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Natural Cure for Insomnia

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Melatonin Remedy for Insomnia

Melatonin supplements, taken as directed, are a popular natural remedy for sleeplessness. Melatonin is a hormone that naturally occurs in the human body, helping to regulate the circadian (and thus sleep) rhythms.

[YEA]  Lisa from Vero Beach: "I have found melatonin to work well for sleep. Also just heard magnesium prior to sleep works - I will be trying that tonight."

[YEA]  Rob from Gilbert, Arizona: "Melatonin has been a God-send for me. I'm a terrible insomniac, especially on business trip. I don't like druggy meds, so I tried melatonin several years ago. About 20 minutes after taking one I drifted quite naturally off to sleep. Now, I still take them occassionally, but usually just the thought that they're in the medicine cabinet is enough to relax me to sleep! Melotonin induces the body's 'down time' mechanisms which night owls like me tend to inhibit. Now I know to relax, read a book, watch tv, or just 'chill' about 20 minutes before bed, this behavior allows the body to naturally produce it's own melatonin and drift peacefully to sleep. - sleep tight!"

09/27/2012: Jjali88 from Wv, West Virginia replies: "Melatonin is not a good idea for insomnia. The recommended dose is 1 mg. And, itis suppose to be used temporary, such as jet lag or shift changes for example. It is a hormone that tricks your brain to think that it is dark out. There are several side effects from taking melatonin at higher doses and/or for extended periods of time."

[YEA]  Hannah from Vancouver, BC: "Melatonin has also been beneficial to me for sleep. I also use at varying times: -lavender essential oil rubbed into my skin (with a carrier oil) spray lavender water in the bedroom -take a "tea" of honey and apple cider vinegar (adjusting to taste) with water. (1/4 cup does the trick). -another idea, is to turn off the electrical things (like tv, computer etc) an hour before bed to allow the body to slow down and let it's natural melatonin do it's job. Turn off the lights and light a candle and have quiet time an hour before bed. Sweet dreams!"

Melatonin, Zinc and Magnesium

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[YEA]  05/12/2014: Les from Atlanta, Ga: "This supplement combination has been helping me sleep better at night. The article I got it from stated it was as effective as taking Ambien (but without the side effects.)

5mg melatonin
11.25 mg zinc
225 mg magnesium

Take 1 hour before bedtime."

05/13/2014: Kelly from Cambridge, Ma replies: "What form of Magnesium? Chloride, oxide, sulphate, etc.? Thanks!"

Mental Chatter Remedies

07/31/2013: Trudy from Va: "I'm still struggling to get some restorative sleep. I have tried everything suggested at Earth Clinic and many others. One real problem for me is that my mind chatters constantly--I don't rehash daily events, but skip from topic to topic almost like I'm writing a story. Also, I have pretty bad neck pain that prevents me from sleeping. I take astaxanthin & serrapeptase for the pain. Also, I take coffea cruda for the mind chatter. Please help me. I emailed Ted over 2 months ago and have not heard back. Thanks."

07/31/2013: Suzy from Eugene, Or replies: "I found to have a CD player set up to repeat helps! I have a Dr Wayne Dyer CD-- The I am Mediations... It is not really music but tuning forks.... So you can listen to it and not really get caught up "the lyric or the tune" I made my own CD mix with the second track on the CD repeated 3 times (as the trak is 20 minutes long). Then I play that with my CD set to repeat."
08/01/2013: Trudy from Al replies: "I have several cds and other wav files with white noise, sleep sounds, binaural beats, etc. Nothing has worked yet. I am very good at picking out patterns, so I know where I am in the sequence and talk to myself about how long it will be before x occurs, etc. I am right this minute listening to Ted's cat purring while I'm at work. Can't hurt and if it helps the arthirits pain I'm all for it."


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[YEA]  05/29/2008: WT from Spartanburg, SC: "Insomnia and Milk: I'm ADD and always have been. Also have allergies which peak at night, coincidentally when I do my best thinking... However if I can't get to sleep I will drink a half glass (8oz) of milk, right out of the fridge. {A regular sized glass is about 16 oz.} If that doesn't do it quickly I drink another half glass and repeat until I'm knocked out! Usually about a glass and a half is all it ever takes, no matter how "wide awake" I am. Just for proportion sake, I'm 6' male about 215 lbs. The warm milk we've all heard of is not necessary. Milk contains Tryptophan and calcium, both of which make you sleepy."

07/15/2014: Jessica from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Warm milk never works for me, and also makes me get up to go to the toilet later."


03/24/2014: Bee from New York: "Hello, Oh; I just found this modality called Mudra.. I have been practicing it .. You use meditation and hand positions for curing disease or manifesting things.. Well I am not sure its working.. I tried it for sleep and didn't sleep.....anyone know how long it takes to work? I have been doing it on and off days and nights for a week now? Thank You"

03/25/2014: Mikr62 from Denver replies: "Bee: Hops extract has many favorable reviews on amazon for sleep. Xanthohumol, a close cousin of resveratrol, is an aromatization inhibitor that prevents good hormones from becoming bad hormones, a possible cause of insomnia."
03/25/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Mike from Denver..thank you but I was also wondering if the Mudra has worked for anyone or has anyone tried it and has seen any difference in their health.."
03/27/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Bee: I walk 6 hours a day. I have to do yoga stretching or I get as tight as a kite. Yoga stretching does not cure biological problems. You can try a remedy more potent than the best super foods and more potent than the best super herbs. The super weed. For 500 million years all animals have an internal communication system that marshals all the forces of the various systems to maintain homeostasis. Poor nutrition, toxins, and diseases can disrupt this communication system. The super weed restores communication. Search 1500mg cbd oil. Take 1 cap every 10 days. Taking more is not more beneficial."
03/27/2014: Karen from New York, Ny replies: "Hi Bee, have you tried taking powdered magnesium in water before trying these exercises at night? I find a deep feeling of relaxation kicks in 20 minutes after drinking magnesium. That might help! The mudras practice looks interesting. Let us know how that goes."
03/27/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Mike. You walk 6 hours a day... how is that possible? LOL

I do walk when I can and will ramp it up a bit .. thanks

yes I will def. look into cod liver oil in which I wanted to use but it was rather pricey..but will get some... So you only take a capful a week? that is it??

