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Last Modified on Sep 03, 2015

Where to Buy Borax: Indonesia   1  0   

Posted by Bet (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 09/17/2009

hai ted and earth clinic..

my name is bet...i'm from indonesia.

it's very hard to find borax in indonesia. it was banned by the's considered a harmful substance since many people used it for wrong reason.

after looking for almost 2 months, i got a 'black market supplier' for borax.

it is in a form of powder.

this man (the supplier) said that the powder is borax...but how i know if it is not boric acid...or it may not be borax after all.

he said that real borax will make greenish flame if that true ? does boric acid also make greenish flame ?

i love my dog very must have listen to that too many times.

he got ivermectin shots for 5 times in almost 3 months, and also i bathed him with amitraz for 3 times.

the demodex almost all gone, hair all grown, except on his might be because i'm hesitate to apply amitraz on her face. i'm afraid it will do him harm than good.

i attached pictures of my dog, his name is borris. it was taken over time during demodex nightmare.

really need your help.

thank you.

Posted by CN (Albuquerque, NM) on 01/06/2009

[YEA]  This is for C.D. in Indonesia. Silversmiths in Bali use pure Borax crystals for flux when they solder. It is usually in a crystalline form, sometimes in powder. You can buy it inexpensively at a jeweler supply store in Celuk in Bali, or Kota Gede in Yogyakarta. I don't know Jakarta, but there must be somewhere there. Sorry, I cannot remember the exact name in Indonesian. Hope this helps.

Where to Buy Borax: Ireland   0  0   

Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 08/30/2009

hi all - does anybody in ireland know where to purchase 20 mule borax or another ingestable brand without having to buy through the internet. So far all I have been able to get is small 100g tubs and each time have to eaplain to the chemist what I want it for as they have to order it in especially. I cant see it in the supermarkets. It went off the market here years ago. I want ot use it in the bath and as a shampoo so the small quantity isnt enough.

Replied by Kitty
Galway, Ireland
Hi Tricia,

I've found an Irish website which sells lots of eco products for babies and they sell Borax in a 400g box for 2.40. I don't know if I can mention their name but they're based at Old Singland Road, Limerick. If you google 'eco baby products and free delivery in Limerick you should get them. I've just ordered a box for myself to tackle rosacea and recurring blepharitis and delivery is costing me 3.70 so altogether 6.10 which is very reasonable when you consider ordering from the US on ebay could set you back $30 for delivery alone.

Hope this helps!

EC: Hi Kitty,

Please let us know the name of the company -- would be helpful to our Irish readers. Thanks!

Replied by Jackie
Northern Ireland
Hi Kitty,

How do you use borax for blepharitis. Can you give me details of how much to use, how often to use it, and what do you do with it, etc?

Replied by Kitty
Galway, Ireland
The company is called and I'm awaiting my delivery of Borax with great anticipation! Jackie, I've figured out that the rosacea and blepharitis have to be connected through my reading of various posts on Earth Clinic about demodex mites. When my Borax arrives I'm going to wash every stitch of bedding and clothing in Borax because it kills the mites. I also plan to wash myself with Borax. There are instructions on E.C.regarding ways to do this.

Until then I'm changing my pillowcase every night and taking one teaspoon of turmeric in hot water (topped up with cold) 3 times a day to clear the blepharitis. It is causing the gunk in my eyelid to surface quickly and clearing it up much faster than any other time I've had a flare up. I clean my eyes throughout the day with a moistened cotton-bud/q-tip to remove said gunk. The rosacea on my cheek also seems to have calmed down. I wash my face every night with about a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with a little water added to make a paste. Rub it in like an exfoliant and rinse off with tepid water. Use apple cider vinegar to tone - you may want to dilute the vinegar if you find it's too drying. I then dab some tea tree oil on my rosacea, let it soak in and then use virgin coconut oil to moisturise my whole face and neck. I put the CO on my eyelids and eyebrows too and inside my nostrils as that's one hiding place for the mites! EW! In the morning I wash my face with a clean flannel and warm water and tone again with ACV diluted with a little water. You'll know yourself what feels ok for your skin. Moisturise again with VCO avoiding eyebrows as I don't want to look greasy during the day. It's early days but I do see an improvement. I might try Ted's remedy of drinking Borax solution also. I'll try it for washing only first and if need be I'll give drinking it a go.

