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Posted by Robin (Juneau, Alaska) on 07/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

First, I love this site and especially Ted.. you are a gift to us all.

I have struggled with sinus infections most of my life, but never like I have since moving to Southeast Alaska where pollen and mold proliferates. Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am prone to infections and don't always adhere to the sugar free diet as I should. Last year I spent more than 5 months with a chronic respiratory infection that was finally arrested with my 3rd round of antibiotics and supplemented with Oil of Oregano drops.

I have been infection free until about a month ago. It flared up again and has caused me severe pain, fever and chills until I saw the dr last week and was placed on another round of doxycycline (I am allergic to most antibiotics.. This is one I can still take). Well, after a week, it should be gone, but it isn't. In fact, the fever and chills are returning. Today I returned to your website to review the options again (I used the neti pot but it's not working on this one). I read about the oil of oregano and went in to get my bottle out of my first aid kit. Rather than use drops under the tongue, I went straight for a Qtip saturated with the oil and swabbed both sides of my nasal cavities as far up as I could comfortably get the Qtip. Within seconds my nose began to burn from the oil, but relief was almost immediate. I sat down with a cup of hot tea and suddenly felt the stuff break loose in my cavities and start down my throat. The heat of the oil set me on fire, literally. My eyes teared up and I felt like I had sniffed a handful of horseradish up my nose.

I have absolutely NO SINUS PAIN. It's as if I imagined the problem. I plan to take this direct approach (and hope there are no side effects from oregano oil directly applied to the sinus area). The result is amazing.

Replied by Beryl
(Preston Lancs Uk)

Thankyou so much for taking the trouble to relate your exeriences and symptoms, I really appreciate this as I have been struggling with firstly ear infection, 2nd really bad sinus infection, and thirdly it has affected my teeth with also nasty taste and medium bleeding on arrising the morning . I will now try the peroxide remedy as going to the surgery will be my last resort, thankyou so much for your kindness. Beryl

Replied by Forest
(Ontario Canada)

Oil of Oregano should never be used directly on mucous membranes. Do not do this.

You can simply put it on the skin outside your nostril.

Replied by Bill
(Boston, Ma)

That was 10 years ago and what about today?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Elizabeth (Kankakee, Il) on 01/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had been sick with sinus infections and lower respiratory problems for 2 and a half months - I went through 2 rounds of antibiotics that failed - I finally put a few drops of oregano oil in a pan of water I had just boiled and threw a towel over my head. I breathed in the steam (with my eyes closed!) for about 10 minutes. The next day,I can't say I felt better, but "different". Every day after that I felt better and better, and after the 4th day I was no longer sick - at all. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who was sick and she got the same results I did - I will do this everytime I feel like I may be getting as cold or flu - it was amazing for me - and free, since I already had the oil in my medicine cabinet!

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

Did you do this every day for four days, or only that first day? Thank you.

Replied by Dana
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

I recently was having a terrible time with post-nasal drip, which, when I woke up in the morning, started feeling as if infection was setting in. Not a fan of antibiotics, I tried oil of oregano as I've used it to treat colds in the past. It really does taste quite awful which is why you have to administer it in drops under the tongue. But I felt immediate results and am now on my second day with it. I no longer feel as if an infection is setting in and there's a noticeable difference in the amount of goop in my throat - and my voice even sounds better. Highly recommended!

Replied by Lavon
(Lakewood, Ohio Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Miracle, wonderful remedy. I tried this last night and I slept like a baby. You are right it was as if I had never had a sinus problem. I gathered some fresh oregano from my neighbor's garden and heated it in some olive oil. I put the oil on a q-tip and swabbed my nostril membranes. Then I held the leaves under my tongue, until dry. I feel wonderful! God is good and his herbs are fabulous! Thank you!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Randahl (San Jose, California) on 04/10/2008
1 out of 5 stars


For those looking to use Oil of Oregano for it's antimicrobial properties, I would like to specify that Oil of Oregano is NOT Oregano Essential oil, which would have to be diluted. If you're looking to buy this remedy, make sure that the ingredients list states that there is a carrier oil (like olive oil). Otherwise, be prepared to dilute it yourself, or there could be serious negative effects.