My diet is pretty good and clean so no problems there..

thank You"

03/27/2014: Bee from New York replies: "HI Karen,

I use the magnesium oil on my skin everyday.. Mostly rub it on at night..Do I need more oil or is the drink more effective..?? I am weaning off some awful medication thus the insomnia.. Check utube for Mudras... Thank You for the reply"

03/27/2014: Karen from New York, Ny replies: "Hi Bee, I have also tried magnesium chloride oil and find that the powder works better on my brain and in relaxing me. If I don't take it at night, I don't sleep as well or feel as rested! I will check out the mudra videos on YouTube, thanks."

Multiple Remedies

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06/02/2014: Trudie from Va, US: "I'm planning to take ashwagandha & relora for insomnia. I also take niacin. Gotta get some sleep--other remedies here haven't done much for me. What dosages/time should I take these? Hour before bed, ? thanks"

[NAY]  03/27/2013: Trudyg from Waynesboro, Va, Usa: "I have tried everything I can think of for my insomnia: melatonin, 5-HTP, L-theanine, valerian, chamomile, aromatherapy, hypnosis, guided imagery, sleep sounds, Sleep Relax formula, Fatigued to Fantastic Sleep, acv, coconut oil, sleep hygiene techniques, tapping, coffee crudea, calms forte, progesterone, magnesium oil, relaxing bath, exercise---what's left to try? I am 55, post-menopausal (take evening primrose oil for hot flashes), not on any medications except now I'm taking ambien because I must get some sleep. Yes, I wake up in 6 hours, but I don't feel rested and I am then somewhat loopy/sleepy all day so it's not an answer. Please help me! I am desperate! Oh, one more thing, probably the big issue--my husband has emphysema and wheezes. It's not really possible to sleep farther away from him (small house). When I do go to sleep, I sleep maybe 45 minutes and then am awake again, cycling like this most of the night. Thanks."

03/27/2013: Bradshad from North Prov., Rhode Island replies: "You need to cleanse your liver. Just my guess."
03/27/2013: Claromce from Templeton, Ca, Usa replies: "Not sure what magnesium oil is, but magnesium tabs helped me a lot."
03/28/2013: Wellspruce from Juneau, Ak, Usa replies: "Trudyg, I like you tried them all for sleeping. Finally I stumbled onto Melatonin Ultra, 3 mg melatonin, theanine, GABA, chamomile, valerian, B6 and calcium. You're to take 1, 2 if jet lagged. I've been taking 1. 5 the past year and backed off to just one tab 2 weeks ago as I'm on my way to bed, not earlier than that. I fall asleep fast. My problem is I have "waking insomnia" where I sleep three or four hours then am wide awake. Have had it many years. This product has helped me sleep through most nights. Hope you try it and it works for you also."
03/28/2013: Trudyg from Waynesboro, Va replies: "How does a liver cleanse help insomnia? Also, the melatonin ultra is just one of the things I have already tried without success. Please, is there nothing else out there? How do you cleanse a liver?"
03/28/2013: Jade from Dallas, Texas replies: "Yes, how do you cleanse your liver? I will do anything as I have severe insomnia and sleep only couple hours every night so please let me know any suggestions how to get into a sleep clinic would be great. Thanks Jade"
03/28/2013: Ejules from Woodbridge, Va, Us replies: "Try "Insomnia" by Hyland. I"ve used it for years and it has worked for several people who I've recommended it to (I always offer to buy their bottle if it doesn't work for them). It's a tiny homeopathic tablet that dissolves under your tongue. One or two should solve your sleeplessness and a bottle of 50 costs less than $10 so it's definitely cost effective. Totally counterintuitive as to why it should work but it does. It's more effective than melatonin, ambien, and all the other things I tried. Now, I always have some at home by the bed and definitely when I travel. Especially good for those nights when the tape in your head won't turn off or if you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I've taken one tab to get back to sleep when I had to be up in 2-3 hrs; two or three when first going to bed, if needed. You won't have a 'hangover' like some of those others give you. Hope this helps you get some rest."
03/28/2013: Bradshad from North Prov., Rhode Island replies: "Well, it has been a little while so you may want to google some info but you should eat fruits (which are the cleaners) and veggies (which are the builders), Avoid sugars, alcohol, white flour products. Lean meats and healthy grains I think are acceptable. Do some more research. Also get some liver cleanse pills. I was told by a naturopath that if you are having trouble sleeping or wake up thru the night it is because sleep is disturbed because the liver is busy processing so many toxins. So at the end of the day cleanup your diet. Diet is king."
03/29/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "A simple Liver cleanse is to eat lots of Beets."
03/29/2013: Trudyg from Waynesboro, Va replies: "I would willingly do a liver cleanse IF I were sure it would not excacerbate my ibs-d. I'm doing too well controlling it to take a chance. The lemon juice/baking soda thing could start diarhhea and, w/ me, this can go on for a year or more once it starts. Eating beets I can do, I love them and do eat them frequently. Grow them in my garden, so I know they are organic. I eat lots of 'greens', whatever is growing at the moment, so I think my diet is pretty good overall. I eat chia seeds daily, drink homemade kefir, don't eat much meat but usually fish, maybe the grains is where I go wrong. The unprocessed grains usually get my bowels going, so I avoid them. I do appreciate the comments, will try the niacinamide. Thanks."
03/29/2013: Connie from Slc, Utah, Usa replies: "Hi Trudyg; Insomnia has been a problem for me too, and like you, I've tried many supplements and herbs. It is still difficult. What works for many, sometimes will have the opposite effect for me.

