Spirulina: Algae Health Food for Weight Loss, Cardio

| Modified on Jun 29, 2022

Looking for the newest superfood? Spirulina is a blue-green algae health supplement that may eventually become a major source of human nutrition. This simple organism can be grown in clean environments and then consumed to provide an excellent source of dietary protein, B-complex vitamins, iron, anti-oxidants,(3) and other nutrients.

It is a complete protein source (though at this point, an expensive one to provide all your dietary needs), yet unlike meat or dairy products spirulina protein comes without negative effects for your cardiovascular health. In fact, spirulina is used to improve cholesterol levels and spirulina weight loss plans are popular as well.

Spirulina Dietary Supplements for Natural Health

Spirulina tablets and powdered algae supplements are readily available at your health food store. The one proviso against it is that spirulina contains large amounts of uric acid, so avoid this herbal remedy if you have or are worried about gout. Otherwise, spirulina is an excellent (and Earth-friendly) source of protein. The studies on spirulina and cholesterol are likewise promising,(2)?so if you would like to lower your cholesterol levels and/or get a lower blood pressure reading on your next doctor's visit, this blue-green algae might be the natural remedy you need!


General Feedback

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Posted by T (Houston, Usa) on 08/31/2011

Can anyone comment or advise on whether spirulina is toxic to the liver?

Many thanks, T

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

T from Houston, according to this ebook, spirulina is protective of kidneys and liver. It is only 39 pages or so long, well worth reading. It has information on both chlorella and spirulina.


Replied by Cat180
(Sacramento, California)

My practioner has muscle tested me on several occassions with spirulina and all times tested showed spirulina weaken my body and liver. The strength test when muscle tested went from a 10 without it to a 3 with adding spirulina into my body. That is quite a change. Spirulina is toxic to the liver....


Could the test result be caused by spirulina facilitating detox?

Replied by Art
(Vancouver Bc, Canada)

Spirulina has made me dizzy when lying down. I was only taking 1/8 of a teaspoon before breakfast and after 3 weeks I could not get out of bed for the dizzyness. I have quit taking it and I am back to normal. I do take 350mg a night of BHT plus other supplements.

Replied by Spirulina35
(Placerville, Ca)

I have been taking Spirulina for over 35 years--daily. Some do have intestinal issues and maybe stomach issues for a few days, but it is mostly protein and vitamins. But there is a unique combination of nutrients that do work in a special, healthy way. Perhaps, rarely someone has a sort of allergic reaction like some do to strawberries, or shrimp. But that is most certainly rare--but possible I'm sure.

As far as I am concerned, I take 6 tabs a day. After a time when I started 35 years ago, it healed my life-long intestinal/stomach issues, and 24/7 allergies. I also had diverticulosis--which I have never had a recurrence of. I've never taken prescription meds or supplements.

Because I'm in my mid-70's (no health issues & no prescription meds), I've done some research and decided to take ACV w/baking soda, and some plant-based nutrients--like Amazing Grass Green Superfood. It's a plant-based powder with a large assortment of vitamins and minerals--just to boost what I'm getting through the food I eat.

Heavy Metal Detoxing

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Posted by Green (British, from Tx) on 10/08/2011

I have Asperger's, which is associated with mercury poisoning.

Spirulina, chlorella, ALA, and fulvic minerals all detox mercury and other heavy-metals. When I consume enough of the above, I go through a strong and distinct detox reaction. First I get a sore-throat. Then I might lose my voice. At one time I lost my voice for 6 months. Then my tongue gets blisters, but only on 1 side. First the right side, then the left side. Then my lips get blisters, or cold-sores, but always only on one side. Usually the lower lip first, then the upper. Then after that heals up, my gums bleed, but usually only on one side, if it's not limited to just 1 or a few teeth at a time. Then the roof of my mouth, but 1 side, then, finally, either it all heals up OR it just starts over again. BTW when my throat gets sore, I sometimes get a fever, chills, and flu-like symptoms, and I can see the sores on my tonsils.

I have discovered that high doses of lysine, an amino acid depleted by peanut butter and other nuts, will stop the above symptoms! It took a while for me to figure this out, and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING to stop the detox symptoms and only lysine stops it cold. Apparently, spirulina either depletes lysine or, it enables the immune-system to detox the body of toxins through the means of blisters and sores. This is what I'm curious about. By taking Lysine, am I stopping my body from eliminating wastes, like I want it to do, or, am I replenishing an essential amino acid reserve that the detox reaction just happens to be using up in the detox process? I do not know, however, I have discovered that I can take spirulina, and the other super-foods, together with lots of lysine (6 grams / day or so), and keep my mouth together! The only thing is that it makes me very thirsty.

