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Boron Vs Borax

05/01/2009: Marty from Nashville, Tennessee: "I want to try the Borax detox regimen, but I do not want to ingest Borax as sold commercially. I purchased a bottle of liquid Boron from a sports nutrition company, which is 99.9% Boron. The suggested daily dose is one teaspoon for adults. Do I use this amount with the one liter or water (and sea salt), or do I still use the 1/8 teaspoon as listed on this site? The liquid Boron I bought is 20 parts per million (ppm). Thank you in advance for your input."

Brain Fog, Lupus

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[YEA]  07/29/2009: Connie from Manitowoc, Wisconsin: "Hi Ted! God bless you for taking the time to help people with their health problems. I tried the borax on myself and feel soooo much better; my symptoms were/are similar to lupus, and Alzheimer's runs in my family. Since I tried the borax in water the other day (three days total, about 1/4 teaspoon per liter per day) I feel like my mind is much clearer and my stomach feels much lighter and more comfortable. My head used to feel very foggy, and I hurt all over. I also take 4,000mg or more ascorbic acid tablets and eat as many radishes as I can stomach. I was on Risperidone and Zoloft for two years and they didn't work nearly as well or as quickly. I feel 90% to 95% better and am absolutely amazed and delighted.

My question is, would you consider borax safe for cats? I would like to try adding it to my cat's water bowl. She's an indoor cat (used to live outside) who is 14 years old and doesn't have the energy or cheerfulness the other cats do."

08/08/2009: Rhonda from Lakewood, Ca replies: "Isn't borax a cleaning product? Is there a special type that can be safely ingested?"
11/21/2010: Martina from Vancouver, Bc, Canada replies: "My cat seems to enjoy taking a couple of licks out my drink... So it's really just a trace amount that she has - and she seems to like it. She won't drink bottled water, or tap water or water from the cooler. She'll only do Brita water if it's fresh."


03/10/2013: Susan from Nanango, Qld Australia: "Borax for systemic candida: Hi Ted. Have just started the Borax treatment at the rate of 1/8 tsp per litre of water. Have been sick for many years with chronic fatigue syndrome and am currently being tested for Lymes disease as well as other diseases. Have been diagnosed with parasites, blastocystis and another unknown. I have been treated for them and am going to have another test soon to see if they are erradicated. I also have systemic candida and am a very sick person. I am allergic to everything and have had over 400 allergy treatents. Will the borax treatment be able to kill systemic candida as well as blastocystis in case I still have them. I have heard they are very hard to eradicate. Would it be essential to take probiotics at the same time as I have developed a sensitivity to the particular brand I have been taking and they make me very unwell. Also, how long approx would I have to take it for to eradicate candida and can I take it indefinitely with the 3 day break every week?"

07/31/2013: Shonda from Arizona replies: "Susan, first with all that you listed, I would wonder if you live in a place with mold. The illness you have and chronic yeast issues are related to toxic mold exposure in buildings. And Lyme disease is really bad too. If you live in a place with water damage (mold) you need to leave ASAP and do NOT take your things with you or you will continue to cross contaminte your living space. Good luck. PS look for mold help on a yahoo group list. Take care, Shonda"
08/01/2013: Alice from Racine replies: "To clean items with mold, use oxine. it's great for disinfecting."


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[YEA]  12/08/2008: Carla from Greenville, NC: "I became a fan of borax when my son was 2 years old and had the chicken pox. His doctor told me to put him in a bath with borax and it would help with his itching. It was wonderful. He would sleep for hours after his borax fix. I used about 1 cup of borax in a tub of water deep enough to cover him. Now, I am trying to cut back my water usage. To do that I put a few oz. of borax in the bottom of a dixie cup and fill it with water. I pour it over my hair and rinse. Instead of using a cream rinse, I use a leave in spray rinse from my hair dresser. It helps save my well water, and my hair has never been so beautiful and soft. TRY IT!!!"

04/11/2009: Isis from Miami, FL replies: "Hi Carla,I read your posting about Borax in Earth Clinic and was wondering if you can answer a couple of questions. What Borax brand do you buy?

- Do you mix it with water to use it as a shampoo? -What amount of borax do you use in your hair? -Have you experience any hair loss for using borax? because is a laundry detergent Im trying to be careful for any side effects. I'm suffering a severe scalp infection, and read in Earth Clinic, borax can cure it.Thanks Carla"
06/30/2009: harmonious1 from Littleville, SW replies: "Borax (found in the laundry aisle) is NOT detergent. It is a water softener, and helps detergents work better, but is not itself a detergent!"