I try to keep a record of supplements, herbs, even foods that have a stimulating or relaxing effect.

I take B vitamin supplements, but most are stimulating, so I take them in the morning. ( I take extra B12 sublinguals. BTW, it helps my hot flashes. ) B12 suppresses melatonin in the day, allowing it to increase at night.

I do take Niacinamide, (B3), in the evening, it relaxes me. ( I take 250 mgs.)

I still take 1mg. of Melatonin in the evening. It helps, but it doesn't work alone for me.

This past year, I've had good results from taking 15mgs. of Zinc in the evening. ( It may help people with elevated evening cortisol, or possibly, elevated blood sugar.)

I take extra Potassium as a supplement, it also relaxes me.

There are many supplements that work miraculously for other folks, such as : Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc. , but I seem to have a paradoxical reaction to them - worsened insomnia. (I'm sure many folks could have this same reaction to the supplements that work for me.)

I believe my best success with insomnia is from finding the substances that interfere with sleep.

Good Wishes."

03/31/2013: Tamara from Bellevue (formerly Ft. Collins, Co), Wa replies: "Hi Connie, have you tried switching around when you take vitamin D? I noticed that you mentioned you take your B vitamins in the morning. There's mounting anecdotal evidence (since no one is doing a study on timing of intake) that vitamin D supplementation in the morning improves sleep in lots of different facets. For me, it made me drowsier at night so it's easier to fall asleep and my mood was better when waking (to me indicating that I was more rested). I believe that it acts like liquid, chemical sunshine and helps set our circadian rhythm. Seth Roberts has collected a sample of people's testimonies of morning vitamin D supplementation here:"
03/31/2013: Andrea C from Cardiff, Wales replies: "The Liver cleanse, is good, but you can't do anything for days! It works BUT you're gonna feel real nasty! Never mind House work, and stuff like that. The "DETOX" Reaction will get you! I know! I did this loads of times. Do not go to the ER. They will put you on drugs. Then you end up were you started and worse than that. I know. Belive me, I am detoxing and I feel real ill! BUT... I know it's working. Best of luck xx Love andrea c"
04/01/2013: Trudyg from Waynesboro, Va replies: "I am really afraid of doing a liver cleanse, after doing some research. It makes you really move things out. With ibs-d, I'm moving pretty fast as an everyday thing. Getting it to stop is the problem. If you haven't had diarrhea constantly for years, every single day, then you don't know what I mean. Seriously, I wear depends in order to go buy groceries. As I am now in a fairly good place, I'm not tinkering with it. The last flare I had lasted over a year and I needed a new mattress. I'll eat as well as I can, but I'm not asking for more diarrhea."
04/01/2013: Connie from Slc, Utah, Usa replies: "Hi, Intractable diarrhea may be from a B12/Folate deficiency."
04/01/2013: Connie from Slc, Utah, Usa replies: "Hi Tamara; I agree that there can be various ways to have success with the use of a supplement; dosage amount, timing of dosage, etc.

Another possibility is that certain co-factor nutrients may be needed to allow the vitamin to be available to the cells.

For instance, from what I've learned from reading on the Vitamin D Council website: Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin K2, and Boron are needed for vitamin D absorption. Zinc helps to prime vitamin D receptors."

04/01/2013: Megan from St Louis, Missouri replies: "I would try ear plugs. My husband snores and I am a very light sleeper. They are a life saver!"
04/01/2013: Liz from Torrance, California replies: "Sorry you are experiencing insomnia. I have it occasionally and have found a few things that help.

Adrenals: I would start by finding out from a naturopath if your adrenals are overtaxed. You might have adrenal exhaustion and could benefit from some adrenal support supplements.

Exercising: Do you exercise? What time of the day do you exercise? This too may play into night time insomnia. Exercising earlier in the day is always better. If you don't get enough exercise, that too might exacerbate insomnia."

04/02/2013: Trudyg from Waynesboro, Va replies: "Thanks for all the suggestions. I read Ted's comments and am going to try the B3 (niacinamide) and B12. Those are 2 I haven't supplemented because I thought I was getting enough from food. Yes, I do exercise--I run/walk between 1-2 miles/day on the treadmill first thing in the morning, then I do QiGong around 3 in the afternoon. I stand rather than sit, walk every chance I get while at work. Weekends I clear land (very hilly) at our farm, set fenceposts, garden, yardwork, etc. I think the activity level is good. I get migraines from melatonin, so when I take it I keep it to no more than 1 mg. Calms Forte + 1 mg melatonin will work 1 day out of 4, typically. If I didn't have to work I would just nap as needed and not worry about it."
04/02/2013: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "Please google Min-tran. It is a natural, food based product that helps with sleep issues. I have in the past taken 4-6 an hour before bed, and it knocks me off. It works with the para-sympathic side of the nervous system and brings the body to balance.

Also 'natural calm' magnesium powder that dissolves in warm water, a few hours before bed is excellent in resolving incomnia issues.

Good luck!"

