MSM Health Benefits and Side Effects

Jan 24, 2017

MSM for Back Pain

Best known for its treatment of creaking and achy joints, MSM is a common supplement with a fairly stated use history. Effective for treating such issues as sports injuries, osteoarthritis and tendinitis, MSM is also a good treatment option for a number of other conditions. The supplement is effective for easing pain and reducing inflammation, making it a good option for a wide variety of conditions.

What is MSM?

MSM, or methyl sulfonyl methane, is a chemical typically found in plants, animals and humans; however, the compound can be made in the laboratory. In any of its forms, the chemical is used as a medicine.

One component of MSM is sulfur – a compound that makes the supplement particularly effective. Sulfur is considered an effective treatment for strengthening and maintaining tissue in the body, particularly that of joint tissue or cartilage. As such, MSM is a common “prescription” for a number of joint and bone related health issues.

Nonetheless, sulfur also acts as a natural pain reliever as well as an anti-inflammatory, making MSM an effective treatment for a number of other conditions as well. The formula can be used as either a topical gel or a supplement with equally as beneficial results.

Health Benefits of Methyl Sulfony Methane

With its natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, MSM has a number of medicinal applications. Among its uses are relieving chronic pain, eliminating allergies, and reducing inflammation at various sites.

MSM is often used to treat a wide range of specific conditions. Osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, osteoporosis, bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and musculoskeletal pain all typically respond well to the treatment. Likewise, muscle cramps, eye inflammation, allergies and chronic constipation can also be treated using MSM. The supplement has also been found effective for controlling snoring, reducing leg cramps, treating and preventing migraines and other headaches, alleviating chronic fatigue syndrome, and lessening premenstrual syndrome.

Whether used as a topical application or oral supplement, MSM is effective for treating a wide range of conditions. A natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, MSM is capable of treating many common issues at the core to alleviate further issues.

Resarch books on MSM


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Posted by Jepps (Finland) on 11/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using MSM for 3-5 months now, and only side effects so far have been that my acne healed away and pimples are gone! But it seem I've got more wrinkles around eyes, but that might only be cause I'm aging.


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Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 02/15/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I had said here a while ago that I wanted to try MSM for my allergies, hoping it would do something for my lower back pain as well but unfortunately, after almost 5 weeks nothing happened. My allergies are the same as before, sometimes itching eyes and throat and sneezing, my back pain has actually got worse. Since yesterday I am really worrying but I don't want to go to the doctor yet. Before I started taking it I read a book and I was convinced, in the meanwhile, because I had a friend coming over from the USA I ordered another book which was a lot less expensive over there to be sent to his home address. I am now starting to read it and really, it feels like a bad joke! Is it as good as they say but it just didn't work with me? It seems to do wonders for so many people.....

Right now I really fear for my back! I am 53, not too old yet but feeling like an old lady! The pain started almost 5 years ago when we got a foam mattrass, equally for me and for my husband so we thought the mattrass was to blame. 18 months ago we decided to go for one twice as expensive. My husband didn't want foam again but I felt comfortable in this one and too bad he didn't insist he didn't want it. He still has problems but I am far worse than he is especially because during the week I tend to read in bed for a bit in the morning. If I sleep on my back it is even worse. The only thing that seems to have got better with the MSM is my digestion, nowadays I eat and I never feel full.

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Francisca - Sorry that MSM didn't help your allergies. It was one of the few things that worked for me.

However, in Dr. J. Wright's newsletter (he operates a clinic in Washington state), he recommends the following for allergies:

There are several vitamins that can help reduce -- and in some cases eliminate - inhalant (i. E. , environmental) allergy symptoms.

Vitamin C is always the first vitamin to try. It's been shown to reduce bronchial, nasal, and sinus allergy symptoms. I recommend the "bowel tolerance" quantity of vitamin C. Basically, this means using as much vitamin C as possible, every three to four hours, without causing gas or loose bowels. For some people, this is 1, 000 milligrams (1 gram) three to four times daily; for others, it can be 4 grams or more three to four times daily.

Some people with inhalant allergies also find that taking 1, 000 milligrams of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) along with vitamin C three to four times a day helps relieve their symptoms even more than vitamin C on its own.

I don't know if that is something you might consider trying. Good luck!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Bess, thanks so much for all the information, I really appreciate! Yes, quite odd the MSM didn't help... I am taking three half teaspoons three times a day so that would make 7, 5g a day but there were no changes at all, not for my back pain either..... I feel rather frustrated! I am now reading "The power of MSM" by Earl Mindell and he advises taking MSM together with Vit. C, quercitin and pantothenic acid for allergies so a bit like what I read in your post but adding MSM and quercitin. In the past I have taken quercitin but not in this combination although, if I am not wrong, it was a complex with pantothenic acid but again it didn't really solve my problem.

Right now, together with the MSM powder (I buy it in the UK because here I only find tablets and even there they don't seem to sell crystals) which is almost finished I take 3 times a day 1g of Vit. C and also Vit. E. For the pain I might try Hyaluronic Acid which I can buy in the UK (we are going there soon and I always visit the same health food shop). But I am also going to the doctor tomorrow, something I dread doing, because I stopped taking the anticonceptive pill and the fact that the pain now is worse might be a consequence of me missing some hormones, that has always given me back pain in the past! The troubles of menopause, I suppose.....

Replied by Lisa
Closter, Nj

Take a full dropper of Bee Propolis in a tablespoon of Manuka Honey (also containing 85% bee pollen). It TOTALLY cured my allergies! Also gastritis.

