Vitamin C Health Benefits and Side Effects

Fountain of Youth

Posted by Joan (San Bernardino, CA) on 09/23/2007
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My Fountain of Youth is primarily daily multi-use of Vitamin C. I take 500 mg each time. It works best if I take 10-12 per day, no closer together than every 30 minutes. I just keep them on my desk, or in my pocket. Vitamin C makes so many things happen better in the body. Collagen is primarily made up using Vitamin C. The liver alone needs 3000 mg/day, in divided doses, to process all the toxins, etc. that are required by it--and there are MANY. This is just the beginning. But it definitely keeps me looking young--I just turned 54, and have no ailments of any kind, and use no drugs, while everyone I know go to doctors (the "gods") and faithfully take their precriptions (drugs).

Gene-Altered Vitamin C

Posted by Jay ( Fl) on 05/15/2014
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All manufacturers of Vitamin C / ascorbic acid are GMO produced. See

Replied by Mama To Many

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the link!

I have ascorbic acid powder made by Nutribiotic. My bottle says it is non-gmo. I checked the article you sent and it didn't mention Nutribiotic one way or the other.

I don't know if this means that the article isn't completely accurate or if it means that manufacturers are not completely honest. I don't know if anyone has researched this further and has any more thoughts on it? Chemistry is not my strength, though I have often wished I had paid better attention now that it would be useful at times!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

Hi Mama, I have Nutrigold Vitamin C that says it is food based certified organic, Non-GMO and non-synthetic, 240 mg per capsule. It shows the plant ingredients and the only other ingredient is a Non-GMO plant cellulose capsule. Unless this isn't true, it seems to be free of the things discussed in the referenced article. Best wishes.

General Feedback

Posted by Paula (Salt Lake City, Nv) on 11/22/2013

Hello Bill, I taking 5000 mgs of vit c with a bit of lemon and a heavy pinch of baking soda and a 1/2 teaspooon of ACV..I'm wondering if the baking soda will interfere with the absorption of the vit c? Thank you.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, The Philippines

Hi Paula...Vitamin C for healing and repair should really be taken as ascorbate(more alkalizing) and not as ascorbic acid. The way to take ascorbate is at a maximum dose of 1000 mgs(1/4 teaspoon). If you take an all-in-one single per diem dose of 5000 mgs then much of the vitamin c will simply be lost and not be absorbed into the blood. So best to take the 5000 mgs of Vitamin C as 5 separate 1000 mg dosages during the day for best absorption and effect.

To make the ascorbate form from the ascorbic acid form in water, just add baking soda(Arm & Hammer is fine to use) until the fizzing stops and take each dose like that. This creates the alkaline form -- sodium ascorbate. Using baking soda will not interfere with absorption of Vitamin C -- in fact it helps absorption. This can be more clearly understood because the ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C is never used by IV(dangerous and acidifying for the blood) so that's why the the alkaline form is normally always used for Vitamin C by IV.

Posted by Alan (Glastonbury, Uk) on 04/21/2012

I have tried to follow Ted's advice for Parkinson's sufferers by taking Methylene Blue and Soluble Vitamin C.

I was only able to obtain Effervescent vit C, and my palette told me that it contained saccharin. Eventually, I got around to reading - with the aid of a magnifying glass - the ingrediants list, and was horrified to find that under the subheading of 'Sweetener' was listed, Saccharin, Sorbitol, and ASPARTAME - an acknowleged nuro-toxine, and dangerous to PD sufferes, among others.

The supplier, I trusted, and was Holland & Barett. However, they are not alone in selling this product - several other outlets also sell the 'contaminated' effervescent Vit C - listing the same 3 sweeteners, but in different orders (highest content is first, etc.)

Now starts the epic search of the net for another product - I have already been offered "Sugar Free" (Aspartame loaded) products from reputable suppliers.

Wish me luck, and Thanks, Ted


Replied by Fabricio
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi Alan, I buy my vitamin C in bulk in the form of ascorbic acid powder. There are no fillers whatsoever and it's certified so. In fact I get 1.5 kilo at once and it lasts me a LONG time (more than a year).