05/13/2013: Joy from Battleground , Wash replies: "Niacinamide can cause flushing(red tinging on face) make sure it's in a low dose B- complex and take half pill --not a whole pill, OR get a liquid and start on a very small dose, you don't need to suffer anymore. If it feels overwhelming take 1/4 tsp. to 1/2 tsp. baking soda in water and put a stop to it. Smallest amount that helps."
05/13/2013: Trudyg from Xxx, Yyy replies: "It's me again, the chronic insomniac. I tried the molasses in sleep time tea--boy, did I get diarrhea! Only did 1 tsp, not a tbs. Mg loosens the bowels, with ibs-d I get it very fast and then it won't stop. If I take calcium in the correct ratio w/ mg it's bad, calcium alone helps slow it down. Big issue is the sleep. A post said taurine + l-glutamate + theanine. For me, did nothing. I added 5-htp to that mix, still nothing. Finally took 1 mg melatonin, would have slept but for the vomiting due to melatonin induced migraine. HELP! In spite of all this, I am healthy--exercise daily, garden, work, eat well. What am I doing wrong? My mind chatters all night long, if I fall asleep I awake with a jolt. Thanks for listening."
05/13/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "just out of curiosity... What about a baking soda bath or a baking soda with vinegar bath.... Maybe 1/4 cup of each.... then rinse it off, just in case. How do you drink your water? How much, when.. ? I use to drink a lot of water but until I followed the procedure in the watercure site it wasn't helping me. I'm so sorry you are suffering ... Love, Joy"
05/13/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "Niacinamide stops the chatter of the mind but take it with other B's they work together... It also helps sleep. First time I took it my mind went blank, freaked me out."
05/13/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "I went back to the insomnia page and read all your post... I'm sorry you are sufferring.

I went to a few google sites and looked around also.

This is just a stab in the dark.... I care. The fact that your grow your own greens and eat lots of them, means you probably get a whole lotta magnesium from them so when you take the mag you get the IBS. The fact that you get a lot of mag from your plants means you might be out of balance somewhere in your minerals. I read that ZINC aids in 300 enzyme functions and helps IBS D sufferers because of the digestion enzyme functions it helps.

They talked about water use at the bottom of the page....

Your diarrhea which I had myself from C diff for 6 months, is scary and stealing your minerals and possible other nutrients.... the chia seeds are suppose to help the IBS D and one site says they are safe to use for 12 wks.

LAST IDEA ... Get a hair analysis and see if there is a mineral out of balance causing the diarrhea because you eat minerals but too much of one would cause the dumping syndrome. As if you ate a poison

May you find you sleep like a baby, .... You'll be in my prayes... Love, JOY"

05/13/2013: Trudyg replies: "I put 2 tbs acv+squirt of honey + 'fingertip' of borax in a 16 oz bottle, top off with water and sip it till lunch, then do another for afternoon till suppertime. I pee all the time, so can't do more than that. Usually an herbal tea (peppermint) in the evening around 6:30. Haven't heard of the water cure, so please clue me in. Also, I didn't think baking soda or vinegar would penetrate skin so haven't tried them in a bath, at least not since the last uti or skin issue years ago. Thanks."
05/13/2013: Trudyg replies: "Take it at bedtime or earlier in the day?"
05/13/2013: Joy from Battleground , Wash replies: "Try coconut meat for diarrhea. On one site, coconut macaroon cookies stopped a lot of people's diarrhea, calmed down their intestinal tract. My book says coconut heals teeth to rectum, you may sleep better if bowels were calm. Coconut milk can cause the runs in some people but coconut oil is very healthy and so is the meat but the meat makes me gain weight. Coconut is anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti viral, and kills parasites ...

Been thinking about you all day looking at sites that might help .... Love, Joy

Also just for info...1/4 tsp baking soda in water may make you neutral so you can rest not reacting to anything ... Your environment may be upsetting you, put baking soda on rug or in a bowl near the bed to clean the air.

I worked in an allergy clinic and was also a patient there and one lady went asthma and fell to the floor gasping while I put balm on my lip.... I freaked but she was actually reacting to the lady that just came in the door with hairspray on. Your immune system may need help."

05/14/2013: Trudyg replies: "I've been using coconut oil for years now, so I guess that's good. Had been supplementing vit D but levels went kind of high (don't remember what it was) & dr said to back off. That was the first thing I tried for the insomnia, never noticed it to help. Wouldn't hurt to start it again, maybe not so high a dose. Funny, but I get really bad migraines from the air freshener a coworker loves to spray, so I know allergies are in there somewhere. Thanks."
05/14/2013: Trudyg from Xxx, Yyy replies: "I forgot to mention earlier, I had been taking the baking soda daily, too, but quit because my bp went up. I can do it again, it was high for me and I'm always a bit low. Thanks. Isn't it amazing how our foods affect us? Wow."
05/15/2013: Trudyg from Xxx, Yyy replies: "I am taking a b-complex (only for about a week now), had been taking a b12 in the morning and B3 at night, but then I read that it can prevent sleep so I stopped all but the complex. Should I stop the complex and take only b3, when? in the evening? or some other combo. I did the 12 & 3 b/c of a Ted post. Will start the baking soda today. Thanks."
05/15/2013: Kelly from Cambridge, Ma replies: "Joy, niacinamide does not cause flushing, niacin does. In fact, niacinamide is what's recommended for those who want the benefits of niacin, without the flush."
05/15/2013: Trudyg replies: "Just grabbing at straws here, but I have a lot of the symptoms for hypoglycemia, too. Just wondering. My a1c level was great, so I've been tested. I pee all the time, often needing to go within an hour of my last trip to the br. I am always thirsty. I get shaky if I wait too long to eat, then I grab a sweet. Sometimes I slur my speech (thought it was due to stuttering as a child), I get uncoordinated (call me graceful). Thoughts? What should I do that I'm not already doing? ( I know, I should stop whining)."
05/15/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "The squeeky wheel gets the oil. Try the water cure for two weeks, and if you do the supplemental --B's start very low dose mornings.

If you pee all the time (losing minerals and nutrients) ...... Your body is dropping either sugar or something is amiss with your diet, could be as simple as your mint, or anything you put in your water. I lived by a mint field and my friend lived there and her son got poisoned by the soil that affected their water well. He had to detox. There is one other thing that would cause constant peeing is food dye or bad fats or something your body is dumping like your bowel symptom. So 2 +2 here is you are dumping bladder and bowel.

One last thing might be imbalance in microbes in bowel and bladder maybe enzymes and probiotics and possible parasite.. Or ph is off... just wild guesses here.

