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Posted by Piper (Toronto, On) on 09/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Add a tbsp to dishwasher and cut amount of soap in half. Best clean ever. Clear glasses. Also seems to eliminate the crud that sticks to dishes. Can also use baking soda. Now I use 1/2 borax and 1/2 baking soda mix.

Posted by Elaine (Edmond, USA) on 06/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I tried mixing my dishwasher detergent with Borax and found my dishes and glasses sparkled. Not a spot on them. I no longer have to buy Jet Dry.


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Posted by Pinch (London, England) on 03/04/2015
0 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone,

I have to say this site is very enlightening! I have been using Borax 20 team Mule for about 8 weeks now. Dosage 1/4 tsp in a pint of distilled water with 7 drops of Lugol's iodine and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Consumed each day.

Right now I am in a lot of pain, actually I am finding it hard to write, otherwise I would be far more polite.

I am 52 going on 53, male. 6'2", weigh about 90kg, I don't carry a lot of fat. Around 3 years ago I started to experience a lot of pain around my joints, shoulders and back.

I am a landscape gardener and sometimes the work is extremely physically labour intensive as I do a lot of garden construction. I live in London and a lot of the gardens are inaccessable to machines, diggers and the like, so it's all by hand.

I have noticed that after a hard day at the office that the morning after my body feels like its on fire and the pain is everywhere. My body is also very stiff all over and takes about 2 hours to limber up. I am inclined to believe that I have fibromyalgia like symptoms.

Since taking Borax I have noticed improvements in finger joints, knees and elbows. They feel stronger and less sensitive.

Right now though I have developed extreme pain in my right hip and I think it is the joint itself, also my right leg is numb along its length. I am not able to walk more than a few steps as the pain is unbearable. I have also developed a chest infection which seems to be clearing somewhat but this morning I was coughing up a disgusting green sputum.

Over the last 2 months or so I have been working hard on my house in preparation to sell it and move lock stock and barrel's to South West France where we own a very old farm which needs restoring from top to bottom. Part of my prep has been to try and rid myself of these physical ailments so that I will be fit and healthy for the work ahead which is considerable.

I have never had problems in my hips and if this problem persists then I will be fit for nothing. I have 2 sons aged 15 and 7 and we had daughter last September so you see I need all my strength most importantly for them and the wife. I think I might have overdosed on the Borax.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Julian

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Julian, I suspect that when we are generally low in vitamins and minerals, it is possible that supplementation can exacerbate other deficiencies.

Going on this premise, you might want to look into the vitamins that tend to be depleted by boron--possibly vit d, calcium and especially magnesium. High vitamin A may help with the lung infection issue.

Replied by Iowama
Dear Pinch, I am sorry you are in such pain and I have not used Borax. We share a background in hard horticultural work, however, and I am going to throw out a few things that have stopped the pain that used to wake me up in the night. My pain was in my hands, neck, and ankles and, after doing a lot of reading, I found help through simple changes. I did drink a tea made from vinegar for a while, but later amended my diet to keep my body alkalized. I started drinking a lot more unflouridated water and stopped most alcohol, all flour, sweets, and dairy. These last 4 are common sources of inflamation. I don't know about you, but some of the joints that were painful actually looked reddish each morning. Now my joints are the same color as the skin around them and I rarely feel morning stiffness. In fact, your letter reminded me that I hadn't given stiffness a thought in many months. The thing about this site is that one never knows what things have already been tried, but perhaps you may find something useful here. Good luck to you.

Pinch, If I may add another comment, I just remembered another change I made that helped joint pain and stiffness. It was just the simple taking of a couple of calcium capsules per day. Now I have switched to drinking homemade bone broth instead. My feeling is that you had damaged joints and now have fibromyalgia as well.

Replied by Pinch
London, England
Here is a link with great information re fluoride:

Replied by Pinch
London, England
3 out of 5 stars
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my post Nanowriter and Iowama. I have also written a couple of emails to Ted but so far no reply, which is not suprising considering his difficulties.

I have done a lot of reading on Borax and in 1 article found on the internet somewhere it stated that Borax can bring on a Herxheimer reaction resulting in stiffness and pain in the shoulders in hips accompanied by numbness in hands and feet.

This indeed happened to me in a big way, first in the shoulders which subsided after a few days. Sometime later I noticed similar side effects in my right leg and then my hip which became excruciatingly painful and the pain extended down to my right knee. These areas are still very painful but it is beginning to lessen. I think I am having a Herxheimer reaction. I have always been an avid brusher of teeth using fluoridated toothpaste and I am convinced that this is part of the reason for my plight. I also discovered that it is possible that I am being decalcified. Apparently the sciatic nerve can be severely calcified from fluoride and the decalcification process is not on the list of great ways to have a good time. These articles go on to say that the Herxheimer reaction is a sign of healing and not to give up, so I have kept going. 10 weeks into it now.

I know that throughout my life I have subjected my body to gruelling feats of endurance as this my OTTP nature. You always pay the price somewhere down the line but hopefully it is not to late to put things right and also learn a bit of moderation.

I am now alkalising with Bicarb and also taking high doses of ascorbate acid, epsom salts in baths and internally. The baths are wonderful!

I have a big "L" plate on my back in regards to alternative remedies but I am a firm believer that God has provided everthing we need in nature for healing. The problem it seems is that we systematically consume food that is not beneficial to health and that medical science loves a sick population to maximise their profits. "For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." History provides all the evidence we need of this sad fact.

Many thanks again and good health to you always! Julian

Replied by Steven
Pennsylvania, Usa
I don't think you overdosed but I read that for persons with RA they often get worse before they get better. Hang in there or reduce your dose if you feel you must but I think in a few weeks you will find that there will be improvement. Research the herxheimer reaction possible with borax. Read about it at

Posted by Dave (Australia) on 01/04/2015

Hi my name is David.

