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Cure Constipation: Remedies and Treatments

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Olive Oil and Orange Juice

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[YEA]  12/23/2006: Nicki from Ontario, Canada: "It's not on this site, I don't think. For severe constipation (I had no movement for 5 days), I tried equal amounts of olive oil and orange juice. I had 1 cup of this in total, you may be able to get away with less. Within 15 minutes, there was movement. I was able to have many soft bowel movements after that. It was incredible. I also find eating 1/3 cup of Bran with Psyillium every day will help in getting back on track, going forward."

[NAY]  08/01/2009: Allie from New Haven, Connecticut replies: "Have been constipated for 7 days as a side effect of medicine for headaches. I tried 1/2 c. olive oil and 1/2 c of orange juice. 2 hours later, no bm but I was gagging and vomited. It takes a lot to make me vomit. I may never be able to taste olive oil again. Still coming up in burps. Sorry so graphic. Maybe this remedy would work for someone that doesn't already have a slow intestinal motility."
[YEA]  07/11/2012: Idow from Miami, Fl replies: "YEA. I can't thank Ted enough for this website and whoever first posted the olive oil/OJ cure for constipation. After 46 yrs of babying my colon w/tons of fiber in order to have a BM everyday, now I'm totally cured. I continue to eat a healthy organic, high fiber diet b/c I have hereditary high cholesterol, but my colon behaves perfectly everyday now, like clockwork, without any prodding or waiting!

I followed the inxs from the original poster 1 teaspoon organic extra virgin olive oil and 1 teaspoon OJ, first thing in the morning, with an empty stomach. Proceed to have your breakfast as usual. By the time you're done with your tea, or coffee (highly recommend either as caffeine is a stimulant & further helps to move the colon) you're ready to take care of business and go on with your day.

I can only thank God and Ted for this website! Many blessings to you Ted!"

Over the Counter

10/26/2011: Nat from Brooklyn, Ny: "Speaking to a nephrologist about a member of the family who is on dialysis, I asked about Magnesium Citrate as a supplement. He said that Citrate products are not used on dialysis patients because it was seen that Calcium Citrate increases aluminum in the bodies of dialysis patients. (In kidney failure, the kidneys cannot filter out aluminum, and dialysis does not either. Normal kidneys filter out aluminum. ) But what about all the people who have partial kidney failure and don't even know it. So we stopped using the Magnesium Citrate, just as a precaution.

Instead experimentation was made using one to two tablespoons Benefiber from the pharmacy (one can use up to six tablespoons Benefiber a day) in one or two glasses of water, in combination with one or two (or three) tablespoons Milk of Magnesia - sometimes also with some Magnesium Bicarbonate (made by pouring two or three full measuring tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia - a half to three fourths of the enclosed cap - into a bottle of seltzer/club soda and shaking the contents - as recommended on Earthclinic by Bill from San Fernando, Philippines - but sometimes using a bit less Milk of Magnesia than recommended).

Glucomannan, a fiber supplement recommended by Pam from Alabama, might also be used with the water and Milk of Magnesia.

Milk of Magnesia, starting at five Tbsp. and going down gradually, is recommended, in the name of an older doctor, by Redclary from Oklahoma .

Some extra seltzer/club soda, recommended by Carol from Cumberland, MD, is also helpful (used in the mixture).

This simple combination of Benefiber and Milk of Magnesia in water is much better than many other things used to help the intestines.

After a few days one can often use smaller amounts of the Milk of Magnesia while increasing slightly the Benefiber.

Benefiber is a fiber supplement that helps increase good bacteria in the body. It is made from Hydrolyzed guar gum. For some reason it is better than plain Guar Gum. Also, it is mostly tasteless and does not thicken."


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[YEA]  08/22/2006: Lisa from Missouri: "Pineapples! Fresh pineapple juice works great. I have a juicer and have it every morning. I'm not sure about store bought seeing as they usually have additives in the juice. A juicer is the best investment you'll ever make."

[YEA]  10/14/2012: Winston from Sf, Ca replies: "Don't know about the juice but a good sized portion on fresh, not frozen pineapple is a very effective natural acting laxative."

