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Borax Instructions

11/16/2013: Alakhi from Mt: "I have a question regarding Borax. I do not like the taste. I was wondering if it would be effective to take borax in a capsule as an alternative? I grew up in a moldy envirnment and have had problems with pcos, acne, hirstism, energy, food allergies, candida, etc."

11/16/2013: Prioris from Fl replies: "You can put borax in a capsule or just keep diluting it in more water until it is palatable."

09/19/2013: Sherry from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "Hello: I would like to start with borax therapy. I purchased Borax from No Frills Store here in Toronto.

I have glaucoma, floaters in the left eye which has recently become blurrier and there is some vision loss, h pylori, GERD, sliding hiatal hernia, insomnia, etc. I am also petite, older woman weighing less than 100 lbs in weight.

I work and carry my brita filtered chlorinated free (keep water in open container for 12 hours) in Nalgene (made in USA) plastic container. I use this water to take Lugol with ACV, vitamins C, glycine, other vitamins, minerals and Diamateous Earth.

I intend to start the Borax regimen as per instructions on this site but will use less than 1/8 tsp because of my body weight and have the following questions:

  • Can I use my Nalgene container to carry the 1 litre borax water?
  • Can I use this water as any ordinary water, e.g., to take my lugol, vitamins, minerals, Diamateous Earth, Clay, etc.?
  • Can I boil this water and add turmeric, black pepper, salt, lime, etc. ? Will the borax in water react?

I do not know how the Earth Clinic works, how can I find my post and any responses?

Thank you very much for any suggestions. Sherry"

09/19/2013: Mike from Denver, Colorado replies: "Sherry: Most of the time you can mix various substances together because they are natural. Every day I mix 12 substances, including borax, together in some water and sip on that every hour. To be absolutely sure you can take borax alone."
01/17/2014: Doddie from Georgia, Usa replies: "I would like to know why it is suggested to use distilled water to make borax drinking water because if used with other waters it turns to something else. So my question is.....if purified or tap water is used to make the tea or coffee is it counter productive to add a pinch of borax ? If coffee is made with tap or purified water can a pinch of borax be put in the water before pouring it in the coffee pot?"
02/28/2014: Jdb from South Carolina replies: "The reason you would not want to use borax with purified/tap water is because Borax is responding as a chelate-meaning it is bonding with metals/minerals that are free. These waters contain them therefore the only thing you would be purifying/detoxing is your tea. It will have very little detoxing effects in the body because it has already bonded with various pollutants in the water. Distilled water is best because ions have been removed therefore allowing borax to exist in its natural composition and unbonded to any trace minerals or metals. This then will allow the borax to attract any toxic metals/minerals (& everything else it can) and escort it out of the body in waste once ingested.

Long story short, borax bonds with the pollutants in tap/purified water and you then no longer have borax but now some other compound. It is useless for detoxing. Pollutants removed in distilled water which allows for the introduction of pure borax into the body where it will be able to bind with toxic metals and such.

Hope this helps!!!"

02/28/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "I used water from a berkey filter + fluoride filter and I did fine. Ted says it is important to take magnesium just to be on safe side because borax needs magnesium to work and it chelates some magnesium out of the body. This could be another reason why it could fail. Distilled water is ideal if you have it available since one minimizes interaction with the substance."

10/12/2010: Daniel from Christchurch, Canterbury: "Can borax be safely mixed with h202 ?"

02/08/2010: Val from Wichita, Ks: "Do you need to use a special water for the borax remedy? distilled? spring? filtered? bottled? or can you use tap water? i am trying to detox from fluoride but i find it a very big inconvenience to have to buy water, also we are on a strict budget and i am unsure if we can afford it as the family drinks alot of water ...

i understand tap water contains fluoride and that kind of defeats the purpose of using borax but that is why i am asking what kind of water i need to use then . thank you so much"

Borax Pentahydrate Vs Borax Decahydrate

09/30/2010: Daniel from Christchurch, Canterbury: "Could anybody tell me if borax pentahydrate and borax decahydrate, both being only 5 molecules apart, are both safe to ingest using Ted's recipe?"

