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Borax Side Effects
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Posted by Lara (Sarasota, Florida) on 06/20/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I am on day 4 of the borax protocol (1/8th teaspoon in 1 liter of water, sipped slowly throughout the day). I didn't experience any side effects until this morning when I felt slight brain fog. At about noon I looked in the mirror and discovered that a blood vessel had burst in my left eye. I have had these before, but usually only after flying. I am guessing that this is related to the borax. I have also been regularly taking lugol's iodine (3 drops a day in water) for months but have never noticed this side effect. Anyone else experience this? I found some information on Dr. Weil's site about how certain supplements can cause a burst blood vessel in the eye, but nothing mentioned about borax or iodine.

I stopped the borax solution right away and am going to wait 3 days to pass before trying again. Will send update.

Replied by Joe
Atlanta, Ga, Usa
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I had the same side effect. I took 1/4 of a teaspoon for 3 days, then skipped 3 days, then started again. I got a burst blood vessel in my right eye the first day back on. This same blood vessel has burst several times before so I'm not worried about it.

Otherwise, the borax has made me feel great.

Replied by Joe
Atlanta, Ga, Usa
Hi, I just read the article you linked and noticed that they mentioned garlic and cayenne pepper as two foods that may trigger these burst blood vessels in the eye. I've recently upped my intake of both of those spices, so that may be the cause of the hemorrhage, rather than the borax.
Replied by Wayne
Coeur D'alene, Idaho, Usa
Want to take borax to protect from radiation coming over from Japan. Read Ted's advice on dosage and went to the store and bought a box of 20 mule team borax. It is now scented! Is it still safe to ingest?
Replied by Bo Jangles
Ca., US
Don't mix borax with high amounts of iodine - they seem to have a negative interaction (I took 60mg KI and around 1 gram boraxat the same time). And of course both tend to increase T3 so you are likely becoming very hyperthyroid. I have my theories about what the problematic interaction is...but needless to say best not to mix them.

Posted by Siri (Chicago, Il) on 03/25/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, I have been following Ted 's remedy for borax. I had done it last yr and suddenly got pregnant. It resulted in miscarriage. Now i am trying to get pregnant and want to alkalizs my body. I have a question regarding the side effect. I am taking 1/4 tsp of borax in 1 ltr of water . As soon as i drink 1 glass of this water my head starts spinning i feel a feeling of rush in my head. I want to keep on doing the drink , but would really apprecitate if ted or someone can throw some light on it. Thanks.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
1/4 tsp per litre and a whole glass is most likely too much. Try 1/8 and little sips throughout the day. When experimenting with this I found strong effects at this amount (1/8tsp per liter) and would only consume about half the bottle in a day. Also, why are you taking it? If to get pregnant there are most likely other safer and time proven ways.
Replied by Siri
Chicago, Il
Hi Rob. Thanks for the reply. I will try to do it slowly. I am taking borax primarily to detox as i had done 2 yrs back and found that it created an alkalizing environment and prepped the hormones conducive for pregnancy. Ted had replied to the same effect but unfortunately that had ended in an ectopic pregnancy. After waiting for an yr, I have been trying again for almost 8 months without any result so I am trying my luck with borax as well as lot of other supplements like manganese zinc wheat germ oil etc .


Replied by C Ray
Calgary, Ab, Canada
[WARNING!]   Borax can cause a micariage. Borax is a poison and will harm the fetus.

Posted by Tessa (Naperville, Il, Usa) on 02/03/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I would be so grateful if Ted could address this question. I'm at the end of my second day of taking 1/8 tsp borax in 1 liter of water for treating rosacea and like some others experienced, beginning this morning I could feel slight kidney discomfort. I wouldn't say the kidneys hurt exactly, but they're making their presence known. In all other respects I feel fine. I tend to believe this is a sign my body is detoxing, but I don't want to be too little worried :) Could this be a sign of detox or is it a sign that I should stop immediately?