Pomegranate Concentrate

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[YEA]  Delores from Atlanta, Georgia: "1/4 cup of pure Pomegranate concentrate with 16 oz. water, twice daily. Adjust as needed. This works wonders for constipation."

Prune Juice

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[YEA]  03/10/2013: Bilja from Toronto, Ontario: "Prune Juice for Constipation... Not personal experience, but family member, having constipation as taking many different medications and pain killers treating other issues. Tried acv, and olive oil w/ lemon juice, slow results. However drinking glass of prune juice gave relief in shortest possible time, very smooth and easy experience with bowel movement as never before in last 10 days. Just want to share with all."

[YEA]  09/21/2006: John from Baltimore, Maryland: "Ever since my wife and I were married she would drink a glass of prune juice 2 times per week. This resulted in not only a cleansing but an end to constipation after trying it myself. It is also good to drink a glass of water as well to wash it down."


04/20/2012: Singapore1987 from Singapore: "I used to have a lump on my throat around in the center there, but after drinking husk for 1 1/2day it's actually subside alot? omg.. Is so unbelieveable. The lump there is since I was young. Maybe since I was 13 or 14? lols.. I didn't think of much back then. Coz i'm totall cluessness it.. about and my bad breath seems to subside.. Omg!! Haha.. Could there be a link of the lump on my throat and my bad breath?

thello! From singapore. :) psylliums actually let me poop!! After months and months of not going to toliet for pooping. Lols. Sorry I'm gross! Haha but it actually works. I order from iherb psllium whole husk colon cleanser I only took it for 1 1/2 day.. And today is the full day on sec and third dose, I poop twice! He heee... Yeah!! I'm going to finish the whole tin but u will get bloated and lots of gas and lots of mucus discharge from vaginal. :( but I hope it cures by end of first week. I've research and it says first week of gas and mucus is common as it is clearing out ur old waste. I did bought the clay thing but is too yucky to drink it. Maybe the clay I will drink once a week. And also I tend sneeze also. When I drnk the husk.. I dun know why? I will order again when I finish it. :P i'm waiting for my other items to arrived also. Like grapfruit seed extract, parasite cleanse, I order thislyn cleanse also. I will do the psyllium for a month or two. Oh. Btw, can I do liver cleanse together also or do I have to wait a month to do liver cleanse? coz I search it says to cleanse out bowel cleanse then can do liver cleanse?"

Psyllium Husks

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[YEA]  07/02/2006: KC from Columbia, South Carolina: "I have tried and am still using this for constipation and bloating. This only cost me $6 for 1 lb. and it has been a miracle for me. I had tried Colonix for colon cleansing and it was a very dramatic experience for me. I believe it was more or less a laxative with additives to get you addicted and it gave you close to diarrhea. I felt like had to go to the bathroom all of the time. So I had developed even more anxiety which lead to IBS I believe. Anyways- It has been a few months and I tried this cheap natural remedy and it works! I've been using it a little more than a week and I've seen greater results than Colonix had ever promised. I just followed the recipe on this site which had led me to the road of happiness. Thanks!"


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[YEA]  10/08/2006: Anonymous : "I was going to try one last thing before surrendering to taking a laxative. I ate raisins all day and drank water. It worked, I didn't have to take the laxative."

Raisins, Figs, Prunes

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[YEA]  01/02/2007: Nat from Brooklyn, NY: "Comment on helping constipation.

Simmer one half cup of raisins, or a half cup mixture of raisins, figs, and prunes with water and olive oil for a few minutes.

Or, pour boiling water and olive oil to just cover the raisins, or the raisins, prunes and figs mixture.

Or soak over night with tap water and some olive oil. (Check the figs to see that they have no bugs on or in them.)

Then add some toasted wheat germ and toasted bran to this mixture. (Krechmer's (the company that makes toasted wheat germ also makes toasted bran. For some people it may, help more than raw bran.)

Add one, two or three tablespoons bran and one or two tablespoon wheat germ to the mixture.

Add some organic Wheatabix (a cereal from England). (The Wheatabix may help more than Fiber One or Uncle Sam's or Good Friends High fiber cereal. May be because it is organic.)

Then add a little bit hot milk and maybe some sucanet.

