8 Vitamin C Benefits (and Some Common Side Effects)


Posted by Richard Morgan (Edgewater, Florida) on 07/09/2008
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Oral vitamin C therapy as recommended by Dr. Robert Cathcart was employed to resolve within 14 days a case of mononucleosis contracted by my 17-year-old grand-daughter.

1st 24 hours, 7000mg ascorbic acid powder in orange juice every hour.
Subsequent days: 1000mg every hour until bowel tolerance syndrom; thereafter, an amount of the vitamin every three hours just short of bowel tolerance syndrome.

Multiple Cures

Posted by Regina (Cacoor, Cavite, Philippines) on 05/14/2008
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According to over 70 years of scientific, medical and clinical research, natural vitamin c is necessary to over 300 metabolic funtions in our body and its is also regarded as the "Mother of all vitamins" because it can worked out in our body without any other vitamins but other vitamin from a-zinc need vitamin c in order to be absorbed and function in our body. And according to Dr. Erwin stone, a biochemist, there is no one single factor in our body that is not affected by vitamin c. meaning human body is very much dependent on this particular vitamin that whenever it is depleted from our body, we surely will suffer a disease called scurvy. Human body does not manufacture vitamin c that is why we take it from foods that we eat everyday, and from supplements. According to study with Dr Linus Pauling, our body needs at least 1000 to 2000 mgs/day for it to function normally and protect the body from free radicals that usually destroys our cells. But in case of disease, we need to take more to fastly recover from illness. Also, vitamin c gives us energy which we need everyday not only for our mobility but more importantly for our body's cellular activities. Vitamin c also aids in the production of collagen which is the 2nd most important function of vitamin. Colagen helps strengthen and repairs the body tissues especially the heart and all other organs. it also promotes the immediate healing of wounds. Also because vitamin c is anti-oxidant, it aids our liver to facilitate the elimination of toxins and free radicals from the body. It also boost the immune system keeping the body cope and heal itself from any ailments. There are varied vitamin c in the market today. There synthetic or chemically induced vitamin c and the natural vitamin c. Most common vitamin c that is available in the market is the synthetic brands which is the acidic based. In my opinion and experience, the most effective one is ________ because aside fom being natural it is also an alkaline vitamin c with a pH of 72-78, which is found to be the most potent anti-oxidant. It gives us all we need from a vitamin c, we get the goodness of vitamin c and alkalinity.

Me and my family started using ___after my five (5) year old son had a surgery for a Mesynteric augmental cyst that developed outside of his intestine as big as my son's fist. after the operation his pedia sugeon gave him this natural vitamin c. His wound which was about 4 inches long healed in just a matter of days. And also the best thing that happened to us with this vitamin c is that the recurrent asthmatic syndrome which my three kids usually experienced and made us visit the hospital almost every month was gone. Now they are more healthy than ever before. My sinusitis, arthritis, backpain, migrain as well as vertigo were gone. I am taking 2,000-6,000 mgs/day.When I share the product with my friends and relatives they claimed relief especialy when they under stress. I also share the product with my friend who was suffering from "psoriasis" i was truly amazed because she was relieved from the disease in just one week of taking 10,000 mgs/day of course with our company physician's advice.She suffered from this i should say depressing disease for over 10 years. I also share this particular vitamin c to many. My friend who is a hypertensive, it regulated her blood pressure by taking 3,000- 5,000 mgs/day. There are also a lot of people with heart disease who are saved from by-pass surgery because of this vitamin c. By the way, our company physician have been prescribing this vitamin c for more than five (5) years already and it helped a lot of hopeless people in our place especially those suffering from the dreaded cancer. For me vitamin c is very essential to every human forms. In fact, i consider this as the twin of our body becaue without this essential nutrient we will surely suffer from scurvy when our body doesn't get enough vitamin c. But we should be careful in choosing the kind of vitamin c. Better choose only the natural, non-acidic, alkaline vitamin c or eat a lot of alkaline forming fruits and vegetables. Sad to say, we don't get enough vitamin c from eating fruits and vegetables because of so many factors. That is why we need to take supplements.