I feel rather stupid about this. I have been reading a lot about borax for some of my ailments. Long story short, I have got a little mixed up with the rates. I have just taken a quarter of a teaspoon in 600ml of water. I now realise this may be way too much. I worried it will have some adverse affect. please help

Replied by Jenn
Coborra, Australia
I read on here some weeks ago that the quantity is the very tip of your finger in 1 litre of water, so about 15 grains of the stuff per 1000 mils.

As for your mixture..I would drink a lot of water about 3 litres, over the next couple of days then make a new batch, and when it does not taste soapy, you know you have it about right.

Now, I too am in Australia and wanted to ask you what borax you are using? This is because Hovex is no longer available anywhere around here, only the brand, Bare Essentials.

Replied by David
Hey again. Thanks for replying. I bought the bare essentials borax from Coles for bout 5 dollars. I read the msd sheet and it said it had no added fragrances. So I assumed this was fine????.I also feel totally fine a day after so I'm not so worried now.
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear David,

I think Ted's recommended dosage of borax for men is 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of water per day. 5 days a week. So you were not way off base. You might drink more water to dilute it further.

My husband takes borax five days a week. If he takes too much it gives him digestive distress. But it doesn't last too long. I would encourage you not to worry.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by David
I read it was a quarter of a teaspoon in a litre of water. That makes your solution. Then you on take one or two teaspoons of that litre solution per day. Can someone clarify if this is correct??

EC: Hi David,

Many people on EC have reported trying Ted's borax protocol, as follows:

Men: 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of filtered water. Sip on the borax water throughout the day until the liter is finished. Next day, prepare another liter. 5 days on, 2 days off.

Women - 1/8 teaspoon in a liter of filtered water. Same instructions as above.

Drink plenty of water without borax during the day as well.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
Hi David& Jenn, We have been using the bare essensials brand for a while now. I think it may be the only one available now in the suppermarkets. Harpers is not available any more here in Vic. At least l cant find it now. A mistake was made when I was very ill and I took aprox 1.5 tsp (yes more than 1 but less than 2 tsp with no ill effects. No matter how sick I am I have never made this mistake again. It is interesting to look at the msds of borax & the msds of sodium chloride (salt) and see how safe borax really is. Although as mama to many said digestion can be temporarily upset & I would assume hormones would be effected with larger doses.
Replied by Jenn
Cobbora, Australia
To Dave.... Re Borax:

Harpers and Hovex seem to be discontinued in many places in Australia unless there is old stock..As it doesn't go off in the traditional sense of the word, should you be able to access any of this it would still be ok to use.

I recently bought some Borax at our local Coles Supermarket, namely Bare Essentials...but I haven't used this yet... so hope this helps.

Replied by Elizabeth
Thornleigh, Nsw, Australia
0 out of 5 stars

After checking one of the other links about the effect on Candida, I now understand why this body is feeling currently worse. The mucus, pain in hand and finger joints, spinal stenosis symptoms of pinched nerves affecting neck, eyes, nose, ears, arms, skull (massive pain), depression etc. etc. - all part of the detox. I'm glad I read that as I had a feeling these are CURRENTLY detox symptoms and I'm prepared to continue until the boron in the Borax finally works, as I need a job. I'm 63. My meditation also gives relief to the pressure. Not a cure, but helps. Taking pressure off the mind takes pressure off the body.

Another place to get it in Oz is at Bunnings - same brand.

Good to read all this feedback on the effect of boron. I'm so grateful I finally discovered the info online. It gives hope.

Thank you all and I wish success - no more suffering and pain to you all.


Replied by Lucy
IGA supermarkets carry Harpers Borax in the cleaning section.
Replied by Christina
Hi David, are you 100% sure Bare Essentials Borax is perfect? No additives??? Please let me know!
Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.
Hi, You can buy Harper's powdered borax at IGA; I did until I discovered I could get a 20kg. bag from Blants wellbeing and lifestyle, much cheaper even with freight. They are closed over Christmas New Year.

Posted by Erik (London, UK) on 09/14/2014

Hallo there,

I am interested in using borax to heal myself. I am not sure about the dosage you recommend. I saw people saying here on website 1/4 or 1/8 teaspoon in one litre of water. That's clear.

What I need to know is if that one litre of water I am gonna be having for one day only, meaning every day new litre with new1/8 tsp or for the whole five days. (then two days off) .

Plus I'd like to know what supplements I need to take and how much to heat up the water when mixing it with borax.

I try to find the answer on your website but didn't see it.

Thank you.

Regards, Erik

Replied by Timh Donate

Erik: As a replacement for the oral route, I instead use 1/4 cup Borax in a whole body hot bath w/ also 1/4 cup Epsom Salt and 1/4 cup Baking Soda. This is a good bit of Sodium so one would be wise to also take a Potassium supplement or drink up on the Apple Juice.


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Posted by Barking Bandicoot (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking borax in water for mites/fungus but what I have found is that my eye sight has gotten a lot better! I web searched boron and vision and sure enough it is beneficial!

Replied by Andrew
That's interesting BB, I too have been taking borax for few months with the pleasant side effect of a Testosterone boost so have a higher sex drive and keeping a lean muscle mass. I looked into this and borax has been shown to increase Testosterone in men by as much as 28%. I am 52.
Replied by Brian
Ft Worth
Andrew. how much borax do you take to increase testosterone?