Eat this every morning. It may take some time to heal the system but after a few days or a week there should be improvement. One can simmer, at one time, olive oil and water with a whole box of raisins or the raisin/prune/fig combination and store it in the refrigerator, taking out a half cup of the mixture every day. (Till the body begins to normalize itself and for emergency usage one can use polyethelen glycol (golightely) by doctor's prescription.

It is not habit forming and will even help for a few days after its use is stopped, but if one uses it for more than two weeks it can cause electrolite imbalance. It can then bring about some hyperactivity, jumpiness or wakefulness. Nevertheless, until the body normalizes itself, it is less harmful than other laxatives. In an old Prevention magazine a reader once recommended, as a powerful remedy for constipation, drinking, twice a day, hot coffee with two tablespoons wheat germ and two tablespoons unprocessed (raw) bran in it. This can be taken first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon. One can add some sucanet or xylitol sweetener, or molasses. Even a bit of milk to make it palatable is all right for most people. One can take the hot coffee drink and then the raisin/olive oil/hot water/bran/wheat germ/wheatabix mixture afterward as a morning cereal. Hot fiber liquids (example â€" hot oily bean soup, hot pumpkin squash soup ( blend the soup with the seeds) and hot sweet drinks (not chocolate) are very helpful. Raw fruits and vegetables. Papaya has helped some people when other things did not. Avoid low fiber foods such as starchy bakery foods, rice, pasta. Avoid chocolates, and too much protein. It seems once that for a time a mixture of an eighth of a tsp each of carnitine powder, TMG powder and calcium pyruvate helped, all bought from Beyond a Century - 800-7771324 - a company that has very reasonable prices on supplement powders. At this time it may not be really helping as it was before. Chewing dry a tablespoon of toasted or raw bran. Follow a little while later with a hot drink. Fruit Eze, ( 888-734-8527-or 503-297-4126) is a commercial mixture of dates, raisins, prunes and prune juice that is made for use in nursing homes. One might try using it with the olive oil and the toasted wheat germ/bran/ Wheatabix mixture. It is certified vegetarian and kosher."

Raw Fruit and Vegetables

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[YEA]  12/17/2011: Laura from Houston, Texas: "I have had terrible constipation for as long as I can remember (I am 42). I always thought myself lucky to go a maximum of 4 times per week. I have tried eating more fiber, drank gallons of water, followed blood type diet for a year, exercised, used ACV & EVCO, all with limited success. Well, my "cure" as it turns out was to drastically increase the amount of raw fruits and veggies in my diet. Now you can set your watch by me! I still fully cook ground beef, poultry & fish (except sushi), but I eat a minimum of 3-4 whole fruits and 4-5 raw veggies a day. I've also begun drinking kefir. Give it a try!"

Raw Rice

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[YEA]  04/05/2010: Erin from Los Angeles, Ca: "Age: 22

I feel like I have been constipated my whole life. But when I started eating raw rice for breakfast as part of a parasite purge program, I immediatly began having daily bowel movements. What I do is this: Drink 1 cup of warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. After about 20 minutes I eat 1/4 cup of raw rice. I soak the rice in water overnight to make it softer on my teeth. The rice should be chewed until it is liquid and then swallowed. I don't eat anything else until lunch (as part of the program, you are supposed to wait 3 hours so that the rice is the only thing going through you). About an hour after I eat the rice, I have the smoothest, most enjoyable bowel movements.

I think this works because raw rice can not be digested, so it passes right through you, scraping out the crevices of your intestines and pushing waste along.

This will probably work even in the absense of the lemon water, but I have never tried it. The lemon water first and then the raw rice is working great for me so I've never tried it without the lemon water.

**If you eat the rice and then eat other food without giving the rice sufficient time to digest, you will end up bloated with a terrbile stomach ache!"

02/04/2013: Tania from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire replies: "Hi, thanks for your input :) I was wondering if it is ok to drink anything like green tea or coffee or even water after eating the rice and before lunch? Thanks :)"
[WARNING!]  02/04/2013: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: "I should warn regarding this. Rice is my staple food. And I come from ethnic background where rice is cultivated vastly and it is the staple diet from morning to evening.

