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Borax Remedies
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Borax Cures and Health Benefits

Last Modified on Jun 02, 2015

Borax For Children   0  0   

Posted by Lia (Gordon's Bay, Western Cape, South Africa) on 05/02/2013

Hi there. My Homeopath Doctor gave my 1 month old baby girl homeopathic Borax granules to help her digestive track system as it is underdeveloped. She suffers from a very bad case of reflux and when on medicine for it she struggles to pass stool. So our Homeopath put her on Borax. I have noticed once again her stool is very hard for her age and she does not go as often as ussual. She struggles to pass stool which auses great uncomfort and sometimes cying. Is this because of the Borax? What is Borax actually for? Regards from a very concerned mother - Lia

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Hi Lea, Are you breast feeding, because if you are your baby will not experience any problems & you will not have any drs visits. At 1 month you should still be breastfeeding, your baby is going to make the drs very rich & you are probably giving him Isomil which is made from gm soja, look up on the neg effects of soja on the net.

Borax for Children   0  0   

Posted by Saudis (Gwent) on 03/08/2013

Borax for children: I am following Bill's (I am very grateful to him) protocol to help heal my son's leaky gut. We are on week three and although early days there have been some improvements. I have bought borax and started it myself and felt no adverse effects, if anything more energy and clarity of mind. I will be slowly introducing it to my son but wondered if anyone had experiences to share. I know there are boron tablets but I think with his gut and allergies he will probably react to the fillers etc. I really am interested in anyone who has used borax powder as recommended on this site. Thank you

Borax Instructions   0  0   

Posted by Seth (West Virginia) on 03/17/2014

Good day, I have a question regarding borax intake. I was thinking about putting my borax in a gelatin capsule to make intake easier. I normally mix my borax with water. If I were to change over to capsule intake would I still get all the benefits, or is a water mixture better?

Posted by Alakhi (Mt) on 11/16/2013

I have a question regarding Borax. I do not like the taste. I was wondering if it would be effective to take borax in a capsule as an alternative? I grew up in a moldy envirnment and have had problems with pcos, acne, hirstism, energy, food allergies, candida, etc.

Replied by Prioris
You can put borax in a capsule or just keep diluting it in more water until it is palatable.

Posted by Sherry (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/19/2013

Hello: I would like to start with borax therapy. I purchased Borax from No Frills Store here in Toronto.

I have glaucoma, floaters in the left eye which has recently become blurrier and there is some vision loss, h pylori, GERD, sliding hiatal hernia, insomnia, etc. I am also petite, older woman weighing less than 100 lbs in weight.

I work and carry my brita filtered chlorinated free (keep water in open container for 12 hours) in Nalgene (made in USA) plastic container. I use this water to take Lugol with ACV, vitamins C, glycine, other vitamins, minerals and Diamateous Earth.

I intend to start the Borax regimen as per instructions on this site but will use less than 1/8 tsp because of my body weight and have the following questions:

  • Can I use my Nalgene container to carry the 1 litre borax water?
  • Can I use this water as any ordinary water, e.g., to take my lugol, vitamins, minerals, Diamateous Earth, Clay, etc.?
  • Can I boil this water and add turmeric, black pepper, salt, lime, etc. ? Will the borax in water react?

I do not know how the Earth Clinic works, how can I find my post and any responses?

Thank you very much for any suggestions. Sherry

Replied by Mike
Denver, Colorado
Sherry: Most of the time you can mix various substances together because they are natural. Every day I mix 12 substances, including borax, together in some water and sip on that every hour. To be absolutely sure you can take borax alone.
Replied by Doddie
Georgia, Usa
I would like to know why it is suggested to use distilled water to make borax drinking water because if used with other waters it turns to something else. So my question is.....if purified or tap water is used to make the tea or coffee is it counter productive to add a pinch of borax ? If coffee is made with tap or purified water can a pinch of borax be put in the water before pouring it in the coffee pot?
Replied by Jdb
South Carolina
The reason you would not want to use borax with purified/tap water is because Borax is responding as a chelate-meaning it is bonding with metals/minerals that are free. These waters contain them therefore the only thing you would be purifying/detoxing is your tea. It will have very little detoxing effects in the body because it has already bonded with various pollutants in the water. Distilled water is best because ions have been removed therefore allowing borax to exist in its natural composition and unbonded to any trace minerals or metals. This then will allow the borax to attract any toxic metals/minerals (& everything else it can) and escort it out of the body in waste once ingested.

Long story short, borax bonds with the pollutants in tap/purified water and you then no longer have borax but now some other compound. It is useless for detoxing. Pollutants removed in distilled water which allows for the introduction of pure borax into the body where it will be able to bind with toxic metals and such.