I used to need antibiotics at least 5-7x pr yr. for chronic rhinitis/sinusitis. Comes from a yeasty gut. Allergic nose sinusitus=chronic sinus infections! .... NO MORE!!!

Clean out yourself also- and eat clean. Get rid of the yeast too- and you'll be better in NO time.

Replied by Jr
Coloma, Mi

Francisca, my husband has had bad allergies all of his life and has been on prescription anti-histimines since he was about 17 (he's 64 now). The homeopathic person that's helping him out put him on Quercitin. He is absolutely astonished that he has no trouble with allergies now. She recommended a particular brand which I guess I can't mention but it has 500mg of Vit C, 1000 mg of Quercetin, 140 mg Bromelain, 100mg Citrus Bioflavonoids, 25 mg Acerola, 25mg Rose hips and 20 mg Rutin. She recommended he take 2 a day. It seems it only took a month or so and he was allergy free. Now he only takes them once in awhile when he feels he needs them. He also takes MSM for his knees but it isn't helping much.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Thanks for the tip Jr. I have tried a Quercitin complex but different from the one you talk about. I have no idea whether that one is sold here..... MSM did nothing for me either!

Replied by Allan
San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobago

Hi Jr from Coloma, Mi. Can you tell me the brand name of the product your husband use for allergic rhinitis. I suffer badly from allergies. Please email me soon.

Replied by Brzegal
Raleigh, Nc Usa

I have had severe seasonal allergies for years. But they are completely gone after eating reishi and cordiceps mushrooms for a 30 day course last year. They worked, and I am convinced this had to do with a number of factors. The vitamins & minerals in them were in a form my body could use. Also, I would leave mushrooms in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes befor eating them. I read a study where this increases the D3 amount substantially.

They brought parts of my body functions back into balance. But I still have trouble absorbing enough of what my body needs. This is how I learned about MSM.

Reading the comments here, it appears many do not understand that MSM is not a drug or supplement. And bodies differ in the levels of depletion, or areas affected by a lack of MSM. While some experience little to no detox effect and swift pain relief, while others experience detox. The difference is instructive about what is going on in the unique environment of the body.

Those who experience heavy detox should reduce their dose, in my opinion. Just as it is not healthy to lose too much weight too fast, detoxing too fast when areas and functions of the body are already stressed is not good. Detox is necessary if you really want to restore your body to health. But MSM alone is not "the answer. " You must gently detox, support your gut with probiotics, support your blood with vit E, supply the building blocks of healthy cell growth with vit C, vit D and A, preferrably from food. MSM resolves the absorbancy issue that has prevented those from working. If you take too much vitamins by supplementing a good diet, you will have even more flushing to do.

This places a big strain on the kidney and liver. What happens is, as the MSM does its job to restore permeability and balance to the cells, toxins and junk enter the bloodstream to be processed out through the kidney and skin. But you only have so many red blood cells and they can't carry it all, so your body decreases progesterone. This signals insulin to be unleashed in the bloodstream. This process happens right before a woman's period. Her body is getting ready to detox dead cells. She experiences headaches, bloating, depression, flu-like symptoms, fatigue. It's called PMS.

This is what happens when MSM is introduced to a body where toxins and unused food that could not be absorbed has collected in storage places, in the blood stream (causing diabetes). The circulatory system is choked up, the kidney is over-worked, and all kinds of havoc is occurring.

If you take MSM without regard for these circumstances, then you will likely suffer.

Instead, choose a lower dose - one your body can tolerate. Don't overdo supplemental vitamins, except E and get enough C, unless you are definitely deficient (such as iron deficient). Even then, be careful not to overwhelm your system with too much to deal with. Give yourself the time to clean out. Take probiotics.

Try food instead of supplementals: mushrooms, kale, spinach, ginger, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, beans, fish and chicken and eggs, and cut back on potatoes, grains and rice. Drink Aloe Vera juice once a day. Drink water. If you notice you are going to the bathroom a lot drink more water. And don't MSM after noon, so you can sleep.

MSM deficiency is proven by the symptoms of toxin presence when you react to taking it by detoxing. Rash is toxins coming thru the skin. And headache/body ache/nausea/pms-like symptoms means the dead cells are on their way out! Reduce your MSM dose or switch to every other day, drink some Aloe Vera juice, use the bathroom when you need to & drink water every time you go. Steam in a hot bath with epsom salts to help the toxins sweat out of your skin. Not every rash is an allergy. People, be good to yourselves.

For resolving histamine issues, I recommend reishi & cordiceps. MSM will help them benefit you even better.

Replied by Heidi
Kentfield, Ca

Just found this interesting. All the packaging on MSM products say to only take 1g per day. I have severe allergies to foods and pollen... And psoriasis, with possible psoriatic arthritis. I have been researching this myself so I can find some relief. This website says MSM, for some people, should be taken in much higher doses. 5g-20g per day should be taken for someone with joint and muscle pain. Also states that you should take it in the morning and at night in powder form. Most companies use fillers in their products, so you aren't getting what you think you are. This website has a pure MSM product by the pound, and it's cheap. Please read about it on their site, as I think it will help you too.

And for the pain, you should really try Pilates to help manage it. I am an instructor, and it has helped my pain immensely.

Replied by Dawn

Francisca from France, my husband suffered from back pain for years. While researching he came across yoga for back pain. Now he does "Surya namaskar" yoga every morning, he has been pain free for last five years. Good luck!!!