Replied by Theo
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Last year I tried 1/8 teaspoon borax and sea salt in 1 liter of water to test if flouride was causing my health issues. After a couple of days I too experienced kidney pains. Since I had never felt internal pains like that before, even after trying many natural remedies and supplements over the years, I was quite scared. I stopped taking borax immediately. It didn't make sense to me that kidney pains would be a sign of detox. In conclusion, I no longer believe borax should be taken internally.
Replied by Katey
Apex, Nc, Usa
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I also am having kidney pain today after having 1/8 tsp. in over a liter of water yesterday. Also curious to know if Ted has a possible scientific explanation for this as I really don't want to mess with kidney damage but I could really use the benefits borax is supposed to provide.
Replied by Katey
Apex, Nc
Upon further reflection and 3 total days in pain, I realize it was most likely intestinal pain (front) rather than kidney pain (usually manifests in the back). I fasted for a day and then upon eating the pain was significantly reduced.
Replied by J
San Luis Obispo, Ca
Kidney pain is just the excess calcium being removed from the tissues and fluoride excretion passing thru the kidneys. Stop or slow down treatment for awhile.
Replied by Hotlava
J- ever been to a dialysis clinic? Kidney pain is never something to ignore!
Replied by Jerry
Sacramento, Ca.
Folks with kidney pain, again, and again is just detox effects getting through the kidneys. Everytime you have them just decrease the amount of Borax to a 1/16 or get off for a couple of days and let the body do what it does best, take care of you. Borax helps detoxify, which doesn't happen without a detoxifying agent, and people who are experiencing a little detoxing discomfort, well how many years have you been obusing the body by not ready labels on your food and studying what toxifies the body. This junk we're eating builds up and the chemicals even more, so yes your going to have a little discomfort in the detoxiying. Has anyone died from Borax which not even as strong as salt. Come on, fear is our greatest enemy, especially when people try to scare you on these replies. Just do the protocol and if the detox effects are bothering you, then back off. If you think these side effects are bad, go to Hippocrates Clinic, like my Dad who had cancer and at 6'2" was down to 125 lbs. I watched him go through detoxing side effects from taking wheat grass juice, the greatest detoxifier on the plant and yes it hurts, but the crap has to come out, hell we put it in, unless it was something we were exposed to. My dad did coffee colonics, as the caffiene cleans the colon walls, and that's a heck of a lot harder than a burst eye vesel with is just too much yeast coming out too fast. Borax is a great fungicide and works wonders for yeast, along with all the rest of it's wonders. Quit worrying. If you quit, the side effects are going to disappear and your going to think, wow, I saved myself, but all you did is do a little detoxing and allowed yourself to keep doing whatever caused you to overyeast, or over calcium, or over heavy metals. You have to change your diet completely when you get smart and detox, so you won't have to go back and do it again.
Replied by Cherie' B.
Pembroke, Illinois Usa

I see some of you are worried about kidney pain and one person made a remark about a dialysis center. Well I have been on dialysis before, and I received a transplanted kidney from my sister in January 2006.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis in my spine, and mycoplasma. I began Ted's recommended baking soda and citric acid 4 weeks ago and immediately began to cough up gobs of green, and then yellow with brown, and now feel so much better.I still have a ways to go, but it's working.

Then to address the fibromyalgia and arthritis I began the Borax RX 2 weeks ago.

I take 1/8 tsp borax in 1 liter Evian water which has a ph of 7.2 and contains magnesium 26, Silica 15, and bicarbonates 360. I did not add sea salt. I began to have kidney pain 2 days later. My labs were due to be done the next day for my regular appointment with my nephrologist. Conclusion...Dr. was happy, my creatinine and BUN were normal. I'm in my second week, the pain stopped, and all is well on that front.

I'm having a little Herxheimer effect I think though. My knees, feet, right hip and right shoulder are hurting, and my spine pain is off the chart, but NO PAIN....NO GAIN!

Good luck everyone!

Posted by Nj (Chicago, Ill) on 01/15/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  today was my first try of the borax remedy. I was fine right until the end of the liter but around the end i developed what seems to me like pain in the kidney area. A couple other posters had reported this also. I will wait a day or so to see if it goes away and will try it again. Anyone know if this is transient, benign pain or is this dangerous?

EC: Hi NJ, how much borax did you add to 1 litre of water? Thanks...

Posted by Paula (Coloma, Michigan, USA) on 04/15/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi, I've been using 1/8th teaspoon of borax with 1/8th teaspoon of sea salt in 1 liter of water and drinking it 5 days a week for the last couple of weeks. I'm now experiencing what I would call a hive like breakout on my face, neck, chest and arms that lasts for about an hour and then fades away. It started randomly about a week after I started taking borax, but now it's almost a daily occurence. I don't know if I should quit taking it all together or if something else could be causing this. I use to have it happen after drinking certain wines years ago, or after a workout...but now it's happening while I'm at my desk at work and it has my co-workers freaked out. I haven't told them what I'm doing because they aren't into alternative medicine as I am and they already make fun of how many supplements I take a day. Please help. Thank you.