Baking soda in bowl on desk at work to counteract coworkers sprayng chemicals.

Don't take D if you are high D and don't take baking soda if your BP is high."

05/15/2013: Mama To Many from Middle, Tennessee, Usa replies: "Trudy, I went through something very similar a few years ago. I was sure I was diabetic as I had had trouble with hypoglycemia since I was 15. (I am 46 now. ) My sleep was poor, I couldn't quench my thirst no matter how much water I drank, and of course, I was in the bathroom all the time from all that water. I was getting sores in my mouth, too. I went to the Dr. to get my blood sugar checked first thing in the morning when I finally put 2 + 2 together. But my sugar was okay! (Guess my math was wrong! ) He said, "Oh, it is probably your thyroid. " Sure enough, blood tests indicated hypothyroidism. I suppose this shouldn't have been too surprising as I have had low basal body temperature (as low as 96.3 upon rising for years. I figured I was subclinical hypothyroid and never did anything about. ) The doctor put me on a low dose of synthroid, 50mcg, which did help the symptoms I had been dealing with, but my hair started falling out and I felt terrible. I sat around feeling terrible most of the time. (Doctor said the synthroid was not causing this, but I didn't believe him. ) I didn't think I had any options but started to research and found that I did have options! I quit taking the synthroid after 3 months. I started to do everything I could find to help my thyroid naturally. I took extra virgin coconut oil 1-2 T. daily. I drank Apple Cider Vinegar daily (at least 2 T. per day in water; I spread mine throughout the day. ) I took 12.5 mcg iodine/iodide daily. Meanwhile, I got pregnant. I had the midwife check my thyroid. It was still not in the right range, but I didn't go back on prescription meds. I felt pretty good with what I was doing. I had a normal pregnancy and a healthy full-term baby. I was afraid to fool with the iodine much while pregnant. After I had the baby, I upped my dose to 25mcg daily. (In the am. ) At some point after the birth, the midwife checked my thyroid again and it was in the normal range! (And I had been promised by the doctors that prescription meds were my ONLY option! ) Iodine was what doctors used to use to treat hypothyroid.

So, you could have your thyroid checked or try taking your early morning temp (before getting out of bed, eating, drinking etc. ) If it is low, you can be pretty sure it is hypothyroidism. Research your alternatives.

Hope you get some relief and answers soon. ~Mama to Many~"

05/15/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "I seem to be the one percent that have the side effects that most don't... With supplements, medicines and with topicals.... Since childhood when I start a new supplement I take half a pill every other day or can't sleep. Makeup is suppose to make a person look better , well for me... It does strange things that are not good. They give me something to calm me down and revs me up, and gives me panics. I eat sugar and no crash, just moving right along."
05/16/2013: Trudyg replies: "Sorry, I should have looked it up, but what is the water cure? I eat only foods I prepare myself, no additives or dyes. The only place I would get those are my supplements, so I'll look at that. The only fats are from coconut, grapeseed oil, or avocado. I had my thyroid checked (runs in the family) and it was okay but I may add iodine at very small doses to see if I feel better. Thanks."
05/16/2013: Trudyg replies: "I've had my thyroid checked, it appears ok. I know from family experience that the numbers can be okay but you can not be okay. I have some potassium iodide drops, says 2/day. Should I start those and see how I feel? How long before I notice a difference do you think? My sleep has never been good, but since I quit hrt after my hysterectomy it's been terrible. I've got the hot flashes under control (not gone, but bearable). I thank God for the help you all are giving me. I'm really at my wits end."
05/16/2013: Robyn from Asheville, Nc replies: "Hi TrudyG, I was wondering the same thing. If you go to the watercure site, it's basically an advertisement to buy the book (Earth Clinic, doesn't this go against your policy about not posting links to commercial sites?). A little digging on the web and I learned that you should drink water a half hour before and after eating. You should also take 1/4 teaspoon of salt (sea salt) per quart of water. Or drink this every few glasses of water."
05/16/2013: Trudyg from Xxx, Yyy replies: "I did some looking and saw that, too. You divide your weight by 2 and drink that many ounces of water/day, adding sea salt every couple of glasses-worth. I'd be peeing all day if I did that! I must say, though, when I drink water w/ acv, I need to go less often. I drink 1 cup of coffee first thing in the morning, then only water until evening, then a cup of herbal tea. I push the fluids and rarely feel thirsty. I do agree that we could all benefit by increasing our water intake, but by how much is really the question."
05/16/2013: Trudyg replies: "I get weird reactions, too. When they give me narcotics (you'll sleep! ) ha--not me, I'm bouncing off the wall. Half an aspirin is plenty for me, so I start out low dose, too. I'm post-menopausal, so get hot flashes and couldn't tell you if it's due to a supplement or not. I take evening primrose oil for that, and have added vit e (200/cap X 2/d, don't know if mg or iu). I think most drs either don't know and don't want to say so or think that women are weak complainers, so they don't take us seriously."
05/16/2013: Mama To Many from Middle, Tennessee, Usa replies: "Trudy, If the iodine drops say 2 per day, you could start with that. Does it say how much iodine you are getting? All drops do not have the same amount. I compared using iodine drops to what I take orally and I would have to take 20 drops a day to get what I am getting in pills. (And I don't like the taste of iodine in my water.) Anyway, start with 2 drops a day for a few days. Then do a skin test--drop a few drops onto your skin (I do inside my forearm. ) If it is gone in a short time, you are still iodine deficient. If you can still see it after 12 hours, you are getting enough. (Some say you should be able to see it after 24 hours. Broda Barnes has a book on Thyroid that explains it all but I haven't read it. ) If I can see the iodine spot on my arm after 6-8 hours, I think I am doing pretty well. (I really can't bear to take more iodine than I take. It just seems like too much to me.) I know my thyroid was low LONG before it showed up on a blood test. If you take your early morning, before rising temperature and it is low (Some would say anything under 98.0 is low... But I am not sure. Under 97.0 is definitely low.) My naturopathic doctor says you should not use a digital and you should keep it in your armpit for a full 10 minutes.