BTW: I used to have about 4 mercury/amalgam fillings in my mouth. I replaced them with "porcelain" fillings, which I understand is just a fancy word for an aluminum-amalgam filling, which probably is not much better. I have to wonder if my body is detoxing the toxins from the fillings I've had most of my life that were absorbed in my mouth tissues and taking the quickest route, or is my brain detoxing and taking the quickest & easiest route? So many questions. No source to get good answers from. Who could answer these questions? Who is qualified?

I hope this helps some of you. I see at least one other guy quit spirulina due to his bleeding gums. Dude! Just take some Lysine along with it! I believe that lysine is good for my body because it tastes good, and if my it was unhealthy for my body, my body would find it repulsive to consume, smell, and taste, because that is how the body works. I can eat 20 tablets at a time and the taste is ok to good if I suck on it, so, IMHO, I feel, personally, that spirulina, which tastes good to me, and the Lysine are a great combo!

High Energy, Faster Metabolism

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Posted by SarahD (UK) on 08/29/2021

I am very interested to read the side effects that people are putting down to spirulina. I do muscle testing and it has tested that 99% of these 'side effects' are in fact detox reactions. The trick for people who are suffering from detox reactions is to lessen the dose or take with activated charcoal that adsorbs toxins (or C60 fullerene).

I am taking a very high dose (of Hawaiian origin spirulina) each day (10g) and feeling wonderful on it. It has given me so much extra energy, my head feels clearer and my metabolism is clearly working faster (and muscle tests as being raised by 11%). However, I have been eating very clean for years. By this I mean at least 75% raw vegan and 25% cooked vegan. Zero sugar, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, additives, meat, fish, dairy, hardly any grains, etc - you get the picture! Furthermore I put nothing onto my skin other than almond oil and coconut oil and wash most of myself without soap. So my toxic load is very light and I guess the spirulina has very little to detox so can be used in all its positive ways by the body. From personal experience I would say that it's worth persisting through the detox phase, because once you get through to the other side spirulina makes you feel absolutely wonderful!

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Spirulina35 (Placerville, Ca) on 01/22/2017

I have been taking Spirulina regularly (tablet and powder) for 35 years. I am in my mid-seventies now and have NO health issues. I do take whole food supplements, but NO prescriptions (I don't need any). Spirulina healed me of chronic (life-long) intestinal problems - including diverticulosis - 24/7 allergies, fatigue, and more. But you do need to be very careful who you purchase the Spirulina from. I make sure I purchase high grade Organic. I really can't live without Spirulina. There are impurities that can make its way into the Spirulina which could cause health issues, but Spirulina itself is an extraordinary green-food.

Replied by C. Cooper

Where do you purchase yours?

Replied by Spirulina35
(Placerville, Ca)

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I purchase my Spirulina from Amazon. I've been using the NOW Organic brand for years (Organic, 500mg, 500 tabs @ $17.99). I also have recently tried Nature's Multi-Vitamin, Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica from Amazon, but it has additives. NOW is 100% Spirulina--nothing else. I like that.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Linda (Omaha, Ne) on 01/10/2011

I have never gotten heartburn or acid reflux, but right after Christmas after eating some powerful homemade pasta sauce and too much tea and coffee the next morning I got up I had so much pain I was doubled over for hours. It was severe burning pain that was halfway between my naval and my breasts. I figured it was acid, so I decided to take something high in alkaline so after 5 hours of pain, I took a shot of Chlorella and Spirulina powder in a shot glass with water. Within about 30 seconds the pain was GONE! I have NEVER gotten such instant relief before.

I try to take a shot of this daily but had stopped doing it over the holidays as it got pushed back in the refrig.

I buy pacifica spirulina in powdered form since it is the purest form and the large jug of jarrow chlorella. This is the most cost effective way for me to take it. My husband will never take it this way so I purchased empty capsules and a capsule filler tool so he can have the purest form as well. I don't understand why they don't sell capsules without adding all the fillers.