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
The problems I have encountered with facial breakouts, as this came from the fact that one of the person who reported this similar occurrence was taken estogen (Diane) and anti-androgen (androcur). Both the product apparently had a double dose of cyproterone. That caused a shutdown in the adrenals. To make the matter worse, the person also took a lot of whey protein to build muscles, that lead to protein coagulation in the body causing an acne.

In any event, one doesn't take borax without a reason. If a known fluoride poisoning exist, tor that a person has autoimmunity, or a person had rosacea, morgellons, will experience different effect.

If a person happens to have a Morgellon's having demodex mites, the borax DOES cause a breakout as the demodex mites to come out of the skin, killing most of the demdodex mites. Which is the mode of how borax kills the demodex mites. It flushes them out of the body. Same thing with certain types Rosacea, it flushes them out too.

Since I don't know the reason for why borax was taken, the two possibility that I have encountered are the ones I mentioned here. However, people can take it for different reasons and different reactions are encountered.


Replied by Paula
Coloma, Michigan, USA
I am on Premarin due to having a complete hysterectomy 8 years ago. I'm only 37 but have lost the majority of my sex drive since the surgery. I was hoping the borax would help with the sex drive and to lose weight. I'm also doing the oil pulling and taking Apple Cider Vinegar supplements. Should I quit taking the borax all together?
Replied by Harmonious1
Littleville, Southwest USA
If, as stated, borax will move flouride out, then I suggest people who use it with flouridated water may be setting themselves up for these side effects. Flouride detox can be very painful, as I found out when I started taking iodine. When the flouride was stirred up and recirculated through my body, I had a lot of bad symptoms. And it takes a while for your body to get rid of it then.

I suggest using purified water, not city water, as it may be flouridated.

Replied by Piper
Toronto, On
I tried drinking at the suggested rate. I found that my hair started falling out much more than normal. A friend told me that that hair falling out is a sign of kidney problems. I stopped drinking and my hair stopped falling out at such a drastic rate.

I will bath in it. I bath my kids in it too. I think your body absorbs things from baths-magnesium, boron. I haven't found any harm in bathing with it. I put about a 1/4 to a 1/3 cup in the water.

In laundry, if you wash colours in hot with laundry soap and about 1/4-1/3 cup of borax the colours come out remarkably bright. The water has to be hot, not warm.

Replied by Misty
Indiana, Usa
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I also experienced hives after taking taking the borax water. I get the breakout on my face, neck, hands, legs, and especially my lower back and buttocks (it fades everywhere but my back/buttocks). I initially thought it was from spending too much time with the family cat (I'm allergic), but when the rash didn't go away after taking an antihistamine, I knew something was up. Borax is the only new remedy I have been trying, so I googled "borax rash" and found similar stories. According to a Wikipedia article on borax, borax poisoning can cause the following symptoms: "a beefy red skin rash affecting palms, soles, buttocks and scrotum has been described. With severe poisoning, erythematous and exfoliative rash, unconsciousness, respiratory depression, and renal failure."

I have also been experiencing hair loss since starting this remedy that I didn't connect to borax until I read of others experiencing this symptom. I have been urinating white specks for the past 2 weeks or so which could be borax buildup. My naturally soft skin has become dry all over my body; my lips are cracked. If I drink too much of the borax/water mixture at once, I will experience headaches and dizziness almost imediately. To me, these side effects indicate that this is not a very safe remedy, and I will discontinue my oral intake of borax at once. I will continue to bathe in borax water about once or twice a week (to treat my recurrent yeast infection) and hope the side effects disappear after I cease oral intake.

To be clear, my dosage is the recommended 1/8 tsp in 1 liter of water sipped throughout the day, 5 days on & 2 days off. I finish about 1/2 to 2/3 of the mixture in one day; I usually stop when I get a slight headache (it worsens if I continue taking it). I am a 115 lb woman. I eat an almost vegan diet (completely vegan for the past 2-3 weeks) and drink plenty of water. I'm not taking any hormones or anything as Ted speculated may be the cause. I also do not have symptoms of Morgellons disease or any other parasitic disorders aside from a recurrent yeast infection I've had for about a month. I started taking the borax because I believed it would help fight off the yeast infection (which I think may also reside in my gut causing constipation).

I had previously been trying whatever remedy was recommended on this website, forgetting that any nonprofessional individual can submit a testimonial. I rarely bothered to do research or even read the side effects posts on this site. I now realize that even "natural remedies" can be dangerous, and I encourage everyone to do their research so that they are aware of any adverse effects before they experience them.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
That doesn't sound like hives, it is candida die-off. Candida die-off or sometimes called "candida rash" is a by product of almost every successful detox. I got it about a month after I began eating organic produce and using the Borax remedy and ACV. Mine was all up and down the inside of my arms, but cleared up quicker than yours. The candida is just more concentrated in those areas you speak of.

