Spirulina: Algae Health Food for Weight Loss, Cardio

High Energy, Faster Metabolism
Posted by SarahD (UK) on 08/29/2021

I am very interested to read the side effects that people are putting down to spirulina. I do muscle testing and it has tested that 99% of these 'side effects' are in fact detox reactions. The trick for people who are suffering from detox reactions is to lessen the dose or take with activated charcoal that adsorbs toxins (or C60 fullerene).

I am taking a very high dose (of Hawaiian origin spirulina) each day (10g) and feeling wonderful on it. It has given me so much extra energy, my head feels clearer and my metabolism is clearly working faster (and muscle tests as being raised by 11%). However, I have been eating very clean for years. By this I mean at least 75% raw vegan and 25% cooked vegan. Zero sugar, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, additives, meat, fish, dairy, hardly any grains, etc - you get the picture! Furthermore I put nothing onto my skin other than almond oil and coconut oil and wash most of myself without soap. So my toxic load is very light and I guess the spirulina has very little to detox so can be used in all its positive ways by the body. From personal experience I would say that it's worth persisting through the detox phase, because once you get through to the other side spirulina makes you feel absolutely wonderful!