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12/30/2011: Le Anna from Brisbane, Qld: "Hi, I have spent hours and hours read and researching the net to find help. My little dog has a large tumour in her stomach, not attached to the spleen, however it has surrounded the liver. Vet opened her up and closed her back up. I have started her on several things and stopped the vets med's. Today she had her first dose of coconut oil and actually went to the toilet, I was pleased. Can anyone give further suggestions please?

She is 13 years old and until recently she behaved as though she was still a puppy. She's a lovely little baby. Please help."

12/21/2011: Eallyson from Baldwin, Ks, Usa: "I have a 10 year old cocker and he has a ulcer or tumor on his toe is has been getting bigger this last month. It looks like a piece of meat.. I have been giving him Hepar Sulph 30x 4 of them every 5 hrs. I think that is why it is getting bigger... I just read about castor oil. And am going to try it. We have a Dr. appt in a week to take it off. I am hoping this works. What do you think?"

12/11/2011: Teresa from Edmonton, Canada: "Help, I'm working on a Histocyctic Tumor MHC 2 behind the knee, and don't want to amputate dog's leg, I think I have been building up my dog's immune system with Ted remedies, now I read on Web a Histo Tumor is autoimmune causing too much inflammation? and the immune should be suppressed. What exactly can I do, too much information overload."

11/18/2011: Marzee from Foster City, Ca, Usa: "Hello,

My cat had a lump (size of an small egg yolk) removed from his front leg (elbow area) 3 weeks ago. It was mast cell/malignant. I was told it was very aggressive.

A week ago 4 more lumps appeared. These are above the skin (not as big). Brought him in for more tests... Mast cell also. He is 10 years old. I've been told that he has 6 -8 weeks to live. Any input would be appreciated. From the past notes, I'd like to start giving him Essiac tea.

Thank you!


10/28/2012: Anumpeshi from Venice, California replies: "i would not put my dog under any doctors care, for fatty tissues and lumps, I would do everything possible to cure him/her naturally, fish oils are great, try krill oil, salmon oil, too many sacred canines put down for no good reason, laziness is not acceptable, reserach and patinece will win over indolence, after all, your canine will luv you eternally, will be with you longer than your children or spouse, canines are masters and teachers of all that is, wakaya"

10/18/2011: Kristi from Canton, Georgia: "Hey there, I just discovered elongated squishy lumps on my dog's ribs under her front legs. One side feels a bit firmer than the other side and she does whine a bit when I touch them. The skin is also turning a bit red/dark pink on the firm side. She is a yr old Blonde Chihuahua. I have no clue what to do and want to go the most natural route with treating her. We also cannot afford vet bills. I will be taking her regardless tomorrow to get at least a diagnosis. Overall, she seems in very good health, very active, loves to play and is very affectionate. Thank you for any help!"

09/11/2011: Ginale from Warren, Ri: "My 13 year old cat has been diagnosed with Feline Progressive Histiocytosis. This is a rare disease and there is not much info on successful remedies. He has had several surgeries to remove the tumors on his mouth. It looks very good since his last surgery a month ago. Has anyone ever used Apple Cider Vinegar, Silver Shield or DMSO to prevent tumors from coming back? Any other info would be greatly appreciated."

07/28/2011: Tambra from Swanton, Md: "My dog has a tumor on her gum, the vets suggestion was to remove part of her jaw. She is 10 years old and we do not want to put her through that. Any suggestions for a home remedy?"

07/28/2011: Hilary from Chicago, Il: "Hi, My 7 year old German Shepherd has an extremely large fatty tumor on his back. It's approximately 7" x 4" x 3" and he has a large mole on the back of it too. Neither seem to hurt him. We've had him for almost 2 years and it has grown a bit. I see many remedies listed but none for tumors this large. The last thing I want to do is give him something that will make it burst. Is there any sure way to help shrink it and NOT make it burst?