Borax is used for chelating metals and eliminating flouride. You may want to try chlorella for a while to see if you like that better. If you're wanting to address pH balance, try Ted or Bill's alkalinizing remedies. That will also encurage candida elimination. ACV/baking soda at bedtime will also counteract overnight acidity.

Replied by Enda
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Boron/Borax have been known to work at normalizing the thyroid. This might be what is happening. You did say you are a vegetarian. Vegetarians are known for having unstable thyroid levels due to the lack of animal protein in their diets. If you are uncomfortable with the Borax, try Boron supplements from the health food store. They are made for human cosumption.

Boric Acid Vs Borax
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Posted by G. T. (A. P. India) on 01/14/2014

Hi. I'm just sooo gratefuld for EARTH CLINIC.

I couldnt find any Borax in my town, but only Boric Powder. There is no other informations on the box other than Bhavi Chemicals Bangalore, and; not for medical use. 100 Gms (TECH), tha'ts all. Can I use it as the Borax remedy in Earth Clinic pages? Much love and light to all.

Replied by Ashok
Hi you can buy it from any pansari shop or shops which sell herbs etc under name "suhaga". It's available eveywhere.
Replied by Baldev
Maharashtra, India
Hi Ashok,

Are you sure Borax is Suhaga ? G.T from AP, you can ask any chemist in your place and he can get you. In Mumbai there is an area where number of shops are there who deal in chemicals and medicinal drugs in bulk, the name is princes street and one can get Borax there. Boric acid is completely different, a lot is written about it on this site and I won't suggest to use Boric acid in place of Borax.


Replied by G. T.
Hi again. I just want to know if BORIC POWDER and Borax is the same.

Posted by Blenderlady (Satellite Beach, Fl) on 01/08/2013

Hello, I see the many warnings to use Borax and NOT Boric Acid - but I can't find any rational for this warning.

From another website on this topic it says, "Boric acid, if available, may be used at about 2/3 the dose of borax"

I have Boric Acid, and am very eager to get this cleared up... Thanks in advance!

Replied by Francisanne
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
These warnings are unfounded. In other earthclinic pages where Boric Acid is discussed, extremist warnings post too. But also listed are links to informed books/sites. I give this: borax and boric acid are in all my antique and vintage Early Amer and German cookbooks as health remedies, food preservatives, other non-bug kill home uses. For fastest research: go to googlebooks, search 'household __', 'health and __', 'agricultural __', 'veteranary __', and 'medical __'. For 'boric acid and health' the quick hilites and 3 minutes told me volumes. I include 2010 in searches as govt info often takes 5-10 years to publish anyway. See pg 390 of Nat'l Institute of Health Issue 53-57 about boric acid facts for example. DO NOT listen to random shouts by warning bloggers. FIRST do your OWN research, just like earthclinic also advises top of each page. Boric acid is used heavily in mfg/food/agri to cover/fix tainted foods. But in tiny, sparse amounts, yes, many govt/med reports report doctors teaching patients how to make their own very small amounts med capsules. Borax and boric acid are potent, but can and do heal.
Replied by Dori
Santa Ana, Ca, Usa
For your reference, book titled 'Integrative Womens Health',

Best fastest easiest most informative book I ever read on Womens womens healthiness including vaginal was - Integrative Women's Health, 2010, by Victoria Maizes Executive Director & Associate Professor of Medici Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Tieraona Low Dog Director of the Fellowship Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. It still costs usd40 or so. But its online free too (probably like a post said at googlebooks.

I saw the Warnings about boric acid for vaginal issues, so I'm suggesting all the women read this and teach the book to their girls too. At page 192 it says:

''In a double blinded RCT of 108 women with yeast, the boric acid cure rate was 92% at 7 to 10 days post-treatment and 72% at 30 days and that was significantly more effective than nystatin (Van Slyke 1981).... Specific diabetic women have higher cure rate in 14 days than 1 dose fluconazole, but at 3 months cure rates are same... Usual dose boric acid is 600mg in gelcap inserted in vag daily for 2 weeks with maintenance dose 2/weekly to prevent recurrence. There is LITTLE SYSTEMIC ABSORPTION with vag administration, but large amounts of oral ingestion are shown TOXIC. Also, it is inexpensive. DO NOT use during pregnancy.... Pap smear doesn't necessarily indicate Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)... "

Do ALL your research very well. Some professionals are interested in money or are limited by their bosses (their hospital or insurance group limits, or pharma's that fund them).