The mites exist on everybody but only cause trouble when your immune system is weak. In my case this is linked to candida, something which is so hard to beat into submission. I've had success previously with sugar and yeast free diet but it's very hard to stick to when everywhere you go the only food you can eat on the move is laden with candida friendly ingredients. I have to instigate a lifestyle change, stop being so busy and make time to restore my health with good food. Thanks to Earth Clinic I am even more inspired to take charge of my health and get rid of candida for good this time and then hopefully become super healthy! Congratulations on your wonderful site and thanks to all.

Where to Buy Borax: Japan   0  0   

Posted by Justin (Tokyo, Japan) on 05/06/2010

To whom it may concern,

I live in Japan and I believe that I have candida or fluoride poisoning. I really want to try the borax detox that many people have been commenting on but it is really expensive to ship the 20 mule borax from the US to Japan. I found this brand of borax here in Japan and I want to know if they are the same substance. I know it is not a good to ingest Boric acid, but this clearly states on the box Sodium Borate. This is what the website specifies:

Borax (powdered) 500g
[Product Name] Borax (powdered)
[Contents] 500g
"Borax (powdered) P 500g", the sand c Ho (Na2BAO7 10H2O) 99.0-103.0% are contained. The white crystalline powder or colorless crystals or white, do not come to. When left in dry air, wind construed, is covered in white powder.

- Composition - properties

Borax (Na2BAO7 10H2O) 99.0-103.0% will contain.
The white crystalline powder or colorless crystals or white, no smell.
When left in dry air, wind construed, is covered in white powder.

* If you are using, you care not to spill or please thoroughly ventilated.
* Please drink
* Please use expired products not be used.

Please note on the store;
Please keep in a cool place protected from direct sunlight .
Please keep out of reach of children.
Please be turned into another container *. (Causing the misuse or, quality may vary.)

First aid
If the skin with, please rinse with water.
* If swallowed, please get medical attention and treatment to induce vomiting and drink water.

Airtight container. Stored at room temperature.

Takeshi Sakai Pharmaceuticals

So the translation is a little broken, at one point it says please drink and at another point it say if ingested please seek medical attention.
I have researched the specified dosage 1/8 of a teaspoon in a ltr of water with some sea salt, should be fine for most people.

All I really want to know is, is this what I am looking for? Is this the product?

I really need help.
I am very lethargic, I break out in mouth ulcers, my hair is falling, fatigued, brain fog and lack of concentration, itchy scalp and some dry skin to name but a few of my symptoms.

Please help ASAP.

I would really love to order the product and start detoxing as soon as possible.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
1169 Posts
Hi Justin...There are several other methods you can use to remove Fluorine out of your body. First, it would be better, and perhaps easier if you tried to get ALL bad halides out of your body -- that's Fluorine, Bromine and Chlorine. You can do this quite simply by supplementing Iodine using either Lugol's Iodine, Iodoral tablets or just by taking Kelp regularly.

Another way and the cheapest way to take in iodine is simply to paint the soles of your feet with iodine tincture twice a week(I use this method) and get the iodine through transdermal absorbtion.You will know if you are taking too much iodine because you will start to sweat more and your nose will constantly run. If this happens, cut back on the foot-painting and do it once a week.

If you still want to get borax as an anti-fungal for the candida, you should be able to order it on the internet, or just try buying Boron supplements from the health store. If you check the constituents on the boron bottle, it will most likely contain sodium tetraborate -- which IS borax -- but this will be more expensive.

Since you have candida, I would also strongly advise you to get rid of any heavy metals from your body. You can do this easily by:

* Drinking Green Tea at least 3 times a day.

* Eat Cilantro or Coreander Leaf at leaf 3 times a week in salads.