Anyway, you can increase the amount of iodine by a couple of drops if the iodine on your skin disappears quickly and continue to check on your skin and increase by a couple of drops etc. Until the iodine isn't absorbing quickly. Or, if you notice improvement, you could stop when that happens.

I can't recall how long it took for the iodine to provide me with noticeable difference. It was perhaps days or a week or two. But if I run out my symptoms come back pretty fast - mabye in a day or two.

You are dealing with lots of health challenges... So sorry! With the IBS are you possibly losing nutrients you need, causing health challenges? Comfrey is wonderful for this. In her book, Be your Own Doctor, Rachel Weaver says to use comfrey root powder and slippery elm powder to help and heal this. Both are soothing to the digestive tract and very nutritious. She has you mix them together with water to a dough like consistency and then make little pea size balls you can take throughout the day when symptoms flare up. Comfrey leaves can also be mixed with other soothing and nutritive herbs (like Red Raspberry) and made into a tea that will provide extra nutrients. I didn't use to think herbal tea would do much, but I have had some amazing help from them this year and have changed my mind. Activated charcoal is also a great thing for digestive difficulty and helps detox as well (but very gently. ) Just don't take it near time of other supplements as it adsorbs toxins and may also do the same with nutrients. (I take it leaving a 2 hour window. ) You can mix 1 t. In water or take tablets or capsules. Just a couple of more things to consider... Hope it isn't too overwhelming... Praying for relief for you."

05/16/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "Earth Clinic has a water cure section with Ted commenting on Dr. Batmanghelidj.. I'm not selling books. All these lovely people here on earth clinic are sharing what helps them and I am doing the same thing, hoping it helps alleviate someone of their sufferring. Love, Joy"
05/18/2013: Om from Hope, B.c., Canada replies: "About Dr Batmanghelidj's Water Cure: This man was a humanitarian who was ignored by the present medical system. He has helped innumerable people back to health. If people drink water without supplementing with, for example, celtic salt, they will urinate, dehydrating themselves as well as loosing vitamins and minerals. It was the chemically manufactured salt that wreaked havoc with the world's population and caused an explosion of serious diseases that killed many. Because allopaths have no training in nutrition they misguide patients to their detriment.

I have just begun slowly and do not run to the bathroom because of the water drinking. The protocol is easy and must be followed meticulously. Get off to a slow start. Already I have noted the effect of water doing its work in the entire body. I hope this will, in addition of magnesium, cure my insomnia. It is nature, not drugs that will do it. I am thankfull toward the good doctor and think it would be of benefit to read his by now famous book, even though just doing the program would be alright So many people have been helped including pets. To be rightly informed is self empowerment. Be leery of the common table salt, but natural wet salts are delicious, provide much needed minerals and prevent the continuous problem of over urination. We are made mainly of water, so is the planet with vast resources of salt water. Sometimes I think that the intake of chemical and denatured salt over a life time could be a contributory factor of Alzheimers as our brain, too, is made up largely of water. We are all keen on learning how to get in touch and back to nature and with determination success will be ours. Love, Om"

05/18/2013: Lauren from Queens, Ny replies: "Om can you tell me if everytime you drink water you have to add the salt? Thanks..."
05/18/2013: Mike Giller from Denver, Colorado replies: "add 1 gram of wind and sun dried sea salt $1.70 for 24 oz at whole foods and 1 gram of dead sea salt $20 for a 4 lb pail at whole foods per quart of water."
05/18/2013: Om from Hope, B.c., Canada replies: "Lauren, just type in "water cure 2" and you will find the protocol. It is quite easy to follow. I found that indeed one only needs to pee every 2 or 3 hours when the salt is taken on the tongue but not in the water. If not, there is more instructions which are simple for everyone. You will benefit greatly. Good luck, Om"
05/19/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "Hi, You drink the water(1-2cups) half an hour before you eat a meal to prepare the stomach lining to drop the acid and enzymes to break down the food and have the water to mix with the bola in the intestines to prevent constipation. Also you add the salt to your food if you are not already eating plenty in the form of iodized sea salt. Too much water without salt and you pee too often... Too much salt and you get bloated.... You also have to start this slowly or you are not going to feel well. It can take up to two weeks to rehydrate a body properly.

Histamine is a dehydration signal. Whenever you get your water/salt/potassium/calcium/magnesium and other minerals out of balance your body shoots out some histamine and the histamine causes reactions to food, air, water, cloth, chemicals, cleaning products. and makes you feel ill."

05/20/2013: Kt from The Usa replies: "What time do you eat your last meal of the day? I try to have dinner at five and don't eat anything after six."
05/22/2013: Trudyg from Xxx, Yyy replies: "Last night I took L-Glutamine, Taurine, 5-Htp, Theanine, and a vitamin e. Tossed and turned all night, when I slept I had very active dreams-to the point I thought I was awake, woke up with a splitting headache. I've been doing the acv+baking soda+borax thing during the day. I can't go on like this, something's gotta give. Getting some sleep should not be so hard."
05/22/2013: Mike Giller from Denver, Colorado replies: "The famous naturopath doctor david wolfe said raw chocolate is the best herb for the brain increases and balances all the neurotransmitters. I take 15 grams of raw organic cocoa powder every day in divided doses. You can take more if you want to."
05/22/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "I'm out on a limb here.... As reading your post I heard ROSE WATER.... Does it mean anything to you ? Love, Joy"
05/22/2013: Trudyg from Xxx, Yyy replies: "Joy, I don't know what you mean about rose water. Can you elaborate? Thanks."
05/22/2013: Adrian from Haslemere, Uk replies: "Try drinking just before going to bed about 300ml of water then on your tongue put a pinch of 50/50 mixed natural unrefined (rock or sea) salt and Epsom salt (you will have to mix this yourself) let it stay there for 20 seconds before washing it back with a little more water. Have a good sound night's sleep."
05/22/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "I heard (rose water) and went to look: at livestrong there are many articles... Rose hip tea. vit C D E K and orgainic acids (citric, malic, pectin) aids digestive tract and urinary tract -heals diarrhea, constipation and rebuilds good flora. Detoxes and heals with antiseptic properties and helps with kidney stones and kidney problems. chronic fatigue -OCD- insomnia - mental issues -nervousness.