Replied by JoJoe
Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte,Philippines
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Regina you're right .i've been witnessing my brother suffering from the result of too much drinking liquor (wine). As his brain tissue was very much affected by acidic tension and crush its normal function down to earth level (became FOOL) ,as being poor in status living, things go hopeless and devastating. Having so many empathetic and sympathetic experiences, i give him ____ C 10,000 mg or 20 capsules of it. After taking it, a remarkable result had shown automatically in a couple of minutes.Thanks to ____, my brother now is in good condition(good health) and strong through it. He's now including it in his daily meal.

in my opinion...it's important to learn and study vitamin c in very simple way by using an alkaline tester (acid tester used by doctors) in order to know the veracity (truth) on your vitamin c supplements and also put your supplements in in a clear glass of water and observe it thouroughly, anything made it muddy or foggy or dirty looks are SYNTHETICS or acidic. In many ways, make sure your supplements are Alkaline based not acidic base by knowing the PH factor that our body requires.

hope it ads something on you and please do not criticise my English workmanship or my weakness in words, for such experience cannot be question by someone like you. thanks

Posted by ann (potosi, mo.) on 04/29/2008
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I have used vitamin c for years for bleeding gums, bad nosebleeds and any other bleeding problems. I either take a stress vitamin with 500vit c or just a vit. c by itself -preferably a chewable one. Especially during menopause -taking 500 vit c every 3-4 hours will stop hemoraging and blot clots and normalize the flow. You must take it every 3-4 hrs. or it will start up again. It is better if at least one of the doses is a stress b vit with 500 added vit.c in it. I fell and hit my head on a concrete wall and opened a 4 inch gapin my scalp with excessive bleeding. I chewed 2 500 vit. c and immediately the bleeding completely stopped, helping me on the inside and outside of my head. I didn't have to have any drainage from fluid buildup inside my head and the wound healed very fast. Vit c normalizes the blood-helps with blood clots that are already there to help dissolve them and is so important is excessive bleeding that no one should ever go to the dentist or go into surgery without taking it if you bleed easily. It could save your life. I used to literally take a sheet to bed with me after haveing a tooth pulled to wipe the blood on. After I learned about vit c and took it before i went to the dentist, the bleeding stopped before I got off the parking lot. I really think I could have even done better without the cotton! Hope this helps someone keep from having an hysterectomy or other complications. I have used vit c for these things for over 30 years. I don't take it on a regular basis, mostly if I get sick with a cold or stomach flu which about 10 grams -I take it in peanut butter and syrup- the powdered vit c. Take 2 doses about a hour apart sometimes will kill stomach flu completely out if you catch it in time. Thanks.

Numbing and Tingling in the Feet

Posted by Steve (Los Angeles) on 03/04/2007
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I have been taking about 2000mg of vitamin c in the morning and evening. the problems I have had with my feet has all but disappeared. I have had numbing or tingling in my feet. I do not know if this is from physical injuries too them or from type 2 diabetes or both but I feel the Vitamin C has helped alkaline my system.


Posted by Jill (Hamilton) on 05/06/2018
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Generalised and mirrored body pain generalised swelling, constant buzzing throughout my body. Antinuclear antibodies showing up in tests but all other tests within normal range. 3 months with symptoms and told by doctor there was nothing she could do. Went to biomedical practitioner and given IV Vitamin C ... symptoms went away within hours!

Replied by Uncertain

How do you choose a biomedical practitioner?

Posted by Dez57 (Beatty, Oregon) on 07/20/2012
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I have several bad teeth. Broken and bare. Two years ago my old filling started two break up and my was mouth full of pain and inflammation. After $300. Dollar dental bills and no end in sight, I increased my ascorbic acid intake to 8 to 15 grams a day to counter the inflammation and pain. Two years later I now have 5 broken and bare teeth with no pain. I cannot afford dental work for another four years when my house is paid off. Also my health has never been better. I take all the basic vitamins and minerals with added supplements which I have done for 50 years. Only thing I have ever seen a doctor for is injuries.

My doctor is F R Klenner. He died in 1984 and his vitamin therapy is used today around the world. You will find his papers on the internet. He has been given the AMA's highest recommendation, by blackballing his name and work for over 60 years. If you do not take at least 5 grams of ascorbic acid a day, you are in trouble or will be. Even a 140lb goat makes 5 grams a day in its liver and up to 60 grams a day when sick or injured. Goats also do no not ingest processed foods, sugars, oils and junk food and neither do I.


Posted by Erdie (Cebu City, Philippiones) on 09/07/2007
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Im Erdz of cebu.... I really appreciate the effects of vit. C especially when I knew the latest Vit. C (daily C) bopered [buffered] Non Acidic Vitamin C... I haven much daily C evn in mega Dosing... becuase i have the fever and flue... more than that my friend told me that daily c is ati [anti] oxidant and nutralizer [pH neutralizing] ...so ive observed that few days...my acidity was not able to bodered [bother] me anymore..eventually i drink softdrinks... so finally i really thankful right now becuase taking mega dose of daily C which is sodium Ascorbate (non Acidic Vitamin C) is advantage than other vit. C we know from the market...(ascorbic Acid) we are prone to sickness and pro-oxidant.