07/12/2012: Marianne from Nelson replies: "Hello daniel, I am also in NZ, want to know if you found out more info on pentahydrate borax as that is what I've bought from the binn inn. I want to use it for helping me cure my arthritis as well as fungal nails. Looking forward to your reply, many thanks"
12/14/2012: Eddy from Perth, Western Australia replies: "The chemical difference is that the Borax Pentahydrate molecule has 5 water molecules attached, and the Borax Decahydrate molecule has 10 water molecules attached.

The practical difference is that the Borax Pentahydrate is around 15% Boron, whereas the Borax Decahydrate molecule is 'bigger' because of the extra water molecules and as a result the ratio of Boron content is less, at about 10% of the total weight.

They are identical substances except for the molecular water content and the resulting different proportions of the element Boron. Since the Pentahydrate is 'stronger' at 15% Boron, you should reduce the doses by around 1/3rd to get to the equivalent Decahydrate doses. That's all."

Borax Scent

04/29/2013: Mary from Boston, Ma, Usa: "Has anyone else here had problems with 20 Mule Team Borax lately? The recent boxes I purchased seemed to have a noticeable fragrance added. Was very irritating as I'm highly chemical and scent sensitive. I called the manufacturer and they told me that nothing's been changed or added; I'm unconvinced. I've used Borax for years and never experienced this until just recently. Am hopeful my experience was a fluke but am looking at other sources for Borax.

Some previous posters here had noted a scent so was wondering if anyone else here might have noticed it as well. Many at Earth Clinic use it for medicinal reasons and they'd notice a change."

04/30/2013: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Mary - I just checked my container of borax and there is no smell BUT I've had the box for awhile so perhaps the new stock carries a fragrance. Also, I'm in Canada so maybe there are different formulas for export to various countries.

Does borax absorb odours like baking soda does? The smell in the detergent aisle of the supermarket is so overpowering, I'm wondering if it's absorbing odours from the other products. It's too bad so many people feel the need for toxic fragrance in just about everything.

Have you tried the health food store in the laundry section? If they don't have it in stock, they may be able to order it for you (as long as it isn't a "repackaged" 20 Mule Team product). Good luck! Bess"

04/30/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Mary: The most likely explanation is that the 20 Mule Teem is shipped in the same container as other detergent products that do contain chemical scents (and many have very high levels). The 20 Mule Teem manufacturer would need alerted that the scent is leaking into the cardboard box containers. The boxed Borax is certainly permeable.

I have noticed this same type incidence with other products that are located near scented laundry products on the store shelves.

Try pouring the Borax in a wide container and let set out in a mild sun and not too damp weather."

Borax Shampoo

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[YEA]  05/14/2013: Tx Kel from Frisco, Tx, Usa: "There are lots of posts on using Borax as Shampoo. I had to try it but I had some problems no one seemed to mention. My final review is I LOVE IT and will never go back to regular shampoo.

I have very oily hair and shampoo daily or I look like I dumped grease on my head. I mixed up a few spoons of Mule Borax in a 4 cup bowl and poured it on my head then rinsed. I looked like I had dreadlocks!!! My hair all clumped together and looked horrible. The Borax couldn't clean my hair. I had too much buildup. So I used a bit of dish soap for my next shampoo to strip my hair and also a higher concentration of Borax.

I kept trying it and figured out that with our water (TX gets its water from lakes so its got lots of stuff in it) and my oily condition I had to do the following : at least 1/4 -1/2 cup or more of Borax in 8 cups of hot water. Stir and wait for crystals to settle to the bottom. Wet hair with water and pour, scrub, pour scrub, etc at least 4 times with no rinsing between. Then rinse hair in fairly hot water. That's it. My best guess is that it takes a very strong concentration to loosen the dirt / oil and repeating the scrubbing / washing helps loosen it all from the hair shaft. Then the hot water helps to remove it all.