* Buy some 10% Sodium Thiosulphate(ST) from an aquatic shop that sells fish, tanks and supporting goods. Use 6-10 drops in a glass of water every day. ST gets rid of all heavy metals and Chlorine from your body and is used for this purpose in cancer chemotherapy. Very safe to use. Also helps you to sleep if you take it in the evening.

I use all these remedies on a weekly basis as a preventative to keep my body's bad halide and heavy metal content low.

I also had candida and used Ted's Alkalizing Remedies religiously every day without fail. I mainly used his lime/lemon with baking soda remedy -- I found it to be the most balanced remedy -- but there are others -- See this link..

I also switched from using vegetable oils to using Virgin Coconut Oil in all my cooking and took Blackstrap Molasses for minerals in my coffee everyday. But you could also use natural sea salt or fulvic acid for the same result. It took a year to get rid of my candida which I'ld had for about 8 years, and now it's gone.

See the EarthClinic Candida remedies here:
Ted's Candida Remedies

Replied by Terence
Tokyo, Japan
As far as I can tell these are the names you should be looking for. 1. Jyuutansan soda - bicarbonate of soda, sodium bicarbonate. 2. Jyuusoh - baking soda

3. Housha - borax

You can buy number 2 in most convenience stores. Or any supermarket. However, my question is - is there a difference between bicarbonate of soda, baking soda and borax?

I have seen it written here that: Baking soda is what we in the UK call Bicarbonate of soda AND Borax is also what we call Bicarbonate of Soda. Is this true? Are they all the same?

By the way, I used some baking soda (#2) for heart burn two days ago. It worked well. However not knowing how much to use I mixed a half spoon full of baking soda to a half glass of water. A few burps moments later and I was feeling fine. One other thing, I can not find distilled water in Japan, can anyone help? Pehaps bottled spring water?

EC: Hi Terence,

Bicarbonate of Soda and Borax are not the same!

Where To Buy Borax: Malaysia   0  0   

Posted by Annielow (Kuala Lumpur, Wp, Malaysia) on 05/14/2013

No way I can buy Borax in Malaysia, its banned. I can get Boric Acid a plenty at the Chinese Med shops but no Borax. Reason? Its has been misused. Wonder how. Sigh. Just ordered a box from E-bay at USD10.00 plus shipping total: 25.00. Hope it arrives without any delays

Replied by Fawzi
Get your borax (20 Mule Team) at Ace Hardware in Mid Valley.

Where to Buy Borax: Philippines   0  0   

Posted by Askph (Manila, Philippines) on 06/14/2013

Hi all, It seems difficult to find 20 Mule Borax brand here but I manage to find the brand Three Elephant Borax. My question is will it be ok to substitute the 20 Mule with Three Elephant Borax? Are they the same in terms of effectiveness? Hope to hear from you soon so that I can start treating my poor dog. Thanks in advance.

EC: Please see Bill's response to another inquiry about locating borax in the Philippines here:

Posted by Eric (San Fernando, La Union, Philippines) on 06/15/2010

Just recently moved to the Philippines and can't seem to find any BORAX in my home town. Bill.. I noticed you live here and wondering if you can help me locate it. I want to use it as an termite insectiside vs. Chlorpyrifos. Borax supposdly is less toxic and I already have an auto-immune disease.

Thanks, Eric.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
1169 Posts
Hi Eric...Well, I've lived in SF same as you for five years now, and I couldn't find any borax -- not even 20 Mule Team Borax. But you can also purchase something from the hardware stores here called ALHPA BORAX(made in the Philippines) which is used in welding as a flux. I stumbled across this in a hardware shop in Clark(Angeles) on Marcos Highway near Fields Ave and bought a tin quite cheaply. However, I wouldn't take this form internally, because it may contain impurities such as Ammonium Chloride. But if you're going to use this against ants/termites and insects(mixed with sugar) -- it should be very effective.