Thank you"

07/11/2011: Barb from Canton, Oh: "i need help to save my cat that is still young. His name is casey and I found out he had a brain tumor. He has alway been acting ok until he started to hide. I took him to the vet and they did all different types of testing all in a month, till he started to wobble and had to have a MRI done and found out he has a brain tumor. It is big on the left side and starting to move to the right side. Can do surgery but I can't afford 5000.00 to have it done. Is there anything I can help him with natural herbs to ease the pain or even help shrink it.. He wants to live cause I can tell by his action. Please help me."

10/02/2012: Carol from Fort Myers, Florida Usa replies: "This is response to Barb from Canton Ohio posted 7/11/2011 with a cat with brain tumor.

I would highly suggest contacting: Barb at: 970-264-0882 . This lady has a website that helps animals with cancer and tumors. She has a product that is quite effective on shrinking tumors. Good luck!"

06/30/2011: Toni from China, Maine Usa: "Two days ago my Vet diagnosed my male 8 year old cat, Uhbi, with an aggressive and cancerous oral tumor... Under the tounge-in the back-wrapped around that hinged piece of tissue that attaches the tounge to the mouth. Knowing how much I love my feline companion, he advised me to take him home-with some pain medication-and spend as much time loving him until it's his time to go, which will probably be within a few weeks. I feel that this cat shouldn't be ready to go. He has such an unbelievable personality. He is such a kind and goodhearted cat, so friendly and affectionate (pushing his head up into your hand like a dog or dolphin), communicative and validating to others I. E. When you cry, he really cries; a different cry for wanting to go out, to eat, to sleep; a noise at every turn, even if Uhbis startled; he follows me or others wherever you go. He's such a good friend, such a great little (approximately 20 lb. ) species of existence.

He has such a strong will to live. I have always believed in the power of the body to heal itself, especially when aided with natural remedies. But I have no idea what to do and I don't want to let Uhbi go, for what seems to be way before his time. He doesn't seem like he wants to leave either. Please pray for a miracle and does anybody have any feedback. I am so sad and so heartbroken. Thank you so much and namaste."

03/31/2011: F.d. from Toronto, Ontario Canada: "Hi, I have a 12 year old Rotti who has a tumour the size of a golf ball on his side. It has become infected and has an odour to it. Up until 2 wks ago the tumour was a small one but we had gone away on holidays and left him with the inlaws. Would stress have caused the tumour to grow that big within a week? and can you tell me what I can do to get rid of the infection?"

04/01/2011: Me from Toronto, Canada replies: "Does anybody have any advise?"
[YEA]  05/04/2011: Randy7 from Kennewick, Wa, Usa replies: "Hydrogen peroxide will get rid of the infection. Coloidal silver can also be sprayed, poured or swabbed on a wound of any kind. It will do basically the same thing.

I buy food grade 30% H2O2 from Guardian of Eden and mix it with distilled water to make food grade 3%. If given orally, only use food grade, not the grocery store kind, as it has lots of harmful additives not intended for injestion. Store brands are fine for topical applications.

I make my own coloidal silver water, too. In fact I made my own coloidal silver generators, about 6 of them and gave to friends."

05/04/2011: Jr from Coloma, Mi replies: "Where did you find the information on making your own generator?"

02/24/2011: Luiza from Brooklyn, Ny, Us: "Hi my name is Luiza,

I have a 13 yr old Siberian Husky. Two week he had 90% of a benign tumor removed from one of his limbs. The vet told me that the other 10% could not be removed because it was underneath one of his pads. Its been a week and the tumor is growing back rapidly. Its about 60% of what it used to be. I was told that the benign tumor was categorized as low grade hemangiopericytoma on the medical report but its growing at a high grade level.

The only way to remove the rest of the 10% is to remove the pad. There will be a plastic surgeon to reconstruct the area where the padding is. I really don't want to put my doggie through this. I was doing some research and heard of Cryosurgery. Crysurgery is a technique for freezing and killing abnormal cells, I also looked into holistic medicine. The Budwig diet supposedly helps reduce the tumor. Its the consumption of cottage cheese and flax seed oil mix twice a day. I started him on that a week ago. I also hear turmeric spice or applying castrol oil can help reduce the tumor as well.