The whole process is actually faster than when I would shampoo. I will admit about once a week or two I do use regular shampoo to strip any excess oil that seems to build up. I also do a heavy conditioning treatment at that time. Otherwise I don't need any conditioner on a daily bases which is amazing because my hair is long and tangles easily.

To anyone trying Borax I suggest really stripping your hair first of all the buildup. Use dish soap to wash first, then do the Borax wash. Then just use Borax every time you wash thereafter. Then you won't have the dreadlock look the first time. You need to make the Borax water as strong as needed for your hair and your water.

Benefits: less oily hair, no reaction or sensitivity, hair fallout has decreased dramatically, hair dye sticks to hair much better and stays much longer with less fading!!

Additional benefit: it runs over face and my redness has decreased along with decrease in pore size and overall face coloring has evened out. Wonderful side benefit. I wrote another post about how well this works for your face!!"

07/27/2013: Roxi211234 from Roswell, Ga replies: "Hi,I read somewhere that TX has the highest level of fluoride in their tap water so you might want to consider using distilled water for your shampoo... I filter my water in the shower to remove most metals and fluoride, but I will try your shampoo advice, borax does make my hair soft and silky, also I color my hair with rainbow henna, stopped using commercial dyes 2 years ago and has dramatically changed my hair texture."
11/20/2013: Myra from Kansas City Mo replies: "Borax reacts with fluoride ions to form boron fluorides which protects your body (in and out) from the negative effects of Fluoride. This compound prevents your body from absorbing the fluouride. helpful"

Borax Side Effects

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[SIDE EFFECTS]  11/24/2013: Mireya from Ct, Usa, Usa: "What could I do to avoid the raise of my BP to 180/75 and headaches after taking borax following Ted's protocol? I am a 67 years old lady with a weak inmune system and multiple food allergies that produce mild pain in my joins. I'll wait anxiously for your answer, I really want to get rid of those problems.

God bless you guys for helping the human community. Mireya"

11/24/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Mireya,

I am assuming you are taking the 1/4 teaspoon in 1 liter of water? I would try cutting way back on the amount you take and try to build up to that. Try 1/16th teaspoon a day or even every other day. If you can do 1/16th teasoon daily for a week with no side effects, move up to 1/8th teaspoon a day... etc.

Do you normally have blood pressure trouble? If so, you might look into some of the cures here for cider vinegar and cayenne pepper to name a couple.

Take care and let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~"

11/24/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Mireya: Ryk Neethling, a world record holder in swimming, takes frozen liquid afa from Lake Klamath. The blue green micro algae eats 10, 000 tons of pollution free silt deposited every year from a volcano that erupted. This contains highly charged ormus minerals. This is the fresh water cousin to marine phytoplankton. You can get 6 bottles shipped for $168. To strengthen the immune system take a variety of beta-glucans from properly prepared mushroom extracts. To improve digestion make home made water kefir. For carbs take activated barley and raw wildflower honey. For protein take raw whey isolate. For fats take coconut oil and black chia seeds. Raw food has enzymes, organic and grassfed foods contain humic acids that activate nutrients and xeronines that activate proteins, and live ferments have beneficial microbes."
11/25/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Mireya: since Borax is a sodium salt (sodium tetraborate), that would explain the rise in BP. Since this isn't a common occurrence it proly means you are deficient in Potassium. I would take 2 90mg Potassium daily in this case."
11/25/2013: Prioris from Fl replies: "Borax also needs enough magnesium in the body to work, according to Ted."
05/14/2014: Mireya from Greenwich, Connecticut, Us. replies: "Hi: I need your advice again:

After a failed attempt in 2013 to treat an autoimmune disease, candida, leaky gut, food intolerance an some mild arthritic discomfort with borax, following the marvelous advice of your experts, I had decided to reiniciate Ted's protocol, starting on May 5. I took borax Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. The first week went very well. No reaction at all; but on Tuesday of the second one (yesterday) about 11:00pm, I went to the bathroom and I found blood in my urine, repeating the episode 30 minutes later, with some pain in my lower back area and my lower abdomen. This morning I went to the emergency room of the Greenwich Hospital, and they performed the following tests on me:


And their diagnosis was RENAL COLIC WITH STONE PASSING. Because I've never had problems with my kidneys before I have to assume this was somehow caused by the consumption of the borax. So guys, I need your wise advise again; I want to know why the reaction, and what should I do to avoid this in future weeks. I really want to continue with that wonderful natural remedy to get better. Thank you all, and God bless you. Warm regards, Mireya"

05/15/2014: Ed2010 from Canada replies: "Just a quick reply.

If you have read thoroughly about Teds Protocol he would have mentioned Borox will cause mineral retention in the kidney. Eventually causing lower back pain which is because of kidney.

I advice you to stop and try to read all the posts regarding Borax. You can start small or even give gap while taking Borax may be on alternate days.

Good health"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  07/30/2013: Mary from Minneapolis: "I took the borax as recommended and I got so sick that I was not able to eat for two days. I mixed the borax in distilled water in a liter jug and sipped it throughout the day. By the second day I was so nauseated and my head hurt so bad that I could not even get out of bed. I did not take it again because I do not want to feel that sick again. Can someone tell me why I got so sick taking the borax?? Also can someone give me the signs of candida, fungal infection because that is why I took the borax because I suspect I might have candida and it may be causing my bo. My body odor is coming from under my armpits and I shower everyday but less than two hours later I smell as though I have not taken a shower in days. I am getting desperate! Also how long do you need to take the borax solution before you are healed?? what are some of the foods to avoid when you are taking the borax for candida?? I still have the problem with the bo and I have tried the MoM, bs, Zinc, and now the borax which made me feel as though I was going to die. Because this problem is so embarrasing I am willing to try anything but think I might be pushing the limit with the borax. Please help!"

07/30/2013: Steve from Nevada replies: "You overdosed on the borax and had a herxheimer reaction, nauseous, headache etc. Go very slow with it and you should have better results. Maybe one or 2tsp/day."
07/30/2013: Cindy from Usa replies: "To Mary:for armpit odor: I have found something that works for me-take a small sprinkle of borax and or baking soda and gently rub it in your armpit. Hope this helps."
12/01/2013: Quercus from Southwest replies: "What you experienced is a herxheimer reaction. It is a symptom of the rapid die off of organisms in the body. Most likely it was caused by yeast. When they die off they produce toxins which cause the nasty symptoms. Drinking plenty of water along with a good probiotic should help. As with any product that eliminates fungal parasites it is wise to go slowly and let your body adjust."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  06/25/2013: Carin from St. Louis, Missouri: "I am writing to give my feedback on the borax remedy. I followed the recipe exactly as it was submitted by Precisely from Mineral Hill, New Mexico, Usa on 5/19/13:

... dissolve a lightly rounded teaspoonful (5-6 grams) of borax in 1 litre of good quality water* free of chlorine and fluoride. This is your concentrated solution. Keep the bottle out of reach of small children. (* I''m using distilled water)

Standard dose = 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of concentrate. This has 25 to 30 mg of borax and provides about 3 mg of boron. Take 1 dose per day mixed with drink or food. If that feels right then take a second dose with another meal. If there is no specific health problem or as a maintenance dose you may continue indefinitely with 1 or 2 doses daily."

