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Posted by anji (wales) on 02/11/2022

Regarding msm side effects, I've been taking this for years off and on, and what people seem to be describing are effects from the detoxification. When taken by mouth it takes a little time for your body to get used to it so it's a little bit at a time, also it's so important to drink water throughout the day to help flush the toxins out of your body. A good way to keep a low dose is to start with the capsules until you feel confident enough to use the powder to increase amounts.

I can't bear the taste of msm so I take it with mango juice to lessen the sharpness but others prefer tomato juice. Don't expect overnight wonders as it takes a body a full month at least before really feeling the effects, every herbal remedy takes a month before beginning to help you.

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Posted by J Taylor (Oregon) on 06/10/2018

I use horse msm from Amazon, Its sold by the train load. I buy 5 lbs at a time. You need a source that moves fast like quantities for horses and the other thing you need while taking it is exercise to move the msm through your muscles.

Don't take it in water tastes awful, put it in your mouth in powder form and add water and swish it around for as long as you can, 5 minutes or more, take at least 2 T per day.

Four hours between doses. Read the ebook by jim clark "It's the Liver Stupid"

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Posted by Donna (Tucson) on 09/10/2017

For those who get a rash from MSM:

Any time the skin breaks out in a rash, that is a sign that the liver is detoxing. Over time it will go away. Just keep the dose low until it subsides, then you can increase it.

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Posted by Lisafrequency (North Carolina) on 03/05/2017

It is my understanding that the skin assist the excretory system in elimination of waste. The body may push waste out thru the skin that it does not want to send thru the liver and kidney or, the waste maybe closer to the surface so it exits thru the skin.

The alternative health people seem to want to call a rash a detox symptom when detoxing substances are being consumed. Some say to increase the detox substance while others say back off and go slower.

I think itching with a rash while taking MSM could be caused by not drinking enough water and/or, not taking it in conjunction with vitamin C. We must not forget that it is recommended to do both while taking MSM.

There doesn't seem to be total agreement on what should be done about experiencing detox symptoms. If a rash is indeed a symptom of something being pushed out of the body to stop taking something altogether that is assisting the body to eliminate a toxin seems to defeat the purpose. I can see wanting to slow it down if the rash or other symptom is really sever.

I have worked to detox my body in many different ways. My first real cleaning was about 30 years ago. I was young and I did get some really sever symptoms lots of fever, congestion, and rash. At the time I choose to take more of the substance that I was taking my theory being that I would get it over with and done. I had about 2 weeks of discomfort. After that my health level increased by leaps and bounds.

Other times I have backed off and did it slower. The only symptom I have ever had that made me stop using something is if my throat closes and I can't breathe or if I have chest pains. Unfortunately honey and other bee products does this to me so I can't take anything that is made by bees.

The main thing about learning to have good health is to pay careful attention to your body and how you feel. Ask your body if a symptom you are experiencing is something your body is doing to get rid of something. Your body will tell you the truth so pay close attention to it if you really want to be in good health.

Sometimes we crave things that are really bad for us. I don't know why that is. I gave up soda many years ago and now I can't even swallow it. Yet I still want to drink it also, I crave sweet tea. I have found that every time I give in to the craving and drink it the next day my whole body hurts. I have decided that there is no amount of sweet tea I can drink without it making my body hurt the next day so I just don't ever drink it.

I look for things to keep me healthy yet I do not take many supplements. Eating what I know is good for me does the most good. I eat as much raw foods as possible. I eat a lot of slaw. I also eat fermented vegetables.

I decided to try MSM. I have experienced some itching which seems to have gone away now that I have upped my water intake and taken some vitamin C. I am taking it in a very low dose (1/8 tsp). I am also giving it to my dogs as I found out that it assist their body in eliminating parasites.

I have noticed that my skin and nails are looking better and, a pain that I have in one of my hips feels a little better.

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Posted by Sheila (Toronto, Canada) on 10/17/2015

You must try Organic sulfur which is why you did not get the desired result from MSM. It is not NOT MSM or Methyl-Sulfonal-Methane.

Many MSM products are not true organic sulfur because they are tainted with chemicals (e.g. preservatives). Even the powder and crystal MSM products may not be true organic sulfur because they contain chemicals. It is REQUIRED that the label says “Organic Sulfur”.

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Posted by Nat (Orange, Nsw ) on 07/06/2014

MSM in conjunction with HIMAYLAYAN SALT

I too experienced the general side effects that crew have mentioned taking MSM but they completely disappeared when I startled taking MSM in conjunction with the Himaylayan Salt brine, google it ... Tons of info on how to make the brine. I think the minerals within the salt brine helps the body to better assimilate the MSM and support the cleansing process . It was a fluke how I discovered this ... I hate the bitter taste that MSM leaves in the mouth ( I take the powder form with water ) and so then decided one day to have a glass of water with my salt brine mix as it leaves a sweet taste in your mouth to get rid of the bitter MSM taste and voila' noticed I didn't get the abdominal discomfort or headaches or nausea etc etc that I would always otherwise experience. Tried again day after day to see if it was just a one off or was really onto something, yep this really works!!! Hope this info helps any crew out there suffering side effects but want to keep on with the MSM. Cheers. Nat (*_*)

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Posted by Bill (Philly, Pa) on 12/11/2012

I've been reading all the comments about MSM on here for a couple of years now. Not to mention all the other info on line as well. I also read a book that surprisingly wasn't all that informative. You can also go to the infamous VIDEO site and find lots of useful health information.