Not sure if EC will allow to post this portion but I get mine from and it is delivered to my house in Brazil. They ship right away and do an excellent job shipping it quickly. Good luck.

Replied by Alan
Glastonbury, Uk

Hi Fabricio, Sorry for not replying earlier. I have located pure Ascorbic Acid - from Holland & Barrett, would you believe!!! a 170g bottle for 6. Needs only 1/4 teaspoonful to give a tad over 1000mg. I disolve the crystals in tepid water to ensure complete disolution, adding cold water, then the Methylene Blue.

Thanks for your interest.

Regards, Alan

Posted by Moshi (Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia) on 07/16/2011
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I found that taking 4000mg of buffered VitC powder robbed my body of magnesium. Maybe because of the calcium in the buffered form. High dosage of VitC has also been reported to cause cystitus, contribute to kidney stones & to kill off intestinal flora (acidophillus). I have tried taking ascorbic acid with some added bicarb but still find it irritates my system over 1000mg a day. I am now switching to fulvic acid, a strong anitoxidant, recommended by Ted, I'll keep you posted.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Moshi, what do you mean by buffered Vitamin C? Isn't that when you add the bicarbonate? I take long release Vitamin C tablets but I have no idea whether it has calcium in it. How did you find out that you were lacking magnesium? If you read Linus Pauling's book How to live longer and feel better you see that he doesn't think that Vitamin C can cause problems with the kidneys. He himself took 18g a day for many years. It is difficult nowadays to know who to believe.... But I do trust him as Vitamin C was a big part of his research! I am taking 2g at the moment with no problems! The thing is that you have to see what is the right dose for you by going up a bit at a time, if you get problems you should back down and stay there. I thouroughly enjoyed his book and reviewd it on the Book Review page, maybe you want to take a look....

Posted by Peachy (Richmond, Bc, Canada) on 01/22/2011
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Re Vitamin C: I saw Linus Pauling on the Les Brown (Toronto) tv show back in the 1980's He said just get the cheapest stuff - pure ascorbic acid powder. He would take about 18 grams a day. I have only taken up to 18 grams when I have been sick (flu, exhausted, colds). Hey he lived to be 94! His recipe was put one teaspoon ascorbic acid powder in glass of water, and add one quarter teaspoon baking soda - that's it - makes it fizz - the baking soda buffers the tummy coz straight vitamin C is just way too acidic. On the show he said it was great for cancer patients going through clinical trials, (helps with immune system). (helps build white blood cells, with wound healing, building collagen - you don't get wrinkles! ).

I drink my drink through a straw and then have more water afterward.. Slight sour fizzy taste. Really nice actually. Since that show I have used the ascorbic acid powder - making my C fizzies as I call them - first of all to help with hay fever allergies (the ones where I sneeze 17 times and want to rip my itchy eyes out, and put cold washcloths over my face to sleep) - I got to the point where I only took the vitamin C and also eye drops for itchy eyes - got off all the over the counter drugstore medications (in my early teens used to get needles for hayfever, man I hate needles - that used to knock me out- didn't help much then either)Also very good for allergic reactions like hives (like when I've had shrimp and have broken out in welts, arargh)... A C fizzy or two takes it all down, calms everything back to normal. If I think I need a lot, I will space out the drinks about half hour or so. You can tell when you reach your tolerance limit, when your bowels start to get loose (the gut just can't process anymore).

In last few years I discovered that Pauling figured that heart disease is a subclinical form of scurvy - ie not enough Vitamin C!!! Check out paulingtherapy, and I think there is a youtube of him saying that as well. After I found that out I started buying it by the kilo from nutrabio because I would go through my little bottles from the health food store so fast. I plan to live to be 90 as well!