Replied by Jane
Liverpool, England

Brzegal ~ your 2 year old post is the most sensible & informative I've read so far, as it applies holistically to conditions/remedies! Thanks to your valued advice I understand our physical process a lot more clearly now. My UK Herbalist stocks veggi Glucosamine, as both that & chondroitin are derived from crustaceans (seafood). Although this builds cartilege I realise supplementing for other deficiencies & expecting to detox efficiently need careful monitoring & further research. Something of a wake-up call then! ~ jane

Replied by Richard G

Hi! I also take MSM - about 5 grams a day, as well as Vitamen C (3g/day), turmeric, cayenne and much more. And I've had chronic severe back pain and depression and dizziness and other symptoms for a long time. Yet, in the past year, all of my symptoms have improved, and I think it's because of a change in my philosophies and practices. You see, none of the supplements can work if they can't get to the sites that need them, even when we take large doses. And helping agents can only get to these sites if they have adequate blood flow. So I've made it a practice to do lots of simple exercise repetitions to enforce good blood flow, and let my body take care of the rest. For example, when I lie down, sometimes my stomach can burn like crazy. And I also feel a big knot in my back. So, to bring blood flow to the area, I simply stand up and swing my arms from over my head to down behind my back from 100 to 300 times. The idea is to move my back muscles with a fairly gentle exercise to get all of the fluids moving there. Moving fluids = toxins moving out = beneficial elements moving in = body heals itself. I do this with the various parts of my body that suffer pains, and voila, the pain subsides and even heals over time. I hope you try this and it works for you. It takes creativity and inventiveness to determine the best simple movements to increase the blood flow. Yoga is a good resource for finding movements to repeat over and over.

Replied by Kelly
Florida U.s.

Foam mattresses are poisoning and causing back pain and ill health.

Replied by Sheila
Toronto, Canada

You must try Organic sulfur which is why you did not get the desired result from MSM. It is not NOT MSM or Methyl-Sulfonal-Methane.

Many MSM products are not true organic sulfur because they are tainted with chemicals (e.g. preservatives). Even the powder and crystal MSM products may not be true organic sulfur because they contain chemicals. It is REQUIRED that the label says “Organic Sulfur”.

Replied by Marti
Austin, Tx

I believe that. My brother and sister-in-law both developed back pain (at different times) which eventually turned out to be kidney stones for both. A friend has severe allergies which were never really that bad before the foam mattress yet she refuses to believe that it could be related to the foam mattress. It has formaldehyde!!!

Replied by Corin

You probably were not taking a high enough dosage.

Posted by Tim (Berkeley, CA) on 07/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had seasonal allergies for the past 6-7 years. Earlier this year I read about how MSM can alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies, so I decided to give it a try. The allergy season was just starting and I could feel my eyes getting a bit itchy. I started taking 1000 mg of MSM and within 1 hour I was feeling better. It works as well as any OTC allergy medicine with out the negative health effects. As a matter of fact it is supposed to have beneficial health effects. I now take 1000 mg of MSM twice per day and have not had any more symptoms of allergies. I love this stuff.


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Posted by Cat (Elko, Nevada) on 02/16/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I began after using the MSM gel for my arthritic knees and thumb. I experienced almost immediately within 2 days better movement and no pain in my knee, hip and thumb. On the 4th day I even walked a mile with my grandchildren which I was unable to do since April of 2014. My allergies were gone, and so was brain fog, I felt fantastic and could move around and be normal but? I began experiencing heart palpitations on day 5 and felt quite uneasy. They continued until I became frightened. I wrestled with feeling fabulous or heart problems as I do not like feeling disabled at 56, but have discontinued the product. This morning my walking is worsened, the pain is coming and my allergies are terrible. So extremely sad. I was taking 1/8 teaspoon once a day and had increased to 1/4 2 times a day. Any ideas?

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U CAT, , , , , , , , , As you already know MSM is a compound from the mixture of DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide, thus contains sulfur. I suggest you consider taking it internally as my wife and I do.

We take the livestock MSM that we buy at the Co-op because it's cheap and just as pure as a supplement. Any sulphur compound will cause a foul odor in the toilet, so expect that. It's one of the best things you can do for joint pain. I put a half teaspoon in my coffee every morning.

Initially , we thought we had colon cancer due to the smell. I gonna be smart at 85, which ain't far away.


Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Cat, well how about going back to your first dosage? Not always is more, better.

Replied by Michaela
Cambridge, Ma

Hi Cat,

I had the EXACT same response as you when I tried taking MSM - heart palpitations and increasing anxiety and unbearable pressure on my chest when I lay down to sleep. I read that you should stop for a few days and then start again with a very small amount of MSM and work your way up very slowly. I have a giant bottle of MSM powder but have yet to try it again because m first experience was very scary. What if you roll on just the MSM gel and not swallow any? Maybe that's the key. Please let us know how it goes.

Replied by Pris
Southern Ca.

Regarding Vet MSM.

I met a man that told me he was in a car accident a few years ago and broke his neck. A surgeon wanted to operate on his neck and the man refused. The man was told about Veterinarian MSM for human injuries and decided to try it. He told me he purchased the Veterinarian MSM at a feed store. I didn't ask how much he used but he told me that the Veterinarian MSM fixed his broken neck! I thought I would mention this on Earth Clinic.

Replied by Keoni

You might try Turmeric for back and joint pain. No side effects and works well for relief. The MSM seems to be more curative, but when you're hurting efficacy is more in demand. I take 1 tsp of turmeric powder mixed in a warm glass of water (just a few ounces so I can swig it fairly quickly). Usually the pain is minimal or non-existent within a half hour. I used to take hydrocodone regularly as my back pain was constant and severe (my entire family has a history of bad backs). I have not taken hydrocodone for over 2 years now.

Replied by Lynn

Hi, quality organic msm should only be consumed. Also, some people can have a sensitivity, mild gas and bloating. Msm does detox, which can cause heart palpitations, gas, diarrhea, headache. So start off slowly, increasing the dosage over time.