When you first start taking MSM you WILL get a headache. That's a given. I don't know about a migraine, I don't know if I've ever had one. I had anywhere from a mild to a pretty severe.. Kind of dizzy like headache. This will pass if you can keep up with it. They say it will usually go away in about three weeks. Mine took about a month before it stopped. If you stop taking it and then start taking it again, It WILL start all over again. You can go a day or two but I would push my luck. I realize it's anoying but if you can stick it out you'll get past it.

Now the other thing is that you NEED to buy a powder. The tablets are useless. (or capsules)You would need to take the entire bottle in one day to get enough. Taking a thousand Mg once, twice, or three times a day is the same as taking nothing.

I am currently taking 20 thousand Mg a day. That's right 20,000. I take 10 thousand mg roughly 12 hours apart. When you really start investigating and reading enough on it you'll find that's the suggested amount. Most people start out really, really low and gradually work their way up. That may be a way to avoid the headaches. My theory was if I'm going to get them anyway I might as well take a useful amount and get them over with at the same time.

MSM is naturally occuring, just not as much as it use to. Like everything else. Some of these stories are a little out there as far as I'm concerned. These scare tactics just because you didn't like it or had some thing happen that you think was because of something you tried on Earthclinic are ridiculus and shouldn't even be posted as far as I'm concerned.

MSM has the same toxity as water. Meaning NONE. You can't take too much. Anything your body doesn't need will just come out in your urine. Just like water. You may find yourself going to the bathroom alot more when you first start taking it.

One more thing. I also used to buy it at a local Farm supply store down the street. 2 Lb's for about $17.00. That's half the price for twice the amount from a health food store or on line. The more I read about it the more I found out that maybe I shouldn't. The theory is that if it comes from China (this did) it is propably loaded with mercury and lead. China doesn't treat its water properly because it doesn't care about its poeple. They have horribly polluted water. Water is a big part of processing MSM and the polutants all get trapped in the MSM. I can't find a Horse/vet brand that isn't made in China. The container never says. When you call them it's like pulling teeth trying to get a strait answer. Eventually they admit it's from China. So until I find a safe Vet version I'll have to keep paying twice as much for half the amount. Or until I find that a china made brand is not neccasarily polluted.

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Posted by Shesgg (Sandusky, Oh) on 07/23/2012

Hi, I just wanted to add to be sure and take 1000 mg vitamin C along with the 2 teaspoons of MSM for arthritis pain or blood sugar/blood pressure. I have had good success with this amount each day. I slowly drink the MSM in about 2 liters of water throughout the day and take the Vitamin C in between there sometime.

Love this stuff, hope it doesn't cause problems down the road with surprising side effects but so far so good.

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Posted by Brzegal (Raleigh, Nc Usa) on 07/13/2012

I have had severe seasonal allergies for years. But they are completely gone after eating reishi and cordiceps mushrooms for a 30 day course last year. They worked, and I am convinced this had to do with a number of factors. The vitamins & minerals in them were in a form my body could use. Also, I would leave mushrooms in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes befor eating them. I read a study where this increases the D3 amount substantially.

They brought parts of my body functions back into balance. But I still have trouble absorbing enough of what my body needs. This is how I learned about MSM.

Reading the comments here, it appears many do not understand that MSM is not a drug or supplement. And bodies differ in the levels of depletion, or areas affected by a lack of MSM. While some experience little to no detox effect and swift pain relief, while others experience detox. The difference is instructive about what is going on in the unique environment of the body.

Those who experience heavy detox should reduce their dose, in my opinion. Just as it is not healthy to lose too much weight too fast, detoxing too fast when areas and functions of the body are already stressed is not good. Detox is necessary if you really want to restore your body to health. But MSM alone is not "the answer. " You must gently detox, support your gut with probiotics, support your blood with vit E, supply the building blocks of healthy cell growth with vit C, vit D and A, preferrably from food. MSM resolves the absorbancy issue that has prevented those from working. If you take too much vitamins by supplementing a good diet, you will have even more flushing to do.

This places a big strain on the kidney and liver. What happens is, as the MSM does its job to restore permeability and balance to the cells, toxins and junk enter the bloodstream to be processed out through the kidney and skin. But you only have so many red blood cells and they can't carry it all, so your body decreases progesterone. This signals insulin to be unleashed in the bloodstream. This process happens right before a woman's period. Her body is getting ready to detox dead cells. She experiences headaches, bloating, depression, flu-like symptoms, fatigue. It's called PMS.

This is what happens when MSM is introduced to a body where toxins and unused food that could not be absorbed has collected in storage places, in the blood stream (causing diabetes). The circulatory system is choked up, the kidney is over-worked, and all kinds of havoc is occurring.

If you take MSM without regard for these circumstances, then you will likely suffer.