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Posted by Denise (Biloxi, Mississippi ) on 05/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars


A brief history. 7 years ago thyroid cancer, the next year adrenal fatigue then early menopause, the following year uterine prolapsed followed by hysterectomy- the following year fibromyalgia and neuropathy. Early Childhood was fluorinated water along with fluoride tablets. Fall of 2008 I was looking at total disability. I could barely walk and couldn't sleep because of the pain and was throwing up daily from the pain in my back. I was on many medications that gave me no relief and I have since found out that they had fluoride as a binding agent. I was sure that my life was over at 45, but thanks to Ted and Earthclinic I am almost at 100%. After reading about fluoride I came to understand where all of my problems originated. I had all the symptoms and reactions. It has been an uphill battle with my doctors and relatives, but you can't argue with a body that is almost pain free. I began the borax detox of 1/8 tsp in a liter of water and within 3 days my symptoms were almost gone. I watch everything I eat and can detect fluoride in vitamins, foods and drinks within 15 minutes of ingesting it. I still suffer from the neuropathy and some pain from the neuropathy but I am off all meds and I have my life. I only wish more people would try to understand the fluoride connections. My sister and mother both suffer with side effects of fluoride and I have only been able to influence my mother. I still borax 5 days on and two days off and give my body a break every month or so for about a week. Thank you :)

Replied by Sher
Snyder, Tx
Just wanted to ask yea if the borax helped with the neuropathy. My husband was diagnosed 2 months ago and nothing seems to help. He is up every night cant sleep and pain level on scale 1-10 is 8 or 9. He says he is starting to deal with cramping and soreness but the pains that shoot up his legs and burning of his feet he cannot stand. He lays in the floor and cries at times. He is taking gabapectin 200 mg 4 times a day and is on hydracodone. I feel helpless and would like to help find some kind of relief for him. I have him taking b12, b6, chromium picolate, and L-carintene, also magniusm. Just wondering how much borax he should try. And make sure it is safe to drink. Thanks alot!!!
Replied by Tashimoto
Vancouver, Canada
REPLY TO SHER FROM SNYDER TX... I have read many testimonials on of people having success with neuropathy using Benfotiamine, a form of Vitamin B1.

Good luck!

Replied by Fiona
Tustin, Ca
I felt so sorry about your husband. I used to cry out of pain. Arthritis, stomach ache, low memory. Even painkillers didn't help me. Everything changed when I tried a coffee enema.

About 1 minute after coffee goes into my body, pain just disappeared. It worked for headache, period pain, joint pain, just about any pain.

Replied by Yvette
I used for Fibro high dose of Vitamin D3 10,000IU daily with high dose Vit K2 -MK4, and very high dose of B12, within 2 weeks 80 % of my symptoms were gone, the moment I stop, they come back so it could be a deficiency in those above mentioned.
Replied by Koy
Hi Yvette, how much vit k2 you use. Thank you!
Replied by D Hobbs
Crossville, Tn
@ Sher Regarding Magnesium, is your husband taking it orally or using the Magnesium Oil?

If he is deficient in Magnesium, it is easier to fill his cells with the spray, 2 to 3 times a day, with not side effects, he can get up to 1000 mg per day. My nerve pain went away in 3 weeks doing this.

Fluoride Detoxification  

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Posted by Maryann (Walla Walla) on 09/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I posted last August as Mary Margaret. I suffered desperately with severe pain and depression for 17 years. I am now well. I followed Teds Borax detox protocol for 3 weeks to rid my body of fluoride. I thought I might die from the severity of the headaches body pain and stomach pain and sickness during the Borax treatment. At the end of 3 weeks I was almost 100% well. Then I slowly got off the cymbalta and stopped taking ibuprofen. It's been almost a year now. When I completed the Borax treatment I followed Jason Utley's Fibromyalgia cure. A few times during these last four months I had neck and head pain return. I did Borax for 3 days and the pain was gone. I take all the vitamins recommended by Jason Uttley three or four times weekly. I use only coconut oil for cooking. I NEVER touch any soda whatsoever and very little sugar or white flour or milk products. About six months ago I switched from Thyroxin to Armour thyroid for my low thyroid. I weighed 178 in March of this year and now I weigh 153. I also walk ALOT and dance on my little trampoline. Life is so awesome. I have no more depression and very little pain.. Mostly no pain. I still have some gastritis and once in awhile my eyes burn. I have a lot of mercury in my mouth which I haven't been able to get removed due to finances. All of you w Fibromyalgia read Jason Utley's cause and cure and look for Teds Borax protocol. I'm living proof that Fluoride is a major cause of this disease. THANK YOU Earthclinic... Jason and Ted. What an amazing blessing you have given me.

Replied by Jason
Could you please link to Jason Utley's Fibromyalgia cure?

I can only find a big article about the cause, and searched everywhere and see nothing about the cure or what vitamins to take etc that Jason recommends. Thank you

EC: Hi, this is Jason Uttley's cure:

Posted by Mary Margaret (Walla Walla, Washington) on 10/26/2012

I need to add to my post that I also began eating Coconut oil(1-3 Tablespoons per day) as well as massaging Coconut oil into my skin almost every night before bed.

My teeth and gums always hurt and bleed when I brush and have for over 10 years. The 1st day without Fluoride I threw my toothpaste in the garbage and began brushing with Baking Soda and then rubbing Coconut Oil on my gums. After only 4 days my gums quit bleeding and my teeth stopped hurting. I had a cavity which hurt badly for about 6 months and it stopped hurting. I don't know if it's gone but the pain is definitely gone.

Posted by Mary Margaret (Walla Walla, Wa) on 10/26/2012

It has been 28 days now since I began detoxing from Fluoride. Each day I note progress in alleviation of symptoms. The first 14 days I did Borax 1/8 tsp. In 1 liter water that I drank throughout the day. I sometimes added 1/8 tsp sea salt to the mixture as well. I did not drink anything other than distilled water. For 19 days I suffered desperately. I lost 12 lbs and its been 28 days since I began. The most significant change is that the hard fibrous lumps in my breast are gone and my chest and breasts are COMPLETELY pain free. The front of my neck is pain free and all the lumps that were there are gone. I don't know why but right where my thyroid is my neck became very white. My lower legs are no longer painful to touch. My arms are much less painful. My knees are slightly less painful. My head is not painful to touch. The weird sweeping sensation has been completely gone for 3 days. I started taking vitamins C, D, B, Magnesium and zinc a week ago. The one time I had fluoridated water I went back to day 1 with all symptoms flaring up again and it took 4 days to get back on track.