I am going to see the vet that performed my doggie's surgery this weekend. I asked if she knew about crysurgery. She wasnt too familiar and was going to do some research on it. She stated that she will give me a number to an oncologist who quite possibly has knowledge on the subject. Please give me some feedback. Perhaps other alternatives on how to go about removing or stopping this tumor from growing."

01/27/2011: Marie from Branford, Ct: "My dog is 20 years old. She is a Japanese Chin/ Shitzue. She has an ear tumor and I know cannot have surgery. Is there ANYTHING I can do to take some of the pain and itching away? Besides ottomax? Anything I can make with home stuff? I am desperate for help.. I know she is old but I just want to make her not be in so much pain."

01/28/2011: Maple65 from Vancouver, Bc, Canada replies: "I suggest you use a home remedy, Made with a tablespoon of warm oil and half a teaspoon of powdered Turmeric, make a runny paste, this is a root that has anti-inflamatory properites and is also good to heal itching, Olive oil, pure coconut oil, will do."
05/12/2012: Peter from Elliot Lake, On. Canada replies: "For internal tumors I use Cessiac, that is CESSIAC and NOT essiac. I also use Protandim concurrent with cessiac. In four months this turned around my dog's kidney cancer. Rocky is over 13 yrs and runs around like a puppy now. Use cessiac straight out of the bottle. Give 2 oz spread out over the day by dropper or syringe. Protandim for cancer patient is a 1/4 tablet am and pm. Neither of these have adverse affects. There are a few others herbs that are appropriate as well but these are working for us. four months should tell."
10/10/2012: Lisa from Grand Blanc, Mi, Usa replies: "This question is for Peter, I just read your May feedback on Rocky. I am hoping he is still doing well. I have a 9 year old female Lab, her name is Sydney. She has had multiple testing done these past 2 weeks, And was diagnosed with renal Ca also. She has a very large tumor on her kidney. In which I was told was a very rare cancer in dogs. They have told me the only thing that can be done is to surgically remove the kidney and tumor. Unfortunately, the price is out of reach. So, when I read about Rocky and the 2 things you are using on him, has given me hope to all of this sadness. I would be intersested in seeing if he is still doing well using those 2 supplements. And if you have added anything elese. I am just lost in where to start with her healing, or making her as comfortable as possible."

09/06/2010: Jordan's Mom from Lansing, Mi Usa: "Cat with Large Tumor - Need Ted's Help

I wrote B4, no one has answrd. I have 15yr old cat with large tumor in back of throat, very red & meaty looking. My boy was having lots of gagging & the tumor would bleed every so often. Am so confused & cannot find safe & proper animal dosage of H2O2 therapy for cancer/tumors. I have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide & found evidence of a trial that was done with rats curing their tumors in 15-60 days using dilution of . 45% H2O2. I have diluted to. 5% & threw in a tad more of distilled water, not knowing how to get to. 45% or if that is even too strong or what, for my fur boy. I also found a small atomizer & spritz the tumor with that a couple of x's when I do the oral dosing. I usually give Jordan about 6cc's 2xday, but wonder if that is too much? I am also giving him Mesosilver 2xday and have just started giving him ACV, water & bicarb (also potassium supplement). I do not have much money right now to buy anything else. I give him Pet tinic for vitamins. He is not drinking any water on his own, tho I know how to dilute for pet drinking water. I give him subcu fluids each day and syringe feed him. Tho he always acts extremely interested in eating, he will not eat on his own, but will eat baby food or cat food done in a blender. He has not spit up blood or been gagging for about 5days now, which is good. But I do not want to hurt his insides with the H2O2. He has a small sore on outside of nose. He has been getting frequent snotty drainage from one nostril. I had been 2xday spritzing his nose once, each time I gave oral H2O2, but then I got worried maybe it was a burn from the H2O2 so I quit that."