Hope this helps!!!

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
I used water from a berkey filter + fluoride filter and I did fine. Ted says it is important to take magnesium just to be on safe side because borax needs magnesium to work and it chelates some magnesium out of the body. This could be another reason why it could fail. Distilled water is ideal if you have it available since one minimizes interaction with the substance.

Posted by Daniel (Christchurch, Canterbury) on 10/12/2010

Can borax be safely mixed with h202 ?

Posted by Val (Wichita, Ks) on 02/08/2010

Do you need to use a special water for the borax remedy? distilled? spring? filtered? bottled? or can you use tap water? i am trying to detox from fluoride but i find it a very big inconvenience to have to buy water, also we are on a strict budget and i am unsure if we can afford it as the family drinks alot of water ...

i understand tap water contains fluoride and that kind of defeats the purpose of using borax but that is why i am asking what kind of water i need to use then . thank you so much

Borax Origin   0  0   

Posted by Filip (London, United Kingdom) on 03/07/2015

Dear Earth Clinic, What are the differences between the borax that is mined in the US and in Turkey? In the UK, we can only purchase Borax from Turkey, is this safe to ingest?

Borax Pentahydrate Vs Borax Decahydrate   0  0   

Posted by Daniel (Christchurch, Canterbury) on 09/30/2010

Could anybody tell me if borax pentahydrate and borax decahydrate, both being only 5 molecules apart, are both safe to ingest using Ted's recipe?

Replied by Marianne
Hello daniel, I am also in NZ, want to know if you found out more info on pentahydrate borax as that is what I've bought from the binn inn. I want to use it for helping me cure my arthritis as well as fungal nails. Looking forward to your reply, many thanks
Replied by Eddy
Perth, Western Australia
The chemical difference is that the Borax Pentahydrate molecule has 5 water molecules attached, and the Borax Decahydrate molecule has 10 water molecules attached.

The practical difference is that the Borax Pentahydrate is around 15% Boron, whereas the Borax Decahydrate molecule is 'bigger' because of the extra water molecules and as a result the ratio of Boron content is less, at about 10% of the total weight.

They are identical substances except for the molecular water content and the resulting different proportions of the element Boron. Since the Pentahydrate is 'stronger' at 15% Boron, you should reduce the doses by around 1/3rd to get to the equivalent Decahydrate doses. That's all.

Borax Safety   0  0   

Posted by Luke (Australia) on 09/14/2014

Hi, my brother has been drinking borax multipurpose cleaner and deodoriser for some time now, and after just finding out that this particular product is used for cleaning toilets etc etc, I'm a bit worried!

Does anyone know if this is ok, is it even safe to consume?

It clearly states on the bottle that it is not to be taken, but says he saw on the internet that it is safe!

I need answers PLEASE!


Borax Scent   0  0   

Posted by Mary (Boston, Ma, Usa) on 04/29/2013

Has anyone else here had problems with 20 Mule Team Borax lately? The recent boxes I purchased seemed to have a noticeable fragrance added. Was very irritating as I'm highly chemical and scent sensitive. I called the manufacturer and they told me that nothing's been changed or added; I'm unconvinced. I've used Borax for years and never experienced this until just recently. Am hopeful my experience was a fluke but am looking at other sources for Borax.

Some previous posters here had noted a scent so was wondering if anyone else here might have noticed it as well. Many at Earth Clinic use it for medicinal reasons and they'd notice a change.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
Mary: The most likely explanation is that the 20 Mule Teem is shipped in the same container as other detergent products that do contain chemical scents (and many have very high levels). The 20 Mule Teem manufacturer would need alerted that the scent is leaking into the cardboard box containers. The boxed Borax is certainly permeable.

I have noticed this same type incidence with other products that are located near scented laundry products on the store shelves.

Try pouring the Borax in a wide container and let set out in a mild sun and not too damp weather.

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Mary - I just checked my container of borax and there is no smell BUT I've had the box for awhile so perhaps the new stock carries a fragrance. Also, I'm in Canada so maybe there are different formulas for export to various countries.

Does borax absorb odours like baking soda does? The smell in the detergent aisle of the supermarket is so overpowering, I'm wondering if it's absorbing odours from the other products. It's too bad so many people feel the need for toxic fragrance in just about everything.