Posted by Jeffrey (Hartly, Delaware) on 06/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was suffering arthritis in my right knee, pain so severe I began wishing for amputation. At a friend's suggestion I began taking MSM, 1 heaping tablespoon with each meal, and 1 @ bedtime. It tasted terrible, but the results were great. The pain has completely vanished, and it has been more than a year since I stopped the regimen!

Replied by Paula
Mississauga, Canaa

Never take MSM before bed for the simple reason that it gives you energy! The best book out there on MSM is by Dr. Jacob, The Miracle of MSM. He is the foremost informative author on MSM. I just started taking MSM for my painful arthritic knees after reading the book 1st. I am 48 and have been suffering for years. I have had major surgery on one and scopes on both. I get Monovisc injections and it does help and makes my life easy but I am looking for more help and I hope MSM will be it. I must say right off the bat that applying MSM cream topically to my knees and legs and face has had amazing results. I have suffered from dry skin ALL my life and in short order my skin is healthy and moisturized like I have never experienced. I walked down some stairs after a week on MSM and couldn't believe the ease I felt in more than a decade. Still experiencing pain doing simple things like walking but I am hopeful and will give it a year. The longer you have lived with your trouble it will take longer to benefit from MSM (as the book states) or any other remedy.

Replied by Jillery
North America
61 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I just started taking MSM orally and received my MSM cream today. I am taking it for rosacea and so far so good. I take 2K am and pm. It does not seem to energize me. I am hoping it will help lessen the pain in my left foot also.

Posted by Gail (Greater Manchester, United Kingdom) on 04/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking msm for about 6 weeks now and am amazed at the results. I was taking a high dosage of sulfasalazine for the past 3 years. I weaned myself off them in November. I can honestly say the msm has an even better pain relief than the medication. I was taking 2 level teaspoons then increased the dosage to 2 level tablespoons until I got my joint pain under control. I am now taking a level teaspoon twice daily. This site is wonderful and I have tried many of the remedies. Thankyou all for your posts best wishes.


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Posted by Jacqui (Plainville, Massachusetts) on 06/25/2010
4 out of 5 stars

MSM cured my Asthma. I have been using ACV for quite some time now without any measurable improvement in my Asthma, but I will continue to use it for all its other health benefits. I wanted desperately to find something to help my Asthma. I have had Asthma since I was 6 (I'm now 35) and it became much worse 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have been using Advair and Ventolin for years, but I don't want to be dependent on them. I ran out of my Advair about a week and a half ago and my Asthma became out of control. I was waking up a couple of times a night needing my rescue inhaler and I struggled throughout the day. I took 2 1,000 mg capsules of MSM yesterday (I broke the powder into applesauce) and I was able to sleep through the night and wake up without ANY issues! I took a second dose this morning and again just now. I haven't had so much as a wheeze all day! I feel like a new woman! I will let you know how I feel after continued use. I LOVE this site!

Replied by Anna
St Louis, Mo

I read that MSM will last in the body for only 12 hours. It sounds correct that most people on this site that are getting good results are taking it twice a day. Someone below said it may cause sleeplessness, so don't take it after 2pm. These are all good things to know to get the best results.

Replied by Liz
Buffalo, Ny
5 out of 5 stars

hi, I tried msm about 9 weeks ago for pain and allergies, did nothing for either, but my lungs feels so much better, I have copd and feel much better also great for skin, I use between 4-6grams a day. Yea to msm!

Replied by Glen202
New Zealand

Hi, thanks for the tip on the MSM, my asthma is a darned hassle, I like singing with other people regularly, the asthma is such a depressing ailment, I have just started on the MSM, 1000 mg daily, thanks for your positive comments.

Back Pain  

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Posted by Pickle (Boston, MA) on 11/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a 44 year old active mom that loves to do hard work in the garden, bike ride, hike, etc. I am generally healthy, but had a small accident when I was 27. Diagnosed with a ruptured L4. I managed it well though my 30's & pregnancies. When I hit 40, it started to give me trouble. Worse in the past 2 years, esp after a physical therapist did a move on me that sent it into a new stratosphere of pain. A year of painful hell followed. I rehabbed myself after bad advice/treatments from spine drs, orthopedist, physiatrists, chiropractors, acupuncture, and a poorly administered cortisone shot. Trigger point therapy helped a TON. However, I have residual chronic low back pain. I don't like RX opioids, Advil, etc. I am a clean eater - lots of organic fruits, veggies, local meat/eggs/chicken/dairy, filtered water. I've been the same weight for 20 years (5'6,125 lbs) I supplement with probiotics, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, B complex, Vit C with rosehips, those kinds. Nothing too exotic. No juices or sodas for me, one 8 oz cup of coffee a day. No real alcohol consumption.

I read an article on MSM and how it can help manage inflammation. I had a tub of MSM sitting around for a year and would take 1000 mg a day with NO relief. I gave it up. Another useless supplement...UNTIL!

I read another article 2 weeks ago about how you need to really UP your dose to relieve chronic inflammation. So I did.

I could not BELIEVE how much relief I have gotten in the past 2 weeks from 6000-8000 mg of MSM a day (with Vit C for better absorption). No side effects, really.

I am angry that not one single doctor, specialist, PT, etc., ever suggested trying this. Pushing tramadol and valium, ugh! I would be an addict now if not for MSM! I sent my mom a tub, hope she gets some relief from her chronic back pain.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose with this one. Great book by Dr. Jacob Stanley on it, google it.

