Top Health Benefits of MSM for Pain Relief, Skin and Lungs

COPD, Shoulder Pain
Posted by Lois (Quanah, Texas, Usa) on 11/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a bad shoulder pain in the joint. My elbow throbbed and my last three fingers were numb. I saw the Dr. I got a shot in the joint of the shoulder and after a couple of months I still hurt. I bought some MSM and took 4000 milligrams that morning, by afternoon it had stopped hurting. My fingers are no longer numb. I have copd and it has helped my breathing. I had a pulse ox of 90 sitting down and I noticed my pulse ox is 97 now. I find I can walk further. I have been on msm a month. I am so thankful for msm.