I will continue this regimen until I know that I am well. I will let you all know how I'm doing in a few weaks. All that I am doing came from the advice of Jason Uttley and his Cause and Cure posts on the Fibromyalgia pages. I also will continue with the Borax protocol which was advised by Ted to help rid the body of Fluoride.

Fluoride Poisoning  

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Posted by Mick (Ravenna, Ohio, Usa) on 07/26/2010

Boiron USA makes a homeopathic borax tablet which can be purchased at most healthfood stores (some of which didn't even know they had it). It comes in a tiny plastic tube and can only be marketed to cure canker sores per FDA. I have found it in a 30C and 6C version. I am currently taking the 30C version at three micro tablets per day for flouride poisoning and will post results as they happen. Stay healthy stay strong.

Replied by Mick
Ravenna, Ohio, Usa
5 out of 5 stars
After 3 days on Borax microtablets for flouride poisoning I have a few things to report:

First and foremost was an amazing side effect that I didn't expect. I have experienced what I call "floaties" in my eyes, these are black hazy spots that move when I move my head, that I have had for years and are now gone. After day one my vision was a little blurry, but after day 2 no more blur and no more floaties. It wasn't till after day three that I was really shocked. As I was driving to work I passed a sign that I hadn't been able to read for years and I read the sign. I immediately called my wife and read to her all the license plates of the cars in front of me, which I haven't been able to do. Finally, I could make out the pine needles on the pine tree in my back yard, yet another pleasant surprise. I did experience some extra joint pain and it definitely fired up my kidneys but both subsided after day 2. I did experience the testicular pain and found this was probably due to the high levels of sodium in the area which flouride tends to bind to easily. Boiron recommends using product for only 3 days at a time and I am currently on a break. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who's flouride levels are high.

Replied by Deirdre
Earth Clinic
Many thanks to Mick for letting us know about the homeopathic version of borax. For some reason, I had a tough time finding the product based on Mick's two posts while searching on Google. I finally found it on (once I plugged in the right key words) and ordered a pack of 5 over the weekend. Just got them yesterday.

Here's the 5-pack I bought on Amazon. You can also buy single packs.

If you want to search Google Shopping, here's the link.

For those who, like me, find it impossible to read the tiny print on the container, it says: "5 pellets in the mouth three times a day until symptoms subside." As mentioned by Mick, this product is used for canker sores.

Replied by Always Do Research
Northwest, New Mexico
you may want to research "homeopathic"

it does not mean"herbal" or "alternative" as I had thought. I got a homeopathic asthma spray as a last result last week, it did nothing, and after researching what "homeopathic" means, I was disappointed to find out that I spent 20 dollars on water.

some people swear by homeopathy and that's fine for them, howerver, I liken it to faith healing.

for example, a 30c dilution of borax, in this case.. They take 1 measure of boxax diluted in 99 measures of water/alcohol, tap it a few times, then dilute one part of the tincture to 99 parts of water/alcohol, tap, repeat 29 more times, untill there is 10x^-30, measures of borax in the tincture or. 000000000000000000000000000001% borax.

you could make this at home if you want to skip the tapping part, by putting a grain of borax into your swimming pool and then taking a few drops of the water. at 60c dilution (which is "stronger"?) there is a less than 60% chance that there is even a single borax molecule left in the mix.

to me this seems like hokuspokus faith healing, as the "vibration" of the borax is all that is left in the pill, and the "vibration" is what is supposed to "cure" you. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody who has faith in homeopathy, I just wanted to share what I learned, because, like many friends who I have asked, I assuemd "homeopathic" meant some sort of herbal or "home made/back to nature" sort of fix

also, since "less is more" in homeopathy, I worry that one can easily overdose on homeopathic medicine by not taking it at all. Makes me wonder how many people have died from homeopathic overdoses only to have their cause of death be officially recorded as natural causes. caveat emptor.

Replied by Conniemerie
Twin Lakes, Wi
I understand your disbelief in the efficacy of homeopathy; it does seem incredible at first. I was first exposed to the healing power of it after I kissed a booger baby. The following day I was at the chiropractor's office that I was performing massage out of and really starting feeling poorly. I mentioned it to the doctor and he asked me what my symptoms were. He came back with a bottle and said to take these as needed. I asked how many and he said I should experiment; so I did. About an hour later he came back and asked how I was feeling and I told him that all of the symptoms seemed to be worse! He replied, "you must have a very pure system to react so quickly. He suggested that I leave and continue taking them until I got home and go right to bed. I got home around 2:30pm and didn't get up until the following morning and all my symptoms were gone! I happen to be one of those people that does not respond well to pharmaceuticals... Never have (i was 45 at the time); so this really impressed me. In order to understand how homeopathy works you need to understand and believe that everything our bodies need to heal are in us. Were you ever so sick that you needed to be nursed because you couldn't think what to do for yourself? well, even when you're a little sick, your brain has a hard time ferreting out what the problem is and how to fix it without a little help. Homeopathy introduces a little of what ails you so that your brain can identify the problem and send out the proper antibodies to fight the invaders off.
Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
Homeopathy is an energy medicine. It changes the water itself. That is why the more diluted it is, the more power it has. The medicine is in the water/alcohol. Not really in the substance although the substance helps change the water.
Replied by Yvette
You have to take a break of 4 weeks when using C Potencies in Homeopathy, the higher the potency the longer it lasts in your blood (unless u drink coffee, which is one of the biggest antidote of Homeopathy) do not repeat too often u could get "proving" symptoms of th e Remedy, so less is more, also its not about quantity but about quality one pellet goes a long way it last 4 weeks in blood and does its job. Only in very acute conditions one can repeat more often, (and then its better to use LM Potencies then C)in chronic conditions once a month is enough.

Posted by Sylviamzz (Miami, FL) on 07/06/2009

I have no doubt that I have suffered in part from lifelong exposure to fluoride, but I also believe my mother tried to poison me with Borax detergent booster when I was a child. I can't go into why I believe that, but I have a good reason to. From childhood onwards, I have suffered from fatigue, muscle weakness, and other symptoms of both fluoride poisoning and borate poisoning. I can't see myself swallowing the very chemical my mother used to try to end my life. Do you have any alternatives?