One other thing about the chlorella & spirulina; for those of you suffering from acne; it's the best thing you can take for it. Start out slow as you will detox first and may get headaches & other symptoms. I started with 1/2 tsp. Of the combination for 1-2 weeks then moved up to 1 tsp and now I take about 2 teaspoons and give the last 1/4 cup to my dog. Dogs LOVE green powder, but it's messy dry so I just give her the rest of mine that I have mixed in water. It doesn't taste good at all, I have forced myself to take it anyway since I hate taking pills and this is the absolute purest form. A couple seconds to chug it and follow with a healthy oily food like a salad with flax oil or olive oil is perfect as the oil helps your body absorb it. Some people put the green powder on their salad; thats a matter of taste.

Replied by Antiue
(Eaglecreek, Ore.)

I've been taking powdered spirulina and chlorella in diluted frozen apple juice made into a smoothie and it doesn't taste bad. That, alone is enough but I also add 1/2 t. Cinnamon, 1/4 t. turmenic and whatever fruit is handy, banana, strawberries, blueberries, etc.


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Posted by Art (Vancouver Bc.) on 07/15/2012

Not sure why I have not seen Spirulina in your remedies section, as I have stumbled upon this natural remedy for Neurothapy to where I was taking 10,000mcg of sublingual Vitamin B12 every day. I learned that Spirulina has this B12 in it many other vitamins, omega, and protien. Since I started taking it my knees became very itchy, a sign of overdosing on the B12. So I quit taking the sublingual B12 and the itching stopped. I mix it as follows, 1/4 glass of grape juice to cover the taste. Take a tiny bit of Spirulina on the end of teaspoon, let it fall into the juice and let it rest for a few minutes. If you stir it then it will clump and stick to the glass. After a few minutes swirl it around in the glass and then down the hatch. Put some more grape juice in the glass and swirl to pick up the residue and then drink it. Now through the week I do the same method but with my ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) at 2 tbls per glass with 1/4 tsp. of baking soda to take away the acid. I like this mix better as it leaves no residue in the glass. I let the ACV fizz off for about 10 minutes then add the Spirulina and let that rest a few minutes and then add flavoured water and swirl, a must to take away the bad taste from both. So far the Spirulina has given me more energy and a feeling of wellness since I have hep-c 1a and failed the conventional treatments. I am currently taking BHT at 350mg divided in half morning and night. Maybe this will help to bring down my ALT Numbers but only time will tell. Most important is I don't have to take any more B12, the Spirulina has it all. Some say if your poop aint green your not taking enough. I say they are full of shit. You start with small doses and go from there.

Replied by Art
(Vancouver Bc, Canada)

I have to quit the spirulina because it makes me dizzy when I lay down. Too bad because I am back on the B12 for neuropathy.

Replied by Tracy
(Hamilton, Nz)

Hi, just in response to the person talking about B12 being in Spirulina, it is not active B12, it is B12 analogues. They won't have the same function as B12 in your body although they will make your blood results look like you have plenty of B12. The only way to be sure you have good B12 levels is not by getting your blood levels tested, rather you should get your MMA tested. If you are only getting B12 from spirulina your MMA will come back abnormal. Chlorella on the other hand has worked for me, the B12 in it doesn't appear to be analogues, MMA comes back normal.

Replied by Elise
(Houston, Texas)

I wonder what kind of B12 you're on? If you're on cyanocobalamin you might need to switch to methylcobalamin. Some people's bodies don't know what to do with cyanocobalamin. Pure Encapsulations has a daily vitamin with methylcobalamin and also B12 that is Adenosyl/Hydroxy cobalamin. These have helped me. Maybe they will help you.

Spirulina Side Effects

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Posted by Charley Ireland (Ireland ) on 02/17/2016

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. I began using spirulina a week ago and already I feel energized and better able to cope with life..i haven't had a cold sore for years but yesterday had a outbreak..after some research I found spirulina has high arginine which causes herpes outbreaks yet some people swear by it as a prevention because it boosts the immune system..i really don't want to stop having it because I love the results but not the cold sores..could this be the cause?

Replied by Littlewing

Hi Charley - just like with some nuts and seeds (if you eat a lot of them) arginine will encourage the herpes virus (cold sore) if you have it in your body (and a few other viruses as well). I don't think it much matters how great spirulina is for your immune system. Might want to try something else if you don't want the old lip light coming on.

Replied by Art
2173 posts


Seems like you should be able to add lysine with your spirulina to help rebalance your arginine/lysine ratio which should help control your cold sore outbreaks again or alter your diet to reduce the arginine producing foods or both.


Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Chris (West Mildands, England - United Kingdom) on 01/28/2011

Hi, I'm glad I saw a post about spirulina side effects. Me and my gym mate came with that research too - and worse still, that it can relate to brain damage over prolonged usage, and kidney defunctability. Also, chlorella I've read can cause uric acid - which can lead to heart problems apparently. I'm no health expert, but I believe that it is best to see both sides of the story on here to get the whole picture and what is actually right and what isn't.

I have had flu and weak muscles since I've been taking spirulina myself and I've been taking it a couple of weeks now and the symptoms haven't really lessened so I am coming off it too, appears that according to some sites, spirulina can be nearly on par with aspartame, which I hope isn't true, one hand they're promoting it being good to alleviate cancer then on the other they're apparently causing symptoms to end up causing heart problems. It's hard to know what to believe.

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Tom (Yonkers, Ny, Usa) on 02/23/2010

I heard a lot of good things about spirulina and decided to take 3 grams a day- as it was recommended on the bottle. I stopped taking it after 5 days because i think Ive had a bad reaction towards it. Ive had headaches, brain fog, a feeling of pressure in my head, hot flashes, a depressed mood and an ear infection. I think its either symptoms of my body detoxing or i might be allergic to it or coincidentally i caught a virus with some flu like symptoms. It has been 5 days since i stopped taking spirulina and my symptoms have lessened but are still there. I personally feel it is my body detoxing and was thinking that i should start taking it again but at a lower dose but i want to feel better first. Any advice, comments, and hopefully remedies are much appreciated.

Thanks so much

p.s. The brand i bought has a quality assured GMP stamp on the label

Replied by Adrienne
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I have been doing research on spirulina. While it is considered to be #1 super food, many people develop sensitivity to it in high doses. Spirulina removes toxins and metals from the brain, brings the body into an alkaline state of balance, aids cognitive functioning such as improving hearing and memory, and is helpful with many ailments. I would try reducing the amount of spirulina taken to see if that makes a difference. There are many different types of spirulina also and you may be sensitive to not only the large amounts taken, but also to that particular brand.

Replied by Anonymous
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa)

Try adding or dandelion root tea to your daily intake. It's supposed to help your liver and kidneys function better, which should help eliminate the detox reation, if that's what it is. Then you could continue taking the spirulina. I have had no adverse reactions to spirulina. I take a chlorophyll supplement that also contains wheatgrass and spirulina, it helps my mind work better. Chlorophyll is supposed to help clean your system, too.

Replied by Anonym

I have read that some studies indicate that spirulina might be toxic to the liver. Are there any scientific studies that you know for using Spirulina and on its benefits?

And on other point- one friend of mine for his use produces them in a glass bottle with distilled water and seasalt- I am worried about it as well. Do you know anything about this procedure?

Thanks again


Here's a study:


Nutrition Research. November 2016; 36(11):1255-1268. DOI: 10.1016/j.nutres.2016.09.011

Sweet little summary courtesy of Spirulina.News: https://spirulina.news/2019-04-26-hepatoprotective-anti-hyperglycemic-anti-diabetic-properties-of-spirulina.html

Replied by Bri
(Roseburg, Oregon, Us)

Also read a study were spirulina helps prevent heart damage in chemo. There are many many more studies showing Spirulinas benefits. It makes me feel good :-) Ran out a few mo. ago and got strep throat, which I haven't even gotten a cold since I started taking it which is extremely out of the ordinary for me.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Bri, not only Spirulina but also Chlorella is wonderful to take. There is a great ebook on both.. Chlorellafactor.com. My skin has never been so clear and I wake up refreshed every day. I take both. Great for digestion as well. Health begins in the gut so that is a good thing.

Replied by Bri
(Roseburg, Oregon, Us)

Thanks for the infor Debbie!

Replied by Muffet
(Slo, Ca)

Remember that Spirulina has detoxing effects, and that what is termed as "die off" could happen. This die off will give you slight headaches, upset tummy, etc. , but just for a few days.

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

I read an interesting book about this kind of thing. The author discovered that there are certain fruits, grains, and veggies that contain something called lectins. These are toxic to some of us and can actually cause autoimmune disorders. I haven't actually followed the books suggestions but it did say that spirulina has this self defense mechanism and some of us cannot tolorate it while others have no issues. I think it seems very logical that plants would have a way to fight back. The book is called "Cure your Autoimmune and Inflammitory Disease" by Gregory Barton. I thought it was very interesting. Would love to know if anyone else has heard of it.