Replied by Da1
I used Yeast Arrest early in pregnancy for a yeast infection. I now read about how dangerous it is with pregnancy. Did I do harm for the baby. What are the harms that caused by borax, boric acid during preg. I am freaking out
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa
Dear Da1 from Tx, Hi! While I wouldn't continue using a product not advised during pregnancy, I would try not to worry about it. Babies in the womb do so well, even when we make mistakes. I had dental x-rays one time before I knew I was pregnant. A good friend had heart problems necessitating a CT scan before she knew she was pregnant. Those babies are fine and well children now. Borax and Boric acid are much less toxic than many drugs that are used by mothers (prescription and otherwise. ) The amount of borax and boric acid you would have used with a yeast away product would not have been large amounts and the baby couldn't have gotten large amounts. Many products say not to use them in pregnancy just for liability purposes.

God bless you and try to enjoy your pregnancy!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Tamis (Paris, France) on 10/26/2011

I just bought some borax from a local drugstore and was given a plastic bag with "borate na" written on it. Having read that some drugstores have given some boric acid instead of borax I asked the vendor if he was sure it was borax and not boric acid and he told me it was labeled "borate na" in his storage room.

Now I'm a cautious guy and I want to make sure this is indeed borax and not boric acid.

Is there a way to test this at home ? Like adding my powder to vinegar and see if it fizzles or not ?

I found out the The ph of Borax is about 9. 5 (so I guess it should fizzle in vinegar), boric acid has a ph of 3. 7 ( (so I also guess it should not fizzle in vinegar).

Am I right about this?

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
Hi Tamis, I have not found that it has any fizz when adding it to cleaning mixes, but of course they are diluted. Anyway I have just added borax to ACV and there is no fizz, have also added it to cheap white vinegar and no fizz. You may have to test it with a ph meter, I got mine for about $15 (AU) including postage via ebay. Good luck.
Replied by Misty
Somewhere, Indiana, Usa
Boric acid's chemical formula is H3BO3; there is no sodium (Na) in boric acid. The chemical formula for borax is Na2B4O710H2O or Na2[B4O5(OH)4]8H2O. Other names for borax include sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate, and sodium borate. Thus, you have gotten your hands on an oddly named version of borax :)

Posted by Dr Jon (Goa, India) on 08/23/2011

Does seem that borax does turn into boric acid when it enters the body!!!!!

Posted by Rani (Port Townsend, Washington, Usa) on 01/23/2010

[WARNING!]  Hi Ted, I recently became aware of Earth Clinic and was very excited about the remedy for fluoride "borax" and so I decided to give it a's when things went awry. I went to my local pharmacy and asked for a food grade borax, if in fact any was available, the pharmacist told me he didn't have food grade borax, but that they carried "Boric acid" which he said was the"Same Thing" as borax. He went on to asked me what I was going to use it for, I told him I was going to ingest it as a remedy for fluoride removal from the body. He had never heard of such a thing but went on to look at the label(one side only) and it read "If ingestion of a quantity of 1 teaspoon were to happen, it went on to say, to make sure to drink lots of water. I always read the labels myself, but I did not have my glasses with me and I asked if he was the pharmacist and he said yes. so trusted that he knows his stuff, seeing how he went to school for 100 years to become a freaking pharmacist...come to find out after about an 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of this stuff (as recommended on this site by other users of borax...not boric acid), my son asked what I am taking and I told him and why...he was skeptical, but suggested that I should inquire of our naturopath. So before doing that, because I wanted to know immediatley, I went on line and found to my horror that it is a insecticide for killing roachs and a eye wash and salve for diaper rash and wounds, but that regular exposure from topical to breathing in the powder was toxic to humans...especially if ingested. Geez... I freaked out! I kept drinking lots of water and went to the ER, they checked me out and looked at me like a real nut and because I was not vomiting, having diarrhea, headache etc. they called poison control and finally sent me home with a "you'll Probably be ok and Probably no real threat to my life or kidneys, liver, heart, respiration, and nervous system damage. I am so upset and scared that damage has been done to my liver and kidneys that I will probably not know about for years( I am 61). "Is Boric Acid the same as Borax"? I looked on line and found that Borax goes by many names...boric acid and boron being only a few. I still want to rid myself of the fluoride because of thyroid issues and insomnia, but I need to be assured that the 20 Mule team in the supermarket isn't going to harm me. Thanks, Rani

