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Secrets of Apple Cider Vinegar for a Sinus Infection

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dln (Forty Fort, Pa) on 08/16/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Thought I would drop by and give an update on my situation. Well, the ACV stopped working after 5 days, no effect whatsoever any more. Maybe the body builds a tolerance, or the infection does, but whatever happened, it does nothing now.

So I gave in and went to the ENT, same Doctor I saw 10 years ago for the same thing. He remembered me right away. After talking for a few minutes, he brought the super spray - in a little glass bottle attached to a air pump - whatever that stuff is, it is absolutely amazing - 1 spray and the sinus immediately starts to open, wait for a minute or so, 2nd spray and all 4 sinuses are about 50% or 60% open, wait another minute and 3rd spray - all 4 sinuses are now 100% open, pressure is completely gone. The ENT was very surprised that there was no drainage of any kind. He had me snort and spit a number of times, but nothing out of the ordinary, just plain spit - so he gave me a 4th spray on the right side a single spray on the left side - waited about 30 seconds - more snorting and spitting - still no discharge. He was kind of stumped at this point. All symptoms point to an infection in the right side sinuses only. He check my right ear, checked my throat - no problems found. He then looked up my nose and other than the right sinus being overly red - from a month of netipot, nasal sprays, saline irrigation sprays - he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, he scratched his head a couple times and remembered one other case like me about 15 years ago. He said all the symptoms lead to a sinus infection but he could never get a sample of the infection in spit or nasal mucus. He kept put that patient on predisone and antibiotics - took a couple rounds, but eventually it worked.

So, he put me on Avelox, predisone and more vicadins. He also recommened the Ocean nasal spary in the can. So I started the regimine of pills - finished them off this past Friday - in the 10 days I had 4 very good days - no pain or pressure, but last Thursday I had a horrible night, pain and pressure for 15 hrs straight - and then Friday afternoon, everything opened up, pain and pressure went away and I thought, prematurely, that it was all over for good. Sat morning was pretty good, then by 4 in the afternoon it was back with a vengence, but I was able to knocked it back with a few sudafed. Yesterday, Sunday, sucked bad - spent most of the day in bed and then it cleared up for a couple hours and then came back last night around 11 pm. Took a couple hrs to get it to subside - hot shower for 15 minutes, nasal spray, sudafed and allegra. This morning I could feel it, like a nagging throb, but it was fine until around 3 pm - then it hit again, hard, and it stayed painful until 6:30 pm and just went away. Came back a little about 9 pm, so I took 1 - 100mg GSE tablet, and a couple sudafed - seemed ok until about 30 minutes ago - so back to the neosynephryn - 3 sprays and everything is wide open for now. So hopefully the GSE will start to do something.

Have another visit with the ENT this Thursday - will get a CT scan this week as well, hopefully something will show up that will help the Doctor figure out what is going on.

The pain and pressure, reoccuring when it wants to, with no trigger that I can narrow down - not any specific food or food group, or smoking or lack of smoking, outside, inside, in the car, in a resturant, movie theater, grocery store - so I am basically at a loss, just like before.

This has become very depressing and is weighing very heavily on my emotional state. One minute I am perfectly fine - and the next I am feeling my skull is going to explode - the pressure is so bad that when I used the cayene nasal spray, the tears coming from my right eye actually tasted like cayene pepper - and my eye burned like hell until I washed it out.

Will update in a week or two, hopefully the next time will have a more positive update.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vitalia (Boulder, CO) on 07/15/2008
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Well, after reading about ACV on your website along with all the positive feedback I decided to give it a shot. I have been suffering from a sinus infection that just won't go away. I've tried everything from colloidal silver to nettie pots, garlic soups, eucalyptus inhalation steam baths, you name it, I did it. And so here comes ACV. I drank 1/4 cup of it with hot water the first night and yes it worked, my head ache felt better, my face was relived of some pain and my nose cleared up, not all the way though. Well this is day three and I have to come to a conclusion that it is no longer working for me. My throat hurts again, my head is pounding and so is my face, and my nose is completely clogged. I've been drinking two cups a day for the last two days and I am drinking it right now and nothing!!! I really hoped this would be my cure. I am breastfeeding and refuse to take meds of any kind. So, at this point not sure what my next step should be. Wishing you all luck with your bodily ailments!