Replied by Pickle
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking 6000 - 8000 mg of MSM a day for the past 2 weeks with GREAT relief from chronic low back pain. The side effects were an occasional short lived headache, those are gone now, and a bit of stomach upset, also gone. I guess I am used to it by now. I notice I cannot take it 2-3 hrs before bed, it's like a shot of caffeine. Can't sleep. Also notice I am only drinking 4 oz of coffee in morning instead of 8 ozs. I take it with a 1000 mg capsule of Vit C with rosehips.

My question is, there is quite a bit of discussion of the optimal way to ingest MSM, as well as what is the best MSM. Organic flakes from Hawaii? Not the powdered stuff with anticaking agents? Anyone who has experience or research on this, please share with us so we can all get the best benefit from awesome MSM/sulfer! Thanks so much!

Replied by Lilly
Florida, US

I have a friend who told me to take MSM. I have a knee that I am looking at knee replacement but fighting it. Would like to know the best kind of MSM and dosage. Thank You. Lilly

Replied by Steve

Great details on your life style with quality of foods, but the coffee deletes everything you do. It is a huge culprit for inflammation and arthritis. I would recommend an organic coffee without the pesticides/nitrates etc.. they put in your coffee..

Replied by Lisa
Wilmington, N.c.

Hi, I am wondering how your back pain is since your last post here. Your situation is similar to mine. Some days I don't think I can make another day. I recently bought a tub of the msm. I tried it last night, well this am. I couldn't sleep I was hurting so bad. I read your testimony and took a larger dose. I finally fell asleep. What are you taking, or doing for your pain? I appreciate your response. Sincerely, Lisa


Posted by Natti (Greater London, United Kingdom) on 07/26/2013

Hi there, I have always suffered with Depression and back pain along with a few other ailments. I used to take Sertraline for the depression but stopped taking it a month ago as I started a fitness class and started taking Amino Acids, I did some research to find that you can not take these together.

Can anyone advise me, is it ok to take Msm while taking Amino Acids?

Also my sister is keen on starting Msm and her Dr told her that Msm contains Perhalic Acid and this can tear the lining of your stomach from repeated use, is there any truth in this?

Could you also advise me on how much to take when first start taking it? I weigh 11. 11 stones.

I've got my Msm powder and want to start it ASAP but am unsure.

Love & Peace x

Replied by Paula
Mississauga, Canada

Please get and read the book "The Miracle of MSM" by Dr. Stanley W. Jacob & Dr. Ronald M. Lawrence It is a wealth of information that the human race is missing out on. The gist of MSM is that it keeps the cells in our bodies elastic and thus keeps our veins and arteries elastic and supple. The effects are healthy skin, hair and nails as the nice side effects on the outside and a host of internal benefits that everyone should read about. When our cells harden than a chain reaction occurs. Our arteries and veins harden and diseases settle in like arthritis, cancer and skin diseases, etc. This book is highly educational. The book talks about doses and time frames to receive benefits. If we don't read and educate ourselves, we can only blame ourselves. People generally don't take the correct dosages and give it the proper time to work. Sometimes it may take months or longer before benefits are achieved. Buying this book is the best gift one can give oneself. Be proactive! Be careful about buying inferior products. They do more harm than good.

Replied by Angelique
South Africa

I'm taking Evening Primrose oil and Solgar's Herbal Female Complex containing motherwort herb, black cohosh, dong quai, milk thistle, astralagus, etc. As black cohosh increases estrogen in some people and EPO help balance hormones, will MSM affect that and/or my hormones? I'm not using any unnatural medications, but I don't have the book to check out all the contraindications. If you do know the answer, a simple yes or no will be greatly appreciated! If not, thank you for your time.

Kind Regards.

Replied by Andrea C

Sorry, I know you asked for yes or no but somethings aren't that simple :-D so have a look at this.

My opinion about the way MSM works for ME, isn't a guarantee that you'll have the same results . So have a look at this and decide yourself.

Love Andrea C xxx

1. MSM powder benefits our bodies by helping absorb more nutrients (vitamins and minerals).
Co-enzyme Q10 locks with MSM, which means that in order for the body to fully utilize this nutrient, it must have MSM(sulfur) with it. Pantothenic acid, Vitamins A, D, and E, inter-enzymes, amino acids, selenium, calcium, germanium, collagnol and dismuzyme are just some of the things we know the body does not utilize properly unless it has MSM to lock with. A lot of the vitamins we take go through the body without being fully used. With more MSM in the body, vitamins can be utilized more effectively and therefore become much more beneficial.

There is a joke that Americans have the most expensive urine in the world because of all the vitamins that go down the drain. Vitamin C does a lot of healing by itself, but without MSM to lock with, it doesn't toughen capillary walls. When MSM is added to the diet and taken with Vitamin C, chronic nosebleeds, easy bruising and varicose veins may be relieved. Vitamin C and MSM work synergistically together. Every body is different, so you would need to find what works for you, but it is important when taking Vitamin C to make certain it has the bioflavinoids with it because it is then a complete food. Nature's vitamins (from fresh food) are the best because they contain the whole complexes without which the body can't do its job, which is to maintain and repair the bodily systems. Without enough MSM, the body can't do its job properly.

2. MSM powder increases oxygen availability to the body.
There are people who have had emphysema, who used an atomizer for breathing and could hardly get out of the chair to walk across the room, who, after about a week of taking MSM, walked a half mile, rested and then walked another half mile. Now that is not because emphysema had been reversed, but because the MSM detoxifies and increases the blood's circulation of oxygen. MSM benefits the body by helping to get oxygen into the blood a lot more efficiently with the same amount of work.