I took a teaspoon at night just before going to bed for exactly a week and experienced extreme hormonal and/or brain chemistry side effects that came close to pushing me over the edge into the looney bin! I think this is a very potent remedy that affects hormones and brain chemistry much more than is known. I went from calm and peaceful to crazy high amounts of anxiety and paranoia by the end of the week. I lay awake every night worrying that the sky was falling in every part of my life!! I ceased taking the remedy on a Sunday and it was Wednesday morning before everything returned to normal. I urge GREAT CAUTION to those taking this remedy. I only wish I could have monitored the changes in my hormones and brain chemistry before, during and after my borax week with blood panels.

Another side effect is that I lost 5 pounds in a week! It has stayed off, which I am happy about."

06/26/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Carin: Your bad side effects are classic detox reactions known as "Herx" or "die off". It's kinda like The Eagles song "you got to go thru hell before you get to heaven". The best option for you is to slow down and reduce the dose so your body can handle the effects. Weeks or months later when "the storm is over" you should be doing very well."

06/23/2013: Baldev from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: "Hi, This question is for Ted / Bill or any body who has experienced it. If by mistake some one takes half a teaspoon of Borax in half a glass of water, what will be the symptoms, effect on the body and what should be given as an antidote to neutralise the effect of such a high dose of Borax. Or there is no need to worry body will take care of it, I am curious to know because it is higly alkaline and in small doses ( As advised by Ted ) it works wonders.


06/23/2013: John from London, Uk replies: "Hi Baldev, I don't know how dangerous borax at that level is. But if I had accidentally consumed a teaspoon in a glass of water, I would drink a lot of distilled water for the next week or so and take a dose or two of activated charcoal in a lot of water. Let us know how it turns out."
06/24/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Baldev... All you have to do is search EC to see how many people have mistakenly taken tablespoons instead of the proper dose of 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of borax in a liter of water. These people haven't suffered that much -- although the high alkalinity caused by the excess borax dosages can cause typical hyper-alkaline symtoms in the body like diarrhea. Excessive borax intake can also stress and damage the liver over long term. Borax has about the same toxicity as comon table salt. However, if you have liver or kidney issues then excessive borax can cause considerable problems.

Therefore, to counteract the excessive alkalinity caused by high borax dosages, you could simply drink something acid -- like raw ACV(through a straw) -- to neutralize the excess alkalinity in the body."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  06/11/2013: Mary from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: "For Ted or Bill, Please Help!

Hi: I have been looking at everything I have done to determine why I am so itchy. I thought it was mites from my dog. But when this all started was when I was taking borax internally and I also started Willard water. I have breast cysts and am watching carefully. So the fungal link and protocol seemed a fit. But when I reflect, first my breasts started to itch uncontrollably as I progressed on the borax. I have been itching and scratching my back face, chin, ears, torso, and especially breasts, to the point that I have a wound on one of my breasts that has not healed, became infected and it has been there for 5 weeks. My back is covered with bumps from scratching. My chin is not looking very good. I have also been alkalysing with BS but was gaining weight at an alarming rate!! Up to 7 lbs. so I stopped but my am ph is 5.5 and that is even with months of trying to alkalyze. I just took 1 tsp of tumeric with water and pepper. I need to stop this! :(

Really need some suggestions. Would appreciate any feedback. if I go see my naturopath he will just tell me I am trying too many things but getting desperate.


12/23/2013: Donna from Ca replies: "Hi Mary an important part of any cure is diet and mental peace, without either just taking a cure probably won, t work. A candida free diet with lots of veges is just as important as the borax and baking soda. KEEP it up you wii get better. I would go fast on the diet and slow on the cure. I want to thank Ted and all who have contributed here. My partner and I are almost cured from the Incurable morgellons disease. But we have completely changed our diet and life style.

Peace and Health to all"

04/05/2013: Mindy from Brisbane, Australia: "Hi this is a question for Ted -

I have started taking Borax. I am overweight (180lbs) and so am taking 1/4 tsp in 1L of water per day - the thing is I have been drinking this by the glassful and using the whole litre. Other info suggests that this is the base and only 1-3 tsp of this needs to be taken per day. I am really confused. I have noticed some cystitis over the last couple of days. I had been doing the fingertip dipping and putting in water and was fine, but wondered if it was enough so started adding the powder to water as above.