Replied by C
Cheltenham, Pa

I think that you are adding your own "science" to ascorbic acid. There is strong evidence that Vitamin C's real effects come from its property as a Hydrogen donor ie: its properties as an acid. Neutralizing the acid may remove its benefit. In fact, this entire website is way too biased toward turning everything "alkaline". Without the H dontaion from acids (H donation is literally the definition of an acid) you'd burn up with free radical oxidation. H is literally what quenches the hydroxyl free radical. Its like water on a fire. Ask any chemist, alkaline burns in the lab are much, much worse than acid burns. Acids(hydrogen donors) are what cool your body down from free readical oxidation.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne , Australia

I agree this website is too skewed about turning everything alkaline. Stomach acid needs to be acidic or it won't digest food properly and minerals won't be properly absorbed.

Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa

While I believe in alkalizing the body, stomach acid should not be alkalized unless one is producing too much acid. I suffered from indigestion and hours after I have eaten my food would not be digested. My allergist diagnosed me as having acid reflux which was causing asthma like symptoms. I was taking Nexium which did not help much. I took ACV which helped but after starting the green smoothie I had no more problems with indigestion or acid reflux. I still take ACV ocassionally and probiotics. I love Earth Clinic and believe this site is helping a lot of people and if alkalizing helps, let it be.

Replied by P'chic
Oregon, US

Well, I dont weigh in here too often but just now I feel compelled to toss in my 2c...

i have naturally low stomach acid (hereditary) which has caused trouble all my life... I began taking plain Ascorbic Acid for flu, and it gave me symptoms of heartburn & reflux... so I buffered with Baking Soda to see what that might do- felt hesitant because of allready low HCl- but it did the trick. immediately began to recover from virus and not only that I NO LONGER HAVE ANY LOW HCL SYMPTOMS as long as I take about 1g Buffered-C daily. Seems that something in the combination has actually boosted my stomach acid production to something a lot more like Normal :) FWIW!


Posted by Mary Grace (Chicago, Il) on 01/02/2010
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After reading the rules for posting, I'm sorry I can't put a link here to the website that explains the benefits of Vitamin C but hopefully by just googling Dr. Klenner, you can find this information. He did a study of pregnant women taking Vitamin C and 100% came through without miscarrying. I am 5 weeks pregnant now with my 9th child and have always taken Vitamin C through pregnancies. My mother had 5 children and she used to take high doses of Vitamin C. There are such great benefits so for those that are concerned, please do a little more research and don't stop taking your C.


Posted by Kathleen (Chicago, Illinois ) on 02/08/2010
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This is only the second time that I have posted, and I wanted to thank you for your kind words regarding my first post.

I promised that I would update everyone IF I was able to finally conquer sciatica. Well, I DID IT! I said that I was going to try Magnesium as suggested on your site. Didn't seem to help me.

What finally did the trick was "flooding" with Vitamin C per Dr. Frederick Klenner's web site, Doctor Yourself. Please check out the testimonal under Back Pain (at the bottom of that page). Unlike the testimonial, I was not completely out of pain on the fourth day; it took me six days.

I took two grams (2,000 milligrams) every hour I was awake. What I finally figured out was that the man that wrote the testimonial was taking a teaspoon every hour (that's four grams).

Just in case you are concerned at the high level of Vitamin C, it is a water soluble vitamin which the body will throw off if it can't use it. There is no known Vitamin C toxicity to humans.

The reason it worked is very simple. I had a Vitamin C deficiency severe enough to cause sciatica. Wish I had known that before!

What I also didn't realize was that the intermittent backaches that I have had in the last five years or so were also a Vitamin C deficiency and a precursor to the more severe sciatica! I have not had even a hint of a backache since I began treating the sciatica.

I am now on a maintenance dosage of Vitamin C of about 10 grams per day (still working out exact amount) which I will remain on for the rest of my life. You know when the body cannot use the level of Vitamin C that you are taking. You get diarrhea and just cut back a bit until you have the right level for you.

My primary reason for advocating natural alternatives for myself is safety. It was a blood pressure generic Lisinopril that triggered my sciatica and my descent into an unfathonable Dante's inferno. I will use SAFE alternatives in the future as often as possible.

Good health to everyone this year!


Posted by Anonymous (Cleveland, Ohio) on 08/15/2018
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Could Vitamin C Be the Cure for Deadly Infections?-By Jim Morrison-SMITHSONIAN.COM -Dr. Paul Marik, chief of the pulmonary and critical care medicine unit at Eastern Virginia Medical School is using Vit C I.V.'s to save people from dying from Sepsis. Works for colds, flu and pneumonia too. So far, he's treated more than 150 patients with the protocol and he says only one has died from sepsis.


EC: Interesting. Here is his exact protocol used in hospitals: https://www.evms.edu/uploads/magazine/9-4/downloads/Sepsis-dosing-strategy-Feb-2017[1].pdf


Posted by RJ (Cleveland, Ohio) on 01/14/2008
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I recently had a shingles, which I never knew anything about until now. This web site was a big help in helping me understand the disease and what I could do about it.