Replied by Rani
Port Townsend, Washington
Thank you for posting my e-mail. I can't believe I overlooked such an important bit of information. I am still feeling a bit queezy to my stomach and of course if I let my mind roll on this I could freak out and have a panic attack. But I got info from poison control, I also went on line and did more research, it could have been a really sad situation if I would have ingested more, I could have permanent kidney, liver damage or heart problems...and of course Death. I am more upset with myself because I am usually over cautious when it comes to medications, foods, beauty products etc. But on this day I was off my game and I almost paid dearly for it. I still feel a bit worried, but my recourse is only to wait this out...there is no antidote for boric acid poisoning, if your lucky with a large dose you may live...and many do, but for those others who did not survive it was a painful lesson for all. It has been a lesson that I need to stay awake and aware of what I chose to nourish this Temple. If you loose your house that's not such a big deal at least to me, but if I loose my health...well life's not gonna be much fun and I love having fun. I am going to attempt the borax in a month or so, just want to make sure I am not going to insult my body when it's already had a hit. I feel a little stupid right about now, but thanks for being here it helps to express this. Peace to All, Rani

Posted by Rosie on 06/01/2009

I hope this message finds you very well. May I suggest you to change the heading underneath the BORAX remedy in your website: Boric Acid is not a synonym of Borax! It took me 2 days to find out my mistake: I have been drinking a solution of Boric Acid instead of Borax and I even made my husband to drink it... There is Sulfuric Acid added to Borax, then it is not a synonym for Borax.

We feel all right but please change your heading. I was a bit stupid and despaired and I didn't verify that information. The trouble is stupidity and despair is sadly common nowadays.

Kind Regards, Rosie

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
A borax has a pH of 8.6 and is alkaline, but boric acid has a very acid pH! I hardly make any mention of boric acid except as a warning not to take it!


Replied by Rosie
Daylesford Victoria Au
Dear all,

I am really really sorry as I feel responsible about these boric acid warning... Here is the email I just sent to Deirde

Hello Deirde:

About 4 years ago I sent you an email about the possible confusion between boric acid and borax. As I had some boric acid in my paint tool box and read about the borax cure in your so precious website, I was confident to give this boric acid to my husband. So he took it and probably had a healing crises that I didn't recognize as such at the time and I decided to research a bit more about boric acid. Too quickly I came across with the (not so accurate) wikipedia website and read that boric acid is toxic if ingested. That is why I wrote that email to you and I was probably in a state of fear and guilt of thinking that I could have poisoned my husband. Then you put the warning mentions on the borax page. A couple of days ago I went back to the borax page on earthclinc to prepare an article about borax as my husband and I continue to take it regularly and we want to spread the word about its fantastic ability of healing. There a saw some comments of people upset about the warnings of Boric Acid on the Borax page. Then I felt that those warnings were there only because of my experience which was only based on my lack of research and state of fear at the stupidity.

Like the authors of those comments I would like to ask you to remove those warning signs as it creates a confusion that is detrimental on the perfectly safe use of borax and boric acid for healing.

Thank you so much in advance if you can do it and thank you a thousand times for the wonderful site that you have created.

Kind regards, Rosie

EC: Dear Rosie, thank you for getting back to us after 4 years! We will change the table of contents title on your posts.

Boron Vs Borax
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Posted by Chris (Boulder, Co) on 04/15/2010

Is it ok to take ionic boron, the liquid version

to chelate fluoride out of the system and to add to water to defluoridate it?

i saw an answer to my last question i just sent, that boron supplements in pill form are not recommended by Ted. so what about this liquid form? it will definitely be absorbed in the body, and by water, so what dose should we use to cleanse our body completely? and then to fix the water?


Replied by Chris
Boulder, Co
Can you please answer my question. It has been 10 months and no response. I am still wondering if the ionic boron supplement in liquid form can defluoridate water the same as solid borax/borox?

Apparantly a few people are also waiting. Thank you in advance!

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
1193 Posts
Hi Chris... The question you ask is not easily answered. Some ionic boron supplements contain some strange mixtures, here is an example:

The above so-called "Ionic Catalyst" supplement contains boric acid, ascorbic acid and citric acid. Personally, I would never ingest boric acid, which is not the same as its salt - sodium borate or sodium tetraborate, also known as plain old Borax -- same as contained in 20 Mule Team Borax brand.