1-2 cups a day, there is more but this is enough to answer your question... I have used it on my face over the years like witch hazel it is an astringent, tightener."

07/02/2013: Trudyg replies: "I'm back. Chronic insomnia, have tried everything. Can anyone tell me if Benadryl has adverse side effects that I should be aware of? That's my next try. I've done everything Ted suggests and so many other things, I'm at a loss. Can low thyroid cause this? It runs in my family, but I tested ok. Thanks."
08/13/2013: Dawn from Alberta replies: "I have suffered for years from insomnia, I don't know how I functioned. I have been taking Calcium and Magnesium for last one year , now I sleep much better. It doesn't work like sleeping pills, your body need to absorb the supplement slowly. It might take a month or two to notice the effect. It worked for me. Good Luck to all the fellow sleep deprived citizens of the World."
08/15/2013: Joe from Earth replies: "This is true! But it's not the calcium. It was the magnesium that improved your sleep. I personally rub magnesium oil on my skin at night, it's very relaxing! You can make it at home for pennies."
08/15/2013: Trudy from Waynesboro, Va replies: "Okay, over time--as in how long? I've been doing the mag oil thing for months now and I don't see any effect. I'm getting ready to try glycine/taurine/tryptophan mix to see if it does anything. I've tried just about everything, but maybe a different combination will do it."
04/24/2014: Shino from Nelson replies: "Hi, this thread might have ended a while ago, but since noone has mentioned my suggestion in this detailed discussion I thought I'd add it! I wonder if you managed to cure your insomnia; I have had it for a long time due to depression, tried at least half of the things that you mentioned on your initial post plus some. I found that tart cherry juice (high in melatonin) and magnesium tablets, as well as an epsom salt bath from time to time would help me to relax before bed, however the suggestion that I wanted to add is different to those. It helped me to get to sleep very quickly and sustain a solid 8-hour sleep. It is simply to make the room pitch-black (not even a crack of light from under the door, or from digital displays, or greyness through curtains) or to wear an eye mask that achieves total blackness, as well as to wear ear plugs. The science behind this is that the eyelids are the thinnest skin area on the body and very sensitive to any minute amount of light which can signal the body to wake up. In modern times, we may not be sleeping in the pitch darkness that our bodies were designed for. Ears...I can't remember the science for it, but I found that the earplugs blocked out sounds which I had not been aware that I was hearing while trying to sleep, and created a sort of sound-free nest, and this seemed to also help calm my thoughts into sleep. Lately I just wear one ear plug. Anyway, there is no fear of this interfering with food sensitivities, so thought it might especially be worth mentioning here. It worked very well for me, breaking years of severe insomnia and broken sleep - so that I actually slept enough that I could wake up feeling refreshed rather than sluggish. Hope this helps!"

[NAY]  03/13/2013: Paula from Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada: "Dear Ted, I have severe insomnia, I have nights that I don't sleep anything and I get severe depressed with anxiety. I took many antidepressants, sleeping pills and anxiety medication over the years and nothing works. I can't work because I don't have any energy, I am very forgetful, a lot of migraines and I just can't function. I go through this everyday since I was 8 years of age and I am almost 37 years old. I spent a lot of money going to different people hoping they would help me but instead I ended up with an empty wallet. On top of everything I don't have a supportive family, they don't understand my problems and I don't think they believe me when I tell them I don't sleep, even though I have the dark circles and puffy eyes to prove it. I am the only one in my family with this and they don't understand my situation. This is a nightmare that I have to deal everyday and a lot of the times I just rather die. I also have bad circulation, severe constipation, dry eyes and leg cramps. I have been taking baking soda with water after lunch and dinner and there are no changes. I haven't taken any medication for over a year and I just take vitamins. I have tried almost every remedy there is for insomnia and nothing worked. I'll try anything you recommend. Please help me, I am suffering a lot. Thank you so much.

Paula from Canada"

03/14/2013: Juliette from Reston, Va replies: "I've suffered from insomnia on and off and its soo debilitating and I really feel for you!!!

First off, diet is important... Sugary starchy foods in my experience make it harder for me to sleep. Up your veggies!

You might wanna look into amino acids 5htp and GABA... If your still on any psych meds this may not be your best bet though. But research them and make sure you take them at the right times through out the day. for 5htp late afternoon and before bed is best and GABA you wanna just take before bed because it reallyyyy chills you out.

I see your constipated so you should look into getting some magnesium citrate in powder form... itll relax you AND help you poop.

There's this cream called adrena calm thats really amazing you just rub it on your feet at night and instantly you feel better I know were not supossed to hock products but this reallyyyyy works for me. they sell it on amazon.

Since you've been on meds for a while your liver might be over taxed... that's been the case with me in the past and when I take better care of my liver (milk thistle supplements) I notice a difference in my sleeping and my energy.

Also finding a connection to a higher power of some sort has been a great comfort to me. Be it universal energy, God, Allah, Buddha, Mary, you angels or spirit guides... Sometimes we need to reach out to a power greater than ourselves to restore our lives to balance and peace. Prayer and meditation are very important tools in my life. Sometimes just starting simple and just saying help me!! There is help and comfort there :)

Try to take it easy the more we stress out about the insomnia the worse it gets. just take a deep breathe and let yourself be guided to the solution.

