empty stomach about 20 mins before breakfast and dinner. I also occasionally had constipation. First I noticed that I was going to the bathroom regularly and this month my period was a lot lighter. It works people; pleeeeeeeeeeease try it. It works! V"

[YEA]  03/11/2007: Melissa from Chicago, IL: "I have been taking Black Strap Molasses now for three weeks. 2 tbsp a day In that short time frame, I have noticed an increase in energy, my monthly cycle wasn't the horrid painful nightmare it usually is, it was pain free, clot free, and psychosis free for the first time in my life. And the nasty dark circles under my eyes have all but vanished! And they were bad, I looked like I had two black eyes. I tried everything you can think of to get rid of those dark circles and NOTHING worked before now. I look five years younger! I'm amazed at the results I've seen so far and I've been telling everyone I know about this site."

[YEA]  03/07/2007: Chrissy from Farmingdale, New York: "Hi everyone, Just want to say thanks for the blackstrap molasses remedy. I just started my flow yesterday and I have been eating molasses every few hours, it is amazing the difference in my flow and the cramping i am usually miserable and very very heavy with clotting and so far so good!!!!!!"

[YEA]  02/25/2007: Kim from Westport, MA: "I have followed the advice of others on this site regarding the blackstrap molasses cure for cramps! Ohhhhhh my it DOES WORK! I take 1 Tablespoon daily no matter what everyday. During my cycle when my cramps begin I take another tablespoon, guess what within 10-20 minutes I have no pain, no nothing, no symptoms. I also take Apple Cider Vinegar daily as well, and I feel this is helping with the bloating I would have normally gotten. I wish I had taken advice sooner, but all that matters is that it works! I trust what I read here on this site, because it works for me! My fingernails are growing strong and I am also able to have better bowel function, all in all this natural stuff is THE MIRACLE I have been looking for., They say when the student is ready the teacher appears! Guess I was ready! Thanks earthclinic for being my teacher, thanks to all those who write there words within this site. Thank you!"

[YEA]  02/12/2007: Caroline from Nairobi, Kenya: "Dear everybody, Thank you for your inspiring info about molasses. I have had fibroids for the last 3 years and all my life suffered from horrible period cramps. I was encouraged to drink 1 tsp of molasses daily with a cup of hot water day and night for the last 1 month and much to my amazement for the first time in my life i experienced no cramps whatsoever.Im confident my fibroids will be a thing of the past soon...Keep up the good work guys. Ill keep you posted. Carol"

[YEA]  11/19/2006: Andrea from Tulsa, OK: "I believe blackstrap molasses triggered my [menstrual] cycle, which had been off since July. I am using it daily 2 teaspoons in green tea and I am monitoring my fibroids-I know that it is helping with anemia because my weird cravings are seriously lessening- Love you people much, God Bless!"

[YEA]  10/24/2006: Suzy from British Columbia, Canada: "I SWEAR by this. Taking 2 or more tbsp. (I recommend 3-4 actually) of blackstrap molasses at a time and swallowing it down with water. Within 25 minutes your period cramps will be gone. Also repeat this every few hours at least the first 2 days then you can lessen it if you wish because you will also within half a day, notice a huge reduction in your flow. I know that much molasses at once is so rich (and gross!) to me but it works so well I've stuck to it for years. I used to sweat from the pain of my cramps ...I never get them anymore. The bottom line is my flow is cut in half and the days are also cut in half. Someone, please try it at least once and put your answer on here. It just works so great. Maybe you can mix the molasses in water or something to make it easier?? Good Luck!"

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Molasses Book Reviews

07/05/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France: "Book Review "Crude Black Molasses" by Cyril Scott

Even though the book is tiny half of the pages are empty while I think that there must be a lot of interesting things to say about molasses. I actually, only bought this book because I didn't find any other and was very interested in the subject. The author has a very Victorian style of writing which seems to indicate that the book was written long before the first edition was published. He talks about the amount of "gallons" being allotted to the UK in 1946, meaning that it was maybe written somewhere after that date but the writing style feels much and much older. The quality of the paper is also very bad especially for those people who, like me, like to underline anything important (the ink leaks to the next page quite easily).

Anyway, the book does contain some interesting information but would I have bought it if there was another alternative..... surely not!

This said I will go on taking my tspoon full of molasses every day, hoping to keep healthy and to have my hair restored to its original color! If it is true that it can protect from cancer, lower blood pressure, keep your nails and hair in a good condition, cure skin problems, growths, constipation and colitis, ulcers, arthritis, strokes and much more it is surely worth it! An interesting fact is that molasses are alkaline while white sugar turns acid in your body. And also his suggestion to add a bit of molasses when you make your jams (as I use jellifying sugar which only exists in refined form I have always worried about my jams not being too healthy after all!).

Maybe time some author would look into molasses and write a more comprehensive book?"

Molasses Daily Dosages

01/08/2012: Stella from Goose Creek, S.c.: "Blackstrap Molasses

My question is: how much is too much to take daily? I've read anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon 3 times daily. I've been using it in chai tea with almond milk. Sometimes hot and other times cold. Is the 3 tablespoons too much? Is it okay to take is by itself right from the spoon? Thank you."

01/08/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Stella, anything in excess is not good. But I can tell you from my experience with BSM for aleviating anemia, I took 1 Tblsp. In hot water and soymilk twice a day, till I felt stronger, and then tapered off to once a day and now once in a few days. That's what worked for me."
01/08/2012: Stella from Goose Creek, S.c. replies: "Thank you for responding. Has anyone used the BSM for weightloss? Someone told me it helps speed up the metabolism."

Molasses Recipes

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03/05/2013: Colleen from Brooklyn Park, Mn, USA: "I too am having issues with trying to drink down the Blackstrap Molasses. When I started taking it I would mix it with warm water and honey. It was ok. Now I have started adding it to my protien shakes with peanut butter. Today I made a protien shake with a banana and it's the best ever. The molasses strong flavor is hiden by the banana and the strong banana flavor is lessoned by the molasses. I'm not a fan of bananas in my shakes but this is wonderful. I have also mixed it with peanut butter and ate it on my toaste with honey. I know the BSM is helping me and my mentrual cycle however the taste is hard for me to stomach. Please keep posting your tricks for drinking down this black tar. I appreciate the recipes."

03/06/2013: Kathy from Ontario, Ca replies: "Hi Colleen, the way I take Black strap mollasses is in tea or coffee. It taste yummy. 1 Tablespoon in a cup of hot tea or coffee."

02/02/2013: Judy from NYC, NY: "Just wanted to add a new way of taking. I used vanilla extract 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of molasses, diluted with hot water and added almond milk. A wonderful soothing drink, as a pick me up or nightcap."

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