3. MSM powder helps increase energy.
Another MSM benefit is that energy levels increase because MSM helps make the cell walls more permeable. Our cell walls get thicker and more rigid with age; this tends to create a lessening of the amount of nutrients and oxygen that can enter the cell through the cell wall. Also, toxins which get stored in the cell get trapped within the cells because of the lower permeability of the cell wall. When MSM goes into the body the permeability of the cell walls greatly increases, enhancing the absorbtion of nutrients and oxygen and helping release the toxins which were stuck in cells. When these toxins leave the body, it helps to increase our energy.
A good example of this at work shows up in diabetics. When their blood carries sugar to their cells, the sugar cannot be absorbed due to the impermeability of the cell wall. Studies show that when MSM goes into the body it causes the cell wall to be more permeable again. The pancreas (which requires sulfur to make insulin) normalizes because it doesn't work so hard--blood sugar can now be absorbed through the cell walls, helping to balance the blood sugar level. Because sulfur is a component of insulin (the protein hormone secreted by the pancreas that is essential to carbohydrate metabolism), a lack of nutritional sulfur in the diet can result in low insulin production by the pancreas. Thus, for the diabetic individual, MSM is extremely helpful in improving their overall energy levels.
There have been reports of long term diabetics injecting insulin daily for years, who have in five weeks to two months become self-regulating and stopped having mood swings. The blood sugar had stabilized. Studies suggest, in those with diabetes, that the cell wall may be more leathery and thus the absorption of sugar by the cells is greatly reduced.

4. MSM powder benefits the body by eliminating toxins including lactic acid build-up from strenuous exercise.
Drinking plenty of water is very important for anyone wishing to have good health. The fact that MSM detoxifies means that you need to keep water moving into the body so that the toxins can be eliminated without stressing other organs of the body, such as the kidneys.

5. MSM powder benefits the body by helping to dramatically reduces recuperation time from strenuous exercise and long hours of work.

6. MSM powder helps relieve muscular aches and pains.

7. MSM powder benefits the body by reducing inflammation due to injury or inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.
When the water pressure inside a cell is greater than the water pressure on the outside of the cell, there is inflammation and swelling. (The outer and intercellular fluid pressures are not equal.) MSM enhances the permeability of the cell walls, therefore allowing the pressure on both sides of the wall to equalize, thus relieving the inflammation. MSM takes inflammation out of soft tissue and since pain comes from nerves in inflamed soft tissue, there is often relief from the pain of such inflammatory ailments as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism and hip dysplasia. Another benefit of MSM is that is can help get the flexibility back into the tissues very rapidly. Some people have experienced relief in only 20 minutes! For others, it takes longer.

8. MSM, together with Vitamin C (a free radical scavenger) helps the body build healthy new cells.

9. MSM, along with Vitamin C, helps reduce scar tissue and wrinkles, and helps keep the skin more elastic.

10. MSM, along with Vitamin C, helps the hair and nails grow stronger and faster.

11. MSM has been shown to improve mental alertness.

12. MSM has been proven to help in the reduction and even the total elimination of allergies.
When MSM is added to the diet, anti-allergy medication may be sharply reduced or eliminated.

13. MSM benefits women by reducing headaches, cramps and muscle pain caused by hormonal imbalances, for example, PMS.
Women who have had monthly menstruation problems often no longer experience the headaches, cramps or muscle plain associated with their periods. Many women have these problems because their hormones are out of balance. The monthly cycle can be a shock to the system. When the hormones are brought into balance, the body functions normally and these painful problems can be vastly reduced or eliminated.

14. MSM helps relieve constipation.
MSM benefits include helping control chronic constipation. Many older people seem to have this problem and it can be a real medical concern. Reportedly many people suffering from constipation have had prompt and continuing relief by supplementing their diet with MSM. A good amount of Vitamin C along with the MSM has proven to be helpful for this condition.

15. MSM has been shown to help reduce and even eliminate snoring.

16. MSM helps reduces eye membrane irritation (when MSM in a water solution is applied).
MSM is the 4th most plentiful mineral in the body, and so essential to life that it is found in every cell of virtually every animal and plant.

Some Symptoms of Sulfur Deficiency
1. Scar Tissue
2. Wrinkles
3. Damaged Skin
4. Lung Disfunction
5. Diabetes
6. Sore Joints and Muscles
7. Ulcers
8. Migrane Headaches
9. Alzheimers
10. Allergic Reactions
11. Candida Infections, Chronic Fatigue
12. Cholesterol
13. Diverticulosis

Replied by Bonnie
Framingham, Ma.

Does anyone know if MSM is a blood thinner...I take a few things to thin my blood and don't want to get involved in another supplement that does that...Thank you...

Replied by Timh

B: MSM is the biologically active form of Sulfur w/ an Oxygen molecule attached (which makes it great for detoxing). I am not aware of any blood thinning properties of this essential element (MSM), if anything, it will strengthen your blood. Vit-C, taken together w/ MSM is a powerful detox (antioxidant) remedy and good health generator.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , we both know that sulphur is a good thing, but my recent post about what Dr Seneff says really punctuates that. Right now I's glad that I was raised a Southern Redneck and taught to eat Collard greens. We having leftovers tonight.

ATS ========ORH===========

Replied by Shellie
Oakesdale, Wa

Hi, I've been taking MSM for about 3 months and my weight is slowly going up. I have kidney disease.My kidneys are actually healthy and my creatinine dropped 20 points, yea but I don't want to keep gaining weight. Any info?

Replied by Valerie

hi there Shellie, I also have kidney disease pkd. I was told to take msm. If you don't mind me asking did they recommend this for your kidneys? And how much? I need my creatine to go at least to 1.2 from 1.6 that I have it now.