I have seen some people writing in remedies that include putting undiluted essential oils on their skin. I think I saw a remedy for headaches or migraines that recommended putting peppermint essential oil on the temples. I have been studying aromatherapy for 5 years, and one of the most basic lessons is that you almost NEVER use essential oils undiluted. Peppermint essential oil in particular is considered to be a skin irritant to all skin types when used undiluted. If put on the temples, the strength of the fumes could seriously irritate the eyes and the delicate area around the eye. If you are going to try any remedy including essential oils, DILUTE FIRST! Even if the remedy doesn't specify it, you'll be saving yourself from possible complications.

Replied by Ginger
(Oceanside, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

I use undiluted essential oils all the time with no issues. I put a few drops of oregano oil under my tongue daily.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Riya (Bangalore, India) on 03/30/2008
1 out of 5 stars

I read about the remedy oil of oregano and purchased it from an online seller last year. This is really powerful stuff and I've been using it for my son's recurring viral infections with dramatic results. However, the oil actually made my sinus infection much worse. I thought the severity of my symptoms warranted around 8 drops a day under my tongue every 3-4 hours and continued the dose for 4 days. Every day I experienced a worsening of symptoms including asthma and stuffed nose with thick greenish-yellow discharge of mucous. I believe the oregano was responsible for it firstly, because the symptoms eased off when I stopped it and second, I read somewhere that yeast infections are typically exacerbated with good bacteria die-offs which is probably what the oregano was doing in those big doses. I wasn't eating enough yoghurt to compensate either. Just a note to everyone out there to be careful with overdoing the oregano oil. I'm doing far better with 2 cloves of garlic 5-6 times a day, lots of water, the homeopathic remedy arsenicum album 30X every 2-3 hours, and drastic reduction of refined carbs in my diet.

Replied by Mamaof2
(Wisconsin, US)
5 out of 5 stars

I see this is an old post but I just found out about OO and I am excited to try it on my daughter who is 4. She battles sinus infections and had surgery a few months ago with no success. We have tried about everything we could and spent hours on the internet finding things that may help. It has lead me here.

My question is she has an sinus infection right now..we just started OO last night 4 drops in water and then 2 drops in water this morning. She of course HATES the taste and says it is really hot. Any tips on giving a child this and how much should she get each day? Thanks!

Replied by Ava
(Oakhurst, Ca)

Hi, not sure whether you're using the OO that's already premixed with a carrier oil (i.e. olive oil) or the pure essential oil of oregano (which really burns! ) I find that putting the oregano (I use the essential oil) into a teaspoon or so of a carrier oil such as olive or sesame, and then adding that to a small amount of water makes it so that I can't feel any burn at all. I'm sure it would work well with the premixed version too.

Replied by Earthling

Maybe your little one will tolerate it better if you try putting the drops into about one-third glass of orange juice. Even though I'm forty years older than your daughter, I hate the taste too, so that's how I take it and it's not bad at all.

Replied by Ebs
(Albuquerque, Nm)

I have been using the oreganol oil for my sinus infections and it helps but you have to get used to the taste (it takes a couple of times to get used to it) now, I can take the drops under my tongue, no problem.

Replied by Dennis
(Arlington, Tx)

I add 3 drops to 8 oz or less of orange juice.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Aaron (Chicago, IL) on 03/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