Replied by Faith
(Forest Park, Ohio)

The SIDE EFFECTS are just detox, nothing more but detox. If you think about it, the body is very toxic from everyday exposures, so when we finally attempt to cleanse it detox happens. You can do enemas or detox baths or even take activated charcoal or psyllium or eat HIGH FIBER FOODS TO SOAK UP THE TOXINS.

Another thing to do is to drink plenty of water, YOUR WEIGHT IN OUNCES every day and this may minimize your symptoms.

You can also look into the SEA SALT WATER CURE and do that at the same time because TOXINS dehydrate the body, so when we start to cleanse we are already DEHYDRATED so, therefore, the herx or detox symptoms will be intensified. YOu can scale back the dosage of spirulina and increase your water and SEA SALT because both help to hydrate the body.... Drink it daily.... It also cleanses the body... so go slow.

After further thought, I will list the Sea Salt Cure so all the info will be here. Just drink your weight in ounces of water a day. To each quart add, 1/4 tsp. organic sea salt, and this will hydrate you and help your adrenals... You will be SURPRISED at how this alone gets rid of many AILMENTS!

Replied by Laura
(Sydney, Australia)

I wanted to share my spirulina experience. I'm a fit healthy 29 year old female. A couple months ago I took spirulina tablets for the first time after hearing of the health benefits.

I had 1-2 tablets (the recomended dosage) with a large glass of water at 6am and fell back asleep. I woke up a couple hours later with very sharp and persistant pain in my middle back on both sides (right on my kidneys) the pain going right through to my upper stomach. I was extremely nautious, very week, very short of breath, it actually hurt to breath. My reaction with entirely from the Spirulina tablets because I was feeling great and pain free before I took them.

The pain and nausea went on for a couple hours then vomiting started althought there was nothing to vomit. After 3 hours small amounts of green diarrhoea started. Since the pain in my kidneys felt like someone had a cleaver stabbing into my back poking both kidneys, staying there and also stabbing me into my stomach. It was sometimes like a burning hot pain. After speaking to a Poisons-Help-Line they said to go straight to hospital because I was finding it so hard to breath. 5-6 hours later the pain reduced and the hospital emergency areas was busy so I went home. Had sore lower stomach, nausia and weakness for 2 days.

Last week I bought a new multivitamin and didn't see it contain a small amount of Spirulina. I took the multivitamin at 6pm as directed with food and by 9pm the sudden pain started. After 10 minutes I knew that exact feeling the pain was exactly like my previous experience with Spirulina. I was sad I took the multivitamin without seeing this. Extreme nausea started and within 3 hours of taking it I was writhing in pain again, (and I have a very high pain tolerance) vomiting and within 4 hours severe diarrhoea. Thankfully it was over within 4-5 hours and the tablet must have been out of my system.

Clearly I must be allergic or not able to take Spirulina for some reason.

I just wanted to let others know and would be intersted to hear if anyone else had similar reactions? Please do share.

Replied by Rads
(Montreal, Canada)

First you have to make sure any unwanted reactions are indeed related to the spirulina. Maybe take it on an empty stomach and see what happens. This is the first time I hear anything bad about it ...(?)

Theres a brand that I cant take cause it feels weak and just weird but I wont go as far as saying theres an adrverse reaction. dunno the brand name but its a hawaiian spirulina and the tablets are realy big and oval, w some whitish spots.

The one im happy with I think is "now" brand (has an orange label). But for some reason I feel like alternate every other week with chlorella - imo they have the same effect.

Replied by Meba
(Sandiego, California,usa)

I have used Spirulina and it vibrates at 800 on the Hawkins scale. The max is three tablespoons perday I think and it is powerful. It has helped with toxins and pain. I started out with caps at 3x a day and now I use powder and larger dose. I did not have too much detox as I used Fulvic Mineral Water first to remove many things lol it even removed half of a metal filling so it sure works. I used the fulvic mineral water and its like drinking water at night and a good sleep you will have . Oh I use a green drink source that may make the symptoms go away as I've never noticed any side effects with these two products. If you do use these products and start vibrating too hard you can lower your vibration a bit with eating some fish or chicken and you will be more comfortable for a while :) meba

Replied by Kimh
(Columbia, Sc, Usa)

In reply to Laura from Sydney, Australia: I have also had a terrible reaction to spirulina. The first time, I took 1/2 teaspoon (1/2 the recommended dosage) with dinner; two hours later I started vomiting and didn't stop for over an hour. I did a little experiment this weekend and added 1/4 teaspoon (1/4 the recommended dosage) to my morning smoothie - the exact same thing happened: two hours later, I started vomiting, and vomited every ten minutes for an hour. Both times, the reaction was so violent that I had broken capillaries in my face! I will NOT be trying spirulina again!