Replied by Sherri

I have been diagnosed with empysemia/copd. Dr said she is amazed on my lung function testing, because she says by looking at my ct scan I should be on oxygen. My friend told me about MSM powder. I need to know what amount I should take, or if I just follow the directions on the bottle or if you know of the best brand to buy and if I should purchase it from iherb?

Thanks sherri.


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Posted by Emily (San Francisco, CA) on 02/14/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Are sore gums a side effect of MSM detox? I have been noticing that my gums are sore since starting MSM.

Replied by Timh

E: Could you divulge any more info on your dental situation as it would help for an explanation?

The only reasonable explanation I can court is a herx or die-off reaction from gum infection. What makes MSM effective is the combination of Sulfur & Oxygen which acts independently of normal cellular respiration. MSM is its own oxygen delivery system which can reach places that don't get much or any oxygen rich blood; places like root-canal gums, spinal or synovial fluid.

Recently, it is found that combining Vit-C & MSM together taken orally is much more powerful antibiotic than either alone.


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Posted by Susca (South Africa) on 07/24/2014
4 out of 5 stars

Hi. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have about ALL the symptoms connected with the disease. Doctors couldn't help me at all and no amount of painkillers could give permanent relieve. I am taking 2 teaspoons in the morning, otherwise I can't sleep. Only thing I should mention to you, if you find your msm is working for you, check and see how much chlorine do you ingest per day from your drinking water? Msm should not be taken with tap water as the chlorine in the water "cancels out" the effectiveness of the msm. Sounds dumb but its true!!!!

Replied by Sharon L
Wisconsin, US

Fibromyalgia is not a disease, it is a condition.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Roger (Overland Park, Ks) on 06/23/2014

MSM and silver ingested and topical, results--super

Posted by Bill (Philly, Pa) on 12/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've been reading all the comments about MSM on here for a couple of years now. Not to mention all the other info on line as well. I also read a book that surprisingly wasn't all that informative. You can also go to the infamous VIDEO site and find lots of useful health information.

When you first start taking MSM you WILL get a headache. That's a given. I don't know about a migraine, I don't know if I've ever had one. I had anywhere from a mild to a pretty severe.. Kind of dizzy like headache. This will pass if you can keep up with it. They say it will usually go away in about three weeks. Mine took about a month before it stopped. If you stop taking it and then start taking it again, It WILL start all over again. You can go a day or two but I would push my luck. I realize it's anoying but if you can stick it out you'll get past it.

Now the other thing is that you NEED to buy a powder. The tablets are useless. (or capsules)You would need to take the entire bottle in one day to get enough. Taking a thousand Mg once, twice, or three times a day is the same as taking nothing.

I am currently taking 20 thousand Mg a day. That's right 20,000. I take 10 thousand mg roughly 12 hours apart. When you really start investigating and reading enough on it you'll find that's the suggested amount. Most people start out really, really low and gradually work their way up. That may be a way to avoid the headaches. My theory was if I'm going to get them anyway I might as well take a useful amount and get them over with at the same time.

MSM is naturally occuring, just not as much as it use to. Like everything else. Some of these stories are a little out there as far as I'm concerned. These scare tactics just because you didn't like it or had some thing happen that you think was because of something you tried on Earthclinic are ridiculus and shouldn't even be posted as far as I'm concerned.

MSM has the same toxity as water. Meaning NONE. You can't take too much. Anything your body doesn't need will just come out in your urine. Just like water. You may find yourself going to the bathroom alot more when you first start taking it.

One more thing. I also used to buy it at a local Farm supply store down the street. 2 Lb's for about $17.00. That's half the price for twice the amount from a health food store or on line. The more I read about it the more I found out that maybe I shouldn't. The theory is that if it comes from China (this did) it is propably loaded with mercury and lead. China doesn't treat its water properly because it doesn't care about its poeple. They have horribly polluted water. Water is a big part of processing MSM and the polutants all get trapped in the MSM. I can't find a Horse/vet brand that isn't made in China. The container never says. When you call them it's like pulling teeth trying to get a strait answer. Eventually they admit it's from China. So until I find a safe Vet version I'll have to keep paying twice as much for half the amount. Or until I find that a china made brand is not neccasarily polluted.

Replied by Koekoe Barnard
South Africa, North West

Just want to say that I get the same results with the MSM pills as with the powder. The pills definitely work as well.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Re MSM side effects. I purchased MSM in crystal form. When I put 1/8th teasp. to my mouth I had instant pictures in front of my eyes of people in panic and an allover anxiety message. Now I am not suffering of anxieties nor do I do drugs. But since then I have sprinkled it over my pets' food but have not the courage to try it again. I don't think I swallowed it.

I wonder if this supplement works on the lower chakras as I have had experience with herbs and even homeopathics causing effects that, lets say, were not "wholesome" and in effect were psychedelic experiences. I believe these supplements work differently on the individual, as in old and established medicine systems it is imperative to know ones Doshas, otherwise healing can be mere guess work.

I don't like unwelcome mental experiences so I stay away from a product if this happens. Om

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

OM... Go look at MSM side effects, it will cause anxiety in some folk.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Om: This kinda touches on the need for individual medical attention, something much lacking in western medicine. It's really a slippery issue; the need for objective, scientific medical approach Vs the subjective variations among individuals.

In my case, I was diagnosed w/ myleophistic leukemia and was advised to undergo a bone marrow transplant. What little I did know of the disease, it wasn't entirely consistent w/ my personal condition. Frankly, I had several non-textbook symptoms and questioned the oncologist as to these conditions, but got no answers or even a search for answers. With so much in question I put my faith in the small chance of recovery by natural means, as well as some faith in God as to the outcome. My condition deteriorated and I had only days left to live, but after being hospitalized my condition rapidly turned around and my blood soon recovered.

