Spirulina: Algae Health Food for Weight Loss, Cardio

Spirulina Side Effects

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Posted by Scott (Omaha, US) on 06/06/2014
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Add me to the list of those negatively affected by Spirulina. Here's how we 'accidentally' figured it out.

A while back I tired of doing spirulina powder. I just couldn't do it anymore. So I tried Pacifica pills. The first time I took the pills I felt uneasy after an hour or so and proceeded to vomit more violently than I have in my life (39 yrs old). A firehose out the other end and I was miserable for a day. I vowed off spirulina.

My wife made me a smoothie this morning and I went to work as normal. An hour later I clearly remembered the same feeling happening. I was deja vu back in the bathroom at work violently vomiting and having diarrhea . I texted my wife to ask what she put in the smoothie and sure enough she put in a green powder mix that had spirulina as an ingredient. So if anyone wants to play a bad joke on me, they can slip me my smoothie with spirulina. It's just strange that it happened after I switched from the full powder.

Spirulina Side Effects
Posted by Trprosen (Montreal, Quebec) on 08/13/2012
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WARNING!! To all those who have had vomitting, etc after ingesting chlorophyll based supplements. This is an allergic reaction! Don't kid yourself into thinking this is detox like I did or let anyone else tell you otherwise. Vomiting, cramps and diarreha are the reactions of the mast cells in the digestive tract. After being rushed to Emergency two nights ago after I again ingested a form of chlorophyll, the medical team warned me that the next time may kill me. Thank god my sister is a physician and insisted my husband to take me after he called her. I thought a food allergy was when you have a anaphalactic reaction but they explained how it all works. See WebMD's page on allergies for a brief but good summary.