11/18/2010: Ginger Cat from Lancaster, Ca replies: "Has anyone responded to your dilema with you cat and the tumor?
I too, have a 19 year old cat, who despite excellent blood work showing no organ problems, had two abcessed teeth removed last summer and a rabies vacination same day as surgery (vet wouldn't do surgery without shot - BAD IDEA). Since then she has had nothing but downhill problems, multiple eye infections, drugs beyond counting, then suddenly in the space of two hours a large lump popped out on her cheek under her right eye, hard to the touch, on her upper jaw bone. The vet wanted to simply write her off, because of her age and euthenize her or do surgery to the tune of $800.00 with no guarentees about the outcome. Having already been stripped of about $1,500.00 over 5 months from endless vet bills and drug experimentation on her, I said, enough is enough. I brought her home and immediately took her off all drugs and started using homeopathic silver in her eyes and orally for her congested lungs. Within two days she was markedly better.

However, a month later and despite continued silver both orally and topically, the lump has not disappeared. Does anyone know if any of the mentioned treatments for dogs and lumps/tumors, etc. Are actually SAFE for cats? Cats metabolize things VERY differently than dogs, and many things that are safe for dogs, can actually poison and kill a cat. Any help would be appreciated because she is NOT happy or comfortable and does an awful lot of pacing. She does NOT look like a 20 year old cat, still has lots of interest in life and does NOT have that "I am ready to die" message in her eyes of face. Thanks you anyone out there with suggestions."

11/20/2010: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: "I have 3 cats, and I know they love fresh raw meat, I have a new cat the is 2 yo, and it took her a week to try the ground turkey, I have found that there is a lot of bad cat food and useless cat food on the market. Raw liver is the best health medicine for cats, it has fantastic healing strength in it, serve at room temperature, if the cat or dog has CA or tumors give only raw meat, no carbs, ( this according to some information on this site about CA in people) will starve the CA. Merryanne"
11/21/2010: Karen from Durango, Colorado replies: "Have you tried DMSO? I would, it has proven success in treating humans with tumors. Today I started using it on my cat's abcess. I used it the same way on my other cat a year ago & the abcess disappeared in a day."
01/08/2011: Joyceee from Manila, Philippines replies: "Hi! I dont know what to do with my 9 year old cat Britney. She had a tumor on her tummy and it was removed via operation. After a month, the tumor came back. The vet doesnt want to operate on her again because her skin is not yet completely healed. He recommended that I do chemotherapy and let britney take Doxorubicin anti cancer medicine. I got scared with the side effects so I told the vet to hold it off.

I'm still waiting for the essiac tea I ordered. But can you recommend some "first aid" while im waiting for her essiac tea to arrive? her tumor is really big though she's still running around, eating a lot and still grooming fine. Pls help me what other remedy I can give Britney.

Thanks, Joyce

09/12/2011: Ginale from Warren, Ri replies: "Karen (from Durango, Colorado)... You mentioned that you used DMSO on your cat for tumors. Was it used to prevent the tumor from coming back? How much of DMSO did you use daily and for how long. Is it safe to use all the time. Thanks"

08/29/2010: Vickie from Lansing, Michigan: "I have a 15yr old male cat who was diagnosed at the vet's with a sore throat. I viewed it myself over a week ago nearly dropping my jaw at this large, red meaty looking massing covering much of his throat area. I am waiting for Sovereign Silver to come. I have been squirting water and Ester C in his mouth a couple of times a day but sometimes he gags and the mass bleeds. I also have just started Vascustatin 2x day. He seems able to take that better, perhaps because of the taste. His appetite is so, so. He seems to be breathing okay but coughs and chokes a lot when he tries to eat. I need something STAT to try to start shrinking this thing. I do not have tons of money to buy many different products & I feel time is not on my side to fetch products that are nearly impossible to find. Please help. Anyone have any luck with Colloidal Silver and oral tumors?"



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