Instead, choose a lower dose - one your body can tolerate. Don't overdo supplemental vitamins, except E and get enough C, unless you are definitely deficient (such as iron deficient). Even then, be careful not to overwhelm your system with too much to deal with. Give yourself the time to clean out. Take probiotics.

Try food instead of supplementals: mushrooms, kale, spinach, ginger, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, beans, fish and chicken and eggs, and cut back on potatoes, grains and rice. Drink Aloe Vera juice once a day. Drink water. If you notice you are going to the bathroom a lot drink more water. And don't MSM after noon, so you can sleep.

MSM deficiency is proven by the symptoms of toxin presence when you react to taking it by detoxing. Rash is toxins coming thru the skin. And headache/body ache/nausea/pms-like symptoms means the dead cells are on their way out! Reduce your MSM dose or switch to every other day, drink some Aloe Vera juice, use the bathroom when you need to & drink water every time you go. Steam in a hot bath with epsom salts to help the toxins sweat out of your skin. Not every rash is an allergy. People, be good to yourselves.

For resolving histamine issues, I recommend reishi & cordiceps. MSM will help them benefit you even better.

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Posted by Sheila (Norwalk, Oh) on 03/30/2012


You should be drinking a lot of water anyway. The pure MSM in crystal form is recommended. Start with a quarter teaspoon a day then work up to a full teaspoon. If you need more for your symptoms, it is ok to take much more. Your body will take what it needs and eliminate the rest.

I love the stuff. Don't take it after 2pm if it makes you jittery.

For the cat, I always put the crystals in a liter of water. You shake it up for awhile until it dissolves and it is like nothing at all is in there. Give the kitty a liter of water with that in it and she will drink it, no problem.

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Posted by Angel (Brooklyn, NY) on 03/26/2012

Let me let all of you know that some pills or capsules have added stuff to them like fills and floaters (not to say its only in pills or capsules) things like that in them so

I advise everyone to try taking opti-msm flake its pure its in a crystal form and which is its original form but crushed into a powder form so you could drink it. My only side effect with it is sleepiness which now I found out from reading someone's post that you shouldn't take it after 2 pm or you will experience sleepiness but I still do cause it's not much of a problem.

To test if the powder is real with no fillers or floaters all you have to do is take a glass cup (a clear one of course) and put (WARM WATER) into the cup and put 1/2 teaspoon of msm (or two 1/2 teaspoons if you want to be sure) into the cup and stir with a clean spoon after it dissolves in the glass cup of water it should be clear as if you never put anything into the glass cup

NOTE: give the water a little time to settle after you stir. If you happen to notice a fog or floaters in it, DON'T TAKE IT call and get your money back cause your not getting it from professionals that actually want you to have the real thing they only care about money, the jerks.

I advise you to get it from another supplier that knows about msm.

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Posted by Diane (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/25/2011

If you are having side effects/herx/die off from MSM, start very slowly & work your way up, but also try taking with Molybdenum (the liquid form). I have read that MSM can deplete Molybdenum (there is controversy over this, but it might be a good idea to take them both together anyway). Also, Molybdenum helps to break down a toxic by-product of yeast called Aldehyde. I could not tolerate MSM because detox symptoms were too much to handle until I took it with Molybdenum, and now I feel like I different person. Try taking Molybdenum 300 micrograms 3 times a day (with food).

Caution: You can detox from Molybdenum, too (I felt angry at first and very revved up - after a week this feeling went away completely). Then I addded MSM and for the first time I can tolerate it and I feel great on it. Google "MSM Molybdenum" and read "The Candida/Aldehyde Detox Pathway And The Molybdenum Connection" for more information.

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Posted by Ds (Us, Usa) on 09/04/2011

Not only with MSM, but with all of our wonderful alternative therapies and supplements, I'm wondering if often the problem is that we're not incorporating those oh-so-important "skip days. "

That is, it's probably not a good idea in general to take most any supplement every single day. The body doesn't seem to appreciate it--it likes a rest, it likes change. And it makes sense that taking these things every single day is more likely to throw something out of balance. Changing our routine gives the body a chance to rest and re-balance, lets nature do her thing without us interfering.

I remember reading Edgar Cayce, well-known health-reading psychic from the past, said that it's best to get our nutrition from food, but if we take supplements to maybe take them a week on, and a week off... Or take them for a few days, then stop for a few days. As someone who has been taking supplements for lots of years (and lotsa mistakes along the way), I'm finding that this does make my body happier. Including the apple cider vinegar elixir, oil pulling and the rest. Just give the body a "vacation" from it every few days or so.

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Posted by Robyn (New Plymouth, New Zealand) on 07/30/2011

Re: side effects to MSM, it must be taken with a 1/3 Vitamin C.

I make capsules up with Vit C powder or make sure I have at least 1000 C every time I take MSM. This may help those who get a reaction to it.

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Posted by Anna (St Louis, Mo) on 01/16/2011

I read that MSM will last in the body for only 12 hours. It sounds correct that most people on this site that are getting good results are taking it twice a day. Someone below said it may cause sleeplessness, so don't take it after 2pm. These are all good things to know to get the best results.

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