I am taking it to improve osteoarthritis and to strengthen teeth and bones, I am aged 65.

I am also trying to alkalise my body doing the 1/4 tsp baking soda, 2 tbsp lemon juice in 1/2 water. (Is the bottled pure lemon juice ok to use?)

Thank you for your help,

02/15/2011: Garrett from Wichita, Ks, Usa: "All right, I've been doing research for about two weeks now and it seems to me that ingesting Sodium Tetraborate is potentially dangerous due to the fact that you are not VERY SPECIFICALLY measuring the amount of Boron you are receiving. The upper alowable limit for boron is around 17-20 mg per day for HEALTHY ADULTS. Now when you take borax, in amounts such as 1/4 teaspoon per day, this is very unregulated. The boron atom in sodium TETRAborate is multiplied by four so anyone taking this amount is putting themself at risk. Just do it right by taking a boron supplement.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this info on Boron. It's very simple and straight forward. It explains ALL your negative side effects. I will be using this as a guys to my anti-flouridation efforts upon myself."

02/15/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "Hi Garret... Although it is appreciated that you have great concern over people's use of Borax and the dangers therein, personally I would not trust any information put out by Medline, Pubmed or the FDA -- their only driver is to support the Pharmaceuticals profit. After all, would you really trust your doctor's recommendation if he advised that you must take anti-depressants for a problem? ALL anti-depressants contain fluoride (far more poisonous than Borax) which -- amongst its many other dangerous physical effects -- causes suicidal and aggressive tendencies. But you will take this anti-depressant because you trust your doctor.

The fact remains that Borax is about as poisonous as table salt.

Here is the MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) -- which is the Bible standard for all chemists and biochemists regarding toxicity -- for ordinary table salt:

And here is the MSDS for Borax:

Notice that the Oral Rat LDL50(Median Lethal Dose) for salt is 3000 mgs/kgm whereas the Oral Rat LDL50 for borax is 2600mgs/kgm.

From these datasheets notice that the LDLo (Lower Lethal Dose) for man for salt is 1000 mgs/kgm and the LDLo for Borax is 709 mgs/kgm.

This means that to kill a 100 kgm person with salt(sodium chloride) would take 100 GRAMS (3.52 ounces) of salt and to kill a 100 kgm person with borax would require that he would have to ingest 70. 9 GRAMS (2.50 ounces) of borax.

Ted advises daily doses(4 days a week) of between 500 mgs(1/8 tspn) and 1000 mgs (1/4tspn) of borax in a liter of water per day(1 tspn = 4000 mgms approx). These amounts equate to 0.01 ounces and 0.03 ounces respectively.

I've also been using and ingesting Ted's Borax remedy in solution for four years for various problems -- I know borax well -- and I've had no problems or side-effects whatsoever from its use. It is a very powerful anti-fungal and fluoride remover. Cheap too."
02/17/2011: Maria from Gippsland, Australia replies: "Garrett, I went to the link you posted and at the bottom of the page they had about five references, four of which had links to click on and the one that didn't I googled, they make for interesting reading and have yet again reminded me how important this mineral is to us and also animals. Very interesting one of the references tells of the study where bones from the unsupplemented (no boron) were easy to saw through and yet the bones from the supplemented with boron were harder to saw.

For some more research (you may have already seen it) I have included a link about boron from: Mineral tolerance of animals, By National Research Council (U. S. ). Committee on Minerals and Toxic Substances in Diets and Water for Animals, National Research. Scroll to the start of Boron which is page 60.