Another new discovery is ______ vitamin c where they have encapsulated the vitamin c with nano technology (think a grain of sand on a football field - very small) - with this the C bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to where it is needed. I have just started taking these last month. I will have my C fizzy drink before breakfast to start the day, and sometimes one in afternoon, and a pkt of the lypo-c in juice in between times (you won't feel the difference when you take the lypo-c coz it goes straight to your cells - also see tomlevyMd. Apparently this is the closest one can get to having Vitamin C intravenously. Check levy's video of gentleman in new zealand who was pretty much on death's door, and his family rallied around refusing to let the docs take him off life support - with much ado, they got him on IV vitamin c - and he recovered!

Also just listening to Dr Hal Huggins radio interview, he said if you take 4-5 pkts of the Lypospheric C, it is like getting a shot of IV C. I am so trying this.. One more thing, people would ask me why do I take the Vitamin C fizzies - I said the only way I can explain it is that it feels like it turns on the electricity in the body. And from what I have read about the heart and brain's electrical fields, I can speak from personal experience that the vitamin C I take helps bring everything back to 'normal' for me. And yes, (oh vanity) - a lady at work guessed my age to be 14 years younger.

Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 01/07/2011

For over a decade I have been using large amounts of Vit C on an almost daily basis. The amount tends to vary a little depending on my needs, but always taken in smaller doses throughout the day. I have used many expensive brands, including Ester C & Acerola but have not heard of nor used lypho-spheric vitamin C, and now only buy the inexpensive powder form of sodium ascorbate. If you use a lemon for something, instead of throughing out the peel, eat the pith (white part) and this way you are getting your bioflavanoids. If the lemon is organic you can also eat some of the yellow rind (not a great taste) as it contains limonene. Having the pith most days and the sodium ascorbate, I have found this to work as well as any brands I've tried and better than most. I am very fortunate to have access to meyer lemons as the pith tastes quite nice.

Posted by Candy (O Fallon, Mo, Us) on 08/26/2010

Can anyone tell me if citric acid and ascorbic acid are the same vitamin c supplement. I know one has one more molecule of oxygen. Can citric be used as a vitamin c supplement just like ascorbic acid?

Replied by Stacey
G-boro, Nc

Ascorbic acid is a patented form of vitamin C. There are actually several patents for producing ascorbic acid. The health claim is that it is more digestible and there is more bioactive vitamin and antioxidant content. Citric acid is an acid used primarily for food preservation. It does contain some vitamins and antioxidants, but not enough to make it valuable to health.

Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk

Stacey: NO, ascorbic acid is not the patented form of Vitamin C! Ascorbic acid is the chemical name for plain ol' Vitamin C, first identified generations ago. You maybe meant ESTER-C, which is a patented form of Vitamin C.

But look what The Vitamin C Foundation says about it:

It is true that Ester-C reaches cells and enters them faster. An anonymous informant with ties to the U. S. Biological weapons program told us:

"Ester-C is not an ester. My late friend was a former scientist involved in biochemical warfare with a high security clearance. He dissected the patent and had several meetings with Dr. Virlangieri, one of the researchers that touted its virtues. My friend favored good old ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate. He told me quite literally that ester-C was "two pounds of 'dung' in a one pound bag. " He was an avid Pauling devotee and was concerned that under certain conditions, ester-C was dangerous and contraindicated. The prevailing propaganda changed from its being an ester to its providing threonine metabolites. He told me that Pauling would have laughed the ester-C boys back to chemistry class! " R. L. As for citric acid, it also is the chemical name for that one specific molecule, and so if buying a bottle of it, that had better be all that's in that bottle! There will be no other molecules of any kind in there, certainly no minerals or any antioxidants (reducers).

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 06/15/2010

I've written quite a bit about Vitamin C on EC, and just thought that I would put down some other thoughts, which will, hopefully, be helpful.

