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Heavy Metal Detoxing
Posted by Green (British, from Tx) on 10/08/2011

I have Asperger's, which is associated with mercury poisoning.

Spirulina, chlorella, ALA, and fulvic minerals all detox mercury and other heavy-metals. When I consume enough of the above, I go through a strong and distinct detox reaction. First I get a sore-throat. Then I might lose my voice. At one time I lost my voice for 6 months. Then my tongue gets blisters, but only on 1 side. First the right side, then the left side. Then my lips get blisters, or cold-sores, but always only on one side. Usually the lower lip first, then the upper. Then after that heals up, my gums bleed, but usually only on one side, if it's not limited to just 1 or a few teeth at a time. Then the roof of my mouth, but 1 side, then, finally, either it all heals up OR it just starts over again. BTW when my throat gets sore, I sometimes get a fever, chills, and flu-like symptoms, and I can see the sores on my tonsils.

I have discovered that high doses of lysine, an amino acid depleted by peanut butter and other nuts, will stop the above symptoms! It took a while for me to figure this out, and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING to stop the detox symptoms and only lysine stops it cold. Apparently, spirulina either depletes lysine or, it enables the immune-system to detox the body of toxins through the means of blisters and sores. This is what I'm curious about. By taking Lysine, am I stopping my body from eliminating wastes, like I want it to do, or, am I replenishing an essential amino acid reserve that the detox reaction just happens to be using up in the detox process? I do not know, however, I have discovered that I can take spirulina, and the other super-foods, together with lots of lysine (6 grams / day or so), and keep my mouth together! The only thing is that it makes me very thirsty.

BTW: I used to have about 4 mercury/amalgam fillings in my mouth. I replaced them with "porcelain" fillings, which I understand is just a fancy word for an aluminum-amalgam filling, which probably is not much better. I have to wonder if my body is detoxing the toxins from the fillings I've had most of my life that were absorbed in my mouth tissues and taking the quickest route, or is my brain detoxing and taking the quickest & easiest route? So many questions. No source to get good answers from. Who could answer these questions? Who is qualified?

I hope this helps some of you. I see at least one other guy quit spirulina due to his bleeding gums. Dude! Just take some Lysine along with it! I believe that lysine is good for my body because it tastes good, and if my it was unhealthy for my body, my body would find it repulsive to consume, smell, and taste, because that is how the body works. I can eat 20 tablets at a time and the taste is ok to good if I suck on it, so, IMHO, I feel, personally, that spirulina, which tastes good to me, and the Lysine are a great combo!