It looks like some of the older studies were done using boric acid, which should not be taken orally. In the studies that used boric acid they call it boron, so I wonder if this is how boron got its undeserved reputation. After all we know that a small amount of salt is good for us but large amounts are bad. It is the same principle for boron (not boric acid) although the amounts are smaller as explained by Bill. I am very thankful for Ted's advice on Borax and everyone who have posted their experiences here on EC. Bill thanks for such a good clarification on boron safety."
02/18/2011: Chris from Boulder, Co replies: "I just wanted to comment on my treatment so far. I have been taking between 9 and 12mg of boron a day, in capsule form which also includes magnesium and calcium, so I am getting over 100 to 200% RDV of those last two but I dont think that is a problem.

The only side effect I have noticed besides increase in clarity of mind and more vivid dreams is a slight diarrhea. Like half-diarrhea. Is this common as a sign of your body removing toxins? Sorry to be unpleasant ;) It hardly counts as such as I am still going on normal schedule once a day, but juts noted that difference. Wanted to make sure that is not a sign of anything negative.

I am taking the boron with distilled water and stopped drinking tap water as I feel I get all the minerals I need in food and supplements. I am detoxing from fluoride for metaphysical reasons.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Once you feel you are cleansed of fluoride what would a smaller dose of of boron daily be to merely neutralise your intake (as it is in everything nowadays, food etc) as opposed to cleansing old buildup?"
02/19/2011: Lisa from Rabat, Morocco replies: "Hi Chris, sometimes taking too much magnesium can cause diarrhea. Try cutting back on the amount you are taking and see if that helps. Everybody has different tolerance levels so you just have to play around with how much you take to find out what is right for you."
02/19/2011: Chris from Boulder, Co replies: "Thanks! I have been taking like 300 to 400% of the fillers because the boron is such a small amnt in each pill. So I might have to go back to 6 to 9mg a day or less instead of 12 on account that they have such a high amount of extras. It seems to be working well at any rate - I have much more success with everything pineal related :)"
10/13/2011: Mistyk from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "Hey Chris from Boulder, Co... I know this may be coming late, but can you explain a bit more about what you are doing for your pineal gland with the borax? And also what pill form are you taking? Thanks!"
11/05/2011: Rhonda from Lakewood, Ca replies: "My question is for Ted:

I began trying Ted's recipe of 1/8 tsp of Borax in 1L water and soon after, my period started early with heavy bleeding and cramping. I read on a bottle of Boron capsules at the health food store that Boron affects the estradiol levels, so I wonder if there is a connection. Did this cause me to become estrogen dominant? On the 15th day of my cycle each month, I take Bioidentical Progesterone and was late this month. I experienced heavy bleeding a few years back similar to this. This is when I started Hormone supplementation. But before that, I went to 5 different doctors. All wanted to do surgeries that included: ablation, hysterectomy, a procedure that involved clamping the arteries, etc. One gave me a shot that temporarily stopped the bleeding.

This went on for 6 months until I went to a chinese herbal doctor. I made a tea from the herbs and the bleeding lessened and then stopped in 8 days! I have heard the warnings of lead in chinese herbs, but this is an emergency, so I am going back for more herbs today. I oil pull and use Detoxamin on the weekends, when I have time. Hopefully, that will take care of any lead. I would like to know if Ted has any recommendations. Thanks, Ted. I respect your opinion."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  10/03/2010: Clcball from Buckeye, Az, Us: "I started using 20 mule team borax for killing mycoplasma and rebuilding my bone structure and hormone regulation. It has been close to a month and I used it approximately 11 times 18 tsp to 1 ltr of water. I don't know if this is the cause or not, but I have developed 100`s of cherry angiomas all over my body and now have muscle spasms visual disturbances and an overall not right feeling(shakes, lungs hurt, and involuntary muscle movements). Also I have been using it to wash my hair and body. I started looking into the reason for the angiomas and found that it is possible for cleaning companies to add certain components without labeling it! They are not required to add it to the label when they add ingredients according to San Francisco chronicle. "It's difficult for consumers to know whether their favorite cleaner contains the chemical because manufacturers aren't required to list it on the label. "