07/29/2012: Zahi from Lahore, Pakistan: "borax can be used for the treatment of chest infection in kids???"

10/14/2012: Stacey from Trinity, Alabama,usa replies: "I read your question and I know it has been months since you asked but I hope this helps you for the future and I pray all is well This link mentions borax as part of a remedy for this."

10/25/2010: Juju from Montague, Michigan, Muskegon: "My question is to see if anyone has experience with using Borax on their toddler. My sweet daughter has the most severe case of fluorosis. Her top 4 front teeth are decayed to the gumline. I believe from my ignorant taking of paxil for 15 years up until her 5th week of gestation. Sincerely, Julia"


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[YEA]  11/22/2007: Kristy from Lansing, Michigan: "Two of my kids have 'tried' to come down with colds during the last two weeks. When my son's hit, he was coughing so hard he was nearly vomiting. My daughter woke up coughing, a very sore throat and her voice was almost gone. Usually I have them do the inhaling of peroxide a few times a day and give them at least 1/4 cup of organic vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a little cinnamon and water each day. This time I added Borax water (1/8 teaspoon to 1 liter of water) to the mix-and their colds were gone in less than 12 hours. No one was more stunned than I was that it worked so fast! But I shouldn't have been surprised. I have had painful joints from fibromyalgia for years, but sometimes the pain in my right shoulder is almost unbearable (I'm right-handed). The last flare had been going on about 2 months and I was getting very little sleep, which was what spurred my finally giving in and trying the Borax. Within three days the severe pain was gone and I was back to just the normal pain! Now I just need to make myself drink it EVERY day and maybe all the pain will go away.

But, back to the original subject, everyone says there is no cure for the common cold. After what we saw earlier this month, I have to disagree!"

Demodex Mites

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/16/2010: Lakota from Paha Sapa, South Dakota, Usa: "borax/dermodex mites

Hello, im new to all this but im so glad i found this site. I found it through searchs at i knew i was dealin with nanoinsects and iv been using the exact measurements of borax and alittle Hydrogen Peroxide with a liter of water that Ted says to do. Iv been on it for about 5 days now and many many of the dermodex mites came to the surface of my skin. Its really gross, its all over my arms, shoulders and back. All over my stomach and legs. I dont know how i got it but i know i had it for many years since iv suffered from eczema all my life, im 27 yrs old now.

I really hope this stuff works quickly because as of right now i dont even want to go to the store. I got long sleeves but its really bad. I took a few baths with borax and i know its working. I always wanted to get to the source of the problem and attack it but i never found out how till now. No matter how long it takes i hope to be cleansed of all these nasty bugs. I also wanted to write and thank you for leading people to the truth and what most doctors wont tell us. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


10/14/2011: Sayno2gmo from Vancouver, Bc, Canada replies: "Any updates? Did you completely rid yourself of the mites?"

Diluting Borax

09/27/2013: Sherry from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "I will be going to Cuba in the near future. I have just started Borax - less than 1/8 tsp in a litre of water. Can I add Borax to it because coconut water is all I am going to be drinking when I am there for a week?

Thank you. Sherry"

09/27/2013: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "In order for Borax to be effective it needs magnesium so I would take it with a little magnesium if your body tends to be deficient in it."


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11/25/2011: Monica from Rutland, Vermont: "Ahhhhh!!! I am sooo confused.. I just started making my own dishwasher detergent with Borax (Mule Team) and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, and was about to make a batch of Laundry detergent using the same ingredients, Now I read that I should not be using Borax ( especially in Dishwasher ) because it could be leeching into my dishes therefore my food and making us sick... Can someone PLEASE calm my fears? Or at least tell me the real truth? Trying to be green and healthy as well as save money.

Also, if Bleach was accidently mixed with a detergent that I didn't know had ammonia in it, (another homemade cleaner),could it have damaged my or whomever used it lungs, and would the symptoms show immediately? Daughter has been sick for a month with lung issues, and now I am thinking back to that homemade bathroom cleaner, she does have allergies, and it is that season at our house, dust, pets, pollens etc.. So maybe I am just panicking..."

12/01/2011: Francisca from Zug, Zug, Switzerland replies: "Monica, you are not the only one trying to do your best but never quite knowing exactly what the best is or whether what you are trying out might harm you or your family! I always wonder why in the 21st century there is so much disinformation around..... I am in a permanent state of confusion so you are not the only one!"

[YEA]  09/05/2010: Piper from Toronto, On: "Add a tbsp to dishwasher and cut amount of soap in half. Best clean ever. Clear glasses. Also seems to eliminate the crud that sticks to dishes. Can also use baking soda. Now I use 1/2 borax and 1/2 baking soda mix."