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh/usa)

I've been taking spirulina tablets alternating with powder (in my smoothies) on and off for a couple of years now. As of yet, I've experienced no adverse effects at all. However, the above comments prompted me to do a little research, and I found this link:

http://www.vitaminsgroup.com/spirulina-side-effects-â € “-what-are-they/

It mentions "Taking contaminated spirulina products can cause nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, weakness, shock, liver damage and death."

Replied by Trprosen
(Montreal, Quebec)


WARNING!! To all those who have had vomitting, etc after ingesting chlorophyll based supplements. This is an allergic reaction! Don't kid yourself into thinking this is detox like I did or let anyone else tell you otherwise. Vomiting, cramps and diarreha are the reactions of the mast cells in the digestive tract. After being rushed to Emergency two nights ago after I again ingested a form of chlorophyll, the medical team warned me that the next time may kill me. Thank god my sister is a physician and insisted my husband to take me after he called her. I thought a food allergy was when you have a anaphalactic reaction but they explained how it all works. See WebMD's page on allergies for a brief but good summary.

Replied by Judy
(Cape Cod, Usa)

I also had a bad reaction to spirulina pacifica. I took the pure Hawaiian powder type from a natural health food store.

I vomited 2 hours after putting 1 tsp in my green juice drink. I vomited for a whole hour along with diarrhea. I know its the spirulina because the same thing happened a week ago. I didn't think it was the spirulina because my husband had the same drink and he was fine. I must be allergic to it if that is possible. I will never take that stuff again.

Replied by Lynne
(Takaka, New Zealand)

yep... I am like others here.... The smallest amount of spirulina and I am vomiting within hours.... a no go for me...

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

I too found spirulina powder made me vomit, but an organic chorella and spirulina tablet I bought were fine. Love Andrea c xxxx

Replied by Anon

I get spirulina powder from the organic bulk spice section of the local grocery store. Don't know the origin or brand. It has a strange mildly unpleasant smell, but it hasn't caused any adverse reaction. I put two teaspoons in a liter of water and drink it throughout the day. I take kelp and hemp seed powder too, so I can't say conclusively that it's done anything in particular. I'd rather fast all day on kelp, hemp seed, and spirulina than eat regular meals. Yay for green food! Oh, I also like to go in the back yard where there is really tall grass and put that through the juicer. That is awesome too. But I have to cut it up small or it gets stuck in the masticating juicer.

Replied by Rhonda

I've had a bad relation to spirulina as well. I took it in powder form (1/8 teaspoon) and have had severe headache, vomiting and diarrhea for hours after. This has happened again after a break of not taking it so I am sure spirulina is the cause.

Replied by Tianna

Amalgam fillings do not leak mercury. A very very tiny insignificant amount is released into your saliva during removal of the fillings. Most white fillings are composite fillings which do not contain amalgam. They do contain BPA but as in the case of the mercury, they do NOT, I repeat, do NOT leak into your body. You always have the option of pulling of your teeth too if you were really that concerned.. Which I stress again is an irrational concern.

I am a dental hygienist who is very concerned about keeping my body healthy in the most natural ways possible.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Tianna from Alberta --- where did you get that info. from?? Om

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Tianna;

Re; Mercury fillings (amalgams)

You state emphatically that mercury (a deadly poison even in the smallest amounts) does not emit from the bond in the filling and into the body. You are totally wrong.

I would suggest you go to sites that discuss how scientist KNOW mercury vapor is leaching into the human body. If you google "the danger of mercury amalgam fillings food matters" you'll find a scientifically PACKED video, with commentary from about ten doctors and scientists. One study sited from Canada took sheep and then monkeys and put radio active amalgams in their teeth. In no time the radio active mercury had leached to the kidneys and intestines.