So I urge you EC to please ask one of your multitalented partners to find out if this product may possibly contain 2-butoxyethanol so that we may find a different source of the very useful borax. Plus, if it this harmful substance is found to be in the 20 mule team borax, how can I get rid of the toxic side effects I am experiencing, and are they reversible? Thanks a mil... CLC"

10/03/2010: Lisa from Lafayette, La replies: "To clcball: Surely you don't really mean 18 tsp in one litre of water? Please correct this amount to read 1/8 tsp in one litre (approx 32 oz) of water, or I just might hyperventilate at the thought of you drinking that much borax!!!"
10/03/2010: Clcball from Buckeye, Az replies: "I just saw my post... Correction it is 1/8th of a teaspoon of borax, plus I added a lot of other "stuff" like sea salt, baking soda, acv, kelp, took l-cysteine a few times as well as acetyl-l-carnitine, 1 drop of clove oil from time to time, olive leaf extract and cayenne and h2o2 3 drops in 8 oz. Of water , sodium ascorbate of course ALWAYS paying attention to the amounts as to not get too much or a bad mix, I did not take ALL at the same time or anything, just trying to make sure and follow All instructions to rid myself of any bacterium and rebuild my system. I am grateful for this site. None the less weary of being here in the States were they do not have to list all ingredients. I will still self heal, just gotta make sure and get a good source for the products!"
10/07/2010: Deirdre from Earth Clinic replies: "Hi Everyone,

Peter from Chicago emailed me yesterday to ask if I would contact the manufacturer of 20 Mule Team Borax to find out if there are additional ingredients in the Borax. (Thanks, Peter!) Below is the customer service response I just received.


P.S. Here's their product page for more info: - click on the FAQ tab at the top.

October 7, 2010

Dear Ms. Layne:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Twenty Mule Team Borax.

Borax consists of the elements: Sodium, Oxygen, Boron & Water

Boron = 11.56%
Sodium = 12.06%
Trace Minerals (0.5%) found at the mining site

Thank you again for contacting us.

Consumer Affairs"

01/04/2011: Randy from Jc, Nj replies: "I don't like the sound of those trace minerals found from the mining site. My concern is that these 'minerals' might be metals or other harmful substances. I sent an email to the company asking to be more specific about the minerals. I will repost if/when I hear back."
06/13/2011: Missy from Ny replies: "Randy, did you ever get a reply from the company? Also, I am wondering: if the ingredients are

Boron = 11.56%
Sodium = 12.06%
Trace Minerals (0. 5%) found at the mining site

for Borax, is it possible that the remaining 75.88% is only oxygen and water?"

12/14/2012: Eddy from Perth, Western Australia replies: "I think referring to the elements as 'ingredients' is misleading. It is not like a salad where the ingredients are mixed and consumed.

If I had a jar containing hydrogen gas, and I added oxygen, I wouldn't get water. There needs to be a chemical reaction to bond the elemental atoms to create water.

In the case of Borax Decahydrate, the ELEMENTS (sodium, boron, hydrogen and oxygen) are chemically bonded to form a specific chemical compound Borax Decahydrate, which may have properties completely different to those of the individual elements.

In the Borax Decahydratethe chemical COMPOUND there are fixed ratios of the contributing elements, Yes, the remaining 78% is hydrogen atoms and (mostly) oxygen atoms."

07/13/2014: Mzjean from Houston, Tx. replies: "I was told to boil water in a sauce pan and boil it. than to slowly add the borax powder until it stopped dissolving. I used a large sauce pan and added almost half the box to it and it still was dissolving, so I stopped adding it. I was then told to add 1-2 tbsp. to a glass of water (8 oz.) for intake. Is this too much and how should I dilute it or measure it for intake?"
07/14/2014: Judy from Usa replies: "That is too much Borax , you don't need to boil the water, just warm the water, and make sure the water is spring or distilled. Put 1/4 tsp. in 8 oz. of water and mix . Don't take more then that because it will give you kidney trouble."

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