First, Vitamin C is not just a simple supplement. Most people regard Vitamin C as just a vitamin supplement called Ascorbic Acid. This is also not strictly true. Vitamin C actually consists of a group of natural chemicals -- usually found together in varying amounts in fruits/veg -- that work together in a synergistic way with Ascorbic acid/ascorbates to benefit our bodies. Some of the other substances involved in Vitamin C's effectiveness are:


And as far as I can understand, these additional compounds or co-factors are all required in quite small amounts(probably used as catalysts, enzymes, coenzymes etc.), along with the ascorbic acid and this is what really constitutes Vitamin C. Also, since Vitamin C itself is so poorly researched, there are probably alot of these co-factors that haven't even been researched or discovered yet.

From the above, and logically, it would therefore make great sense to both eat fruit and vegetables high in these Vit C co-factors whilst also supplementing with ascorbates or ascorbic acid since these co-factors are bound to enhance and improve the overall effect of taking Vitamin C supplements as well.

Here are some other facts about Vitamin C, some of which equally apply to the supplementing of any other vitamin or mineral:

* Always take Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate (more alkaline form) and not as ascorbic acid. If you take the ascorbic acid form, then you must always take it at mealtimes, so that it can be converted by the bicarbonates produced in the duodenum during digestion to ascorbate and then it will be absorbed. So why not convert the Ascorbic Acid to ascorbate first, then there would be no need for conversion from acid to salt form during digestion and you could also take even more ascorbates outside mealtimes?

* If you take Vitamin C during mealtimes, then a third of this vitamin will be excreted and lost after digestion by the intestines. So, if you are taking, say, 900 mgms of Vitamin C then 300 mgms will be excreted and lost. By the way, this is not all bad, because taking Vitamin C also provokes a healthy intestine.

* Linus Pauling, during his own Vit C research wanted to know how much vitamin c was excreted in a 24 hr period, so he took 10 grams of vitamin C and collected and checked all his own urine during a 24 hr period. He found that 15% of the Vit C taken was lost through his kidneys over this 24 hour period.

* It is always best practice, as Ted from Bangkok has said on this site numerous times, to take all water soluble vitamins, minerals and amino acid supplements in their powdered or capsule forms and not as tablets. I was forced to use the tablet form of Ascorbic Acid(I couldn't find the powder form here in the Philippines where I live) and convert this to ascorbates using Baking Soda, but the resulting solution always looked cloudy, dirty and tasted funny because of all the adhesive fillers such as Calcium Triphosphate, Magnesium Sterate, Stearic Acid, Microcellulose, Starch etc. But, on my recent trip to Bangkok, I managed to purchase pure chemical grade Ascorbic Acid powder fairly cheaply and after I convert my powder dose to ascorbates using BS, the solution is now always crystal clear with no more unnecessary impurities and has a far nicer taste.

I've also stated that I believe that there is no such thing as a rigid RDA concerning vitamins, minerals and amino acid supplementation. As evidence and proof of this, here is an extract from a significant essay by Dr Frederick Klenner on Vitamin C which lists all the reasons why dosing is so difficult:

1. The age of the individual;
2. Habits -- such as smoking, the use of alcohol, playing habits;
3. Sleep, especially when induced artificially;
4. Trauma.-- trauma caused by a pathogen, the trauma of work, the traumaof surgery, the trauma to the body produced accidentally or intentionally;
5. Kidney threshold;
6. Environment;
7. Physiological stress;
8. Season of the year;
9. Loss in the stool;
10. Variations in individual absorption;
11. Variations in "binders" in commercial tablets;
12. Body chemistry;
13. Drugs;
14. Pesticides;
15. Body weight;
16. Inadequate storage.

Extract from Dr Klenner on Vitamin C -- This is also well worth a read !!