Replied by Commonsense
Washington, DC
Re: > "I can't see myself swallowing the very chemical my mother used to try to end my life."

Borax has the same toxicity as table salt. To "end someones life" with Borax, you'd have to eat the entire box.
Replied by Nat
North Royalton, Oh
Maybe your mother was trying to help your ailments or supplement with Borax. I've read Earthclinic posts that supplementing with Borax helps colds clear much faster. Maybe you misinterpreted your mother's intentions.
Replied by Wolfgang
Squamish, Bc
You say your fatigue came back, Did you have those problems before? Do you think that maybe the lack of borax is what is causing you to have these common problems everybody takes medicines to try to fix? To me it sounds like you are trying to blame these symptoms on le borax when you might be becoming boron deficient :P
Replied by Commenter
Borax's chemical structure neutralizes flouride, and don't forget it is a fungicide because the boron salts in it act like a dessicant (like regular salt, NaCl. )
Replied by Lynda
South Carolina
Your mother was trying to save your life!

Posted by Dave (Surrey, BC) on 04/15/2009
0 out of 5 stars

I slowly went from 1/32 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon dose borax to remove fluoride from the body. I quit after about 2 days on the 1/4 teaspoon dose. I mixed it properly in pure water according to the directions that I found here. I had to go off of the borax due to aches and pains in the testicles, kidneys, and head. I was very frightened, especially about that kidney pains. Unfortunately, the pains indicated damage. I now, months afterwards, have pain in the kidneys every day, and I have actually LOST almost all of my sex drive. The pains indicated damage that seems permanent. Being prediabetic, perhaps I shouldn't have risked kidney damage!!!! But I miss my sex drive more. It's gone, and borax is not only as toxic as salt to me. Not by far.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
This is not the correct way to do it. The proper method is to dissolve the borax 1/32 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon in ONE LITER of drinking water and drink throughout the day. It was not designed to take in pure powder form, usually to rid of autoimmunity disease or a known fluoride poisoning. In rabbit test the dose is roughly lower than this concentration to protect against fluoride poisoning when they added lethal dose of fluoride.


Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

387 Posts
A woman's dose is 1/8, a man's dose is 1/4 dissolved in one liter of drinking water. I can't say much about this poster since sufficient details are not mentioned, except for the fact that he's prediabetic, which borax has a tendency to normalize blood sugar. So I find this posting fishy on many points. A lot of people through private emails actually take a much larger dose that this.

Loss of sex drive has never been reported except for fluoride. Most report an increase in sex drive. Most of the problems reported are associated with boric acid, not borax because boric is acid. Acid eats up kidney, whether it's boric acid or acid forming foods in general.

So I have many regrets on this email. A genuine poster would also email directly to me before posting them and give sufficient details. An intentionally fake poster will report unusual side effects, lacking in sufficient details, on Earth Clinic without telling me. So you can see why I find this a suspicious post.


EC: We had emailed Ted for more thoughts about this post. The above is his 2nd response...

Replied by Jgrau
Coquitlam, Bc
This is a response to "David from Surrey, BC". And it is important for anyone trying Borax as a remedy.

No male should ever expose themselves to Borax or Boric Acid. David's symptoms (testicle and kidney atrophy) are classic case of Boric Acid poisoning -- just a few weeks of daily exposure to Borax is known to cause testicle atrophy and sterility in dogs and is suspected in sterility of humans that work with the chemical. It also damages kidneys and to lesser extent the liver. Please, people do not even let Borax touch your skin if you're a male. Look it up on Google and you'll find articles like

While there is a threshold below which Borax is fairly safe, if you go over that threshold it is quite dangerous. The threshold is very dependent on body weight -- definitely don't let Borax anywhere near an infant or a pregnant woman. So there certainly may be people who use it without noticeable adverse affect, it is not worth it to have some people seriously injured by it -- it is dangerous advice.

I understand your suspicion of flouride, but then you should be suspicious of all environmental chemical exposure -- why are you exposing yourself to a chemical with more proven risk than flouride?
Replied by Robin
Chicago, Il
Response to "Jgrau from Coquitlam, Bc"
Clearly, you have NOT read anything on this Web site regarding the differences between "boric acid" and "borax". They ARE NOT the same!! One is acid aka boric "acid", and one is alkaline - borax. Even the Web site you noted states "boric acid". COME ON, PEOPLE. TAKE THE TIME to "READ". This is a forum for sharing experiences, not one in which to exhibit your shortcomings... Furthermore, boric acid IS used medicinally, often for women who do not respond to conventional therapy for yeast infections. It is put into a capsule, placed into the vaginal canal, and actually works very well.
Replied by Miroslav
Prague, Czech
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According to Wikipedia "Borax is also easily converted to boric acid and other borates, which have many applications. Its reaction with hydrochloric acid to form boric acid is: Na2B4O710H2O + 2 HCl --> 4 B(OH)3 [or H3BO3] + 2 NaCl + 5 H2O"

There is enough HCl in our stomach so I expect borax is being converted into boric acid inside. Borax is not as rich in boron as boric acid is. Therefore I undestand receiving borax is equivalent to receiving lower doses of boric acid. I'm on day 5 of 1/4 teaspoon of borax solution daily (against mites) and my testicles started to hurt. Sometimes also feeling presence of my kidneys now. I'm terminating the remedy and hoping there was no irreversible damage made.
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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If the concern of borax or borates is converted to boric acid, then just add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in case the hydrochloric acid of the stomach should convert to boric acid. Also stomach acidity varies greatly throughout the day. It is very high before meals, but is very low acidity after meals. Therefore this can be taken after meals, or before sleep. If kidney problem does occur, simply discontinue them until it does get better. To neutralize any borax negative effect, I usually take magnesium chloride drops and just skip a week or at least three days, allowing the body to get rid of excess borax from the body. Most lower back pain I have found turns out also taking excess calcium and not enough magnesium also.