Other so-called ionic boron supplements just contain Sodium Borate or Sodium Tetraborate in solution as evidenced here:

Yet other Boron powder supplements are sold in health shops. And when you check the ingredients -- the main constituent will be Sodium Tetraborate or plain old Borax. This supplement tablet form will probably also be more expensive than 20 Mule Team Borax but 20 MT Borax powder will not contain extra caking agents like Calcium Triphosphate, Stearic Acid and magnesium stearate or vegetable stearates which are always used in the tablet forms.

Sodium Borate or Sodium Tetraborate are all Borax as we know it which normally comes in powder form -- and this is what you need to ingest in solution in small amounts to remove fluoride from your body. See the EC Borax Cures Page and read Ted from Bangkok's advice on Borax powder use and dosages.

Replied by Chris
Boulder, Co
Thank you for the response.

I just went out and bought triplus boron supplments that include calcium to help it chelate through the system. The pills only contain 1.5 mg per every two pills so to get a defluoridation dose I am taking 8 pills per day which is 6 mg.

Do you think this will be enough to chelate it out of my system daily? I am also drinking distilled water. Thank you so much for the response and I know this form of supplement is easier for people to take and others would be interested if this is a high enough dose to remove fluoride (6mg) thank you!

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
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Hi Chris... The Borax dosage recommended by Ted from Bangkok is 1/8 tspn (for women) and 1/4 tspn(for men) dissolved in 1 litre of water a day taken for only 4 days a week. Therefore, the Borax dosage per day here is roughly between 500 mgs(women) and 1000 mgs(men) a day for four days a week by this method (1 tspn = 4000 mgs approx).

So Ted's dose is considerably higher than your 6 mgs a day. But nevertheless I think that you would probably eventually be able to achieve removal of fluoride from your body -- however I think it will take you a significantly longer time to achieve fluoride removal than with Ted's method and dosage.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
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Hi Chris... Have you ever considered taking 2 drops of 5% Lugol's Iodine solution (12.5 mgs) per day in a glass of water as perhaps an easier means of removing fluorine from your body?

Lugol's iodine supplementing will also get rid of other halogens like bromine as well as help to remove heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury and aluminium form the body. And lugol's other beneficial effects on the thyroid and the body in general are also well known.

Replied by Chris
Boulder, Co
But is 1000mg borax honestly the same as 1000mg boron? I had the feeling that 1mg borax contained only like 20% of that or less as boron? If I am wrong maybe I will start taking more? Like 16 pills a day = 12 mg? I read the reccomended detox fluoride dose was 6 to 10mg so maybe that was wrong?

Second question, what are the signs of success? How do I know I am fluoride free inside? Sorry to keep harping on this it is very important to me.

Replied by Chris
Boulder, Co
Thank you for the iodine tip.When I get paid in two weeks I will buy the 5% iodine and take that and the boron together. That should work and also negate any fluoride I intake? :)
thanks again! chris
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
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Hi Chris... To answer your questions:

But is 1000mg borax honestly the same as 1000mg boron?

There is no such thing really as supplementing free elemental boron. The only way to take it internally is as Sodium Borate or Sodium Tetraborate which is the same as Borax.

I had the feeling that 1mg borax contained only like 20% of that or less as boron? If I am wrong maybe I will start taking more? Like 16 pills a day = 12 mg?

Now your getting into the realms of molar weight equivalents. I'm not going there, way too complicated and unnecessary. Stick with the dosage that feels right for you. If you feel that the RDA is correct and that you should be taking 3 - 6 mgs of borax, then you should do so. But I would expect that it will probably take you months to get rid of the fluoride inside your body rather than weeks using Ted from Bangkok's method and dosages. This decision is really up to you.

Second question, what are the signs of success?

I'm afraid I can't really tell you that, because you haven't described any of your symptoms or problems. Speaking generally, if you have got excess fluoride build up the symptoms can vary alot but some examples are: brain fog, lethargy, insomnia, lack of energy, acid body, associated bacterial, virus and fungal problems like candida, bone problems, mood problems with possible hormonal problems like hypothyrodism, adrenal fatigue etc(you can also get wide hormonal problems with fluoride build up occurring on the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain -- which both help to control all hormones in the body).