In my own protocol of vitamins and minerals, I now just take mega-doses of Vitamin C as ascorbate (about 5 grams/day in split doses) outside mealtimes as well as dessicated liver and kelp tablets at mealtimes every day. I also take Ted's alkalizing remedies regularly and now supplement magnesium chloride and iodine(both in larger amounts than recommended by the FDA or WHO) either transdermally or orally on a weekly basis. I also have a body friendly diet as Ted recommends. On a monthly basis, I regularly detox heavy metals using sodium thiosulfate as well as taking my own tri-herbal anti-stone or anti-calcium protocol consisting of a decoction of chanca piedra, heart vine, tumeric and neem leaves. I also take Ted's anti-fungal borax remedy once or twice a month as a preventative. That is essentially my protocol, but I have extra backup in the form of lysine, aspirin, methylene blue, zinc gluconate, betaine HCL, protease enzymes, cayenne, clove oil etc. that are all taken on an "as needed" basis if any illness does occur.

Posted by Pat (Athens, Al, Usa) on 05/29/2010

I'm looking for some suggestions on how some of you find the most palatable ways of taking sodium ascorbate (vitamin c) powder, as I've seen that Ted has in several posts recommended it as a good form of vitamin c. I just wondered if it would be better mixed with something or taken straight up or could be mixed with the ACV or just whatever without an ill effects. Thank you.

Replied by Kojak
Erie, Pennsylvania

Pat.... I take it mixed in either orange juice, grape juice or green tea with lemon juice and raw honey w/propolis in it.

Genital Herpes

Posted by Cesar (Panama) on 05/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnose with genital herpes around 1996, from that time I had to take medicine for that every 3 repetitions by year. In 2001 I started to take a daily dose of 500mg of Vit C, and after 9 years my genital herpes never returned. I continue taking Vit C without any side effects.

Heart Failure

Posted by Spence (Sparta, Tn) on 12/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

In reference to C side effects I have a heart failure problem and I mega dose alot of supplements for this condition. In regards to Vitamin C I normally take 6000mg divided into 3 doses daily. In the winter during cold season I increase my doseage to 9000mg daily to ward off colds etc. I personally use vitamin C with rose hips absorbic acid capsules. The only side effects I am aware of not to say there may be others is loose bowel movements if you injest more C than your body can handle. No big deal. Just back off a little. I also found in my case I can gradually build back up slowly with no more of these issues. While we know the C vitamin is a plus for many ailments you might want to consider a B complex supplement as well. I personally prefer the 100mg complex capsules and take them 3 times a day with the C. The benefits are numerous. But hey! I'm no doctor. I just know what works for me. One more tip if I may. Mega doses of water soluable vitamins for the most part are safe within reason where as oil base supplements is a whole different can of worms and should be monitored carefully. Spence

Replied by Tryingtostayhealthy
Half Moon Bay, Ca, United States

I take 5 grams ascorbic acid powder and 4 grams lysine powder mixed in a glass of water every day (Pauling Protocol). I add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and drink a little bit throughout the day. The side effect I have is that I have to urinate every hour. I feel fairly certain the C is the cause because when I stop a day the problem decreases. I know vitamin C is a diuretic but is there anything I can do to lessen this problem?

As background info I am a 56 year old male who had a heart attack 18 months ago and had 2 stents placed at that time. I take simvastatin (Zocor generic statin drug) and 1 full aspirin daily. I cannot be certain what is the major benefit whether it is the stents, drugs, exercise, or the vitamin C and lysine mixture but I am feeling good and not had any problems since. My hunch though is that it's the vitamin C - lysine mixture and exercise that is helping quite a bit.

I plan to keep taking the vitamin C and lysine forever so I would like to find a way to cure the frequent urination problem. Thank you for any suggestions.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

try taking less.

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada

Tryingtostayhealthy from Half Moon Bay, Ca, United States writes: "I take 5 grams ascorbic acid powder and 4 grams lysine powder mixed in a glass of water every day (Pauling Protocol). I add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and drink a little bit throughout the day.

There is research to show that any benifit of a single large dose of vitamin C is significantly reduced in the human blood stream within 5 hours. Split your dose across your day at 4 hour intervals to maximize its benefits. This makes sense since most animals make their own vitamin C and have a continuous flow of it into their bloodstream rather than a big "hit" once a day. They also make even more than normal amounts of vitamin C to cope with stress or injury. Also spreading the supply across time as required allows the body processes that can use the extra vitamin to basically operate their processes continually rather than starting up when adequate vitamin C is available and then shutting down these processes a few hours later when supply is low.