Have you tried the health food store in the laundry section? If they don't have it in stock, they may be able to order it for you (as long as it isn't a "repackaged" 20 Mule Team product). Good luck! Bess

Replied by Evi
La Center,wa
I just bought 20 mule borax at walmart.. no scents at all...
Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa
I have seen a lot of posst on here about BORAX now being scented in many markets. I also read, where some guy that was promoting borax as an arthritis cure, said to stock up on it, as soon it would be removed from shelves.... Sorry for not having that source to list, I read so much it is impossible for me to add everything to my favorites and list.

Just my opinion, maybe the company that makes the borax is coming under fire from some outside source and is being encouraged to add fragrance to the product now. I have been able to still get 100% all natural 20 mule team at my area grocery stores, but any day that could end. I don't think they would quit making the stuff or selling it, but adding fragrance may be a way to discourage internal use.

I want to buy several boxes to put up, but not sure how or where to store it long term. We have to continue to think ahead of them, because no sick people equals no money for them. So I would strongly encourage people that have access to the 100% all natural to stock up on it as soon as possible.

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hi, Rebel from somewhere, US ---- you are quite right. And this is going to happen to a number of supplements. It is already happening.

I have ordered and received a large order of ESSIAC after I was told that one company had published some testimonies about its effectiveness and cures. They were pulled into court and told they cannot provide testimonies. Like "you cannot do this". They also lost their business.

Lugol's Iodine has been removed from the Canadian market and US companies cannot sell to Canada. Best thing to go online and let Tony Pantalleresco teach to make it yourself on YT.This is blatant disservice to the people of the entire country.

It is best to take the cue from there.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Mama To Many
Dear Rebel,

Borax should be stored in a cool dry place. Moisture makes it clump. But you can just crush it back up with a hammer. It should be able to be stored indefinitely. It was sitting in a borax mine for a long time before it was put in a box, though processed before boxing.

I found this website:

Interestingly, it mentions that borax used to be used to aid digestion, keep milk sweet, and cure epilepsy. It pooh poohs on this now, because of "modern technology and common sense." But we know that the old timers knew more than they often get credit for!

Thanks for the heads up on stocking up--and Om, for your information about natural items being banned for sale. My chiropractor says the same thing.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
Another thought on storing does seem to absorb odours, thus the common concern that it has is on the shelf with strongly scented laundry products and absorbs their odours.

For long term storage, I think glass jars, of light, would be ideal. Even food grade freezer weight storage bags will have an odour transfer, so I don't think they would be the best, though they may be better than the box the borax comes in.

Just a few thoughts....

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mama To Many
Meant to say,

"For long term storage, I think glass jars *out* of light, would be ideal. (In other words, in a cool dark place.)


Replied by Mary
Boston, MA
Wanted to come back to the thread I started to update: I am back with borax again :)

Had a recent skin rash that resisted all treatments, in desperation I remembered the box of Borax I'd stashed in the garage last year after opening it and finding it scented. Poured some out and scent! The time spent stored in the cool garage had removed the odor, which was obviously from other scented products that had been stored/shipped with my Borax box.

The cardboard packaging is obviously very porous and Borax itself highly absorbent. And I'm guessing it wouldn't be cost-efficient (nor environmentally sound) to package it in plastic....going forward I'll be purchasing well in advance of running out, pouring it into an open container and leaving it for several weeks in my garage or shed to air out. I'd advise others who have had the same problem to do this as well.

re: my rash: two days of bathing in Borax and my swelling and itching have subsided, after two weeks of agony. Am so happy to be using this amazing product again. Hope this experience is helpful to others.

Borax Shampoo   1  0   

Posted by Tx Kel (Frisco, Tx, Usa) on 05/14/2013

[YEA]  There are lots of posts on using Borax as Shampoo. I had to try it but I had some problems no one seemed to mention. My final review is I LOVE IT and will never go back to regular shampoo.

I have very oily hair and shampoo daily or I look like I dumped grease on my head. I mixed up a few spoons of Mule Borax in a 4 cup bowl and poured it on my head then rinsed. I looked like I had dreadlocks!!! My hair all clumped together and looked horrible. The Borax couldn't clean my hair. I had too much buildup. So I used a bit of dish soap for my next shampoo to strip my hair and also a higher concentration of Borax.

I kept trying it and figured out that with our water (TX gets its water from lakes so its got lots of stuff in it) and my oily condition I had to do the following : at least 1/4 -1/2 cup or more of Borax in 8 cups of hot water. Stir and wait for crystals to settle to the bottom. Wet hair with water and pour, scrub, pour scrub, etc at least 4 times with no rinsing between. Then rinse hair in fairly hot water. That's it. My best guess is that it takes a very strong concentration to loosen the dirt / oil and repeating the scrubbing / washing helps loosen it all from the hair shaft. Then the hot water helps to remove it all.