When you get rid of the fluoride -- and providing there is nothing else wrong with you -- these problems should all eventually disappear.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Bill, If I take 3mg. of boron chelate a day, will it help rid the body of whatever is causing systemic lichen planus, the way the borax and liter of water will? Then I understand that I will also need to drink baking soda and water with lemon, twice a day. Can I use reconstituted lemon juice from a bottle? Do I also need to add magnesium, and if so, how much? Thank you.
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, The Philippines
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Hi Rsw... Alkalizing with Ted's Lime/Lemon recipe should certainly help to remove acidity from the body. For this I would use real lemons/limes rather than their bottled equivalents because of unnecessary additives. Although you are also using Borax internally, I would also consider using magnesium -- as mag citrate or gluconate(250 mgs twice a day) -- as well as using lugol's iodine internally as well. This will help to boost your immune system as well as help to kill of the LP.

I also note that you are not really applying any topical remedies to your lichen planus problem. See this link for useful topical remedies for LP from Ted:

Posted by Shaun (York, Uk) on 04/11/2010

Toughness of Boron

I wonder if the following is also why boron (and its salt borax) is (as otherwise), so helpful to one's bones?

"Ordinary T-shirts could become body armor"

Posted by Crista (Pekin, Illinois) on 10/03/2009

I have been researching the boron/borax issue because I want to use it, but have been quite afraid because of all the talk of it being toxic or poisonous. So I found a sientific article online that states this:

"Borax is necessary in small amounts for plant growth, one of the 16 essential nutrients. In larger amounts it is poisonous to plants, and the range can be small. For peaches, 1 ppm is required, but more than 5 ppm is toxic. If the signs of boron deficiency are noted in plants, a boron supplement can be applied. Borates can be used as non-toxic and non-specific herbicides. Borates are non-toxic to animals. The LD50 (dose at which there is 50% mortality) for humans is about 6 g per kg of body weight. Anything above 2 g is considered non-toxic, and borates are only 2 to 3 times as toxic as aspirin. Therefore, you are pretty safe unless you eat a pound and a half of borax for a snack. Borates are more toxic to insects than to mammals. The boranes and similar gaseous compounds are quite poisonous. As usual, it is not an element that is intrinsically poisonous, but toxicity depends on structure."

J.B. Calvert, (24 November 2002). Boron. Retrieved 03 October 2009, from

Sorry I am all about the references, plus this article has several quality references in it.

My husband was worried about me ingesting this so that is why I have done so much reasearch. I really feel it is safe, but even with this I am still a bit slow to try it. I will get up the courage soon. I just wanted to put this fact out there for all the people that argue about it. I think mainly I am afraid of the detox reaction I might have because my face has been pink for quite some time and if I put lotion on it or anything else it become very red till it is dry. I have washed my face twice with it so far though and it has at least dried up my acne. I also just used a bathroom cup to add water to some borax and then poored it on my hair. After rinsing then I shampooed. It did make it soft, although I tried to combine it with my body wash and it created a perm smell so I am going to do it by itself next time. Good luck everyone who tries Borax, but it is safe in small quantities.

Replied by 1947hoppy
Winamac, Indiana
I found a reference to using borax for arthritis quite by accident. Having had more than one bad experience with "possible side effects" from both prescription and otc drugs, my interest is arroused by any and all 'natural' remedies.

Like most people, I want to do plenty of research prior to taking the big step into the unknow. Along the way I happened to google "20 mule team borax" to see what the company itself had to say about their product. I was quite surprised to see this actual quote from their site.

"In earlier times, borax was proclaimed to be a magical crystal that was used to aid digestion, keep milk sweet and even cure epilepsy. Common sense and modern technology have brought us better solutions to these and other problems, but 20 Mule Team Borax still has a place in your home."

I'm not a rocket scientist, but it seems to me that if it can be used to sweeten milk, aid digestion and cure (not help, but cure) epilepsy, in the words of the company that sells it, it would seemingly be safe to mix small amounts with water and consume.

I just picked up a box and will be giving it a try post haste. I also plan to give my aging dog a taste of it for his arthritis.

Glad I found this site, again an accident, and plan to do a lot of reading and perhaps a little contributing.

Posted by Crista (Pekin, Illinois) on 10/03/2009

I know I posted the quote earlier, but as I have been continuing to research, why not just take the Boron suppliments versus drinking the Borax? Is there a big difference in taking one or the other? If Ted or someone else could answer this that would be great.

Replied by Katey
Apex, Nc
I am interested in this as well. Saw "chelated Boron" at the health food store and would prefer to take it if it has similar properties.
Replied by Anon
I believe Ted has answered this before on here. If I recall right, he moonlighted on a job where they made boron supplements. The boron supplements are made from borax (boron). The difference is that the supplements have added fillers and may not be absorbed by the body as well. Perhaps chewing the pill or crushing it will help it absorb better. Borax is cheaper than buying the supplements as well, but the choice has to be yours to make.