God and Oil of Oregano cured my sinus infection! Like many, one sinus infection after the other over the years. Tried, antibiotics, netti pot, homeopathics, echinacea, golden seal, tumeric, vitamin c, apple cider vinegar, acidophulus, gave up cheese and milk and other dairy items, gave up sugars. None of these did the job. Two weeks ago a cold turned into a sinus infection, with thick green and brown phlegm. On Saturday, the cold turned feverish. By 5:00 p.m, felt terrible, with a fever of 100. Online to do research. My wife, meanwhile, mentioned oil of oregano. I checked it out and discovered the Georgetown study, where it cured some drug resistant staph infections. Oil of oregano is believed to have both anti-bacterial and ant-viral properties. My wife had some in the cupboard. Decided to try it. Two drops under the tongue. Tasted terrible. Burned. Went to bed. Woke up at 6:00 p.m, an hour later, still felt terrible, but temperature had dropped to 99.1. Then, 30 minutes later, took temperature again, it was 98.6. Never in my life have I seen such immediate effects from anything. (But let's give God the credit, shall we? After all, it's God who makes the natural remedies in the first place. And it's God who directs us to the right cure at the right time. Let's always put God first and we'll always be the better for it.) Over the next 5 days, I increased the dosage to four drops under the tongue every 2-3 hours. Over those five days, the phlegm slowly changed from green and brown to clear. Sinus infection now gone completely. I would not have credited Oil of Oregano with the healing had it not been for seeing the immediate decrease in my temperature at those times. Nor would I have stuck with it when I did not see the same immediate results with the nasal secretions. But it handled it. I've continued a maintenance dose everyday since, of about five drops once a day. I recommend buying a bottle, but make sure it's wild oregano, and using it at the first sign of a cold or flu. One amazing remedy from Upstairs!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Renee (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I came down with a most horrible sinus infection after getting a really bad head cold. I was desperate! I even went to a conventional pharmacy to ask for help- which of course, they couldn't do. So, I went to the health food store in my neighborhood and the lady there recommended wild oil of oregano. WOW! Is this stuff powerful! It is day 2 and the pain is completely gone and I can breathe freely. It is really hot (I take it sub-lingually) even though it is in an olive oil base. I have spent more money than I care to mention trying to find something that really worked- and this really does. I also irrigate my sinuses with a colloidal silver spray. The combination of these two things is the best I've found so far.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Marie (Dallas, TX) on 02/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Oil of Oregano for Sinus Infection: Wanted to first say that I haven't had ice cream in years, and I'd never had a sinus infection until....I ate ice cream at a dinner party last Dec (to avoid insulting the hosts) & 3 days later had a nasty sinus infection. I will never touch the stuff again. . (Thanks!) I started seriously looking for natural cures when I lost sense of smell & taste due to clogged sinuses. The inhaled salt water & ACV steams helped with that, but it was the oil of oregano that finally got rid of the infection for good. A big thanks to the person who posted this remedy. I took four drops every 2 hours for about 4 days, then tapered down for the next 10 days. I started feeling better on day 2, but had it completely kicked by day 11. Thanks for this wonderful site.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Nikki (Vernal, Utah) on 01/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Oregano Oil. We bought the stuff from North American Herb and Spice that has cumin and sage in it called Oregacyn. Also have recently started taking Apple Cider Vinegar. Oregacyn completely cures sinus infections and completely reversed my son's asthma. ACV helps eradicate sinus stuffiness and itchy patches on the skin. I wanted to recommend a couple of other books that are definitely worth reading in your "Worth Reading" section: 1. The Cure is in the Cupboard by Cass Ingram. I love this book it is about oregano and it helped my son so much with his asthma. 2. The Fungus Link by Doug Kaufmann, I love his show-I am a faithful watcher every week day. I truly believe fungus is among us! 3. Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin. This book was a wonderful guide to help my mother when she was battling lung cancer. The book outlines which foods can help our body heal from cancer during chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as which foods can help stave off chemo sickness during treatment. I love the nutritional aspect of improving the immune system. Thanks for your time. Love the website-I think I could become an addict to it!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Emily (Chandler, AZ) on 12/20/2006
5 out of 5 stars

organic oregano oil ( capsules size 00 ) 4 drops in capsule every 2 hours the first day and every 4 hours and then every 6 and then every 8 for a period of 10 days cures sinus infections. I have a friend that uses essential oils. I didn't have insurance at the time so i called her at my wits end. I normally am prescribed Zithromax and Prednisode ( a steroid) that's how severe my sinus infections normally are. You take it for 10 days and it fights off the infection. Also peppermint oil rubbed around your sinus area ( use a 1 to 1 ratio with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil) it gets your nose running right away. You do have to take it for 10 days or it can come back. Using this in combination to the other remedies on here will take care of the bacterial and viral sinus infections. (i get both!) Hope it helps. I've been doing this for the last 2 times i got a sinus infection.

Replied by Linda
(NC, US)

So you put the oil in a capsule and swallow it? I'm trying to decide between that and the under the tongue thing. I have been sick since dec, mold allergies and sinus infections

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Linda,

I would use Oregano Oil in a capsule and not put it under the tongue. It is very, very strong straight. I would also start with just a drop or two in a capsule, and maybe add a few drops of olive oil to the capsule as well.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sue
(Manitoba, CA)

Just like that old saying about a spoon full of sugar helping medicine go down it helps this medicine go down, too. I put a bit of sugar in a teaspoon add 2 drops of Oil of Oregano, top it off with a bit more sugar and down it goes without any burning and minimum bad taste.

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