FYI: Doctor Irwin Stone and Doctor Mathias Rath both worked with or corresponded with Doctor Linus Pauling on vitamin C and both of these men have written books on vitamin C and the heart. You can find both books free online.

Replied by Moreytftf
Lewiston/auburn, Maine

In response to Jay from Toronto, Ont Canada. Dr Weil also wrote books on many things including high dosage of vitamine C and it was very helpfuil for me... Look up 8 weeks to Optimal Health there's also an audio book that he reads himself which I enjoyed because I could listen while I walked.

Also, I'm not sure what caused your heart attack but you may be interested in research done by a man named Dr Max Gerson and his daughter Charlette. They have both been curing cancer, and many other ailments for over 70 yrs, by nurishing the body with what the body needs in order to regenerate. It might be worth looking into.

Wishing you all the best of luck. ~T~

Heavy Menstrual Flow

Posted by MARTHA (LAREDO, TEXAS) on 08/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was having a very heavy menstrual period, I was miserable I could not go out any where this was my second month and the only thing the nurse from my doctor's office recommended was to rest. My doctor said I was a candidate for a D&C if my period would continue the same. I was recommended to use vitamin c 1 to 2 1000mg pills a day. I was on my 3rd day of heavy torment and I took 2 1000mg vitamin c this made my heavy flow to ease up and I continued my regular menstrual period the next two days. I was recommended to use vitamin c 1000mg one week before my period one to two pills a day and take it all thru the last day of the menstrual period. This really works I am back to normal and happy to share this with other women who are suffering what I did.

High Cholesterol

Posted by Chuck (Tukwila, WA) on 07/16/2007

I was reading where high Cholesterol can be fixed by taking 3000-5000 mg of vitamin C per day. The theory is cholesterol attaches itself to lesions in your blood vessels. The Vitamin C repairs the lesions thus allowing the body to flush the cholesterol that is not needed naturally. Further the articles stated Cholesterol is needed to heal nerves that get damaged. The statin drugs stop the body from making cholesterol thus the nerves don't get healed. I took a fall 2 years ago and no one can figure out why I am in pain. I have been on statin drugs for 4 years. My theory is I damaged nerves in the fall and the lack of cholesterol is not allowing my nerves to heal. I weaned myself off the Lipitor. And am taking 1500 mg 3 times a day of vitamin C. I don't know if it will work I hope so. But I have noticed my memory is getting better

Replied by Ed
Clarkston, Michigan

Lipitor Muscle pain: I notice one person commented about taking Vit C in large doses to help controlling cholesterol. I have read a lot of similar articles as I have the same muscle pain that all the articles talk about in taking Statin drugs. My question is: If I stop taking statin drugs and use Vit C do the muscles rebuild - less the pain and how long does it take. I have been taking Lipitor and swithched to Sinvastain a year ago and have now developed severe muscle pain in legs. Will my blood test indicate a real cholesterol number or will the Vit C distort the cholesterol reading. I get my blood tested every 6 months.

Replied by Desiree
Portland, OR

If you drink milk, you might benefit from researching milk, and especially the homogenization process. This process creates fragmented jagged molecules which then pierce arteries causing cholesterol to patch up the wound, thus clogging arteries. Please remember that milk is a big business. I discovered this by reading a book called Radiant Health (author: Peskin) which exposes the food and health industry. I believe homogenized milk causes high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke. I believe that after age 2, we do much better getting our calcium from non-milk sources like vegetables. We are not defenseless against the food and health industries, but we have to be advocate of our own health by educating ourselves. Blessings.

Replied by Julian
Moscow, Russia

I was involved in the building of the Lipitor factory for the then Warner Lambert in Ringaskiddy, Cork Ireland. The Irish have never been good at keeping secrets. Lipitor comes from garlic.