If you still want to buy the borax for internal use, I managed to buy a large amount recently in Bangkok, Thailand in Rajdamnoen Rd. The directions to the chemical shop -- Vidhyasom Ltd. -- in Bangkok are given here in one of my previous posts on Earth Clinic's "where to buy" page - see Where to Borax in Thailand

Regarding your auto-immune problems, I have helped several people locally who had arthritis, gout, and diabetes with a remedy which is quite easy to make. Check here for instructions for the remedy:

Bill's Herbal Remedy

This remedy is a very efficient remover of stones -- from gallstones to kidney stones -- from the body and is therefore very effective at removing excess calcium from the body which tends to be acidifying, and is therefore good for muscle aches as well as good for the heart. This remedy is also acts a tonic and protective for the liver and kidneys and is very safe, I take it regularly on a monthly basis.

I live at Acupulco Beach very near SF airport and live in the same compound as Jochen's Restaurant along the same road to Sunset Bay Resort which you might know.
Replied by Jan
Manila, Philippines
I just found some Borax Decahydrate in Makati, from this store called Ritual. Its an all natural store that sells organic coffee, cacao, sea salt, etc... So I would presume that their Borax is also good quality. I've been using it in my bath & facial wash, and its not as drying to my skin as I feared ( given some of the feedback here). I'm still contemplating whether or not I will use it internally :)

Ritual store is in a building called The Collective."
Hope this helps! Wanted to share too since I found so much great info on this forum :)

Replied by Sylvie
Karon, Phuket
Hi Ted, We spoke on the phone before. I am the owner of Good Karma Thailand. I have just stocked BP Grade from Vidhyasom. No easy feat to order and get it.

Please let me know if I can be of service to you. Thank you


PS Please say hi to Lux for me and do keep me informed of any projects you would like a bit of exposure/Pr for and I can post on my fb page.

Where to Buy Borax: Thailand   0  0   

Posted by Ted Donate
(Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/30/2010 | 388 Posts

Borax is sold by Vittayasom at a pharmaceutical grade (B.P.) borax and is located near Rajadamnern Road near Kaosarn road where most foreigners reside. Most drug stores in Thailand knows Vittayasom also but I am doubtful they will order for you.


Happy New Year 2010

Posted by Joy (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 09/05/2010

I am still having a terrible time finding Borax in Chiang Mai. Any suggestions?

Posted by Stuart (Ban Amphur, Chonburi, Thailand) on 10/26/2009

Hi Ted, been out looking for Borax in Ban Amphur & Pattaya - no pharmacies or hardware have it that i can find. Where do you find it in Thailand?


Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
Borax is sold in Thailand by a company called Vittayasom, head office in Bangkok. However, there are many chemical companies that sell pharmaceutical grade in Bangkok on Rajadamnern road.

A drug store in Thailand can actually purchase borax for the customers, you just need to tell them the suppliers. The one I am aware of is Vittayasom.

Replied by Kallot
Phuket, Thailand
Hi I have found it on an online health food store, Called Good Karma Thailand And some other good stuff too.

Where to Buy Borax: Uk   1  0   

Posted by Angelika (United Kingdom) on 04/02/2015

Where can I buy borax which is safe for internal use? Do you sell it?

EC: Hi, you will find some information on buying borax here:

Posted by Broch (Aberdeenshire) on 10/21/2013

Where can I obtain food grade pure Borax in the UK.

I bought some from intra labs but it says on the package do not eat, technical grade powder for general reagent use, sodium tetra borate decahydrate. would this be ok to take orally?

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
@Broch: The regent or lab grade would seem to be the most safest form in comparison to food or commercial grade. If you can't find any "borax" at your local grocer, try Ebay or Amazon as they have thousands of merchants that ship worldwide. Do be sure there are absolutely no added fragrance.
Replied by Lorenza
I just bought some from the same place. I actually enquired about this; due to pharmaceuticals corrupting our lives, its very hard to get borax that will say for consumption. However the little impurites in the borax you bought are just other mineral s that our bodies will get rid of. So should be fine.