Yes, I do receive emails of testical pain from taking borax from a few men. I got one person from Vietnam who is an earthclinic reeader and came to Bangkok on a tour packaged, and managed to find time to see me about his hair loss condition. He mentioned that taking borax did cause his testicular pain, but that went away because he masturbated. Apparently what I found was borax caused the pain from higher sperm volume and sperm count and as resulted the masturbation reduced that and made him feel more like a man. In other words more sexually responsive (getting it up) when having sex. It's the viagra effect for people who have low male hormone levels. Apparently, this particular person thought not masturbating was a normal thing because he had no desire, and got used to that line of thought. The borax remedy made him change some behavior to masturbate at least weekly, as he reports of much larger sperm volume he never he had it before. It should be noted that if person does not wish to masturbate at least weekly or need to abstain from sex, then borax is clearly not good.

The other problem concerning borax used is it's tendency to make women get pregnant too easily. If people do not wish to conceive, and have unprotected sex, you get pregnant much more easily. I have over four cases here in Bangkok of women becoming pregnant from taking this, but luckily most of them are married, or wish to have a child, so they were happy. One has been struggling to have a child for 10 years and got pregnant in just 1 month after taking the supplements. It seems it increases women's fertility and men's fertility also, through increasing sperm count and sperm volume. Therefore borax is not something a person will use if that person does not wish to have a child or requires sexual abstinence. The opposite is also true.

Replied by Miroslav
Prague, Czech
Ted, your experiences are interesting and welcome, however I was looking for more informations about boron which I'd like to share. There are many science papers about boron & rats. It was stated sterilization occurred on rats/dogs exposed to boron. 300 mg boron/kg BW/day is usually fatal to rats and around 600 mg/kg BW in single dose is fatal to rats. Based on accidental intake of boron by humans, lethal dose is guessed at 15,000 to 20,000 mg of boric acid, which equals to 3 000 mg of boron, which (70 kg person) is roughly 40 mg boron/kg BW. Looks like rat is more tolerant to boron by the ratio of 10 . Regarding to studies made, it was found that around 20 mg boron/kg BW/day is a level which does not affect testicles/health of rats. Higher boron intake leads to testicles atrophy either temporary or permanent, depends also on dosage. If 20 mg/kg BW/day is a threshold for rat, considering 10 ratio, it could be less than 2 mg/kg/day for human.

For 70 kg person, it is less than 140 mg of boron or 1400 mg of borax (safe for daily human intake). Now 1/4 teaspoon of borax is 5 ml/4 = 1,25 ml of borax or 2,000 mg of borax. Since measuring 1/4 tsp is not accurate in all cases and some people tend to take more the stuff to improve results of remedy, one can expect dosage can reach 4,000 mg/day or 2,500 mg boric acid/day. It is more than 10 % of dosage which is being lethal. It is 3 times more than safe level I guessed above. Therefore I've concerns this remedy/dosage is quite dangerous with strong damaging potential. It is also a fact people experienced side effects. Anyone can search Internet for document boron. Pdf, title 'Boron in Drinking-water', which is a comprehensive review of known facts about boron and laboratory tests on animals.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Interesting information Miroslav.. Thanks.. In my experience I found just a few sips (about 4oz) from a 1/4tsp, per liter solution before bedtime, had relatively strong effects, with increased night sweating and vivid dreams along with a calmness.. My intuition told me this was enough... So I would used up the bottle over a 4 or 5 days. Though I really did like the effect it seemed to wane on the following nights. I also need to hear more positive long term results do this for any legth of time..
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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There are a couple of wrong information here. The LD50 of boric is 2.66 grams per kilogram, but not borax, but for convenience purpose in calculation I used just 2. gram per kilogram, just to be safe. The borax LD50 is LD50 for borax was 5400 mg/kg in male rats and 5000 in female rats, see Borax Pesticide fact sheet. Toxicity Category IV, Table I, Oral. The correct name for borax is sodium tetraborate decahydrate. It's molecular weight is 381.37 while it has a boron molecular weight is 10. 81. In a typical borax, there is 11.33% boron content. That means there is 4 boron molecules in a sodium tetraborate hexahydrate. The dog and rat studies on testicular atrophy is based on boron content rather then borax content or boric acid content.

So if they were to calculate that the limit of boron is 20 mg per kilogram content per dose, this would mean if I were consuming borax, to get the same amount on a per kilogram basis, I would need to consume 20/.1133 = 176 mg per kilogram per dose. This means, I weigh 70 kilograms, I would need to consume 176 mg x 70 kilogram = 12,320 mg of borax, or 12.32 grams. Assuming that one teaspoons has 4 grams per teaspoon, this would mean consuming 4 teaspoons per dose to get a testicular atrophy. In a typical dose of 1/4 teaspoon this would be only 0.25/4 x100 = 6% of the unsafe dose. Animal studies of LD50 is based on per dose, rather then per day. This means the scientist has to literally stuff the chemicals down the throat. In a typical borax diluted in one liter of water, few people actually drink this in one sitting. The likelihood from suffering from death by water intoxication of taking all 4 teaspoon would require taking 16 liters of water in one sitting.

Sorry, but I can't go into further details, regarding individual studies, I have limited time at the moment.