The whole process is actually faster than when I would shampoo. I will admit about once a week or two I do use regular shampoo to strip any excess oil that seems to build up. I also do a heavy conditioning treatment at that time. Otherwise I don't need any conditioner on a daily bases which is amazing because my hair is long and tangles easily.

To anyone trying Borax I suggest really stripping your hair first of all the buildup. Use dish soap to wash first, then do the Borax wash. Then just use Borax every time you wash thereafter. Then you won't have the dreadlock look the first time. You need to make the Borax water as strong as needed for your hair and your water.

Benefits: less oily hair, no reaction or sensitivity, hair fallout has decreased dramatically, hair dye sticks to hair much better and stays much longer with less fading!!

Additional benefit: it runs over face and my redness has decreased along with decrease in pore size and overall face coloring has evened out. Wonderful side benefit. I wrote another post about how well this works for your face!!

Replied by Roxi211234
Roswell, Ga
Hi,I read somewhere that TX has the highest level of fluoride in their tap water so you might want to consider using distilled water for your shampoo... I filter my water in the shower to remove most metals and fluoride, but I will try your shampoo advice, borax does make my hair soft and silky, also I color my hair with rainbow henna, stopped using commercial dyes 2 years ago and has dramatically changed my hair texture.
Replied by Myra
Kansas City Mo
Borax reacts with fluoride ions to form boron fluorides which protects your body (in and out) from the negative effects of Fluoride. This compound prevents your body from absorbing the fluouride. helpful

Borax Side Effects   0  0   

Posted by Jasmine (Vero Beach, Fl) on 01/05/2015

I am a 42 y/o female, and I take 1/8 teaspoon borax with 1 liter purified water 3 days a week. I started taking the borax in October, and only take it 3 days a week, 2x a month to start. I noticed that my right breast gets very sore, enlarged with a hard spot and redness on that spot every time I take the borax. The very first time I used the borax, even my right armpit was enlarged and painful, like a 7 out of 10 pain, I'm serious. I have fibercystic breasts and keep the pain under control with the flax oil/rosemary lignans/ evening primrose oil compound that I take every day, but ever since I started taking the borax, this breast pain is unbearable.

I read lots of posts here and saw someone mention that borax increases estriol levels - is that true? Can anyone provide an explanation as to what is going on with my breast? From its appearance, the redness, enlargement, and warm to the touch, I would guess that its an infection. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

The reason I am taking the borax is because I have fibromyalgia and Dr Ted recommended I discontinue the tap water, and start drinking purified water, start alkalizing, and start with the borax to detox from all the fluoride/chlorine I've been drinking my whole life. Ever since I started this protocol, in addition to all the essential vitamins, I have been fibromyalgia free (yaaay!!! ). But this breast pain is preventing me from increasing my borax intake levels for fear of the breast pain getting worse.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Jasmine, read up on painting iodine for your condition.
Replied by Sharon
I am replying to this because I seen your taking evening primrose and thought I would comment because I'm going thru menopause and started taking evening primrose and my hot flashes got so much more worse. Then I read where it makes you estrogen dominant so I stopped EPR and started black cohosh. Wonder if the EPR is making your breast worse, cause I read that borax helps normalize hormones. Just a thought.
Replied by Jasmine
Vero Beach, FL
Thank you mmsg and Sharon; I appreciate your replies. Sharon, I had no idea EPR may cause estrogen dominance - I've been taking it for about 5 years but just 4 months ago starting this problem with the breast pain - I will research this further thank you.

I was going to post a follow up tonight anyway to let you all know for information purposes that the day after I posted that breast pain incident, I got my period. That certainly takes this in a different direction. I will continue to watch for a pattern. Thanks so much everyone for this awesome website:)

Replied by Nicki
I don't know about borax side effects, but I have been reading about iodine for fibrocystic breasts - you might want to look into this.
Replied by Jasmine C
Vero Beach, Fl
My fibromyalgia symptoms are back with a vengeance and doubled. Alkalyzing not helping. I have tried to tell my doctors that these symptoms all started, in stages, after taking levaquin. They do not agree. If the cause of my pain is found, won't it help find a cure? And why isn't Alkalyzing helping me anymore? It has stopped working for over a month now, even with same lifestyle walking, vitamins, fluoride free water. Pain now so severe, wakes me in sleep. Thank so much in advance.

Posted by Mireya (Ct, Usa, Usa) on 11/24/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  What could I do to avoid the raise of my BP to 180/75 and headaches after taking borax following Ted's protocol? I am a 67 years old lady with a weak inmune system and multiple food allergies that produce mild pain in my joins. I'll wait anxiously for your answer, I really want to get rid of those problems.