Eat garlic, it doesn't have the side effects of Lipitor.

When you think about it, your body is the result of a million years of development. It has been 'built' to run on natural products not the chemicals that pharmacuticals have designed in the last 20 years.

EC: Cross-posted to the garlic page as well, thank you!

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
512 posts

Hi Chuck, I didn't see anything mentioned about the cause of your pain, but if it started after the fall 2 years ago, at this stage it will probably be called traumatic arthritis.

I would suggest two things for that pain if it started shortly after the fall. The first one is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Now you know why it is known as MSM. The second one is old Edgar Cayce's castor oil packs. When you research on MSM you will find that it is most frequently used by holisitic practitioners to keep down inflammation and promote cellular regrowth. It is also a first cousin to sulphur (a natural mineral in our bodies) and what our bodies metabolize DMSO to. I think between the two, you will find the pain, much less, if not totally gone within 2 weeks after starting them.

Don't worry about MSM causing a reaction if you are allergic to sulfa drugs. I cannot take sulfa drugs without feeling worse after 3 days of it than I was before starting it for an infection. However I can take the MSM without problems, and I have plenty of allergic problems.

Replied by Ron
Emporia, Kansas

Hi Chuck,

You can type in "Lipitor co-enzyme Q10" in Google and will get several articles related to muscle pain and the Statins (Lipitor, Sinvastain, Mevacore [lovastatin], etc.).

A brief summary: Lovastatin (and other statins) do lower cholesterol, BUT they also lower Co-enzyme Q10. Without enough Co-enzyme Q10 the muscles in the body weaken (the heart is a muscle).

Merck, the drug company that makes Lovastatin (similar to Lipitor) has had a patent on a combination of Lovastatin and Co-enzyme Q10 since 1989 . K. Folkers is the doctor who has done the most research on Co-enzyme Q10. He was an employee of Merck, working out of the University of Texas. Since Merck has the patent on the Lovastatin/C0-enzyme Q10 drug combo, no one else can market it and for money reasons Merck won't market it, nor have they alerted the public to the benefits of Co-enzyme Q10.

A local friend of mine had been taking Lipitor for a few years and developed severe muscle pain in her legs. She simply stopped taking it and the pain went away. She hasn't taken it since.

If you are worried about your cholesterol, you might look at the Cholesterol section on this web site. At the top of the page, click on Ailments, then C, then Cholesterol. Some good remedies, especially Apple Cider Vinegar.

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy

Posted by Sdk (Ontario, Canada) on 10/11/2013

How to Reconstitute Ascorbic Acid into Organic Form:

Dear sirs. As much as I appreciate buffering of ascorbic acid with lets say sodium bicarbonate, a much better way has been devised by one Jan Hromada in Czech Republic, who has passed the information into public domain. Ascorbic acid being rather a strong acid quite readily replaces many other organic acids in fruits and also readily ties to red pigments, for example betanins.

Jan Hromada has found out through his keen observation and following research, that tomatoes are one of the ideal red vegetables for this purpose, even if they are not of the best quality.

When 5g of crystalline ascorbic acid is blended with one whole average field tomato, a person can digest at least 40g of ascorbic acid (spread through out a day) in this form without the usual consequences of ascorbic acid overdose. Well, at least I can and I am not alone. I found this form even more accetable than liposomal C form. I believe that this information will further help many people to appreciate what high oral dosing of vitamin C can do for them.

With kind regards, Slavek.

Replied by Maxim
Geneve, Switzerland
1 out of 5 stars


Just a note that I have not had success with Sodium Ascorbate. I feel it has negative impact on kidneys, so people should be careful about consuming Sodium Ascorbate. Lower back pain, strange urination of dark color and limited in amount. I beleive it is due to Sodium content, since I am not getting the same reaction to Calcium Ascorbate.

I have now ordered a 1kilo of Ascorbic Acid and plan to use it with tomatos according to Jan Hormada. Are there any articles or other info in English to read more about Jan Hormada's methods?