[YEA]  06/07/2008: Elaine from Edmond, USA: "I tried mixing my dishwasher detergent with Borax and found my dishes and glasses sparkled. Not a spot on them. I no longer have to buy Jet Dry."


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[YEA]  05/25/2009: Denise from Biloxi, Mississippi : "Fibro/Flouride:

A brief history. 7 years ago thyroid cancer, the next year adrenal fatigue then early menopause, the following year uterine prolapsed followed by hysterectomy- the following year fibromyalgia and neuropathy. Early Childhood was fluorinated water along with fluoride tablets. Fall of 2008 I was looking at total disability. I could barely walk and couldn't sleep because of the pain and was throwing up daily from the pain in my back. I was on many medications that gave me no relief and I have since found out that they had fluoride as a binding agent. I was sure that my life was over at 45, but thanks to Ted and Earthclinic I am almost at 100%. After reading about fluoride I came to understand where all of my problems originated. I had all the symptoms and reactions. It has been an uphill battle with my doctors and relatives, but you can't argue with a body that is almost pain free. I began the borax detox of 1/8 tsp in a liter of water and within 3 days my symptoms were almost gone. I watch everything I eat and can detect fluoride in vitamins, foods and drinks within 15 minutes of ingesting it. I still suffer from the neuropathy and some pain from the neuropathy but I am off all meds and I have my life. I only wish more people would try to understand the fluoride connections. My sister and mother both suffer with side effects of fluoride and I have only been able to influence my mother. I still borax 5 days on and two days off and give my body a break every month or so for about a week. Thank you :)"

07/20/2010: Sher from Snyder, Tx replies: "Just wanted to ask yea if the borax helped with the neuropathy. My husband was diagnosed 2 months ago and nothing seems to help. He is up every night cant sleep and pain level on scale 1-10 is 8 or 9. He says he is starting to deal with cramping and soreness but the pains that shoot up his legs and burning of his feet he cannot stand. He lays in the floor and cries at times. He is taking gabapectin 200 mg 4 times a day and is on hydracodone. I feel helpless and would like to help find some kind of relief for him. I have him taking b12, b6, chromium picolate, and L-carintene, also magniusm. Just wondering how much borax he should try. And make sure it is safe to drink. Thanks alot!!!"
11/06/2011: Tashimoto from Vancouver, Canada replies: "REPLY TO SHER FROM SNYDER TX... I have read many testimonials on of people having success with neuropathy using Benfotiamine, a form of Vitamin B1.

Good luck!"

03/25/2013: Fiona from Tustin, Ca replies: "I felt so sorry about your husband. I used to cry out of pain. Arthritis, stomach ache, low memory. Even painkillers didn't help me. Everything changed when I tried a coffee enema.

About 1 minute after coffee goes into my body, pain just disappeared. It worked for headache, period pain, joint pain, just about any pain."

Fluoride Poisoning

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07/26/2010: Mick from Ravenna, Ohio, Usa: "Boiron USA makes a homeopathic borax tablet which can be purchased at most healthfood stores (some of which didn't even know they had it). It comes in a tiny plastic tube and can only be marketed to cure canker sores per FDA. I have found it in a 30C and 6C version. I am currently taking the 30C version at three micro tablets per day for flouride poisoning and will post results as they happen. Stay healthy stay strong."

[YEA]  08/05/2010: Mick from Ravenna, Ohio, Usa replies: "After 3 days on Borax microtablets for flouride poisoning I have a few things to report:

First and foremost was an amazing side effect that I didn't expect. I have experienced what I call "floaties" in my eyes, these are black hazy spots that move when I move my head, that I have had for years and are now gone. After day one my vision was a little blurry, but after day 2 no more blur and no more floaties. It wasn't till after day three that I was really shocked. As I was driving to work I passed a sign that I hadn't been able to read for years and I read the sign. I immediately called my wife and read to her all the license plates of the cars in front of me, which I haven't been able to do. Finally, I could make out the pine needles on the pine tree in my back yard, yet another pleasant surprise. I did experience some extra joint pain and it definitely fired up my kidneys but both subsided after day 2. I did experience the testicular pain and found this was probably due to the high levels of sodium in the area which flouride tends to bind to easily. Boiron recommends using product for only 3 days at a time and I am currently on a break. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who's flouride levels are high."

08/11/2010: Deirdre from Earth Clinic replies: "Many thanks to Mick for letting us know about the homeopathic version of borax. For some reason, I had a tough time finding the product based on Mick's two posts while searching on Google. I finally found it on (once I plugged in the right key words) and ordered a pack of 5 over the weekend. Just got them yesterday.