You should not eat raw rice. It will cause Anemia. This what my mother and grand parents will say when we try to eat raw rice in the childhood. We will boil rice until it is cooked and mix it with sambar, rasam, saarus, curd or curries and eat it. The boiled rice is called Anna, Annam, Soru, Saadham in different South Indian Languages.

I will tell another fact: In our farms we don't give raw rice particularly parboiled rice to goat or sheep. If you feed your goat with at least 1 pound of parboiled raw rice and give water to drink. The goat will die the next day, The died goat will have bloated stomach.

Try anything, but with some reference.

Good Health"

Red Wine, Food With Hot Chillies

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[YEA]  03/29/2009: Kwaku Sam from Accra, Ghana: "1 or 2 glass(es) of red wine with food containing hot chillies will stop constipation."

Remedies Needed

07/11/2012: Juliette from Reston, Va: "For a few days I've been constipated and bloated. Last night had blood in stool and heartburn and have had heartburn ever since. Lightheaded too. I drank a lot of aloe vera hasnt done anything yet... any suggestions? Had period last week so I'm not pregnant..."

07/11/2012: Dr Lodha from Jodhpur, Rajasthan [india] replies: "Such person should not drink water during eating food and to drink water an hour after eating food every time Such person should chew every bite 32 times at a time. Such person should drink hot water whole day. Such person can drink a glass of urine daily in start. Any person can contact me about any disease at:- rakshakmal(at)"
07/12/2012: Kathy from Ontario, Ca replies: "I feel for you, it's so uncomfortable! I usually put 2 tsp of Apple cider vinegar with 1/8 tsp baking soda and sweetner in 8 to 10 oz of room temp water or hot water and drink. I also move around hoping to dislodge the gas. If I'm sure it's gas I will buy some ginger root and peel off the outside and shred about a tsp into a pot of boiling water, again 8 to 10 oz let it boil for about 5 min then sip it. I do eat the ginger bits too, It will remove the gas. These do not have to be done exactly this way I'm just telling you what I do."
07/12/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, USA replies: "Juliette. It is possible that you have ingested something (other than food); if so try some capsules of activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay to help clear the intestines."
07/12/2012: Sasha from Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica replies: "Please research celiac disease. The main symptoms of it are what you are experiencing."

04/03/2011: Anisa Ali from Port Of Spain, Trinidad : "hi am 36 been suffering for some years now with constipation did test, colonoscopy, barium enemas, told I was fine but still was that way until I decided to go to a specialist about my problem. I took my x-rays and when she looked at them she told me my colon was bend not normal like how it should be thats why I am having problems ws given a diet of veggies, fruits. Laxatives, fibre powder whole grain stuff it helps but I have to do all this till its very costly for me. Can you help me in givin me simple but powerful remedy to help me? I also suffer from allergies, anxiety. I am a mess need to be free of all these problems help me please!!! Anisa"

04/04/2011: Debbie from Melbourne , Australia replies: "Hi Anisa. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar. Fermented foods. My likely your gut needs help with digestion. Google youtube and there is heaps of information.

If you just try to add fibre to your diet it won't work because you need the proper bacteria in your gut for it to start working properly."

04/04/2011: Lily from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia replies: "Hi Anisa ali, I understand your pain with constipation. Honestly I took flaxseed (linseed), fibre supplements, laxatives, vegetable and fruit of every fibrous kind, even prune juice and pear juice. The only thing that ended up helping me was Magnesium. I bought a bottle in the supermarket and never looked back. I only took one a day maybe two sometimes. It also helps with anxiety, it is quite calming for the nervous system. Also you could try a high dose of vit c, maybe 1000mg. Hope this helps. Lily."
04/04/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "1000mg of Vit. C is not a high dose... Maybe by today's standards of 60mg a day but those are quite ridiculous, if you don't mind me saying so!"
04/13/2012: Emily_cville_2012 from Charlottesville, Va Usa replies: "I've suffered with intermittent constipation for 4 years. For last 10 days Niacianmide 500 mg about 4-6 times per day has produced regularity I've long sought. I hope it continues.

Drinking aloe vera juice and magnisium powder was not effective though the aloe vera juice seems to reduce appetite."



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