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Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Charley Ireland (Ireland ) on 02/17/2016

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. I began using spirulina a week ago and already I feel energized and better able to cope with life..i haven't had a cold sore for years but yesterday had a outbreak..after some research I found spirulina has high arginine which causes herpes outbreaks yet some people swear by it as a prevention because it boosts the immune system..i really don't want to stop having it because I love the results but not the cold sores..could this be the cause?

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Liza (Toronto) on 08/07/2015

Hello there!!!

I've been taking spirulina in capsules for couple of weeks... started from one a day now I am up to 3... First week I did not feel anything different...but last 4-5 days I have very bad headaches and have no energy... not sure if I have to just keep going and it will go away...

But I do not want to take one pill .. and then take another to get rid of side effects of previous pill..

How long you supposed to feel side effects till your body adjust to it? I know everyone is different but I am close to giving it up!!

Thank you )

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Kristin (Naperville, Il) on 05/27/2015

I just started taking spirulina (Now brand, certified GMO free) about a week ago, recommended dose on label is 6 tablets, on the 4th day of taking it I got flu like symptoms including vomiting for 3 days, I stopped the supplement during that time, not sure if this was from the spirulina or not, now I am afraid to take it again. This was the worst sickness I have had ever, whether it was the flu or reaction to the spirulina. It gave me a strange, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and as a result I could not sleep.

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Hani (Malaysia) on 08/08/2014

I consume Elken Spirulina few days ago. I took 7tablets daily. I noticed that I got a sore throat after taking the pills. I think it is the side effect. Should I reduce the amount of the pills?

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Rhonda (Australia) on 04/21/2014

I've had a bad relation to spirulina as well. I took it in powder form (1/8 teaspoon) and have had severe headache, vomiting and diarrhea for hours after. This has happened again after a break of not taking it so I am sure spirulina is the cause.

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 03/22/2013

I too found spirulina powder made me vomit, but an organic chorella and spirulina tablet I bought were fine. Love Andrea c xxxx

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Lynne (Takaka, New Zealand) on 02/28/2013

yep... I am like others here.... The smallest amount of spirulina and I am vomiting within hours.... a no go for me...

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Judy (Cape Cod, Usa) on 01/14/2013

I also had a bad reaction to spirulina pacifica. I took the pure Hawaiian powder type from a natural health food store.

I vomited 2 hours after putting 1 tsp in my green juice drink. I vomited for a whole hour along with diarrhea. I know its the spirulina because the same thing happened a week ago. I didn't think it was the spirulina because my husband had the same drink and he was fine. I must be allergic to it if that is possible. I will never take that stuff again.

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Chris (West Mildands, England - United Kingdom) on 01/28/2011

Hi, I'm glad I saw a post about spirulina side effects. Me and my gym mate came with that research too - and worse still, that it can relate to brain damage over prolonged usage, and kidney defunctability. Also, chlorella I've read can cause uric acid - which can lead to heart problems apparently. I'm no health expert, but I believe that it is best to see both sides of the story on here to get the whole picture and what is actually right and what isn't.

I have had flu and weak muscles since I've been taking spirulina myself and I've been taking it a couple of weeks now and the symptoms haven't really lessened so I am coming off it too, appears that according to some sites, spirulina can be nearly on par with aspartame, which I hope isn't true, one hand they're promoting it being good to alleviate cancer then on the other they're apparently causing symptoms to end up causing heart problems. It's hard to know what to believe.

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Tom (Yonkers, Ny, Usa) on 02/23/2010

I heard a lot of good things about spirulina and decided to take 3 grams a day- as it was recommended on the bottle. I stopped taking it after 5 days because i think Ive had a bad reaction towards it. Ive had headaches, brain fog, a feeling of pressure in my head, hot flashes, a depressed mood and an ear infection. I think its either symptoms of my body detoxing or i might be allergic to it or coincidentally i caught a virus with some flu like symptoms. It has been 5 days since i stopped taking spirulina and my symptoms have lessened but are still there. I personally feel it is my body detoxing and was thinking that i should start taking it again but at a lower dose but i want to feel better first. Any advice, comments, and hopefully remedies are much appreciated.

Thanks so much

p.s. The brand i bought has a quality assured GMP stamp on the label