Here's the 5-pack I bought on Amazon. You can also buy single packs.

If you want to search Google Shopping, here's the link.

For those who, like me, find it impossible to read the tiny print on the container, it says: "5 pellets in the mouth three times a day until symptoms subside." As mentioned by Mick, this product is used for canker sores."

11/12/2012: Always Do Research from Northwest, New Mexico replies: "you may want to research "homeopathic"

it does not mean"herbal" or "alternative" as I had thought. I got a homeopathic asthma spray as a last result last week, it did nothing, and after researching what "homeopathic" means, I was disappointed to find out that I spent 20 dollars on water.

some people swear by homeopathy and that's fine for them, howerver, I liken it to faith healing.

for example, a 30c dilution of borax, in this case.. They take 1 measure of boxax diluted in 99 measures of water/alcohol, tap it a few times, then dilute one part of the tincture to 99 parts of water/alcohol, tap, repeat 29 more times, untill there is 10x^-30, measures of borax in the tincture or. 000000000000000000000000000001% borax.

you could make this at home if you want to skip the tapping part, by putting a grain of borax into your swimming pool and then taking a few drops of the water. at 60c dilution (which is "stronger"?) there is a less than 60% chance that there is even a single borax molecule left in the mix.

to me this seems like hokuspokus faith healing, as the "vibration" of the borax is all that is left in the pill, and the "vibration" is what is supposed to "cure" you. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody who has faith in homeopathy, I just wanted to share what I learned, because, like many friends who I have asked, I assuemd "homeopathic" meant some sort of herbal or "home made/back to nature" sort of fix

also, since "less is more" in homeopathy, I worry that one can easily overdose on homeopathic medicine by not taking it at all. Makes me wonder how many people have died from homeopathic overdoses only to have their cause of death be officially recorded as natural causes. caveat emptor."

12/01/2012: Conniemerie from Twin Lakes, Wi replies: "I understand your disbelief in the efficacy of homeopathy; it does seem incredible at first. I was first exposed to the healing power of it after I kissed a booger baby. The following day I was at the chiropractor's office that I was performing massage out of and really starting feeling poorly. I mentioned it to the doctor and he asked me what my symptoms were. He came back with a bottle and said to take these as needed. I asked how many and he said I should experiment; so I did. About an hour later he came back and asked how I was feeling and I told him that all of the symptoms seemed to be worse! He replied, "you must have a very pure system to react so quickly. He suggested that I leave and continue taking them until I got home and go right to bed. I got home around 2:30pm and didn't get up until the following morning and all my symptoms were gone! I happen to be one of those people that does not respond well to pharmaceuticals... Never have (i was 45 at the time); so this really impressed me. In order to understand how homeopathy works you need to understand and believe that everything our bodies need to heal are in us. Were you ever so sick that you needed to be nursed because you couldn't think what to do for yourself? well, even when you're a little sick, your brain has a hard time ferreting out what the problem is and how to fix it without a little help. Homeopathy introduces a little of what ails you so that your brain can identify the problem and send out the proper antibodies to fight the invaders off."
09/27/2013: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Homeopathy is an energy medicine. It changes the water itself. That is why the more diluted it is, the more power it has. The medicine is in the water/alcohol. Not really in the substance although the substance helps change the water."

07/06/2009: Sylviamzz from Miami, FL: "I have no doubt that I have suffered in part from lifelong exposure to fluoride, but I also believe my mother tried to poison me with Borax detergent booster when I was a child. I can't go into why I believe that, but I have a good reason to. From childhood onwards, I have suffered from fatigue, muscle weakness, and other symptoms of both fluoride poisoning and borate poisoning. I can't see myself swallowing the very chemical my mother used to try to end my life. Do you have any alternatives?"

04/05/2010: Commonsense from Washington, DC replies: "Re: > "I can't see myself swallowing the very chemical my mother used to try to end my life."

Borax has the same toxicity as table salt. To "end someones life" with Borax, you'd have to eat the entire box."
02/14/2012: Nat from North Royalton, Oh replies: "Maybe your mother was trying to help your ailments or supplement with Borax. I've read Earthclinic posts that supplementing with Borax helps colds clear much faster. Maybe you misinterpreted your mother's intentions."
01/01/2013: Wolfgang from Squamish, Bc replies: "You say your fatigue came back, Did you have those problems before? Do you think that maybe the lack of borax is what is causing you to have these common problems everybody takes medicines to try to fix? To me it sounds like you are trying to blame these symptoms on le borax when you might be becoming boron deficient :P"



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