I actually used multiple remedies to help cure shingles and the excruciating pain that went along with it. I went to a doctor to find out what it was and he confirmed that it was shingles and prescribed Valtrex an antiviral pill (which will not kill the virus), 1 per day for 10 days. I did take it but it didn't do a thing for the outbreak or the pain.

First thing I did was start taking Vitamin C 1000 mg fizzy packets x 3 every hour, by the fourth or fifth hour, I had diarrhea. Not a problem, cut it back to 1000 mg every 3 hours for the next 2 days. This helps to jump start the immune system and Vitamin C doesn't build up in the body and you can't get enough from fruits and vegetables. I also started taking l-lysine 2 tablets in the morning and 2 before bed (1500 mg each time). This also helps to boost immune system and kill the virus. Unfortunately, I did have to take some ibuprofen for the pain from time to time but that was only one or sometimes twice a day for a few days. I also took twice a day 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar mixed with either orange juice or grape juice (not at the same time as the vitamins) until the outbreak was gone.

For the outbreak, I tried putting zinc oxide cream (the worst thing to do) on the outbreak, it did nothing and it was painful to get off because it is made with petroleum. I also tried honey for its' ability to heal, it may have helped but it was messy and I didn't see any results. I did put tea tree oil on for a full day and it seemed to keep it from spreading but I did not see a lot of healing. I then took and put apple cider vinegar directly on the sores and wrapped them in cellophane to keep from drying out and left on for 2 hours. It was painful but it really brought out the sores. I then took baking soda and sea salt mixed with water and applied with a wet wash cloth and let sit on for an hour and then reapplied a few times. This felt great because it had a cooling effect on the sores and took away a lot of the pain. I used to have acne as a teenager and we would go to the beach in the summer and every year, my acne clear up like I had none at all, so I tried it and immediately the sores began to heal. I only needed to use for one to two days for the baking soda and salt water and only once for the apple cider vinegar. Once everything was dried up, I put some calamine lotion on for help with itching and I was surprised when it eliminated the dark marks from where the sores were. For the pain that continued after the sores, I thought it would go away, but unfortunately, it hung around a while and made life tough. I finally tried vitamin E d-alpha, not dl-alpha 1200 IU's twice a day and the pain went away after 2 days. I read that Vitamin C and Vitamin E should be taken together so I took 1000 mg of Vitamin C with the Vitamin E at the same time.

Also, watch your diet and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are some that say the virus uses foods like nuts and chocolate as food to grow and survive, so starve it and you have a better chance that the natural remedies will kill and eat the virus.

Good Luck and I hope this helps someone because many of these same things worked for others and I know that they helped me a lot. Thanks to those that shared.

Side Effects

Posted by John (Mt. Pleasant, Mi) on 11/13/2015
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I've been taking chewable vitamin C for about two weeks and got a sore about a week ago.

Posted by Tee (Swedesboro, Nj) on 06/15/2013
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Hello, I had extensive blood work done and found that I was low on vitamin c, d, and b vitamins. I just started with the c vitamin (absorbic acid) with rosehips at 1000 mg and the Dr. wants me up to 3000 mg. Well at 1000mg of vitamin C, I am so tired. I don't understand. I am on day 7 of the vitamin c (and today I had to really nap) as I am waiting in the mail for my b's and d.

I do take Effexor xr and Klonopin. All my other blood work was okay except for vitamin deficiencies and epstein bar virus old antibodies that are high. Anyone know if 1000 mg of vitamin c is just too much for me? Thanks. It seems like there is people out there that have this side effect but it does not seem common when I google it.

Replied by A. Smith
Texas, US

What you are probably experiencing, is the detox effect. The Vitamin C is 'cleaning' you out and getting rid of the toxins which is probably why you are feeling tired. My suggestions are to either work thru the detox effect or lower your dose then slowly work back up.

Replied by Prioris
Florida, US

Trying experimenting with different vitamin C complex.

Full spectrum vitamin C contains

Ascorbic Acid
Factor J
Factor K
Factor P

Posted by Newton (Sao Paulo, Sp - Brasil) on 03/05/2013

People prone to having kidney stones should beware taking high Vit C daily doses. I had 2 kidney crisis in my life and in both cases I was taking 2 grams daily. Since I stopped this, never had another crisis. Searching the internet you can find many researches correlating that.

Posted by V (Anon, Usa) on 11/09/2012
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Yeah I bought my "pure" ascorbic acid online and took just 1/4 tsp (1 tsp = 5g) and my stomach felt upset, no runs though. I will try taking it with food next time. Also I tried sodium ascorbate but I'm sodium sensitive and makes my heart kind of do a flutter thing when I lay down to sleep. Sodium bicarbonate has a similar effect.