Posted by Avi (London, United Kingdom) on 01/21/2009

Hi, in searching to buy borax online, I found it under this name: Sodium tetraborate decahydrate at this site, top of page

and I'm not sure that this is the right stuff. Can anyone tell me? Thankx, Avi

Replied by Casper
Helsinki, Finland
Replied by Jane
Liverpool, Uk
Is Borax safe for internal consumption in very small amounts say 1 ml spoon daily? there is an article in Nexus, that say because Borax was so good for arthritis and many other ailments it was banned, I cannot seem to find whether it is actually safe, some chemical sites suggest definitely not!! Any ideas or has any one used Borax internally safely?? thanks jane

Posted by Cara (Birmingham, England)

[YEA]  Re: Mandy from Dorset, Uk writes: "You cannot buy borax in England anymore - any other possiblities for horse mange?"

People say you can't buy borax in England. I bought some today in Boots, in the household cleaning aisle. Also available in tesco and ebay.

Replied by Sini
Paris, France
Looked at a large Boots shop in London, as well as another hardware shop - and the staff there said No. The hardware store had something called "Borax Substitute"
Replied by Sheena
Glasgow, Scotland
I thought something like this had happened, as I've not been able to find Borax anywhere and this is one item I do not want to be without.

Do any of our UK readers know of anywhere that has slipped under the EU's net and still supplies real Borax? If not - folk in the US seem to a product called 20 Mule Borax and this can be bought on EBay from users in the US. It will cost around 30 though (most of that is postage).

I have my doubts about this "substitute" being of any use to most of us. Treatment for demodex mites is definitely in the realms of pest control!

EC: Why did they stop selling borax in the EU, anyone know? Very weird.

Replied by Gaynor
Manaton, Uk
I bought borax from lab supplier on e-bay UK company-e-mistral just recently they sell laboratory grade in different quantities. Hope this helps
Replied by Sheena
Glasgow, Scotland
Thanks Gaynor, I'm really grateful for that. I found them on ebay and bought some. It's probably only a matter of time before these suppliers are banned from selling Borax too.
Replied by Ben
Reading, Uk

"Borates as a family (including sodium borate also known as Borax), have been proposed as Reprotoxins and I think this is the reason they have been removed from the consumer market. A reprotoxin is something that can have long term systemic effects on the reproductive systems in humans (Risk phrases will be R60 may impair fertility and R61 may cause harm to the unborn child)."

I'm assuming Borax substitute (sodium sesquicarbonate) is no good for Dog Mange.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
1169 Posts
Hi Ben...I have no doubt that boron or borax at high concentrations will cause the problems that you state. Unfortunately, you didn't quote the relevant concentrations of borax at which this reprotoxicity would occur, so we are all left hanging in the dark.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about boron or borax:

"Elemental boron and borates are non-toxic to humans and animals (approximately similar to table salt). The LD50 (dose at which there is 50% mortality) for animals is about 6 g per kg of body weight. Substances with LD50 above 2 g are considered non-toxic. The minimum lethal dose for humans has not been established, but an intake of 4 g/day was reported without incidents, and medical dosages of 20 g of boric acid for neutron capture therapy caused no problems. Fish have survived for 30 min in a saturated boric acid solution and can survive longer in strong borax solutions.[93] Borates are more toxic to insects than to mammals."

Boron in the form of borates or borax is always taken in small trace amounts, usually taking it for only a few days out of every week. I've been using trace borax for over a year now, off and on, and find it very useful and without any side-effects whatsoever.

Boron is useful as a very effective anti-fungal, as a general hormone balancer and is helpful to bone health. See this link :

And your assumption concerning sodium sesquicarbonate is quite correct. This substance would be absolutely useless against mange. A topical mixture of borax and hydrogen peroxide would be far more effective.

Where to Buy: Internet   0  0   

Posted by Lisa (Norway) on 11/15/2014

Borax is not available on stores in norway. Can you give me a link to the correct type to buy? The ones I find says it is dangerous to digest. Any information will be much appreciated

Replied by Theparent
Borax pellets are available in pharmacies in Norway, where they sale homeopathic remedies.

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