Replied by Miroslav
Prague, Czech
Ted, I'm writing the same. Except one important detail: You assume doses for rat (per body weight) can be applied to human. But I'm confident we are not rats. Possible fatal intake for adult human was found at 15 to 20,000 of boric acid (or 40 mg boron/kg BW). And as I noted before, this value was established for a reason. Rat is more tolerant to boron intake likely by a factor of 10. So this is why I'm having concerns about dosage and this is probably the reason why people are reporting adverse effects. It is also worth to warn 1 tsp of borax is not 4 g, but rather about 100 % more.
Replied by Shaun
York, Uk
Miroslav, Have you have got your math wrong by chance? Are you mixing up mg (milligram's) with mcg, g or ug (microgram's) by chance? Too many folk get their '00's/'000's all mixed up (such a mix-up cause's many, many deaths in hospitals). It seems to me that Ted's arguments (and math) are very, very sound indeed. I personally must report that I have been taking Borax (a [sea salt-like dash / quantity in my porridge daily) for about 3 years, and have nothing but positives to say about it. My partner is a little bit bashful about such matters, but she would otherwise confirm this! I'm nearly 60 by the way, and go about life like a 30 year old. I would hate that folk here on Earth Clinic forego the undoubted all round benefits of borax - as I'm sure some perspicuous posters like 'Bill' and 'Alain' would also heartily attest. Tra-la! It's borax forever for me!
Replied by Ted Donate

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Sorry, don't have time to answer all the details, but briefly please refer to "UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION International Programme on Chemical Safety, Environment Health Criteria 204, Boron"

1.1.3 Kinetics and biological monitoring

The pharmacokinetics of boron appear to be quite similar across species in the following respects:

a) Absorption of borates is essentially complete (approximately 95% in humans and rats), and boron appears rapidly in the blood and body tissues of several mammalian species following ingestion.

b) Distribution of boron in mammals appears to occur by passive diffusion throughout the body fluids. In contrast to soft tissues and blood, bone shows selective uptake of boron (>4 times higher than serum) and significantly longer retention times.

c) Metabolism of boric acid is thermodynamically unfavourable in biological systems. Thus, the ionic species in systemic circulation are expected to be equivalent across mammals. This eliminates a major source of potential uncertainty for risk extrapolation, as interspecies differences in enzymatic pathways and/or metabolic rates do not need to be taken into consideration.

d) Elimination kinetics (especially route of elimination and terminal half-life) also appear to be similar for humans and rats. The similarities in pharmacokinetic parameters between humans and rats, the species defining the no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) for laboratory studies, reduce the uncertainty for risk extrapolation between these two species.

Replied by L
Red Deer, Alberta Canada
This is in response to Dave from Surrey, BC. My Genetics doctor decided last year, I'm in remission. I said, "Huh, that's funny, I've done the opposite of what you tell me. " With my kidney, liver, and heart condition, I'm told not to take potassium and magnesium. Well, I not only take those, I also take baking soda with the magnesium and potassium, once, twice, or three times a day. Additionally, I did take borax and H202, for four years. All these supplements, I started with small doses, as mentioned on earthclinic. Over time, I increased the dosages of all of these. So, I think there might be something else not quite right, going on with you:)
Replied by Joe
Atlanta, Ga, Usa
It seems like boron is the culprit for long-term effects, not necessarily whether it is in acid or salt form.
Borax is about 11% boron, boric acid is about 17% boron

MINIMUM lethal dose of boric acid in human adults 15g - 20g boric acid = 2. 6 g -3. 5 g boron (This is not the LD50. LD50 is defined as the dose that kills 50% of the population, so the LD50 may be somewhat greater than this, but it certainly won't be less than this amount. )

Take a 60 kg individual and that gives 43 mg B/Kg - 58 mg B/Kg minimum lethal dose.
I'm assuming the individual who died at 15 g was 60 Kg, as well as the individual who died at 20g. FYI my fellow Americans, 60 Kg = 132 lbs.

The density of borax is 1.73 g/mL

A teaspoon is 5 mL
So 1/4 of a teaspoon gives (1.73 g/mL)*(1/4)*(5mL) = 2. 16 g = 2160 mg borax = 245 mg For a 60 kg person 245 mg B-> 4 mg B/Kg

So taking 1/4 of a teaspoon of borax gives 10% of the MINIMUM lethal dose.

Now on to the report from the European Center for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC). Report No. 63. This is available free online.

The report is quite long, so I will concentrate on two sets of findings.

First, they review the fertility effects of acute exposure to borax and boric acid, in rats. That is, a one time exposure followed by monitoring. The lowest 'No observable adverse effect level' (NOAEL) is 88 mg B/Kg. They find testicular atrophy and decreased sperm volume above that level, but reversible up to 700 mg B/Kg. Beyond that concentration, the damage was not reversible.

Second, they review the fertility effects of repeated exposure to borax and boric acid. The lowest NOAEL is 17.5 mg/Kg /day for 2 years.

Based on that second review, they calculate a tolerable daily intake (TDI) for humans. Assuming a 60 Kg person:

TDI = NOAEL * 60Kg / [(UF intraspecies)* (UF interspecies)]

They use an interspecies factor of 3, accounting for the fact that humans may not tolerate boron as well as rats, but they state that interspecies differences are expected to be small. 3 is just a large safety margin.
"The toxicokinetics of borates in man and animals is similar irrespective of the route of administration. Borates are not metabolised and so there is no potential source of variation among species, with respect to metabolic competence. The same critical effects are found in all animal species examined. "

They use an intraspecies factor of 10, to account for the fact that some humans may be far more sensitive to boron than others.

They finally arrive at a TDI = 17.5 mg/Kg/day * 60Kg / [3*10] = 35 mg B/day for fertility effects. 1/28 of a teaspoon of borax
This is based on 2 years of daily consumption, so a human could theoretically consume this amount every day for 2 years and experience no adverse fertility effects.

If we apply this same standard to the acute exposure numbers, we get:
88 mg B/Kg * 60 Kg / [3*10] = 176 mg B for fertility effects
This is over the course of a single day. 176 mg B corresponds to 1600 mg of borax or about 1/5 of a teaspoon

Some individuals may be sensitive at this level, and that may explain why some people have reported adverse effects. However, these numbers are based on very large safety margins, so the vast majority of individuals will not have any adverse effects at these levels. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there is no test for boron sensitivity.

The LOAEL for acute exposure was between 88 and 175 mg B/Kg. Translating that to humans and using the same factors means that adverse effects from a single exposure may start somewhere between 176 mg and 350 mg B in a single day.