Sending you good vibes!!"

03/16/2013: Dawn from Alberta, Canada replies: "Paula, I am sorry to hear how you are suffering. I too suffered years from insomnia and constipation. Since I have started taking probiotic yogurt and Kefir, my constipation is completely cured. Now I have bowel movement everyday. You can buy Kefir at the store, after that make your own with couple of spoons of the store bought Kefir. That will save u money. If you are lactose intolerant, you can make resuvelac at home, just google resuvelac. I also take magnesium at bed time everyday. I sleep pretty good now. I hope this will help you. Good Luck!!!!"
04/03/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "Hi Paula, Sounds like you are having reactions to the binders and fillers in your vitamins/supplements. The binders and fillers are more than likely made from plants. It is reported that our food is being engineered to last longer so it has become harder to digest. These genetically engineered plants have to be considered starch. This is noted from MY EXPERIENCE with what has happened to our food. Even the critters we eat or get milk and eggs from are being fed grains and grasses that are difficult for them to digest. I get the 2% milk IN GLASS and sometimes dilute that with a little water. Warm milk before bed helps me sleep. Skimmed milk is bad because, by law, vitamins have to be added and they can cause more problems. I would try to lay off the supplements for awhile because it will take a long time to get out of your system."
05/13/2013: Kathi from New Brunswick, Nj replies: "Your symptoms seem similar to what I was experiencing a few years ago, please have a look at:

Additional helpful things: vitamin D supplementation, going gluten free. The cognitive behavioral therapist emphasized going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, getting light exposure during the day."

05/19/2013: Precisely. from Mineral Hill, New Mexico, Usa replies: "Hi Paula, Just wanted to add my favorite cramping remedy: Co-Q10. One capsule daily seems to stop all cramping, within an hour or less, from when taken. Hoping you are already experiencing relief!"

[NAY]  11/20/2011: Tina from Houston, Usa: "Any suggestions for insomnia will be greatly appreciated.

I have tried magnesium, standard process min-tran, and terrible pills like ambien and lunesta, but nothing seems to help.

Ted can you please give some guidance.

Many thanks, T"

12/16/2011: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Small glass of tart cherry juice at dinner. Or, eggnog with nutmeg (or any drink like warm apple cider with nutmeg). Don't look at bright lights 2 hours before bedtime. Melatonin supplements are good--take one around an hour before bedtime or read the bottle."
12/26/2011: Ravi S from Dallas, Tx, Usa replies: "Tofu with soy bean sprouts, one hour before bed time works wonders for me."

No Cell Phone or Computer 2 Hours Before Bed

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[YEA]  02/21/2008: Hannah from New York, U.S.A: "Don't Use Your Computer/Cell Phone Before Bed (No Texting!!). It's always been hard for me to sleep, and I mean always. But recently I read that a computer's bright lights suppress sleep hormones. I'm not sure if that's true, but not using it before bed sure helps. But then I got unlimited texting and my insomnia was back again. So here's the deal, don't use your computer or cell phone 2 hours before sleeping. It will help you sleep better and better each night."

03/27/2013: Linda from Malden, Ma replies: "I read in bed before attempting to sleep (terrible insomnia). I put a low-light wattage bulb in the bed light. My husband bought me a new Paperwight Kindle for Christmas. Now, I do not put a light on to read and adjust the "back light" on the Kindle to minimum. I fall asleep much faster, and am noticing less insomnia."

Nutmeg in Warm Milk

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[YEA]  12/26/2009: Ravi S from Dallas, Texas, United States: "sleep disorder

Please try a pinch of ground nutmeg in a cup of warm milk. Worked wonders for me."

Oat Straw Tea

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[YEA]  02/27/2013: 1947hoppy from Star City, Indiana: "I am new to the site and I must say that I am impressed. I enjoy reading what real people have to say about treating their ailments, and what they treat them with. It's been educational. There is one thing that I looked for here that I didn't find was OAT STRAW TEA. I've done a lot of reading about it in other places, and even saw a segment about it on a television show. I was impressed enought that I got some to try out. It is said to be good for a number of ailments from high cholesterol to increasing your libido. I have been using it for a short time. When the coffee pot is empty (my only vice) I make up a tea bag and let it steep. I really don't know yet what it might be doing for my cholesterol, but it does seem to be aiding in a good nights sleep."

Oil Pulling With Safflower Oil

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[YEA]  01/08/2008: Winnie from washington, dc: "I stumbled on your site when searching for side effects for coconut oil. I took coconut oil for about 4 weeks and gained about 10 pounds, I was really hoping for the reverse; anyway I found your site and a lot of good information. I started oil pulling the very day I read about it, I have tried with extra virg. olive oil, sunflower, I didn't notice any real change after just one try. then I tried Safflower oil, did it in the morning just after brushing, then I felt sleepy, I decided to lay down on the couch, and slept for 3 hours; I didn't make a connection then until this morning I tried safflower oil again, same reaction. I slept so soundly, good thing I had the day off today. I'll try it again tonite, looking forward to a great night's sleep. I took 1TBSP for 20 mins. So if someone out there has problem sleeping, this might work for you. TED, whoever you are, I wish you radiant health and prosperity. Your kindness and generousity is written all over your words. Thank you."

[YEA]  09/26/2012: Sammygirl from Park Hills, Missouri replies: "I have trouble sleeping, I have been watching Dr. Oz and talking about belly fat blasters so have been taking safflower for that. My husband and I both were taking them in the morning and I was falling back asleep and he was getting super sleepy during his drive to work. We left the safflower out because I had remembered reading somewhere that safflower can be beneficial for insomnia, so we stopped taking in the the morning and were fine. Now I take them at night and works way better than melatonin!"

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