God bless you guys for helping the human community. Mireya

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Dear Mireya,

I am assuming you are taking the 1/4 teaspoon in 1 liter of water? I would try cutting way back on the amount you take and try to build up to that. Try 1/16th teaspoon a day or even every other day. If you can do 1/16th teasoon daily for a week with no side effects, move up to 1/8th teaspoon a day... etc.

Do you normally have blood pressure trouble? If so, you might look into some of the cures here for cider vinegar and cayenne pepper to name a couple.

Take care and let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Mireya: Ryk Neethling, a world record holder in swimming, takes frozen liquid afa from Lake Klamath. The blue green micro algae eats 10, 000 tons of pollution free silt deposited every year from a volcano that erupted. This contains highly charged ormus minerals. This is the fresh water cousin to marine phytoplankton. You can get 6 bottles shipped for $168. To strengthen the immune system take a variety of beta-glucans from properly prepared mushroom extracts. To improve digestion make home made water kefir. For carbs take activated barley and raw wildflower honey. For protein take raw whey isolate. For fats take coconut oil and black chia seeds. Raw food has enzymes, organic and grassfed foods contain humic acids that activate nutrients and xeronines that activate proteins, and live ferments have beneficial microbes.
Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
Mireya: since Borax is a sodium salt (sodium tetraborate), that would explain the rise in BP. Since this isn't a common occurrence it proly means you are deficient in Potassium. I would take 2 90mg Potassium daily in this case.
Replied by Prioris
Borax also needs enough magnesium in the body to work, according to Ted.
Replied by Mireya
Greenwich, Connecticut, Us.
Hi: I need your advice again:

After a failed attempt in 2013 to treat an autoimmune disease, candida, leaky gut, food intolerance an some mild arthritic discomfort with borax, following the marvelous advice of your experts, I had decided to reiniciate Ted's protocol, starting on May 5. I took borax Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. The first week went very well. No reaction at all; but on Tuesday of the second one (yesterday) about 11:00pm, I went to the bathroom and I found blood in my urine, repeating the episode 30 minutes later, with some pain in my lower back area and my lower abdomen. This morning I went to the emergency room of the Greenwich Hospital, and they performed the following tests on me:


And their diagnosis was RENAL COLIC WITH STONE PASSING. Because I've never had problems with my kidneys before I have to assume this was somehow caused by the consumption of the borax. So guys, I need your wise advise again; I want to know why the reaction, and what should I do to avoid this in future weeks. I really want to continue with that wonderful natural remedy to get better. Thank you all, and God bless you. Warm regards, Mireya

Replied by Ed2010
Just a quick reply.

If you have read thoroughly about Teds Protocol he would have mentioned Borox will cause mineral retention in the kidney. Eventually causing lower back pain which is because of kidney.

I advice you to stop and try to read all the posts regarding Borax. You can start small or even give gap while taking Borax may be on alternate days.

Good health

Posted by Mary (Minneapolis) on 07/30/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I took the borax as recommended and I got so sick that I was not able to eat for two days. I mixed the borax in distilled water in a liter jug and sipped it throughout the day. By the second day I was so nauseated and my head hurt so bad that I could not even get out of bed. I did not take it again because I do not want to feel that sick again. Can someone tell me why I got so sick taking the borax?? Also can someone give me the signs of candida, fungal infection because that is why I took the borax because I suspect I might have candida and it may be causing my bo. My body odor is coming from under my armpits and I shower everyday but less than two hours later I smell as though I have not taken a shower in days. I am getting desperate! Also how long do you need to take the borax solution before you are healed?? what are some of the foods to avoid when you are taking the borax for candida?? I still have the problem with the bo and I have tried the MoM, bs, Zinc, and now the borax which made me feel as though I was going to die. Because this problem is so embarrasing I am willing to try anything but think I might be pushing the limit with the borax. Please help!

Replied by Steve
You overdosed on the borax and had a herxheimer reaction, nauseous, headache etc. Go very slow with it and you should have better results. Maybe one or 2tsp/day.
Replied by Cindy
To Mary:for armpit odor: I have found something that works for me-take a small sprinkle of borax and or baking soda and gently rub it in your armpit. Hope this helps.
Replied by Quercus
What you experienced is a herxheimer reaction. It is a symptom of the rapid die off of organisms in the body. Most likely it was caused by yeast. When they die off they produce toxins which cause the nasty symptoms. Drinking plenty of water along with a good probiotic should help. As with any product that eliminates fungal parasites it is wise to go slowly and let your body adjust.

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