I've been using boron on and off at the 1/4 teaspoon per day level for 2 weeks now, and have noticed very good effects. I will post a more detailed report on my own experience later.
Replied by Writert
Riverside, Ca
I'm not a chemist, but in the calculations set forth on June 29, 2011 it seems the 2160 mg of borax which equals 1/4 tsp should be divided by 60 kg to get 36 mg/kg as the highest dose recommended by Ted. Which would seem to be only 1.38 % of the MINIMUM lethal dose of boron of 2.6-3.5 g which he stated. Really need to understand because I am dealing with so many health issues but really want to try to the borax regimen.
Replied by Sayno2gmo
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
David (Dave) from Surrey, BC Canada that posted on 02/19/2009 saying he took it for 2 weeks then got kidney, testicle, and headaches, only to try it again on 04/15/2009 for 2 days and quitting due to the pain in the same areas.

I'm really glad some of these misinformation artists are dumb. Thank you for exposing yourself Dave!

People that are researching natural remedies, just know that there are many people like this, some paid some not, trying to scare you away from trying things like this.

Replied by Conniemerie
Twin Lakes, Wi
Yes, indeed, there are many shills for western medicine and disinformation artists out there. In addition, too many people breast fed on western medicine do not want to take responsibility for their own health. If you do not know your body well enough, and do not listen to the signals that your body gives you then how do you expect a 3rd party (aka: the doctor) to do any better than you at healing you? alternative medicine is ALL about taking responsibility for yourself. All I know is that my body doesn't respond well to any other person's idea about cookie-cutter medicine designed to mean "one size fits all"
Replied by Kimsie
Arlington , Wa
In response to Joe from Atlanta, who wrote: "The density of borax is 1.73 g/mL"...

mL is a liquid measure and Borax is a powder so I don't see where you get this from. I weighed a level 1/4 teaspoon of Borax on a gram scale and it was less than 800 mg so it only has 88 mg of boron at the most, not 245 mg. Maybe some borax is more dense than mine, so if anyone is concerned they should weigh it in mg and multiply by 0.11 to find the boron content.

Bremerton, Wa
No need to fear either boric acid or borax. Both are very safe for use both internal and external.

Upon ingesting borax it is chemically transformed into boric acid in the stomach.

Boric acid has been used in the food industry as a preservative for many many years up until it was discovered to be healthy then it was quickly eliminated in favor of carcinogenic food preservatives.

Here is an excellent article that will set your mind to ease about borax. It is written by Walter Last a certified toxicologist.

Replied by Wendell E.
I read the link you provided and I notice it is mostly about Boric Acid which I heard shouldn't be confused with Borax. I used Boric Acid to kill very very aggressive cockroaches and can understand how it may be very toxic to the human body. Nonetheless, I am giving Borax a go to see if it is beneficial.

Posted by David (Surrey, BC Canada) on 02/19/2009
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Tried borax for almost 2 weeks

Hi, I tried borax starting with about 1/32 a teaspoon and working up to 1/4 teaspoon, and I had a negative reaction to it. I only used it for about 2 weeks total, but for the last 3 weeks, since I stopped using it, I have had kidney, testicle, and head aches. The pain in my testicles and my headaches mostly stopped about a week ago, but I am still having problems with kidney pain.

Incidentally the pain decreased when I introduced calcium/magnesium in a 2:1 formula, as I knew that magnesium was good for kidney health, but the other pains continued and I just had to stop in fear of might be happening. I still am having kidney pain - only light pain now - occasionally throughout the day, especially at night when trying to sleep. I REALLY wish I hadn't tried the borax (20 mule team).

I am still looking for an alternative to the borax! As now that I think about family members, I see 3 different conditions that are probably caused by fluoride. Thanks for the information though I wish I hadn't participated in the borax 'trial'.

Replied by Doug
Show Low, Az
I bought the 20 mule team all ready to use it too, but I read the box and it WARNS: DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY CONTAINS SODIUM TETRABORATE DECAHYDRATE which i assume is borax but i'm guessing that it is probably not a good grade of it. maybe try ordering some cosmetic grade.

EC: Sodium tetraborate decahydrate is one of the synonyms for Borax (aka Sodium borate decahydrate)...

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx
Doesn't cilantro and garlic pesto work for fluoride detox? Or is it heavy metals??? I think Chlorella works for fluoride.

Cilantro Pesto

1 clove garlic
1/2 cup almonds, cashews, or other nuts
1 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves (and smaller stems)
2 tablespoons lemon juice (a professional chef recommends just one Tbl of lemon juice)
6 tablespoons olive oil
Celtic Sea Salt to taste ( is where you can order your salt)

Blend the cilantro and olive oil in a blender, add other ingredients to make a nice smooth paste, then go ahead and add some nuts and/or seeds: pistachio, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, you name it. Have fun. Add it to your favorite pasta and serve warm or cold. Remember, cayenne pepper added to anything has a synergistic effect, making all the other ingredients work better. Simple fact.

Replied by Paul
I keep reading of people on here taking a 1/4 teaspoon dose. The directions I read said to mix 6 grams with one liter of water and use that as your concentrate. So you would take one teaspoon dose from the concentrate. Is this the right way?

Posted by Mark (Silver Spring, Maryland) on 12/24/2008

I was pleased to read that there's an inexpensive way to detox from, as well as neutralize, fluoride. Haven't yet found 20 Mule Team Borax in Safeway or Giant. (I live in the Washington, DC area). What about boron supplement? 250 3mg capsules cost $4.00 online from Swanson Vitamins. If it can be substituted, what would be the dosage? Thanks for any information.

Replied by T
Baltimore, MD, USA
Mark, my local Giant sells the 20 Mule Team borax. You should ask the manager of yours about getting some in. I don't see why they shouldn't if others in the chain do carry it. Good luck.
Replied by Keshia
Bowie, Md
Mark, I've been able to find 20 Mule Team borax at the Shoppers Food in Bowie.