Drs. Mercola and Oz also have good videos on the poisoning placed in our mouths for the past century by well meaning dentists.

I had my amalgams removed thirty years ago as the evidence piled up. The replacement is non mercury and non toxic. Since there are perfectly good alternatives to amalgams, then WHY would one take a chance on having mercury inserted.

From an anecdotal point of view, my wife had amalgams placed in her teeth, seven in one day, after going decades without any amalgam dental work prior to that. Six months later she experienced her first MS attack. Two lesions in her dorsal. Coincidence? We had all her amalgams removed and there has been no more progress of the MS for 20 years.

Your association with the dental industry makes your absolutist commentary (dental hygienist) suspect as inherently a conflict. The dental industry keeps on fighting the FACT that they are involved, inadvertently, in causing so much misery and disease.

Replied by Scott
(Omaha, US)

Add me to the list of those negatively affected by Spirulina. Here's how we 'accidentally' figured it out.

A while back I tired of doing spirulina powder. I just couldn't do it anymore. So I tried Pacifica pills. The first time I took the pills I felt uneasy after an hour or so and proceeded to vomit more violently than I have in my life (39 yrs old). A firehose out the other end and I was miserable for a day. I vowed off spirulina.

My wife made me a smoothie this morning and I went to work as normal. An hour later I clearly remembered the same feeling happening. I was deja vu back in the bathroom at work violently vomiting and having diarrhea . I texted my wife to ask what she put in the smoothie and sure enough she put in a green powder mix that had spirulina as an ingredient. So if anyone wants to play a bad joke on me, they can slip me my smoothie with spirulina. It's just strange that it happened after I switched from the full powder.

Replied by Hani

I consume Elken Spirulina few days ago. I took 7tablets daily. I noticed that I got a sore throat after taking the pills. I think it is the side effect. Should I reduce the amount of the pills?

Replied by Kristin
(Naperville, Il)

I just started taking spirulina (Now brand, certified GMO free) about a week ago, recommended dose on label is 6 tablets, on the 4th day of taking it I got flu like symptoms including vomiting for 3 days, I stopped the supplement during that time, not sure if this was from the spirulina or not, now I am afraid to take it again. This was the worst sickness I have had ever, whether it was the flu or reaction to the spirulina. It gave me a strange, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and as a result I could not sleep.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Kristin, sounds like a LOT. I put less than a teaspoon in a big smoothie once a day or once in a few days.

Replied by Saima

I used spirulina in past few years. At the start days these symptoms happened to me as well. But after a week or so magic will start. I felt so energetic, all dizziness gone. I notice personally that whenever I start taking spirulina I feel weak headache, light headed for few days. But after that all the goodness will come.

Replied by Carmel

YOu can be allergic to anything at all, even if it is effective and helpful with no side effects for other people. Over the past few years I have found I am allergic to garlic, which is a great shame, cannot take curcumin because it gives me bad headaches and the list goes on. Iodine is one of the only things I can take which helps me without side effects, but it is different for everyone.

Replied by Liza

Hello there!!!

I've been taking spirulina in capsules for couple of weeks... started from one a day now I am up to 3... First week I did not feel anything different...but last 4-5 days I have very bad headaches and have no energy... not sure if I have to just keep going and it will go away...

But I do not want to take one pill .. and then take another to get rid of side effects of previous pill..

How long you supposed to feel side effects till your body adjust to it? I know everyone is different but I am close to giving it up!!

Thank you )

Replied by Me

YES-amalgams ARE toxic. Dentists have to handle it as toxic material before putting it into your tooth. Do they magically change when put into a tooth? I think not. There is a reason that dentists have been slowly and methodically removing these kinds of fillings and replacing them for the last decade. My Dentists didn't even charge me to do it. If that's not proof, I don't know what is.

Replied by Spirulina35
(Placerville, Ca)

I don't believe that Spirulina was intended to take to replace meals or be taken at 3 tbsps. once or more a day. It says right on the bottle 6 - 500mg tabs (or heaping tsp. powder). Too much of anything will cause negative reactions. You can die of drinking too much water in a short time.

Be sensible about Spirulina. I've taken 6-7 (500mg) tabs per day for 35+ years and I feel that I've gotten the optimum results from taking Spirulina.

I do believe that 3 tbsp.. (or more) a day could prove to be harmful to anyone. Why would you do that to begin with. Doesn't make sense. Stick with common sense.