Unfortunately I have been living with the chronic deteriorating symptoms for yrs, and lately worsening again. Desperate for solutions I tried questioning myself as to specific remedies, or supplements that could make any kind of noticeable difference in reversing the decline. Moments before going to sleep I would say "what do I need to take to help me". After several weeks of this, much to my surprise, I began receiving answers in my dreams. Unfortunately the answers or images I was receiving were anything but close to a real cure. Objects like apple pie would present as actual remedy. In this case, my unconscious was throwing deception. I consider myself a well centered conservative so I really didn't expect such derivation from the question.

Yes, the mind/body dualism/unity is in need of both science & art for healthy living.

Replied by Om
Hope, B.c., Canada

Hi, Timh from Louisville. I have been putting on my thinking cap and would like to make a suggestion since you seem to need a completely different approach for your symptoms.

Dr.Michael Tierra, in my opinion, would be able to help you. I have referred to his book for many years. His interesting and totally different approach, for example to hep C. He cured it with herbs and diet but is of the opinion that hep C does not exist. May be one of the business approaches to the disease management. (My comment). If you look for East West School of Planetary herbology, look till you find one of his cases on this hep C idea and how he uses a mixture of western and eastern herbology with Chinese and East Indian methods of dignosis etc.

Just an idea for your thoughts. If one looks deeper, one sees efforts in discrediting brilliant members of the scientific community so they be silenced.

So the individual, as you know, has to make a personal search to balance health. Dr. Tierra is highly to be recommended for positive and individual attention to diverse health problems such as yours. May be you will feel like looking into this avenue of healing. Best regards, Om

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

OM: Thanx for your input. I will definitely check out Dr. Michael Tierra.

As for my condition (not going into specifics) it's been a chronic one that I have fought against for many yrs (with the best of my ability) but alas, only to be following 1, 2, or 3 steps behind as the progression continues. So, over-the-yrs, the condition worsens in complexity and severity. While I am continuing trying to bolster my defenses, I am only slowly loosing them. I am more stable in the last 3 or 4 months than any time two yrs previous. I am still able to function somewhat independently but merely. Mentally, I am to the point of "give me health or give me death".

As for "approach", I guess I take the western scientific one as "what EXACTLY is wrong with me and what EXACTLY is the cure". At this point, there is way more known than unknown. My intent and hope is that eventually my knowledge and treatment will catch up, slow, stop the progression of, and lastly end the causatives.

Best of health to you.

Posted by Delfinadxb (Dubai) on 05/24/2012

I recently bought a bottle of powdered MSM from a health shop here in dubai. On the bottle is written other ingredient: silica.. Is this safe to ingest? I am taking the lowest dose of half teaspoon once a day.. So far after a month.. Nothing is noticeable.. I took it for my multiple joint pains.. These pains is not disturbing my sleep or daily activity but its there, I can feel it when I put attention to it or when I am going to bed.. Or lets say at the rate of 10 its only 3 or 4.. But I want to knock it down as early as possible.. Am not taking any otc drugs. Have not seen a doctor for a decade.. Not sick for at least 6 years.. Thanks to BS/ACV/lime/lemon taken alternately five days a week. I owe this site a lot.. thanks EC.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Re: silica - just make sure there isn't a silica packet in the bottle. Sometimes supplements (epsecially ones that are shipped long distances or to humid climates) have a silica packet inside the bottle. Silica is also known as horsetail and is known to be good for increasing the rate of hair growth. I take it.

Replied by Val
Greater New York Area

@Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx re: silica packets in MSM bottle.

Please do not ingest the silica in those packets. It is not the same as horsetail. If you want the horsetail herb, buy the herb. If you want ingestible silica, then buy that. But it is not safe to eat the little packets.

Posted by Karen (Salem, Oregon) on 01/06/2012

Dear Ted, I have read the posts about the horrible side effects some people have had that they say is due to MSM. My Naturopath recommended 2,000 mg. daily for a severely deteriorated neck due to injuries. Now I'm scared to death to try it. I take no Rx drugs, but take other supplements. Do you think this stuff is safe? I bought a capsule form made by a well known vitamin company, and says its made in USA.

I was also told that allergy to SULFA drugs has nothing to do with SULPHUR. Thats not what one poster wrote. And what are the "die-off" symptoms they are referring to? I dont have candida as far as I know. Should I just play it safe and not take this stuff?

Replied by Nickie
Ruislip, Middlesex England


I started using this for a painful arthritic hip and noticed the difference within a couple of days. Don't know how it reacts with pharmaceuticals as I don't use them. By the way, as reassurance, they give MSM to horses so it must be OK since folks take good care and invest a lot of money in their animals. Matter of fact I'm getting my next supply from the local stables; mch more economical. Go for it.

Replied by Dana
Larose, La

I bought my dmso at a feed store and saw MSM next to it on the shelf. It's for animals of course but I wondered if it was okay for human consumption. Did you buy your MSM at the stable and use it? how did it do?

Replied by Lucy
Carletonville, South Africa

MSM for arthritis- MSM purchased from the veterinary shop or stables is cheap and it works like a charm. I have been taking the powder (very bitter!!! ) for 6 months and my arthritis is cured, although it is an ongoing remedy but the dosage is less per day.

Replied by Mary
Saskatchewan, CA

to Lucy from Carletonville, South Africa; How much MSM did you take to cure your arthritis? and for how long.